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3 1833 01086 2602 

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in 2012 











No. 1. — Price, $4.50, 


18 78. 


By Jewett & Tuttle. 


Albert J. Wright, Printer, 79 Milk Street, Boston. 


In issuing the first number of the New England Official Directory 
and General Hand-Book, I desire to make a few explanatory remarks. 
The objects of the book are : — 

I. To give, in as compact a form as possible, a complete directory, 
corrected at least once a year, of all the official and professional men of 
New England. By official men, I mean all who hold an office, by election 
or appointment, within the gift of the town, city, county, State, or 
United States. By professional men, I mean doctors, lawyers, clergymen, 
instructors, teachers, &c. 

II. To give short, accurate biographical sketches of all official and 
professional men in New England. 

I do not profess to have succeeded perfectly in either department of 
this twofold undertaking in this first edition. On the contrary, there is 
no expectation on my part of perfecting or completing the biographical 
side of the work short of two or three years. But efforts will be 
continued, and additional biographies inserted in each issue, until the 
list embraces sketches of all the official and professional men of New 
England. These will be re-published, with corrections and additions each 
year, and will be dropped only on the death of the parties represented. 
The extension of this list will considerably enlarge the work, but the 
price will remain permanently at four dollars and fifty cents. A smaller 
type may be used in the sketches hereafter. 

In preparing the biographical sketches in this book, the managing 
editor has received valuable assistance from William E. Graves, Esq., 
a well-known Boston journalist, of large experience and extensive 
acquaintance throughout the New England States. 

The general directory side of the work will also be enlarged, improved, 
and made more perfect from year to year. Several classes of officers 
have been omitted in this issue, as elections were taking place about the 
time it went to press, but these will be included in the next edition, 
However, upon the whole, it will be found as correct as it was possible 
to make it under the circumstances. 

Before consulting the directory for any name, it will be absolutely 
necessary to refer to the Index, excepting only biographical sketches, 
which have been arranged alphabetically. All names have been arranged 
either alphabetically or by towns, as the case seemed to require. 


The matter has been crowded in very closely, and may seem a little 
complex for a reference work on this account, but the reader's patience 
will bridge over this infelicity when it is remembered that all this is 
done to make the work as cheap as possible. 

It should be borne in mind that no advertisements disfigure this work, 
— a departure that ought to meet with enthusiastic approval. If the 
usual amount of space were devoted to advertisements, the price of the 
book might be made one-half less, but, unless I greatly mistake, 
subscribers will prefer the book without advertisements. 

The work will be issued with a new set of plates annually, as early in 
May as possible, and corrected editions will be issued quarterly. 

Boston May, 1878. 







Amendments to Constitution of United 


Chronology of United States, 
Continental Congress, . 
Constitution of United States, 
Declaration of Independence, 
Newspapers of New England, 
New States admitted, . 
Postal rates, .... 
Ratifications to U. S. Constitution 
Territories, .... 
United States officers, . 



Colleges, etc 

County officers, .... 


Lawyers (see close of biographies). 
Physicians (see close of biographies). 
Representatives, .... 

State officers 

Senators, ■ , 

State institutions, .... 
Town and city officers, ... 37 


Banks, 368 

County officers, 355 

Clergymen, 363 

Executive officers, 351 

Judicial officers, 355 

Lawyers 359 

Physicians, 360 

Representatives, 351 

Senators 351 

State institutions 367 

State officers, 351 

Banks, . . . . . . .348 

City officers, 320 

County officers, 317 

Clergymen, 339 

Colleges and schools 247 

Executive officers, 313 

Insurance companies, .... 348 

Judicial officers, 317 

Lawyers 338 

Physicians, 344 

Representatives, 314 

Town and city officers, .... 320 

Senators 314 

State officers, 313 

State institutions, 347 



Attorneys (Boston), 

Asylum for blind, . 


Board of education, 

Board of agriculture, 


Colleges, schools, etc., 

Cadets, . 


Clergymen (Boston), 

County officers, 

City officers, . 

Detective force, 

Eye and ear infirmary, 


Executive council, . 

Industrial school for gir 

Judicial, ... 

Lunatic hospital, . 

Militia, .... 

Notaries public (Boston) 


Physicians (Boston), 

Reform school for boys 

Representatives, . 

Reformatory prison for 


State institutions, . 

State prison, . 

School for idiotic youth 


State officers, . 

Town officers, 



Banks, 309 

Clergymen 300 

County officers, 292 

City officers, 293 

Colleges 312 

Executive, 290 

Educational, 312 

Judicial, . , 292 

Justice of peace, 299 

Lawyers, 304 

Notaries public, 298 

Militia, 295 

Physicians 306 

Representatives, 291 

State officers, 290 

Senators, 291 

State institutions, . . ... . 312 

State prison, ...... 312 

Town officers, 293 



Banks, 145 

Customs, 154 

Clergymen, . . . . .125 

Commissioners, 68 

City officers 123 

County officers and attorneys, . . 75 

Educational, 159 

Executive officers 63 

Hospitals 160 

Insurance companies, .... 148 

Judicial, 67 

Militia 142 

Masters in chancery 68 

Notaries 69 

Post-offices, 155 

Physicians, 137 

Railroads, . . . . . . 152 

Registers in bankruptcy, ... 68 

Revenue 154 

Representatives, 64 

Senators, 63 

State officers, 63 

Town officers, 90 

Trust companies, 147 







Chronology of United States. 

1 776. 

July 4. Declaration of Independ- 
ence signed and promulgated in 
Philadelphia by the representatives 
of thirteen States ; viz., Massachu- 
setts having 5; Connecticut, 4; 
New Hampshire, 3 ; Rhode Island, 
2 ; New York, 4 ; New Jersey, 5 ; 
Pennsylvania, 9; Delaware, 3; 
Maryland, ' 4 ; Virginia, 7 ; North 
Carolina, 3 ; South" Carolina, 4 ; and 
Georgia, 3 representatives. Total 
number of signers, 56. 

The country contained 815,615 
square miles. 

Thomas Lynch of South Caro- 
lina, one of the signers of the Dec- 
laration of Independence, who was 
only twenty-seven years old, sailed 
for the West Indies shortly after 
the Declaration was published, and 
was never afterward heard of. 

August 22. British troops landed 
on Long Island. 

August 27. Battle of Long Is- 

August 28. Washington, with his 
army, retreated from Long Island. 

September 15. General Wash- 
ington evacuated New York. 

The British took possession of 
New York City. 

October 28. Battle of White 
Plains, N. Y. 

November 16. Fort Washington, 
on Manhattan Island, surrendered 
to the British. 

November 18. Fort Lee, on the 
Hudson Eiver, evacuated by the 

December 5. An additional $5,- 
000,000 of Continental paper-money, 
or "shin-plasters," as they were 
called, was issued, making a total 
of $20,000,000. 

December 8. Washington crossed 
the Delaware River. 

December 25. Washington re- 
crossed the Delaware. 

December 26. General Washing- 
ton surprised the British army at 
Trenton, N. J. 


January 2. Battle of Princeton, 

John Morton of Pennsylvania, 
one of the signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, died, aged 

April 25. Marquis Gilbert Mot- 
tier Lafayette arrived at Charles- 
ton, S. C, from France. 

May 27. Button Gwinnett oi 
Georgia, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, hav- 




[VOL. I. 

ing been mortally -wounded in a 
duel, died, aged forty-five. 

June 14. Adoption of the Amer- 
ican flag by Congress. 

July 5. The British General Bur- 
goyne invested Ticonderoga. 

August 6. Battle of Oriskany, 
N. Y. 

August 16. Battle of Benning- 
ton, Vt. 

September 11. Battle of Still- 
water, N. Y. 

Battle of Brandywine. 

September 27. Philadelphia oc- 
cupied by the British. 

October 4. Battle of German- 
town, Penn. 

October 7. Battle of Saratoga, 

October 15. Kingston, 3ST- Y., 
burned by the British. 

October 17. General Burgoyne 
surrendered at Saratoga. 

December 15. The American 
army retired into winter quarters 
ajb Valley Forge, Penn. 


During this year the American 
army encountered great distress, 
owing to the absence of all the 
necessaries that contribute to com- 

January 9, Battle of Sunbury, 

February 6. France acknowl- 
edged American independence, and 
a treaty was ratified. 

June 18. British army evacuated 

June 28. Battle of Monmouth, 

July 3. Wyoming massacre. 

July 8. Articles of confederation 
adopted unanimously. 

July 11. The French Admiral 
d'Estaing arrived at Newport, Va. 

September 14. Benjamin Frank- 
lin appointed first minister to 

August 29. Battle of Rhode Is- 

November 12. Massacre of Cher- 
ry Valley, N. Y. 

December 29. Savannah, Ga., 
captured by the British. 

George Ross of Pennsylvania, one 
of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence, died, aged fifty. 

May. The British burned Nor- 
folk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Gos- 
port, in Virginia. 

June 1. Battle of Verplanck's 

July. The British destroyed New 
Haven, Fairfield, Norwalk, and 
Greenwich, in Connecticut. 

July 15. General Wayne cap- 
tured Stony Point. 

August 13. Battle of Penobscot, 

August 29. Battle of Chemung. 

October 3. The Americans at- 
tempted to retake Savannah, but 
were unsuccessful. 

October 11. Joseph Pulaski died, 
having been wounded in the attack 
on Savannah. 

October 26. British withdrew 
from Rhode Island. 

November 10. Joseph Hewes of 
North Carolina, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, died, aged fifty. . 


John Hart of New Jersey, one of 
the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence, died. 

May 11. Charleston, S. C, sur- 
rendered to the British. 

June 23. Battle of Springfield 

August 16. Battle of Camden. 

August 19. Baron De Kalb, an 
American brigadier-general in the 
war of the Revolution, died oi 
wounds received at the battle of 
Camden, aged forty-eight. 

September 4. Benedict Arnold'* 
treason discovered. 

September 28. Major Andre" was 
captured by three militia men 
named John Paulding, David Will- 
iams, and Isaac Van Wart. 

October 2. Major John Andre", 
an adjutant-general in the British 
army, was hanged as a spy at Tap- 
pan, on the Hudson River, N. Y. 

October 7. Battle of King's 
Mountain, South Carolina. 





January 1. The militia of New 
Jersey and Pennsylvania revolt. 

January 17. Battle of Cowpens, 
South Carolina. 

February 28. Eichard Stockton 
of New Jersey, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, died, aged fifty-three. 

February 22. George Taylor of 
Pennsylvania, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged sixty-five. 

New London burned ; Fort Gris- 
wold, on the opposite side of Thames 
Eiver, taken, and a number of 
people massacred by British sol- 
diers under the command of the 
traitor, Benedict Arnold. New Lon- 
don was Arnold's native county. 

Lyman Hall of Georgia, one of 
the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence, died, aged sixty. 

June 5. Augusta, Ga., capitu- 
lated to the Americans. 

August 28. General Cornwallis, 
commander of the British army, 
entered Yorktown, Va. 

September 8. Battle of Eutaw 
Springs, S. C. 

October 6. The American forces 
invest Yorktown. 

October 19. Surrender of Lord 
Cornwallis, with his whole army, 
at Yorktown. 


February 5. American independ- 
ence acknowledged by Sweden. 

February 25. American inde- 
pendence acknowledged by Den- 

March 24. American independ- 
ence acknowledged by Spain. 

April 8. The United States ves- 
sel Hyder Ali, carrying only six- 
teen guns, captured by the British 
ship General Monk, with twenty- 
nine guns. 

April 19. American independ- 
ence acknowledged by Holland. 

May 3. George Washington in- 
dignantly refused to be made king. 

May 13. Society of Cincinnati 
formed by officers of the American 

July. American independence 
acknowledged by Eussia. 

October 8. Treaty formed with 


J anuary 20. Prelimin ary articles 
of peace signed by British and 
American Commissioners, at Ver- 
sailles, France. 

Csesar Eodney of Delaware, one 
of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence, died, aged fifty-three. 

March 15. The American army 
disbanded at Newburg, N. Y. 

May 23. James Otis, one of the 
most distinguished men of Massa- 
chusetts, was killed by a stroke of 
lightning at the age of fifty-nine. 

September 3. John Jay, John 
Adams, and Benjamin Franklin 
negotiated a final treaty of peace 
with England, at Paris. 

November 25. New York City 
evacuated by the British. 

December 4. General Washing- 
ton separated from the army. 

December 23. George Washing- 
ton resigned his commission as 
major-general of the United States 
into the hands of Congress, at An- 
napolis, Md. 

During the war the English em- 
ployed to aid them in the subjec- 
tion of the country over 12,000 In- 
dians, whose mode of warfare was 
to take scalps, not prisoners, and to 
massacre women and children. As 
an evidence of this fact, Captain 
Gerrish of the New England mili- 
tia captured on the frontier of 
Canada, eight packages of scalps, 
properly cured and dried, which 
were to be sent to England as a 
present from the Seneca Indians 
to George III. The packages con- 
tained 43 scalps of soldiers, 297 of 
farmers, 88 of women, 190 of boys, 
211 of girls, 22 of infants, and 122 
assorted, making a total of 973 


June 2. John Adams, the first 
ambassador from the United States 
to the Court of St. James, had an 
audience with the King of Great 



[vol. I. 

July 19. Stephen Hopkins of 
Rhode Island, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged seventy-eight. 

November 28. William Whipple 
of New Hampshire, one of the 
signers of the Declaration of inde- 
pendence, died, aged fifty-five. 


June 19. Nathaniel Greene, a 
major-general in the army of the 
Revolution, died, aged forty-four. 


January 1. Arthur Middleton of 
South Carolina, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, died, aged forty-four. 

The first cotton-mill in the Unit- 
ed States was built at Beverly, 

May 25. The convention to form 
the constitution of the United 
States met at Philadelphia. 

September 17. The constitution 
of the United States was adopted 
unanimously, and presented to the 
States for ratification. 

October 5. Thomas Stone of 
Maryland, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged forty-five. 

December 7. Delaware was the 
first State that accepted the con- 

December 12. Pennsylvania ac- 
cepted the constitution. 

December 18. New Jersey ac- 
cepted the constitution. 


January 2. Georgia accepted the 

January 9. Connecticut accept- 
ed the constitution. 

February 6. Massachusetts ac- 
cepted the constitution. 

April 28. Maryland accepted the 

May 23. South Carolina accept- 
ed the constitution. 

June 21. New Hampshire accept- 
ed the constitution. 

June 26. Virginia accepted the 

July 26. New York accepted the 


January 4. Thomas Nelson, Jr., 
of Virginia, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged fifty-five years. 

April 6. Meeting of the first 
United States Congress, under the 
constitution, at New York. 

April 30. George Washington of 
Virginia was inaugurated the first 
president of the United States, 

November 21. North Carolina 
accepted the constitution. 


First census of the United States. 
Population, 3,929,827. 

The first tariff-act passed by Con- 

April 17. Benjamin Franklin of 
Pennsylvania, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged eighty-four. 

May 29. Rhode Island was the 
last State to accept the constitu- 

Israel Putnam, a general in the 
Revolutionary army, died, aged 

July 16. President Washington 
signed the bill to place the seat of 
the national government on the 
Potomac River. 

October. William Hooper of 
North Carolina, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, died, aged forty-eight. 

17 9 1. 

First woollen-mill built in the 
United States. 

March 4. Vermont admitted into 
the Union. 

April. Benjamin Harrison of Vir- 
ginia, one of the signers of the Dec- 
laration of Independence, died. 

June 13. Francis Hopkinson of 
New Jersey, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged fifty-three years. 

1 792. 

John Paul Jones, born in Scot- 
land, a commander in the United 




States navy during the war of the 
Revolution, died, aged forty-five 

June 1. Kentucky admitted into 
the Union. 

April 2. United States mint es- 
tablished at Philadelphia. 
r August and September. Whiskey 
insurrection in Pennsylvania. 


January 31. Lehigh, Penn., coal 
mines discovered. 

April 22. President Washing- 
ton's proclamation of neutrality 
between France and England. 

July 25. Roger Sherman of Con- 
necticut, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged seventy-two. 

September 18. The corner-stone 
of the Capitol in Washington was 

October 8. John Hancock of 
Massachusetts, president of the 
convention that adopted the Dec- 
laration of Independence, died, aged 


Cotton-gin patented by Eli Whit- 

June. Abraham Clark of New 
Jersey, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged sixty-eight. 

June 19. Richard Henry Lee of 
Virginia, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged sixty-two. 

August 20. General Wayne de- 
feated a large body of Indians near 
the rapids of the Miami of the 

November 15. John Witherspoon 
of New Jersey, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, died, aged seventy-two. 

179 5. 

January 1. Alexander Hamilton 
resigned the office of Secretary of 
the Treasury. 

May 18.. Josiah Bartlett of New 
Hampshire, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged sixty-six. 

October 27. Treaty with Spain 

17 9 6. 

January 5. Samuel Huntington 
of Connecticut, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, died, aged sixty-four. 

June 1. Tennessee admitted into 
the Union. 

September 17. President Wash- 
ington issued his farewell address. 


March 4. John Adams of Mas- 
sachusetts was inaugurated the 
second president of the United 

April. Francis Lightfoot Lee of 
Virginia, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged eighty-four. 

June 6. Patrick' Henry died. 

October 10. Carter Braxton of 
Virginia, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged sixty-one. 

December 1. Oliver Wolcott of 
Connecticut, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged seventy-two. 


War apprehended with France, 
and General Washington resumed 
command of the army. 

January. Lewis Morris of New 
York, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged 72. 

June 12. Philip Livingston of 
New York, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged sixty-two. 

George Read of Delaware, one 
of the signers of the Declaration 
of Independence, died, aged sixty- 

August 28. James Wilson of 
Pennsylvania, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged fifty-six. 


William Paca of Maryland, one 
of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence, died, aged sixty. 



[VOL. I. 

December. Anthony (known as 
Mad Anthony) Wayne, a major- 
general in the army of the Revo- 
lution, died, aged fifty-one. 

December 14. General George 
Washington (the Father of his 
Country), ex-president of the 
United States, died, at Mount Ver- 
non, aged sixty-seven. 


Second census of the United 
States. Population, 5,305,940. 

January 23. Edward Rutledge 
of South Carolina, one of the 
signers of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, died, aged fifty-one. 

August. The government of the 
United States was established at 
Washington, D. C. 

September 30. Treaty with the 
French Directory. 


March. Congress declared war 
against Tripoli. 

March 4. Thomas Jefferson of 
Virginia was inaugurated third 
president of the United States. 

November 26. William Darke, 
an officer of the war of the Revo- 
lution, died, aged sixty-six. 


March 16. Military Academy 
founded at West Point, on the Hud- 
son River. 

April 30. Ohio admitted into the 


February 2. George Walton of 
Georgia, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged sixty-four. 

April 30. The Territory of Louis- 
iana, containing 930,928 square 
miles, ceded by France to the 
United States. 

June 24. Matthew Thornton of 
New Hampshire, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged eighty-nine. 

October 2. Samuel Adams of 
Massachusetts, one of the signers 
of tlie Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged eighty-one. 


June 3. Philip Schuyler, a maj or- 
general in the Revolutionary army, 
died, aged seventy-three. 

July 11. Alexander Hamilton, 
the companion of Washington, at 
the age of forty-seven years, was 
killed in a duel with Aaron Burr. 


Peace re-established between the 
United States and Tripoli. 


Impressment of American seamen 
begun by Great Britain. 

James Smith of Pennsylvania, 
one of the signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, died. 

April 6. Horatio Gates, a general 
in the army of the Revolution, died 
in New York City. 

May 3. Robert Morris of Penn- 
sylvania, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged seventy-three. 

June 8. George Wythe of Vir- 
ginia, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged eighty-one. 

October 25. Henry Knox, a major- 
general in the Revolutionary army, 
and Secretary of War under Presi- 
dent Washington, died, aged fifty- 


February. Aaron Burr arrested 
for treason. 

February 10. President Jeffer- 
son, in a message to Congress, 
recommends the construction of 

August 3. Aaron Burr tried for 
treason and acquitted. 

August 18. Robert Fulton took 
his first steamboat from New York 
to Albany. 

November 26. Oliver Ellsworth 
of Connecticut, chief justice of the 
United States Supreme Court, died, 
aged sixty-three. 

It having been ascertained that 
four British seamen were harbored 
on board the American frigate 
Chesapeake, and their surrender 
refused, the British man-of-waj 




Leopard poured a broadside into 
the Chesapeake, "which killed 
twenty men. 


January 1. The importation of 
slaves into the United States pro- 

December 22. Congress laid an 
embargo on American vessels. 


Marcn 4. James Madison of Vir- 
ginia was inaugurated the fourth 
president of the United States. 

March. Thomas Hey ward, Jr., of 
South Carolina, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged sixty-four. 

March. The embargo upon Amer- 
ican vessels was raised, and Con- 
gress passed a non-intercourse act. 


Third census of the United States. 
Population, 7,239,814. 

May 9. General Benjamin Lin- 
coln died. 


June 19. Samuel Chase of Mary- 
land, one of the signers of the Dec- 
laration of Independence, died, aged 

August 20. William Williams of 
Connecticut, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged eighty-one. 

November 7. Battle of Tippe- 


April. Another embargo laid 
upon American vessels. 

April 10. Louisiana admitted 
into the Union. , 

April 20. George Clinton, vice- 
president of the United States, died 
in Washington. 

June 18. War declared against 
Great Britain. 

July 2. Peter Gansevoort, a gen- 
eral in the army of the Revolution, 
died, aged sixty-three years. 

August 16. General William Hull 
surrendered his army and the Ter- 
ritory of Michigan to the British. 

August 19. The United States 

frigate Constitution captured the 
British frigate Guerriere. 

October 13. Battle of Queens- 

October 18. The United States 
sloop-of-war Wasp captured the 
British sloop-of-war Frolic ; but 
two hours afterward both vessels 
were taken by the British man-of- 
war Poictiers. 

October 25. The United States 
frigate United States captured the 
British frigate Macedonian. 

December 22. The British frigate 
Southampton captured the Ameri- 
can brig Vixen, and both vessels 
were totally wrecked live days 

December 29. The United States 
frigate Constitution captured the 
British frigate Java. 


January 17. The British frigate 
Narcissus captured the United ' 
States schooner Viper. 

January 24. George Clymer of 
Pennsylvania, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged seventy-four. 

February 5. Chesapeake Bay 

February 22. Ogdensburg, N. Y., 
taken by the British. 

February 24. The United States 
ship Hornet captured the British 
brig Peacock. 

April 19. Benjamin Rush of 
Pennsylvania, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged sixty-eight. 

April 27. York, Upper Canada, 
taken by the Americans. 

May 3. Havre de Grace, Md., 
burned by the British blockading 

May 27. Fort George and Fort 
Erie surrendered to the Americans. 

May 29. Sackett's Harbor at- 
tacked by the British, who were 

June 1. Naval battle of Boston 
Harbor between the United States 
frigate Chesapeake, under command 
of Captain James Lawrence, and 
the British frigate Shannon, in 



[vol. i. 

which the Chesapeake was cap- 
tured. Captain Lawrence was mor- 
tally wounded. During the engage- 
ment, after being wounded, he 
raised himself from the deck of the 
vessel and shouted, " Comrades, 
don't give up the ship ! " 

June 6. The town of Sodus, on 
Lake Ontario, burned by the British. 

July 4. Fort Schlosser taken by 
the British. 

July 11. The British destroyed 
the barracks and block-houses at 
Black Eock. 

August 2. The British defeated 
in their attack on Fort Stevenson. 

Congress levied a direct tax upon 
the States for $3,000,000. 

August 10. The United States 
schooners Julia and Growler were 
captured by the British on Lake 

The British attacked St. Michael's, 
Md., and were defeated. 

August 14. The British sloop-of- 
war Pelican captured the United 
States brig Argus. 

The British took possession of 
Queenstown, Md. 

September 5. The United States 
brig Enterprise captured the British 
brig Boxer. 

September 10. Battle of Lake 
Erie. Captain Perry, who com- 
manded the victorious American 
squadron, in announcing the result 
of the action, said, " We have met 
the enemy — and they are ours." 

September 23. The United States 
frigate President captured the Brit- 
ish schooner Highflyer. 

September 23. Detroit evacuated 
by the British. 

October 2. Part of the British 
squadron on Lake Ontario captured. 

October 5. The Americans de- 
feated the British at Moravian 
Town, Upper Canada. 

Battle of the Thames, in Canada, 
in which the Indian Chief Tecumseh 
was killed. 

October 11. Battle of Williams- 

November 9. General Jackson 
defeated the Creek Indians at Tal- 

December 2. The public stores 
at Cumberland Head, on Lake 
Champlain, were burned by the 

December 10. The New York 
militia abandoned Fort George. 

December 17. A general embargo 
laid by act of Congress. 

December 29. The British and 
Indians surprised Fort Niagara, 
killed 250 Americans, composing 
the garrison, and massacred a num- 
ber of women and children in the 

The British burned the villages 
of Lewistown, Youngstown, Man- 
chester, and Tuscarora in New York. 

December 30. The British burned 
Black Eock and Buffalo. 

Francis Lewis of New York, one 
of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence, died, aged ninety. 

18 14. 

February 25. Peace Commission- 
ers Clay and Eussell sail from New 
York for Gottenburg, in the United 
States frigate John Adams. 

March 28. General William Hull, 
who surrendered his army to the 
British at Detroit, on the 16th of 
August, 1812, was found guilty by 
a court-martial and sentenced to be 

April 21. The United States 
sloop-of-war Frolic was captured 
by the British frigate Orpheus and 
schooner Shelbourne. 

April 25. The President remits 
the sentence of death upon General 

The blockade of the whole Amer- 
ican coast was proclaimed by the 
British Admiral Cochrane. 

April 29. The United States 
sloop-of-war Peacock captured the 
British sloop-of-war L'Epervier. 

May 6. Fort Oswego was cap- 
tured by the British. 

May 11. Eobert Treat Paine of 
Massachusetts, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged eighty-three. 

June 28. The United States sloop- 
of-war Wasp captured the British 
sloop-of-war Eeindeer. 




July 3. Fort Erie surrendered. 

July 5. Battle of Chippewa. 

July 24. Battle of Lundy Lane, 

July 25. Battle of Niagara, or 

July 30. Lord Gambier, Henry 
Goulbourn and William Adams 
were appointed by the British gov- 
ernment commissioners to treat 
upon propositions of peace with 
the United States. 

August 24. The Capitol building 
at Washington was burned by the 

September 1. The British sloop- 
of-war Avon was sunk by the United 
States sloop-of-war Wasp. 

September 11. Battle on Lake 

Battle of Plattsburg, N. Y. 

September 12. Battle of Balti- 
more, Md. 

November 7. The British were 
driven from Pensacola, Fla. 

November 13. Elbridge Gerry of 
Massachusetts, one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independence, 
and Vice-President of the United 
States, died in Washington, aged 

December 24. Treaty of peace 
between the United States and 
Great Britain concluded at Ghent, 
in East Flanders. The treaty was 
signed on the part of the Americans 
by John Quincy Adams, Albert 
Gallatin, James A. Bayard, Henry 
Clay, and Jonathan Russell. 

December 27. The treaty of 
peace was ratified by Great Britain. 

1 1815. 

January 8. Battle of New Or- 

January 9. Congress imposed 
another direct tax upon the States 
for $6,000,000. 

January 15. The United States 
frigate President was captured by 
the British ship Majestic, razee 
Endymion, and frigates Tenedos and 

January 20. President Madison 
vetoed the United States Bank 

January 26. The American priva- 
teer Chasseur captured the British 
schooner St. Lawrence. 

February 11. The British sloop- 
of-war Favourite, Captain Maude 
commanding, arrived at New York 
with the ratified treaty of peace. 

February 17. The Treaty of 
Ghent was ratified by the United 
States government. 

February 20. The British sloops- 
of-war Cyane and Levant were cap- 
tured by the United States frigate 

February 24. Eobert Fulton, 
who first brought steamboat navi- 
gation to perfection, died, aged 

March 13. War declared against 
Algiers for depredations committed 
on American commerce. 

April 6. Massacre of Dartmoor 


March 5. Congress imposed a 
third direct tax upon the States for 

April. The United States Bank 
chartered by Congress for twenty 
years, with a capital of $35,000,000. 

April 19. Indiana admitted into 
the Union. 


January 1. United States Bank 

March 4. James Monroe of Vir- 
ginia was inaugurated the fifth 
president of the United States. 

June 24. Thomas McKean of 
Delaware, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged eighty-three years. 

July 4. Ground was broken for 
the Erie Canal. 

October 16. Thaddeus Kosciusko 
died, aged seventy-one years. 

December 10. Mississippi admit- 
ted into the Union. 


During the year the Seminole 
war was commenced in Florida, 
internal revenue duties abolished, 
revolutionary pensions granted. 

December 3. Illinois admitted 
into the Union. 



[VOL. I 


February 23. Florida ceded to 
the United States by Spain. 

March 2. Alabama admitted into 
the Union. 


Fourth census of the United 
States. Population, 9,638,190. Na- 
tional debt, $89,987,427. 

February 15. William Ellery of 
Ehode Island, one of the signers of 
the Declaration of Independence, 
died, aged ninety-two. 

March 6. Missouri admitted into 
the Union, with the proviso that 
slavery should be inhibited north 
of 30 aeg. 30 min. north latitude. 
This was termed the Missouri Com- 

March 15. Maine admitted into 
the Union. 

March 22. Stephen Decatur, an 
American naval officer, was killed 
in a duel with Commodore Barron. 

August. Oliver Hazard Perry, an 
American naval officer, died, aged 


August 4. William Floyd of New 
York, one of the signers of the 
Declaration of Independence, died, 
aged eighty-seven. 


May 4. President Monroe vetoed 
the Cumberland Road bill. 


August 15. General Lafayette 
arrived at New York from France, 
in response to an invitation from 
the people of the United States. 

December. The House of Repre- 
sentatives elected John Quincy 
Adams president. 


The Erie Canal, in the State of 
New York, was completed. 

March 4. John Quincy Adams of 
Massachusetts was inaugurated the 
sixth president of the United States. 

June 17. The anniversary of the 
battle, the corner-stone of the Bun- 
ker Hill Monument Avas laid. 

September 7. General Lafayette 

embarked for France in the United 
States frigate Brandywine. 


July 4. John Adams, aged ninety- 
one, of Massachusetts, and Thomas 
Jefferson, aged eighty-three, of Vir- 
ginia, both died on the fifty-first 
anniversary of the independence of 
their native country. They were 
the only two signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence that were 
chosen president. Jefferson was 
the author of that great instrument 
of freedom. 

September 13. William Morgan, 
who had published a pamphlet di- 
vulging the secrets of masonry, was 
abducted from Cananclaigua, N. Y., 
and was never afterward satisfac- 
torily heard of. It was thought 
that he was drowned in Lake On- 
tario. This circumstance created a 
great excitement for a number of 
years afterward, and not only put 
a check upon the progress of mason- 
ry, but was the means of creating 
a pretty powerful anti-masonic 
political party. 


Heavy forces were sent against 
the Winnebago Indians, who had 
become troublesome. They were 
overawed, and gave up a number 
of murderers in their tribe. 

November 14. Thomas Addis 
Emmet died, aged sixty-three. 


February 11. DeWitt Clinton? 
who projected the Erie Canal, and 
was four times chosen governor of 
the State of New York, died, aged 


January 19. Colonel Richard 
Taylor, a soldier of the war of the 
Revolution, and father of President 
Zachary Taylor, died, aged eighty- 

March 4. Andrew Jackson of 
Tennessee was inaugurated the 
seventh president of the United 

May 27. John Jay of New York, 




chief justice of the United States 
Supreme Court, died, aged eighty- 


Fifth census of the United States. 
Population, 12,866,020. 

January 6. Daniel Webster made 
his great speech in the United 
States Senate, in answer to Mr. 
Hayne of South Carolina. 

May 27. President Jackson yetoes 
the Maysville Road bill. 

October 5. The president issued 
a proclamation declaring the ports 
of the United States open to British 
vessels from the West Indies. 


April 19. Dissolution of Presi- 
dent Jackson's Cabinet, and a new 
Cabinet formed. 

July 4. James Monroe, ex-presi- 
dent of the United States, died on 
the sixtieth anniversary of Ameri- 
can independence, aged seventy- 


January 1. The national debt of 
the United States had become re- 
duced to $24,332,234. 

July 10. President Jackson 
vetoes the bill rechartering the 
United States Bank. 

The Indian Chief Black Hawk 
was captured. 

November. Nullification Con- 
vention held in South Carolina. 

November 14. Charles Carroll of 
Carrollton, Md., the longest sur- 
vivor of the signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, died, aged 

December 11. President Jackson 
issued his proclamation in relation 
to nullification in South Carolina. 


January 16. President Jackson 
sent a Message to Congress depre- 
cating the action of the State of 
South Carolina in declaring a deter- 
mination to nulify certain laws of 
the United States. 

December 26. The United States 
Senate passed a resolution declar- 
ing that the executive had assumed 

authority and power not conferred 
by the Constitution and laws, but 
in derogation of both. 


McCormick's reaper patented. 

February 18. William Wirt, the 
anti-masonic candidate for pres- 
ident in 1824, died in Washing- 

April 15. President Jackson sent 
a Message to the Senate protesting 
against the resolutions condemning 
his official acts. 


July. John Marshall of Virginia, 
chief justice of the Supreme Court 
of the United States, died, aged 

December 16. Large fire in New 

December 23. Major Dade and 
his command, consisting of 117 
men, were all but one cruelly mas- 
sacred by the Seminole Indians in 


January 15. President Jackson 
transmitted to Congress his French 
indemnification message. 

March. Texas declared its inde- 
pendence, .and separation from Mex- 

March 3. The United States Bank 
ceased to exist, President Jackson 
having vetoed the bill for its re- 

April 21. Battle of San Jacinto, 
in Texas. 

June 1 5. Arkansas admitted into 
the Union. 

June 28. James Madison, ex- 
president of the United States, died, 
aged eighty-five. 


January 26. Michigan admitted 
into the Union. 

March 4. Martin Van Buren of 
New York was inaugurated the 
eighth president of the United 


April 17. Destructive fire in 
Charleston, S. C. 



[VOL. I. 


Sixth census of the United States. 
Population, 17,068,666. 


March 4. William Henry Harri- 
son of Ohio was inaugurated the 
ninth president of the JJnited 

April 4. President Harrison, hav- 
ing heen in office just one month, 
died in the White House in Wash- 
ington, aged sixty-eight. 

April 5. John Tyler, vice-presi- 
dent, of Virginia, became the tenth 
president of the United States, in 
consequence of the death of William 
Henry Harrison. 


The Croton aqueduct, which con- 
veys water from Croton Eiver, in 
Westchester County, in the city of 
New York, a distance of forty miles, 
was completed. 

April 1. The Ashhurton treaty 
was signed. This settled the vexed 
Northwestern boundary question. 


The first telegraph messages were 
sent between Washington and Bal- 

March 1. Explosion of the large 
gun on board of the man-of-war 
steamer Priuceton, at Alexandria, 

June 4. War declared by the 
United States against Mexico. 


March 3. Iowa admitted into the 

March 4. James Knox Polk of 
Tennessee was inaugurated the 
eleventh president of the United 

April 10. Large fire in Pitts- 

June 8. Andrew Jackson, ex- 
president of the United States, died 
at the Hermitage, Tennessee, aged 

July 19. Great fire in New York. 

December 29. Texas admitted 
into the Union. 


Sewing-machines invented by 
Elias Howe of Connecticut. 

May 8. Battle of Palo Alto, in 

May 9. Battle of Eesaca de la 
Palma, in Mexico. 

July 12. Second battle of Palo 

August 6. Wisconsin admitted 
into the Union. 

September 21. Capture of Mon- 
terey, Mexico. 


Ten thousand Mormons from Illi- 
nois, under the leadership of Brig- 
ham Young, entered Deseret, now 
called Utah, and founded Salt Lake 

April 18. Battle of Cerro Gordo, 

March 9. Landing of the United 
States troops at Vera Cruz. 

March 29. Surrender of Vera 
Cruz, Mexico. 

August 19. Battle of San Anto- 
nia, Mexico. 

August 20. Battle of Cherubusco, 

September 8. Battle of Molino 
del Eey, Mexico. 

September 13. Battle of Chapul- 
tepec, Mexico. 

September 14. Attack on the 
city of Mexico, which was taken 
by the United States soldiers. 


February. Treaty of peace with 
Mexico, by which California and 
New Mexico, with 649,762 square 
miles, were added to the United 

February 23. John Quincy 
Adams, ex-president of the United. 
States, died in Washington, aged 

July 4. The corner-stone of the 
Washington Monument was laid in 
the national capital. 

September 9. Large fire in Al- 
bany, N. Y. 


March 3. Florida admitted into 
the Union. 




March 4. Zachary Taylor of Lou- 
isiana was inaugurated the twelfth 
president of the United States. 

May 15. Great tire in St. Louis. 

June 15. James Knox Polk, ex- 
president of the United States, died, 
aged fifty-four. 


Seventh census of the United 
States. Population, 23,191,074. 

March 31. John C. Calhoun died 
in Washington, aged sixty-eight. 

July 9. Great fire in Philadel- 

Zachary Taylor, president of the 
United States, died in the White 
House at Washington, aged sixty 

July 10. Millard Fillmore of New 
York, vice-president, became the 
thirteenth president of the United 
States, in consequence of the death 
of Zachary Taylor. 


Survey of the coast of the United 
States completed. 

May 3. Great fire in San Fran- 

July 4. The corner-stone of the 
Capitol extension at Washington 
was laid. 

December 5. Louis Kossuth, the 
Hungarian patriot, visited the 
United States. 

December 21. The Congressional 
library in Washington was de- 
stroyed by fire. 

18 5 2. 

June 29. Henry Clay died in 
Washington, aged seventy-five. 


March 4. Franklin Pierce of New 
Hampshire was inaugurated the 
fourteenth president of the United 

July 14. Opening of the World's 
Fair at New York. 


The Gadsden purchase from Mex- 
ico added 27,500 square miles to the 
area of the United States. 

August 25. Large fires in Dam- 
ariscotta, Me., Troy, N. Y., and Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 


March 4. James Buchanan of 
Pennsylvania was inaugurated the 
fifteenth president of the United 

October 13. Great commercial 
panic. There were 5,123 failures of 
business houses. 


May 4. Minnesota was admitted 
into the Union. 

August 6. First Atlantic cable 
laid between Ireland and New- 


February 13. Oregon admitted 
into the Union. 

October 17. John Brown's raid 
at Harper's Ferry. 

November 28. Washington Ir- 
ving died. 


Eighth census of the United 
States. Population, 31,443,332. 

National debt, $64,769,703. 

Japanese Embassy visited the 
United States. 

From February, 1820, to this year, 
there arrived in the United States 
from foreign countries, 5,062,414 

July. Prince of Wales visited 
the United States. 

October 3. The Prince of Wales 
visited the national capital. 


January 29. Kansas admitted 
into the Union. 

March 4. Abraham Lincoln of 
Illinois was inaugurated the six- 
teenth president of the United 

April 12. Attack on Fort Sumter. 

April 19. Massachusetts Sixth 
Regiment mobbed in Baltimore. 

April 20. Harper's Ferry burned. 
The war of the rebellion was now 
fully opened. 

July 21. First regular battle of 
the rebellion, at Bull Run, Va. 

July. General George B. McClel- 



[VOL. I. 

Ian commenced to organize and dis- 
cipline tlie Grand Army of the 


At the commencement of the 
present year the total gold and sil- 
ver coinage of the United States 
amounted to $862,183,546. 

January 17. John Tyler, ex- 
president of the United States, died, 
aged seventy-two. 

February 6. Surrender of Fort 
Henry, Tenn. 

February 16. Fort Donelson, 
Tenn., surrendered. 

April 9. Battle of Shiloh. 

June 6. Memphis surrendered. 

June 26. Commencement of the 
seven days' battles around Rich- 

July 1. The Union Pacific Rail- 
road bill signed by President Lin- 

May 3. Battle of Chancellors- 

May 27. Assault on Port Hudson. 

June 27. John Morgan starts on 
his raid through Ohio. 

July 1. Battle of Gettysburg, 
Penn. ; three days. 

July 4. Vicksburg surrendered. 

July 13. New York riots com- 

August 23. The massacre at the 
city of Lawrence, Kan. 

September 14. Battles of South 
Mountain, Md. 

September 15. Harper's Ferry, 
with 11,000 men, surrendered to the 

September 16. Battle of Antie- 
tam, Md. 

September 19. Battle of Chicka- 

September 22. President Lin- 
coln issued his Emancipation Proc- 

October 21. Lamentable affair at 
Ball's Bluff. 

October 24. Battle above the 
clouds, on Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 

November 7. General George B. 
McClellan removed from the com- 
mand of the Army of tho Potomac. 

December 13. Battle of Freder- 
icksburg, Va. 

December 27. Martin Van Buren, 
ex-president of the United States, 
died, aged eighty. 

December 31. West Virginia 
made a State. 


March 10. The disastrous Red 
River expedition started, under 
General Banks. 

April 12. Fort Pillow, Tenn., 

May 5. Battle of the Wilderness. 

May 9. Battle of Spottsylvania. 

June 3. Battle of Cold Harbor. 

June 17. Commencement of the 
attack on Petersburg, Va. 

June 19. The rebel man-of-war 
Alabama, commanded by Raphael 
Semmes, which was built in Eng- 
land and manned mostly by Eng- 
lishmen, was sunk off Cherbourg, 
France, by the United States man- 
of-war Kearsarge, under command 
of Captain Winslow. 

August 7. The forts in Mobile 
Bay attacked by the fleet under 
Admiral Farragut. 

September 2. Atlanta, Ga v evacu- 
ated by the rebels. 

October 12. Roger Brooke Taney 
of Maryland, chief justice of the 
United States Supreme Court, died, 
aged eightv-seven. 

October' 19. Battle of Cedar 
Creek, in the Shenandoah Valley, 
which General Sheridan changed 
from defeat to victory by his famous 
ride from Winchester. 

November 16. General Sherman's 
army commenced its " march to the 
sea " through Georgia. 

December 15. Battle of Nash- 


February 27. General Sheridan 
left Winchester with 10,000 cavalry 
on his gallant raid around Rich- 

April 2. Richmond evacuated by 
the rebels. 

April 9. General Robert E. Lee 
surrendered the rebel army in the 
private dwelling of one of the in- 
habitants at Appomattox Court- 
house, Va. This virtually ended 
the war of the rebellion. 




April 14. President Lincoln was 
assassinated by a man named John 
Wilkes Booth, who was a play-actor 
in Washington. * 

April 15. Abraham Lincoln died 
of the wounds he received at the 
hands of the assassin on the pre- 
vious night. 

April 15. Andrew Johnson, vice- 
president, of Tennessee, became 
seventeenth president of the United 
States, in consequence of the death 
of Abraham Lincoln. 

April 16. Jefferson Davis cap- 
tured. • 

April 26. John Wilkes Booth, the 
assassin of President Lincoln, was 

July 4. Great fire in Portland, 

July 7. Four persons named 
Herold, Atzerott, Payne, and Mrs. 
Surratt, who were charged with 
aiding in the assassination of Presi- 
dent Lincoln, were hanged in Wash- 


July 1. The national debt reached 
its maximum amount, — $2,773,236,- 


March 30. Alaska purchased by 
the United States from Russia: 
price, $7,000,000. 


May 16. Vote taken in the United 
States Senate on the impeachment 
of Andrew Johnson, president of 
the United States. Every Seuator 
was in his seat. The impeachment 

June 1. James Buchanan of 
Pennsylvania, ex-president of the 
United States, died, aged seventy- 


The Pacific Railroad completed. 

March 4. Ulysses Sydney Grant 
of Illiuois was inaugurated the 
eighteenth president of the United 

October 8. Franklin Pierce of 
New Hampshire, ex-president of 
the United States, died, aged sixty- 

December 24. Edwin M. Stanton, 
secretary of war during the rebell- 
ion, died in Washington. 


Ninth census of the United States. 
Population, 38,555,983. 


The gold product of the country 
amounted this year to $66,000,000. 
October 9. Great fire in Chicago. 


November 9. Great fire in Boston. 


Suspension bridge across the East 
River, from New York to Brooklyn, 

September 7. The United States 
received a check from the govern- 
ment of Great Britain for $15,500,- 
000 in gold, being the amount 
awarded by the mixed Congress at 
Geneva, Switzerland, on account of 
what are termed the " Alabama 

September 29. John A. Winslow, 
United States navy, who command- 
ed the United States man-of-war 
Kearsarge when she sunk the rebel 
sloop-of-war Alabama, died, aged 


March 8. Millard Fillmore of 
New York, ex-president of the Unit- 
ed States, died, aged seventy-four. 

December 13. King Kalakaua of 
the Hawaiian Islands, the first 
monarch that ever visited this 
country, arrived in New York. 


July 31. Andrew Johnson of 
Tennessee, ex-president of the Unit- 
ed States, died, aged sixty-seven. 
For the first time in the history of 
the nation, there was not au ex- 
president living. 

October 12. Three hundred and 
eighty-third anniversary of the 
landing of Christopher Columbus 
and his followers on San Salvador. 

November 2. Henry Wilson of 
Massachusetts, vice-president of the 



[VOL. I. 

United States, died in Washing- 

December 15. A resolution de- 
claring it to be unwise, unpatriotic, 
and perilous to our free institutions 
to elect a man a third time to the 
office of president of the United 
States, passed the United States 
House of Representatives by a vote 
of 232 in favor to lb against. 


Our Republic commenced in 177G, 
100 years ago, with thirteen States, 
and 815,615 square miles of terri- 
tory, which was occupied with 
3,000,000 of civilized human beings. 
It has now a population of 43,000,- 
000, who occupy thirty-seven States 
and nine Territories, which embrace 
over 3,000,000 square miles. It has 
65,000 miles of railroads, more than 
sufficient to reach twice and a half 
around the globe. The value of its 
annual agricultural productions is 
$2,500,000,000, and its gold mines are 
capable of producing $70,000,000 a 
year. It has over 1,000 cotton fac- 
tories, 580 daily newspapers, 4,300 
weeklies, and 625 monthly publica- 

Declaration of Independence. 
Proceedings in the Congress of the 
United Colonies respecting u A Dec- 
laration of Independence, by the 
Representatives of the United States 
of America, in Congress assembled." 

Saturday, June 8, 1776. 
Resolved, That the resolutions re- 
specting independency be referred 
to a Committee of the whole Con- 

The Congress then resolved itself 
into a Committee of the Whole ; 
and, after some time, the President 
resumed the chair, and Mr. Harrison 
reported, that the Committee had 
taken into consideration the matter 
to them referred, but not having 
come to any resolution thereon, di- 
rected him to move for leave to sit 
again on Monday. 

Resolved, That this Congress will, 
on Monday next, at 10 o'clock, re- 
solve itself into a Committee of the 

Whole, to take into further consid- 
eration the resolutions referred to 

Monday, June 10, 1776. 

Agreeable to order, the Congress 
resolved itself into a Committee of 
the Whole, to take into their fur- 
ther consideration the resolutions 
to them referred; and, after some 
time spent thereon, the President 
resumed the chair, and Mr. Harrison 
reported, that the Committee have 
had under consideration the mat- 
ters referred to them, and have 
come to a resolution thereon, which 
they directed him to report. 

The resolution agreed to in Com- 
mittee of the Whole being read — 

Resolved, That the consideration 
of the first resolution be postponed 
to Monday, the first day of July 
next ; and, in the meanwhile, that 
no time be lost, in case the Congress 
agree thereto, that a Committee be 
appointed to prepare a declaration 
to the effect of the said first resolu- 
tion, which is in these words : 
"That these United Colonies are, 
and of right ought to be, free and 
independent States ; that they are 
absolved from all allegiance to. the 
British crown ; and that all politi- 
cal connection between them and 
the State of Great Britain is, and 
ought to be, totally dissolved." 
Tuesday, June 11, 1776. 

Resolved, That the Committee for 
preparing the Declaration consist of 
five. The members chosen, Mr. 
Jefferson, Mr. John Adams. Mr. 
Franklin, Mr. Sherman, and Mr. R. 
R. Livingston. 

Tuesday, June 25, 1776. 

A declaration of the Deputies of 
Pennsylvania, met in Provincial 
Congress, was laid before Congress 
and read, expressing their willing- 
ness to concur in a vote of Congress 
declaring the United Colonies free 
and independent States. 

Friday, June 28, 1776. 

" Francis Hopkinson, one of the 
Delegates from New Jersey, attend- 
ed and produced the credentials of 
their appointment," containing the 
following instructions : " If you 




shall judge it necessary or expedi- 
ent for this purpose, we empower 
y on to join in declaring the United 
Colonies independent of Great Brit- 
ain, entering into a confederation 
for union and common defence, &c." 
Monday, July 1, 1776. 

" A resolution of the Convention 
of Maryland, passed the 28th of 
June, was laid before Congress and 
read/' containing the following in- 
structions to their deputies in Con- 
gress : " That the deputies of said 
Colony, or any three or more of 
them, be authorized and empow- 
ered to concur with the other Unit- 
ed Colonies, or a majority of them, 
in declaring the United Colonies 
free and independent States ; in 
forming such further compact and 
confederation between them, v &c. 

The order of the day being read — 

Resolved, That this Congress will 
resolve itself into a Committee of 
the Whole, to take into considera- 
tion the resolution respecting inde- 

That the Declaration be referred 
to said Committee. 

The Congress resolved itself into 
a Committee of the Whole. After 
some time the President resumed 
the chair, and Mr. Harrison re- 
ported that the Committee had 
come to a resolution which they 
desired him to report, and to move 
for leave to sit again. 

The resolution agreed to by the 
Committee of the Whole being read, 
the determination thereof was, at 
the request of a Colony, postponed 
until to-morrow. 

Besolved, That this Congress will, 
to-morrow, resolve itself into a 
Committee of the Whole, to take 
into consideration the Declaration 
respecting independence. 

Tuesday, July 2, 1776. 

The Congress resumed the con- 
sideration of the resolution reported 
from the Committee of the Whole, 
which was agreed to, as follows : — 

Resolved, That these United Col- 
onies are, and of right ought to be, 
Free and Independent States ; that 
they are absolved from all allegiance 

to the British crown, and that all 
jjolitical connection between them and 
the State of Great Britain is, and 
ought to be, totally dissolved. 

Agreeable to the order of the day, 
the Congress resolved itself into a 
Committee of the Whole ; and after 
some time, the President resumed 
the chair, and Mr. Harrison report- 
ed that the Committee have had 
under consideration the Declara- 
tion to them referred ; but not hav- 
ing had time to go through the 
same, desired him to move for leave 
to sit again. 

Besolved, That this Congress will, 
to-morrow, again resolve itself into 
a Committee of the Whole, to take 
into their further consideration the 
Declaration respecting independ- 

Wednesday, July 3, 1776. 

Agreeable to the order of the day, 
the Congress resolved itself into a 
Committee of the Whole, to take 
into their further consideration the 
Declaration; and after some time, 
the President resumed the chair, 
and Mr. Harrison reported that the 
Committee, not having yet gone 
through it, desired leave to sit 

Besolved, That this Congress will, 
to-morrow, again resolve itself into 
a Committee of the Whole, to take 
into their further consideration the 
Declaration of Independence. 

Thursday, July 4, 1776. 

Agreeable to the order of the day, 
the Congress resolved itself into a 
Committee of the Whole, to take 
into their further consideration the 
Declaration ; and after some time, 
the President resumed the chair, 
and Mr. Harrison reported that the 
Committee had agreed to a Declara- 
tion, which they desired him to 

The Declaration being read, was 
agreed to, as follows : — 



When in the course of human 
events it becomes necessary for one 



[VOL. I. 

people to dissolve the political 
bands which have connected them 
with another, and to assume among 
the powers of the earth the sepa- 
rate and equal station to which the 
laws of nature and of nature's God 
entitle them, a decent respect to 
the opinions of mankind requires 
that they should declare the causes 
which impel them to the separa- 

We hold these truths to he self- 
evident: that all men are created 
equal ; that they are endowed by 
their Creator with certain inalien- 
able rights ; that among these are 
life, liberty, and the pursuit of 
happiness. That, to secure these 
rights, governments are instituted 
among men, deriving their just 
powers from the consent of the 
governed ; that whenever any form 
of government becomes destructive 
of these ends, it is the right of the 
people to alter or to abolish it, and 
to institute a new government, lay- 
ing its foundation on such principles, 
and organizing its powers in such 
form, as to them shall seem most 
likely to effect their safety and 
happiness. Prudence, indeed, will 
dictate, that governments long es- 
tablished should not be changed 
for light and transient causes ; and, 
accordingly, all experience hath 
shown that mankind are more dis- 
posed to suffer, while evils are suf- 
ferable, than to right them by abol- 
ishing the forms to which they have 
been accustomed. But when a long 
train of abuses and usurpations, 
pursuing invariably the same ob- 
ject, evinces a design to reduce 
them under absolute despotism, it 
is their right, it is their duty to 
throw off such government, and to 
provide new guards for their future 
security. Such has been the pa- 
tient sufferance of these colonies, 
and such is now the necessity which 
constrains them to alter their former 
systems of government. The his- 
tory of the x>resent King of Great 
Britain is a history of repeated 
injuries and usurpations, all hav- 
ing, in direct object, the establish- 

ment of an absolute tyranny over 
these States. To prove this, let 
facts be submitted to a candid 

He has refused his assent to laws 
the most wholesome and necessary 
for the public good. 

He has forbidden his Governors 
to pass laws of immediate and 
pressing importance, unless sus- 
pended in their operation until his 
assent should be obtained; and 
when so suspended, he has utterly 
neglected to attend to them. 

He has refused to pass other laws 
for the accommodation of large dis- 
tricts of people, unless those people 
would relinquish the right of rep- 
resentation in the legislature, — a 
right inestimable to them, and for- 
midable to tyrants only. 

He has called together legislative 
bodies at places unusual, uncomfort- 
able, and distant from the deposi- 
tory of their public records, for 
the sole purpose of fatiguing them 
into a compliance with his meas- 

He has dissolved representative 
houses repeatedly, for opposing, 
with manly firmness, his invasions 
on the rights of the peojde. 

He has refused, for a long time 
after such dissolutions, to cause 
others to be elected ; whereby the 
legislative powers, incapable of an- 
nihilation, have returned to the 
people at large for their exercise, 
the State remaining, in the mean- 
time, exposed to all the danger of 
invasion from without and convul- 
sions within. 

He has endeavored to prevent the 
population of these States ; for that 
purpose, obstructing the laws for 
naturalization of foreigners ; refus- 
ing to pass others to encourage 
their migrations hither, and raising 
the conditions of new appropria- 
tions of land. 

He has obstructed the adminis- 
tration of justice, by refusing his 
assent to laws for establishing ju- 
diciary powers. 

He has made judges dependent 
on his will alone for the tenure of 




their offices and the amount and 
payment of their salaries. 

He has erected a multitude of 
new offices, and sent hither swarms 
of officers to harass our people, and 
eat out their suhstance. 

He has kept among us, in times 
of peace, standing armies, without 
the consent of our legislature. 

He has affected to render the 
military independent of, and supe- 
rior to, the civil power. 

He has combined, with others, to 
subject us to a jurisdiction foreign 
to our constitution and unacknowl- 
edged by our laws ; giving his as- 
sent to their acts of pretended legis- 
lation : 

For quartering large bodies of 
armed troops among us : 

For protecting them, by a mock 
trial, from punishment, for any 
murders which they should commit 
on the inhabitants of these States : 

For cutting off our trade with all 
parts of the world : 

For imposing taxes on us without 
our consent : 

For depriving us, in many cases, 
of the benefits of trial by jury : 

For transporting us beyond seas 
to be tried for pretended offences : 

For abolishing the free system of 
English laws in a neighboring prov- 
ince, establishing therein an arbi- 
trary government, and enlarging its 
boundaries, so as to render it at 
once an example and fit instrument 
for introducing the same absolute 
rule into these colonies : 

For taking away our charters, 
abolishing our most valuable laws, 
and altering, fundamentally, the 
powers of our governments : 

For suspending our own legisla- 
tures, and declaring themselves in- 
vested with power to legislate for 
us in all cases whatsoever : 

He has abdicated government 
here, by declaring us out of his pro- 
tection, and waging war against 

He has plundered our seas, rav- 
aged our coasts, burnt our towns, 
and destroyed the lives of our peo- 

He is, at this time, transporting 
large armies of foreign mercenaries 
to complete the works of death, 
desolation, and tyranny, already 
begun with circumstances of cruel- 
ty and perfidy scarcely paralleled 
in the most barbarous ages, and 
totally unworthy the head of a 
civilized nation. 

He has constrained our fellow- 
citizens, taken captive on the high 
seas, to bear arms against their 
country, to become the execution- 
ers of their friends and brethren, or 
to fall themselves by their hands. 

He has excited domestic insurrec- 
tions among us, and has endeavored 
to bring on the inhabitants of our 
frontiers, the merciless Indian sav- 
ages, whose known rule of warfare 
is an undistinguished destruction, 
of all ages, sexes, and conditions. 

In every stage of these oppres- 
sions, we have petitioned for re- 
dress, in the most humble terms ; 
our repeated petitions have been 
answered only by repeated injury. 
A prince whose character is thus 
marked by every act which may 
define a tyrant, is unfit to be the 
ruler of a free people. 

Nor have we been wanting in 
attention to our British brethren. 
We have warned them from time 
to time, of attempts made by their 
legislature to extend an unwarrant- 
able jurisdiction over us. We have 
reminded them of the circumstances 
of our emigration and settlement 
here. We have appealed to their na- 
tive justice and magnanimity, and 
we have conjured them, by the ties 
of our common kindred, to disavow 
these usurpations, which would in- 
evitably interrupt our connections 
and correspondence. They, too, 
have been deaf to the voice of jus- 
tice and consanguinity. We must, 
therefore, acquiesce in the neces- 
sity, which demands our separa- 
tion, and hold them, as we hold the 
rest of mankind, enemies in war — 
in peace friends. 

We, therefore, the representa- 
tives of the United States of Amer- 
ica, in General Congress assembled, 



[VOL. I. 

appealing to the Supreme Judge of 
the World for the rectitude of our 
intentions, do, in the name, and by 
the authority of the good people of 
these Colonies, solemnly publish 
and declare, That these United 
Colonies are, and of right ought to 
be, free and independent States ; that 
they are absolved from all allegi- 
ance to the British crown, and that 
all political connection between 
them and the State of Great Brit- 
ain is, and ought to be, totally 
dissolved; and that as free and 
independent States, they have full 
power to levy war, to conclude 
peace, contract alliances, establish 
commerce, and to do all other acts 
and things which independent 
States may of right do. And for 
the support of this Declaration, 
with a firm reliance on the protec- 
tion of Divine Providence, we mu- 
tually pledge to each other our 
lives, our fortunes, and our sacred 

The foregoing Declaration was, 
by order of Congress, engrossed, 
and signed by the following mem- 
bers : — 

John Hancock. 

New Hampshire. 
Josiah Bartlett. 
William Whipple. 
Matthew Thornton. 

Massachusetts Bay. 
Samuel Adams. 
John Adams. 
Robert Treat Paine. 
Elbridge Gerry. 

Rhode Island. 
Stephen Hopkins. 
William Ellery. 

Roger Sherman. 
Samuel Huntington. 
William Williams. 
Oliver Wolcott. 

New York. 
William Floyd. 
Philip Livingston. 
Francis Lewis. 
Lewis Morris. 

New Jersey. 
"Richard Stockton. 
John Witherspoon. 
Francis Hopkinson. 
John Hart. 
Abraham Clark. 

Robert Morris. 
Benjamin Rush. 
Benjamin Franklin. 
John Morton. 
George Clymer. 
James Smith. 
George Taylor 
James Wilson. 
George Ross. 

Csersar Rodney. 
George Read. 
Thomas McKean. 

Samuel Chase. 
William Paca. 
Thorn as Stone. 
Charles Carroll, of Carrollton. 

George Wythe. 
Richard Henry Lee. 
Thomas Jefferson. 
Benjamin Harrison. 
Thomas Nelson, Jr. 
Francis Lightfoot Lee. 
Carter Braxton. 

North Carolina. 
William Hooper. 
Joseph Hewes. 
John Penn. 

South Carolina. 
Edward Rutledge. 
Thomas Heyward, Jun. 
Thomas Lynch, Jun. 
Arthur Middleton. 

Button Gwinnett. 
Lyman Hall. 
George Walton. 

Besolved, That copies of the Dec- 
laration be sent to the several 
assemblies, conventions, and com- 




mittees, or councils of safety, and 
to the several commanding officers 
of the continental troops ; that it 

be proclaimed in each of the United 
States, and at the head of the 

Presidents of the Continental Congress, from 1774 to 1788. 




Peyton Randolph, . 
Henry Middleton, . 
Peyton Randolph, . 
John Hancock, 
Henry Laurens, 
John Jay, 

Samuel Huntington, 
Thomas McKean, . 
John Hanson, . 
Elias Boudinot, 
Thomas Mifflin, 
Richard Henry Lee, 
Nathaniel Gorham, . 
Arthur St. Clair, . 
Cyrus Griffin, . 

Virginia, . 
South Carolina, 
Virginia, . 
Massachusetts, . 
South Carolina, 
New York, 
Delaware, . 
New Jersey, 
Pennsylvania, . 
Virginia, . 
Massachusetts, . 
Pennsylvania, . 
Virginia, . 

Sept. 5, 1774. 
Oct. 22, 1774. 
May 10, 1775. 
May 24, 1775. 
Nov. 1, 1777. 
Dec. 10, 1778. 
Sept. 28, 1779. 
July 10, 1781. 
Nov. 5, 1781. 
Nov. 4, 1782. 
Nov. 3, 1783. 
Nov. 30, 1784. 
June 6, 1786. 
Feb. 2, 1787. 
Jan. 22, 1788. 

Sessions of the Conti 

The sessions of the 
Congress were comm 
lows : — 

September 5, 1774, 
1775, at Philadelphia 
20, 1776, at Baltimoi 

1777, at Philadelphia 
27, 1777, at Lancaster, 
ber 30, 1777, at York, 

1778, at Philadelphi, 
1783, at Princeton, N 
ber 26, 1783, at Anr 
November 1, 1784, at T 
January 11, 1785, at 
which, from that time, 
be the place of meeti 
adoption of the Consti 
United States. From 
Congress met annuall 
Monday in November 
the Articles of Confed 

Constitution of the TJ 
We, the people of 
States, in order to 
perfect union, esta 
insure domestic tra 
vide for the comn 




; i 

e; 1 
i S( 


*; * 





Y on 




al C 

i as 


; Ju 
r une 

is, I 
w 1 
m of 
Lto : 


L Sta 


l a i 





r 10, 
h 4, 


tfd. : 



t to 



promote the general welfare, and 
secure the blessings of liberty to 
ourselves and our posterity, do 
ordain and establish this Consti- 
tution for the United States of 



All legislative powers herein 
granted shall be vested in a Con- 
gress of the United States, which 
shall consist of a Senate and. House 
of Kepresentatives. 


The House of Kepresentatives 
shall be composed of members chos- 
en every second year by the people 
of the several States, and the elect- 
ors in each State shall have the 
qualifications requisite for electors 
of the most numerous branch of the 
State legislature. 

No person shall be a representa- 
tive who shall not have attained to 
the age of fiwenty-five years, and 
been seven years a citizen of the 
United States, and who shall not, 
when elected, be an inhabitant of 
that State in which he shall be 



[VOL. I. 

Representatives and direct taxes 
shall be apportioned among the 
several States which may be in- 
cluded within this Union, accord- 
ing to their respective numbers, 
which shall be determined by add- 
ing to the whole number of free 
persons, including those bound to 
service for a term of years, and ex- 
cluding Indians not taxed, three- 
fifths of all other persons. The 
actual enumeration shall be made 
within three years after the first 
meeting of the Congress of the 
United States, and within every 
subsequent term of ten years, in 
such manner as they shall by law 
direct. The number of representa- 
tives shall not exceed one for every 
thirty thousand, but each State 
shall have at least one representa- 
tive ; and until such enumeration 
shall be made, the State of New 
Hampshire shall be entitled to choose 
three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode 
Island and Providence Plantations 
one, Connecticut five, New York six, 
New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, 
Delaware one, Maryland six, Vir- 
ginia ten, North Carolina five, South 
Carolina five, and Georgia three. 

When vacancies happen in the 
representation from any State, the 
executive authority thereof shall 
issue writs of election to fill such 

The House of Representatives 
shall choose their Speaker and 
other officers ; and shall have the 
sole power of impeachment. 


The Senate of the United States 
shall be composed of two Senators 
from each State, chosen by the 
legislature thereof, for six years ; 
and each Senator shall have one 

Immediately after they shall be 
assembled in consequence of the 
first election, they shall be divided 
as equally as may be into three 
classes. The seats of the Senators 
of the first class shall be vacated 
at the expiration of the second 
year; of the second class, at the 

expiration of the fourth year ; and 
of the third class, at the expiration 
of the sixth year ; so that one-third 
may be chosen every second year ; 
and if vacancies happen by resig- 
nation or otherwise, during "the re- 
cess of the legislature of any State, 
the executive thereof may make 
temporary appointments until the 
next meeting of the legislature, 
which shall then fill such vacan- 

No person shall be a Senator who 
shall not have attained to the age 
of thirty years, and been nine years 
a citizen of the United States, and 
who shall not, when elected, be an 
inhabitant of that State for which 
he shall be chosen. 

The Vice-President of the United 
States shall be President of the Sen- 
ate, but shall have no vote, unless 
they shall be equally divided. 

The Senate shall choose their own 
officers, and also a President pro 
tempore in the absence of the Vice- 
President, or when he shall exer- 
cise the office of President of the 
United States. 

The Senate shall have the sole 
power to try all impeachments. 
When sitting for that imrpose, they 
shall be on oath or affirmation. 
When the President of the United 
States is tried, the Chief Justice 
shall preside ; and no person shall 
be convicted without the concur- 
rence of two-thirds of the members 

Judgment in cases of impeach- 
ment shall not extend further than 
to removal from office, and disqual- 
ification to hold and enjoy any of- 
fice of honor, trust, or profit under 
the United States ; but the party 
convicted shall nevertheless be lia- 
ble and subject to indictment, trial, 
judgment, and punishment accord- 
ing to law. 


The times, places, and manner of 
holding elections for Senators and 
Representatives shall be prescribed 
in each State by the legislature 
thereof; but the Congress may at 
any time by law make or alter such 




regulations, except as to the places 
of choosing Senators. 

The Congress shall assemble at 
least once in every year, and such 
meeting shall he on the first Mon- 
day in December, unless they shall 
by law appoint a different day. 


Each house shall be the judge of 
the elections, returns, and -qualifi- 
cations of its own members, and a 
majority of each shall constitute a 
quorum to do business ; but a small- 
er number may adjourn from day 
to day, and may be authorized to 
compel the attendance of absent 
members, in such manner, and under 
such penalties, as each house may 

Each house may determine the 
rules of its proceedings, punish its 
members for disorderly behavior, 
and, with the concurrence of two- 
thirds, expel the member. 

Each house shall keep a journal 
of its proceedings, and from time 
to time publish the same, excepting 
such parts as may in their judgment 
require secrecy; and the yeas and 
nays of the members of either house 
on any question shall, at the desire 
of one-fifth of those present, be en- 
tered on the journal. 

Neither house, during the session 
of Congress, shall, without the con- 
sent of the other, adjourn for more 
than three days, nor to any other 
place than that in which the two 
houses shall be sitting. 


The Senators and Representatives 
shall receive a compensation for 
their services, to be ascertained by 
law, and paid out of the Treasury 
of the United States. They shall 
in all cases, except treason, felony, 
and breach of the peace, be privi- 
leged from arrest during their at- 
tendance at the session of their 
respective houses, and in going to 
and returning from the same ; and 
for any speech or debate in either 
house, they shall not be questioned 
in any other place. 

No Seuator or Representative 
shall, during the time for which he 
was elected, be appointed to any 
civil office under the authority of 
the United States, which shall have 
been created, or the emoluments 
whereof shall have been increased 
during such time; and no person 
holding any office under the United 
States shall be a member of either 
house during his continuance in 


All bills for raising revenue shall 
originate in the House of Repre- 
sentatives ; but the Senate may pro- 
pose or concur with amendments as 
on other bills. 

Every bill which shall have passed 
the House of Representatives and 
the Senate, shall, before it become 
a law, be presented to the President 
of the United States ; if he approve, 
he shall sign it ; but if not, he shall 
return it, with his objections, to 
that house in which it shall have 
originated, who shall enter the ob- 
jections at large on their journal, 
and proceed to reconsider it. If, 
after such reconsideration, two- 
thirds of that house shall agree to 
pass the bill, it shall be sent, 
together with the objections, to the 
other house, by which it shall like- 
wise be reconsidered, and if ap- 
proved by two-thirds of that house, 
it shall become a law. But in all 
such cases the votes of both houses 
shall be determined by yeas and 
nays, and the names of the persons 
voting for and against the bill shall 
be entered on the journal of each 
house respectively. If any bill shall 
not be returned by the President 
within ten days (Sundays excepted) 
after it shall have been presented 
to him, the same shall be a law, in 
like manner as if he had signed it, 
unless the Congress, by their ad- 
journment, prevent its return, in 
which case it shall not be a law. 

Every order, resolution, or vote 
to which the concurrence of the 
Senate and House of Representa- 
tives may be necessary (except on 
a question of adjournment) shall 



[VOL. I. 

be presented to the President of the 
United States ; and before the same 
shall take effect, shall be approved 
by him, or being disapproved by 
him, shall be repassed by two-thirds 
of the Senate and House of Kepre- 
sentatives, according to the rules 
and limitations prescribed in the 
case of a bill. 


The Congress shall have power — 
To lay and collect taxes, duties, 
imposts, and excises, to pay the 
debts and provide for the common 
defence and general welfare of the 
United States ; but all duties, im- 
posts, and excises shall be uniform 
throughout the United States ; 

To borrow money on the credit of 
the United States ; 

To regulate commerce with for- 
eign nations, and among the sev- 
eral States, and with the Indian 
tribes ; 

To establish an uniform rule for 
naturalization, and uniform laws on 
the subject of bankruptcies through- 
out the United States ; 

To coin money, regulate the value 
thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix 
the standard of weights and meas- 

To provide for the punishment of 
counterfeiting the securities and 
current coin of the United States ; 

To establish post-offices and post 
roads ; 

To promote the progress of sci- 
ence and useful arts, by securing 
for limited times to authors and in- 
ventors the exclusive right to their 
respective writings and discover- 

To constitute tribunals inferior to 
the Supreme Court ; 

To define and punish piracies and 
felonies committed on the high 
seas, and offences against. the law 
of nations ; 

To declare war, grant letters of 
marque and reprisal, and make 
rules concerning captures on land 
and water ; 

To raise and support armies, but 
no appropriation of money to that 

use shall be for a longer term than 
two years ; 

To provide and maintain » navy ; 

To make rules for the government 
and regulation of the land and na- 
val forces ; 

To provide for calling forth the 
militia to execute the laws of the 
Union, suppress insurrections, and 
repel invasions ; 

To provide for organizing, arming, 
and disciplining the militia, and for 
governing such part of them as may 
be employed in the service of the 
United States, reserving to the 
States respectively the appointment 
of the officers, and the authority of 
training the militia according to the 
discipline prescribed by Congress ; 

To exercise exclusive legislation, 
in all cases whatsoever, over such 
district (not exceeding ten miles 
square) as may, by cession of par- 
ticular States, and the acceptance 
of Congress, become the seat of the 
government of the United States, 
and to exercise like authority over 
all places purchased by the consent 
of the legislature of the State in 
which the same shall be, for the 
erection of forts, magazines, arsen- 
als, dock-yards, and other needful 
buildings; and 

To make all laws which shall be 
necessary and proper for carrying 
into execution the foregoing powers, 
and all other powers vested by this 
Constitution in the government of 
the United States, or in any depart- 
ment or officer thereof. 


The migration or importation of 
such persons as any of the States 
now existing shall think proper to 
admit, shall not be prohibited by 
the Congress prior to the year one 
thousand eight hundred and eight, 
but a tax or duty may be imposed on 
such importation, not exceeding ten 
dollars for each person. 

The privilege of the writ of habe- 
as corpus shall not be suspended, 
unless when in cases of rebellion or 
invasion the public safety may re- 
quire it. 




No bill of attainder or ex post 
facto law shall be passed. 

No capitation, or other direct tax, 
shall be laid, unless in proportion 
to the census or enumeration here- 
inbefore directed to be taken. 

No tax or duty shall be laid on 
articles exported from any State. 

No preference shall be given by 
any regulation of commerce or rev- 
enue to the ports of one State over 
those of another ; nor shall vessels 
bound to, or from, one State, be 
obliged to enter, clear, or pay duties 
in another. 

No money shall be drawn from 
the treasury bat in consequence of 
appropriations made by law ; and 
a regular statement and account 
of the receipts and expenditures of 
all public money shall be pub- 
lished from time to time. 

No title of nobility shall be 
granted by the United States ; and 
no person holding any office of 
profit or trust under them, shall, 
without the consent of the Con- 
gress, accept of any present, emolu- 
ment, office, or title, of any kind 
whatever, from any king, prince, 
or foreign State. 


No State shall enter into any 
treaty, alliance, or confederation ; 
grant letters of marque and repris- 
al ; coin money ; emit bills of cred- 
it ; make anything but gold and 
silver coin a tender in payment of 
debts ; pass any bill of attainder, 
ex post facto law, or law impairing 
the obligation of contracts, or grant 
any title of nobility. 

No State shall, without the con- 
sent of the Congress, lay any im- 
posts or duties on imports or ex- 
ports, except what may be abso- 
lutely necessary for executing its 
inspection laws ; and the net prod- 
uce of all duties and imposts, laid 
by any State on imports or exports, 
shall be for the use of the treasury 
of the United States ; and all such 
laws shall be subject to the revision 
and control of the Congress. 

No State shall, without the con- 


sent of Congress, lay any duty on 
tonnage, keep troops or ships of 
war in time of peace, enter into 
any agreement or compact with 
another State, or with a foreign 
power, or engage in war, unless 
actually invaded, or in such immi- 
nent danger as will not admit of 



The executive power shall be 
vested in a President of the United 
States of America. He shall hold 
office during the term of four years, 
and, together with the Vice-Presi- 
dent, chosen for the same term, be 
elected as follows : — 

Each State shall appoint, in such 
manner as the legislature thereof 
may direct, a number of electors, 
equal to the whole number of Sena- 
tors and Eepresentatives to which 
the State may be entitled in the 
Congress; but no Senator or Rep- 
resentative, or jierson holding an 
office of trust or profit under the 
United States, shall be appointed 
an elector. 

The electors shall meet in their 
respective States, and vote by bal- 
lot for two persons, of whom one 
at least shall not be an inhabitant 
of the same State with themselves. 
And they shall make a list of all 
the persons voted for, and of the 
number of votes for each; which 
list they shall sign and certify, and 
transmit sealed to the seat of the 
government of the United States, 
directed to the President of the 
Senate. The President of the Sen- 
ate shall, in the presence of the 
Senate and House of Representa- 
tives, open all the certificates, and 
the votes shall then be counted. 
The person having the greatest 
number of votes shall be the Presi- 
dent, if such number be a majority 
of the whole number of electors 
appointed; and if there be more 
than one who have such majority, 
and have an equal number of* votes, 
then the House of Representatives 
shall immediately choose by ballot 
one of them for President ; and if 



[VOL. I. 

no person have a majority, then 
from the five highest on the list the 
said House shall in like manner 
choose the President. But in choos- 
ing the President, the votes shall 
he taken hy States, the representa- 
tion from each State having one 
vote ; a quorum for this purpose 
shall consist of a memher or mem- 
bers from two-thirds of the States, 
and a majority of all the States 
shall he necessary to a choice. In 
every case, after the choice of the 
President, the person having the 
greatest number of votes of the 
electors shall be the Vice-President. 
But if there still remains two or 
more who have equal votes, the 
Senate shall choose from them by 
ballot the Vice-President.* 

The Congress may determine the 
time of choosing the electors, and 
the day on which they shall give 
their votes ; which day shall be the 
same throughout the United States. 

No person, except a natural-born 
citizen, or a citizen of the United 
States at the time of the adoption 
of this Constitution, shall be eligi- 
ble to the office of President, neither 
shall any person be eligible to that 
office, who shall not have attained 
to the age of thirty-five years, and 
been fourteen years a resident with- 
in the United States. 

In case of the removal of the 
President from office, or of his death, 
resignation, or inability to dis- 
charge the powers and duties of 
the said office, the same shall de- 
volve on the Vice-President, and 
the Congress may by law provide 
for the case of removal, death, 
resignation, or inability, both of 
the President and Vice-President, 
declaring what officer shall then 
act as President; and such officer 
shall act accordingly until the dis- 
ability be removed, or a President 
shall be elected. 

The President shall, at stated 
times, receive for his services a 
compensation, which shall neither 

* This clause of the Constitution has 
been amended. See twelfth article of 
the amendments. 

be increased nor diminished during 
the period for which he shall have 
been elected, and he shall not re- 
ceive within that period any other 
emolument from the United States, 
or any of them. 

Before he enter on the execution 
of his office, he shall take the fol- 
lowing oath or affirmation : — 

" I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that 
I will faithfully execute the office of 
President of the United States, and will, 
to the best of my ability, preserve, pro- 
tect, and defend"the Constitution of the 
United States." 


The President shall be command- 
er-in-chief of the army and navy of 
the United States, and of the militia 
of the several States, when called 
into the actual service of the United 
States ; he may require the opinion, 
in writing, of the principal officer 
in each of the executive depart- 
ments, upon any subject relating .to 
the duties of their respective offices, 
and he shall have power to grant 
reprieves and pardons for offences 
against the United States, except in 
cases of impeachment. 

He shall have power, by and with 
the advice and consent of the Sen- 
ate, to make treaties, provided two- 
thirds of the Senators present con- 
cur ; and he shall nominate, and by 
and with the advice and consent of 
the Senate, shall appoint ambassa- 
dors, other public ministers, and 
consuls, judges of the Supreme 
Court, and all other officers of the 
United States, whose appointments 
are not herein otherwise provided 
for, and which shall be established 
by law ; but the Congress may by 
law vest the appointment of such 
inferior officers, as they think .prop- 
er, in the President alone, in the 
courts of law, or in the heads of de- 

The President shall have power 
to fill up all vacancies that may 
happen during the recess of the 
Senate, by granting commissions 
that shall expire at the end of their 
next session. 






He shall, from time to time, give 
to the Congress information of the 
state of the Union, and recommend 
to their consideration such meas- 
ures as he shall judge necessary and 
expedient ; he may, on ordinary oc- 
casions, convene both houses, or 
either of them ; and, in case of dis- 
agreement between them with re- 
spect to the time of adjournment, 
he may adjourn them to such time 
as he shall think proper ; he shall 
receive ambassadors and other pub- 
lic ministers ; he shall take care 
that the laws be faithfully exe- 
cuted, and shall commission all the 
officers of the United States. 


The President, Vice-President, 
and all civil officers of the United 
States, shall be removed from office 
on imj)eachment for, and conviction 
of, treason, bribery, or other high 
crimes and misdemeanors. 



The judicial power of the United 
States shall be vested in one Su- 
preme Court, and in such inferior 
courts as the Congress may from 
time to time ordain and establish. 
The judges, both of the Supreme 
and inferior courts, shall hold their 
offices during good behavior, and 
shall, at stated times, receive for 
their services a compensation, which 
shall not be diminished during their 
continuance in office. 


The judicial power shall extend 
to all cases, in law and equity, aris- 
ing under this Constitution, the 
laws of the United States, and treat- 
ies made, or which shall be made, 
under their authority ; to all cases 
affecting ambassadors, other public 
ministers, and consuls ; to all cases of 
admiralty and maritime jurisdic- 
tion ; to controversies to which the 
United States shall be a party ; to 
controversies between two or more 
States; between a State and citi- 

zens of another State ; between citi- 
zens of different States; between 
citizens of the same State claiming 
lands under grants of different 
States; and between a State, or the 
citizens thereof, and foreign States, 
citizens, or subjects. 

In all cases affecting ambassadors, 
other public ministers, and consuls, 
and those in which a State shall 
be party, the Supreme Court shall 
have original jurisdiction. In all 
other cases before mentioned the 
Supreme Court shall have ai>pellate 
jurisdiction, both as to law and 
fact, with such exceptions and un- 
der such regulations as the Con- 
gress shall make. 

The trial of all crimes, except in 
cases of impeachment, shall be by 
jury; and such trial shall be held 
in the State where the said crime 
shall have been committed; but 
when not committed within any 
State, the trial shall be at such 
place or places a« the Congress may 
by law have directed. 


Treason against the United States 
shall consist only in levying war 
against them, or in adhering to 
their enemies, giving them aid and 
comfort. No person shall be con- 
victed of treason unless on the tes- 
timony of two Avitnesses to the 
same overt act, or on confession in 
open court. 

The Congress shall have power to 
declare the punishment of treason, 
but no attainder of treason shall 
work corruption of blood, or forfeit- 
ure, except' during the life of the 
person attainted. 



Full faith and credit shall be 
given in each State to the public 
acts, records, and judicial proceed- 
ings of every other State. And the 
Congress may by general laws 
prescribe the manner in which 
such acts, records, and proceed- 
ings shall be proved, and the 
effect thereof. 



[VOL. I. 


The citizens of each State shall 
be entitled to all privileges and im- 
munities of citizens in the several 

A person charged in any State with 
treason, felony, or other crime, who 
shall llee from justice, and he found 
in another State, shall, on demand 
of the executive authority of the 
State from which he fled, be deliv- 
ered up, to be removed to the State 
having jurisdiction of the crime. 

No person held to service or labor 
in one State, under the laws there- 
of, escapiug into another, shall, in 
consequence of any law or regula- 
tion therein, be discharged from 
such service or labor, but shall be 
delivered up on claim of the party 
to whom such service or labor may 
be due. 


New States may be admitted by 
the Congress into this Union; but 
no new State shall be formed or 
erected within the jurisdiction of 
any other State ; nor any State be 
formed by the junction 'of two or 
more States, or parts of States, 
without the consent of the legisla- 
tures of the States concerned as 
well as of the Congress. 

The Congress shall have power to 
dispose of and make all needful 
rules and regulations respecting the 
territory or other property belong- 
ing to the United States ; and noth- 
ing in this Constitution shall be so 
construed as to prejudice any claims 
of the United States, or of any par- 
ticular State. 


The United States shall guarantee 
to every State in the Union a repub- 
lican form of government, and shall 
protect each of them against inva- 
sion, and on application of the leg- 
islature, or of the executive (when 
the legislature cannot be convened), 
against domestic violence. 


The Congress, whenever two- 
thirds of both houses shall deem it 

necessary, shall propose amend- 
ments to this Constitution, or, on 
the application of the legislatures 
of two-thirds of tne several States, 
shall call a convention for proposing 
amendments, which in either case 
shall be valid to all intents and 
purposes, as part of this Constitu- 
tion, when ratified by the legisla- 
tures of three-fourths of the several 
States, or by conventions in three- 
fourths thereof, as the one or the 
other mode of ratification may be 
proposed by the Congress ; provided, 
that no amendment which may be 
made prior to the year one thousand 
eight hundred and eight shall in any 
manner affect the first and fourth 
clauses in the ninth section of the 
first article ; and that no State, with- 
out its consent, shall be deprived of 
its equal suffrage in the Senate. 


All debts contracted and engage- 
ments entered into before the adop- 
tion of this Constitution, shall be 
as valid against the United States, 
under this Constitution, as under 
the Confederation. 

This Constitution and the laws of 
the United States which shall be 
made in pursuance thereof; and all 
treaties made, or which shall be 
made, under the authority of the 
United States, shall be the supreme 
law of the land ; and the judges in 
every State shall be bound thereby, 
anything in the Constitution or 
laws of any State to the contrary 

The Senators and Representatives 
before mentioned, and the members 
of the several State legislatures, 
and all executive and judicial offi- 
cers, both of the United. States and 
of the several States, shall be bound 
by oath or affirmation to support 
this Constitution; but no religious 
test shall ever be required as a 
qualification to any office or public 
trust under the United States. 

The ratification of the conven- 
tions of nine States shall be suf- 




ficient for the establishment of this 
Constitution between the States so 
ratifying the same. 

Done in Convention, by the 
unanimous consent of the States 
present, the seventeenth day of 
September, in the year of our Lord 
one thousand seven hundred and 
eighty-seven, and of the independ- 
ence of the United States of Amer- 
ica the twelfth. In witness where- 
of, we have hereunto subscribed 
our names. 


Prest. and Deputy from Virginia. 

New Hampshire. 
John Langdon. 
Nicholas Gilman. 

Nathaniel Gorham. 
Eufus King. 

Wm. Saml. Johnson. 
Roger Sherman. 

New York. 
Alexander Hamilton. 

Netv Jersey. 
Wil : Livingston. 
Wm. Paterson. 
David Brearley. 
Jona. Dayton. 

B. Franklin. 
Robt. Morris. 
Tho : Fitzsimons. 
James Wilson. 
Thomas Mifflin. 
Geo: Clymer. 
Jared Ingersoll. 
Gouv : Morris. 

Geo: Read. 
John Dickinson. 
Jaco : Broom. 
Gunning Bedford, Jun'r. 
Richard Bassett. 

James M'Henry. 
Danl. Carroll. 
Dan : of St. Thos : Jenifer. 

John Blair. 
James Madison, Jr. 

North Carolina. 
Wm. Blount. 
Hu. Williamson. 
Rich'd Dobbs Spaight. 

South Carolina. 


Charles Pinckney. 

Chas. Cotesworth Pinckney. 

Pierce Butler. 

William Few. 
Abr. Baldwin. 
Attest : 


Ratifications of the Constitution. 

Of the thirteen States which 
originally composed the Union 
under the Confederation, eleven 
ratified the Constitution prior to 
the 4th of March, 1789, the time 
fixed by the resolution of Septem- 
ber 13, 1788, for commencing pro- 
ceedings under it ; viz., — 

Delaware, December 7, 1787. 

Pennsylvania, December 12, 1787. 

New Jersey, December 18, 1787. 

Georgia, January 2, 1788. 

Connecticut, January 9, 1788. 

Massachusetts, February G, 1788. 

Maryland, April 28, 1788. 

South Carolina, May 23, 1788. 

New Hampshire, June 21, 1788. 

Virginia, June 26, 1788. 

New York, July 26, 1788. 

Of the other two States, North 
Carolina ratified the Constitution 
on the 21st of November, 1789 ; of 
which, information was communi- 
cated to Congress by the President, 
in a message dated January 28, 

Rhode Island ratified it on the 
29th of May, 1790 ; of which also 
information was communicated to 
Congress by the President, in a 
message dated June 1, 1790. 

The State of Vermont, by Con- 
vention, ratified the Constitution of 
the United States on the 10th of 



[VOL. I. 

January, 1791, and was, by an act 
of Congress of the 18th of February, 
1791, "received and admitted into 
this Union as a new and entire 
member of the United States of 
America," its admission dating on 
tlie fourth day of March, 1791. 

Articles in Addition to, and in 

Amendment of, the Constitution. 


Congress shall make no law 
respecting an establishment of re- 
ligion, or prohibiting the free exer- 
cise thereof; or abridging the free- 
dom of speech, or of the press • or 
the right of the people peaceably to 
assemble, and to petition the gov- 
ernment for a redress of griev- 


A well regulated militia being 
necessary to the security of a free 
State, the right of the people to 
keep and bear arms shall not be 


No soldier shall, in time of peace, 
be quartered in any house without 
the consent of the owner, nor in 
time of Avar, but in a manner to be 
prescribed by law. 


The right of the people to be 
secure in their persons, houses, 
papers, and effects, against unrea- 
sonable searches and seizures, shall 
not be violated ; and no warrants 
shall issue, but upon probable 
cause, supported by oath or affirma- 
tion, and particularly describing 
the i>lace to be searched, and the 
X>ersons or things to be seized. 

No person shall be held to answer 
for a capital or otherwise infamous 
crime, unless on a presentment or 
indictment of a grand jury, except 
in cases arising in the land or naval 
forces, or in the militia, when in 
actual service in time of war or 
public danger; nor shall any per- 
son be subject for the same offence 
to be twice put in jeopardy of life 

or limb ; nor shall be conrpelled, in 
any criminal case, to be a witness 
against himself; nor be deprived of 
life, liberty, or property, without 
duo process of law ; nor shall 
private property be taken for pub- 
lic use without just compensation. 


In all criminal prosecutions, the 
accused shall enjoy the right to a 
speedy and public trial, by an im- 
partial jury of the State and district 
wherein the crime shall have been 
committed, which district shall 
have been previously ascertained 
by law, and to be informed of the 
nature and cause of the accusation; 
to be confronted with the witnesses 
against him ; to have compulsory 
process for obtaining witnesses in 
his favor ; and to have the assistance 
of counsel for his defence. 


In suits at common law, where 
the value in controversy shall ex- 
ceed twenty dollars, the right of 
trial by jury shall be preserved, and 
no fact, tried by a jury, shall be 
otherwise re-examined, in any court 
of the United States, than accord- 
ing to the rules of the common law. 


Excessive bail shall not be re- 
quired, nor excessive fines imposed, 
nor cruel and unusual punishments 


The enumeration, in the Consti- 
tution, of certain rights, shall not 
be construed to deny or disparage 
others retained by the people. 


The powers not delegated to the 
United States by the Constitution, 
nor prohibited by it to the States, 
are reserved to the States respect- 
ively, or to the people. 


The judicial power of the United 
States shall not be construed to ex- 
tend to any suit in law or equity, 




commenced or prosecuted against 
one of the United States by citizens 
of another State, or by citizens or 
subjects of any foreign State. 


The electors shall meet in their 
respective States, and vote by bal- 
lot for President and Vice-President, 
one of whom, at least, shall not be 
an inhabitant of the same State 
with themselves. They shall name 
in their ballots the person voted for 
as President, and in distinct ballots 
the person voted for as Vice-Presi- 
dent ; and they shall make distinct 
lists of all persons voted for as 
President, and of all persons voted 
for as Vice-President, and of the 
number of votes for each ; which 
lists they shall sign and certify, and 
transmit sealed to the seat of the 
government of the United States, 
directed to the President of the 
Senate. The President of the Sen- 
ate shall, in the presence of the 
Senate and House of Representa- 
tives, open all the certificates, and 
the votes shall then be counted. 
The person having the greatest 
number of votes for President shall 
be the President, if such number be 
a majority of the whole number of 
electors appointed ; and if no per- 
son have such majority, then from 
the persons having the highest 
numbers, not exceeding three, on 
the list of those voted for as Presi- 
dent, the House of Representatives 
shall choose immediately, by ballot, 
the President. But in choosing the 
President, the votes shall be taken 
by States, the representation from 
each State having one vote ; a quo- 
rum for this purpose shall consist 
of a member or members from two- 
thirds of the States, and a majority 
of all the States shall be necessary 
to a choice. And if the House of 
Representatives shall not choose a 
President, whenever the right of 
choice shall devolve upon them, 
before the fourth day of March 
next following, then the Vice-Pres- 
ident shall act as President, as in 
the case of the death or other con- 

stitutional disability of the Presi- 

The person having the greatest 
number of votes as Vice-President 
shall be the Vice-President, if such 
number be a majority of the whole 
number of electors appointed ; and 
if no x^erson have a majority, then 
from the two highest numbers on 
the list, the Senate shall choose the 
Vice-President; a quorum for the 
purpose shall consist of two-thirds 
of the whole number of Senators, 
and a majority of the whole num- 
ber shall be necessary to a choice. 
But no person, constitutionally in- 
eligible to the office of President, 
shall be eligible to that of Vice- 
President of the United States. 



Neither slavery nor involuntary 
servitude, except as a punishment 
of crime, whereof the party shall 
have been duly convicted, shall ex- 
ist within the United States, or any 
place subject to their jurisdiction. 


Congress shall have power to en- 
force this article by appropriate 



All persons born or naturalized in 
the United States,- and subject to 
the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens 
of the United States, and of the 
State wherein they reside. No State 
shall make or enforce any law which 
shall abridge the privileges or im- 
munities of citizens of the United 
States ; nor shall any State deprive 
any person of life, liberty, or prop- 
erty, without due process of law, 
nor deny to any person within its 
jurisdiction the equal protection of 
the laws. 


Representatives shall be appor- 
tioned among the several States ac- 
cording to their respective numbers, 
counting the whole number of per- 
sons in each State, excluding In- 



[VOL. i. 

dians riot taxed. But when the light 
to vote at anj election for the choice 
of doctors for President and Vice- 
President of fche United States, 
Representatives in Congress, the 
executive and judicial officers of a 
State, or the members of the Legis- 
lature thereof, is denied to any of 
the male inhabitants of such State, 
being twenty-one years of age, and 
citizens of the United States. 01 in 
any way abridged, except for par- 
ticipation in rebellion or other 
crime, the basis of representation 
t herein shall be reduced in the pro- 
portion which the number of such 
male citizens shall bear to the whole 
number of male citizens twenty-one 
years of age in such State. 

No person shall be a Senator or 
Representative in Congress, or elect- 
or of President and Vice-President, 
or hold any office, civil or military. 
under the United States, or under 
any State, who, having previously 
taken an oath, as a member of Con- 
gress, or as an officer of the United 
States, or as a member ot "any State 
legislature, or as an executive or 
judh : of any State, to sup- 

port the Constitution of the United 
States shi ' ave engaged in insur- 
rection or rebellion against The 
same, or given aid or comfort to The 
enemies tin reof But Congress may. 
by a vote of two-Thirds of each 
house, remove such disability. 


The validity of the public debt 
of the United States, authorized 
by law. r debts i Burred 

for pj : pensions ami boun- 

ties for services in suppressing in- 
. or rebellion, shall hot be 
questioned. But neither the Unit- 
ed States nor any State shall as- 
sume or pay any debt or obligation 
incurred in aid of insurrection or 
-: the United States. 
v claim for the loss or emanei- 
a:iy slave: but all such 
ms, and claims shall 
be held illegal and void. 

The Congress shall have power to 
enforce, by appropriate legislation, 
the provisions o( this article. 


The right of citizens of the Unit- 
ed States to vote shall not bo de- 
nied or abridged by the United 

States, or by any State, on account 
of race, color, or previous condition 
of servitude. 


The Congress shall have power to 
enforce this article by appropriate 

Ratifications of the Amendments to 
the Constitution. 

The first ten of the preceding 
articles of amendment, with two 
others which were not ratified by 
the requisite number of States, 
were submitted to the several State 
legislatures by a resolution of Con- 
gress which passed on the 25th of 
Sept* mber, 1789, at the first session 
of the First Congress, and were 
Led by the legislatures of the 
following States : — 

New Jersey, November CO. 1789, 

Maryland, December 10. 1789. 

North Carolina, December CO. 

South Carolina, January 10. 1700. 

New Hampshire, January Co. 1T00. 

Delaware, January 28, 1700. 

Pennsvlvania, March 10. 1700. 

New York. March C7. 1700. 

Rh 1< rsland, June lo. 17? . 

Vermont, November 3. 1701. 

Virginia, December lo, 1701. 

The" acts of the legislatures of 
the Stares ratifying these amend- 
ments were transmitted by the 
governors to the President, and by 
him communicated to Congress. 
The legislatures of Massachusetts, 
Connecticut, and Georgia dti 

Bar by the record to have rati- 

eleventh article was sub- 
' mitted to the legislatures of the 
i several States by a resolution of 




Congress adopted on the 5th of 
March, 1794, at the first session of 
the Third Congress : and on the 8th 
of January, 1798, at the second ses- 
sion of the Fifth Congress, it was de- 
clared by the President, in a message 
to the two houses of Congress, to 
have been adopted by the legisla- 
tures of three-fourths of the States. 

The twelfth article was submitted 
to the legislatures of the several 
States by a resolution of Congress, 
adopted on the 12th of December, 
1803, at the first session of the 
Eighth Congress, and was ratified 
by the legislatures of three-fourths 
of the States in 1804, according to 
a proclamation of the Secretary of 
State, dated the 25th of September, 

The thirteenth article was snb» 
mitted to the legislatures of the 
several States by a resolution of 
Congress, adopted on the 1st of 
February, 1865, at the second ses- 
sion of the Thirty-eighth Congress, 
and was ratified the same year, 
according to a proclamation of the 
Secretary of State, dated December 
18, 1865, by the legislatures of 
twenty-seven States, there being at 
that time thirty-six States in the 
United States. 

The fourteenth article was sub- 
mitted to the legislatures of the 
several States by a resolution of 
Congress, adopted on the 16th of 
June, 1666, at the first session of 
the Thirty-ninth Congress, and was 
ratified, according to a proclama- 
tion of the Secretary of State, 
dated July 28, 1868, by the legisla- 
tures of the following States : — 

Connecticut, June 30, 1866. 

New Hampshire, July 7, 1866. 

Tennessee, July 19, 1866. 

New Jersey, September 11, 1866/ 

Oregon, Sex)tember 19, 1866. 

Vermont, November 9, 1866. 

New York, January 10, 1867. 

Ohio, January 11, 1867.t 

* New Jersey withdrew her consent 
to the ratification, April 8, 1868. 

t Ohio withdrew her consent to the 
ratification, January, 1868. 

Illinois, January 16, 1667. 

West Virginia, January 16, 1867. 

Kansas, January 16, lc67. 

Maine, January 19, 1-07. 

Nevada, January 22, 1667. 

Missouri, January 26, 1667. 

Indiana, January 29, 1867. 

Minnesota, February 1, 1667. 

Rhode Island, February 7, 1867. 

Wisconsin, February 13, 1667. 

Pennsylvania, February 13, 1867. 

Michigan, February 19, 1667. 

Massachusetts, March 20, 1667. 

Nebraska, June 15, 1667. 

Iowa, April 3, 1^. 

Arkansas, April 6, 1868. 

Florida, June 9, 160-;. 

North Carolina, July 4, 1863.* 

Louisiana, July 9, 1868. 

South Carolina, July 9, 1668.* 

Alabama, July 13, 1868. 

Georgia, July 21, 1868.* 

The States of Delaware, Mary- 
land, Kentucky, Virginia, and Texaa 
rejected the amendment. 

The fifteenth article was submit- 
ted to the legislatures of the several 
States, by a resolution of Congress, 
adopted on the twenty-seventh day 
of February, 1669, at the second ses- 
sion of the Fortieth Congress. By 
virtue of a proclamation of the Sec- 
retary of State, the President, in a 
message to the two houses of Con- 
gress on the thirtieth day of March, 
1670, declared the amendment to 
have been ratified by the legisla- 
tures of the following States : — 

Nevada, March 1, 1869. 

West Virginia, March 3, 1369. 

North Carolina, March 5, 1669. 

Louisiana, March 5, 1869. 

Illinois, March 5, 186ft 

Michigan, March 8, 1669. 

"Wisconsin, March 9, 1869. 

Massachusetts, March 9-12, 1369. 

Maine, March 12, 1669. 

South Carolina, March 16, 1669. 

New York, March 17, April 14, 

* North Carolina, South Carolina, and 
Georgia had previously rejected the 

t New York withdrew her consent to 
the ratification, January, 1870. 



[vol. I. 

Pennsylvania, March 26, 1869. 

Arkansas, March 30, 1869. 

Indiana, May 13-14, 1869. 

Connecticut, May 19, 1869. 

Florida, June 15, 1869. 

New Hampshire, July 7, 1869. 

Virginia, October 8, 1869. 

Vermont, October 21, 1869. 

Alabama, November 24, 1869. 

Missouri, January 10, 1870. 

Mississippi, January 15-17, 1870. 

Rhode Island, January 18, 1870. 

Kansas, January 18-19, 1870. 

Ohio, January 27, 1870.* 

Iowa, February 3, 1870. 

Nebraska, February 17, 1870. 

Texas, February 18, 1870. 

Minnesota, February 19, 1870. 

The legislature of Georgia adopt- 
ed a resolution, which was approved 
by the Governor, February 2, 1870, 
ratifying the amendment. 

The States of California, Dela- 
ware, Kentucky, Maryland, New 
Jersey, Oregon, and Tennessee re- 
jected the amendment. 

Ratifications of the Constitution 
By the Original Thirteen States, the 

Admission of New States, and the 

Organization of the Territories. 

The Constitution was adopted in 
convention on the 17th of Septem- 
ber, 1787, by the unanimous consent 
of the States present. These were 
the original thirteen States, with 
the exception of the State of Rhode 
Island ; and all of them, afterwards, 
including that State, by their con- 
ventions, ratified the Constitution, 
and in the following order : — 


Ratified the Constitution, Decem- 
ber 7, 1787. Population at the time 
of ratification, 59,096; in 1870, 125,- 
015. Area, 2,120 square miles. 

Ratified the Constitution, Decem- 
ber 12, 1787. Population at the time 
of ratification, 434,373 ; in 1870, 3,- 
521,791. Area, 46,000 square miles. 

* Ohio had previously rejected the 

Ratified the Constitution, Decem- 
ber 17, 1787. Population at the time 
of ratification, 184,139 ; in 1870, 906,- 
096. Area, 8,320 square miles. 


Ratified the Constitution, January 
2, 1788. Population at the time 
of ratification, 82,548 ; in 1870, 
1,184,109. Area, 58,000 square 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
January 19, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress by the act 
of July 15, 1870. 

Ratified the Constitution, January 
9, 1788. Population at the time of 
ratification, 238,141; in 1870, 537,- 
454. Area, 4,750 square miles. 

Ratified the Constitution, Febru- 
ary 6, 1788. Population at the time 
of ratification, 378,717 ; in 1870, 1,- 
457,351. Area, 7,800 square miles. 


Ratified the Constitution, April 
28, 1788. Population at the time of 
ratification, 319,720 ; in 1870, 780,- 
894. Area, 11,124 square miles. 

Ratified the Constitution, May 23, 
1788. Population at the time of 
ratification, 249,073 ; in 1870, 705,- 
606. Area, 34,000 square miles. . 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
December 20, 1860. 

• The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress upon ratify- 
ing the fourteenth amendment to 
the Constitution, by the act of June 
25, 1868. 

Ratified the fourteenth amend- 
ment, July 9, 1868. 

Ratified the Constitution, June 21, 
1788. Population at the time of 
ratification, 141,899; in 1870, 318,- 
300. Area, 9,280 square miles. 





Ratified tlie Constitution, June 26, 
1788. Population at the time of 
ratification, 748,303; in 1870, 1,225,- 

The area of this State, when she 
ratified the Constitution of the 
United States, was 61,352 square 
miles. Her present area, in conse- 
quence of the erection out of her 
territory of the State of West Vir- 
ginia, is 38,352 square miles. 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
April 17, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress hy the act 
of January 26, 1870. 

Ratified the Constitution, July 26, 
1788. Population at the time of 
ratification, 340,120 ; in 1870, 4,382,- 
759. Area, 47,000 square miles. 

Ratified the Constitution, Novem- 
ber 21, 1789. Population at the 
time of ratification, 393,751 ; in 
1870, 1,071,361. Area, 50,704 square 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
May 21, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress, upon rati- 
fying the fourteenth amendment to 
the Constitution, hy the act of June 
25, 1868. 

Ratified the fourteenth amend- 
ment, July 4, 1868. 


Ratified the Constitution, May 29, 

1790. Population at the time of 
ratification, 69,110 ; in 1870, 217,353. 
Area, 1,306 square miles. 

"New States Admitted into the Union 
Since the Adoption of the Consti- 


This State, once part of New 
Hampshire and then claimed hy 
New York, was admitted hy act of 
Congress approved February 18, 

1791, to come into the Union on 

the 4th of March, 1791, "as a new 
and entire member of the United 
States of America." 

The population of Vermont at the 
time of* her admission was 85,539 ; 
in 1870, 330,551. Area, 10,212 square 


This State was formed out of ter- 
ritory within the jurisdiction of the 
Commonwealth of Virginia; and 
was admitted by act of Congress 
approved February 4, 1791, to come 
into the Union on the first day of 
June, 1792, " as a new and entire 
member of the United States of 

The population of Kentucky at 
the time of her admission was 
73,077 ; in 1870, 1,321,011. Area, 
37,680 square miles. 


This State was formed out of ter- 
ritory ceded to the United States by 
North Carolina, the terms of the ac- 
ceptance binding the United States 
to lay out into one or more States 
the territory ceded. The whole ter- 
ritory was made one State, and de- 
clared to be one of the United States 
of America, on an equal footing with 
the original States in all respects 
whatever, by act of Congress ap- 
proved June 1, 1796. 

The population of Tennessee at 
the time of her admission was 77,- 
262; in 1870, 1,258,520. Area, 45,- 
600 square miles. 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
May 6, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress by joint 
resolution of July 24, 1866. 

This State was formed out of a 
portion of ithe territory northwest 
of the Ohio River, which was ceded 
to the United States in 1784 by the 
General Assembly of Virginia. By 
" An Act . to enable the people of 
the eastern division of the territory 
northwest of the river Ohio to form 
a constitution and State govern- 
ment, and for the admission of such 



[VOL. i. 

State into the Union on an equal 
footing with the original States, 
and for other purposes," approved 
April 30, 1802, the people of that 
territory were authorized, upon cer- 
tain conditions, to form a consti- 
tution and State government ; and 
the people of the eastern division 
of the territory northwest of the 
river Ohio having, on the twenty- 
ninth day of November, 1802, 
formed for themselves a constitu- 
tion and State government, and the 
same having heen presented to the 
Congress, they were declared, by an 
act approved February 19, 180:3, to 
have become one of the United 
States on that day; namely, the 
twenty -ninth day of November, 

The population of Ohio at the 
time of her admission was 41,915; 
in 1870, 2,665,260. Area, 39,964 
square miles. 


This State was formed out of a 
part of the territory ceded to the 
United States by France, by the 
Treaty of Paris, of April, 1803. On 
the 31st of October, 1803, an act 
passed to enable the President of 
the United States to take possession 
of the ceded territory, and estab- 
lish a temporary government over 
it. By an act passed March 26, 
1804, Louisiana was divided into 
two territories : one to be called 
the Territory of Orleans, the other 
the District of Louisiana; and pro- 
vision was made for the establish- 
ment of temporary governments 

On the 20th February, 1811, an 
act passed to enable the people 
of the Territory of Orleans to form 
a constitution and State govern- 
ment, and for the admission of such 
State into the Union ; and the con- 
stitution adopted by the represent- 
atives of the people of "all that 
part of the territory or country 
ceded under the name of Louisiana, 
by the treaty made at Paris on the 
thirtieth day of April, 1803," under 
the said enabling act, having been 

previously transmitted to and ap- 
proved by Congress, an act for the 
admission of the State of Louisiana 
into the Union was passed on the 
8th of April, 1812 ; and she was de- 
clared thereby to be one of the 
United States of America, and ad- 
mitted into the Union on an equal 
footing with the original States. 
• The population of Louisiana at 
the time of her admission was 76,- 
556 ; in 1870, 726,965. Area, 41,346 
square miles. 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
January 26, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress, upon rati- 
fying the fourteenth amendment to 
the Constitution, by the act of June 
25, 1868. 

Ratified the fourteenth amend- 
ment, July 9, 1888. 


This State was formed out of a 
part of the territory ceded to the 
United States by the general assem- 
bly of Virginia in 1784. 

On the 19th of April, 1816, an act 
passed to enable the people of the 
Territory of Indiana to form a con- 
stitution and State government, 
and for the admission of such State 
into the Union on an equal footing 
with the original States. 

On the 11th of December, 1816, a 
joint resolution passed, declaring 
the State of Indiana to be one of 
the United States, and admitted 
into the Union. 

The population of Indiana at the 
time of her admission was 63.897 ; 
in 1870, 1,680,637. Area, 33,809 
square miles. 


This State was formed out of ter- 
ritory ceded to the United States 
by the States of South Carolina and 

On the 1st of March, 1817, an act 
passed to enable the people of the 
western part of the Mississippi 
Territory to form a constitution 
and State government, and for the 
admission of such State into the 




Union on an equal footing with the 
original States. 

On the 10th of December, 1817, a 
joint resolution passed for the ad- 
mission of the State of Mississippi 
into the Union. 

The population of Mississippi at 
the time of her admission was 75,- 
512 ; in 1870, 827,922. Area, 47,156 
square miles. 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
January 9, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress by the act 
of February 23, 1870. 


This State was formed out of 
a part of the territory ceded to 
the United States by Virginia in 

On the 18th of April, 1818, an 
act passed to enable the people of 
the Illinois Territory to form a 
constitution and State government, 
and for the admission of such State 
into the Union on an equal footing 
with the original States. 

On the 3d of December, 1818, a 
joint resolution passed, declaring 
the admission of the State, of Illi- 
nois into the Union. 
• The population of Illinois at the 
time of her admission was 34,620 ; 
in 1870, 2,539,891. Area, 55,410 
square miles. 


This State was formed out of ter- 
ritory ceded to the United States 
by South Carolina and Georgia. 

' On the 2d of March, 1819, an act 
passed to enable the people of the 
Alabama Territory to form a con- 
stitution and State government and 
for the admission of such State into 
the Union on an equal footing with 
the original States. 

On the 14th of December, 1819, a 
joint resolution passed, declaring 
the admission of the State of Ala- 
bama into the Union. 

The population of Alabama at 
the time of her admission was 144,- 
317 ; in 1870, 996,992. Area, 50,722 
square miles. 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
January 12, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress upon rati- 
fying the fourteenth amendment to 
the Constitution, by the act of June 
25, 1868. 

Ratified the fourteenth amend- 
ment, July 13, 1868. 


This State at one time formed 
part of the State of Massachusetts ; 
and with the consent of that State, 
signified by an act of its legisla- 
ture passed on the 19th of June, 

1819, the people of the District of 
Maine formed themselves into an 
independent State, and established 
a constitution for the government 
of the same. 

On the 3d of March, 1820, an act 
passed for the admission of the 
State of Maine into the Union, 
which act provided that from and 
after the fifteenth day of March, 

1820, the State of Maine is declared 
to be one of the United States of 
America, and admitted into the 
Union on an equal footing with the, 
original States. 

The population of Maine at the 
time of her admission was 298,335 ; 
in 1870, 626,915. Area, 35,000 square 


This State was formed out of a 
portion of the territory ceded by 
France, under the name of "Lou- 
isiana," to the United States by the 
treaty of Paris, of 1803. 

On' the 6th of March, 1820, an 
act passed to authorize the people 
of the Missouri Territory to form a 
constitution and State government, 
and for the admission of such State 
into the Union on an equal footing 
with the original States, and to pro- 
hibit slavery in certain Territories. 

On the 2d of March, 1821, a joint 
resolution passed for the admission 
of the State of Missouri into the 
Union, on a certain condition ; and 
the State was admitted by procla- 
mation of the President of the 
United States, August 10, 1821. 



[VOL. I. 

The population of Missouri at the 
time of lier admission was 66,586 ; 
in 1870, 1,721,295. Area, 65,350 
square miles. 


This State was formed out of a 
portion of the Louisiana Territory 
ceded to the United States by 
France in 1803. 

The people of the Territory of 
Arkansas,' by a convention of dele- 
gates, on the 30th of January, 1836, 
formed a constitution and State 
government, without an enabling 
act < of Congress, and applied for 
admission as a State into the Union. 

On the 15th of June, 1836, an 
act passed for the admission of 
the State of Arkansas into the 
Union, and to provide for the due 
execution of the laws within the 

The population of Arkansas at 
the time of her admission was 
52,240; in 1870, 484,167. Area, 
52,198 square miles. 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
May 6, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress by the act 
of June 25, 1868. 


This State was formed out of 
a portion of the territory north- 
west of the Ohio River, ceded to 
the United States by Virginia in 

On the 15th of June, 1836, an act 
passed to establish the northern 
boundary line of Ohio, and to pro- 
vide for the admission of the State 
of Michigan into the Union upon 
the conditions therein expressed. 

On the 26th of January, 1837, an 
act passed to admit the State into 
the Union, she having complied 
with the terms of the act of June, 
1836, in regard to boundaries. There 
was no enabling act prior to the 
admission of this State. 

The population of Michigan at 
the time of her admission was 200,- 
000 ; in 1870, 1,184,059. Area, 56,- 
451 square miles. 


This State was formed out of the 
territory ceded to the United States 
by Spain by the treaty of 1819. 

On the 3d of March, 1845, an act 
passed for the admission of the 
States of Iowa and Florida into the 
Union. By this act Florida was 
declared to be one of the United 
States, and as such admitted into 
the Union. In regard to the State 
of Iowa, certain conditions imposed 
by the act had the effect to post- 
pone her admission to a time sub- 
sequent to the date of the above- 
mentioned act. 

The population of Florida at the 
time of her admission was 54,477 ; 
in 1870, 187,748. Area, 59,268 square 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
January 11, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress, upon rati- 
fying the fourteenth amendment to 
the Constitution, by the act of June 
25, 1868. 

Ratified the fourteenth amend- 
ment, June 9, 1863. 


This State originally formed part 
of the Republic of Mexico ; but , 
by a successful revolt, the people 
achieved their independence and 
established for themselves a repub- 
lican government. 

On the 1st of March, 1845, a joint 
resolution passed for annexing 
Texas to the United States, and on 
the 29th of December, 1845, a joint 
resolution passed admitting her 
into the Union as a State. 

The population of Texas at the 
time of her admission was 250,000 ; 
in 1870, 818,579. Area, 274,356 
square miles. 

Passed an ordinance of secession, 
February 1, 1861. 

The State again admitted to rep- 
resentation in Congress bv the act 
of March 30, 1870. 

On the 3d of March, 1845, an act 
passed for the admission of the 




States of Iowa and Florida into the 
Union. By this act certain condi- 
tions were annexed to the admis- 
sion of the State of Iowa, the effect 
of which was to postpone that ad- 
mission until the 28th of December, 
1848, when an act passed declaring 
her to he one of the United States, 
and admitted into the Union. 

The population of Iowa at the 
time of her admission was 81,9*20 ; 
in 1870, 1,191,792. Area, 55,045 
square miles. t 


On the 6th of August, 1846, an 
act passed to enable the people 
of Wisconsin Territory to form a 
constitution and State government, 
and for the admission of such State 
into the Union. 

On the 3d of March, 1847, an act 
passed for the admission of the 
State of Wisconsin into the Union. 
In this act certain conditions were 
annexed to her admission, the effect 
of which was to postpone that act 
until the 28th of May, 1848, when 
she was by act of Congress admitted 
into and declared to be one of the 
States of the Union. 

The population of Wisconsin at 
the time of her admission was 210,- 
596; in 1870, 1,054,670. Area, 53,- 
924 square miles. 


This State was formed out of the 
territory acquired by the United 
States from Mexico by the treaty 
of Guadalupe Hidalgo of February 
2, 1848, and was admitted as a 
State into the Union by the act of 
September 9, 1850. 

The population of California at 
the time of her admission was 107,- 
000; in 1870, 560,247. Area, 188,- 
981 square miles. 


This State was formed out of a 
portion of the territory ceded to the 
United States by France in 1803. 

On the 26th of February, 1857, an 
act passed to authorize the people 
of the Territory of Minnesota to 

form a constitution and State gov- 
ernment, preparatory to their ad- 
mission into the Union on an equal 
footing with the original States. 

On the 11th of May, 1858, an act 
passed for the admission of the 
State of Minnesota into the Union. 

The population of Minnesota at 
the time of her admission was 150,- 
042 ; in 1870, 439,706. Area, 83,531 
square miles. 


On the 14th of August, 1848, an 
act passed to establish a territorial 
government for the Territory of 
Oregon, and on the 14th of Feb- 
ruary, 1859, an act passed for her 
admission into the Union. 

The population of Oregon at the 
time of her admission was 52,465 ; 
in 1870, 90,923. Area, 95,274 square 


On the 4th of May, 1858, an act 
passed for the admission of the 
State of Kansas into the Union. 
This act declared the ordinance 
adox>ted by the convention assem- 
bled at Lecompton, November 7, 
1857, for the formation of a consti- 
tution and State government, as- 
serting the right of Kansas when 
admitted as a State to tax the lands 
within her limits belonging to the 
United States, and proposing to 
relinquish that right upon certain 
conditions, to be unacceptable to 
Congress, and submitted to the 
people of Kansas certain proposed 
changes in the said ordinance for 
their acceptance or rejection. 

On the 29th of January, 1861, 
another act passed for the admission 
of Kansas into the Union, reciting 
that the convention assembled at 
Wyandotte, July 29, 1859, having 
formed a constitution and State 
government republican in form, 
and the same having been ratified 
by the people of Kansas, the State 
was declared admitted into the 
Union upon an equal footing with 
the original States. 

The population of Kansas at the 
time of her admission was 107,206 ; 



[VOL. I. 

in 1870, 384,399. Area, 81,318 square 


This State constituted, until its 
admission as a State into the Union, 
a part of the State of Virginia. 

On the 29th of May, 1862, a certi- 
fied copy of the constitution and 
schedule as proposed by the con- 
vention at Wheeling, in November, 

1861, for the State of West Virginia, 
was presented to the Senate. 

On the 31st of May the memorial 
of the commissioners appointed by 
that convention, praying the admis- 
sion of the State of West Virginia 
into the Union, was also presented 
to the Senate. 

On the 31st of December, 1862, an 
act passed for the admission of the 
State of West Virginia into the 
Union, and for other purposes. 

The recitals of this act set forth 
that the people inhabiting that por- 
tion of Virginia, known as West 
Virginia, did, by a convention as- 
sembled at Wheeling on the 26th 
of November, 1861, frame a consti- 
tution with a view of becoming a 
separate and independent State; 
that this constitution was submitted 
to and adopted by the qualified 
voters of the proposed State; that 
the legislature of the State of Vir- 
ginia, by an act passed May 13, 

1862, gave its consent to the forma- 
tion, within its jurisdiction, of tbe 
said State ; that both the conven- 
tion and legislature before referred 
to, having requested that the new 
State be admitted into the Union, 
and Congress having consented to 
the same, the State of West Vir- 
ginia was thereupon declared to be 
one of the United States, and ad- 
mitted into the Union on an equal 
footing with the original States, on 
the 31st of December, 1862. 

The population of West Virginia 
at the time of her admission was 
376,683 ; in 1870, 442,014. Area, 23,- 
000 square miles. 


On the 21st of March, 1864, an act 
passed to enable the people of Ne- 

vada to form a constitution and 
State government, and for the ad- 
mission of such State into the Union 
upon an equal footing with the 
original States. 

On the 31st of October, 1864, the 
President of the United States 
issued his proclamation, declaring 
the State of Nevada admitted into 
the Union. 

The population of Nevada at the 
time of her admission was 6,857 ; in 
1870, 42,491. Area* 112,090 square 


On the 19th of April, 1864, an act 
passed to enable the people of Ne- 
braska to form a constitution and 
State government, and for the ad- 
mission of such State into the Union 
on an equal footing with the orig- 
inal States. 

On the 9th of February, 1867, an 
act passed for the admission of the 
State of Nebraska into the Union. 
This act prescribed a certain funda- 
mental condition upon which the 
State should be admitted, the per- 
formance whereof by the said State 
was to be certified to the President 
of the United States ; and, when so 
certified, the President was required 
to make proclamation thereof, and 
declare the State of Nebraska ad- 
mitted to the Union. 

On the 1st of March, 1867, the 
President of the United States 
issued his proclamation, declaring 
that the fundamental condition 
imposed by the act of 19th April, 
1864, had been complied with by 
the legislature of Nebraska, and 
that the admission of the said State 
into the Union was thereupon com- 

The population of Nebraska at 
the time of her admission was esti- 
mated at 60,000; in 1870, 122,993. 
Area, 75,995 square miles. 


Organized by an act to provide a 
temporary government for the Ter- 
ritory of Colorado, approved Febru- 
ary 28, 186L Population in 1870, 
39,864. Area, 104,500 square miles. 




Admitted into the Union on an 
equal footing with, the other States 
in 1875. 


Organized by an act proposing to 
the State of Texas the establish- 
ment of her northern and western 
boundaries, the relinquishment by 
the said State of all territory claimed 
by her exterior to said boundaries, 
and of all her claims upon the Unit- 
ed States, and to establish a terri- 
torial government for New Mexico, 
approved September 9, 1850. 

Population in 1870, 91,874. Area, 
121,201 square miles. 


Organized by an act to establish 
a territorial government for Utah, 
approved September 9, 1850. 

Population in 1870, 86,786. Area, 
84,476 square miles. 


Organized by an act to establish 
the territorial government of Wash- 
ington, approved March 2, 1853. 

Population in 1870, 23,955. Area, 
69,994 square miles. 


Organized by an act to provide a 
temporary government for the Ter- 
ritory of Dakota, and to create the 
office of surveyor-general therein, 
approved March 2, 1861. 

Population in 1870, 14,181. Area, 
150,932 square miles. 


Organized by an act to provide a 
temporary government for the Ter- 
ritory of Arizona, and for other pur- 
poses, approved February 24, 1863. 

Population in 1870, 9,658. Area, 
113,916 square miles. 

Organized by an act to provide a 
temporary government for the Ter- 
ritory of Idaho, approved March 3, 

Population in 1870, 14,999. Area, 
86,294 square miles. 


Organized by an act to provide a 
temporary government for the Ter- 
ritory of Montana, approved May 
26, 1864. 

Population in 1870, 20,595. Area, 
143,776 square miles. 


Organized by an act to provide a 
temporary government for the Ter- 
ritory of Wyoming, approved July 
25, 1868. 

Population in 1870, 9,118. Area, 
97,883 square miles. 


Acquired by treaty from Russia in 
1867. No territorial government as 
yet established by law. 

On the 27th of July, 1868, an act 
passed to extend the laws relating 
to customs, commerce, and naviga- 
tion over the territory ceded to the 
United States by Russia, to estab- 
lish a collection district therein, 
and for other purposes. 

On the 3d of March, 1,869, a reso- 
lution passed more efficiently to 
protect the fur seal in Alaska. 

On the 1st of July, 1870, an act 
passed to prevent the extermination 
of fur-bearing animals in Alaska. 

These acts comprise all the legis- 
lation yet had in reference to this 

Population in 1870, not ascer- 
tained. Area, 577,390 square miles. 


The Constitution [Art. I., sec. 8, 
clause 17,] gave to Congress power 
to exercise exclusive legislation in 
all cases whatsoever over such dis- 
trict, not exceeding ten miles 
square, as may, by cession of par- 
ticular States, and the acceptance 
of Congress, become the seat of the 
Government of the United States. 

The State of Maryland, by an act 
of her legislature, passed December 
23, 1788, ceded to Congress a dis- 
trict of land on the east bank of the 
river Potomac, for a seat of govern- 
ment ; and the State of Virginia, 
by an act of her legislature passed 



[YOL. I. 

December 3, 1789, also made a ces- 
sion of land on the west bank of 
that river for the same purpose. 

These cessions were accepted by- 
Congress, and on the 16th of July, 
1790, an act was passed establishing 
the temporary and permanent seat 
of tbe government of the United 

Upon the lands thus ceded by the 
States of Maryland and Virginia, 
and accepted by Congress, a district 
of ten miles square was located; 
the lines and boundaries of which 
having been established by a proc- 
lamation of George Washington, 
President of the United States, is- 
sued on the 30th of March, 1791, 
Congress, by " An Act concerning 
the District of Columbia," approved 
February 17, 1801, assumed com- 
plete jurisdiction over the said Dis- 

On the 3d of February, 1846, the 
legislature of Virginia passed an 
act accepting, by the State of Vir- 
ginia, the county of Alexandria, in 
the District of Columbia, when the 
same shall bo receded by the Con- 
gress of the United States ; and on 
the 9th of July, 1846, an act of 
Congress passed to retrocede the 
county of Alexandria, in the Dis- 
trict of Columbia, to the State of 

So that the portion of the District 
located upon the land ceded by Vir- 
ginia, having been retroceded to 
that State, the (Hstrict of Columbia 
has been, since the act of retroces- 
sion, embraced within the county 
of Washington, which includes the 
cities of Washington and George- 

The municipal government of the 
District, since the retrocession of 
the county of Alexandria to the 
State of Virginia, has rested upon 
charters granted from time to time 
by Congress to the cities of Wash- 
ington and Georgetown ; these con- 
tinued in force until the first day of 
June, 1871, when they were repealed 
by an act to provide a government 
for the District of Columbia, ap- 
proved February 21, 1871. This act 
establishes for the District of Co- 
lumbia a territorial form of govern- 
ment, consisting of a governor and 
certain other officers appointed by 
the President, with the advice and 
consent of the Senate, and a dele- 
gate in Congress, and other munici- 
pal officers elected bv the people. 

The population in 1870, 131,700. 
Area, about 60 square miles. 

In 1876 the territorial form of 
government was abolished, and the 
temporary government of the Dis- 
trict provided for by commissioners. 

Population cf the United States, 
According to the Census of 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870. 









Florida, . 

Georgia, . 

Illinois, . 

Indiana, . 


Kansas, . 























































Population of the United States — Continued. 






Maryland, .... 



































Nevada, . 





New Hampshire, . 





New Jersey, . 





New York, 





North Carolina, 










Oregon, . 





Pennsylvania, . 





Rhode Island, . 





South Carolina, 




















Virginia, . 





West Virginia, 










Total States, . 





Arizona, . 










Dakota, . 















New Mexico, . 










Washington, . 










District of Columbia, . 





Totals, . 






Postal Rates. 

To any point within the United 
States, Canada, New Brunswick, or 
Nova Scotia : 

Letters, or any matter so enclosed 
that it cannot be examined without 
injury to the wrapper, three cents 
for each half ounce or fraction 
thereof. Drop-letter's, at offices 
having carriers, two cents per half 
ounee or fraction thereof; at offices 
without carriers, one cent. All 
packages containing written infor- 
mation are rated at letter postage. 

A letter packet must not weigh 
over four pounds. At least three 
cents must be paid on a letter 
packet ; if more is due and not 
paid it will be collected on delivery. 
A letter will be returned to the 
writer free if a request to do so is 
placed on the outside of the envel- 
ope. Letters sent to the wrong 
place will be forwarded free at the 
request of the person to w r hom they 
are addressed. To register a let- 
ter packet, prepay it fully and add 
ten cents in stamps and your name 
and address ; this will secure the 



[VOL. I. 

return of a receipt for it. Manu- 
scripts, except for books, are 
charged letter rates. 

All letters remaining uncalled, 
for thirty days in a post-office, 
after being advertised, are sent to 
the Dead Letter Office, with the 
following exceptions : 1. Letters 
bearing a request to return to the 
writer if not called for within a 
specified time, and letters bearing 
the name and address on the outside. 
Such letters are not advertised, and 
are not sent to the Dead Letter 
Office, but are returned direct to 
the writers. The use of u request n 
envelopes is recommended by the 
post-office authorities. 2. Mail 
matter addressed to initials will be 
sent to the Dead Letter Office, 
unless a street address or box num- 
ber is given. 

Postal-Cards. — There must be 
nothing whatever attached to a 
postal-card, except that the address 
may be pasted on, nor anything 
written or printed on the face ex- 
cept the address. Anything the 
sender desires may be written or 
printed on the back, provided it is 
not scurrilous or indecent. Postal- 
cards are not returned to the send- 
ers, nor advertised, nor sent to the 
Dead Letter Office. If not called 
for in sixty days, they are burned. 
Any printed card may be sent 
through the mails, if prepaid at 
the rate of one cent per ounce or 
fraction thereof, provided it con- 
tains no written matter except the 
address, which, with the stamp, 
should occupy one side. Postal- 
cards may be sent to Cuba, Porto 
Rico, and Jamaica (by "direct 
mail")> and to Newfoundland or 
any European country, by adding 
a one-cent postage stamp. 

Printed Matter. — Pamphlets, mag- 
azines, books, posters, prospectus- 
es, maps, occasional publications, 
transient newspapers, periodicals, 
handbills, sheet music (printed), 
proof-sheets corrected or uncor- 
rected, and regular publications 
designed primarily for advertising 
purposes, or for free circulation at 

nominal rates, — one cent for each 
two ounces or fraction thereof. 

Merchandise and Circulars. — Chro- 
mos, engravings, photographs, 
prints, lithographs, stereoscopic 
views, seeds, cuttings, bulbs, roots, 
scions, printed cards and blanks, 
card-board, photographic paper, 
plain and ornamental paper, letter 
envelopes and postal wrappers, book 
manuscript, unsealed circulars, pat- 
terns, minerals, and all other mail- 
able merchandise, — one cent for each 
ounce or fraction thereof. Samples 
to Canada, New Brunswick, and 
Nova Scotia, ten cents for eight 
ounces, which is the limit of weight. 
No other merchandise carried. 

Drop Mail at Letter-Carner Offices. 
— When deposited in a letter-carrier 
office for delivery by the office or 
its carriers : Weekly newspapers 
to transient parties, one cent per 
ounce or fraction thereof; other 
newspapers, one cent for each 
paper ; periodicals not exceeding 
two ounces, one cent; exceeding 
two ounces, two cents ; unsealed 
circulars, one cent each. 

No postal packet may exceed four 
pounds in weight except books, 
documents printed by order of Con- 
gress, and documents from the Ex- 
ecutive Departments of the govern- 
ment. All printed matter and mer- 
chandise must be fully prepaid. 
All except letter packets must be 
so wrapped that their contents can 
be thoroughly examined without 
cutting or injuring the wrapper or 
cord (a sealed envelope with notch- 
ed corners is not considered a proper 
wrapper), and no signs or marks of 
any kind may be made on the wrap- 
per or its contents except the ad- 
dress and the following : 

Publishers may print the date of 
expiration of subscription on wrap- 
pers, and may enclose bills and 
receipts. Business cards may be 
printed or pasted (if printed) on 
wrappers. Samples may be num- 
bered to correspond with similar 
marks in catalogues, invoices, or 
letters. Typographical errors in 
circulars, etc., may be corrected in 




writing, and an author may add to 
a proof-sheet new matter, if for the 
purpose of completing the article. 
A circular may contain a written 
address inside, but nothing else. A 
simple mark may he made to call 
attention to an article in printed 
matter. Any packet may have the 
name and address of the sender, 
with the word " From " prefixed on 
the wrapper, and the number and 
names of the articles may be at- 

Liquids, poisons, explosives, etc., 
— anything liable to injure the 
mail-bags, their contents, or em- 
ploye's of the department, — if dis- 
covered, will be thrown away. 

Stamps cut from stamped envel- 
opes or newspaper wrappers are not 
good, but if the whole envelope is 
presented, and the postmaster satis- 
fied that it has not been used, it 
will be redeemed in stamps. 

Printed matter, merchandise, and 
other third-class matter will not be 
forwarded from the office where it 
is addressed, unless the postage is 
paid anew, and a request to return 
such packages written thereon sub- 
jects the matter to letter postage. 

To enclose any written matter in 
printed matter subjects the person 
mailing the same to a fine of five 
dollars unless the person receiving 
the package pays letter postage on 
the same. If articles upon which 
different rates of postage are charg- 
ed are enclosed in the same package, 
postage must be paid at the highest 

Post-Office Money Order Fees, are 
as follows : For orders not exceed- 
ing fifteen dollars, ten cents ; from 
fifteen to thirty dollars, fifteen 
cents ; from thirty to forty, twenty 
cents ; from forty to fifty, twenty- 
five cents. Money orders are con- 
sidered perfectly safe, and are 
sometimes more convenient than 
bank drafts, as the holder is not 
usually required to be identified. 
He must be able to say from whom 
and from where the order comes. 
The payee of an order may request 
payment to be made to another 

person, but only one such indorse- 
ment is allowed. If a money order 
is lost, a certificate must be obtain- 
ed from both the issuing and pay- 
ing postmaster that it has not been 
and will not be paid, when the 
Department at Washington will 
issue another on application. Money 
sent through the mail, even though 
the letter be registered, is at the 
risk of the sender, except where 
there is a special agreement to the 

The mailing of any letter or circu- 
lar concerning lotteries, gift-con- 
certs, or similar enterprises offering 
prizes ; and the mailing, or receiv- 
ing through the mail, of any inde- 
cent publication, or any article de- 
signed, for immoral use, or any no- 
tice giving information as to the 
procuring of such articles, are pun- 
ishable by either fine or imprison- 
ment, or by both. 


To Mexico, direct by sea, letters 
ten cents, papers one cent for each 
two ounces or fraction, and one 
cent additional for each paper ; land 
route, United States rates. To Bra- 
zil, British mail via Brindisi, letters 
ten cents, papers four cents. 

To all European countries, Alge- 
ria, the Azores, Balearic Islands, 
Bermuda, Canary Islands, Costa 
Rica (direct mail via Aspinwall), 
Egypt, Faroe Islands, Fiji Islands, 
(direct via San Francisco), Gibral- 
tar (British mail via England), Heli- 
goland, Honduras Bay Islands (di- 
rect via New Orleans), Madeira Is- 
lands, Malta, and dependencies, 
Spanish settlements in Morocco, 
Newfoundland, New Grenada (di- 
rect mail), Panama (direct mail), 
San Domingo (direct steamer), Tan- 
giers, Tripoli, Tunis, West Indies 
(direct mail), letters five cents, pa- 
pers two cents. 

To most Asiatic countries there 
are three routes ; viz., San Francisco, 
via Southampton, and via Brindisi, 
and the rates for each are given be- 
low in the above order. Where but 
one rate is given, the prices are the 



[VOL. I. 

same, or there is but one route. To 
Australia (except New South Wales 
and Queensland, to which by same 
mail the rates are, letters twelve 
cents, papers two cents), letters 
five, fifteen, and nineteen cents, pa- 
pers two, four, and six cents ; Hong 
Kong, Canton, Swatow, Amoy, and 
Foochow, letters ten cents, papers 
four cents ; other parts of China, 
letters five, fifteen, and nineteen 
cents, papers two, four, and six 
cents; Japan, letters five, twenty- 
seven, and thirty-one cents, papers 
two, four, and six cents ; India, let- 
ters ten cents, papers four cents ; 
Siam, letters ten, twenty-seven, and 
thirty-one cents, papers two, six, 
and eight cents ; Sandwich Islands, 
letters six cents, papers one cent for 
each two ounces. 

The maximum weight of a foreign 
postal packet is, for patterns of mer- 
chandise, eight and three -fourths 
ounces ; for other articles, except 
letters, two pounds and three ounces. 
Foreign postal packets must con- 
tain no article subject to customs 
duties, and no gold or silver coin. 

Prepay all postage, not only be- 
cause in some cases the package will 
not be forwarded unless prepaid, 
but because it is a shabby thing to 
require a correspondent to pay your 
postage. Write the address very 
plainly and fully. Be sure you give 
the name of the post-office, and un- 

less the place is a large city, give 
the county. In writing a letter, al- 
ways begin as you wish the an- 
swer directed, and sign your full 
name. If people only knew how 
much trouble and loss would be 
saved by following these directions, 
they *would do it, we feel sure. Re- 
member there are many post-offices 
of the same name, therefore always 
give the State. Put the stamp on 
the right-hand upper corner, and be 
sure that it adheres firmly. 

The fees for money orders on 
Great Britain and Ireland and Swit- 
zerland are as follows: Not over 
ten dollars, twenty-five cents ; from 
ten to twenty dollars, fifty cents; 
from twenty to thirty dollars, sev- 
enty-five cents ; from thirty to forty 
dollars, one dollar; from forty to 
fifty dollars, one dollar and twenty- 
five cents. On Germany, not over 
five dollars, fifteen cents ; all others 
as above. 

Note. — These are the rates for 
letter packets not exceeding one- 
half ounce, and in most cases for 
each newspaper not weighing over 
four ounces; the same rate being 
added for each additional four 
ounces where the weight is more, 
and for each paper where it is less. 
Where there are several routes with 
different rates, the one paid for 
should be placed in the left-hand 
upper corner of the packet. 

United States Government. 
The Executive. 
Rutherford B. Hayes, of Ohio, President of the United States, 
William A. Wheeler, of New York, Vice-President, . 

The Cabinet. 
William M. Evarts, of New York, Secretary of State, 
John Sherman, of Ohio, Secretary of the Treasury, 
George W. McCreary, of Iowa, Secretary of War, 
Richard W. Thompson, of Indiana, Secretary of the Jtfavy, . 
Carl Sciiurz, of Missouri, Secretary of the Interior, 
David M. Key, of Tennessee, Postmaster-General, . 
Charles Devens, of Massachusetts, Attorney-General, . 

. Salary, 




. Salary, 










. N . " 







Ministers to Foreign Countries. 
Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary. 






Austria — Hungary, . 


. John A. Kasson, Iowa, 




Rio Janeiro 

, . Henry W. Hilliard, Ga.,* . 



Chili, . 


. Thomas A.. Osborn, Kansas, 





. George F. Seward, N. Y., . 




Paris, . 

. Edward F. Noyes, Ohio, . 



Germany, . 


- - 



Great Britain, 


. John "Welsh, Penn., 



Italy, . 


. George P. Marsh, Vt., 





. John A. Bingham, Ohio, . 





. John W. Foster, Indiana, . 




Lima, . 

. Richard Gibbs, N. Y., 




St. Petersbi 

irg, . Edwin W. Stoughton, N.Y., 





. Jas. Russell Lowell, Mass., 



Ministers Resident. 

Argentine Republic, 

Buenos Ayres, . 

Thomas O. Osborn, 111., . 




Brussels, . 

Ayres PhillipsMerrill, Miss. 



Central American States, 


George Williamson, La., . 



Hawaiian Islands, . 

Honolulu, . 

James l M. Comly, Ohio, 



Hayti, .... 

Port-au-Prince, . 

John M. Langston, Ohio, . 



Liberia, .... 

Monrovia, . 

J. Milton Turner, Mo., 




The Hague, 

James Birney, Michigan, . 



Sweden and Norway, 


John L. Stevens, Maine, . 




Constantinople, . 

Horace Maynard, Tenn., . 





Thomas Russell, Mass., 



Charges d' 'Affaires. 

Denmark, .... 


M. J. Kramer, Kentucky, . 



Greece, .... 


John M. Read, Penn., . 



Portugal, .... 


Benjamin Moran, Penn., 





Nicholas Fish, N. Y., . 



Uruguay and Paraguay, . 


John C. Caldwell, Maine, . 




Austria— Hungary, . 


P. Sidney Post, Illinois, 




Rio Janeiro, 

Josepn M. Hinds, Ala., 



China, .... 

Shanghai, . 

G. Wiley Wells, Miss.,* . 



France, .... 

Paris, . 

Alfred T. A. Torbert, Del., 



Germany, ... 


H. Kreismann, Illinois, 



Frankfort, . 

Alfred E. Lee, Ohio,* . 





A. C. Litchfield, Mich., 



Great Britain, . . < 


Adam Badeau, N. Y., 




Thos. Adamson, Jr., Penn., 




Montreal, . 

John Q. Smith, Ohio,* 





Charles McMillan, N. Y., . 



Japan, .... 

Kanaguva, . 

Thos. B. Van Buren, N. J., 



Mexico, .... 


Julius A. Skilton, La., 



Russia, . . . ' . 

St. Petersburg, . 

George Pomutz, Iowa, 



Spain, .... 


Henry C. Hall, Conn.,. 

. 6,000 


Turkey, \ 

Cairo, . 

E. E. Farman, N. Y., . 



Constantinople, . 

Eugene Schuyler, N. Y., . 



* Not confirmed in called session of XLVth Congress. 



[VOL. I. 

Principal Judicial Officers. 
Judges of the Supreme Court. 


No. ofCir't. 


By whom App'd. 


Morrison R. Waite, Ohio, Chief Justice, 

Fourth, . 


U. S. Grant, 


Nathan Clifford, Maine, Assoc. Justice, 



James Buchanan, 


Noah H. Swayne, Ohio, " 



Abraham Lincoln, 


Samuel F. Miller, Iowa, " 

Eighth, . 


Abraham Lincoln, 


Stephen J. Field, Cal., " 



Abraham Lincoln, 


William Strong, Penn., " 

Third, . 


U. 8. Grant, 


Joseph P. Bradley, N. J., " 



U. S. Grant, 


Ward Hunt, N. Y., " 

Second, . 


U. S. Grant, 


John M. Harlan, Ky., " 

Seventh, . 


R. B. Hayes, 


Court of Claims. 



By whom App'd. 


Charles D. Drake, Missouri, Chief Justice, . 
Edward G. Loring, Mass., Associate Justice, 
Ebenezer Peck, Illinois, " 
Charles C. Nott, New York, " 
William A. Richardson, Mass., " 



TJ. S. Grant, 
James Buchanan, 
Abraham Lincoln, 
Abraham Lincoln, 
U. S. Grant, 


The First Circuit consists of 
Maine, New Hampshire, Massachu- 
setts, and Rhode Island ; the Sec- 
ond, of New York, Vermont, and 
Connecticut ; the Third, of Penn- 
sylvania, New Jersey, and Dela- 
ware ; the Fourth, of Maryland, 
West Virginia, Virginia, North 
Carolina, and South Carolina ; the 
Fifth, of Georgia, Florida, Ala- 
bama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and 
Texas ; the Sixth, of Ohio, Michi- 
gan, Kentucky, and Tennessee ; the 
Seventh, of Indiana, Illinois, and 
Wisconsin ; the Eighth, of Minne- 
sota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Ar- 
kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado ; 
the Ninth, of California, Oregon, 
and Nevada. 

Circuit Judges. 

First Circuit (Maine, Massachu- 
setts, New Hampshire, Rhode Is- 
land) — George F. Shepley, Maine, 

Second Circuit (Connecticut, New 
York, Vermont) — Lewis B. Wood- 
ruff, New York, $6,000. 

Third Circuit (Delaware, New Jer- 

sey, Pennsylvania) — William Mc- 
Kennan, Pennsylvania, $6,000. 

Fourth Circuit (Maryland, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, 
West Virginia) — Hugh L. Bond, 
Maryland, $6,000. 

Fifth Circuit (Alabama, Colorado, 
Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missis- 
sippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas) — 
William B. Woods, Alabama, $6,000. 

Sixth Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, 
Ohio, Tennessee) — John Baxter, 
Tennessee, $6,000. 

Seventh Circuit (Illinois, Indiana, 
Wisconsin) — Thomas Drummond, 
Illinois, $6,000. 

Eighth Circuit (Arkansas, Iowa, 
Kansas, Minnesota) — John F. Dil- 
lon, Iowa, $6,000. 

Ninth Circuit (California, Nevada, 
Oregon) — Lorenzo Sawyer, Califor- 
nia, $6,000. 

District Judges. 

Alabama — John Bruce, Montgom- 
ery, Fifth Circuit, $3,500. 

Arkansas (E. D.) — Henry C. Cald- 
well, Little Rock, Eighth Circuit, 




Arkansas (W. D.)— Isaac C. Par- 
ker, Fort Smith, Eighth Circuit, 

California — Ogden Hoffman, San 
Francisco, Ninth Circuit, $5,000. 

Colorado — Moses Hallett, Denver, 
Eighth Circuit, $5,000. 

Connecticut — Nathaniel Shipman, 
Hartford, Second Circuit, $3,500. 

Delaware — Edward G. Bradford, 
Wilmington, Third Circuit, $3,500. 

Florida (N. D.)— Thomas Settle, 
Jacksonville, Fifth Circuit, $3,500. 

Florida (S. D.) — James W. Locke, 
Key West, Fifth Circuit, $3,500. 

Georgia — John Erskine, Atlanta, 
Fifth Circuit, $3,500. 

Illinois (N. D.)— Henry W. Blod- 
gett, Chicago, Seventh Circuit, 

Illinois (S. D.)— Samuel H. Treat, 
Jr., Springfield, Seventh Circuit, 

Indiana — Walter Q. Gresham, 
Indianapolis, Seventh Circuit, 

Iowa — James M. Love, Keokuk, 
Eighth Circuit, $3,500. 

Kansas — Cassius G. Foster, Atchi- 
son, Eighth Circuit, $3,500. 

Kentucky — Bland Ballard, Louis- 
ville, Sixth Circuit, $3,500. 

Louisiana — Edward. C. Billings, 
New Orleans, Fifth Circuit, $4,500. 

Maine — Edward Fox, Portland, 
First Circuit, $3,500. 

Maryland — William F. Giles, Bal- 
timore, Fourth Circuit, $4,000. 

Massachusetts — John Lowell, Bos- 
ton, First Circuit, $4,000. 

Michigan (E.D.) — Henry B. Brown, 
Detroit, Sixth Circuit, $3,500. 

Michigan (W. D.) — Solomon L. 
Withey, Grand Rapids, Sixth Cir- 
cuit, $3,500. 

Minnesota — Rensselaer R. Nelson, 
St. Paul, Eighth Circuit, $3,500. 

Mississippi — Robert A. Hill, Ox- 
ford, Fifth Circuit, $3,500. 

Missouri (E. D.) — Samuel Treat, 
St. Louis, Eighth Circuit, $3,500. 

Missouri ( W. D.) — Arnold Krekel, 
Jefferson City, Eighth Circuit, 

Nebraska — Elmer S. Dundy, Falls 
City, Eighth Circuit, $3,500. 

Nevada — Edgar W. Hillyer, Car- 
son, Ninth Circuit, $3,500. 

New Hampshire — Daniel Clark, 
Manchester, First Circuit, $3,500. 

New Jersey — John T. Nixon, Tren- 
ton, Third Circuit, $4,000. 

New York (N. D£— William J. 
Wallace, Syracuse, Second Circuit, 

New York (S. D.)— Samuel Blatch- 
ford, New York, Second Circuit, 

New York (E. D.)— Charles L. 
Benedict, Brooklyn, Second Circuit, 

North Carolina (E. D.) — George 
W. Brooks. Elizabeth City, Fourth 
Circuit, $3,500. 

North Carolina (TV. D.) — Robert 
P. Dick, Greensborough, Fourth 
Circuit, $3,500. 

Ohio (E. D.)— Martin Welker, 
Wooster, Sixth Circuit, $3,500. 

Ohio (TV. D.)— Philip B. Swing. 
Batavia, Sixth Circuit, $4,000. 

Oregon — Matthew P. Deady, Port- 
land, Ninth Circuit, $3,500. 

Pennsylvania (E. D.) — John Cad- 
walader, Third Circuit, $4,000. 

Pennsylvania ( TV. D.) — Winthrop 
W. Ketchum, Pittsburg, Third Cir- 
cuit, $4,000. 

Bhode Island — John P. Knowles, 
Providence, First Circuit, $3,500. 

South Carolina — George S. Bryan 
Charleston, Fourth Circuit, $3,500. 

Tennessee — Connally F. Trigg, 
Bristol, Sixth Circuit, $3,500. 

Texas (E. D.) — Amos Morrill, Gal 
veston, Fifth Circuit, $3,500. 

Texas ( TV. D.)— Thomas H. Duval 
Austin, Fifth Circuit, $3,500. 

Vermont — Hoyt H. Wheeler, Bur- 
lington, Second Circuit, $3,500. 

Virginia (E. D.) — Robert W 
Hughes, Richmond, Fourth Circuit 

Virginia (TV. D.) — Alexander 
Rives, Charlottesville, Fourth Cir- 
cuit, $3,500. 

West Virginia — John J. Jackson, 
Jr., Parkersburgh, Fourth Circuit, 

Wisconsin (E. D.) — Charles E. 
Dyer, Racine, Seventh Circuit, $3,- 



[VOL. I. 

Wisconsin (W. D.) — Romanza 
Bunn, Madison, Seventh Circuit, 

District of Columbia. 

David K. Cartter, Ohio, Chief Jus- 
tice, $4,500. - 

Abram B. Olm, New York, Justice, 

Andrew Wylie, District of Colum- 
bia, Justice, $4,000. 

David C. Humphreys, Alabama, 
Justice, $4,000. 

Arthur MacArthur, Wisconsin, 
Justice, $4,000. 

United States Courts in the 

Arizona— C. G. W. French, Chief 
Justice; C. A. Tweed, De Forest 
Porter, Associates. 

Dakota — Peter C. Shannon, Chief 
Justice; G. G. Bennet, Almon H. 
Barnes, Associates. 

Idaho — Madison E. Hollister, Chief 
Justice; John Clark, H. E. Prickett, 

Montana— D. S. Wade, Chief Jus- 
tice ; H. N. Blake, Hiram Knowles, 

New Mexico — II. L. Waldo, Chief 
Justice ; Warren Bristol, Associate. 

Utah — Michael Shaeffer, Chief 
Justice; P. H. Emerson, Jacob S. 
Boreman, Associates. 

Washington— J. R. Lewis, Chief 
Justice ; Roger S. Green, S. C. Win- 
gard, Associates. 

Wyoming — Jos. W. Fisher, Chief 
Justice ; Jacob B. Blair, Wm. Ware 
Peck, Associates. 

XLVth Congress. 
March 4, 1877, to March 3, 1879. 
William A. Wheeler, of New York, 
Vice-President and President of the 
George 'C. Gorham, of California, Secre- 
[Republicans (in Roman), 39; Democrats 
(in Italic), 36; Independent (in small 
capitals), I.— Total, 76. New Senators 
marked with a *.] 

Term ex. Residence. 

1879 George E. Spencer, . Decatur. 

1883 *John T. Morgan, . Selma. 

Term ex. Arkansas. residence. 

1879 Stephen W. Dorsey, . Helena. 
1883 ^Augustus II. Garland, Little Rock. 

1 879 Aaron A. Sargent, . Nevada. 
1881 Newton Booth, . . Sacramento. 

1879 Jerome B. Chaffee, . Denver. 
18S3 Henry M. Teller, . . Central City. 

1879 William II. Barnum, . Lime Rock. 
1881 William W. Eaton, . Hartford. 

1881 Thomas F. Bayard, . Wilmington. 
1883 Eli Saulsbury, . . Dover. 

1879 Simon B. Conover, . Tallahassee. 
1881 Charles W. Jones, . Pensacola. 


1879 John B. Gordon, . . Atlanta. 
1883 *Benjamin H. Hill, . Atlanta. 

1879 Rfchard J..Oglesby, . Decatur. 
1883 *David Davis, -. . Bioomington. 

1879 * Daniel W. Voorhees, f Terre Haute. 
1881 Joseph E. McDonald, . Indianapolis. 

1879 William B. Allison, . Duhuque. 
1883 *Samuel J. Kirkwood, Iowa City. 

1879 John J. In galls, . 
1883 *Preston B. Plumb, 

1879 Thomas C.McCreery, 
1883 * James B. Beck, . 

1879 * James B. Eustis, 
1883 *William Pitt Kellogg, 

1881 Hannibal Hamlin, 
1883 James G. Blaine, . 

. Atchison. 
. Emporia. 

. Owensboro'. 
. Lexington. 

. New Orleans. 
New Orleans. 

. Bangor. 
. Augusta. 

1879 George Ii. Dennis, .Kingston. 
1881 Wm. Pinkney Whyte, . Baltimore. 

1881 Henry L. Dawes, . . Pittsfield. 
1883 *George F. Hoar, . . Worcester. 

1881 Isaac P. Christiancy, . Lansinsr. 
1883 Thomas W. Ferry, . Grand Haven. 

t Qualified Nov. 12, 1877, under Executive 
appointment, to fill the vaeancv caused by 
the death, Nov. 1, 1877, of Oliver P. Morton 




Term ex. Residence. 

1881 Samuel J. R. McMillan, St. Paul. 
1883 William Windom, . Winona. 

1881 Blanche K. Bruce, . Floreyville. 
1883 *Lucius Q. C. Lamar, . Oxford. 

1879 *David H. Armstrong,] St. Louis. 
1881 Francis IT. Cockrell, . Warrensburg. 

1881 Algernon S. Paddock, . Beatrice. 
1883 *Alvin Saunders, . . Omaha. 

1879 John P. Jones, 
1881 William Sharon, . 

. Gold Hill. 
. Virginia City. 

New Hampshire. 
1879 Bainbridge Wadleigh, . Milford. 
1883 *Edward H. Rollins, . Concord. 

New Jersey. 
1881 Theodore F. Randolph, Morristown. 
1883 *John R. McPherson, . Jersey City. 

New York. 
1879 Roscoe Conkiing, . . Utica. 
1881 Francis Neman, . . Utica. 

North Carolina. 
1879 Augustus S. Merrimon, Raleigh. 
1883 Matt W. Ransom, . . Weldon. 

1879 *8tanley Matthews, J . Cincinnati. 
1881 Allen G. Thurman, . Columbus. 

1879 John H. Mitchell, . . Portland. 
1883 *Lafayette Grover, . Salem. 

1879 *J. Donald Cameron, § . Harrisburg. 
1881 William A. Wallace, . Clearfield. 

Rhode Island. 
1881 Ambrose E. Burnside, . Bristol. 
1883 Henry B. Anthony, . Providence. 

South Carolina. 
1879 John J. Patterson, . Columbia. 
1883 * Manning V. Butler, . Edgefield. 

1881 James E. Bailey, . . Clarksville. 
1883 *Jsham G. Harris, . Memphis. 

1881 Samuel B. Maxey, . Paris. 
1883 *Richard Cuke, . . Waco. 

t Appointed by the Governor to fill the 
vacancy caused by the death, Sept. 20, 1877, 
of Lewis V. Bogy. 

% In place of John Sherman, resigned to 
become Secretary of the Treasury. 

§ In place of Simon Cameron, resigned. 

Term ex. Residence, 

879 Justin S. Morrill, . . Strafford. 

881 George F. Edmunds, . Burlington. 

881 Robert E. Withers, . Wytheville. 
883 John W. Johnston, . Abingdon. 

West Virginia. 
881 Frank Hereford, . . Union. 
883 Henry G. Davis, . . Piedmont. 

879 Timothy O. Howe, 
881 Angus Cameron, . 

Green Bay. 
. La Crosse. 

The House. 
Samuel J. E and all, of Pennsyl- 
vania, Speaker. 
George M. Adams, of Kentucky, 

• [Kepublicans (in Roman), 140 ; 
Democrats (in Italic), 153 ; no va- 
cancy. — Total number, 293. Mem- 
bers of the XLIVtb Congress marked 
with a * ; of preceding Congress, t.] 


1. James Taylor Jones. 

2. Hilary A. Herbert. 

3. * Jeremiah JV. Williams. 

4. Charles M. Shelley. 

5. Robert F. Ligon. 

6. * Goldsmith W. Hewitt. 

7. * William H Forney. 

8. William W. Garth. 


1. *Lucien C. Gause. 

2. * William F. Slemons. 

3. Jordan E. Cravens. 

4. * Thomas M. Gunter. 


1. Horace Davis. 

2. *Horace F. Page. 

3. *John K. Luttrell. 

4. Eomualdo Pacbeco. 

T. M. Patterson. 


1. * George M. Landers. 

2. * James Phelps. 

3. *John T. Wait. 

4. *Levi Warner. 

* James Williams. 



[VOL. l 


5. Rush Clark. 

1. Robert H. M. Davidson. 

6. *Ezekiel S. Sampson. 

2. Horatio Bisbee, Jr. 

7. Henry J. B. Cummings. 

8. William F. Sapp. 


9. *Addison Oliver. 

1. * Julian Hartridge. 

2. * William E. Smith. 


3. *Philip Cook. 

1. *William A. Phillips. 

4. * Henry R. Harris. 

2. Dudley C. Haskell. 

5. *Milton A. Candler. 

3. Thomas Ryan. 

6. * James H. Blount. 

7. * William H. Felton. 


8. * Alexander H. Stephens. 

1. * Andrew R. Boone. 

9. \Hiram P. Bell. 

2. James A. McKenzie. 

3. John W. Caldwell. 


4. *J. Proctor Knott. 

1. William Aldrich. 

5. Albert S. Willis. 

2. * Carter H. Harrison. 

6. John G. Carlisle. 

3. Lorenz Brentano. 

7. * Joseph C. S. Blackburn. 

4. William Lathrop. 

8. *Milton J. Durham. 

5. * Horatio C. Burchard. 

9. Thomas Turner. 

6. *Thomas J. Henderson. 

10. *John B. Clarke. 

7. Philip C. Hayes. 

8. *Greenbury L. Fort. 


9. Thomas A. Boyd. 

1. ^Randall L. Gibson. 

10. Benjamin F. Marsh. 

2. *E. John Ellis. 

11. \ Robert M. Knapp. 

3. * Chester B. Darrall. 

12. * William M. Springer. 

4. * Joseph B. Elam. 

13. Thoma3 F. Tipton. 

5. John E. Leonard. 

14. * Joseph G. Cannon. 

6. * Edward W. Robertson. 

15. *Jokn R. Eden. 

16. * William A. J. Sparks. 


17. * William R. Morrison. 

1. Thomas B. Reed. 

18, * William Hartzell. 

2. * William P. Frye. 

19. Richard W. Toivnshend. 

3. Stephen D. Lindsey. 

4. Llewellyn Powers. 


5. *Eugene Hale. 

1. *Benoni S. Fuller. 

2. Thomas R. Cobb. 


3. George A. Bicknell. 

1. Daniel M. Henry. 

4. Leonidas Sexton. 

2. * Charles B. Roberts. 

5, Thomas M. Browne. 

3. William Kimmell. 

6. *Miiton S. Robinson. 

4. * Thomas Swann. 

7. John Hanna. 

5. *EU J. Henkle. 

8. *Morton C. Hunter. 

6. * William Walsh. 

9. Michael D. White. 

10. William H. Calkins. 


11. *James L. Evans. 

1. *William W. Crapo. 

12. * Andrew H. Hamilton. 

2. "Benjamin W. Harris. 

13. * John H. Baker. 

3. Walbridge A. Field. 

4. Leopold Morse. 


5. *Nathaniel P. Banks. 

1. Joseph C. Stone. 

6. George B. Loriug. 

7. tBenjamin F. Butler. 

2. tHiram Price. 

3. Theodore W. Burdick. 

8. William Claflin. 

4. Nathaniel C. Deering. 

9. William W. Rice. 




10. Amasa Norcross. 

3. * Miles Boss. 

11. George D. Kobinson. 

4. Alvah A. Clark. 

5. * Augustus W. Cutler. 


6. Thomas B. Peddie. 

1. *Alpheus S. Williams. 

7. *Augs. A. Hardenbergh. 

2. Edwin Willits. 

3. Jonas H. McGowan. 

New York. 

4. Edwin W. Keightley. 

1. James TV. Covert. 

5. John W. Stone. 

2. William D. Feeder. 

6. Mark S. Brewer. 

3. *Simeon B. Chittenden. 

7. *Omar D. Conger. 

4. * Archibald M. Bliss. 

8. Charles C. Ellsworth. 

5. Nicholas Muller. 

9. * Jay A. Hubbell. 

6. * Samuel S. Cox. 


7. Anthony Eickhoff. 


8. Anson G. McCook. 

1. *Mark H. Dunnell. 

9. ^Fernando Wood. 

2. *Horace B. Strait. 

10. *Abram S. Hewitt. 

3. Jacob H Stewart. 

11. * Benjamin A. Willis. 

12. iClarkson N. Potter. 


13. tJohn H. Ketcham. 

1. Henry L. Muldrow. 

14. * George M. Beebe. 

2. Van M. Manning. • 

15. \Stephen L. Mayham. 

3. * Hernando D. Money. 

16. Terence J. Quinn. 

4. * Otho B. Singleton. 

17. *Martin I. Townsend. 

5. * Charles E. Hooker. 

18. *Andrew Williams. 

6. James B. Chalmers. 

19. Amaziah B. James. 

20. John H. Starin. 


21. Solomon Bundy. 

1. Anthony Ittner. 

22. *George A. Bagley. 

2. Nathan Cole. 

23. William J. Bacon. 

3. Lyne S. Metcalfe. 

24. *William H. Baker. 

4. *Bobert A. Hatcher. 

25. Frank Hiscock. 

5. *Bichard P. Bland. 

26. John H. Camp. 

6. * Charles H. Morgan. 

27. *Elbridge G. Lapham, 

7. t Thomas T. Crittenden. 

28. Jeremiah W. Dwight. 

8. * Benjamin J. Franklin. 

29. John N. Hungerford. 

9. *David Bea. 

30. E. Kirke Hart. 

10. Henry M. Pollard. 

31. Charles B. Benedict. 

11. *John B. Clark, Jr. 

32. Daniel N Lockwood. 

12. *John M. Glover. 

33. George W. Patterson. 

13. *Aylett H. Buckner. 

North Carolina. 


1. * Jesse J. Yeates. 

Frank Welch. 

2. Curtis H. Brogden. 

3. * Alfred M. Waddell. 


4. * Joseph J. Davis. 

Thomas Wre*n. 

5. * Alfred M. Scales. 

6. Walter L. Steele. 

New Hampshire. 

7. * William M. Bobbins. 

1. *Frank Jones. 

8. *BobertB. Vance. 

2. James F. Briggs. 

3. *Henry W. Blair. • 


1. *Milton Sayler. 

New Jersey. 

2. * Henry B. Banning, 

1. *Clem. H. Sinnickson. 

3. Mills Gardner. 

2. John Howard Pugh. 

4. *John A. McMahon. 




* Americas V. Rice. 


D. Wyatt Aiken. 


Jacob D. Cox. 


John H. Evins. 


Henry L. Dickey. 


*Robert Smalls. 


J. Warren Keifer. 


John S. Jones. 



* Charles Foster. 


James H. Randolph. 


Henry S. Neal. 


* Jacob M. Thornburgh. 


Thomas Ewing. 


* George G. Dibrell. 


* Milton I. Southard. 


* Haywood Y. Riddle. 


Ebenezer B. Finley. 


*Jolm M. Bright. 


*Nelson H. Van Vorhes. 


*John F. House. 


*Lorenzo Danford. 


* Wash. C. Whitthorne. 


William McKinley. 


*John D. C. Atkins. 


*James Monroe. 


* William P. Caldwell. 


* James A. Garfield. 


* Casey Young. 


Amos Townsend. 




*John H. Reagan. 

Eichard Williams. 


* David B. Culberson. 


* James W. Throckmorton. 



*Roger Q. Mills. 


*Chapman Freeman. 


\De Witt C. Giddings. 


* Charles O'Neill. 


* Gustave Schleicher. 


* Samuel J. Randall. 


*Williain D. Kelley. 



t Alfred C. Harmer. 


* Charles H. Joyce. 


William Ward. 


*Dudley C. Denison. 


Isaac N. Evans. 


*George W. Hendee. 


*Hiester Clymer. 

*Beverly B. Douglas. 
*John Goods, Jr. 


*A. Herr Smith. 
t Samuel A. Bridges. 







* Francis D. Collins. 
\Hendrick B. Wright. 

* James B. Reilly. 
tJohn W. Killinger. 
Edward Overton, Jr. 
John I. Mitchell. 
Jacob M. Campbell. 

* William S. Stenger. 




* Gilbert C. Walker. 
Joseph Jorgensen. 

* George C. Cabell. 
*J. Randolph Tucker. 
*John T. Harris. 
*Ejipa Hunton. 
Auburn L. Pridemore. 


*Levi Maish. 

West Virginia. 


*Levi A. Mackey. 


* Benjamin Wilson. 


* Jacob Turney. 


Benjamin F. Martin. 


Russell Errett. 


John E. Kenna. 


Thomas M. Bayne. 

\ Visco n sin. 


William S. Shallenberger. 


*Charles G. Williams. 


Harry White. 


*Lucien B. Caswell. 


tJohn M. Thompson. 
Lewis F. Watson. 


George C. Hazleton. 
* William P. Lynde. 



Rhode Island. 
*Benjamin T. Fames. 
*Latimer W. Ballou. 



Edward S. Bragg. 
Gabriel Bouck. 
Hqfman L. Humphrey. 
Thaddeus C. Pound. 

South Carolina. 



* Joseph H. Rainey. 

Arizona.— * Hiram S. Stevens. 


*Richard H. Cain. 

Dakota.— * Jeff. P. Kidder. 




Idaho. — "Stephen S. Fenn. 
Montana.— *Mart. Maginnis. 
New Mexico. — Trinidad Romero. 

Utah. — * George Q. Cannon. 
Washington. — Or'ge Jacobs. 
Wyoming. — *Wrn. W. Corlett. 



State Officers. 
Executive Department. 

His Excellency Richard D. Hub- 
bard, Hartford, Governor; Will- 
iam D. Hubbard, Hartford, Execu- 
tive Secretary ; Henry M. Farnham, 

His Honor Francis B. Loomis, 
New London, Lieutenant-Govern- 

Dwight Morris, Bridgeport, 
Secretary of State ; P. F. Butler, 
Horace Heath, Clerks. 

Edwin A. Buck, Windbam, 
Treasurer ; George Williams, Sam- 
uel N. Raymond, Clerks. 

Charles C. Hubbard, Middle- 
town, Comptroller ; E. W. Moore, 
L. B. Hubbard, Clerks. 

Henry C. Miles, Milford, School- 
fund Commissioner ; Wm. H. Pond, 

State Library: Committee, tbe 
Governor, Secretary of State, and 
Hon. Dwight W. Pardee. Libra- 
rian, Cbarles J. Hoadley. 

Votes for State Officers, November, 
For Governor — Richard D. Hub- 
bard, 61,934; Henry C. Robinson, 
58,514. For Lieut. Governor — Fran- 
cis B. Loomis, 61,897; Fred'k J. 
Kingsbury, 58,488. For Secretary — 
Dwight Morris, 61,909; Francis A. 
Walker, 58,505. For Treasurer — 
Edwin A. Buck, 61,951 ; Jeremiah 
Olney, 58,508. For Comptroller — 
Charles C. Hubbard, 61,961; Eli 
Curtiss, 58,506. 

General Assembly, January, 1877. 
His Honor Lieut. Gov. Loomis, 
New London, President; Hon. 
Oliver Hoyt, Stamford, President 
pro tern.; William P. Hanscom, 
Cromwell, Clerk. 

Senators, with their residences, also the 
Committees over which they presided. 

1st, Charles M. Pond, West Hart- 
ford ; Claims, Incorporations. 

2d, John L. Houston, Enfield; 

3d, Watson Holcomb, Simsbury ; 
Unfinished Business, Female Suf- 

4th, Caleb B. Bowers, New 
Haven ; Roads and Bridges. 

5th, Royal M. Bassett, Derby; 
New Towns and Probate Districts. 

6th, Charles A. Bray, East Haven ; 
Temperance, Engrossed Bills, For- 
feited Rights. 

7th, Alexander S. Palmer, Ston- 
ington ; Agriculture, Abolition of 
Capital Punishment. 

8th, Lucius Brown, Preston ; Ju- 

9th, Wm. H. Hayward, Colches- 
ter ; Military Affairs, Federal Rela- 

10th, Wm. D. Bishop, Bridgeport ; 
Constitutional Amendments. 

11th, Daniel B. Mallory, Sher- 
man ; Sale of Lands. 

12th, Oliver Hoyt, Stamford ; 

13th, George S. Moulton, Wind- 
ham ; Cities and Boroughs, Frauds 
in Elections. 

14th, John S. Dean, Ashford; 
Humane Institutions. 

15th, Lyman W. Coe, Torrington ; 
Railroads, Judicial and County Ex- 

16th, James Huntington, Wood- 
bury ; Incorporations, Canvass of 
Votes for Judges of Probate. 

17th, Charles Morse, Norfolk; 
School Fund, Manufactures. 

18th, Charles R. Fagan, Middle- 
town ; State Prison. 

19th, Frederick W. Spencer, West- 
brook. Fisheries. 

20th, Julius Converse, Stafford. 



[VOL. I. 

Finance, Economy in Expenses of 
General Assembly. 

21st, Francis L. Dickinson, Ver- 
non ; Education, Matter of New 
Haven County Commissioners. 

Messengers — Albert J. King, Rock- 
ville ; A. C. Wilson, Hartford. 

Doorkeepers — Joab B. Rogers, 
Norwich ; Thomas M. Austin, Ash- 

House of Representatives. 

Lynde Harrison, Guilford, 
Speaker ; Joseph L. Barbour, Hart- 
ford, Clerk; Edgar M. Warner, 
Plainneld, Assistant Clerk. 

Representatives, with their residences ; 

also the Committees of which they 

were members, 

Hartford, Nathaniel B. Stevens ; 
Railroads, Federal Relations. Mah- 
lon R. West; Insurance, Abolition 
of Capital Punishment. 

Avon, Harrison Woodford; Con- 
stitutional Amendments. 

Berlin, Andrew J. Warner; For- 
feited Rights. 

Bloomfield, J. Cleveland Capen. 

Bristol, Augustus H. Warner; 

Burlington, Adrian Moses. 

Canton, Cushman H. Thayer ; 
Frauds in Elections. 

East Gravity, Norton Case. 

East Hartford, Henry R. Hayden ; 
Banks, Economy in Expenses of 
General Assembly. Heman A. Ty- 
ler ; Military Affairs. 

East Windsor, Daniel W. Bart- 
lett ; Claims. Joseph T. Hull. 

Enfield, Charles F. Morrison ; 
Canvass of Votes for Members of 
Congress. John Law; Roads and 

Farmington, Winthrop M. Wads- 
worth ; Agriculture. Samuel Fris- 
bie ; Female Suffrage. 

Glastonbury, John Emely; Sale 
of Lands. George S. Andrews; 
Humane Institutions, Judicial and 
County Expenses. 

Granby, Frank Kendall. Hin- 
man A. Dibble; New Towns and 
Probate Districts. 

Hartland } Frederick B. Griswold ; 

Canvass of Votes for Judges of 
Probate. Salmon B. Giddings. 

Manchester, John S. Cheney ; 

Marlborough, Francis W. Cole- 

New Britain, Charles E. Hart ; 
Incorporations. Frank Zimmerman* 

Newington, Henry N. Robbins; 
State Paupers. 

Plainville, Daniel W. Fox. 

Rocky ' Hill, Lewis Whitmore ; 
State Prison. 

Simsbury, Lucius G. Goodrich ; 
Judiciary. John W. Phelps ; Mili- 
tary Affairs. 

Southington, Simeon H. Norton. 
Orson W. Stow ; Cities and Bor- 

South Windsor, Lucius J. Grant. 

Suffield, Jarvis W. Case. Thad- 
deus H. Spencer ; Education. 

West Hartford, Samuel Whit- 
man ; Engrossed Bills. 

Wethersfield, J. Wells Griswold; 
Temperance. Ransom T. Hewitt ; 
Unfinished Business. 

Windsor, H. Tudor White; Fish- 
eries. William L. Bi dwell; School 

Windsor Locks, John B. Wind- 
sor ; Finance. 

New Haven, Samuel L. Bron- 
son ; Judiciary, Federal Relations. 
Thomas F. McGrail ; Claims. 

Beacon Falls, Julius C. Coe ; En- 
grossed Bills. 

Bethany, Geo. W. Woodward; 
Canvass of Votes for Judges of 

Br an ford, Henry Rogers ; Fish- 

Cheshire, Benjamin A. Jarvis ; 
Banks. Daniel Judd; Unfinished 

Derby, Henry Atwater; School 
Fund. Thomas Wallace; Finance. 

East Haven, Horace H. Strong; 
Military Affairs. 

Guilford, Lynde Harrison. David 
Bartlett ; Roads and Bridges, Aboli- 
tion of Capital Punishment. 

Hamden, Andrew J. Doolittle ; 

Madison, John N. Chittenden ; 
State Prison. 




Meriden, Wallace A. Miles ; In- 
corporations. A. Chamberlain, Jr. ; 
Humane Institutions. 

Middled wry, Frank Wheeler. 

Milford, Daniel Buckingham. 
Charles A. Tomlinson ; Sale of 

NaugatucJc, Hubert H. Johnson ; 
Matter of New Haven County Com- 
missioners, Mileage. 

North Branford, Francis C. Bar- 
tholomew ; Judicial and County 
Expenses, Contingent Expenses, 
Matter of New Haven County Com- 

North Haven, Alfred Ives ; Manu- 
factures, State Paupers. 

Orange, Samuel L. Smith ; Cities 
and Boroughs. 

Oxford, Gideon A. Johnson ; Can- 
vass of Votes for Members of Con- 

Prospect, Wm. Berkley; New 
Towns and Probate Districts. 

Seymour, Samuel A. Beach ; 
Frauds in Elections. 

Southbury, David F.Pierce; Con- 
stitutional Amendments, Female 

Wallingford, H. Lewis Dudley; 
Agriculture. George S. Allen ; For- 
feited Eights. 

Waterbury, Greene Kendrick ; 
Railroads, Contingent Expenses. 
David S. Plume ; Insurance. 

Wolcott, Lucien Upson. 

Woodbridge, Stephen P. Perkins; 
Education, Matter of New Haven 
County Commissioners. 

New London, Albert T. Burgess ; 
Cities and Boroughs. George Will- 
iams ; Military Affairs. 

Norwich, Amos W. Prentice; Ju- 
diciary, Federal Relations. Horace 
Whitaker; Insurance. 

Bozrah, Charles M. Pendleton ; 
Constitutional Amendments. 

Colchester, Henry Foote ; Tem- 
perance. Edward H. Strong ; Sale 
of Lands, Judicial and County Ex- 

East Lyme, Edward Luce; State 

Franklin, Charles A. Kingsley ; 
Humane Institutions. 

Griswold, Joseph E. Leonard; 

School Fund, Abolition of Capital 

Groton, Thomas W. Noyes ; For- 
feited Rights. Erasmus D. Avery ; 

Lebanon, Erastus Geer ; Claims. 
William F. Gates; Frauds in Elec- 
tions, Female Suffrage. 

Ledyard, Noyes B. Allyn; Incor- 

Lisbon, Edwin Kimball ; Manu- 

Lyme, James L. Raymond ; Agri- 
culture, Banks. Judah H. Lord ; 

Montville, James H. Man warring; 
Female Suffrage. 

North Stonington, Alfred Clarke ; 
Education. William H. Hillard ; 

Old Lyme, John A. DeWolf. 

Preston, Charles Hewitt ; State 
Prison. William K. Chapman ; 
Canvass of Votes for Members of 

Salem, Austin O. Gallup ; Finance. 

Sprague, Laurens Brewster ; Can- 
vass of Votes for Judges of Probate. 

Stonington, Benjamin F. Lewis ; 
Roads and Bridges. Joseph E. 

Waterford, Leonard N. Williams; 
New Towns and Probate Districts. 

Bridgeport, George W. Bacon ; 
Railroads. Carlos Curtis ; Finance. 

Banbury, Nathan B. Dibble; 
Claims, Abolition of Capital Punish- 
ment. Charles H. Crosby ; State 
Prison, Mileage. 

Bethel, Eli Starr Judd ; Sale of 
Lands, Female Suffrage. 

Brookfield, Ezra N. Somers. 

Darien, Vincent Colyer; Humane 
Institutions, Federal Relations. 

Easton, John Wheeler ; Frauds in 

Fairfield, John H. Perry ; Incor- 
porations, Military Affairs. Alex- 
ander R. T. Nichols ; Agriculture. 

Greenwich, Cornelius Mead ; For- 
feited Rights. John G. Reynolds; 

Huntington, Charles Beard. 

Monroe, L. D wight Lane. 

New Canaan, William E. Husted ; 



[VOL. I. 

New Fairfield, Edward Treadwell. 

Newtown, Sam'l Barnaul. George 

Norwalk, Allen Betts ; Judicial 
and County Expenses. Talhnadge 
Baker; Insurance. 

Bedding, Thomas Sanford; School 
Fund, State Paupers. George F. 
Banks ; Roads and Bridges. 

Bidgeficld, Aaron W. Lee ; Can- 
vass of Votes for Members of Con- 
gress. Matthew Betts ; New Towns 
and Probate Districts. 

Sherman, Charles Northrop. 

Stamford, Edward Gay ; Banks. 
William R. Lockwood ; Canvass of 
Votes for Judges of Probate. 

Stratford, Edmund B. Peck ; Cities 
and Boroughs. 

Trumbull, Stephen G. Nichols. 

Weston, Miah Perry ; Temper- 

Westyort, Albert Relyea; Educa- 

Wilton, Isaac M. Sturges ; Judi- 
ciary, Constitutional Amendments. 

Brooklyn, Henry M. Cleveland ; 
Insurance, Federal Relations, Judi- 
cial and County Expenses, Contin- 
gent Expenses. 

Ashford, Elisha D. Grant ; Aboli- 
tion of Capital Punishment. Gerrit 
H. Chaffee ; Humane Institutions. 

Canterbury, Lafayette Eaton ; 
State Prison. Walter Smith ; Agri- 

Chaplin, Orrin Witter; School 
Fund, Female Suffrage. 

Eastford, James E. Latham ; For- 
feited Rights. 

Hampton, George M. Holt ; Fish- 
eries, Canvass of Votes for Judges 
of Probate. 

Killingly, Richard S. Lathrop ; 
Incorporations, Temperance. John 
Kelly ; Military Affairs. 

Plainfield, David Gallup ; Fi- 
nance, Economy in Expenses of 
General Assembly. Richard H. 
Ward ; New Towns and Probate 

Pomfret, S. Storrs Cotton; Edu- 
cation. George W. Taft ; Constitu- 
tional Amendments. 

Putnam, Richmond M. Bullock ; 

Scotland, Samuel B. Sprague ; 
Roads and Bridges. 

Sterling, Ambrose H. Bates ; 
Banks, Canvass of Votes for Mem- 
bers of Congress. 

Thompson, G. Thurston Murdock; 
Manufactures, Mileage. Lawson 
Aldrich ; State Paupers. 

Voluntown, James M. Cook ; 

Windham, Eugene S. Boss ; In- 
surance, Frauds in Elections. Levi 
J. Hammond; Cities and Boroughs. 

Woodstock, George S. F. Stod- 
dard ; Judiciary, Matter of New 
Haven County Commissioners. 
George W. Hill ; Sale of Lands. 

Litchfield, Henry B. Graves ; Ju- 
diciary. Eli D. Weeks ; Insurance. 

Barkhamsted, Edwin E. Case ; 
New Towns and Probate Districts. 
William E. Howd. 

Bethlehem, Herbert S. Jackson. 

Bridgewater, John Keeler. 

Canaan, Cephas B. Cook. 

Colebrook, Timothy Hart; Claims. 
James McCaffray. 

Cornwall, William L. Clark ; Mile- 
age. Ingersoll Reed ; Education. 

Goshen, Moses W. Gray ; Incorpo- 
rations. Watts H. Brooks. 

Rarwinton, George W. Dains ; 
Manufactures, State Paupers. Elijah 
G. Gibbs. 

Kent, Marshall C. Gibbs; Roads 
and Bridges. 

Morris, Andrew W. Marsh. 

New Hartford, Orrin S. Thomp- 
son ; Unlinished Business, Frauds 
in Elections. Shubael H. Hender- 

New Milford, Albert N. Baldwin ; 
Agriculture, Humane Institutions. 
Botsford W. Buckingham ; Consti- 
tutional Amendments. 

North Canaan, Hiram Briggs ; 
Female Suffrage. 

Norfolk, Austin Wooster : Judicial 
and County Expenses. Henry G. 
Smith ; Canvass of Votes for Judges 
of Probate. 

Plymouth, Lyman D. Baldwin; 

Roxbury, Merritt P. Beers. 

Salisbury, Horace Landon ; Banks. 
Charles H. Bissell ; Engrossed Bills. 




Sharon, Seymour A. Frayer ; Mili- 
tary Affairs. George M. Walton; 
School Fund. 

Thomaston, Albert P. Bradstreet ; 
Cities and Boroughs, Federal Rela- 

Torrington, Achille F. Migeon ; 
Finance. Levi Hodges ; Fisheries. 

Warren, Miner A. Strong. 

Washington, Franklin S. Titus ; 
Canvass of Votes for Members of 
Congress. John M. Ford ; Abolition 
of Capital Punishment. 

Watertown, Leman W. Cutler; 

Winchester, Henry Gay ; State 
Prison. Charles J. York ; Forfeited 

Woodbury, James G. Curtiss ; 
Sale of Lands. John W. Judson. 

Middletown, Richard W. Newhall ; 
Cities and Boroughs, Sale of Lands, 
Matter of New Haven County Com- 
missioners. Charles H. Williams; 
Humane Institutions. 

Haddam, Ephraim P. Arnold ; 
Insurance, Agriculture. James W. 
Cone ; Roads and Bridges. 

Chatham, Hiram Veazey ; Fi- 
nance. David H. Selden ; Consti- 
tutional Amendments. 

Chester, Daniel D. Silliman ; 

Clinton, Giles C. Grinnell ; Tem- 

Cromwell, Russell Frisbie ; Incor- 

Durham, William H. Francis ; Ed- 
ucation. Edgar T. Elliott, Judicial 
and County Expenses. 

East Haddam, Ozias H. Parker ; 
State Prison, State Paupers. Hiram 
Willey, Judiciary, Federal Rela- 

Essex, John I. Hutchinson ; Rail- 
roads, Frauds in Elections. 

Killingivorth, Sherman E. Gris- 
wold. Andrew W. Burr ; Military 

Middlefield, Willis E. Terrell; 
School Fund, Abolition of Capital 

Old Sayhroofc, Robert B. Chalker; 

Portland, George H. Taylor ; New 
Towns and Probate Districts. 

SaybrooJc, Frederick W. Williams ; 
Claims, Canvass of Votes for Judges 
of Probate. Gilbert Stevens, Man- 
ufactures, Mileage. 

Westbrook, George Kirtland ; 
Forfeited Rights, Canvass of Votes 
for Members of Congress. 

Tolland, Julius West ; School 
Fund. Charles A. Hawkins ; Banks. 

Andover, Bissell E. Post ; Fi- 
nance, Manufactures, Female Suf- 

Bolton, Arnold H. Long; State 

Columbia, Jonathan Tucker ; 
Fisheries, Frauds in Elections. 

Coventry, Chauncey Howard ; Ju- 
diciary. Isaac Turner; Forfeited 

Ellington, Otis Snow ; Incorpora- 
tions, Abolition of Capital Punish- 

Hebron, Nathan E. Coats ; Claims. 
George H. Hodge ; Constitutional 

Mansfield, Charles Ramsdell ; Ed- 
ucation, State Paupers. James O. 
Freeman ; Humane Institutions. 

Somers, Sanford M.Billings; Tem- 
perance. Luke K. Pease ; Roads 
and Bridges, Canvass of Votes for 
Members of Congress. 

Stafford, William H. Cooley; Cit- 
ies and Boroughs. Timothy D. John- 
son, Canvass of Votes for Judges of 

Union, David L. Newell ; Federal 
Relations. Josiah R. James ; Judi- 
cial and County Expenses. 

Vernon, Samuel Fitch ; Railroads. 
Milo W. Pember ; Agriculture, New 
Towns and Probate Districts. 

Willington, Wm. F. Essex ; Sale 
of Lands. Perry Potter ; Mileage. 

Messengers — Marshall Porter, 'He- 
bron ; Wilbur W. Birge, Torring- 
ton ; William H. Kelsey, Clinton. 

Doorkeepers — William L. Peck- 
ham, Waterford ; William H. Moore, 
New Haven ; C. B. Wheeler, Mon- 


United States Circuit and District 

Courts in Connecticut. 

Supreme Court, Circuit Justice—' 
Ward Hunt, Utica, N. Y. 



["VOL. I. 

Circuit Court Judge — Alexander 
S. Johnson, New York City. 

District Judge — Nathaniel Sbip- 
man, Hartford. 

Cleric of the Circuit mid District 
Courts — Edwin E. Marvin, Hart- 

District Attorney — Calvin G. 
Child, Stamford. , 

Marshal — Joseph D. Bates, Hart- 

Deputy Marshals — Philo F. Bar- 
nuni, Bridgeport ; Westell Russell, 
Hartford ; George R. Bill, New Ha- 
ven ; Charles H. Osgood, Putnam. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Loren P. Waldo, Hartford; Al- 
fred Blackman, Johnson T. Piatt, 
New Haven ; Henry E. Taintor, 

Commissioners of the United States 
Circuit Court. 

Hartford. William Hamersley, 
H. E. Burton, Loren P. Waldo, 
Erastus Smith, Edwin E. Marvin, 
Charles E. Fellowes, Sylvester C. 

Bridgeport. Morris W. Seymour. 

Litchfield. George M. Woodruff. 

Meriden. Ratcliffe Hicks, James 
P. Piatt. 

Middlelown. A. W. Bacon. 

New Haven. Alfred Blackman, 
Sam'l L. Bronson, Johnson T. Piatt, 
Jonathan Ingersoll. 

New London. John P. C. Mather. 

Norwich. Allen Tenny. 

Norwalk. A. B. Woodward. 

Thompson. Abiel Converse. 

Waterbury. George E. Terry. 

Willimantic. John M. Hall. 

Registers in Bankruptcy. 

First District — Henry E. Burton, 

Second District — Johnson T. Piatt, 
New Haven. 

Third District — Robert Coit, New 

Fourth District — Louis N. Mid- 
dlebrook, Bridgeport. 

Supreme Court of Errors. 
Chief Justice — John D. Park, 

Norwich, elected Judge, 1864 ; Chief 
Justice, 1874. 

Associate Judges — Elisha Car- 
penter, Hartford, 1865 ; Dwight W. 
Pardee, Hartford, 1873 ; Dwight 
Loomis, Rockville, 1875 ; Miles T. 
Granger, North Canaan, 1876. 

Reporter — John Hooker, Hart- 

Superior Court. 

Judges — Edward I. Sanford, New 
Haven, 1867 ; Roland Hitchcock, 
Winchester, 1874; Earl Martin, Kil- 
lingly, 1874 ; Sidney B. Beardsley, 
Bridgeport, 1874 ; Moses Culver, 
Middletown, 1875; James A. Hovey, 
Norwich, 1876. 

Court of Common Pleas. 

Hartford County. David S. Cal- 
houn, Hartford, Judge. Charles E. 
Fellowes, Hartford, Clerk. 

New Haven County. Lynde Har- 
rison, Guilford, Judge. John S. Fow- 
ler, New Haven, Clerk. William L. 
Foster, New Haven, Assistant Clerk. 

New London County. Alfred Coit, 
New London, Judge. Charles W. 
Butler, New London, Clerk. Frank 
T. Brown, Norwich, Assistant Clerk. 

Fairfield County. Frederick B. 
Hall, Bridgeport, Judge. Wilfred 
E. Norton, Bridgeport, Clerk. B. A. 
Hough, Danbury, Assistant Clerk. 

District Court of Litchfield Coun- 
ty. Barkhamsted, Bridgewater, Ca- 
naan, Colebrook, Cornwall, Kent, 
New Hartford, New Milford, Nor- 
folk, North Canaan, Salisbury, Shar- 
on, and Winchester. F. D. Fyler, 
West Winsted, Judge. William F. 
Hurlbut, West Winstead, Clerk. 

The Judges are elected for four 

State Commissioners. 
On New State House. 

Alfred E. Burr, Hartford, Presi- 
dent; Jeremiah Halsey, Norwich; 
Nathaniel Wheeler, Bridgeport ; 
Wm. P. Trowbridge, New Haven ; 
Gardner P. Barber, Hartford. 

On Turnpike Boads. 
Bridgeport and Newtown. Geo. 
Winton, Newtown ; Elliott M. 
Beardsley, Trumbull. 




Essex. H. H. Starkey, Essex; 
B. A. Ratkburn, Lyme. 

Huntington, F. G. Perry, Hunt- 
ington ; Isaac E. Booth, Trumbull. 

New Haven and Derby. William 
Hawkins, George H. Peck, Derby. 

Oxford. Alfred Birch, Woodbury ; 
Frederick Beecher, Seymour ; Fred- 
erick E, Kinney. 

Wells Holloiv. Frederick G. Per- 
ry, Huntington,- Isaac E. Booth, 

On Ferries. 

Chapman's. William. S. Tyler, 
Haddam; Solomon Belden, East 

Enfield. Orville S. Douglas, Suf- 
field ; Lyman A. Upson, Enfield. 

Essex.. Charles E. Hough, Es- 
sex ; R. L. Griffin, Lyme. 

East Windsor. Sylvester D. Rock- 
well, East Windsor; Hannibal A. 
Converse, Windsor Locks. 

Hiddletown and Portland. Mi- 
chael Wall, Middletown; George 
W. Pettis, Portland. 

New London and Groton. Par- 
don M. Alexander, Groton; Oliver 
Perkins, Groton. 

Warner's. Daniel D. Silliman, 
Chester; Jabez Comstock, Lyme. 

On Bridges. 

Bennett's. Elliott T. Bradley, 
Southbury ; Oliver J. Wolcott, New- 

Connecticut Biver Co. George G. 
Sill, Hartford; H. Sidney Hay- 
den, Windsor; Wm. M. Hudson, 

Enfield. Albert McMaster, Suf- 
field; J. Warren Johnson, En- 

Hartford. Allyn S. Stillman, 
Hartford ; Richard Joslyn, Man- 
chester: Heman A. Tyler, East 

Tomlinson's. J. B. Sargent, New 
Haven ; Alexander W. Forbes, Ly- 
man Hotchkiss, Stephen Heming- 
way, Henry Smith, East Haven. 

Washington. George T. Smith, 
Milford ; John Hurd, Stratford. 

Zoar Bridge. William B. Sher- 
wood, Monroe; Benjamin Nichols, 

On Fisheries. 
William M. Hudson, Hartford; 
Robert G. Pike, Middletown; Jas. 
A. Bill, Lyme. 

Inspectors of Steam Boilers. 

First Cong. Dist. R. S. Stedman, 

Second Cong. Dist. Frederick H. 
Laforge, Waterbury. 

Third Cong. Dist. Nicholas P. 
Bates, Preston. 

Fourth Cong. Dist. John Cotter, 

William G. Mixter, New Haven, 
Inspector-General of Gas Meters and 
Illuminating Gas. 


Appointed by the governor. They 
hold office from the date of their 
commission, and for two years from 
the Wednesday after the first 
Monday of January of the year in 
which they are commissioned, un- 
less their commissions are sooner 
revoked by the governor. 

Ashford. Henry A. Eastman, 
John H. Simmons. 

Barlthamsted. Sheldon Merrill. 

Berlin. Albert A. Barnes, Charles 
M. Brown, John Norton, Calvin L. 
Hubbell, Wm. W. Norton, Alfred 

Bethel. David T. Hubbell, Wm. 
A. Judd, Horace R. Northrop, Fred- 
erick Shepard, Nathan Seeley, Amos 

Bethlehem. Samuel I. Bloss. 

Bloomfield. Henry W. Rowley. 

Bolton. Sherman P. Sumner. 

Bozrah. George H. Fuller, Albert 

Br an ford. Henry Rogers. 

Bridgeport. Herman Beach, Mor- 
ris B. Beardsley, Alfred B. Beers, F. 
N. Benham, Andrew Burke, Wm. 
A. Burroughs, Charles S. Canfield, 
Thomas R. Cruttenden, William E. 
Disbrow, Henry B. Drew, J. E. L. 
Evers, Alfred B. Fairchild, John F. 
Fayerweather, Francis G. Fitch, 
Amos Fuller, Granville W. Good- 
sell, Walter Goddard, John S. Grif- 
fith, Julius S. Hanover, Daniel 
Hatch, Alexander Hawley, D. F. 



[VOL. I. 

Hollister, Frank L. Holt, Philip L. 
Holzer, Rudolph Kost, R. B. Lacey, 
Win. H. Loehnert, James King, 
Bernard Keating, Francis W. Marsh, 
James R. Middlebrook, Martin J. 
Mallett, Wilfred E. Norton, Gilead 
Peet, John E. Pond, Charles P. 
Porter, Horace Nichols, Isaac B. 
Prindle, Albert Relyea, Egbert 
Rockwell, Albert W. Sanford, H. H. 
Scribner, William E. Seeley, J. T. 
Shelton, Charles Sherwood, L. M. 
Slade, George A. Staples, W. M. 
Staples, Edward S. Sumner, Samuel 
B. Sumner, Dwight H. Terry, Curtis 
Thompson, George W. Warner, 
Thomas L. Watson, Wm. C. Wild- 
man, Wm. H. Wilson. 

Bridgewater. Burr Mallett, Chas. 

Bristol. D. A. Miller, G. H. Mit- 
chell, S. P. Newell, Miles L. Peck, 
Charles S. Treadway. 

Broolfield. Henry S. Beers, An- 
drew Northrop, Henry S. Peck. 

Brooklyn. Rufus A. Baldwin, L. 
B. Cleveland, Edward L. Cundall, 
John Gallup, 2d, John Palmer, 
John P. Wood. 

Canaan. Lee P. Dean, M. A. 
Dean, Edmund D. Lawrence, Chas. 
B. Maltbie, Almon C. Randall. 

Canterbury. Joseph P. Lester. 

Canton. Samuel N. Codding, 
Moses S. Dyer. Collinsville, Oliver 

Chaplin. JaredW. Lincoln. 

Chatham. Josiah Ackley, John 
Carrier, Nathaniel C. Smith. 

Cheshire. Edward A. Cornwall. 

Clinton. John B. Wright. 

Colebrook. Asa White, Reuben 

Colchester. Joseph N. Adams, 
Aaron E. Emmons, Nathaniel Foote, 
Edward L. Gates, Salmon C. Gil- 
lette, Daniel H. Hammond, Alfred 
J. Loomis, Jonas C. Maine. 

Columbia. Robert Brown, Wm. 
H. Yeomans. 

Cornwall. Silas C. Beers, Wilson 
P. Sturgis. 

Coventry. Henry A. Brewster, 
Luther P. Gager. South Coventry, 
Loring Winchester. 

Cromwell. Stephen P. Polley, 

Wm. A. Stickney, Samuel B. Wil- 

Banbury. Jabez Amsbury, Roger 
Averill, John W. Bacon, George B. 
Benjamin, Jr., David B. Booth, B. 
E. Cowperthwait, William A. Ely, 
Samuel Gregory, Luman L. Hub- 
bell, Benezet A. Hough, Lucius P. 
Hoyt, Wm. A. Leonard, David P. 
Nichols, Edgar I. Patrick, Henry C. 
Ryder, William P. Seeley, Geo. C. 
Stevens, L. P. Treadwell, James B. 

Barien. Walter H. Bates, Mel- 
ville E. Mead, Ira Sckofield, T. B. 
Selleck, Stephen E. Walmsley. 

Berby. Wm. S. Browne, Frank- 
lin Burton, Thomas F. Birdsey, S. 
A. Cotter, Samuel M. Gardner, Geo. 
H. Peck, Robt. Peck, David Tor- 
rence. Ansonia, Charles H. Pine, 
Wm. Powe. 

Durham. Leverett M. Leach, 
Rufus W. Mathewson, Henry G. 

Eastford. John H. Bullard, Hiram 
H. Burnham. 

East Granby. J. H. Holcomb. 

East Saddam. Cyrus W. Chap- 
man, Thos. Gross, Jr., S. R. Holmes, 
David S. Purple. 

East Hartford. Ezra E. Smith, 
Heman A. Tyler. 

East Haven. S. W. F. Andrews, 
George M. Baldwin. 

East Byrne. Daniel Caulkins, 
Moses W. Comstock, William 

Easlon. John S. Adams, Eben- 
ezer S. Gillette, Joseph W. Johnson. 

East Windsor. Homer D. Allen, 
William H. Ellsworth, Eugene T. 
Spooner, Frank H. Whittlesey. 

Ellington. Michael H. Mandell. 

Enfield. Loren H. Pease, Thomas 

Essex. Charles S. Hough, Jared 
E. Redrleld, Alfred M. Wright. 

Fairfield. Henry Bradley, Eben- 
ezer Burr, Jr., Daniel Maloney, 
Albert W. Sanford. Southport, 
Charles M. Gilman, Joseph F. Jen- 
nings, John H. Perry, O. H. Perry, 
E. C. Sherwood. 

Farmington. Thomas Cowles, Ju- 
lius Gay, Richard H. Gay, Carlos 




L. Mason, Charles L. Mason, Wales 
S. Porter. 

Franklin. Charles A. Kingsley, 
Thomas G. Kingsley, H. L. M. Ladd, 
Ashbel Woodward.' 

Glastonbury. Wm. S. Goslee. 

Goshen. Frederick E. Hurlburt, 
Albert Wadhams. 

Granby. Theo. M. Maltbie. 

Greenwich. Myron L. Mason, 
Daniel S. Mead, Jr. 

Griswold. Henry T. Crosby, 
Erastus C. Keg win. 

Groton. Lemuel Clift, Benjamin 
Coe, John J. Copp, David A. Daboll, 
Daniel W. Denison, John O. Fish, 
Elisha A. Hewitt, Samuel B. La- 
tham, Philo Little, B. Latham Mil- 
ler, John W. Miner, Orrin E. Miner, 
Thos. K Packer, Asa Perkins, 2d, 
Wm. H. Potter, Jabez Watrous, Jr. 

Guilford. Edward R. Landon. 

Saddam. Edward D. Gilbert. 

Hamden. Silas Benham, Ells- 
worth B. Cooper, Elias Dickerman, 
Walter W. Woodruff. 

Hampton. David Greenslit. 

Hartford. John C. Abbott, David 
L. Aberdein, Sherman W. Adams, 
Eowland D. Allen, Israel Altman, 
Myron A. Andrews, Stephen Ball, 
Henry S. Barbour, Joseph L. Bar- 
bour, Sylvester Barbour, George D. 
Bates, Joseph D. Bates, Edward B. 
Bennett, John W. Boynton, Joseph 
Breed, James H. Brewster, John H. 
Brocklesby, Charles P. Brooks, 
Henry L. Bunce, George H. Bur- 
dick, Albert L. Burke, John F. 
Burt, Patrick F. Butler, James L. 
Chapman, Jr., Silas Chapman, 
Dwight W. Clark, Mahlon N. Clark, 
Charles J. Cole, Horace Cornwall, 
E. P. Cowles, Walter G. Cowles, 
G. F. Davis, Geo. H. Day, E. B. 
Dillingham, Joseph W. Dimock, 
Chas. E. Dustin, Frederick Eberle, 
Theodore G. Ellis, Samuel E. El- 
more, Wm. A. Erving, H. B. Free- 
man, Wm. H. Fitch, Henry E. Fitts, 
Wm. R. Foster, Chas. E. Gager, 
Robt. F. Gaylord, Thos. J. Gill, 
Chas. S. Gillette, Edward Goodman, 
Geo. D. Goodrich, David G. Gordon, 
Miles W. Graves, Daniel J. Griffin, 
R. A. Griffing, Charles E. Gross, 

Louis Gundlach, Isaac W. Hakes, 
N. B. Hall, Frank D. Hallett, Wm. 
Hamersley, Elijah A. Hart, H. E. 
Harrington, O. L. Hatch, John C. 
Hatch, Albert N. Hatheway, Horace 
Heath, Wm. F. Henney, John E. 
Higgins, Appleton R. Hillyer, Chas. 
J. Hoadly, Francis A. Hoadly, Gid- 
eon E. Holloway, John Hooker, 
Henry D. House, C. C. Hubbard, 
Geo. W. Hubbard, Wm. D. Hub- 
bard, A. M. Hurlbut, W. W. Hyde, 
W. W. Jacobs, Elisha Johnson, 
Horace Johnson, Saml. F. Jones, 
Chas. M. Joslyn, Wm. H. King, 
Henry A. Kippen, Jas. H. Knight, 
Herbert B. Langdon, D. T. Lanman, 
Fred. M. Lincoln, Chas. H. Law- 
rence, A. G. Loomis, Cooke Louns- 
bury, Robert Lunny, 2d, Fred'k S. 
Lyman, Theo. Lyman, E. E. Marvin, 
Wm. L. Matson, W. J. McConville, 
W. B. McCray, John T. McManus, 
Thomas McManus, M. E. Merrill, 
James H. Miller, J. F. Morris, 
James Nichols, Albert H. Olmstead, 
Reuben C. Osborn, Francis H. Par- 
ker, Wm. H. Parry, John C. Parsons, 
E. W. Parsons, Nathan F. Peck, 
Ezra E. Post, James B. Powell, S. 
O. Prentice, Henry C. Robinson, 
Alfred S. Robinson, George L. Rock- 
well, Charles L. Rodman, John G. 
Root, Warren Rowley, Geo. E. San- 
borne, Buel Sedgwick, C. F. Sedg- 
wick, E. A. Sheldon, W. E. Simonds, 
A. D. Smith, Erastus Smith, H. R. 
Snath, Geo. M. Spencer, H. E. Spen- 
cer, Lewis Sperry, Lewis E. Stanton, 
Ezra L. Stiles, Zalmon A. Storrs, 
George Sumner, George G. Sumner, 
J. H. Tallman, Stephen Terry, John 
H. Thacher, Frank A. Thompson, 
W. H. Townsend, Edwin D. Tiffany, 
George Ulrich, Wm. Very, Wm. 
Wallace, Geo. H. Warner, J. C. 
Wasserbach, John Watson, John 
W. Welch, Charles T. Welles, Thos. 
G. Welles, Edward Von Wettberg, 
M. H. Whaples, John P. Wheeler, 
Ed. S. White, Wm. C. White, Jr., 
Wm. A. Willard, Hiram Willey, 
Ezra H. Williams, J. W. Williams, 
John R. Wittig, Oliver Woodhouse, 
Sam'l V. Woodruff. Wm. S. Wooster. 
Hebron. F. C. Bissell. 



[VOL. I. 

Huntington. Theodore E. Beard, 
Sanford B. Cocks, Gould Judson, 
F. G. Perry. 

Kent. Marshall C. Gibbs. 

KilUngly. Mowry Amsbury, 
Arthur G. Bill, Alvia Chase, Henry 
N. Clemens, Leonard Day, John K. 
Holbrook, William E. Hyde, Will- 
iam P. Kellev, Milton A. Shumway, 
George H. "Wheaton. West Kil- 
lingly, Henry Hammond, L. H. 

Killingworfh. Orlando E. Eed- 

Lebanon. Henry M. Kelley, Jas. 
M. Peckham. 

Ledyard. Elisha S. Allyn, James 
A. Billings. 

Lisbon. H. L. Eead. 

Litchfield. Geo, E. Jones, Henry 
H. Prescott, Henry B. Sisson, Geo. 
C. Woodruff, Geo. M. Woodruff. 

Lyme. John W. Bill. 

Madison. J. Myron Hull, Wm. 
S. Hull, Henry E. Scranton. 

Manchester. Sanford M. Benton, 
Eickard O. Cheuey, Francis W. 
Cowles, Clinton W. Cowles. 

Mansfield. Eber Dunham, John 
Fitch, Henry Huntington, John C. 

Meriden. Eli C. Birdsey, Linus 
Birdsey, Bela €arter, A. Chamber- 
lain, Levi E. Coe, A. H. Churchill, 
Geo. E. Curtiss, Wilbur F. Davis, 
Eobert C. Fasey, George A. Fay, 
Edwin D. Hall, Eatcliffe Hicks, 
Charles Ives, Charles F. Lindsley, 
E. A. Merriman, Geo. N. Morse, A. 
L. Otis, Frank G. Otis, Benjamin 
Page, Jr., Ealph A. Palmer, Wm. H. 
Perkins, John T. Pettee, Gustave 
Eebstock, Charles L. Eockwell, 
Geo. W. Eogers, George W. Smith, 
Henry L. Schleiter, Albert F. Sco- 
ville, Geo. W. Sprague, S. H. W. 

Middlefield. Lyman A. Mills, 
Moses W. Terrill. 

Middletown. James E. Bidwell, 
Eldon B. Birdsey, Walter L. Blake, 
William II. Burrows, Geo. W. Burr, 
J. N. Camp, Frederick B. Chaffee, 
M. B. Gopeland, Geo. W. Harris, 
Elijah S. Hubbard, Jonathan B. 
Kilbourne, Chas. A. Newell, Junius 

N. Norton, Jr., D. Ward Northrup, 
Wesley U. Pearne, Augustus Put- 
nam, Frank F. Starr, Lliku W. N. 
Starr, Charles G. E. Vinal, William 

Milford. Wm. A. Bull, Anon 
Clark, John W. Fowler, Jonas G. 
French, Jlenrv J. Kellogg, Henry 
C. Piatt, Wm.H. Pond. 

Monroe. Daniel A. Nichols, 
Charles B. Wheeler. 

Montville. Henry A. Baker, Alex. 
C. Eobinson. 

Morris. Garry H. Miner. 

Naugatuclc. L. S. Beardsley, 
Geo. D. Bissell, Geo. A. Lewis, 
Luther S. Piatt. 

New Britain. A. N. Bennett, 
Augustus P. Collins, F. H. 
Churchill, S. C. Dunham, Henry P. 
Gangloff, Edward L. Goodwin, 
Albert Morton,. Chas. A. Northern!, 
Charles B. Oldershaw, Julius N. 
Pease, Cnarles Peck, J. A. Pickett, 
Samuel Eockwell, James Shepard, 
Andrew J. Sloper, Wm. AY. Smith, 
W. F. Walker, John Walsh, M. S. 

New Canaan. Eussell L. Hall, 
Noah W. Hoyt, Samuel N. Eaymond, 
S. Y. St. John. 

New Fairfield. Wm. J. Kellogg. 

New Hartford. Howell W. Brown, 
0. T. Hungerford, Nathan Morse, 
Orrin S. Thompson. 

Neiv Haven. Edward A. Anke- 
tell, E. P. Arvine, Prentice P. Avery, 
Adolph Asher, F. W Babcock, J. N. 
Bacon, Charles L. Baldwin, Eoberti 

E. Baldwin, AVm. B. Barton, Geo. E. 
Beardslee, Geo. Beckwith, Eugene 
A. Beecher, E. W. Blackmail, Chas. 

F. Bollman, John C. Bradley, Mau- 
rice F. Brennan, S. L. Bronson, Jas. 

G. Brown, Henry Buckingham, 
Chas. S. Bunnell, H. H. Bunnell, 
'Chauncey K. Bushnell, Curtis S. 
Bushnell, Geo. A. Butler, Sylvan us 
Butler, Julius C. Cable, Jas. G. 
Clark, J. P. Cleaveland, Anton Coe, 
George E. Cooley, Lafayette Corn- 
stock, Eobert J. Couch, Hugh Daily, 
Charles S. A. Davis, F. D. De 
Bussey, Lucius P. Doming, T. P. 
Dickerman, Eoderick M. Douglass, 
Edwin C. Dow, Yirgil M. Low, 




Joseph Downs, Cornelius T. Dris- 
coll, John E. Earle, Wm.W. Farnam, 
Geo. L. Finney, Truman S. Foote, 
Charles E. Fowler, John S. Fowler, 
Simeon J. Fox, Philip Goodhart, 
Enos A. Hale, Samuel Halliwell, 
Wm. Hartley, Charles S. Hamilton, 
Ed. R. Hayes, Benj. Higby, Eugene 
C. Hill, Burton J. Hine, J. W. Hine, 
John C. Hollister, Benj. P. Hub- 
hard, H. P. Hubbard, Hobart L. 
Hotchkiss, Savillian R. Hull, Geo. 

A. Isbell, Milden C. Isbell, Jonathan 
Ingersoll, Francis G. Ingersoll, 
Hoadley B. Ives, Charles Ives, Abel 

B. Jacocks, W. G. Judson, Charles 
Kimberly, E. Elliot Kimberly, 
Thomas J. Lawton, Augustus Lines, 
Wm. R. Lloyd, Franklin M. Lum, 
Richard F. Lyon, Jacob Mailhouse, 
J. W. Mansfield, S. A. Marsden, Jas. 
M. Mason, Edward McCarthy, 
Albert "W. Mclntire, Ales. McAllis- 
ter, Roderick J. McNeil, John B. 
Mills, Eli Mix, Luzon B. Morris, 
Chas. T. Morse, Elliott H. Morse, 
Wm. Moullhrop, Geo. R. Nott, John 
G. North, Arthur D. Osborne, James 
Olmsted, Owen O'Brien, Henry C. 
Pardee, H. E. Pardee, Eugene B. 
Peck, Edmund R. Pendleton, R. S. 
Pickett, Henry Pierpont, Joseph D. 
Plunkett, Philip Pond, Edward 
Purrington, Horatio G. Redfield, 
Bernard Reilly, John A. Richard- 
son, A. Heaton Robertson, E. S. 
Rogers, Isaac Rosenberg, Wm. H. 
Sanborn, David C. Sanford, Rob- 
ert Schlegel, Joseph Sonnenberg, 
Charles S. Scott, Charles W. Scran- 
ton, Seth T. Seeley, Joseph Shel- 
don, Charles Shelton, A. C. Shelton, 
George Sherman, John H. Shum- 
way, Thomas G. Sloan, Andrew T. 
Smith, H. E. Smith, J. Gibbs Smith, 
Siegwart Spier, Wm. W. Stone, 
David Strouse, Geo. W. Strong, 
Charles L. Swan, Jr., Norman A. 
Tanner, Edward A. Thompson, Wm. 
E. Thompson, Wm. K. Townsend, 
Charles H. Trowbridge, John H. 
Tuttle, Lucius B. Tuttle, Julius 
Twiss, Geo. A. Tyler, Daniel H. 
Veader, S. H. Wagner, Fred. H. 
Waldron, Israel K. Ward, H. C. 
Warren, Charles H. Webb, Wm. J. 


Weld, Charles R. Whedon, Oliver 
S. White, John H. Whiting, Mat- 
thew N. Whitmore, C. B. Willis, 
Hamilton M. Wright, Wm. Wright, 
James A. Wood, Henry C. Young, 
Edmund Zacher, Maier Zunder, 
Seligman Zunder. 

New Alilford. L. Dunning, Henry 
Ives, Carlos P. Merwin, Charles H. 
Noble, Charles Randall, John S. 

Newtown. James M. Blackman, 
Chas. Fairman, Henry T. Nichols, 
Charles C. Warner, Henry L. 

New London. William Belcher, 
Chas. W. Butler, Charles Butler, 
Richard N. Belden, Augustus 
Brandegee, J. L. Chew, Alfred Coit, 
W. H. H. Comstock, A. S. Darrow, 
John E. Darrow, John Danforth, 
Joseph C. Douglass, Wm. Douglass, 
James H. Hill, Abel H. Hinckley, 
Walter Learned, Reuben Lord, Jr., 
Lester Phillips, Lester H. Phillips, 
Gideon F. Raymond, Charles G. 
Sistare, Justus A. Southard, Thomas 
M. Waller, Ralph Wheeler, Calvin 
G. Williams, George D. Whittelsey. 

Norfolk. Joseph N. Cowles, Jos- 
eph B. Eldridge, Charles K. North- 
way, Charles M. Ryan. 

North Haven. Boardman Smith. 

North Stonington. Elijah Bailey, 
Wm. B. Hull. 

Norivalk. Alfred E. Austin, H. 
H. Barbour, Walker B. Bartram, 
Wm. S. Boughton, Alfred H. Camp, 
Robert B. Craufurd, Wm. A. Curtis, 
Chas. T. Craw, Lester S. Cole, Jere- 
miah Donovan, Geo. O. Keeler, 
Geo. E. Miller, Win. E. Montgom- 
ery, Henry K. Selleck, Wm. H. 
Smith, Chas. A. Street, Benj. J. 
Sturges, Nelson Taylor, Edward P. 
Weed. South NorivaVc, William T. 
Craw, Joseph D. Huntington, Jacob 
M. Layton, J. J. Millard, Moses B. 

Norwich. Wm. G. Abbott, James 
Allan, John C. Averill, Lucius 
Brown, Franklin H. Brown, A. S. 
Childs, John Cross, John L. Denni- 
son, Chas. W. Gale, Ulysses S. 
Gardner, Lewis A. Hyde, Burrell 
W. Hyde, Bela P. Learned, Costello 



[VOL. I. 

Lippitt, Solomon Lucas, Stephen B. 
Meeck, David P. Otis, Edwin 
Palmer, Henry L. Parker, Chas. H. 
Phelps, George C. Ripley, Win. 
Roath, A. Irving Royce, Nicholas 
Tarrant, Allen Tenny, John M. 
Thayer, Seneca Thresher, Seneca S. 
Thresher, Edwin A. Tracy, Oliver 
P. Wattles, Chas. Webb, Alfred E. 
Wyman, David Young. 

Old Lyme. Daniel Chadwick, 
James Griswold. 

Old Saybrook. Henry Hart, Ozias 
H. Kirtland. 

Plainfield. Joseph A. Dean, Rob- 
ert Gray, Samuel P. Robinson, 
Jeremiah Starkweather, Edgar M. 

Plymouth. Geo. W. Cole, Jason 
C. Fenn, Elliott J. Fenn. 

Portland. Win. W. Coe, Ferdi- 
nand Gildersleeve, Dennis A. Mc- 
Quillan, Charles H. Sage, John 
H. Sage, Geo. II. Taylor. 

Preston. Nathan D. Bates, 
Charles B. Chapman, Dwight E. 
Dean, Hugh King, Aaron Lucas, 
Chester S. Prentice, A. C. Randall, 
Win. Roath, Park A. Williams. 

Prospect. Benjamin B. Brown. 

Putnam. John A. Carpenter, 
Joseph Lippitt, Ralph J. Sabin, S. 
H. Seward, Perry P. Wilson. 

Bedding. W T m. B. Hill, Wm. P. 
Hill, David H. Miller, David S. 
Nash, Geo. A. Sanford, Thomas San- 
ford, Aaron B. Wilson. 

Bidgefield. Lewis H. Bailey, D. 
Smith Gage, Hiram K. Scott. 

Bocky Hill. Samuel Dimock, 
Rufus W. Griswold, Nathaniel 

Boxbury. Aaron W. Fenn. 

Salem. Jesse C. Maynard, Thom- 
as Strickland. 

Salisbury. Alexander Hubbard, 
Thos. L. Norton, Wm. E. Pettee, 
John S. Perkins, Hubert Williams. 

Saybrook. Deep Biver, John W. 
Marvin, Gideon Parker, Henry R. 

Scotland. James Burnett, H. M. 
Morgan, Abner Robinson. 

Seymour. Burton W. Smith. 

Sharon. Alonzo A. Bates, Herman 
C. Rowley. 

Sherman. Charles A. Mallory. 

Simsbury. Jeffery O. Phelps, Jr., 
F. G. Woodford. 

Soutltbury. A. H. Shelton, Elisha 
Wheeler, Egbert L. Warner. 

Southington. Charles D. Barnes, 
Marcus H. Holcomb, John S. Phin- 
ney, Francis D. Whittlesey. 

South Windsor. Thomas H. Bis- 
sell, Sanford Buckland, John S. 
Clapp, Lyman Grant, John M. King, 
Lewis Sperry. 

Spray us. John B. C. Duplessis, 
Joseph Lawlor. 

Stafford. Wm. Adams, Marcus 
A. Cady, J. F. Chamberlain, Elijah 

A. Converse, Milton G. Puffer, W. 
P. Sweetser, Alvarado Howard. 
Stafford Springs, J. W Chandler, R. 
S. Hicks. 

Stamford. Calvin G. Child, Sam- 
uel H. Cohen, Julius B. Curtis, 
Geo. W. Glendining, Charles M. 
Holly, Charles E. Holly, Nathaniel 
R. Hart, John H. Newman, Edwin 
Scofield, Jr., Edwin L. Scofield, 
Geo. E. Scofield, Sam'l C. Silliman, 
Jr., Wm. C. Strobridge, L. B. Tread- 
well, A. R. Turkington, Franklin 
Underbill, Wm. W. Waterbury. 

Sterling. Silas Matteson, Jr. 

Stonington. Jerome S. Ander- 
son, Thomas F. Barnswell, Charles 
E. Chipman, Oliver B. Grant, John 

B. Grinnell, Nathaniel Hancos, F. 
A. Holmes, George Hubbard, John 
A. Morgan, Franklin B. Noyes, 
Henry B. Noyes, Peleg Noyes, Wm. 
J. H. Pollard, Moses A. Pendleton, 
J. E. Packer, Charles Perrin, Elias 
P. Randall, Francis Sheffield, Rich- 
ard A. Wheeler. 

Stratford. Charles L. Beach, 
Theo. Courtwright, Claudius B. 
Curtis, Thomas B. Fairchild, V. R. 

C. Giddings, Charles A. Hinman, 
A. B. Judd, Joseph R. Lockwood, 
Herrick A Sutton, Geo. H. Turner, 
LeGrand Wells. 

Suffield. Albert Austin, Alonzo 
C. Allen, Frank L. Chapman, Byron 
Loomis, Wm. L. Loomis, Hezekiak 
S. Sheldon. 

Thomaston. Albert P. Brad- 
street, Daniel F. Webster. 

Tolland. Erwin O. Dimock, Lu- 




cius J. Fuller, Charles A. Hawkins, 
Edwin S. Westcott. 

Torrington. Allen G. Brady, 
Wni. Brooks, Edward T. Coe, John 
W. Gamwell, Charles L. McNeil. 
Walcottville, Isaac W. Brooks. 

Vernon. Benezet H. Bill, John 
H. Kite, Dwight Marcy, Emerson 
W. Moore, Charles D. Talcott, Gelon 
W. West. Bockville, Eustace C. 
Chapman, Henry Q. Conway. 

Voluntown. Caleb P. Potter. 

Wallingford. Jonathan M. And- 
rus, Clarence H. Burr, E. S. Ives, 
Edwin B. Ives, O. F. Martin, Othniel 
I. Martin, Charles D. Yale. 

Washington. Gould C. Whit- 

Waterbury. Anson F. Abbott, 
Charles S. Abbott, George W. 
Beach, Homer F. Bassett, A. M. 
Blakesley, Wm. W. Bonnett, Ed. L. 
Bronson, Burton G. Bryan, Herbert 
P. Camp, A. P. P. Camp, James M. 
Colby, F. L. Curtis, Levi H. Dun- 
bar, Edward L. Frisbie, Charles W. 
Gillette, Benjamin Hallis, Gilman 
C. Hill, Wm. H. Hogan, Francis J. 
Kane, Frederick J. Kingsbury, 
Charles B. Merrill, Jr., John O'Neil, 
G. S. Parsons, David T. Roberts, 
Charles G. Root, Arthur O. Shep- 
ardson, F. A. Spencer, Geo. E. 
Terry, F. L. Welton. 

Watertoivn. Leman W. Cutler.* 

West Hartford. Samuel J. Bestor, 
Myron A. Andrews. 

Westport. Win. E. Nash, Henry 
E. Sherwood, Moses W. Wilson, B. 
L. Woodworth. 

Wilton. Lockwood K. Ferris, 
Wm. D. Gregory, Samuel H. Rus- 
coe, Samuel H. Scott. 

Winchester. Edward R. Brad- 
ley, Elias E. Gilman, Chas. B. 
Holmes, George S. Rowe. Winsted, 
George M. Carrington, Rufus E. 
Holmes. West Winsted, Henry H. 
Drake, F. D. Fyler, Henry Gay. 

Windham. Lloyd E. Baldwin, 
Samuel Bingham, Edwin A. Buck, 
Huber Clark, A. B. Griggs, A. Jud- 
Bon Glazier, John M. Hall, Wolcott 
Hamlin, Geo. W. Hanover, Jas. E. 
Hay den, George P. Heap, Elisha H. 
Holmes, Jr., John L. Hunter, Allen 

Lincoln, John A. Perkins, O. H. K. 
Risley, Henry F. Royce, James 

Windsor Locks. Elijah Ashley, T. 
C. Coogan, J. W. Johnson. 

Woodbury. Thomas Bull, Wm. 
Cothren, Scoville Nettleton. 

C. May. 

County Officers. 


Commissioners. Wm. H. H. Mil- 
ler, Glastonbury, 1878 ; Leman Oat- 
man, Hartford, 1879; Lucius G. 
Goodrich, Simsbury, 1880. 

Clerk of Court. Charles W. John- 
son, Hartford. 

Assistant Clerk. Francis Cham- 
bers, Hartford. 

State Attorney. William Hamers- 
ley, Hartford. 

Sheriff. Oliver D. Seymour, Hart- 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Hartford, Caleb L. Packard, Ed- 
ward Von We'ttberg; Bloomfield, 
Thomas E. Moore ; Bristol, Maurice 
Foley ; Collinsville, Oliver A. Beck- 
with; East Windsor, Charles E. 
Woodward ; Glastonbury, Russell 
S. Cowles ; New Britain, Henry O. 
Nash ; North Manchester, Horace 
Fuller ; Simsbury, Joseph L. Bart- 
lett ; Southington, Charles S. Wood- 
ruff; South Windsor, Homer T. Bis- 
sell ; Thompsonville, Beujamin W. 

Deputy Jailer. John G. Belden, 

County Treasurer. John R. Buck, 

Attorneys at Law. 
[Those marked * are Commissioners 
of the Superior Court.] 
Hartford. Sherman W. Adams, 
*David L. Aberdein, *Henry S. Bar- 
bour, Joseph L. Barbour, Sylvester 
Barbour, * James A. Barnes, E. B. 
Bennett, * John B. Betts, Charles H. 
Briscoe, John H. Brocklesby, Percy 
S. Bryanfc, John R. Buck, Henry E. 
Burton, Wharton Butler, David S. 
Calhoun, Geo. Case, Uriah Case, 
*Edgar Caypless, Franklin Charn- 
berlin, *Francis Chambers, Charles 



[VOL. I. 

E. Chapman, Charles J. Cole, *Good- 
win Collier, Wm. E. Cone, Timothy 
C. Coogan, *Horace Cornwall, John 
C. Day, Robert E. Day, *S. C. Dun- 
ham, Wm. L. Eaton, Wm. W. Eaton, 
Frederick Eberle, *Willard Eddy, 
Lucien Edwards, Arthur F. Eggles- 
ton, Charles E. Fellowes, Francis 
Fellowes, * William E. Foster, H. B. 
Freeman, *F. G. Fuller, George S. 
Gilman, * Edward Goodman, David 
G. Gordon, ^Charles E. Gross, Will- 
iam Hamersley, A, N. Hatheway, 
W. F. Henney, Geo. O. Holhrook, J. 
H. Holcomb, * John Hooker, Chaun- 
cey Howard, E. D. Hubbard, Alvan 
P. Hyde, *E. H. Hyde, Jr., *Charles 
W. Johnson, Elisha Johnson, *Sam- 
uel F. Jones, * Charles M. Joslyn, 
*Cooke Lounsbury, *Theodore Ly- 
man, T. M. Maltbie, Edwin E. Mar- 
vin, William L. Matson, Eichard 
McCloud, *Thomas McManus, M. E. 
Merrill, ^Leonard Morse, F. O. Mose- 
bach, Hugh O'Flaherty, Charles H. 
Owen, Jona. E. Palmer, *Francis II. 
Parker, John C. Parsons, Chas. E. 
Perkins, John T. Peters, *S. O. Pren- 
tice, *Henry C. Eobinson, *Charles 
A. Safford, George G. Sill, W. E. 
Simonds, * Arthur D. Smith, Erastus 
Smith, *Geo. M. Spencer, *Lewis 
Sperry, * Lewis E. Stanton, *T. E. 
Steele, Z. A. Storrs, *George G. Sum- 
ner, II. E. Taintor, James H. Tall- 
man, Stephen Terry, *Loren P.Wal- 
do, Roger Welles, Thomas G. Welles, 
*Edgar T. Welles, Mahlon E. West, 
John H. White, Edward S. White, 
*Hiram Willey, John E. Wittig. 
sBloomficld, Jonathan E. Palmer. 

Bristol. * Henry A. Mitchell, Sam- 
uel P. Newell, George A. Gowdy. 

Canton. Collinsville, William W. 
Bidwell, F. E. Tiffany. 

Enfield. J. W. Johnson. Thomp- 
sonrille, Chas. H. Briscoe, T. C. 

Farmington. Thomas Cowles. 

Glastonbury. William S. Goslee. 
South Glastonbury, *Geo. Merrick. 

Granlnj. T. M. Maltbie. 

Manchester. North Manchester, 
Olin E. Wood. Buckland, *Charles 
H. OweH. 

New Britain. Merritt Bronson, 

*Lyman S. Burr, *Francis Chambers, 
V. B. Chamberlain, F. H. Churchill, 
Austin Hart, Frank L. Hungerford, 
Chas. E. Mitchell, Henry Nash, Ju- 
lius H. Pease, John Walsh. 

Newington. Eoger Welles. 

Plainville. *M. A..Nickerson. 

Rocky Hill. *Samuel J. Day. 

Simsbury. *Jeffery O. Phelps. 
Tariffville, Frederick G. Woodford. 

Southington. Marcus H. Holcomb, 
*Walter S. Merrell. 

Windsor Loclcs. J. W. Johnson, 
Timothy C. Coogan. 

Commissioners of Superior Court. 

Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 

Hartford. Samuel Allen, B. E. 
Allen, John H. Brainard, Frank S. 
Brown, John P. Bronk, E. S. Burt, 
D. W. Clark, J. W. Clark, Joseph 
Delliber, Erwin Edwards, E. J. Ed- 
wards, Nicholas Harris, N. B. Hall, 
Frank Johuson, Samuel F. Jones, 
Jr., Wm. J. McConville, Hiram E. 
Mills, N.E. Pierce, Miles O'Sulli- 
van, Nathan Starkweather, John A. 

Bristol. Benjamin F. Hawley. 

East Hartford, Samuel O. Good- 
win, Ephraim Eood. 

East Windsor. Homer D. Allen, 
Frank H. Whittlesey, Caleb Leavitt, 
Wm. H. Ellsworth. 

Enfield. E. Terry Knight, Wm. 

Glastonbury. Thomas H. L. Tal- 

Grariby. Willard Griffin. 

Manchester. George W. Cheney, 
Francis A. Whiton. 

New Britain, Eichard S. Porter, 
Milton H. Bassett. 

Newington. Ed. Shelton, Martin 
Luther, Jr. 

Plainville. Lerov B. Warren. 

Bocky Hill. G. 6. Chambers. 

Simsbury. C. A. McLean, N. 
Webster Holcomb, George W. San- 

South Windsor. Homer T. Bis- 

Windsor. H. H. Holcomb, Ells- 
worth N. Phelps. 

Windsor Locks. John W. Coogan. 




Justices of the Peace. 

With, the number of jurors and 
justices of the peace to which each 
town is entitled. 

Hartford, 47. David L. Aberdein, 
Sherman W. Adams, Sylvester Bar- 
bour, Edward B. Bennett, John H. 
Brocklesby, John R. Buck, Henry 
E. Burton, Uriah Case, Charles E. 
Chapman, Charles J. Cole, Horace 
Cornwall, John C. Day, Sylvester 
C. Dunham, Win. L. Eaton, Fred. 
Eberle, Willard Eddy, Arthur F. 
Eggleston, Charles E. Fellowes, H. 

B. Freeman, David G. Gordon, Danl. 
J. Griffin, Wm. Hamersley, A. N. 
Hatheway, Wm. F. Henney, Alvan 
P. Hyde, Elisha Johnson, Sam'l F. 
Jones, Theodore Lyman, Edwin E. 
Marvin, Richard McCloud, M. E. 
Merrill, Hugh O'Flaherty, John C. 
Parsons, Charles E. Perkins, John 
T. Peters, George G. Sill, Stiles D. 
Sperry, Lewis E. Stanton, Timothy 
E. Steele, Henry E. Taintor, James 
H. Tallman, Stephen Terry, Thomas 
G. Welles, Mahlon R. West, John 
R. Wittig, J. Hurlburt White. 

Avon, 6. James E. Lusk. 

Berlin, 10. Charles M. Browne, 
A. A. Barnes, Eli Winchell, George 
Taylor, A. J. Warner, Jas. W. Hub- 
bard, E. Brandegee. Giles A. Lon- 

Bloomfield, 8. J. E. Palmer, S. B. 
Newberry, Lloyd E. Baldwin, Sam'l 
J. Mills. 

Bristol, 15. S. P. Newell, Geo. A. 
Gowdy, Laporte Hub bell, Hiram H. 
Hurlburt, Asahel Brockett, Asaph 

C. Fuller, Isaac W. Beach, M. M. 
Woodford, Timothy E. Hawley, Levi 

Burlington, 6. Yincent Yiering, 
Anthony Moore, Henry Curtis. 

Canton, 10. William W. Bid well, 
Samuel F. Stevens, Wm. G. Hallock, 
Levi Case, Wm. E. Brown, David B. 
Hale, Giles C. Calhoun, Oliver C. 
4,dams, Alfred Allen, Anson W. Bris- 

East Granby, G. Isaac P. Owen, 
Cicero H. Merwin, Rich. H. Phelps, 
Charles A. Tudor, Joel B. Holcomb, 
Virgil E. Yiets. 

East Hartford, 13. William Han- 

mer, Percy S. Bryant, Benj. F. Eaton, 
J.- K. Hall, Wm. M. Stanley, Eph- 
raim Rood, Seth Risley, Edward O. 
Goodwin, Henry Albro, W. C. Cum- 
mings, Ralph Risley. 

East Windsor, 14. J. O. Ells- 
worth, Henry W. Bissell, Mahlon 
H. Bancroft, Homer D. Allen, Jabez 
S. Allen, Andrew Hamilton. 

Enfield, 20. Albert W. Allen, 
David Gordon, John Law, Charles 
H. Briscoe, J. Warren Johnson, T. I. 
Pease, Frank W. Parsons, T. B. Pot- 
ter, A, D. Bridge, J. N. Allen, D. L. 
Abbe, Joseph Bent, Horace Patteu, 
L. P. Abbe, R. D. Parsons, Chas. D. 
Brainard, F. E. Ely, S. Hathaway, 
J. Randall, C. F. Morrison. 

Farmington, 14. Thomas Cowles, 
Thomas Tread well, Charles L. Whit- 
man, Wales S. Porter, Martin L. 
Parsons, Ezra C. Ayer, John P. 
Lewis, Luther T. Moses. 

Glastonbury, 17. George C. An- 
drews, Albert A. Bogue, Edgar 
Hale, Charles T. Plunkett, Henry 
B. Doane, Wm. S. Goslee, Lyman 
T. Hollister, Nathaniel W. French, 
Chas. J. Loomer, Chester I. Love- 
land, James H. Welles. 

Granby, 13. Watson Dewey, T. 
M. Maltbie, Wallace Kendall, Mar- 
shall A. Colton, Edward Holcomb, 
Asel H. Rice, Denison Case, Lucian 
Reed, Willis Phelps. 

Hartland, 6. Uriah Nickerson, 
George D. Cornish, J. Gates Miller, 
Elliott W. Emmons, Edward A. 

Manchester, 13. Daniel Wads- 
worth, George W. Cheney, Robert 
N. Strong, Welles Wetherell, Wm. 
B. Lincoln, Wm. Scott, Rufus R. 
Dimock, Nathaniel Keeney, Olin R. 
Wood, Charles S. Cheney, James F. 
Bunce, Charles H. Owen, Mason 

Marlborough, 5. Amos B. La- 
tham, Henry D. Barrows, Henry 

New Britain, 30. Jas. H. Beach, 
Hiram Belden, Michael Gray, Aus- 
tin Hart, Julius H. Pease, Henry 
Nash, Charles E. Mitchell, Frank 
L. Hungerford, W. L. Humason, L. 
G. Burr, Gideon Robinson, Charles 



[VOL. I. 

Peck, Fred. H. Churchill, Samuel 
Stanley, Levi O. Smith, John 

Newington, 8. John S. Kirkham, 
Eoger Welles, Edward Sheltou. 

Plainville, 5. Hiram S. Hamil- 
ton, Major A. Mckerson, Alhert T. 
Bishop, S. N. Ryder. 

Bocky Hill, 6. Geo. W. Hewitt, 
Joseph B. Porter. 

Simsbury, 14. Dudley B. McLean, 
Thomas R. Case, F. G. Woodford, 
Seymour Pettihone, Charles L. 
Roberts, Jeffery O. Phelps, Jr., Wm. 
C. Case, Alouzo G. Case. 

Southington, 11. John J. Barnes, 
Marcus H. Hoi comb, Walter S. Mer- 
rell, Samuel W. Green, A. M. Lewis, 
Elbridge E. Paddock. 

South Windsor, 9. Seth Vinton, 
Bradford H. Grant. 

Suffield, 15. Simon B. Kendall, 
Jas. B. Rose, Israel Newton, Edwin 
J. Copley, Lewis C. Sheldon, H. S. 

West Hartford, 8. Anson Chap- 
,pell, Beuj. S. Bishop, Jas. S. Flagg, 
E. Buel Root, Henry Talcott, Chas. 
H. Flagg, Adolph C. Sternberg, 
Timothy Sedgwick, 2d. 

Wethersfield, 13. Albert Galpin, 
Samuel Woodhouse, Henry A. Still- 
man, Wm. W. Adams. 

Windsor, 10. Lonzo M. Smith, 
Spencer Clapp, Thomas W. Loomis, 
Hiram G. Phelps, Alexander Clapp, 
Richard D. Case. 

Windsor Locks, 6. Dwight J. 
Osborne. Allen Pease, Timothy C. 

New Haven County. 

Commissioners. Charles A. Tom- 
linson, Milford, 1878; Linus Bird- 
sey, Meriden, 1878 ; John W. Lake, 
New Haven, 1879. 

Clerk of Courts. Arthur D. Os- 
borne, New Haven. 

Assistant Clerks. Jonathan In- 
gersoll, Edward A. Anketeli, New 
Haven ; Edward F. Cole, Water- 

State Attorney. Orvillo H. Piatt, 

Sheriff. John C. Byxbee, Meri- 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

New Haven, George A. Stevens, 
William B. Catlin, Jonathan W. 
Pond, Joseph H. Keefe ; Meriden, 
Edwin Birdsey ; Derby, J. L. Clin- 
ton ; Guilford, Elisha Hart ; Ham- 
den, G. H. Meecham ; Madison, 
William S. Hull ; Milford, William 
Piatt; Naugatuck, J. H. Mulvill; 
Seymour, David Tucker ; Walling- 
ford, William Morgan ; Waterbury, 
P. H. Keegan. 

Deputy Jailer. Geo. E. Kimberly, 
New Haven. 

County Treasurer. Harmanus M. 
Welch, New Haven. 

Attorney s-at-Laic. 
New Haven, *John W. Ailing, *S. 
W. F. Andrews, *Edward A. Anke- 
teli, *E. P. Arvine, *Adolpk Asher, 
*Simeon E. Baldwin, *Fred'k W. 
Babcock, *John D. Ballou, John 
S. Beach, *Wm. L. Bennett, *James 
Bishop, Alfred Blaekman, *Henrv 
T. Blake, *C. C. Blatchley, *Levi 
N. Blydenburgh, Chas. F. Bollmann, 
Levi B. Bradley, *Louis H. Bristol. 
*Samuel L. Bronson, *Chas K. Bush, 

* Julius C. Cable, *Wm. C. Case, 
*Wilson H. Clark, *James G. Clark. 
*J. P. Cleaveland, *Geo. R. Cooley, 
*Hugk Daily, *Lucius P. Deming, 
*Thomas H. Dewey, *T. E. Doolit- 
tle, *Cornelius T. Driscoll, Henry 

F. English, * William W. Farnam, 

* James F. Fitzpatrick, *Williarn L. 
Foster, * Charles H. Fowler, *John 
S. Fowler, ^Timothy J. Fox. *Chas. 
K. Gorham, *Charles S. Hamilton, 
*Henry B. Harrison, *Lynde Harri- 
son, * George Hine, *Jolm C. Hollis- 
ter, *Hobart L. Hotchkiss, *L. M. 
Hubbard, *Savillian R. Hull, *Chas. 
R. Ingersoll, *Francis G. Ingersoll, 

* Jona. Ingersoll, *Thos. C. Ingersoll, 
*Chas. Ives, *Chas. Ives, Jr., *Abel 
B. Jacocks, *Thos. D. Kennedy, 
*Wm. H. Kenyon, *Patrick F. Kier- 
nan, Charles Kimberly, Henry C. 
Kingsley, *Milton S. Leonard, 
*Sam'l A. Marsden, * John B. Mills, 
Wm. J. Mills, *Eli Mix, *Luzon B. 
Morris, Charles T. Morse, * Joseph B. 
Morse, *Lyruan E. Munson, * Henry 

G. Newton, * Arthur D. Osborne, 




"Geo. W. Osborn, Robert H. Osborn, 
*Henry E. Pardee, *David J. Peck, 
^Eugene B. Peck, * Albert D. Pen- 
ney, *Jobn P. Phillips, *I£ufus S. 
Pickett, *Henry C. Piatt, * Johnson 
T. Piatt, * Joseph D. Plunkett, Am- 
asa G. Porter, *Edwin Purrington, 
*Abram H. Robertson, *William 

C. Robinson, *Jokn A. Robinson, 
*Frank A. Robinson, *Edward H. 
Rogers, *Henry Rogers, *Talcott H. 
Russell, *Henry D. Russell, *Ckas. 
H. Russell, * Joseph Sheldon, *Chas. 
W. Shelton, *Siegwart Spier, *Da- 
vid Strouse, *Henry Stoddard, * Win. 
B. Stoddard, * William W. Stone, 
*John P. Studley, *CharlesL. Swan, 
*Wm. K. Townsend, Dwight W. 
Tuttle, *Grove J. Tuttle, *Jolm H. 
Tuttle, *Julius Twiss, *Morris F. 
Tyler, *George A. Tyler, *Simeon 
H. Wagner, *John B. Ward, *Geo. 
H. Watrous, *Francis Wayland, 
* James H. Webb, John W. West- 
cott, Charles R. Whedon, *Charles 
A. White, *Henry White, *Henry 

D. White, *Roger S. White, *01iver 
S. White, *John H. Whiting, *Mat- 
thew N. Whitmore, Eugene A. 
Witt, *James A. Wood, Theodore S. 
Woolsey, *Dexter R. Wright, *Wrn. 
A. Wright, Samuel A. York. Fair 
Haven, *Curtis S. Bushnell. 

Bradford. *Edward H. Rogers, 
*Wm. A. Wright. 

Cheshire. * Willi am Kelsey. West 
Cheshire, R. W. Wright. 

Derby. Birmingham, *S. M. Gard- 
ner, *Seabury B. Piatt, David Tor- 
rance, *Wm. B. Wooster, Wm. E. 
Downes. Ansonia, *Charles Reed, 
*Verenice Munger, Daniel E. Mc- 
Mahon, John B. Quillinan. 

East Haven. Dwight W. Tuttle, 
*Charles Ives, *S. W. F. Andrews, 

E. Edwin Hall, *Grove J. Tuttle, 
Charles Ives, Jr., *Lucius P. Dem- 
ing, *Henry D. Russell. 

Guilford. Edward R. Landon, 
*Lynde Harrison, *Hollis T.Walker. 

Hamden. . *Geo. R. Cooley, *Jas. 
H. Webb. 

Meriden. West Meriden, *Wil- 
bur F. Davis, *Daniel J. Donahue, 
George A. Fay, Frank S. Fay, *Rat- 
clifie Hicks, *Charles P. Ives, *E. 

A. Merriman, *Franklin Piatt, Jas. 
P. Piatt, *Orville H. Piatt, George 
W. Smith, *Ckas. H. Shaw, John Q. 
Thayer, *D. M. Woodward. 

Milford. *William B. Stoddard, 
*Henry C. Piatt. Woodmont, Al- 
vin D. Ayres. 

Naugatuclc. *Henry C. Baldwin, 
Maurice Dillon, *Burton A. Peck. 

Orange. West Haven, * Charles 
K. Bush, *Milton S. Leonard, *T. H. 
Dewey, *Abel B. Jacocks. 

Oxford. *T. F. Warner. 

Seymour. *Harris B. Munson, 
*W. H. Williams. 

Wallingford. *Leverett M. Hub- 
bard, *Seymour D. Hall, *Henry F. 
Hall, Jr.,'Leverett C. Hinman, *Eli 
S. Ives. 

Waterbury. Henry I. Boughton, 
*Geo. H. Cowell, *Edward F. Cole, 
Thos. Donahue, 2d, *Elliott J. Fenn, 
Geo. L. Fields, C. W. Gillette, Ste- 
phen W. Kellogg, *Greene Ken- 
drick, *Henry R. Morrill, John O'- 
Neil, Jr., *Chas. G. Root, *Bryan J. 
Smith, *George E. Terry, *Daniel 
F. Webster, John W. Webster. 

Wolcott. James L. Kenea. 

Commission®^ of Superior Court. 

Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 

New Haven. W. M. Barber, John 
F. Bishop, Frederick Botsford, E. 
C. Dow, John E. Earle, Lucius W. 
Fitch, Ed. F. Foote, Truman S. 
Foote, Philip Goodhart, G. W. 
Goodsell, Sam'l Halliwell, Bartholo- 
mew Healey, L. C. Hinman, Horace 
P. Hoadley, Chas. F. Hotchkiss, B. 
L. Lambert, Richard F. Lane, Peter 
McQuaid, Robert T. Merwin, Caleb 
Mix, Gardner Morse, Henry A. Mun- 
son, Sidney B. Oviatt, Obadiah 
Pease, Charles S. Scott, Burton W. 
Smith, George Terry, William H. 
Wheeler, Edmund Zacher. 

Bethany. Jason W. Bradley, Ed- 
win N. Clark, Nathan Clark. 

Branford. Henry Rogers, Elizur 
Rogers, Eli F. Rogers. 

Derby. Egbert Bartlett, T. G. 
Birdseye, Wm. B. Bristol, Wm. J. 
Clark, John L. Lindley, John Lind- 
ley, C. N. Rogers, Henry I. Smith. 



[VOL. I. 

Guilford. John R. Rossiter. 

Meriden. John E. Durand. 

Milford. L. N. Beardsley, Harvey 
Beach, Geo. H. Farnam, Samuel 
Snow, Thos. W. Stow, Selah Strong. 

North Branford. Jonathan L. 
Harrison, Edward Smith. 

North Haven. Whitney Elliott. 

Orange. L. G. Atwood. 

Oxford. Nathan J. Wilcoxson, 
Joel White. 

Seymour. S. Hart Culver. 

Souihbury. Alfred N. Wheeler, 

Wallingford. Jonathan M. An- 
drus, Henry Martin. 

Waterbury. Benj. Hallas, Levi. 
H. Dunbar. 

Woodbridge. Wm. C. White. 

Justices of the Peace. 

New Haven, 56. Henry F. An- 
druss, Henry W. Anthony, Earliss 
P. Arvine, Adolph Asber,E. Gilbert 
Austin, Fred'k W. Babcock, George 
A. Basserman, Jas. Bishop, Levi N. 
Blydenburgh, Charles F. Bollmann, 
Maurice F. Brenuan, Sylvanus But- 
ler, John Cunningham, Chas. S. A. 
Davis, Harvey B. Dorman, Bernard 
F. Finnegan, John S. Fowler, Tim- 
othy J. Fox, C. A. Gallagher, Jas. 
H. Goodsell, Chas. K. Gorham, Mi- 
chael Herrity, Hobart L. Hotchkiss, 
Philip Hugo, Jonathan Ingersoll, 
Thos. C. Iugersoll, Sam'l Johnsou, 
Chas. Katsch, Thos. D. Kennedy, 
Patrick F. Kieruan, Michael Hugh- 
son, Patrick McAveney, William J. 
Mills, Eli Mix, Luzon B. Morris, 
Abraham Krauss, Jacob Mailhouse, 
Wm. O'Donnell, Jos. D. Pluukett, 
Edwin Purrington, A. Heaton Rob- 
ertson, Frank A. Robinson, Solomon 
Rosenbluth, Chas. Ruickoldt, Chas. 
H. Russell, Chas. W. Shelton, Sieg- 
wart Spier, Henry Stoddard, David 
Strouse, S. Harrison Wagner, Chas. 
R. Whcdon, Sam'l A. York, Selig- 
mau Z under. 

Beacon Falls, 8. Julius C. Coe, 
Patrick Eagan, Charles H. Louns- 

Bethany, 7. Nathan Clark, A. C. 
Woodward, II. W. Perkins, D wight 
E. Todd, S. G. Davidson, Wales H. 
French, Samuel R. Woodward. 

Branford, 8. J. J. Bartholomew, 
Virgil U. Cook, Joseph P. Douglass, 
Edward H. Rogers. 

Cheshire, 12. Theo. A. Cook, 
Bennett Holman. 

Derby, 13. Samuel M. Gardner, 
John S. Pessenger, John W. Storrs, 
David B. Holbrook, David Tor- 
rance, Verenice Hunger, Chester A. 
Hawley, John B. Quillinan, John 
C. Reilly, Seabury B. Piatt, Thomas 
Walsh, Luzon Rowell, Charles 
Reed, Egbert Bartlett, Henry K. 

East Haven, 9. Charles A. Bray, 
Charles Ives, Jr., Hiram Jacobs, 
Alvan B. Rose, Dwiffht W. Tuttle, 
Grove J. Tuttle, S. W. F. Andrews. 

Guilford, 14. Edward R. Landon, 
John R. Rossiter, John Beattie, J. 
Seymour Benton, Edwin W. Bart- 
lett, Hollis T. Walker, E. Walter 
Leete, Harvey Elliott, Richard M. 
Leete, E. Norton, A. G. Hull, Lynde 
Harrison, Leverett C. Stone, Jerome 

Hamden, 11. Gilbert S. Benham, 
Jesse Cooper, Andrew J. Doolittle, 
Horace Tuttle, Algernon 0. Beach. 

Madison, 11. Henry B. Wilcox, 
John H. Meigs, C. H. Whedon, John 
P. Hopson, Horace 0. Hill, Henry 

E. Stone. 

Meriden, 17. George A. Fay, E. 
A. Merriman, Charles H. Shaw, J. 
P. Piatt, F. S. Fay, Chas. P. Ives, 
J. Q. Thayer, G. W. Smith, Ratcliffe 
Hicks, W. F. Davis, D. J. Donahue, 
J. M. Perkins, John P. Morse, 
George W. Rogers, John Seary, 
Henry Sabine, John H. Bario. 

Middlebury, 5. George O. Ellis, 
Wm. Tyler, C. T. Hale, Silas Tuttle, 
H. AY. Munson. 

Milford, 14. Samuel A. Hiles, 
Phineas S. Bristol, Wm. H. Pond, 
Harvey S. Ford, William B. Bas- 

Naugatuek, 9. B. A. Peck, David 
Smith, Homer Twitchell, Samuel 
Piatt, N. B. Lewis, Eldridge Smith, 
M. S. Baldwin, Laurence Spencer, 
Edward Sweeney. 

North Branford, 6. Chas. Page, 

F. C. Bartholomew. 

North Haven, 8. Andrew F. 




Austin, Cyrus Cheeney, Truman O. 
Judd, Chas. M. Tuttle, Nelson J. 
Beach, J. Boardman Smith, Chas. 
B. Smith, Roswell Brockett. 

Orange, 9. Benj. T. Clark, Wm, 
H. Talmadge, Alhert F. Miles, 
George W. Metcalf, Elias T. Main, 
Donaldson S. Thompson, James R. 
Ayres, T. H. Dewey. 

Oxford, 10. Nathaniel Walker, 
Clark E. Lum, Benjamin Nichols, 
Orlando C. Oshorn, Harpin A. Lum. 

Prospect, 5. Algernon S. Plumh, 
Geo. D. Fenn. 

Seymour, 10. George W. Devine, 
John W. Rogers, F. M. Clemens. 

Southbury, 10. George N. Piatt, 
George H. Canneld, John D. Seeley, 
Henry S. Wheeler, Aaron H. Shel- 
ton, Granville T. Pearce, Sherman 
B. Warner. 

Walling ford, 14. Franklin John- 
son, O. I. Martin, Ehenezer H. Ives, 
Daniel M. Ives, Hezekiah Hall, 
Phineas T. Ives, Patrick McKenna, 
Henry L. Hall, Wm. B. Hall, Lever- 
ett M. Hubbard, James N. Pierpont, 
Garry I. Mix, Chas. H. Preston, 
Bennet Jeralds. 

Waterbury, 22. Henry I. Bough- 
ton, Stephen W. Kellogg, John 
O'Neil, Jr., John W. Webster, 
George E. Terry, Nelson J. Welton, 
Thomas Donahue, 2d, Chas. W. 
Gillette, Geo. L. Fields, Edward F. 
Cole, Henry R. Morrill, Elliott J. 
Fenn, Greene Kendrick, Franklin 
L. Welton. 

Walcott, 6. Henry Minor, Fred- 
erick L. Nichols, Miles S. Upson, 
Albert N. Lane, James L. Kenea. 

Woolbridge, 7. Theo. R. Bald- 
win, Samuel F. Perkins, Marcus E. 

New London County. 

Commissioners. Giles G. Wick- 
wire, Colchester, 1878 ; Timothy S. 
Daboll, New London, 1879 ; Paul B. 
Greene, Norwich, 1880. 

Clerk of Courts. Webster Park, 

Assistant Clerk. John C. Kel- 
logg, Norwich. 

State Attorney. Thomas M. Wal- 
ler, New London. 


Sheriff. O. N. Raymond, Nor- 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

New London, Frank M. Clem- 
ence ; Norwich, Edson S. Bishop ; 
Colchester, Allen G. Wickwire ; 
Griswold, Frank Hawkins ; Mystic 
Eiver, Thomas W. Noyes ; Noank, 
Thomas J. Sawyer, Jr. ; North 
Stonington, Gilbert Billings ; Old 
Lyme, Richard W. Chad wick. 

Deputy Jailer. Alden W. Hew- 
itt, New London. 

County Treasurer. Leonard 
Hempstead, New London. 

Attorney s-at- Law. 

New London. William Belcher, 
Augustus Brandegee, Chas. W. But- 
ler, N. A. Chapman, Alfred Coit, 
Robert Coit, Wm. C. Crump, A. S. 
Darrow, John W. Flanders, George 
W. Goddard, Andrew C. Lippitt, A. 
C. Lippitt, Jr., John P. C. Mather, 
G. F. Raymond, John A. Tibbits, 
Thomas M. Waller, Ralph Wheeler. 

Norwich. * John C. Averill, Wm. 
L. Brewer, Albert S. Bolles, *Lucius 
Brown, *Frank T. Brown, *Frank- 
lin H. Brown, Henry H, Burnam, 
^Richard E. Cash, * f. B. Coit, *Wm. 
S. Congdon, L. F. S. Foster, Jere- 
miah Halsey, Edward Harland, S. 
T. Holbrook, John C. Kellogg, 
Solomon Lucas, Ebenezer Learned, 
Calvin L. Ransom, Albert F. Park, 
Webster Park, George C. Ripley, 
*Wm. H. Shields, T. Walter Swan, 
*S. H. Thresher, *Seneca S. Thresh- 
er, *Edw. H. Thomas, Allen Tenny, 
J. M. Thayer, John T. Wait, O. P. 
Wattles, David Young. 

Colchester. Erastus S. Day. 

Groton. John J. Copp. Mystio 
River, Lemuel Clift, *B. L. Miller, 
*A. P. Tanner. 

Old Lyme. P. O., Lyme, Daniel 
Chadwick, James Griswold. 

Stonington. *George Sharswood, 
Jr. Mystic, Chas. Sabin, *John B. 

Westerly, B. J., * Francis Sheffield, 
A. B. Crafts, N. F. Dixon, N. F. 
Dixon, Jr. 

Waterford. A. S. Darrow, N. A. 



[vol. I. 

Commissioners of Superior Court. 

Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 

New London. Anson Brown. 

Norwich. William W. Barnes, 
G. H. Bottom, J. K. Brewer, John 
T. Brown, Chas. H. Cobh, Jr., 
Elbridge C. Cook, Wm. H. Jen- 
nings, Jr., Jas. , Ritchie, H. B. Win- 

East Lyme. Francis W. Bolles. 

Franldin. T. H. C. Kingsbury. 

Groton. Philo Little, Orrin E. 

Griswold. Wm. A. Weeks. 

Montville. Henry A. Baker. 

Preston. Asahel Tanner. 

Sprague. J. B. C. Du Plessis, 
Charles H. Ladd, A. D. Wilcox. 

Stonington. Solomon L. Ed- 
wards, Peleg Noyes, Charles Perrin, 
Thomas D. Sheffield, George D. 

Justices of the Peace. 

New London, 30. Ralph Wheeler, 
G. F. Raymond, Wm. C. Crump, 
Wm. Belcher, John A. Tibbits, 
Augustus Brandegee, Reuben Lord, 
Jr., Charles J. Hewitt, T. M. 
Waller, Charles W. Butler, A. C. 
Lippitt, Jr., Alfred Coit, A. C. Lip- 
pitt, E. V. Daboll, J. C. Douglas, 
A. S. Darrow, Wm. W. Pittman. 

Norwich, 33. Ebenezer Learned, 
Seneca S. Thresher, Wm. H. Jen- 
nings, John C. Averill, Frank 
Brown, Edward H. Thomas, Seneca 
H. Thresher, John T. Wait, Jere- 
miah Halsey, Wm. L. Brewer, James 
A. Hovey, Edward Harland, Wm. 
C. Tucker, John C. Kellogg, Michael 
McQuirk, Paul B. Greene, Albert F. 
Park, T. Walter Swan, Azel W. 
Gibbs, John M. Thayer, J. W. Car- 
penter, Allen Tenny, Oliver P. Wat- 
tles, David Young, S. T. Holbrook, 
William H. Shields, George C. Rip- 
ley, Walter H. Burr, Henry H. 
Burnham, Webster Park, Solomon 
Lucas, Alvan T. Davis. 

Bozrah, 5. Franklin W. Bogue, 
Albert Waterman, Charles M. Pen- 
dleton, Russel Gardner, Isaac John- 

Colchester, 13. Nathaniel Foote, 

Erastus S. Day, Russel Way, Wm. 
Brainerd, Demas Carrier. 

East Lyme, 7. Henry M. Burch, 
Lyman M. Bacon, John Littleiield, 
Matthew Tinker, Curtis M. Smith, 
Wm. T. Cutter, F. E. Morgan. 

Franklin, 5. Amos F. Royce, 
Henry W. Kingsley, Lavius A. Rob- 
inson, Soloman A. Brink, Benj. F. 

Griswold, 11. Barton C. Kegwin, 
J. G. Bill, A. Edmond, Wm. Soule, 
Joseph Rood, O. Hinckley, E. C. 

Gi^oton, 21. J. G. Harris, D. A. 
Daboll, Wm. E. Wheeler, E. W. 
White, HZ W. Davis, E. I. Thomas, 
Wm. Moxley, John Prentice, Philo 
Little, Timothy W. Turner, Frank 
W. Latham, Horace E. Davis, 
Thomas B. Collins, Silas Burrows, 
Lemuel Clift, Charles Johnson. 

Lebanon, 13. George D. Spencer, 
Walter G. Kingsley, N. C. Barker, 
F. K. Noyes, Wm. A. Fuller, Jona- 
than C. Fuller. 

Ledyard, 10. Isaac G. Geer, The- 
ophilus Avery, Josiah Hammond, 
Dwight Gallup, Amasa M. Maine, 
Henry Larrabee, Ambrose Reynolds, 
Edmund Spicer, Palmer Allyn. 

Lisbon, 5. Henry Lyon, Benja- 
min G. Hull, Russell W. Fitch, 
Henry G. Palmer, Eben F. Yerring- 

Lyme, 7. Fred. Fosdick, William 
Hall, Frank Laplace, Reuben Lord. 

Montville, 10. Oliver W. Doug- 
lass, Nathan S. Comstock, H. R. 

North Stonington, 11. Chas. P. 
White, Chas. H. Browning, Robert 
P. Palmerj John D. Babcock, Jona. 
Allen, Francis Burdick, Stiles P. 
Ecclestone, Dudley W. Stewart, 
Phineas M. Wheeler, Horace S. Bab- 
cock, Orrin Chapman. 

Old Lyme, 7. Daniel Chadwick, 
James Griswold, J. G. Perkins. 

Preston, 10. Nathan D. Bates, 
James H. Fitch, James A. Stoddardj 
James F. Forsyth, John W. Gallup, 
R. H. Harvey. 

Salem, 5. F. E. Chadwick, W. S. 
Gott, Henry Smith, C. E. Treadway, 
Thomas Strickland. 




Sprague, 7. Chas. D. Weaver, 
Chris. Browning, Rich'd J. Brophy, 
Norman Smith, Wm. Ladd, Clias. T. 
Hazen, George J. Lawton. 

Stonington, 22. Jerome S. Ander- 
son, Silas B. Wheeler, Nelson H. 
Wheeler, Wm. R. Palmer, Eobert 
Woodburn, Albigence Hyde, Chas. 
S. Bennett. 

Waterford, 12. H. A. Smith, F. J. 
Stanton, Nathaniel A. Chapman, W. 
H. H. Morgan, J. W. Manwaring, J. 
E. Beckwith, A. A. Brown, John L. 
Watrous, James A. Gallup. 

Fairfield County. 

Commissioners. Charles Cannon, 
Wilton, 1878; LeGrand G. Beers, 
Trumbull, 1879 ; John W. Rockwell, 
Ridgefield, 1880. 

Clerk of Courts. Henry T. Blake, 
New Haven. 

Assistant Clerics. E. Stewart Sum- 
ner, Bridgeport; David B. Booth, 

State Attorney. James H. Olm- 
stead, Stamford. 

Sheriffs. Geo. W. Lewis, Bridge- 
port, to July 1, 1878 ; Aaron San- 
ford, Newtown, from July 1, 1878. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Danbury, Alfred A. Heath; Fas- 
ton, Selleck N. Osborne; Fairfield, 
Samuel Pike ; Greenwich, John Day- 
ton ; Huntington, Gideon M. Wake- 
lee ; New Canaan, Wallace Dann ; 
Newtown, Aaron Sanford; Norwalk, 
Charles Adams; South Norwalk, 
Nelson J. Craw ; Stamford, Stephen 
M. Newman ; Stratford, Abijah Mc- 
Ewen ; Ridgefield, J. Lewis Hunt ; 
Westport, Rufus D. Cable. 

Deputy Jailers, Albert Sher- 
wood, Danbury ; Wakeman W. 
Wells, Bridgeport. 

County Treasurer. W. C. Quin- 
tard, Norwalk. 

Attorney s-at-Law. 
Bridgeport. Francis E. Baldwin, 
*Israel M. Bullock, Henry T. Blake, 
Stephen S. Blake, *Morris B. Beards- 
ley, *A. B. Beers, *Ebenezer Burr, 
"Charles S. Canfield, *J. C. Cham- 
berlin, *Daniel Davenport, *R. E. 

DeForest, *Charles A. Doten, *Theo. 
W. Downs, *V. R. C. Giddings, *F. 
B.Hall, *DavidF. Hollister, *Gideon 
H. Hollister, *F. L. Holt, *Francis 
Ives, D. B. Lockwood, *L. N. Middle- 
brook, *Dwight Morris, ^William 
H. Noble, *W. E. Norton, *J. W. 
Parrott, *Henry S. Sanford, *\Vm. 
K. Seeley, Morris W. Seymour, *Wm, 
R. Shelton, *Chas. Sherwood, *Lu- 
cius M. Slade, *I. M. Sturges, Good- 
win Stoddard, *Samuel B. Sumner, 
Amos S. Treat, *Curtis Thompson, 
*Morris Tuttle, *Geo. W. Warner, 
*Levi Warner, *Wm. C. Wildman. 

Danbury. *Roger Averill, *Ar- 
thur H. Averill, *A. T. Bates, *David 
B. Booth, *Lyman D. Brewster, 
*Wm. Burke, *J. R, Farnum, *Ben- 
ezet A. Hough, *Theodore McDon- 
ald, Wm. F. Taylor, *0. A. G. Todd, 
*Samuel Tweedy. 

Fairfield. E. Burr, Jr. South- 
port, Charles M. Gilman, John H. 

Greenwich. *H. W. R. Hoyt, My- 
ron L. Mason, ^Frederick A. Hub- 

Neivtown. Sandy Hook, *James 
A. Wilson. 

Norwalk. *H. IT. Barbour, *Jo- 
seph F. Foote, J. B. Hurlbutt, * John 
H. Perry, *F. W. Perry, * Albert 
Relyea, *Win. R. Smith, Levi War- 
ner, * Asa B. Woodward, * Joseph W. 
Wilson. South Norwalk, Lewis J. 
Blake, *Ammi Giddings, *Nelson 

Stamford. * Alexander Campbell, 
*Calvin G. Child, *Samuel H. Cohen, 

* Julius B. Curtis, * Joshua B. Ferris, 

* Samuel Fessenden, ^Nathaniel R. 
Hart, * Michael Kenealy, *Jarues H. 
Olmstead, *Edwin L. Scoiield, Clar- 
ence Strobridge, Wm. C. Strobidge, 
Jr., *Lemon B. Tread well. 

Stratford. *V. R. C. Giddings. 

Westport. Edw. M. Lees. Green's 
Farms, * Albert Relyea. 

Wilton. Geo. A. Davenport. Can- 
non's Station, J. Belden Hurlbutt. 

Commissioners of Superior Court. 
Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 
' Bridgeport. John H. Boughton 



[VOL. I. 

D. B. Clute, J. E. Dunham, F. L. 
Holt, F. J. Huges, B. H. Hull, F. G. 
Lewis, T. W. Marsh, Johu F. Noble, 

F. P. Norman, L. B. Sibley, W. M. 
Staples, John Stevenson, E. Stew- 
art Sumner, George Watson. 

Dcmbury. Win, A. Ely, Timothy 
Jones, Joseph A. Joyce, Wm. A. 
Leonard, H. B. Scott. 

Bethel. T. B. Hickock. 

Brookfield. E. H. Northrop. 

Fairfield. Henry Bradley, Levi 
W. Burr, John G. Morehouse, David 

Greenwich. A. F. Finiels, Daniel 
S. Mead, Chas. E. Merritt, C. A. 
Newman, George J. Smith, R. J. 

Huntington. Horace Wheeler. 

New Canaan. E. L. Hall, B. D. 

New Fairfield. E. Jennings. 

Norwalk. Alfred E. Austin, Chas. 
Olmstead. South Norwalk, Wm. S. 

Bedding. J. F. Burke. 

Bidqefield. Geo. H. Boughton. 

Stamford. D. H. Clark, Wm. C. 
Hoyt, H. Stanley Finch. 

Stratford. Samuel W. Beardsley, 
Robert H. Russell, Albert Wilcox- 

Trumbull. Birdsey G. Plumb. 

Westport. Henry W. Lyon, J. E. 

Wilton. T. Davenport. 

Justices of the Peace. 
Bridgeport, 27. S. B. Sumner, F. 
P. ISorman, Andrew Burke, L. W. 
Clarke, J. B. Atherton, Wm. Kin- 
sela, W. W. Wells, I. P. Stevens, 
John Bee, John Eckel, C. S. Can- 
field, James O'Neil, J. C. Smith, 

E. B. Stevens, G. Stoddard, Dwight 
Morris, G. W. Hayes, Samuel Wil- 
mot, Walter Goddard, C. A. Doteu, 
D. B. Lockwood, S. C. Patrick, 
Henry Layfield, G. H. Hollister, 

G. H. B. Ward, M. Gilkuley, Fred. 

Banbury, 17. Charles Dikeman, 
S. B. Tread well, C. Green, Lucius H. 
Boughton, Timothy Higgins, Henry 
W. Northrop, Nathaniel B. Selleck, 
Henry Taylor, G. H. Knapp, C. Bar- 

tram, A. S. Merchant, Geo. Morgan, 
W. H. Clark, Norman Hodge, S. 
Bates, M. Wood, W. L. Durant. 

Bethel, 12. Elijah Taylor, Geo. 
W. Taylor, Willis Judd, Davis D. 
Knapp, Cyril H. Benedict, Eli W. 
Gilbert, Frank Judd. 

Brookfield, 7. Harvey Roe, Henry 
S. Stevens, Edwin G. Terrill, Henry 
I). Lake, Philo C. Merwin, David H. 
Meeker, Benjamin Gfiffin. 

Darien, 8. Ira Scofield, Joseph 
B. Mather, Walter S. Whitney, Chas. 
Brown, Edward O. Page, Chas. W. 
Lounsberry, Nathan Dauchv, James 
B. Selleck. 

Faston, 8. Burr Bennett, John 
S. Rowland, William Wakeman, C. 
W. Blakeman, M. E. Thorp, Henry 
Wakeman, L. L. Disbrow, I. P. 

Fairfield, 18. Wm. Lyon, Wm. A. 
Disbrow, Joseph N. Sherwood, Robt. 
Wilson, Setk Wakeman, John M. 
Brothnell, Matthew V. Woodward. 

Greenwich, 21. Luke A. Lock- 
wood, John G. Reynolds, Joseph H. 
Marshall, Philip N. Jackson, Amos 
M. Brush, John E. Weed, Living- 
ston R. Burns. 

Huntington, 7. James H. Beard, 
Stephen Beardsley, Wm. A. Judson, 
John C. Buckingham, Cornelius 
Blackman, Erastus Bennett. 

Monroe, 8. Burr Hawley, Lacey 
Higgins, Foster M. Cargill, Edson 
P. Fisher, Charles W. Curtiss, Homer 
E. Clarke, L. Dwight Lane. 

New Canaan, 14. Joseph Lam- 
bert, Francis M. Bliss. 

New Fairfield, 5. B. B. Kellogg, 
H. H. Wildman, John J. Treadwell. 

Newtown, 17. Wm. N. Northrop, 
Jas. A. Wilson, J. M. Beardsley, S. 
B. Peck, Wheeler Ward, S. B, Wheel- 
er, S. Barnum, J. Mooney, R. N. 
Betts, John Stilson. 

Norwalk, 20. Levi Warner, Louis 
J. Blake, Wm. R. Smith, Edward W. 
Stuart, Augustus C. Golding, Ed- 
ward H. Smith, Nelson Tavlor, Thos. 
Guyer, Silas P. Tuttle, William T. 
Craw, Frank W. Perry, Harvey 

Bedding, 9. Lemuel Sanford, 
Francis A. Sanford, Benj. F. Banks, 




Stebbins Baxter, Frederick Cole, 
George Albin. 

Bidgefidd, 12. Reed Haveland, 
Edward H. Smith, Geo. Smith, Wm. 
W. Seymour. 

Sherman, 5. Geo. N. Woodruff, 
M. B. Barlow, John O. Page. 

Stamford, 21. Edward Duffy, An- 
drew J. Bell, R. A. Leeds, Geo. B. 
Christison, Geo. Gaylor, A. W. Voor- 
hies, Daniel Haurahan. 

Stratford, 11. Stephen D. Smith, 
Stephen S. Booth, William H. Bun- 

Trumbull, 7. LeGrand G. Beers, 
Samuel G. Beardsley, George Bar- 
tram, Joseph A. Treadwell. 

Weston, 6. David S. Parsons, 
Martin V. B. Rowland, David L. 

Westport, 14. Edward J. Tay- 
lor, George B. Smith, Henry W. 
Lyon, W. B. Wright, Moses W. Wil- 
son, W. J. Finch, N. W. Bradley, 
Geo. B. Boulton, Albert Relyea, E. 
M. Lees. 

Wilton, 11. Aaron M. Reed, Sam'l 
Bennett, Henry E. Chicester, George 
A. Davenport. 

Windham County. 
Commissioners. Henry C. Stark- 
weather, Plainfield, 1878 ; Simeon 

A. Wheatou, Eastford, 1879; Ezra 
C. May, Woodstock, 1880. 

Clerk of Courts. Edward L. 
Cundall, West Killhrgly. 

Assistant Clerk. Huber Clark, 

State Attorney. John J. Penrose, 
Plainfield (P. 6., Central Village). 

Sheriff. Charles H. Osgood, Put- 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Brooklyn, Frank E. Baker; Cen- 
tral Village, Nathaniel P. Thomp- 
son ; Eastford, P. B. Sibley ; Thomp- 
son, Walter Bates ; West Killingly, 
Joseph Snow ; Willimantic, Alonzo 

B. Green; Woodstock Valley, James 
B. Tatem. 

Deputy Jailer. H. F. Cox, Brook- 

County Treasurer. Alva Wylie, 

Attorney s-at-Laio. 

Windham. A. A. Burnham. Wil- 
limantic, Joel R. Arnold, Huber 
Clark, John M. Hall, * John L. Hun- 
ter, George W. Melony, Elliot B. 
Sumner, *Walcott Hamlin. 

Brooklyn. *Uriel Fuller, Edward 
L. Cundall, *Louis B. Cleveland. 

Ashford. *Jared D. Richmond. 

Hampton. Chauncey F. Cleve- 

Killingly. West Killingly, Ed- 
ward L. Cundall, Milton A. Shum- 
way, L. H. Rickard, *T. E. Graves, 
* A. G. Bill, J. H. Potter. 

Plainfield. Central Village, John 
J. Penrose, *Edgar M. Warner. 

Pomfret. Pomfret Landing, Jos. 

Putnam. *Harrison Johnson, *J. 
M. Lyon, Gilbert W. Phillips, Chas. 
E. Searls, *Samuel II. Seward. 

Thompson. Abiel Converse, Chas. 
E. Searls. 

Woodstock. South, George $. F. 

Commissioners of Superior Court. 

Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 

Windham. William Swift. 

Chaplin. Lester Bill. 

Eastford. Jairus Chapman, Cal- 
vin M. Brooks. 

Hampton. David Greenslit. 

Putnam. Ralph J. Savin. 

Thompson. Isaac Ross, Marcus 

West Killingly. Charles C. Cun- 
dall, Edwin L. Palmer. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Windham, 20. E. B. Sumner, 
Huber Clark, William Wales, Joel 
R. Arnold, Chas. T. Barstow, James 
G. Martin, Sumner L. Lincoln, 
Freeman D. Spencer, James E. 
Murray, George C. Martin, John M 
Hall, John L. Hunter, George W. 
Melony, Chester Tiklen, Joel Fox, 
Lucius C. Kinne, James M. Johnson. 

Brooklyn, 10. Edward L. Cun- 
dall, E. L. Preston, Elias II. Main, 
William H. Putnam. 

Ashford, 8. Albert E. Potter, 
Andrew H. Byles, JOhn A. Brown, 



[VOL. I. 

Charles W. Hills, Edward J. Ire- 
land, John S- Dean, Samuel Smith, 
William G. Shippy. 

Canterbury} 10. Amos Witter, 
Jirah Hyde, B. J. Hiding, D. B. 
Bushnell, Oliver S. Francis, J. P. 
Lester, Pearl Williams, Oscar Peck, 
James D. Ransom, Wm. S. Adams. 

Chaplin, C. David A. Griggs, 
Porter B. Peck, James R. Utley. 

Eastford, 7. Geo. W. Olds, James 
M. Keith, Lorenzo M. Whitney. 

Hampton, 6. Henry G. Taintor, 
Patrick H. Pearl, George M. Holt, 
David Greenslit, George R. Ham- 

Killingly, 20. Samuel Hutchins, 
W. H. Oatley, T. E. Graves, M. A. 
Shumway, L. Warner, J. Hill, J. 
W. Stone, F. Buiiingame, A. G. 
Bill, Nathan Short. 

Plainfield, 15. Stephen N. Ben- 
nett, Geo. Dawley, Henry C. Stark- 
weather, Thos. A. Tiffany, Erastus 
L. Spalding, Elisha P. Halo, Dwight 
Avery, John S. French, Geo. Tor- 
rey, Andrew J. Kimball, Henry S. 
Newton, Richard H. Ward, John L. 
Chapman, Wm. I. Hyde. 

Fomfret, 10. William I. Bartholo- 
mew, Pardon B. Johnson, John W. 
Clapp, George W. Taft, Joseph 
Mathewson, James J. Slade, C. D. 
Williams, E. P. Hayward. 

Putnam, 8. S. H. Seward, Chas. 
Osgood, L. II. Fuller, Augustus 
Houghton, Gilbert W. Phillips, Hez- 
ekiah Babbitt, Wm. H. Chamber- 
lain, John C. Chapman. 

Scotland, 5. Henry Lincoln, Sam'l 
B. Sprague, James H. Greenslit. 

Sterling, 6. Amos J. Gallup, An- 
drew J. Bitgood, Albert Frink, 
Henry D. Dixon. 

Thompson, 20. Samuel H. Davis, 
Nathan Rawson, James N. Kings- 
bury, Oscar Tourtellotte, Lawson 
Aldrich, Alonzo O. Woodart, Bar- 
ton Jacobs, John Cunningham, 
Charles E. Searls, Joshua P. Knight, 
Henry H. Dike, Dyer A. Upham, 
Randolph H. Chandler, James H. 
Converse, George C. Johnson, Benj. 
F. Phipps, Edw. T. White, Japheth 
Cortiss, Isaac Ross, Lowell Hol- 

Voluntown, 6. Henry C. Gardiner, 
Benjamin Gallup, Jos; T. Wvlie. 

Woodstock, 17. M. W. Ide, Martin 
Paine, Nath'l Andrews, O. Fisher, 
Jos. Hallock, Zenas Marcy, Nelson 
Morse, E. C. May, Sam'l M. Fenner, 
John M. Paine, S. D. Skinner, John 
H. Stetson, Geo. S. F. Stoddard, N. 
E. Morse, Wm. B. Lester, Wm. D. 

Litchfield County. 

Commissioners. Sidney Ensign, Ca- 
naan, 1878; Mortimer E. Dutton, 
Winchester, 1879 ; George Pierpont, 
Plymouth, 1880. 

Cleric of Courts. Wm. L. Ransom, 

Assistant Clerk. Dwight C. Kil- 
bourn, Litchfield. 

State Attorney. James Hunting- 
ton, Woodbury. 

Sheriff. Geo. H. Baldwin, Litch- 
field, to July 1, 1878 ; John D. Yale, 
Winsted, from July 1, 1878. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Litchfield, Charles F. Baldwin ; 
Falls Village, Daniel Brewster ; Gay- 
lordsville, John S. Ckamberlin ; 
Lakeville, William B. Perry ; Xeiv 
Hartford, William S. Seymour; New 
Mil ford, Frederick S. Richmond ; 
North Canaan, John C. Richmond; 
Boxbury, George E. Harris ; Thom- 
aston, James M. Chatfield ; West 
Cornwall, William Howard; West 
Winsted, John H. Slocum ; Wood- 
bury, Charles M. Goodsell. 

County Treasurer. Wm. C. Buell, 

Attorney s-at-Law. 

Litchfield. Origen S. Seymour, 
Chas. B. Andrews, Henry B. Graves, 
*George A. Hickox, Dwight C. Kil- 
bourn, Wm. L. Ransom, Edw. W. 
Seymour, *Geo. C. Woodruff, Geo. 
M. Woodruff. 

Barlchamsted. Biverton, Hiram 

Canaan. Falls Village, Lee P. 
Dean, George W. Peet. 

Cornwall. T. Kellogg, S. B. John- 
son. West Cornwall, Arthur D. War- 

Goshen. '* Albert Wadhams. 




Harwinton. *Abijah Catlin. 

New Hartford, Jared B. Foster, 
*Nathan Morse. 

New Milford. William Knapp, 
James H. McMahon, John S. Tur- 
rill. Gaylordsville, Edward S. Mer- 

North Canaan. P. 0., Canaan, Ja- 
cob B. Hardenbergh, A. T. Bora- 

Plymouth. *George W. Cole. 

Salisbury. Donald J. Warner, 
Donald T. Warner. Lakeville, *Hu- 
bert Williams. 

Sharon. *Charles F. Sedgwick, 
*Richard Smith, * James Wade 

Thomaston. Albert P. Bradstreet. 

Torrington. Wolcottville, Gideon H. 
Welch, *E. A. Kunkel. 

Winchester. West Winsted, Frank 
E. Cleveland, A. H. Fenn, F. D. 
Fyler, Wm. F. Hurlbut, Hiram P. 
Lawrence, * Wellington B. Smith. 

Woodbury. Wm. Cothren, * James 

Commissioners of Superior Court. 

Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 

Litchfield. Charles Adams, H. H. 

Bethlehem. Joshua Bird. 

ColebrooJc. Asa White. 

Cornwall. Victory C. Beers, Wm. 
P. Sturgiss. 

Goshen. F. A. Lucas, Henry Nor- 
ton, John M. Wadhams. 

Harwinton. Willis Catlin. 

Kent. Wellington Watson. 

Morris. Garry H. Miner. 

Plymouth. N. T. Baldwin, Aaron 
P. Fenn. 

Boxbury. H. B. Eastman, A. L. 

Salisbury. William E. Pettee. 

Sharon. E. H. Bartram. 

Torrington. Allen G. Brady. 

Washington. George C. Hitchcock, 
D. C. Whittlesey. 

Woodbury. Wm. E. Burton, L. L. 

Justices of tlie Peace. 
Litchfield, 21. Geo. M. Woodruff, 
H. B. Graves, E. W. Seymour, A. J. 

Pierpont, F. S. Porter, Charles B. 
Andrews, William Beming, D. G. 
Turney, George W. Bement, T. L. 
Jennings, Noah W. Beach, Eli D. 
Weeks, Samuel G. Beach. Darius 
P. Griswold, D wight C. Kilbourn, 
Howard Catlin, John A. Hall, Henry 
Morse, F. W. Wessells, Anson C. 
Smith, Frank Porter. 

Barkhamsted, 8. Uriel Spencer, 
Hiram E. Brown, Calvin Aldrich, 
Hiram Goodwin, Samuel H. Case, 
Daniel Youngs, William E. Howd, 
Dwight M. Wheeler. 

Bethlehem, 5. Marvin S. Todd, 
Herbert S. Jackson, Geo. C. Stone, 
Samuel L. Bloss, Henry Catlin. 

Bridgewater, 5. Fred'k A. Peck, 
Austin H. Gillette, Jos. T. Beers, 
John F. Wells, Burr Mallett. 

Canaan, 14. Lee P. Dean, Charles 
B. Maltbie, H. Sturges. 

ColebrooJc, 7. Hiram Bliss, Timo- 
thy Persons, Edward Taintor. 

Cornwall, 11. Theodore Kellogg, 
John P. Andrew, V. F. McNeil, 
Smith Beach, Solon B. Johnson, 
A. D. Warner, M. S. Nickerson, O. L. 

Goshen, 8. Alson Sanford, John 
H. Wadhams. 

Harwinton, 7. Willis Catlin, N. 

A. Wilson, Charles Wilcox, James 
Mather, George Dains, Cornelius 
Colt, Ernest F. Gunn. 

Kent, 10. Marshall C. Gibbs. 

Moms, 5. Geo. Throop, Homer 
Stoddard, James M. Benton. 

New Hartford, 14. J. G. Goodwin, 
Orrin Fitch, Orvis Griggs, Riley M. 
Olmsted, Fitch W. Burwell, J. C. 
Keach, Anson J. Allen, Gordon W. 
Henderson, Samuel Allen, Jared B. 

New Milford, 20. Sheldon Black- 
man, James H. McMahon, Sheldon 
Northrop, Perry N. Hall, Noah W. 
Hatch, Henry N. Lyon, Liverius 
Dunning, Michael A. Kelley, Henry 
Booth, Stephen S. Morehouse, He- 
man Bowers, Egbert Pepper, Sam'l 
M. Marsh, Edward Hunt, John S. 
Turrill, William Knapp. 

Norfolk, 9. R. I. Crissey, Horace 

B. Knapp, Oliver L. Hotchkiss, 
Chas. H. Mills, Salmon Swift, Nor- 



[VOL. I. 

man Riggs, Alvin S. Cowles, Sam'l 
D. Northway, John K. Shepard. 

North Canaan, 7. Ira S. Bunnell, 
Wesley Trescott, J. B. Hardenbergh, 
A. T. Roraback, Wallace Roberts, 
Edward S. Roberts, G. W. Peet. 

Plymouth, 13. Byron Tuttle, Geo. 
Pierpont, Jason C. Fenn, Charles 
H. Mattoon, Eliznr Fenn, Henry E. 
Hinman, Apollos Markkam, A. W. 
Welton, Thos. Burns. 

Boxbury, 6. Lyman P. Eastman, 
Cyrus E. Prindle, Geo. F. Leaven- 

Salisbury, 16. Donald J. Warner, 
Donald f . Warner, Daniel Pratt, 
Lorenzo Tupper, Wm. H. Dauchy, 
Chauncey E. Morris, Porter S. Bur- 
rail, James Ensign, Peter Turner, 
George E. Bower, Hubert Williams, 
Dwight Allyn, Charles Evarts, John 
R. Ward, James Stuart, J. A. Mc- 

Sharon,ld. Fitch Landon, Eben 
W. Chaffee, Charles L. Prindle, 
Thomas Sterling, Edward M. Win- 
chester, Zalmon S. Hunt, Seymour 
A. Frayer, J. Wade Hughes, Clark 
M. Juckett, Thomas Wilbur, John 
C. Loucks, Daniel Hall, Ozias 

Tlwmaston, 12. Albert P. Brad- 
street, Israel B. Woodward, Fred'k 
A. Canneld, Thomas H. Newton, 
Daniel C. Churchill, George A. 
Stoughton, F. B. Taylor. 

Torrington, 10. Gideon H. Welch, 
Jos. F. Calhoun, Isaac W. Brooks, 
Luther Bronson, John M. Burr, 
William M. P. Shelton, Charles F. 

Warren, 5. Franklin A. Curtiss, 
Henry E. Shove, John B. Derrick- 

Washington, 10. Guy C. Ford, 
Benajah P. Beach, William Odell, 
Ralph Buckingham, Henry S. Whea- 

Watertown, 8. Leman W. Cutler, 
Caleb T. Hickox, George F. Hunger- 
ford, C. H. Hotchkiss. 

Winchester, 12. Isaac A. Bronson, 
Thomas M. Clarke, F. E. Cleveland, 
William F. Ilurlbut, II. P. Law- 
rence, Hiram Perkins, Augustus M. 
Perkins, Charles S. Norton, Albert 

N. Beach, George M. Carrington, A. 
H. Fenn. 

Woodbury, 11. William Cothren, 
Reuben B. Martin, David S. Bull, 
R. B. Judson, Stanley E. Beardsley, 
Willis A. Strong, H. H. Morris. 

Middlesex County. 

Commissioners. Emory H. Peck- 
ham, Savbrook, 1878 ; Curtis Bacon, 
Middletown, 1879 ; Rufus C. Shep- 
ard, Old Say brook, 1880. 

Clerk of Courts. Chas. G. R. Vinal, 

Assistant Clerk. D. Ward North- 
rop, Middletown. 

State Attorney. W. F. Willcox, 
Chester (P. O., Deep River). 

Sheriff. John I. Hutchinson, Es- 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Middletown, Gardner B. Smith ; 
Saddam, Bezaleel Shailer ; Chatham, 
Henry M. Dunham ; Chester, Wm. 

E. Dickinson; East Saddam, Wm. 
L. Fowler; Portland, Michael Kent. 

Deputy Jailer. Joseph G. Dickin- 
son, Haddam. 

County Treasurer. George W. 
Harris, Middletown. 

Attorney s-at-Law. 

Middletown. Arthur W. Bacon, 
*Conrad G. Bacon, *Eldon B. Bird- 
sev, * Arthur B. Calef, *William T. 
Elmer, *Lovell Hall, Richard W. 
Newhall, *D. Ward Northrop, 
^Robert G. Pike, *S. A. Robinson, 
Charles C. Tyler, *Charles G. R. 
Vinal, *Samuel L. Warner, Henry 
D. A. Ward. 

Chatham. East Sampton, *Lovell 

Chester. *Nathan C. Peters, 
* Jonathan T. Clark, ^Washington 

F. Willcox. 

'Durham. William W. Fowler, 
*Henry G. Newton. 

East Saddam. * Julius Attwood, 
Sadlyme, *Hiram Willey. 

Essex. Samuel Ingham, * James 
Phelps, Henry L. Pratt. 

Portland. *Dennis A. McQuillin. 

Saybrook. Deep Elver, *Washing- 
ton F. Willcox. 

Westbrook. *DavidA. Wright. 




Commissioners of Superior Court. 

Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 

Middletown. George W. Burke, 
Charles W. Burr, Frederick E. 
Camp, Henry S. Nichols, Wesley U. 

Saddam. Henry M. Selden. 

Chatham. Josiah Ackley, John 
C. Strong, Clark O. Sears. 

Clinton. John B. Wright, George 
E. Elliot. 

Cromwell. Marvin E. Warner, 
Stephen P. Polley. 

East Haddam. George A. Rogers. 

Essex. Edward W. Redneld, 
Samuel I. Phelps. 

Old Saybrook. Henry Hart. 

Saybrook. Gilbert W. Denison. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Middletown, 32. Thomas J. At- 
kins, Arthur W. Bacon, Conrad G. 
Bacon, Eldon B. Birdsey, Wilbur F. 
Burrows, George W. Guy, Henry C. 
Johnson, Eichard W. Newhall, D. 
Ward Northrop, Edwin Scovill, 
Elihu W. N. Starr, Charles G. R. 
Vinal, Eobert G. Pike, James S. 
Smith, Michael Conran, Fred'k A. 

Haddam, 14. Jonathan W. Clark, 
Abiel J. Sherman, Orrin Shailer, 
Luther Arnold, Giles Thayer, 
Stephen H. Burr, Orvil E. Clark, 
Charles D. Merwin, Trumain A. 
Spencer, Fred. W. Arnold, J. P. 
Spencer, Noah Burr, Ephraim P. 
Arnold, John H. Russell. 

Chatham, 9. Samuel Skinner, 
John S. Markham, Daniel S. Tib- 
bals, John H. Stewart. 

Chester, 6. J. Kirtland Denison, 
Joseph E. Silliman, Samuel A. 
Wright, Jonathan Warner, J. Tyler 
Smith, Noah C. Perry. 

Clinton, 8. Elias W. Wellman, 
Gideon B. Stevens. 

Cromwell, 8. Osborn Coe, Elisha 
Stevens, Henry A. Ely, D. C. Tryon, 
H. L. Warner, M. E. Warner, Fred- 
erick Wilcox. 

Durham, 7. John Marshall, W. 
W. Fowler. 

East Haddam, 16. Silas E. Holmes, 
E. E. Johnson, J. Attwood, H. Wil- 


ley, Alden Smith, W. M. Sisson, 
Maltby Gelston, Francis G. Root, 
John B. Hungerford. 

Essex, 8. Giles Potter, Henry L. 
Pratt, Alfred M. Wright, James 
Phelps, Henry Hayden, Samuel 
Griswold, Edgar W. Griswold, D. 
Wilson Spencer. 

Killingworth, 7. Washington E. 
Griswold, Chas. D. Kelsey, Andrew 
W. Burr, Lyman E. Stevens. 

Middlefield, 6. H. L. Parker, 
Henry W. Hurlbut, James T. Inglis, 
P. M. Augur, M. W. Terrill, Alva 
B. Coe. 

Old Saybrook, 6. Henry Hart, 
Edwin Ayer, Joseph Kellogg. 

Portland, 18. Eodney B. Free- 
man, C. G. Southmayd, Titus Hale, 
F. Gildersleeve, Enoch Sage, Horace 
B. Willcox, Lucius P. Stewart, Jas. 
H. Pelton, Charles A. Jarvis, Ches- 
ter S. Hurlbut, Joseph O. Willcox, 
Gordon W. Stewart, Andrew Corn- 
wall, Daniel Crittenden, Edward A. 
Penfield, Wm. H. Beebe, Wm. H. 
Bartlett, D. A. McQuillin. 

Saybrook, 7. John W. Marvin, 
Arba H. Banning, J. S. Wilcox, 
Charles F. Bulkley. 

Westbrook, 8. Edward M. Holi- 
day, Chas. F. Kelsey, Wm. J. Post, 
Joseph G. Smith, Andrew B. Spen- 
cer, Josiah Wright, Jr. 

Tolland County. 

Commissioners. Maurice B. Ben- 
nett, Coventry, 1878; William M. 
Crawford, Stafford, 1879; E. Hun- 
tington Lathrop, Vernon, 1880. 

Clerk of Courts. Erwin O. Dimock, 

Assistant Clerk. . G. W. West, 

State Attorney — Benezet H. Bill, 

Sheriff— George M. Paulk, Eock- 
ville, to July 1, 1878 ; Lorenzo G. 
Winter, Tolland, from July 1, 1878. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Tolland, Lorenzo G. Winter ; Co- 
lumbia, Silas Dewey ; Hebron, Har- 
vey Crane ; Eockville, George M. 
Woodward ; South Coventry, Sumner 
Payne ; Somersville, T. M. Gowdy j 



[VOL. i. 

Stafford Springs, Ezra T. Converse ; 
Union, Win. A. Corbin. 

Deputy Jailer — Lorenzo G. Winter, 

Count}/ Treasurer — Chas. A. Haw- 
kins, Tolland. 

Attorney s-at-Laiv. 

Tolland. Erwin O. Dimock, 
*Edwin S. Westcott, C. Phelps. 

Andover. Myron P. Yeomans. 

Somers. Solomon Fuller. 

Stafford. Stafford Springs, S. E. 
Fairfield, RoswellD. Davison, * Joel 
H. Reed. 

Vernon. Bockville, Benezet H. Bill, 
Dwight Marcy, Samuel F. McFar- 
land, Gelon W. West. 

Willington. Seth 0. Eaton. 

Commissioners of Superior Court. 

Lawyers marked with a * above, 
and the following : — 

Tolland. S. Chapman, O. P. Wal- 
do, G. H. Preston. 

Andover. S. H. Daggett, E. P. 

Hebron. Jonathan G. Page, G. S. 
Bestor, John W. Buell, T. P. Bissell, 
Hezekiah Bissell. 

Mansftcld. John N. Barrows, 
Martin A. Brown. 

Stafford. F. L. Batchelder, Isaiah 
Hiscock, E. Y. Fisk, Alfred J. Tur- 

Union. C. Paul, S. W. Moore, J. 
H. Reed. 

JVilUngton. Solyman Taylor, L. 
Holt, L. W. Holt. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Tolland, 12. Smith H. Brown, 
Erwin O. Dimock, Chas. A. Haw- 
kins, Theodore B. Chapin, Wm. C. 
Ladd, A. Beecher Clough, Gilbert 
H. Preston, George P. Field. 

Andover, 6. Myron P. Yeomans, 
Roger E. Phelps, Wm. Babcock, 
Daniel M. Burnap, Andrew Phelps. 

Bolton, 6. Jabez L. White, John 
W. Sumner, Ferdinand E. Williams, 
Alphonso Barrows, Nathan S. Maine, 
Edwin D. Alvord. 

Columbia, 6. Carlos Collins, C. E. 
Brown, Gilbert Potter, Asahel O. 
Wright, N. H. Clark, J. E. II. Gates. 

Coventry, 15. Chas. A. Kingsbury, 
John Payne, Nathaniel Root, Jr., 
Henry A. Brewster. 

Ellington, 9. Darius Crane, Ira 
H. Lewis, M. H. Mandell, Eph. H. 
Dimock, Julius A. Kibbe, Sylvester 
Morris, Cornelius Farmer, Benjamin 
Pinney, Nelson Warner. 

Hebron, 11. Horace F. Porter, 
Wm. H. Horton, Wm. E.. Latham, 
James G. Taylor, Wm. T. Warner. 

Mansfield, 16. Isaac P. Fenton, 
Leonard R. Dunham, Gardner W. 
Reynolds, George F. Swift, John G. 
C. McFarlane. 

Somers, 10. Solomon Fuller, Cris- 
pus A. Harwood, Edwin D. Avery, 
Jas. C. Pease, Loren Griswold, Cal- 
vin I. Thompson, Chas. Hibbard, 
Theodore Sheldon. 

Stafford, 19. S. E. Fairfield, R. D. 
Davison, H. W. Davis, J. M. Wash- 
burn, John Clayton Fuller, G. S. 
Davis, Isaiah Hiscock, T. J. Hoi-' 
lingsworth, Rufus Weston. 

Union, 6. S. W. Moore, Andrew 
J. Wales, Anson A. Reed. 

Vernon, 18. John S. Dobson, Geo. 
Talcott, Cyrus Winchell, Chas. D. 
Talcott, Trumbull Newcomb, Sam- 
uel F. McFarland, Gelon W. West, 
Benezet H. Bill, Isaac Chester, E. 
S. Henry, Lebbeus Bissell, Dwight 
Marcy, William W. Andross, H. F. 

Willington, 10. Seth C. Eaton, 
Wm. Irons, Gardner Hall, David 

Town Officers. 

The Town Elections are held on 
the first Monday in October. The 
following lists give the names of the 
Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, Reg- 
istrar, Selectmen, Constables, Col- 
lectors of Taxes, Grand Jurors, As- 
sessors, Board of Relief, Board of 
Education, and Registrars of Voters. 
The Acting School Visitors are des- 
ignated with a *. The School Visit- 
ors are chosen for three years, and 
the dates indicate the time when 
their terms expire. 

Andover. Town Clerk, Registrar, 
and Treasurer, Hiram A. Brown. 
Selectmen, Bissell E. Post, Charles 




H. Looinis, Jolin L.Webster. Con- 
stables, Lunian C. Webster, and 
Collector, Koscoe E. Bishop, Leon- 
ard H. Porter. Grand Jurors, Dan- 
iel M. Burnap, S. Henry Daggett, 
Albert H. Lyman, Lafayette Ken- 
yon, John L. Webster. Assessors, 
Charles H. Loomis, Eoger E.Phelps, 
Edgar J. Kingsbury. Board of Ee- 
lief, Wm. M. Blackinan, E. S. Lin- 
coln, Wra. Babcoek. Board of Ed- 
ucation, Albert H. Lyman, Wm. 
Dorrance, Eoger E. Phelps, 1878; 
John S. Topliff, Walter Abbey, ^Ed- 
gar J. Kingsbury, 1879 ; S. Henry 
Daggett, Andrew Phelps, Elliott P. 
Skinner, 1880. Eegistrars of Voters, 
L. D. Post, Wm. A. Brown. 

Asliford. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Andrew H. Byles. Eegistrar, John 
H. Simmons. Selectmen, John A. 
Murphy, D wight Lincoln, Mason S. 
Kendall. Constables and Collectors, 
Henry Woodward, Henry H. Upton. 
Grand Jurors, David Mathewson, 
Stephen B. Tift, Otis Woodward. 
Assessors, John A. Brown, Harvey 
W. Morey. Board of Eelief, George 
C. Perry, Ebenezer F. Burrill. 
Board of Education, G. E. S. Ami- 
don, John T. Green, 1878; H. W. 
Morey, S. B. Tift, 1879; Nelson 
Hammond, John D. Gaylord, 1880. 
Eegistrars of Voters, John H. Sim- 
mons, Peter Piatt. 

Avon. Clerk and Eegistrar, Oliver 
T. Bishop. Treasurer, Phineas Ga- 
briel. Selectmen, David Hawley, 
Emory F. Miller, Fitch L. Bishop. 
Constables, Ernest H. Woodford, 
and Collector, Henry Clark, N. B. 
Lowlield. Grand Jurors, Bela C. 
Kellogg, Leverett F. Webster, John 
Tabel. Assessors, Chester E. Wood- 
ford, Harvey Woodford, George E. 
Weatherby. Board of Eelief, Mat- 
thew C. Woodford, Seth F. Wood- 
ford. Board of Education, Arba U. 
Thompson, Chas. H. Miller, 1878 ; 
Philemon E. Day, Joseph S. Wood- 
ford, 1879; Matthew C.Woodford, 
Dan. D. Derrin, 1880. Eegistrars 
of Voters, Harvey Woodford, 2d, Jo- 
seph B. North. 

Barkkamsted. Clerk and Eegis- 
trar, William E. Howd. Treasurer, 

Horace Case. Selectmen, Luman 
Pease, William H. Payne, Wallace 
Case. Constables, Harvey C. Smith, 
Wilfred Youngs, Frank A. Case. 
Collector, Sanford Kelley. Grand 
Jurors, Hira Case, Elisha Payne, 
Lemuel Hulbert. Assessors, Orlan- 
do Clark, William Tiffany. Board 
of Eelief, Frank A. Case, Daniel 
Youngs, M. Hoit Playes. Board of 
Education, Monroe Hart, Carlos S. 
Lindsley, 1878 ; Sheldon Merrill, 
Daniel Youngs, 1879 ; Hiram C. 
Brown, Edward J. Youngs, 1880. 
Eegistrars of Voters, 1st District, 
Euel S. Eice, Sheldon Merrill; 2d 
District, Wilfred Youngs, Geo. A. 
Baker ; 3d District, John M. Dem- 
ing, Warren Alford. 

Beacon Falls. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Julius C. Coe. Eegistrar, 
Charles H. Lounsbury. Selectmen, 
Herbert C. Baldwin, Andrew W. 
Culver, Charles B. Clark. Consta- 
bles, John A. Coe, George F. Umber- 
field, Harris F. Osborn, Cornelius 
W. Munson, Joseph T. Bond, John 
Crich. Collector, Patrick Egan. 
Grand Jurors, John Wolfe, John A. 
Coe, David T. Sanford, Herbert C. 
Baldwin, Leander B. Peck, Almon 
L. Switzer. Assessors, Lucius S. 
Osborn, Eansom Lounsbury. Board 
of Eelief, Charles H. Lounsbury, 
John A. Coe, David T. Sanford. 
Board of Education, Daniel J. Car- 
rington, Julius C. Coe, Wm. D. Bil- 
lerwell. Eegistrars of Voters, John 
A. Coe, Patrick Egan. 

Berlin. Clerk and Treasurer, Al- 
fred North. Eegistrar, E. Bran de- 
gee. Selectmen, S. C. Wilcox, Eli 
Winchell, Samuel Upson. Consta- 
bles, Herman L. Morse, Henry H. 
Norton, Franklin Strong, S. Bishop 
S to well, Eichard Moon, H. M. 
Brandegee, Frederic Hubbard. Col- 
lector, George Bunce. Grand Jurors, 
Edward Tubbs, Andrew J. Hunt, 
Julius Collins, Norman Beckley, 
George A. Kelsey. Eoswell A. Moore. 
Assessors, Andrew J. Warner, Henry 
Sage. Board of Eelief, Herman L. 
Morse, John Norton, Edward C. 
Hall. Board of Education, Samuel 
F. Talmadge, Samuel Upson, 1878 ; 



[VOL. I. 

John Norton, E. C. Woodruff, 1879; 
George L. Cobnrn, Cyrus Root, Jr., 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Charles 
M. Browne, Win. Bulkley, Jr. 

Bethany. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Nathan Clark. Select- 
men, Samuel R. Woodward, Jason 
W. Brady, Samuel G. Davidson. 
Constables, Theron E. Allen, Thomes 
B. MeClure, D wight L. Johnson. 
Grand Jurors, Garry B. Johnson, 
Jerome A. Downs, Henry E. Louns- 
Imry. Assessors, Henry E. Lonns- 
bury, Edward Beecker. Board of 
Relief, Edwin Pardee, D wight N. 
Clark, David Carrington. Board of 
Education, C. W. Colton, Wales H. 
French, Samuel R. Woodward. 
Registrars of Voters, George W. 
Woodward, Ernest Z. Hotchkiss. 

Bethel, Clerk, Frederick Shepard. 
Registrar, William H. Judson. 
Treasurer, Willis Judd. Selectmen, 
Davis D. Knapp, Eli S. Judd, Samuel 
S. Ambler. Constables, Edward C. 
Huse, and Collector, Oscar H. Hib- 
bard, E. Curtis Oakley. Grand Ju- 
rors, Lorenzo Storr, Charles Peck, 
E. Romaiue Barnum. Assessors, 
William C. Shepard, Frederick 
Judd, Gideon S. Peck. Board of 
Relief, George M. Cole, Israel H. 
"Wilson, Francis B. Andrews. Board 
of Education, Willis Judd, William 
H. Judson, 1878; Frederick Shepard, 
Andrew L. Benedict, 1879; Thomas 
G. Barnum. Granville B. Andrews, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Henry 
A. Gilbert, David T. Hubbell. 

Bethlehem. Clerk, George C. Stone. 
Registrar, S. H. Huntington. Treas- 
urer, H. W. Peck. Selectmen, A. D. 
Bacon, Theodore Bird, George S. 
Guild. Constables, Samuel Gunn, 
Samuel P. Hayes, David H. Judd. 
Collector, Richard Mayer. Grand 
Jurors, Theodore Bird, Israel Perry, 
W. R. Harrison. Assessors, C. C. 
Parmelee, John L. Stevens. Board 
of Relief, Leman A. Guild, Warren 
H. Taylor, Marvin S. Todd. Board 
of Education, M. S. Todd, W. R. 
Harrison, 1878; G. C. Stone, S. P. 
Hayes, 1879; Marshall E. Beecher, 
G. M. Kasson, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Samuel L. Bloss, Geo. Perry. 

Bloomfield. Clerk and Registrar, 
John E. Cox. Treasurer, Samuel J. 
Mills. Selectmen, Heman D. Near- 
ing, Edgar W. Pinney, Isaac N. 
Wells. Constables, Anson A.Mills, 
Nathan F. Miller, Franklin B. Mil- 
ler, Edgar W. Pinney, Albert F. 
Brewer, James L. Roche. Collector, 
Seymour Case. Grand Jurors, Sam- 
uel B. Pinney, Johnson K. Gillett, 
Hiram B. Case, Gad Wilcox, Samuel 
B. Newberry. Assessors, James 
Cavanah, Francis G. Barber, Edward 

F. Kinyon. Board of Relief, Defor- 
est H. Peck, Elisha Moore, Eli 
Brown. Board of Education, *Henry 
Gray, J. C. Capen, Samuel J. Mills, 
William A. Hallock, Louis Filley, 
Nathan F. Miller, Jr., Henry C. 
Hoskins, Wm. G. Case, Registrars 
of Voters, Samuel J. Mills, Henry 

G. Isham. 

Bolton. Clerk and Registrar, 
Sherman P. Sumner. Treasurer, 
Samuel W. Williams. Selectmen, 
Jabez L. White, Nathan S. Maine, 
Orlando Sperry. Constables, Will- 
iam Bartliff, Linus Goodrich, Jabez 
L. Williams. Collector, Alphonso 
Barrows. Grand Jurors, John W. 
Sumner, Syril Bragg. Assessors, 
Elijah B. Bishop, Job T. Carpenter. 
Board of Relief, Nathan S. Maine, 
Fred. W. S. Ward, George Howe. 
Board of Education, Nathan S. 
Maine, Edwin D. Alvord, 1878; 
Charles F. Sumner, Orlando Sperry, 
1879; *Wm. E. B.Moore, Augustus 
K. White, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, John W. Sumner, Arthur B. 

Bozvah. Clerk, Samuel G. John- 
son. Registrar, George H. Fuller. 
Treasurer, Nehemiah C. Cook. Se- 
lectmen, Andrew J. Hough, Robert 
Palmer, Giles Haskel. Constables, 
William Hall, Charles A. Black, C. 
Leal and Palmer, Orim'el A. Johnson, 
William E. Hough. Collector, Al- 
fred M. Clark. Grand Jurors, Sam- 
uel C. Parker, Edward Johnson, 
Joshua C. Leffingwell, Jabez B. 
Hough, Stephen H. Allen. x\ssess- 
ors, Isaac Johnson, John H. Leffing- 
well, Chas. M. Pendleton. Board of 
Relief, Simeon Abel, 1st, Cyrus 




Gardner, C. C. Leffingwell. Board 
of Education, George H. Fuller, F. 

E. Fellows, Charles A. Gager. Reg- 
istrars of Voters, Simeon Abel, 1st, 
Albert Waterman. 

Brentford. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Henry H. Stedman. Registrar, E. 
W. Brainard. Selectmen, George 
H. Page, Daniel O'Brien, William 
T. Howd. Constables, Henry D. 
Linsley, F. D. Hadley, Roger Hall, 
John Holly, T. H. McKenna. Col- 
lector, Henry B. Fowler. Grand 
Jurors, Almon Beers, George C. 
Fields, George Wallace, Lawrence 
McGrail, William Farrell. Assessors, 
Charles J. Harrison, Harry W. 
Beach. Board of Relief, Bradley 
Chidsey, James McDermott, Nathan 
C. Frink. Board of Education, 
William Russell, L. S. Bagley, 
Henry L. Nichols, Henry W. Hub- 
bard, 1878 ; Richard Dibble, N. B. 
Hall, William Beach, Martin R. 
Northam, 1879 ; William Regan, E. 
J. Bird, Walter E. Fowler, T. F. 
Hanmer, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, James W. Lay, William Page, 
Henry A. Hall, Michael Kinnen. 

Bridgeport. Clerk and Registrar, 
Francis P. Norman. Treasurer, 
Francis E. Fitch. Selectmen, Pat- 
rick Coughlin, Alexander Reid, Eli 
Thompson. Constables, Seymour 
Whiting, P. J. Leonard, L.J.Blake- 
man, Wm. Knapp, F. B. Taylor, G. 

F. Wildman, S. D. Skidmore. Col- 
lector, Albert Wakeman. Grand 
Jurors, Henry Edwards, Lacey 
Biackman, David Wooster. Assess- 
ors, L. W. Clark, M. S. Sheridan, 
Richard SewelL Board of Relief, 
Edwin Meeker, Henry Layfield, 
Geo. G. Lacey. Board of Education, 
*Edward Sterling, A.H.Abernethy, 
E. W. Marsh, D. N. Morgan, 1878 ; 
David Gin and, G. W. Bacon, J. S. 
Hanover, 1879 ; *F. W. Zingsem, H. 
T. Shelton, James Staples, Andrew 
Burke, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
H. B. Gould, Alex. Wheeler, Wm. 
O'Flaherty, Wm. E. Disbrow, Wm. 
Kirk, Fred'k Curtis, Wm. Costello, 
Amos Fuller, Henry Cullen, John 
Keppy, John Geatly, A. G. Hunt. 

Bridgewater. Clerk, Austin H. 

Gillett. Registrar, Smith R. Weeks. 
Treasurer, Edgar L. Peck. Select- 
men, Fred. A. Peck, Geo. W. Morris, 
Josiak L. Minor. Constables, Ed- 
win R. Allen, James PI. Keeler, 2d, 
Bruce B. Beach, Gideon W. North- 
rop, Henry S. Frost. Collector, 
Ransom B. Wheeler. Grand Jurors, 
Samuel F. Clark, Ransom B. 
Wheeler, Abijah L. Patterson. As- 
sessors, Burr Mallett, John F.Wells. 
Board of Relief, Arza C. Morris, 
James H. Keeler. Board of Educa- 
tion, Wm. B. Colburn, Fred. A. 
Peck, 1878; Burr Mallett, Peter 
Wooster, 1879 ; Horace N. Sanford, 
Eli Sturdivant, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Ransom B. Wheeler, Richard 
G. Randall. 

Bristol. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Benj. F. Hawley. Select- 
men, Charles L. Frisbie, Mills H. 
Barnard, Isaac W. Beach. Consta- 
bles, George R. Tuttle, and Col- 
lector, Maurice Foley, Charles W. 
Brown, James A. Mathews, William 
Hynds. Grand Jurors, Thomas 
Brown, Horatio C. Clayton, Samuel 
D. Bull, Sidney A. Alcott, Jacob 
Day. Assessors, William A. Dun- 
bar, Hiram H. Hurl bur t, Lester 
Goodenough. Board of Relief, Au- 
gustus H. Warner, Chas. C. T. Good- 
rich, Anson Bingham. Board of 
Education, Charles H. Riggs, Dela- 
van Dewolf, 1878 ; Leverett Griggs, 
Benj. F. Hawley, 1879 ; Michael B. 
Roddan, Anson Bingham, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, 1st District, 
Edward B. Dunbar, Hobart A. War- 
ner; 2d District, Hobart Booth, 
Charles A. Reynolds. 

Brookfield. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Henry S. Beers. Registrar, Amos 
L. Williams. Selectmen, Henry D. 
Lake, Henry C. Gray, Horace Beers. 
Constables, John P. Wildman, Stan- 
ley B. Terrill, and Collector, Hen- 
ry Wildman, Samuel Thornhill, 
Wm. A. Perkins, Wm. Parker, Isaac 
A. Hawley. Grand Jurors, Almon 
Odell, Wm. F. Wildman, Ezra N. 
Somers, Lewis C. Ganung, Charles 
Stuart, Darius S. Bristoll, John H. 
Merwin. Assessors, Ezra N. Somers, 
Marcus Babbitt, Henry S. Peck. 



[VOL. I. 

Board of Relief, David H. Meeker, 
Harvey Roe, Thomas S. Taylor. 
Board of Education, Edson N. 
Hawley, Herbert Beers, 1878 ; A. C. 
Pierce, George C. Jones, 1879; E.L. 
Whitcome, F. M. Bogardus, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Edwin G. Ter- 
rill, Henry S. Peck. t 

Brooklyn. Clerk, * Registrar, and 
Treasurer, William Woodbridge. 
Selectmen, John Franklin, Joseph 
B. Stetson, Darius H. Day. Con- 
stables, Theodore D. Pond, and Col- 
lector, George C. Keach. Grand 
Jurors, Martin H. Williams, George 
C. Keach, Joseph B. Stetson, Eugene 
H. Fuller, George G. Gilbert, Arba 
A. Allen. Assessors, Frank E. Ba- 
ker, Charles E. Hazen. Board of Re- 
lief, Levi Ross, Riley B. Witter, 
George Brown. Board of Educa- 
tion, Chas. E. Hazen, * Frank Day, 
1878; Edward L. Cundall, Edwin 
S. Beard, 1879 ; Albert D. Putnam, 
Willard Day, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Levi Ross, Joseph K.Green. 

Burlington. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Romeo Elton. Select- 
men, George W. Pratt, Cyrus Cur- 
tis, Samuel Russell. Constables, 
Ralph Humphrey, and Collector, 
Isaac Barnes, Jerome Edwards, 
Willard F. Sessions. Grand Jurors, 
Wm. Crane, Lewis Marsh, Adna N. 
Barnes, Henry Parkinson, William 
Henry, Jr., Norris W. Bunnell. As- 
sessors, George R. Hegeman, Samuel 
G. Bradley. Board of Relief, Geo. 
J. Hinman, Wm. P. Reeve, David 
Lowrey. Board of Education, Seth 
A. Keney, Lucius B. Pond, 1878 ; 
Romeo Elton, Deuel Holcomb, 1879; 
Wm. Elton, Samuel Russell, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, 1st District, 
Willard F. Sessions, Wm. P. Reeve ; 
2d District, Gilbert H. Holcomb, 
Anthony Moore. 

Canaan. P. O., Falls Village. 
Clerk, Registrar, and Treasurer, 
Daniel Brewster. Selectmen, Dan- 
iel Brewster, Alva Root, Cornelius 
Brown. Constables, Lee D. Brew- 
ster, A. P. Chapman. Collector, P. 
M. Jaqua. Grand Jurors, Stephen 
Brigner, Harlow Root, Wells Yale. 
Assessors, Myron U. Dean, Sidney 

Ensign. Board of Relief, Daniel 
H. Dean, Henry E.' Wetherell, 
Charles B. Maltbie. Board of Edu- 
cation, Marvin A. Dean, C. B. Malt- 
bie, 1878 ; Dwight E. Dean, J. W. 
Selleck, 1879; Myron H. Dean, E. 
B. Gillett, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, A. P. Chapman, Charles B. 

Canterbury. Clerk and Registrar, 
William S. Adams. Treasurer, 
Marvin H. Sanger. Selectmen, 
Marshall Smith, Norman Appley, 
John H. Peck, Jacob M. Allen, 
James H. Witter. Constables, 
Joseph P. Lester, James B. Huling. 
Collector, Geo. Sanger. Grand Ju- 
rors, James D. Ransom, Henry M. 
Bushnell, Lyman N. Appley, Pearl 
Williams, James B. Palmer. Assess- 
ors, Marshall Smith, Walter Smith. 
Board of Relief, Amos Witter, Jirah 
Hyde, Simeon Bradford, George L. 
Carey, Nathan Allen. Board of Ed- 
ucation, Wm. S. Adams, Starr Bur- 
lingame, Elijah Baldwin, 1878; 
Amos Witter, Thomas G. Clark, 
Nathan Allen, 1879 ; Henry Kendall, 
George Sanger, Kirk Leavens, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Marvin H. 
Sanger, John P. Kingsley. 

Canton. Clerk, Anson W. Bristol. 
Registrar, Frank Mills. Treasurer, 
Jasper H. Biclwell. Selectmen, Al- 
bert Williams, Henry M. Barber, 
Cyrus W. Harvev. Constables, 
Eliot D. Bodwell, Edgar M. Case, 
James W. Creighton, Samuel F. 
Stevens, James Weed. Collector, 
Washburn G. Mills. Grand Jurors, 
Albert L. Thayer, Henry Case, Geo. 
Mills, 2d, John Case, Daniel W. 
Bidwell. Assessors, Jarvis P. Har- 
rington, Giles Q. Sisson, Oliver C. 
Adams. Board of Relief, George J. 
Case, Julius E. Case, Charles H. 
Blair. Board of Education, David 
B. Hubbard, George F. Lewis, 187S ; 
David C. Holbrook, Burton O. Hig- 
ley, 1879 ; Wilbert W. Perrv, Wm. 
W. Bidwell, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, 1st District, Albert L. 
Thayer, Amos G. Hart ; 2d District, 
Anson M. Case, Sherman E. Brown. 

Chaplin. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Jared W. Lincoln. Registrar, Orin 




Witter. Selectmen, James R. Ut- 
ley, Origen Bennett, Wm, Martin, 
Jr. Constable and Collector, Frank 
C. Lummis. Grand Jurors, Origen 
Bennett, Jirah L. Backus, Eliplialet 
Eeed, Joseph Foster, Julius Church, 
Edson D. Fuller. Assessors, David 
A. Griggs, Lester Bill. Board of 
Eelief, John W. Griggs, James 
Martin, Thomas T. Upton. Board 
of Education, J. W. Lincoln, Joseph 
Foster, 1878; *Francis Williams, 
Lester Bill, 1879 ; C. Edwin Griggs, 
Daniel A. Griggs, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, C. Edwin Griggs, Lester 

Chatham. P. O., East Hampton. 
Clerk, Registrar, and Treasurer, 
Wm. H. Bevin. Selectmen, John 
P. Purple, Henry S. Gates, Henry 
M. Dunham. Constables, H. V. 
Barton, John H. Selden, Paul H. 
Hillard, L. H. Markham, D. H. 
Skinner, A. A. Burnham, C. F. 
Shepard. Collector, B. B. Hall. 
Grand Jurors, D. H. Skinner, G. H. 
Buckland, O. Brainard, Fred. A. 
Rich, A. H. Worthington, Chester 
Tilden. Assessors, B. B. Hall, Wm. 
H. Shepard. Board of Relief, Amiel 
Abell, John H. Selden, John H. 
Stewart. Board of Education, F. 
A. Lillie, Harrison Brainard, T. A. 
Shepard, 1878; A. H. Conklin, 
Henry M. Dunham, John H. Selden, 
1879 ; Joel S. Ives, H. D. Chanman, 
F. B. Northam, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, 1st District, L. H. Mark- 
ham, John M. Ackley ; 2d District, 
A. H. Worthington, Charles E. 

Cheshire. Clerk, Milton C. Doo- 
little. Registrar, Miron N. Cham- 
berlin. Treasurer, Edwin R. Brown. 
Selectmen, Benjamin A. Jarvis, 
Daniel Judd, James Sobey. Con- 
stables, Henry Beadles, James M. 
Lanyon, Charles W. Peters, John 
W. Mix, Asahel Brooks, Samuel A. 
Kelsey. Collector, Alfred Bristol. 
Grand Jurors, Belosta H. Clark, 
James Lanyon, Martin Catron, 
Sherman E. Welton. Assessors, 
John Bishop, Howard C. Ives. 
Board of Relief, William H. Mar- 
Bhall, Chas. Barns, John H. French. 

Board of Education, Charles T. 
Hotchkiss, Ralph H. Guilford, 1878 ; 
Theodore A. Cook, John R. Pad- 
dock, 1879 ; Joseph P. Beach, Jud- 
son B. Stoddard, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, Henry T. Holcomb, Henry 

Chester. Clerk and Registrar, 
Socrates Denison. Treasurer, Jos. 
E. Silliman. Selectmen, Edward 

C. Hungerford, William A. Foster, 
Wm. H. Sullivan. Constable, Wm. 

E. Dickinson, and Collector, Sam'l 
S. Webb. Grand Jurors, Fiske 
Shailer, Jonathan Warner, J. Tyler 
Smith. Assessors, Hiram H. Clark, 
Wm. N. Clark. Board of Relief, J. 
Elmer Watrous, Hiram Bucking- 
ham, Wm. H. Sullivan. Board of 
Education, Sylvester W. Turner, 
Frederick W. Silliman, Joshua 
L'Hommedieu. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, William N. Clark, Jr., E. B. 

Clinton. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Henry C. Hull. Select- 
men, John D. Pierson, Zina Silas 
Wellman, Henry A. Elliot. Con- 
stable and Collector, Morgan Pier- 
son. Grand Jurors, John P. John- 
son, Alfred Davis, Asa L. Bushnell. 
Assessors, Oliver B. Hull, Russell 
Stannard. Board of Relief, George 
W. Hull, John D. Pierson, Charles 

D. Stevens. Board of Education, 
Geo. E. Elliot, James A. Spencer, 
Alonzo H. Stevens, Giles C. Grin- 
nell, 1878; John B.Wright, James 
L. Davis, Elisha E. Wright, E. C. 
Winslow, 1879 ; Henry L. Wellman, 
Luke E. Wood, Edwin R. Kelsey, 

F. A. Sturges, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, John A. Stanton, George E. 

Colchester. Clerk and Registrar, 
Geo. D. Bingham. Treasurer, C. 
H. Rogers. Selectmen, Giles G. 
Wickwire, Demas Carrier, David S. 
Bigelow. Constables, Allen G. Wick- 
wire, and Collector, Lucius A. Car- 
rier, and Collector, Patrick Mur- 
ray, Ralph T. Carrier, James Rud- 
den, John J. Manley, John N. 
Strong. Grand Jurors, Thomas 
Sheriden, Michael J. Lowrey, Wm. 
Brainerd, Jr., Ralph T. Carrier, 



[VOL. I. 

Charles B. Lee, John Kramer. As- 
sessors, Russel Way, Wm, Brainercl, 
Asa R. Bigelow. Board of Relief, 
Hoxie Brown, Joseph Crocker, 
Alfred J. Loomis. Board of Edu- 
cation, *R. R. Carrington, *David 
S. Bigelow, 1878 ; Alden A. Baker, 
Demas Carrier, 1879; *Samuel G. 
Willard, George W. Foote, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Wm. H. Hay- 
ward, Ira A. Dinsmore. 

Colebrook. Clerk and Treasurer, 
John S. Wheeler. Registrar, Ed- 
ward Carrington. Selectmen, Wol- 
cott Deming, Timothy Persons, Ed- 
win L. Simons. Constables, George 
J. Whipple, Geo. F. Howe, Timothy 
P. Coy. Collector, Wm. H. Vining. 
Grand Jurors, James McCaifray, 
Timothy Hart, William M. Benuett. 
Assessors, Edward Carrington, 
Samuel A. Cooper. Board of Re- 
lief, Flavel J. Busknell, Augustine 
Tyler, Lucien O. Bass. Board of 
Education, Ralph H. Maine, Lucien 
O. Bass, *John A. Moore, 1878; 
Hiram Bliss, John A. Deming, 
Asaph O. Pinney, 1879; *Edward 
Carrington, Leonard D. Benham, 
*Sarnuel A. Cooper, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, 1st District, Wesley 
C. Root, Lucien O. Bass ; 2d Dis- 
trict, Thomas B. Spencer, James 

Columbia. Clerk and Registrar, 
Jas. L. Downer. Treasurer, Asahel 
O. Wright. Selectmen, Charles H. 
Smith, S. A. Collins, Anson Hyde. 
Constables, J. C. Brown, M. Hol- 
brook, Win. H. Buell, F. P. Collins, 
L. T. Strickland, A. Whiton, R. C. 
Root. Collector, Seth S. Collins. 
Grand Jurors, John H. Bascom, J. 
M. Smith, Robert Brown, W. H. 
Franklin, N. H. Clark, W. S. Worth, 
R. C. Root. Assessors, S. S. Col- 
lins, N. H. Clark, Joel Tucker. 
Board of Relief, N. K. Holbrook, H. 
W. Buell, J. A. Hutchins. Board 
of Education, J. La Pierre, Wm. A. 
Collins, 1878; F. D. Avery, J. C. 
Brown, 1879 ; N. K. Holbrook, A. B. 
Fuller, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
N. H. Clark, N. P. Little. 

Cornwall. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Geo. C. Harrison. Registrar, Theo- 

dore Kellogg. Selectmen, Victory 
C. Beers, E. Burton Hart, Harry 
Sedgwick. Constables, Charles H. 
Smith, Frederick Yutzler, George 
Hughes. Collector, Chas. W. Hart. 
Grand Jurors, Geo. H. Crandall, 
Geo. L. Miner, Samuel S. Reed. 
Assessors, Wm. H. Harrison, Nathan 
Hart. Board of Relief, Frederick 
Kellogg, Edwin White, Russell R. 
Pratt. Board of Education, A. D. 
Warner, Charles N. Fitch, 1878; 
Wilbur F. Harrison, Mark S. Nick- 
erson, 1879; Frederick Kellogg, 
Theo. S. Gold, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, R. N. Cochrane, Silas C. 

Coventry. Clerk and Treasurer, 
D wight Webler. Registrar, Mau- 
rice B. Bennett. Selectmen, Chas. 

A. Brown, Nathan C. White, Na- 
thaniel Root, Jr. Constables, Sum- 
ner Payne, Henry F. Barrows, Nor- 
man Dunham, George H. Clark, 
Eugene Harris, John B. French. 
Grand Jurors, Geo. W. Capron, 
Norman Boynton, Harlan Thomp- 
son, Samuel T. Loomis, Isaac Mason, 
Charles W. Lee, Eli P. Flint. As- 
sessors, Henry Albro, Francis Por- 
ter. Board of Relief, Andrew B. 
Kingsbury, George Parker, Mahlon 
Watrous. Board of Education, 
Alex. S. Hawkins, Charles W. Lee, 
1878; Martin Parker, Charles A. 
Kingsbury, 1879 ; Wm. J. Jennings, 
M. B. Bennett, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Daniel A. French, Eleazer 

B. Kingsbury. 

Cromwell. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, S. P. Polley. Selectmen, 
Bulkley Edwards, Isaac H. Warner, 
Chas. P. Sage. Constables, Thos. 
Kinsella, and Collector, Timothy 
Ranney, Lodowick Burdick, Rufus 
B. Sage, D. W. C. Burr, Henry C. 
Hands, J. D. Allison, John Caffrey, 
George R. Smith. Grand Jurors, 
Osborn Coe, A. G. Phelps, Wm. K. 
Ranney, H. D. Stow, John Stevens, 
Wm. M. Noble, Elisha Stocking. 
Assessors, Albert Dowd, Seth J. • 
Paddock. Board of Relief, Elisha 
Stevens, Henry W. Stocking, Pat- 
rick Ford. Board of Education, S. 
P. Polley, H. S. Stevens, 1878; 




Samuel B. Wilcox, Win. A. Stick- 
ney, 1879; Albert Dowel, William E. 
Huibert, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, John D. Botelle, G. P. Savage. 
Danbury. Clerk and Registrar, 
Luman L. Hubbell. Treasurer, 
Almon Judd. Selectmen, David 
Pearce, Stephen B. Treadwell, Da- 
rius Stevens. Constables, Lorenzo 
Bacon, Michael J. Griffin, Thomas 
T. Alexander, Franklin C. Hoyt, 
Thos. A. Lounsbury. Collector^ 
Luman L. Hubbell. Grand Jurors, 
William H. Clark, Charles I. Allen, 
Leopold Mager, James Moore, 2d, 
Oliver F. Beers. Assessors, Charles 

F. Starr, Nathan B. Dibble, John 
W. Bacon. Board of Relief, Virgil 
E. Barnum, George W. Wilson, Wm. 
R. White. Board of Education, 
William C. Bennett, Andrew C. 
Hubbard, 1878; Samuel Tweedy, 
William F. Taylor, 1879 ; Martin P. 
Lawlor, Abner B. Holley, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Alexander 
Wildman, Harris L. Crofutt. 

Darien. Clerk and Treasurer, J. 
S. Waterbury (P. O., Noroton). 
Registrar, Samuel Sands. Select- 
men, Ira Scofield, Charles Brown, 
Stephen Seely, Chas. A. Bates, Jr. 
Constables, Stephen A. Seely, Chas. 

G. Waterbury, Geo. W. Fowler, Wm. 
H. Walmsley. Collector, Stephen 
Seely. Grand Jurors, Charles A. 
Hobbie, William T. Barker, William 
H. Adair, James A. Shaw. Assess- 
ors, Nathan Dauchy, Lewis S. Reed, 
Richard Bates. Board of Relief, 
Samuel Sands, Arnold C. Hawes, 
Ambrose Richards. Board of Edu- 
cation, Louis French, James Cur- 
zon, James B. Selleck. Registrars 
of Voters, Nathan Dauchy, Allen 
B. Bates. 

Derby. Clerk, Chester A. Haw- 
ley (P. O., Ansonia). Registrar, 
Ambrose Beardsley. Treasurer, 
Nathan S. Johnson. Selectmen, 
Erwin W. Webster, Patrick McEn- 
erny, William C. Atwater. Con- 
stables, John B. Houlihan, Ferris 
A. Castle, Hugh McGowan, Joseph 
Colwell, Daniel O'Connell, Owen 
Carmody, Daniel J. Hayes. Col- 


Jurors, Joseph A. McDonald, John 
J. McGuire, Stephen Crane, Jesse J. 
Brown, Michael J. Walsh, Timothy 
O'Sullivan. Assessors, John L. 
Lindley, Robert Gates, Dana Bar- 
tholomew. Board of Relief, Geo. 
H. Peck, Michael J. Walsh, Sidney 
A. Downs. Board of Education, 
Leonidas B. Baldwin, Benjamin F. 
Culver, George L. Beardsley, 1878 ; 
John Lindley, Hugh T. Brady, 
Clark N. Rogers, 1879; George H. 
Peck, Erwin W. Webster, Samuel 
M. Gardner, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, 1st District, Hugh McNulty, 
Frank D. Jackson; 2d District, 
Timothy O'Sullivan, Morris Drew. 

Durham. Clerk, W. W. Fowler 
(P. 0., Durham Center). Registrar, 
Rufus W. Mathewson. Treasurer, 
Henry Davis. Selectmen, Samuel 
W. Soper, John Marshall, George 
H. Davis. Constables, Andrew M. 
Camp, Wm. H. Francis. Collector. 
James P. Hull. Grand Jurors, 
Isaac W. Hickox, Jas. K. Elliott. 
Assessors, Israel C. Newton, Nathan 
H. Parsons. Board of Relief, John 
Marshall, Timothy D. Hull, George 
H. Lyman, Samuel Hart, Alfred 
Jackson. Board of Education, Wm. 
A. Hart, J. E. Francis, 1878 ; *W. 
C. Fowler, Jas. E. Bailey, 1879; 
Henry G. Newton, Alviu P. Roberts, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Luzerne 
Elliott, Henry G. Newton. 

Eastford. Clerk and Treasurer, 
S. O. Bowen. Registrar, B. B. Dor- 
sett. Selectmen, E. P. Arnold, 
Lorenzo Lyon, M. F. Latham. Con- 
stables, J. H. Bullard, and Collect- 
or, Henry Braman, Liberty Morse. 
Grand Jurors, A. L. Johnson, H. P. 
Bullard, John P. Clapp. Assessors, 
A. C. Sumner, N. P. Clark. Board 
of Relief, John H. Bullard, A. B. 
Clark. Board of Education, C. M. 
Jones, J. H. Bullard, 1878; H. P. 
Bullard, S. A. Wheaton, 1879 ; S. O. 
Bowen, C. E. Barrows, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Andrew Lanphear, 
E. K. Robbins. 

East Gfanby. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, Elmore Clark. Treasurer, 
Clinton Phelps. Selectmen, Samuel 
A. Clark, Virgil E. Viets, Benjamin 



[VOL. I. 

P. Clark. Constables, James A. 
Griswold, and Collector, Isaac W. 
Thompson, Duane S. Barnard, Ed- 
ward W. Bates, Homer Griffin, 
William F. Johnson. Grand Jurors, 
Charles P. Clark, Allen A. Alder- 
man, Rockwell Holcomh, Charles 
Holcomb, Elijah T. Miller. Assess- 
ors, Norton Case, Frederick F. Ste- 
vens. Board of Relief, Ebenezer 
Talbot, Carlos Bates. Board of 
Education, Virgil E. Viets, Frederic 

F. Stevens, 1878 ; Charles P. Clark, 
James P. Brace, 1879 ; James A. 
Griswold, *B. Ellsworth Smith, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Henry 
L. Clark, B. Ellsworth Smith. 

East Haddam. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, Julius Attwood. Treasurer, 
Thos. Gross, Jr. Selectmen, David 
B, Sexton, O. II. Parker, Win. L. 
Cone. Constables, R. B. Swan, S. 
Jones, Wm. L. Fowler, Jr., C. L. 
Mack, John S. Griffin. Collector, 
Wm. A. Cone. Grand Jurors, John 

G. Barber, N. O. Harris, William A. 
Miuer, Abiel Stark, R. H. Gladwin, 
Heury S. Stark. Assessors, David 
S, Purple, John R. Griffin, Cyrus 
W. Chapman. Board of Relief, 
Amasa Day, J. O. Warner, Francis 
G. Root. Board of Education, Silas 
R. Holmes, C. W. Chapman, 1878 ; 
E. Emory Johnson, George L. 
Brownell, 1879; S. McCall, F. A. 
Tiffany, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Harper Boies, Marion H. Watrous. 

East Hartford. Clerk, Joseph O. 
Goodwin. Registrar, Geo. S. Phelps. 
Treasurer, Leonard T. Pitkin. Se- 
lectmen, Charles W. Roberts, Nor- 
man L. Anderson, John H. Elmer. 
Constables, Wm. S. Beach, Arthur 
P Moore, Thomas Dowd, William 
H. Olmsted, Ralph A. Olmsted, and 
Collector. Grand Jurors, George 
W. Pratt, Lyman H. Tuttle, James 

A. Moore, James S. Forbes, William 

B. Smith, Ruins Wadsworth. As- 
sessors, Seth Risley, Lyman H. Tut- 
tle, Aaron G. Olmsted, William M. 
Stanley, William H. Ulrich. Board 
of Relief, George W. Dnrlin, Ed- 
ward O. Goodwin, Ezra E. Smith, j 
Board of Education, *Edwiu II. 
Little, Francis R. Chiids, 1878 ; Jo- I 

seph 0. Goodwin, Elijah Ackley, 
1879 ; John A. Mulcahv, J. Knox 
Hall, 1880. Registrars 'of Voters, 
Seth Risley, Thomas Dowd. 

East Haven. Clerk, Charles A. 
Bray (P. O., Fair Haven). Registrar 
and Treasurer, Augustus Street. 
Selectmen, James Thompson, Wm. 
M. Lancraft, John R. Kingsbury. 
Constables, John R. Leete, William 
H. Chidsey, Joseph R. Bradiey, F. 
Foote Andrews, Charles W. Gran- 
niss, Frederick J. Coker, William 
G. Tuttle. Collector, Samuel B. 
Hill. Grand Jurors, Jas. M. Bald- 
win, Abram B. Chidsey, Edmund 
Goodrich, S. W. F. Andrews, Wm. 
E. Goodyear, Alvan B. Rose. As- 
sessors, Charles W. Hemingway, 
Samuel M. Brown, Stephen Hem- 
ingway. Board of Relief, Samuel 
Smith, John C. Bradley, Alfred 
Hemingway. Board of Education, 
*"E. Edwin Hall, Edward Allen, 
1878 ; *S. W. F. Andrews. Hudson 
B. Forbes, 1879; Alvan B. Rose, 
Grove J. Tuttle, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, 1st District, Orlando B. 
Thompson, Dwight W. Tuttle; 2d 
District, Frank Bradley, William 

East Lyme. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Charles H. Spencer. Se- 
lectmen, John Lee, Henry E. Kea- 
bles, Edwin Howard. Constables, 
Chas. F. Beckwith, and Collector, 
Albert A. Marchant, Henry E. Kea- 
bles, John Bacon. Grand Jurors, 
Benjamin F. Hale, Enoch L. Beck- 
with, Francis A. Fox. Assessors, 
Chas. Babcock, Frederic B. Way, 
James R. White. Board of Relief, 
George W. Congdon, Henry M. 
Burch, Justin L. Beckwith. Board 
of Education, Calvin S. Davis, 
Charles Babcock, 1878; *H. P. 
Dwyer, *E. L. Beckwith, 1879; Wm. 
T. Cutter, Daniel Caulkins, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, 1st District, 
John J. Comstock, Wm. T. Cutter ; 
2d District, F. E. Morgan, George 

Eastern. Clerk, Ebenezer S. Gil- 
lette. Registrar, Selleck N. Osborne. 
Treasurer, Jos. W. Johnson. Se- 
lectmen, John S. Rowland, Elihu 




N. Taylor, Wm, W. Jennings. Con- 
stables, J. Frank Peckwell, Edward 
Seeley, John Nichols, John Ogden, 
Edsoit Beers, James J. Ward, Chas. 
S. Everett. Collector, William W. 
Jennings. Grand Jurors, J. Frank 
Peckwell, Robert G. Galloway. 
Assessors, Isaac P. Wheeler, Ben- 
nett Seeley. Board of Relief, Philo 
B. Sherwood, Leroy D. Sherman, 
George S. Piatt. Board of Educa- 
tion, William H. Everett, F. R. 
Wheeler, 1878 ; Charles H. Rowell, 
Henry Wakeman, 1879 ; * Arthur M. 
Oakley, Wm. W. Jennings, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, George Free- 
horn, Charles Wheeler. 

East Windsor. Clerk, Registrar, 
and Treasurer, Mahlon H. Bancroft 
(P. O., Warehouse Point). Select- 
men, S. D. Rockwell, Seth S. Allen, 
John N. Clark. Constables and 
Collectors, C. E. Woodward, C. A. 
Bissell. Grand Jurors, Salmon 
North, Wm. M. Dunham, C. T. Ins- 
lee, Homer S. Allen, J. T. Hull, J. 
A. Fascoe. Assessors, Jos. A. Pascoe, 
Charles Bartlett. Board of Relief, 
Salmon North, P. L. Blodgett, Hirain 
Smith. Board of Education, S. 
Terry Wells, John F. Fitts, E. K. 
Leonard, 1878 ; J. S. Allen, P. L. 
Blodgett, M. H. Bancroft, 1879; 
Edward Goodridge, J. O. Ellsworth, 
John B. Noble, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Jabez S. Allen, Charles E. 

Ellington. Clerk ; Registrar, and 
Treasurer, O. M. Hyde. Selectmen, 
Otis Loomer, E. H. Dimock, Edw. 
L. Martin. Constables, Ortive C. 
Eaton, and Collector, Myron H. 
Dimock, Henry K. Warner, Marcus 
Pinney, Philo Wadsworth. Grand 
Jurors, Benjamin Pinney, Seldon 
Hare, Henry M. Niles, Sani'l Willis, 
James Isham, Norris N. Kibbe. As- 
sessors, Francis Pinney, Alfred U. 
Charter, Orrin D. Newell. Board 
of Relief, John Beasley, Henry C. 
Aborn, Lyman Martin. Board of 
Education, Sylvester Morris, Henry 
McKnight, George I. Wood, 1878; 
Joel A. Warren, Henry C. Aborn, 
Isaac Bancroft, 1879; *David S. 
Holbrook, Otis Loomer, Edwin Tal- 

cott, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
M. H. Mandell, Julius A. Kibbe. 

Enfield. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Frederick E. Ely. Se- 
lectmen, Benj. F. Lord, Calvin O. 
King, Frank W. Parsons, Albert 
Abbe, David Burns. Constables, 
Alexander Beebe, Jas. Stenson, R. 
Ensign Abbe, Leroy Spencer, Orin 
P. Simons, Walter Smithson. Col- 
lector, Albert T. Lord. Grand Ju- 
rors, John Murphy, George Bridge, 
Gaius N. Booth, Charles W. Clark, 
David Burns. Assessors, David 
Brainard, Amos D. Bridge, Charles 
M. Abbe. Board of Relief, Horace 
Patten, John Law, Theodore I. 
Pease, Richard T. Abbe, Albert F. 
Allen. Board of Education, Chas. 
M. Abbe, Edward Prickett, *John 
Housen, 1878 ; Albert Abbe, George 
PI. Booth, William B. Covil, 1879 ; 
*James W. Allen, David P. San- 
ford, *L. A. Upson, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Theodore I. Pease, 
Asa Lewis. 

Essex. Clerk and Registrar, Car- 
not O. Spencer. Treasurer, Edward 
W. Redfield. Selectmen, Noah Star- 
key, Jerome W. Bushnell, Russel 
H. Post. Constables, Edward W. 
Pratt, William N. Robbins, Theo- 
dore F. Rose, Benjamin A. Gladding, 
and Collector. Grand Jurors, Hen- 
ry L. Pratt, Marsena W. Comstock, 
Samuel J. Post, Levi Hull, Richard 
H. Mather. Assessors, Carnot O. 
Spencer, Francis H. Tiffany. Board 
of Relief, Charles L. Clark, Edwin 
Pratt, Julius Andrews. Board of 
Education, Jared E. Redfield, Wm. 
H. Williams, Charles S. Munger, 
*Giles Potter, 1878; *Selden M. 
Pratt, Carnot O. Spencer, Lorenzo 
D. Webber. John I. Hutchinson, 
1879 ; Edwin Pratt, Egbert B. Bull, 
Lorenzo Beckwith, Richard S. Hay- 
den, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Joseph R. Johnson, Jos. P. South- 

Fairfield. Clerk, Daniel Moloney. 
Registrar and Treasurer, Edmund 
Hobart. Selectmen, John A. Wil- 
son, Moses B. Banks, John Wake- 
man. Constables, Dan'l Moloney, 
and Collector, Henry A. Wells, John 



[VOL. I. 

Leahy, Horace F. Allen, Jr., James 
M. Wilson, Geo. F. Monroe, David 
F. Cole. Grand Jurors, Andrew P. 
Wakeman, David Wheeler, William 

A. Smith, Gould Turney. Assessors, 
Samuel Pike, Wm. Bradley, Rufus 

B. Jennings. Board of Relief, David 
Wheeler, Seth Wakeman, Oliver B. 
Jennings. Board of Education, 
Samuel Morehouse, M. V. B. Dun- 
ham, 1878 ; Wakeman B. Meeker, 
James K. Lombard, 1879 ; Edmund 
Hobart, Edward E. Rankin, 1880. 
Registrar of Voters, Samuel Pike, 
Ebenezer Burr, Jr. 

Fqrmington. Clerk and Registrar, 
Thos. Treadwell. Treasurer, Chaun- 
cey D. Cowles. Selectmen, Win- 
throp M. Wadsworth, Phineas B. 
Goodwin, John A. Merriman. Con- 
stables, Reuben L. Hills, and Col- 
lector, Henry A. Cowles, Samuel D. 
Hills, Joseph W. Curtiss, Alpheus 
Porter, Joseph A. Ailing, Simeon 
H. Dutton. Grand Jurors, Thomas 
Cowles, Charles W. Lewis, Mark 
Patterson, James H. Hyde, Corydon 
Woodford, William Alfred. Assess- 
ors, Charles L. Whitman, Truman 
Sanford, John P. Lewis. Board of 
Relief, Thomas L. Porter, Sherman 
Sanford, Milton Humphrey. Board 
of Education, Edward A. Smith, 
*Edward Norton, Charles L. Whit- 
man, 1878 ; *Edward R. Brown, 
Samuel Frisbie, Edward M. Mills, 
1879 ; Julius Gay, Thos. L. Porter, 
James A. Smith, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, 1st District, Charles L. 
Whitman, Henry A. Cowles ; 2d 
District, Carlos L. Mason, George 
W. Frisbie. 

Franklin. Clerk, Sam'l G. Harts- 
horn. Registrar, Andrew B. Smith. 
Treasurer, T. H. C. Kingsbury. 
Selectmen, Henry W. Kingsley, Jos. 
I. Hyde, Asahael Armstrong. Con- 
stables, Josex>h I. Hyde, Charles A. 
Kingsley, Oliver L. Johnson, Sam'l 
N. Hyde, Myron W. Smith, James 
D. Simpson. Collector, Amos F. 
Royce. Grand Jurors, William B. 
Hyde, J. M. N. Lathrop, Ezra B. 
Bailey, John Frink. Assessors, Amos 
F. Eoyce, E. Eugene Ayer, Gilbert 
Lamb. Board of Relief, Solomon 

A. Frink, J. M. N. Lathrop, Robert 
A. Hyde. Board of Education, 
Henry W. Kingsley, Thos. G. Kings- 
ley, 1878; Otis Hyde, H. L. M. Ladd, 
1879 ; Solomon A. Frink, George H. 
Griffing, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Solomon A. Frink, H. L. M. Ladd. 

Glastonbury. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, Edgar Hale. Treasurer, Albert 
A. Bogue. Selectmen, Guy Samson, 
George S. Andrews, John B. Mose- 
ley. Constables, James O. Gris- 
wold, Wm. Patten, Sanford T. Fin- 
ley, Roderick F. Hollister. Collect- 
or, Adelbert W. Crane. Grand 
Jurors, Wm. H. H. Miller, George 
R. Hale, Albert F. Risley, Charles 
J. Loomer, John H. Stevens, Edwin 
H. Andrews. Assessors, Samuel 
Hollister, Lyman T. Hollister, 
Samuel C. Harden, Willard E. 
Howe. Board of Relief, Wm. H. 
H. Miller, Geo. C. Andrews, Isaac 
Broadhead. Board of Education, 
Alonzo A. Babcock, Lyman T. Hol- 
lister, Wm. S. Wright, 1878 : John 
W. Hubbard, George C. Andrews, 
Alpheus D. Clark, 1879; Wm. H. 
Griswold, Geo. M. Stanley, John E. 
Elliott, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Russell S. Cowles, Samuel C. Har- 

Goshen. Clerk and Registrar, 
Jos. Howard North. Treasurer, 
Frederick E. Hurlbut. Selectmen, 
William Griswold, Samuel P. Ovi- 
att, Henry G. Wright. Constables, 
Charles J. Porter, Malachi Gillett, 
George J. Johnson. Collector, 
Frank W. Griswold. Grand Jurors, 
Giles Lawton, Charles J. Porter, 
Abner ,Gilbert, Lyman Hall. As- 
sessors, James Wadhams, Patrick 
McElhone, Theron Page. Board of 
Relief, Wilbur H. Wadhams, Abner 
Gilbert, Moses Cook. Board of Ed- 
ucation, Frederick A. Lucas, S. A. 
Bartholomew, 1878; John H. Wad- 
hams, Henry Norton, 1879 ; Lyman 
Hall, M. D. F. Smith, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, John H. Wadhams, 
Willard E. Gaylord. 

Granby. Clerk, Chester P. Loomis. 
Registrar, Mason G. Wilcox. Treas- 
urer, Denison Case. Selectmen, 
Edward Holcomb, Wilbert Reed, 




Amherst L. Holcomb. Constables, 
Levi Rice, and Collector, H. J. 
Dewey, Albert H. Gillette, George 
Beebe, M. D. Leonard, Nelson W. 
Phelps, S. Fred. Holcomb. Grand 
Jurors, Watson Dewey, Asel H. 
Rice, Geo. Spring, Willis L. Hayes, 
James R. Hayes, Munson Holcomb. 
Assessors, Theo. E. Hayes, John 
Kelsey, Lorenzo M. Daniels. Board 
of Relief, Francis Case, Fred. J. 
Jewett, Harvey Godard. Board of 
Education, T. D. Murphy, Wallace 
Kendall, A. L. Loveland, 1878 ; An- 
son Cooley, Lucian Reed, A. L. Hol- 
comb, Cecil S. Cutler, 1879; Hiram 
P. Osgood, Willis L. Hayes, John G. 
Rowley, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, Lucian Reed, George Spring. 

Greenivich. Clerk and Registrar, 
Daniel S. Mead, Jr. Treasurer, 
John G. Reynolds. Selectmen, Jos. 
E. Russell, Underhill Lyon, Denom 
Palmer. Constables, William H. 
Nugent, Christopher Stottlar, Henry 
B. Grigg, Cornelius A. Dusenbury, 
John Dayton, Edwin C. Brundage. 
Collector, Hiram June. Grand Ju- 
rors, Henry M. Fitzgerald, Lock- 
wood R. Smith, Franklin N. Wilcox, 
Philip Wiegand, William B. Lock- 
wood, Charles E. Studwell. As- 
sessors, William H. Briggs, James 
Willson, William E. Ferris, Will jam 
B. Sherwood, Brush Knapp. Board 
of Relief, Samuel Mills, Rex L. Pal- 
mer, Charles Mead. Board of Ed- 
ucation, Myron L. Mason, Charles 
R. Treat, 1878; James H. Brush, 
Robert T. Merritt, 1879 ; Amos M. 
Brush, Lorenzo Finney, 1880. Reg- 
istrars 'of Voters, John G. Reynolds, 
Zophar Mead. 

Griswold. Clerk, E. C. Kegwin 
(P. O., Jewett City). Registrar, 
Wm. Soule. Treasurer, J. O. Sweet. 
Selectmen, Israel Mathewson, An- 
drew Edmond, B. H. Browning. 
Constables, Frank Hawkins, and 
Collector, John Sharkey, Clark C. 
Palmer, Clark C. Kinney, Samuel 
K. Lovett, Henry R. Buck. Grand 
Jurors, Nathan Prentis, William C. 
Bliven, Patrick Leyden, LaFayette 
Kinney, Wm. P. Young, E. C. Keg- 
win. Assessors, Samuel K. Lovett, 

James B. Burdick. Board of Relief, 
J. G. Bill, Edward Cook, Orrin F. 
Burdick. Board of Education, *B. 

C. Keigwin, Wm. Soule, 1878; J.E. 
Leonard, W. A. Browning, 1879 ; J. 

D. Eccleston, E. C. Kegwin, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, 1st District, 

D. B. Campbell, George Boardman ; 
2d District, A. M. Learned, G. N. 

Groton. Clerk and Registrar, 
James D. Avery. Treasurer, John 
O. Fish. Selectmen, Horace Clift, 
Elisha S. Thomas, Stephen A. Mor- 
gan. Constables, Daniel Morgan, 
and Collector, Jas. M. Latham, 
Charles E. Chapman, Nelson Bur- 
rows, Wm. R. Carpenter, Henry E. 
Davis, Nathan S. Holloway. Grand 
Jurors, Edwin W. White, Lemuel 
Clift, Horace W. Davis, George L. 
Daboll, Geo. T. Spink. Assessors, 
Oliver T. Braman, Philo Little. 
Board of Relief, John Prentice, 
Samuel B. Latham, John A. Fitch. 
Board of Education, J. A. Wood- 
hull, Wm. H. Potter, 1878 ; J. D. S. 
Pardee, S. S. Lamb, 1879 ; N. T. Al- 
len, D. A. Daboll, Jr., 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, 1st District, Austin 
Haley, R. W. Fish ; 2d District, J. 
W. Miner, Simon Huntington; 3d 
District, Wm. E. Spicer, John A. 

Guilford. Clerk, Edward R. Lan- 
don. Registrar, Henry Benton, 2d. 
Treasurer, Harris Pendleton, Jr. 
Selectmen, Reuben L. Fowler, Lev- 
erett C. Stone, Edwin W. Bartlett. 
Constables, Richard W. Starr, Jos. 
S. Mack, Caesar T. Rogers, John D. 
Chittenden, Baldwin C. Dudley, 
Elisha Hart, Samuel F. Hubbard, 
2d. Collectors, E. Walter Leete, 
Jerome Coan. Grand Jurors, Alvan 
B. Palmer, Hethcote G. Landon, 
George L. Griswold, George C. 
Dudley, Benjamin Rossiter, Wm. 

E. Weld, George Hill, 2d. Assess- 
ors, John E. Griswold, Lewis R. 
Elliot, Cyrus O. Bartlett. Board 
of Relief, John W. Norton, Henry 
R. Spencer, Harvey W. Pot- 
ter. Board of Education, *John 
R. Rossiter, Gideon P. Reynolds, 
Geo. B. Spencer, 1878; * George W. 



[VOL. I. 

Banks, Charles Griswold, J. Sey- 
mour Benton, 1879 ; Alvan B. Pal- 
mer, Lorenzo T. Bennett, Erwin 
W. Rossiter, 1880. Eegistrars of 
Voters, Calvin M. Leete, Lewis R. 

Haddam. Clerk and Registrar, 
John H. Russell. Treasurer, Rus- 
sell Shailer. Selectmen, Alpheus 
W. Tyler, Jonathan P. Spencer, 
Abial J. Sherman, Wm. H. Bailey, 
Wm. Fisk Brainerd. Constables, 
James W. Cone, Wilber F. Smith, 
and Collector, Leonard D. Skinner, 
Wm. E. Odber, Edward E. John- 
son, Frank A. House, Wm. Foot 
Brainerd. Grand Jurors, Giles 
Thayer, John M. Ingersoll, Horace 
A. Bonfoey, Charles A. Dickin- 
son, Ezra F. Brainerd, Asa Shailer. 
Assessors, Ansel Spencer, Henry 
M. Brainerd, Henry H. Brainerd. 
Board of Relief, Noah Burr, Orrin 
Shailer, 2d, Justin M. Smith. Board 
of Education, John H. Russell, 
Geo. A. Freeman, Bezaleel Shailer, 
1878; Alpheus W. Tyler, Orrin 
Shailer, 2d, * Samuel W. Shailer, 
1879 ; Isaac Arnold, Ansel Spencer, 
Samuel B. Bailey, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, 1st District, George W. 
Arnold, George A. Dickinson ; 2d 
District, Ansel Spencer, Gilbert H. 
Hubbard; 3d District, Ezra F. 
Brainerd, William B. Northam. 

Hamden. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Ellsworth B. Cooper. 
Selectmen, Norris B. Mix, Edwin 
W. Potter, Cecil A. Burleigh. Con- 
stables, Dennison H. Harris, Mer- 
ritt L. Potter,, Charles Leddy, Mi- 
chael Creed, Jr., George R. Nichols, 
Bartholomew Welch,,Malachi Shan- 
nahan. Collector, Silas Benham. 
Grand Jurors, Henry Tuttle, Alger- 
non O. Beach, John Kenney, Silas 
Benham, Samuel P. Crafts, Russel 
H. Cooper. Assessors, Gilbert S. 
Benham, Algernon O. Beach. Board 
of Relief, Ellsworth B. Cooper, An- 
drew McKeon, Augustus Dicker- 
man. Board of Education, Gilbert 
S. Benham, Andrew Smith, 1878; 
*Elias Dickerman, Andrew Mc- 
Keon, 1879 ; *Horace Tuttle, Edwin 
D, Swift, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 

ers, Elias Dickerman, Dennison H. 

Hampton. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, George W. Bennett. Se- 
lectmen, James A. Burnham, Wm. 
H. Hammond, Orrin T. Palmer. 
Constables, Samuel Bradford, Jos. 
W. Congdon, Henry Clapp. Grand 
Jurors, David Greenslit, George M. 
Holt, Horace Jackson, Asa Kimball, 
Hiram H. Rollock. Assessors, Jos. 
W. Congdon, Asa Kimball. Board 
of Relief, David Greenslit, William 
Utley, John Smith. Board of Edu- 
cation, Ralph W. Robinson, Joseph 
W. Congdon, Henry Clapp, 1678 ; 
George W. Bennett, Philip Pearl, 
Joseph W. Clark, 1879; *David 
Greenslit, Wm. Brown, Alphonzo 
Albro, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Patrick H. Pearl, Harvey Hughes. 

Hartford. Clerk and Registrar, 
John E. Higgins; Assistant, Henry 
A. Kippen. Treasurer, F. A. Brown. 
Selectmen, Ferris W. Cady, Edward 
W. Parsons, Roswell W. Brown, 
'Thomas J. Blake, William West- 
phal. Constables, John Dundon, 
Elihu H. Phelps, Edwin J. John- 
son, Henry H. Quintard, Edward J. 
Reed, Charles E. Pebbles, Frank 
Schmidt. Collector, Frederick S. 
Brown. Grand Jurors, George G. 
Sumner, Patrick H. Sands, John H. 
Brocklesby, Elisha Johnson, John 
R. Wittig, Hugh O'Flaherty. As- 
sessors, John Allen, William Ben- 
ton, James Spellacy. Board of Re- 
lief, Thomas Sisson, Leman Oat- 
man, John F. Gorman. Board of 
Education, F. A. Brown, Joseph H. 
Twichell, Hawley Kellogg, 1878; 
John R. Buck, David Crary, *John 
H. Brocklesby, 1879 ; Erastus Col- 
lins, Mahlon R. West, Nathaniel B. 
Stevens, 1880. High-school Com- 
mittee, Alfred E. Burr, Joseph 
Schwab, Thomas Belknap, Cyrus 
F. Knight, Thos. McMauus. Reg- 
istrars of Voters, Henry W. Hut- 
chinson, Thomas Eustice. 

Hartland. Clerk and Registrar, 
Salmon B. Giddings. Treasurer, 
Elliot W. Emmons. Selectmen, 
George N. Thompson, Thaddeus 
Osborn, George M. Emmons. Con- 




stables, Miron E. Miller, Henry S. 
Mattocks, Dudley H. Carrier, Na- 
thaniel W. Gaylord. Collector, Sal- 
mon B. Giddings. Grand Jurors, 
George D. Cornish, Nathaniel W. 
Gaylord, Almon C. Banning, J. 
Gates Miller. Assessors, Timothy 
E. Williams, Henry J. Gates. 
Board of Relief, Ehenezer H. Mil- 
ler, Orton C. French, Phineas C. 
Stevens. Board of Education, 
*Harvey L. Wilcox, George N. 
Thompson, 1878 ; Timothy E. Will- 
iams, Homer S. Bell, 1879; N. G. 
Bonney, *E. A. Collins, 1880. Reg- 
istrars of Voters, Geo. D. Cornish, 
Lester Cowdery. 

Harwinton. Clerk, Geo. E. Cook. 
Registrar, Julius Catlin. Treasurer, 
Martin L. Goodwin. Selectmen, 
Norman A. Wilson, Virgil R. Bar- 
ker, Wallace K. Curtis®. Consta- 
bles, Julius Catlin, Edward Capell, 
Geo. E. Cook. Collector, Sherman 
B. Barber. Grand Jurors, Abijah 
Catlin, Edward Capell. Assessors, 
Julius Catlin, Orange A. Hubbell. 
Board of Relief, Cyrus L. Barber, 
Lucius U. Olmsted, Henry D. Rey- 
nolds. Board of Education, Martin 
L. Goodwin, Martin Cook, 1878; 
Henry D. Reynolds, Henry Wilson, 
1879 ; Virgil Buell, * Albert W. 
Buell, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Julius Catlin, Henry D. Reynolds. § 

Hebron. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Stephen B. Fuller. Registrar, Da- 
vid M. Buell. Selectmen, Harvey 
Crane, Theodore B. Porter, Joel 
Willcox. Constables, Harvey Crane, 
John H. Buell, Alfred J. Holbrook, 
Charles F. Burt, Alfred L. Bissell, 
Francis W. Brown, Loren A. Waldo. 
Collectors, Francis G. Waldo, Chas. 

D. Way. Grand Jurors, Hubbard 

E. Bestor, Andrew Prentice, Arthur 
G. Turner, Ralph P. Gilbert, George 
I. Allyn, George H. Hodge, James 
N. Brainard. Assessors, Edwin Gil- 
lette, Frank R. Post, Wm. S. Ellis. 
Board of Relief, Marshall Porter, 
John S. Porter, Charles L. Phelps. 
Board of Education, *Hilliard Bry- 
ant, Charles N. Brown, *Andrew 
Sharpe, Ralph P. Gilbert, George S. 
Dodge, Charles L. Phelps, Josiah 

A. Mack, Cyrus H. Pendleton, Ran- 
dall S. Bestor. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, Ralph P. Gilbert, George W. 

Huntington. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Horace Wheeler. Registrar, Reu- 
ben W. Linsley. Selectmen, James 
H. Beard, Horace S. Lyon, Charles 
Beard. Constables, G. M. Wakelee, 
and Collector, F.' R. Clark, Franklin 
Bartholomew, Oliver G. Beard, Wm. 
Stapleton, Leander J. Wheeler, 
Clark S. Beardsley. Grand Jurors, 
James S. Wakelee, Lyman Lattin, 
Richard Reilly, Lewis B. Gray, 
Wells Hubbell. Assessors, Erastus 
Bennett, Samuel P. Buckingham, 
Henry I. Brownson. Board of Re- 
lief, John C. Buckingham, Reuben 
W. Linsley, Miles Perry. Board of 
Education, G. M. Wakelee, *D. S. 
Brinsmade, 1878 ; Horace Wheeler, 
G. A. Shelton, 1879; C. E. Lattin, 
F. G. Perry, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, 1st District, Edward R. 
Hurd, D. S. Brinsmade; 2d Dis- 
trict, Charles E. Lattin, Edward 

Kent. Clerk and Registrar, Je- 
rome F. Gibbs. Treasurer, Charles 
H. Gaylowl. Selectmen, Luther 
Eaton, Stephen Smith, Clark Page. 
Constables, Thompson Barton, Mark 

B. Howland, Edwin B. Payn. Col- 
lector, Irwin J. Beardsley. Grand 
Juror, John Segar. Assessors, 
Lewis S. Northrope, Sherman 
Greene, John Chase. Board of Re- 
lief, Richard Lee, Frank Evitts, 
Fitch R. Buckingham. Board of 
Education, Thomas D. Barclay, 
Gilbert A. Vincent, John Chase. 
Registrars of Voters, Geo. L. Segar, 
Albert Roberts. 

Eillingly. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Henry S. Young. Select- 
men, Caleb W. Knight, Esquare B. 
Miller, David B. Wheaton, Edwin 
A. Hill, Lorenzo M. Kennedy. Con- 
stables, Edward S. Carpenter, Eras- 
tus Baker, Charles P. Card, Nathan 
A. Short, JobF. Seamans. Collector, 
Wilfred Thomas. Grand Jurors, 
Emmons H. Brown, Joseph C. Ayer, 
Clarence Budlong, W. W. White, 
Henry M. Columbus. Assessors 



[VOL. I. 

Caleb W. Knight, Asaliel E. Dar- 
ling, Win. N. Lewis, Edmund L. 
Warren, Loren Bates. Board of 
Relief, James Darling, Nathan A. 
Short, Daniel C. Frost, Frank E. 
Baker, Geo. W. Green slit. Board 
of Education, Samuel Hutchins, E. 
A. Hill, 1878; Anthony Ames, *Geo. 
W. Pike, John Andrews, 1879; A. 
T. Parsons, W. C. Carr, J. Perkins, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, 1st 
District, R. Lathrop, E. Davis ; 2d 
District, S. Bennett, W. A. Bennett ; 
3d District, W. A. Catley, C. A. Al- 

Killingwortli. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, Henry Hull. Treasurer, Ran- 
dolph P. Stevens. Selectmen, An- 
drew W. Burr, Harlow L.Nettleton, 
Wm. Bristol. Constables, David K. 
Stevens, Myron St. C. Burr. Col- 
lector, Henry H. Wright. Grand 
Jurors, Randolph S. Burr, Henry 
Kelsey, Sidney T.Davis. Assessors, 
David K. Stevens, Lauren L. Nettle- 
ton. Board of Relief, Washington 
E. Griswold, Orlando E. Rediield. 
Board of Education, *Francis Tur- 
ner, Nathan H. Evarts, Washington 

E. Griswold. Registrars of Voters, 
David K. Stevens, Orlando E. Red- 

Lebanon. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Walter G. Kingsley. Registrar, 
Jonathan Lymaii. Selectmen, Wm. 

F. Gates, Joseph C. Craudall, 
Robert C. Peckham, James M. 
Kingsley. Constables, Asa C. Peck- 
ham, Nathan Bass, Jacob McCall, 
James Y. Thomas. Grand Jurors, 
Justin L. Babcock, Chas. C. Loomis, 
David II. McCall, Albert F. Preston. 
Assessors, Oliver E. Pettis, Isaac G. 
Avery, Anson Fowler, Salmon W. 
Clark. Board of Relief, Silas P. 
Abell, Henry W. Abell, Albert F. 
Preston, Jesse Moffit. Board of Ed- 
ucation, John N. Abell, Isaac Gil- 
lett, 1878 ; Geo. D. Spencer, Justin 
Clark, 1879; David H. McCall, 
Edward S. Hinckley, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Frank K. Noyes, 
Philo Burgess. 

Ledyard. Clerk and Treasurer, 
James A. Billings. Registrar, Pal- 
mer Allyn. Selectmen, Henry Lar- 

rabee, Nathan L. Lester, George 
Fanning. Constables, Joseph A. 
Gallup, Charles M. Park, Christo- 
pher M. Gallup, Caleb H. Thomas, 
George H. O'Brien, Chas. H. Chap- 
man. Collector, William T. Cook. 
Grand Jurors, Rufus M. Gallup, 
Erasmus Avery, James A. Billings, 
Franklin Brewster, John T. Leach. 
Assessors, George W. Maynard, Na- 
than S. Gallup, Isaac G. Geer, Wm. 
J. Brown, Alonzo W. Turner. Board 
of Relief, Isaac W. Geer, Erasmus 
Avery, Rufus M. Gallup, Courtland 
Chapman, Calvin H. Roach. Board 
of Education, Joseph A. Gallup, 
John S. Spicer, Isaac G. Geer, 1878 ; 
Charles Cutting, William J. Brown, 
William T. Cook, 1879 ; Christopher 
M. Gallup, Charles H. Chapman, 
George Fanning, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, Israel Allyn, Ambrose 

Lisbon. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Henry Lyon. Registrar, Levi S. 
Stevens. Selectmen, Russell W. 
Fitch, Cornelius Murphy, Edwin 
Kimball. Constable, John Q. A. 
Rathbun. Grand Jurors, Gershom 
A. Maine, Wm. A. Johnson, Daniel 
M. Brown, Augustus F. Read, Elijah 
S. Barnes. Assessors, Edwin F. Ap- 
pley. John F. Hewitt. Board of 
Relief, Thomas H. Read, Edward C. 
Hyde^ James B. Palmer. Board of 
Education, Henry Lyon, Jeremiah 
K. Adams, Chas. J. Bromley. Reg- 
istrars of Voters, Augustus F. Read, 
James B. Palmer. 

Litchfield. Clerk and Registrar, 
Willis J. Beach. Treasurer, George 
M. Woodruff. Selectmen, Jacob 
Morse, E. H. Wright, G. B. Curtiss, 
T. S. Sedgwick, William Keeler. 
Constables, James Campbell, F. E. 
S. Munger, James D. Blakeman, Jr., 
Julius "Deming, Edward O. Peck, 
James M. Morse, George Smith. 
Collector, William Norton. Grand 
Jurors, Joseph Fannin^;, William C. 
Buell, George E. Jones, H. P. Gris- 
wold, Wm. H. Palmer, Geo. Guern- 
sey. Assessors, F. M. Hale, L. C. 
Hotchkiss, E. L. Curtiss, A. J. Beach, 
Thomas M. Coe. Board of Relief, 
E. E. Champlin, Chas. I. Page, D. 




G. Turney, J. L. Judd, H. L. Coe. 
Board of Education, *T. Leauder 
Jennings, G. M. Wilkins, *Allen 
McLean, 1878 ; Andrew J. Pierpont, 
Garner B. Curtiss, *Dwight C. Eil- 
bourn, 1879 ; George M. Woodruff, 
Geo. W. Bement, Marshal E. Gaines, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, H. H. 
Prescott, A. B. Shumway, George 
Guernsey, A. M. Turner. 

Lyme. P. O., Hamburgh. Clerk, 
Henry L. Parker. Registrar, Benj. 

A. Rathbun. Treasurer, W. J. Mar- 
vin. Selectmen, William Hall, H. 

B. L. Reynolds, Charles Stark. 
Constables, C. A. Tiifany, H. B. 
Royce, and Collector, J. Ely Beebe, 
Lee L. Brockway, Wm. M Brock- 
way. Grand Jurors, Wm. C. Spen- 
cer, Abel Beckwitk, H. B. Royce. 
Assessors, C. A. Tiffany, Jabez Corn- 
stock, Jonathan Sisson. Board of 
Relief, J. Ely Beebe, Charles W. 
Harrisou, Reuben Lord. Board of 
Education, *H. B. Sisson, E. F. Burr, 
1878; Wm. C. Spencer, J. Griffin 
Ely, 1879 ; B. B. Hopkinson, John 
W. Bill, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
R. M. Jewett, John W. Bill. 

Madison. Clerk and Registrar, 
Henry B. Wilcox. Treasurer, C. 
Henry Whedon. Selectmen, John 
H. Meigs, Henry S. Hill, Henry L. 
Parker. Constables, Alexander R. 
Johnson, Frederick T. Dowd, Wash- 
ington Bristol. Collectors, Charles 
W. Hill, James R. Dowd. Grand 
Jurors, Wm. B. Crampton, J. Sher- 
man Buell, Charles S. Stannard. 
Assessors, D wight S. Whedon, Henry 
E. Scranton. Board of Relief, Chas. 
Smith, Edgar S. Dowd, Nathan 
N. Bradley. Board of Education, 
* James A. Gallup, Dennis Tuttle, 
1878 ; John H. Meigs, Wm. S. Hull, 
1879; Henry E. Stone, Nathan 
Howell, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
1st District, John N. Chittenden, 
Wm. S. Hull; 2d District, Wash- 
ington Bristol, Noble S. Blatchley. 

Manchester. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Daniel Wadsworth. Se- 
lectmen, Clinton W. Cowles, Geo. 
W. Bidwell, Lewis Bissell. Con- 
stables, George A. Bidwell, Diodate 
B. Russell, Wm. B. Sprague, Fred'k 


Waldo. Collector, George F. Rich. 
Grand Jurors, Ethan E. Strong, 
Mason Agard, Andrew H. Rock- 
well, David G. Spencer, George W, 
Bidwell. Assessors, John F. Will- 
iams, Daniel H. Eldridge. Board 
of Relief, Charles D. Parsons, Henry 
A. Griswold, Joseph B. Latham. 
Board of Education, Silas W. Rob- 
bins, Jasper A. Fitch, 1878; O. B. 
Taylor, Jos. B. Latham, 1879 ; Rufus 
R. Dimock, Calvin W. Jacques, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Charles H. 
Arnold, Herbert J. Annis. 

Mansfield. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, R. W. Storrs. Selectmen, 
Daniel P. Storrs, Emory B. Smith, 
Lewis D. Brown. Constables and 
Collectors, Charles T. Crane, Geo. 
W. More. Grand Jurors, John G. 
C. Macfarlane, Jefferson Dunham, 
Edwin G. Sumner, T. Arnold Car- 
penter, George F. Ring, Milton B. 
Wilson. Assessors, Philo C. Atwood, 
Nath'l P. Perkins. Board of Relief, 
Emory B. Smith, Robert P. Barrows, 
Henry Huntington. Board of Edu- 
cation, Robert P. Barrows, Leonard 
R. Dunham, Henry Huntington, 
1878; Seth E. Bennett, A. Judson 
Chaplin, Kiah B. Glidden, 1879 ; 
Edwin G. Summer, George A. Ham- 
mond, John S. Hanks, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Joseph P. Barrows, 
Leroy G. Perkins. 

Marlborough. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, James J. Bell. Registrar, 
Chauncey A. Coleman. Selectmen, 
Amos B. Latham, Roland Buell, 
John H. Fuller. Constables, John 
W. Day, Edwin C. Warner, Francis 
W. Coleman. Collector, William 
W. Bolles. Grand Jurors, John 
Lord, Chauncey Coleman, Daniel 
A. Brown. Assessors, Daniel Blish, 
Henry D. Barrows. Board of Re- 
lief, William W. Bolles, John H. 
Fuller, Theron B. Buell. Board of 
Education, William E. Jones, *Jas. 
J. Bell, 1878 ; Amos B. Latham, Jo- 
seph Kneeland, 1879 ; *John Lord, 

C. W. Hanna, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Edwin C. Warner, Henry 

D. Barrows. 

Meriden. Clerk, John H. Bario. 
Registrar, Selah, A. Hull. Treas- 



[VOL. I. 

urer, Henry S. Wilcox. Selectmen, 
E. D. Castelow, Oliver Eice, Patrick 
Garvey. Constables, James E. Bel- 
den, E. B. Clark, James W. Hough, 
Alfred W. Curtis, S. Olin Parker, 
Louis Nagel, Wm. Seymour. Col- 
lector, Wallace A. Miles. Grand 
Jurors, E. A. Merriman, Reuben 
Waterman, John F. Butler, Charles 
Schrader, Chas. H. Shaw, John W. 
Curtis. Assessors, Wm. J. Ives, O. 
S. Williams. John A. Parker. Board 
of Relief, John Evans, Joel I. But- 
ler, Othniel Ives. Board of Educa- 
tion, Eli Ives, C. Robert Fasy, 
Luther G. Riggs, 1878; *Johu T. 
Pettee, J. S. Wight-man, A. B. 
Mather, 1879 ; J. H. Chapin, H. W. 
Hierschfeld, C. H. S. Davis, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, A. R. Board- 
man, Linus Birdsey. 

Middlebury. Clerk and Registrar, 
Marcus DeForest, Jr. Treasurer, 
Julius Bronson. Selectmen, L. Ab- 
bott, H. W. Munson, George Treat. 
Constables, George B. Bristol, Wm. 
Tyler, and Collector, F. H. Wheel- 
er, C. B. Smith, George S. Pope. 
Grand Jurors, James C. Scoviil, 
David M. Fenn, Thomas A. Woos- 
ter. Assessors, Charles Lum, C. T. 
Yale. Board of Relief, Win. Tyler, 
E. B. Hoyt, Lewis Tyrrell. Board 
of Education, *H. W. Munson, G. 

B. Bristol, 1878 ; L. Abbott, Geo. O. 
Ellis, 1879 ; A. S. Clark, C. II. Lum, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, A. S. 
Clark, Lewis Tyrrell. 

Middlefidd. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Lyman A. Mills. Se- 
lectmen, Moses W. Terrill, Charles 
Ira Miller, Waldo B. Miller. Con- 
stables, P. A. Skinner, John N. Coe, 
Wm. W. Cowles, C. Johnson, Jed. 

C. Safford, and . Collector. Grand 
Jurors, Valerius H. Coles, Nelson 
Coe. Assessors, lehabod Miller, 
Milton H. Miller. Board of Relief, 
Geo. W. Miller, Daniel H. Birdsey, 
David B. Miller. Board of Educa- 
tion, Phineas M. Augur, Charles 
Hubbard, 1878 ; M. W. Terrill, Wal- 
ter P. Hall, 1879 ; Andrew C. Deni- 
son, John O. Couch, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Willis E. Terrill, 
William S. Miller. 

Middletown. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, Elihu W. N. Starr ; Assistant, 
Frank F. Starr. Treasurer, George 
H. Ward. Selectmen, Samuel J. 
Starr, Michael W. Lawton, Daniel 
W. Sears, Martin Loveland, Josiah 
M. Hubbard. Constables, Curtiss 
Bacon, Wm. J. Tynan, James Ross, 
Henry Gibbons, John Hoar, John 
Welch, Nelson Nettleton. Collect- 
or, Edward Clark. Grand Jurors, 
Thomas Kinsella, Wm. Jamieson, 
Jr., Wm. Fowler, Chauncey B. 
North, James Donovan, Henry H. 
Graves. Assessors, Henry D. A. 
Ward, Michael Conran, Henry C. 
Johnson. Board of Relief, Egbert 
H. Atkins, James Cronin, Aaron G. 
Pease, George S. Hubbard. Board 
of Education, Silas A. RobiDSon, 
Geo. W. Guy, 1878; Herbert E. 
Smith, Josiah M. Hubbard, 1879; 
Daniel H. Chase, Horace Wilcox, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Thos. 
O'Connell, Marcus E. Lyon, 

Milford. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, John W. Fowler. Se- 
lectmen, Chas. W. Beardsley, Chas. 
H. Peck, David N. Clark. Con- 
stables, James R. Furman, ■ Edgar 
Van Horn, Castel O. Isbell, Anson 
H. Oviatt, Chas. W. Oviatt, Chas. 
H. Stow, Lewis B. Beers, and Col- 
lector. Grand Jurors, Thomas W. 
Stow, Amos S. Bristol, John J. 
Minor, Samuel B. Baldwin, Fowler 
Sperry, Johnson Bristol. Assess- 
ors, Henry J. Bristol, Hervey S. 
Ford, Nathan E. Smith. Board of 
Relief, Henry Furman, Marcus Mer- 
win, 2d, A. C. Piatt, Board of Edu- 
cation, Jacob A. Biddle, William G, 
Mitchell, Geo. H. Griffin, Phineas 
S. Bristol, 1878 ; Nathan E. Smith, 
D. N. Clark, Wm. H. Pond, Charles 
A. Tomlinson, 1879; Isaac T. Rog- 
ers, C. Watson Baldwin, A. A. Bald- 
win, C. F. Bosworth, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Alonzo W. Burns, 
David Miles. 

Monroe. Clerk, Fred. W. Wheel- 
er. Registrar, Benj. H. French. 
Treasurer, Burr Hawley. Select- 
men, Stephen French, Charles L. 
Plumb, D. J. Lake. Constables, 
John D. Beach, Oscar J. Sherwood, 




John H. Hawkins, David B. Clarke, 
Henry J. Dayton, John M. Lake, 
Charles Powell. Collector, Charles 
B. Wheeler. Grand Jurors, Orville 
H. Hull, William B. Sherwood, Win. 
B. Mead, Wait Clark. Assessors, 
Franeke H. Clarke, Charles War- 
ner. Board of Eelief, Stephen B. 
Hayes, Chas. M. Beardsley. Board 
of Education, Foster M. Cargill, 
David Oshorne, 1878; Chas French, 
Benj. French, 1879 ; David Warner, 
James Burr, 1880. Eegistrars of 
Voters, Lacey Higgins, Elbert S. 

Montville. Clerk, Henry A. Baker. 
Eegistrar and Treasurer, Lewis 
Browning. Selectmen, Aaron F. 
Eogers, Henry E. Strickland, Chas. 
E. Wheeler. Constables, George 
N. Wood, and Collector, Willis I. 
Browning, Henry C. Dolbeare, Wm. 
E. Brown, Wm. B. Walden. Grand 
Jurors, Charles E. Wheeler, Leon- 
ard F. Thompson, Geo. O. Gadbois, 
John H. Ash croft. Assessors, Jas. 
H. Manwaring, Aaron F. Eogers, 
Harlem P. Dolbeare, Orrin H. Whit- 
ing, Albert A. . Eogers. Board of 
Eelief, Thomas W. Champlin, Jos. 
M. Beckwith, Gurdon E. Miner. 
Board of Education, Jos. S. Lati- 
mer, M. V. B. Brainard, H. E. 
Strickland, 1878 ; Mark Latimer, 
Chas. A. Wheeler, W. F. Thacher, 
1879 ; Silas H. Browning, Jedediah 
E. Gay, 2d, Chas. E. Wheeler, 1880. 
Eegistrars of Voters, Calvin Allyn, 
Charles A. Chapman. 

Morris. Clerk and Eegistrar, 
Eollin H. Harrison. Treasurer, 
Garry H.Miner. Selectmen, Phineas 
B. Eandall, Henry Frisbie, David 
Turkington. Constables, Edgar 
Alvord, George E.Emmons, Herbert 
Babbitt. Collector, Garry H. Mi- 
ner. Grand Jurors, Lyman L. Gris- 
wold, Timothy C. Jordan. Assessors, 
Sidney Peck, Eobert Pierpont. 
Board of Eelief, Phineas B. Eandall, 
Chauncey H. Alvord, Clark S. Love- 
land. Board of Education, S. W. 
S. Skilton, *Dwigkt Griswold, 1878 ; 
Lewis B. Hall, Eobert Pierpont, 
1879; *Clark S. Loveland, Edwin 
Leonard, 1880. Eegistrars of Vot- 

ers, Edgar Alvord, Timothy Whit- 

. Naugatuclc. Clerk, Jacob T. Gar- 
rison. Eegistrar, E. S. Meers. 
Treasurer, George S. Andrew. Se- 
lectmen, David Smith, Burritt M. 
Hotchkiss, Eldridge Smith. Con- 
stables, Thomas F. Kernan, Wm. 
Brophy, Charles Noyes, M. M. 
Whitney, Samuel Marshall, Wales 
F. Perkins, Wm. D. Middlebrook. 
Collector, Eldridge Smith. Grand 
Jurors, Wm, A. Frost, B. A. Treat, 
Joseph Brennan, Eobert Eenz, Jas. 
O. May, Patrick Kiely. Assessors, 
James Spencer, James S. Lewis. 
Board of Eelief, Eli Smith, Edward 
Hard, Thomas Scott. Board of-Ed- 
ucation, James L. Scott, H. H. 
Johnson, 1878 ; F. B. Tuttle, B. A. 
Peck, 1879 ; James Fagan, David A. 
Easton, 1880. Eegistrars of Voters, 
James Spencer, Luther S. Piatt. 

New Britain. Clerk and Eegis- 
trar, Isaac Porter. Treasurer, Au- 
gustus P. Collins. Selectmen, Gid- 
eon Eobinson, Michael Gray, Levi 
S. Wells. Constables, A. N. Bennett, 
Samuel Baker, William Scott, Henry 
Andrews, Edward Cahill, H. Otis 
Nash, Frank A. Henn. Collector, 
Henry B. Goodrich. Grand Jurors, 
Ira E. Hicks, Michael J. Burkharth, 
Job Dyson, Justus A. Traut, Wm. 
E. Latham. Assessors, Horace 
Brown, Owen V. McCarthy. Board 
of Eelief, L. A. Vibberts, N. P. 
Woodruff, Samuel Stanley. Board 
of Education, J. N. Bartlett, Wm. 
L. Humason, John A. O'Brien, Elihu 
Burritt, 1878 ; Levi O. Smith, Luke 
Daly, George H. Miner, Justus A. 
Traut, 1879 ; *Charles Northend, 
Charles Peck, E. B. Lyon, Fred. C. 
Hipp, 1880. Eegistrars of Voters, 
Wm. C. Williams, E. Johnston. 

New Canaan. Clerk, Eegistrar, 
and Treasurer, Augustus S. Dan. 
Selectmen, William L. Waring, 
Burling D. Purdy, Thomas M. Fair- 
ty. Constables, Eussell L. Hall, 
Franklin Hallett, Isaac Lee, Ed- 
ward H. Brinkerhoff. Collector, 
Charles Comstock. Grand Jurors, 
Lewis S. Olmsted, Wm. Wardwell, 
Theodore Hawley, Eodney S. Chi- 



[VOL. i. 

Chester. Assessors, Russell L. Hall, 
Benjamin N. Heath, Joseph Craw- 
ford. Board of Relief, Francis E. , 
Chichester, Gilbert Birdsall, Solo- 
mon M. Lockwood. Board of Edu- 
cation, L. M. Monroe, J. F. Silliman, 
1878; William G. Brownson, F. M. 
Bliss, 1879 ; *Joseph Greenleaf, Win, 
E. Husteel, 1830. Registrars of 
Voters, Russell L. Hall, Burling D. 
Purely, Jr. 

New Fairfield. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, L. L. Hopkins. Treasurer, 
Win. J. Kellogg. Selectmen, Bar- 
zillai B. Kellogg, Jas. S. Whitehead, 
Alpheus M. Couch. Constables, 
Edwarel Jennings, and Collector, 
Alexander Turner, Wanzer Abbott. 
Grand Jurors, Horace G. Betts, Geo. 
W. Wheeler, Amos Hodge, Isaac H. 
Gerow. Assessors, Daviel J. Stur- 
ges, Eli Jennings, Geo. W. Trues- 
dale. Boarel of Relief, Isaac H. 
Gerow, Edward Vibberts, Alexander 

B. Brush. Board of Education, 
Geo. W. Wheeler, Daviel Rodgers, 
1878; Alexander Turner, Henelrick 
H. Wildmau, 1879 ; John J. Tread- 
well, Theoelore Rodgers, 1880. Reg- 
istrars of Voters, H. H. Wildmau, 
Eelwin Hodge. 

New Hartford. Clerk, J. C. Keach. 
Registrar, S. H. Mason. Treasurer, 
Fitch W. Bui-well. Selectmen, Seth 
K. Priest, Franklin Watson, Henry 
T. Smith. Constables, O. J. Tuttle, 
Elmore Moses, H. H. Stone, H. 
T. Ruick, S. H. Henderson, W. 
N. Jones, J. Henry Merrill, H. 

C. Merrill. Collector, S. H. Hen- 
derson. Grand Jurors, Henry A. 
Kellogg, H. W. Brown, John E. 
Garrett, James Forbes, E. R. Carter, 
S. N. Pettibone. Assessors, Cephas 
Roberts, James B. Spencer. Board 
of Relief, Hiram B. Kellogg, Elijah 
C. Spencer, Carlos Holcomb. Board 
of Education, F. H. Adams, John 
Richards, 1878 ; N. B. Merrill, Mer- 
rick Knight, 1879; John H. Betts, 
Jared B. Foster, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, Nathan Morse, S. N. 
Pettibone, John H. Purinton, Riley 
M. Olmsted. 

New Haven. Clerk, Frederick 
Botsford. Registrar, William E. 

Thompson. Treasurer, Harmanus 
M. Welch. Selectmen, Charles F. 
Balbier, Russell W. Norton, Edwin 
W. Cooper, Benj. F. Mansfield, Louis 
Feldman, Alexander Foote, Charles 
C. Dennison. Constables, Joseph 
H. Keefe, Michael R. Enscoe, Jona- 
than W. Pond, Henry A. Blakeman, 
Daniel Colwell, George R. Bill, Wm. 
F. Vogel, D. C. Munson. Collector, 
Wm. Hillhouse. Granel Jurors, Jas. 
P. Hart, Henry S. Cooper, Simeon 
J. Fox, James Bishop, Julius Twiss, 
John P. Studley, Julius C. Cable. 
Assessors, Ezra B. Dibble, Thomas 
K. Dunn, Charles Ruickoldt, James 
M. Mason, Elias P. Merriman. 
Board of Relief, Wm. W. Hotchkiss, 
Francis Donhelly, Frank Chandler, 
Griswold I. Gilbert, Chas. S. Scott. 
Board of Education, John E. Earle, 
Nathan T. Bushnell, Patrick Maker, 
1878 ; Samuel Hemingway, George 
H. Watrous, M. Frank Tyler, 1879 ; 
Harmanus M. Welch, Maier Zunder, 
Francis A. Walker, 1880. Superin- 
tendent of Schools, Ariel Parish. 
Registrars of Voters, Wm. O'Keefe, 
Wm. E. Baldwin. 

Newington. Clerk anel Registrar, 
John S. Kirkham. Treasurer, Josh- 
ua Belden. Selectmen, Henry M. 
Robbins, Pratt Francis, John Web- 
ster. Constables, James H. White, 
George E. Chidley, John S. Rowley, 
anel Collector. Grand Jurors, Shu- 
bael H. Whaples, John N. Kil- 
bourne, Thomas Markley, Calvin 
Whaples. Assessors, Chas. E. Chap- 
man, Jedediah Deming. Board of 
Relief, Charles K. Atwood, Erastus 
Kilbourne, Jr., Walter F. Brown. 
Boarel of Education, John S. Kirk- 
ham, Mohn G. Stoddard, 1878; 
Samuel A. Steele, Eli M. Steele, 
1879; Charles K. Atwood, Roger 
W T elles, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Thomas R. Atwood, Sam'l H. Kil- 

New London. Clerk and Registrar, 
Isaac W. Thompson. Treasurer, 
Thomas W. Williams. Selectmen, 
Wm. R. Austin, Daniel Lee, Charles 
J. Hewitt. Constables, William H. 
Hempstead, James F. Smith, Alonzo 
II. Payne. Collector, Bernard L. 




Lynch. Grand Jurors, John H. 
Crocker, Simon Siebler, E. A. Deni- 
son. Assessors, Benj. Stark, Chas. 
Bishop, Eben. E. Dart. Board of 
Belief, Benj. B. Thurston, Alfred 
Hempstead, Chas. W. Strickland. 
Board, of Education, Isaac C. Tate, 
John Bishop, Ralph Wheeler, 1878 ; 
Joshua C. Learned, Jos. P. Brown, 
Charles E. Hewitt, 1879 ; Benjamin 
Stark, Geo. C. Strong, Alfred Coit, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Earl 
Warner, Jr., Ralph Wheeler. 

New Milford. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, Russel B. Noble. Treasurer, 
Charles Taylor. Selectmen, Albert 
S. Hill, Monroe L. Frost, John M. 
Hine. Constables, Andrew J. Mc- 
Mahon, and Collector, Edward L. 
Barton, Anson H. Squires, Charles 
H. Lake, Edwin M. Waller, Sher- 
man H. Hill, Lorey Couch. Grand 
Jurors, Chas. Northrop, John Ken- 
nedy, Roger T. Hartwell, John Do- 
lan, J. Leroy Buck, John M. Squires. 
Assessors, Edward P. Barton, Geo. 
Northrop, Edward F. Morehouse. 
Board of Relief, Lee Stone, Mar- 
shall Marsh, Henry Roberts. Board 
of Education, John W. Addis, Perry 
N. Hall, Ethel S. Green, 1878 ; Al- 
bert N. Baldwin, *Cyrus A. Todd, 
Alfred S. Clark, 1879 ; *Scott Buck- 
ingham, ^Stephen C. Ferriss, Edw. 
F. Morehouse, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Silas L. Erwin, William 

Newtown. Clerk and Registrar, 
Charles H. Peck. Treasurer, Levi 
B. Booth. Selectmen, W T illiam N. 
Northrop, William I. Sanford, Wm. 
Hoy. Constables, Aaron Sanford, 
John H. Blackman, Daniel Quin- 
livin, Isaac J. Blackman, Morris 
Colligan, Daniel Camp, Geo. Win- 
ton. Collector, Robert A. Clark. 
Grand Jurors, James A. Wilson, 
James Farrell, Patrick McCarty. 
Assessors, Samuel C. Glover, Edw. 
Taylor, Abel B. Prindle. Board of 
Relief, Simeon, B. Peck, John Stil- 
son, Elliott M. Peck. Board of Ed- 
ucation, E. L. Johuson, 1878 ; Chas. 
M. Parsons, Silas B. Wheeler, 1879 ; 
Charles Fairmau. Abel B. Prindle, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Daniel 

Camp, Peter M. Nash, Edw. Taylor, 
Charles Parsons. 

Norfolk. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Joseph N. Cowles. Se- 
lectmen, L. L. Whiting, E. L. Gay- 
lord, Moses F. Grant. Constables, 
Charles N. Hollister, George H. 
Cook, Erastus Merwin, Edward D. 
Holt, Geo. R. Bigelow. Collector, 
Rufus P. Seymour. Grand Jurors, 
Miles Riggs, Sam'l S. Vail, Michael 
Murphy, Charles H. Mills, William 
Cooper. Assessors, Wm. L. Hotch- 
kiss, Charles H. Mills, Horace A. 
Stanard. Board of Relief, H. H. 
Riggs, Alva S. Cowles, Norman 
Riggs. Board of Education, *Riley 
Stillman, Samuel D. Northway, 
Luther D. Allen, Silas Palmer, Mrs. 

C. H. Hills, *John F. Gleason, Miss 
L. P. Stevens, *H. B. Knapp, Fred- 
erick Porter. Registrars of Voters, 
Horace A. Stanard, Geo. R. Bigelow. 

Nortli Branford. Clerk, Registrar, 
and Treasurer, Charles Page. Se- 
lectmen, Alden H. Hill, Solomon 
Linsley, Andrew M. Gates. Con- 
stables, Jonathan L. Harrison, Se- 
reno M. Foote, Reuben Harrison, 
2d, William D. Ford, Samuel D. 
Maltby, Willis T. Williams, U. T. 
Harrison. Collector, John Wood. 
Grand Jurors, Edson S. Beard'sley, 
Willis G. Jones, Isaac B. Linsley, 
Charles B. Horsfall, Matthew N. 
Tyler, Chauneey Russell. Assess- 
ors, George L. Ford, Marcus N. Pal- 
mer. Board of Relief, William 
Maltby, Martin C. Bishop, Thomas 
Palmer. Board of Education, *Wm. 

D. Ford, *Francis C. Bartholomew, 
1878; Elizur H. Foote, Chas. Foote, 
1879 ; Charles Page, H. D. Barthol- 
omew, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
1st District, Timothy R. Palmer, 
Darwin Page ; 2d District, Dwight 
M. Foote, John G. Phelan. 

North Canaan. P. O., Canaan. 
Clerk, Registrar, and Treasurer, J. 
B. Hardenbergh. Selectmen, Wm. 
J. Ferguson, Luman Foot, Lyman 
Dunning. Constables, Albert Hub- 
bard, Frederick Sanford, Charles H. 
Briggs, George E. Beebc, James M. 
Shultz. Collector, John C. Rich- 
mond. Grand Jurors, Jeremiah S. 



[VOL. I. 

New, Lewis L. Cartwright, John G. 
Beebe. Assessors, Elisba M. Rood, 
Daniel L. Peirce. Board of Relief, 
Wesley Trescott, William P. Pelton, 
William Sardam. Board of Educa- 
tion, Miles B. Tobey, Alberto T. 
Roraback, 1873 ; Elisba Whittlesey, 
Daniel L. Freeman, 1879 ; Charles 
H. Briggs, Charles Gillett, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Henry J. 
Mead, George W. Roraback. 

North Haven. Clerk, Joseph Pier- 
pont. Registrar, R. B. Goodyear. 
Treasurer, F. Hay den Todd. Select- 
men, Andrew F. Austin, Alfred 
Ives, Charles M. Tuttle. Constables, 
Rufus Thorp, Payson B. Orcutt, 
John F. Barnes, David W. Smith, 
W. Burr Hall, Edwin Tuttle, Ed- 
ward L. Goodyear. Grand Jurors, 
F. Hayden Todd, Lewis I. Fowler, 
Elihu Dickernian, Eli D. Hayes, 
Robert W. Smith, Julian W. Tuttle. 
Assessors, Justus F.Brockett, Cyrus 
Cheeney. Board of Relief, Willis 
B. Hemingway, Lyman Bassett, 
Dennis Thorp, George Munson, Ed- 
win L. Mansfield. Board of Educa- 
tion, Sheldon B. Thorp, Jesse B. 
Goodsell, George W. Smith, 1878 ; 
Henry D. Todd, Eli D. Hayes, 1879 ; 
A. F. Austin, R. B. Goodyear, O. 
Sherwood Todd, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, F. Hayden Todd, Bennet 

North Stonington. Clerk, Regis- 
trar, and Treasurer, William H. 
Hillard. Selectmen, Alfred Clark, 
Andrew Avery, Orren B. Allen. 
Constables, Gilbert Billings, and 
Collector, Lafayette Park, Geo. A. 
Thompson. Grand Jurors, RusselB. 
Coats, Joseph S. Larkham, Samuel 
Thompson. Assessors, John C. Coats, 
Nelson A. Brown, Francis S. Pea- 
body. Board of Relief, Benjamin 
Thompson, Robert Wheeler, Deni- 
son Hewitt. Board of Education, 
James R. Bourne, John L. York, 
Win. D. Morgan. Registrars of 
Voters, Isaac D. Miner, William S. 

Norwallc. Clerk, Henry K. Sel- 
leck. Registrar, James A. Brown. 
Treasurer, Eli B. Bennett. Select- 
men, Andrew Selleck, William H. 

Ferris, Charles W. Smith. Consta- 
bles, John F. Raymond, Lewis W. 
Doty, T. Farrer Burke, Aurelius J. 
Meeker, Edward Nelson, Edward 
M. Wheeler, David Dayton. Col- 
lector, Benjamin J. Sturges. Grand 
Jurors, Chauncey C. Piatt, Moses B. 
Pardee, George W. Day, James G. 
Barbour, Edward Millspaugh, Isaac 
R. Doty. Assessors, William B. 
Hendrick, Thomas Guyer, Augustus 
C. Golding. Board of Relief, Brad- 
ley S. Keith, Franklin A. Tolles, 
Nelson J. Craw. Board of Educa- 
tion, John A. Hamilton, Jonah J. 
Millard, Levi Warner, Charles W. 
LeCount, Louis J. Blake, Edwin D. 
Bent ley, Joseph W. Wilson, Moses 
B. Pardee, Benjamin J. Sturges. 
Registrars of Voters, George N. Ells, 
Edward Merrill, John B. Bouton, 
Nelson J. Craw, Wm. B. Hendrick, 
Winfield S. Hanford, 2d. 

Norwich. ■ Clerk and Treasurer, 
Othniel Gager. Registrar, David 
Young. Selectmen, Oliver P. Avery, 
William R. Potter, John P. Murphy. 
Constables, C. H. Cobb, Jr., and 
Collector, Joab B. Rogers, A. Ham- 
ilton Chapman, Charles H. Miner, 
Charles P. Bushnell, Geo. L. Roath, 
Robert F. Latour. Grand Jurors, 
Alvan T. Davis, William Armstrong, 
George R. Hyde, John P. Blackmar, 
Albert F. Park, Lloyd M. Cobb. 
Assessors, William C. Osgood, Na- 
than Small, Thomas Brock. Board 
of Relief, John P. Barstow, Charles 
W. Jennings, Jacob B. Bachelder. 
Board of Education, R. P. Stanton, 
Wm. H. Page, S. H. Giesey, Wm. S. 
Palmer, 1878; Jared G. Pitcher, 
George R. Hyde, Hiram P. Arms, 
1879 ; * John W. Crary, Abel Rath- 
bone, Storrs O. Seymour, 1830. 
Registrars of Voters, Joab B. Rogers, 
Elias Cottrell. 

Old Lyme. P. O., Lyme. Clerk, 
T. S. Swan. Registrar, David Mor- 
ley. Treasurer, Geo. W. DeWolf. 
Selectmen, David M. Watrous, 
Wm. J. Beckwith, C. R. Noyes. 
Constables, L. A. Caulkins, and 
Collector, Henry Noyes, Wm. J. 
Beckwith, J. H.Lay, Wm. E. Bates, 
Nelson Appleby. Grand Jurors, 




Charles TV. Morley, John Swaney. 
Assessors, L. A. Caulkins, Eoger 
Griswold. Board of Eelief, David 
Caulkins, E. C. Feck, Geo. H. Feck- 
ham. Board of Education, E. M. 
Champion, John Swaney, 1878 ; 
*VVm. B. Gary, T. S. Swan, 1879; 
C. L. Morley, John Smith, 1880. 
Eegistrars of Voters, E. W. Chad- 
wick, Anson H. Sanders. 

Old SaybrooJc. P. O., Sayhrook. 
Clerk and Eegistrar, Ozias H. Kirt- 
land. Treasurer, John F. Bushnell. 
Selectmen, John H. Tileston, Joseph 
Kellogg, Wm. J. Clarke. Consta- 
bles, Charles A. Kirtland, Geo. D. 
Judd, A. S. Bugbee, John N. Clarke, 
and Collector. Grand Jurors, L. E. 
Pease, Wm. B. Tully, James Ean- 
kin, Geo. W. Denison, J. Lawrence 
Clinton. Assessors, David W. 
Clarke, James Treadway. Board 
of Eelief, C. M. Whittlesey, Wm. 

E. Clarke. Board of Education, 
Eobert B. Chalker, Wm. J. Clarke, 
1878; Geo. W. Denison, Edwin 
Ayer, 1879; Joseph Kellogg, Wm. 
J. Clarke, 1880. Eegistrars of Vot- 
ers, Edwin Ayer, Wm. E. Clarke. 

Orange. Clerk and Eegistrar, Eli- 
as T. Main (P. O., West Haven). 
Treasurer, Israel K. Ward. Select- 
men, Benj. T. Clark, Sam'lL. Smith, 
David Piatt. Constables, Chas. W. 
Hine, Elizur B. Eussell, Frederick 
B. Perkins, Squire S. Hyde, Matthew 
Hale, E. Eugene Hubbard. Col- 
lector, Walter A. Main. Grand Ju- 
rors, Stiles D. Woodruff, William C. 
Eussell, Isaac P. Treat, Alonzo F. 
Wood, John P. Hubbard, George L. 
Austin. Assessors, Merritt E. Treat, 
Stephen E. Booth, Lewis A. Thomas. 
Board of Eelief, Eollin W. Hine, 
Albert F. Miles, Prosper Warner. 
Board of Education, William E. 
Brooks, John F. Barrett, 1878 ; Isaac 
P. Treat, John M. Aimes, 1879 ; Ed- 
win S. Lines, James Walker, 1880. 
Eegistrars of Voters, 1st District, 
George E. Kelsey, John M. Aimes ; 
2d District, Chas. F. Smith, Benj. 

F. Somers. 

Oxford. Clerk and Eegistrar, 
Lewis Barnes. Treasurer, Charles 
H. Butler. Selectmen, Benjamin 

Nichols, Orlando C. Osborn, James 
H. Bartlett. Constables, Anthony 
B. Hinman, and Collector, Henry 
E. Smith, Charles T. Sherwood. 
Grand Jurors, Albert D. Smith, At- 
water Treat, Legrand W. Lake, 
Benuett A. Treat, George Northrop. 
Assessors, Harvey W. Chatheld, 
Clark E. Lum. Board of Relief, 
Albert W. Lum, Benjamin Nichols, 
Smith C. Wheeler. Board of Edu- 
cation, Lewis Barnes, O. C. Osborn, 
1878 ; N. J. Wilcoxson, Sam'l Haw- 
kins, 1879 ; John Harger, Clark E. 
Lum, 1880. Eegistrars of Voters, 
Benjamin Nichols, Wooster B. Mc- 

Plainfield. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Eeuben Weaver. Eegistrar, Nath'l 
P. Thompson. Selectmen, Asher E. 
Herrick, Daniel Spalding, Henry 
S. Newton, Walter Palmer, Joshua 
S. Kennedy. Constables, Nath'l 
P. Thompson, and Collector, Henry 
S. Tillinghast, Nath'l L. Lester. 
Grand Jurors, Jeremiah M. Shepard, 
Eichard H. Ward, Wm. A. Lester, 
John L. Chapman, Wm. I. Hyde. 
Assessors, William B. Ames, Eich'd 
H. Ward, John S. Smith, ErastusL. 
Spalding, Jonathan Gorton. Board 
of Eelief, George Loring, William 
Dawley, J. Alfred Crary, George 
Davis, Thomas A. Tiffany. Board 
of Education, S. H. Fellows, Wm. 
A. Lewis, Horace Allen, 1878 ; Wal- 
do Tillinghast, William I. Hyde, 
Wm. H. H. Leavens, 1879; John 
Avery, John S. French, Fitch A. 
Carey, 1880. Eegistrars of Voters, 
Eichard H. Ward, H. C. Stark- 

Plainville. Clerk and Eegistrar, 
E. C. Usher. Treasurer, Levi Hough, 
Selectmen, Burritt Hills, A. N. Clark, 
Collis Hough. Constables, Enos S. 
Belden, Apollos Fenn, H. W. Hig- 
gins. Collector, Daniel W. Fox. 
Grand Jurors, Bur well Carter, F. 
L. Beach, E. H. Andrews. Assess- 
ors, Henry D. Stanley, Edwin N. 
Lewis, Timothy Eooney. Board of 
Eelief, Levi Hough, W. L. Cowles, 
E. N. Pierce. Board of Education, 
N. J. Seeley, Hiram Carter, 1878 ; 
J. S. Corban, Wm. Newton, 1879; 



[VOL. I. 

Alexander Hall, Major A. Nickerson, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Isaac 
P. Newell, Frank B. Newton. 

Plymouth. Clerk and Registrar, 
George Pierpont. Treasurer, Horace 
Fenn. Selectmen, Henry E. Hin- 
nian, Walter H. Scott, Edwin M. 
Talmadge. Constables, Homer E. 
Cook, and Collector, Strong A. Kel- 
sey, Arthur S. Bearclsley, Franklin 
B. Scott, Henry A. Smith, John D. 
Benjamin, Chas.Purrington. Grand 
Jurors, Eli McKee, Burr S. Beach, 
Abel S. Beardsley, Chas, S. Smith, 
Win. W. Bull, Ira H. Stoughton. 
Assessors, Burr S. Beach, Lyman D. 
Baldwin, Cyrus P. Gaylord. Board 
of Relief, Edward Dailey, Byron 
Tuttle, Newman Atwater. Board 
of Education, L. D. Baldwin, Lev- 
erett S. Griggs, Edwin M. Talmadge, 
1878 ; George Langdon, N. Tayior 
Baldwin, Apollos Markkam, 1879; 
Wm. W. Clemence, Aaron P» Fenn, 
Hilo Holt, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, 1st District, Strong A. Kelsey, 
Allison Bunnell ; 2d District, Ed- 
ward S. Beach, T. B. McNamara. 

Pomfrei. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Edward P. Hay ward (P. O., Pomfret 
Center). Registrar, Lewis Williams. 
Selectmen, Thomas W. Williams, 
John W. Clapp, Geo. Allen. Con- 
stables, Angell Wheaton, Frank S. 
Streeter. Collector, Horace Sabin. 
Grand Jurors, Angell Wheaton, 
Lawton Wade, Chas. W. Hubbard, 
Lyman Fitts, D. Mathewson, Jarecl 
Williams. Assessors,, Angell Whea- 
ton, Samuel P. Sumner, George S. 
Foeter. Board of Relief, S. Storrs 
Cotton, Chas. P. Grosvenor, George 
Allen. Board of Education, W. I. 
Bartholomew, John W. Clapp, Geo. 
S. Feeter, 1878; S. Storrs Cotton, 
Lewis Williams, Hudson Smith, 
1879 ; E. P. Mathewson, Isaac P. 
Briggs, Horace Sabin, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, S. Storrs Cotton, 
Philo T. Kingsbury. 

Portland. Clerk, Wm. H. Bartlett. 
Registrar, Stephen II. Stocking. 
Treasurer, John I. Worthington. 
Selectmen, Evelyn White, Nelson 
Pelton, Nelson Shepard. Consta- 
bles, Billings Neff, and Collector, 

John Hall, Patrick Foley, Jr., Wm. 
Sellew, Wm. H. Churchill, Michael 
Kent, George H. Penheld. Grand 
Jurors, Sherman Kelsey, 2d, Reuben 
Payne, James H. Pelton, Oliver W. 
Mack, Daniel Crittendon, Hudson 
Hale. Assessors, Joseph S. Worth- 
ington, Frederick Penfield. Board 
of Relief, Charles H. Sage, Andrew 
Cornwall, John H. Clark. Board of 
Education, C. G. Southmayd, Geo. 
B. Cleveland, *Win. S. Strickland, 
1878 ; *C. A. Sears, * John S. Bayne, 
N. Bradner Smith, 1879 ; Chas. H. 
White, F. Gildersleeve, Joseph C. 
Gladwin, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
O. W. Mack,' Geo. W. Pettis. 

Preston. Clerk and Treasurer, 
James E. Forsyth. Registrar, Jas. 
H. Fitch. Selectmen, Cortland 
Pendleton, E. Benjamin, Joseph B. 
Prentice. Constables, Charles W. 
Billings, George S. Whiting, Jere- 
miah Corcoran, John McCracken, 
Charles W. Perry, Benj. F. Bentley, 
Jr., Patrick Ahern. Collector, Bev- 
erly A. Dow. Grand Jurors, Henry 
H. Roath, Edwin N. Roath, Samuel 
Johnson, Jeremiah F. Sholes, Solo- 
mon S. Pendleton, Elbert O. Park. 
Assessors, Wm. E. Hiscox, Robert 
McKeag, Lot K. Brown. Board of 
Relief, Chester M. Barnes, Sam'l O. 
Banks, Daniel R. Johuson. Board 
of Education, James A. Cook, Aaron 
Lucas, N. S. Wentworth. Regis- 
trars of Voters, James H. Fitch, 
Nathan H. Ayer, John Galligan, 
Henry A. Jewett. 

Prospect. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Richard Tyler. Select- 
men, John Gillette, David R. Will- 
iams, Algernon S. Plumb. Consta- 
bles, John R. Piatt, Wm. Berkley. 
Collector, Charles E. Hiue. Grand 
Jurors, B. B. Brown, Harris Piatt, 
William E. Kimball. Board of Re- 
lief, William Berkley, Merit Clark. 
Board of Education, B. B. Brown, 
John Gillette, A. S. Plumb. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Franklin Peck, Wm. 
E. Kimball. 

Putnam. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, James W. Manning. 
Selectmen, Lyndon Tucker, John 
Chapman, Wm. H. Carver. Con- 




stables, George W. Carver. Edwin 
May, Riley E. Smith, Frederick 
Cutler, Richard M. Hoyle. Grand 
Jurors, Joseph Lippitt, Augustus 
Houghton, Erastus Torrey, Thomas 
P. Leonard. Assessors, Joseph Lip- 
pitt, Edwin R. Wood, Charles H. 
Chesehro. Board of Relief, Rich- 
mond M. Bullock, Frederick Cutler, 
Thomas P. Leonard. Board of Ed- 
ucation, Samuel H. Seward, Henry 
S. Perrv, 1878 ; B. F. Bronson, Gil- 
bert Chandler, 1879; Charles M. 
Brooks, Percival H. Whaley, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Samuel H. 
Seward , Charles H. Kinney. 

Bedding. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Lemuel Sanford. Registrar, Moses 
H. Wakeman. Selectmen, Thomas 
Sanford, Stephen Sanford, Benjamin 
S. Boughton. Constables, Wm. A. 
Lounsbury, Anton Stannard, Elmer 

B. Field. Collector, Wm. E. Dun- 
comb. Grand Jurors, Alonzo Dick- 
ens, Moses Sherwood, Charles D. 
Meeker. Assessors, Daniel C. Ry- 
der, Jonathan R. Sanford, Edward 
P. Shaw. Board of Relief, Moses 
Hill, James Sanford, Thaddeus M. 
Abbott. Board of Education, *Sid- 
ney G. Law, *Jokn Dickinson, H. 
A. Walton. Registrars of Voters, 
1st District, Charles D. Meeker, 
Thaddeus M. Abbott; 2d District, 
Burr Beunett, Wm. B. Hill. 

Bidgefield. Clerk and Registrar, 
Hiram K. Scott. Treasurer, Lewis 

C. Seymour. Selectmen, Ebenezer 
W. Keeler, John D. Nash, Edward 
H. Smith. Constables, Sereno S. 
Hurlbutt, Samuel Scott, George P. 
Gregory, John F. Gilbert, Samuel 
J. Barlow, Seth J. Benedict. Col- 
lector, Benj. K. Northrop. Grand 
Jurors, George Main, Ira S. Keeler, 
James E. Hayt, Harvey K. Smith, 
John K. Sherwood, Geo. Greenman. 
Assessors, Samuel M. Smith, Jared 
N. Olmstead. Board of Relief, 
Benjamin K. Northrop, Allen Run- 
die, James H. Hoyt. Board of Ed- 
ucation, Daniel L. Adams, Gould 
Rockwell, Charles B. Northrop, 
1878 ; Wm. S. Todd, A. Y. Paddock, 
James L. Hunt, 1879; David D. 
Bishop, Lewis E. Smith, Wm. H. 


Beers, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Benjamin K. Northrop, D. Smith 

Rocky Hill. Clerk and Registrar, 
Samuel Dimock. Treasurer, Wm. 
G. Robbins. Selectmen, Moses W. 
Williams, Samuel Ashwell, Edwin 
Risley. Constables, Joel K. Green, 
and Collector, Edward W. Tryon, 
Royal A. Porter, Henry B. Whitford, 
Charles H. Arnold, Henry L. Hub- 
bard. Grand Jurors, Daniel W. 
Dickinson, Nathan J. Hall, Talcott 
A. Arnold, George E. Belden, Jas. 
H. Warner, George O. Chambers. 
Assessors, Daniel C. Griswold, 
Henry Webb. Board of Relief, 
Benjamin Smith, Alden Hale, Fred- 
erick Morton. Board of liklucation, 
A. D. Griswold, H. R. Merriam, 
Wm. F. Bulkley, 1878; Samuel 
Dimock, G. O. Chambers, Joseph B. 
Porter, 1879; William G. Robbins, 
G. W. Hewitt, Charles B. Wilcox, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Thomas 

D. Williams, James Warner. 
Boxbury. Clerk, Myron Downs. 

Registrar, Henry S. Hurlbut. Treas- 
urer, Charles Beardsley. Select- 
men, Minott L. Beardsley, Orlando 
Lewis, Bruce Hodge. Constables, 
George E. Harris, Walter Thomas, 
Wm. M. Harris. Collector, George 
Hurl hut. Grand Jurors, Reuben S. 
Edwards, Jr., Cyrus E. Prindle, 
Seth Warner, Horace W. Warner. 
Assessors, Charles Beardsley, Chas. 
T. Squire. Board of Relief, Cyrus 

E. Prindle, Albert L. Hodge, Levi 
Smith. Board of Education, Edwin 
G. Seeley, *Charles Sanford, 1878 ; 
Cyrus E. Prindle, Aaron W. Fenn, 
1879; Henry S. Hurlbut, Levi 
Smith, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Herman B. Eastman, Sheldon B. 

Salem. Clerk, Alvah Morgan. 
Registrar, Nathaniel E. Miner. 
Treasurer, Gurdon F. Allyn. Se- 
lectmen, Samuel N. Morgan, Gur- 
don F. Allyn, Wellington S. Gott. 
Constables, Edwin Treadway, Geo. 
H. Crawford. Collector, Henry E. 
Avery. Grand Jurors, William L. 
Treadway, Nelson N. Williams, Gil- 
bert Murray. Assessors, Edward 



[VOL. I. 

DeWolf, David G. Gates, Charles 
Tiffany. Board of Relief, John R. 
Treadway, Benjamin F. Clark, 
Robert A. Bailey. Board of Edu- 
cation, R. A. Williams, F. E. Chad- 
wick, 1878; N. N. Williams, A. 
O. Gallop, 1879; *Jairus Ordway, 
*Henry Fox* 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Henry G. Holmes, Elijah 

Salisbury. Clerk and Registrar, 
Daniel Pratt. Treasurer, Silas B. 
Moore. Selectmen, James H. Bar- 
num, Jonathan P. McNeil, Henry 
Hnhhard. Constables, William B. 
Perry, and Collector, James W. 
Spnrr, Wm. Sickman, Frank W. 
Holmes, Fred'k Evarts, John L. 
Owen, James Whalen. Grand Ju- 
rors, Henrv Hubbard, David W. 
Stone, Sidney W. Russell, Wm. A. 
Crowell, John G. Landon, Albert 
Cook, Francis M. Wallace. Assess- 
ors, Henry Woodworth, Wm. A. 
Crowell, Elbert Eggleston. Board 
of Relief, E. D. Goodwin, George 
B. Clark, Silas B. Moore, George B. 
Burrall, Silas Wells. Board of Ed- 
ucation, *Jokn H. Hurlburt, Ly- 
man Warner, 1878 ; John R. Ward, 
Moses L. Graham, 1879 ; William A. 
Crowell, George B. Burrall, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Wm. B. Perry, 
William D. Reid. 

Saybroolc. P. O., Deep River. Clerk 
and Registrar, John W. Marvin. 
Treasurer, Henry R. Wooster. Se- 
lectmen, Frederic W. Williams, 
William L. Jones, Justus J. Jones. 
Constables, Henry S. Ward, Wm. 
D. Worthington, Horace G. Jones, 
and Collector. Grand Jurors, Har- 
vey H. Brooks, Joseph B. Banning, 
Horace G. Jones, George A. Bull, J. 
Samuel Wilcox. Assessors, John 
S. Lane, E. H. Peckham. Board of 
Relief, Frederic W. Williams, Mid- 
ian N. Griswold, Charles D. Smith. 
Board of Education, Midian N. 
Griswold, A. D. Piatt, Gideon K. 
Hull, Fred'k L'Hommedieu, 1878; 
Lozelle J. Piatt, Henry S. Ward, 
Gilbert W. Dcnison, Davis M. Ty- 
ler, 1879 ; Henry W. Mather, Geo. 
S. Heflion, Justus J. Jones, Frederic 
W. Williams, 1880. Registrars of 

Voters, Willie H. Dickinson, Irving 
H. Watrous. 

Scotland. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, William F. Palmer. Se- 
lectmen, Samuel B. Sprague, J. 
Henry Greenslit, Joseph R. Allen. 
Constable and Collector, Olney S. 
Remington. Grand Jurors, George 
Bingham, Wm. G. Anthony. As- 
sessors, J. W. Maine, Egbert Bass. 
Board of Relief, D wight Cary, Geo. 
Bingham, Elisha P. Billings. Board 
of Education, A. Walker Maine, 
Isaac B. Gallup, 1878 ; William M. 
Burnham, Abner Robinson, 1879; 
Alva A. Hurd, Henry Lincoln, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, A. Walker 
Maine, Abner Robinson. 

Seymour. Clerk and Treasurer, 
S. II. Canfield. • Registrar, George 
Smith. Selectmen, Lewis A. Camp, 
Frank E. Steele, Edward L. Hoad- 
ley. Constables, A. B. Dunham, 
Emery Adams, Geo. Leavenworth, 
Wilson Wyant, George A. James. 
Collector, Edwin Buckingham. 
Grand Jurors, William N. Storrs, 
C. H. Lockwood, A. W. Lounsbury, 
Matthias Bunyan, Eli Gillette. 
Assessors, A. B. Dunham, N. R. 
Wooster. Board of Relief, James 
Swan, S. Y. Beach, Stephen D. Rus- 
sell. Board of Education, Carlos 
French, S. H. CandeM, S. Y. Beach, 
1878 ; F. M. demons, W. C. Sharpe, 
Nathan Holbrook, 1879; V. H. Mc- 
Ewen, Edmund Day, Joshua Ken- 
dall, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
W. W. Smith. 

Sharon. Clerk and Registrar, J. 
Wade Hughes. Treasurer, Charles 
L. Prindle. Selectmen, Herman C. 
Rowley, Edwin M. Winchester, 
Everett S. Dunbar. Constables, 
Fred. C. White, Edward Buckley, 
William Dakin, John C. Loucks, 
Charles H. Williams, and Collector, 
Don Pedro Griswold. Graud Ju- 
rors, Henry Ingraham, Wm. Stone, 
Hilan Middlebrook, William Whit- 
ney, Geo. H. Smith, Charles E. B. 
Hatch. Assessors, Elijah Juckett, 
Fred. C. White, Gibbs W. Skiff. 
Board of Relief, William Whitney, 
Wm. Gibbs, Fitch Landon. Board 
of Education, Charles H. Shears, 




Alex. B. Bullions, George A. Kelsey, 
John C. Smith, Charles Hales, 2d. 
Registrars of Voters, Win. Dakin, 
Frank Everett. 

Sherman. Clerk, J. N. Wood- 
ruff. Registrar, Daniel B. Mallory. 
Treasurer, Wni. B. Hawley. Se- 
lectmen, J. M. Picket, G. A. Barnes, 
Daniel B. Mallory. Constables, 
Oliver P. Woodruff, James W. 
Stuart, Charles Evans, H. T. Havi- 
land. Grand Jurors, William B. 
Pepper, O. S. Pepper, Isaac B. 
Hall, C. H. Hawes. Assessors, Jolm 
C. Stuart, Carlos Kellogg, Henry 
Briggs. Board of Relief, Jay Hun- 
gerford, J. M. Picket, Asa H. 
Briggs. Board of Education, *Dan'l 
B. Mallory, William B. Pepper, L. 

B. Hungerford, 1878 ; Charles I. 
Leach, John N. Woodruff, 1879; 
*Isaac B. Hall, Edward P. Herrick, 
George A. Barnes, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, Isaac B. Hall, L. B. 

Simsbury. Clerk, Registrar, , and 
Treasurer, Dudley B. McLean. Se- 
lectmen, Alfred L. F. Thurston, 
Gavett B. Holcomh, Charles Z. Case. 
Constables, Edward F. St. Jolm, 
and Collector, Morton Sanford, San- 
ford R. Olcott, John L. Case, Alex- 
ander Cook, Edward W. Bull, Ed- 
ward H. Bradley. Grand Jurors, 
Frederick G. Woodford, Thomas R. 
Case, Philo B. Coe, Noah Hoskins, 
Decius Latimer, John W. Alderman. 
Assessors, Chancey H. Eno, Lafay- 
ette G. Brown, Henry J. Nobles. 
Board of Relief, Asa Hoskins, Eugene 

C. Humphrey, Jay Barnard. Board 
of Education, Seymour Pettibone, 
George W. Sanford, 1878; Dudley 
B. McLean, Henry W. Ensign, 1879 ; 
J. L. Tomiinson, A. G. Case, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, AlonzoG. Case, 
Jeffery 0. Phelps. 

Somers. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Solomon Fuller. Select- 
men, Theodore M. Gowdy, Daniel 
B. Pomeroy, John S. Field. Con- 
stable, C. Newton Pomeroy. Grand 
Jurors, Lester K. Grover, Nathaniel 
A. Patten, Wm. H. Billings, Joseph 
E. Dimock, Everett P. Russell, Orrin 
R. Kibbe. Assessors, Arnold Con- 

verse, Calvin M. Havens, Leverett 
E. Pease. Board of Relief, Spencer 
Davis, Elijah Cutter, Edmund J. 
Gowdy. Board of Education, Chas. 
L. Ayer, Harriet S. Pomeroy, 1878 ; 
Wm. B. Woods, 1879; *Loren W. 
Percival, Myron F. Gowdy, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Amos Pease, 
Calvin I. Thompson. 

Southbury. Clerk and Registrar, 
Granville T. Pierce T Treasurer, John 
Pierce. Selectmen, Reuben Pierce, 
Frederick W. Fenn, Henry B. Rus- 
sell, Charles R. Oatmau. Constables, 
Theodore F. Wheeler, Charles S. 
Brown, and Collector, Samuel W. 
Post, Philo J. Hawley, John J. 
Hinman, Ezra Pierce, John L. Lee. 
Grand Jurors, Wm. Johnson, David 
R. Stevens, Henry P. Hicock, Gilbert 
A. Robinson, Henry W. Scott, Henry 
M. Post, Charles Hotchkiss, Charles 
T. Downs, Chas. K. Osborn. Assess- 
ors, Eben G. Wheeler, Samuel W. 
Post. Board of Relief, Ezra Pierce, 
Henry W. Scott, Andrew Perry. 
Board of Education, Chas. S. Brown, 
David M. Mitchell, 1878; Ezra 
Pierce, John Hartwell, 1879 ; Sam'l 
J. Bryant, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, Edward L. Mitchell, Samuel 
W. Post. 

Southington. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Chas. D. Barnes. Select- 
men, Charles W. Hall, William Y. 
Otis, Chas. Hitchcock. Constables, 
Dennis P. Webster, Elbridge H. 
Bacon, Charles B. Cowles, Joseph 
C. Long, Asa L. Fowler. Collector, 
Oliver D. Woodruff. Grand Jurors, 
Edward G. Neal, Charles W. Wol- 
cott, John Deeble, Farrell F. Welch, 
Thomas Buckley. Assessors, Ed- 
ward W. Twichell, Henry Lowrey, 
Joshua Bills. Board of Relief, Wm. 
C. Doolittle, Patrick Blessington, 
James F. Pratt. Board of Educa- 
tion, Stephen Walkley, Lloyd O. 
Neal, 1878 ; * Andrew F. Barnes, 
Roswell A. Neal, 1879 ; ^Walter S. 
Merrell, *James H. Osborne, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Amon Bradley, 
Dennis P. Finch. 

South Windsor. Clerk, Registrar, 
and Treasurer, C. C. Vinton (P. O., 
Wapping). Selectmen, C. M. New- 



[VOL. I 

berry, Henry C. Hayes, Franklin A. 
Sadd. Constables, Wm, W. Ripley, 
Lucius J. Grant, and Collector. 
Grand Jurors, John A. Collins, 
Lester Dewey, Henry Holinan, Ed- 
ward C. Rockwell, Carlos W. Clapp. 
Assessors, Roswell Graut, Oliver 
Clark. Board of Relief, John N. 
King, Lester Dewey. Board of Edu- 
cation, *Geo. A. Bowman, Job S. 
Higley, 1878; John G. Perrin, Ly- 
man Grant, 1879; E. S. Towne, 
Oliver Clark, 1880. Registrars of 

Sprarjue. Clerk, Charles Wales. 
Registrar, Mayden Hayes. Treas- 
urer, Nathan R. Gardiner. Select- 
men, Charles T. Hazen, Levi J. 
Branch, Frank Burdick. Constables, 
Denison D. Brewster, E. R. Lapiere, 
A. Denison Wilcox, R. A. Batty, 
Charles H. Ladd, Curtis Webb, By- 
ron Watson. Grand Jurors, Edward 
Fortier, Henry B. Lovett, Thomas 
F. Standish, Chester A. Morgan, 
Henry F. Harrington, Herbert C. 
Watson. Assessors, Eli H. Hazen, 
James E. Vickridge, Sylvester H. 
Maynard. Board of Relief, Edwin 
Rose, Christopher Browning, A. 
Jackson Ladd. Board of Education, 
J. F. Starkweather, Thomas K. Peck, 
1878; Nathan Geer, M. K. Brewer, 
1879; Luther H. Barber, Herbert 
Maynard, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, Mayden Hayes, James O'Brien. 

Stafford. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, R. S. Beebe. Selectmen, 
James Risley, Epaphro Dimmick, 
T. D. Johnson. Constables, Levi R. 
Lull, Henry Butterfield, George S. 
Adams, Henry Tyler, Henry Whiton, 
Wm. D. Heal'd. Collector, Alba Per- 
kins. Grand Jurors, Henry Stephen- 
son, Jr., Wm. F. Richardson, Hiram 
Vinton, Lyman Cushman, Lewis 
Chaffee, Daniel D. Baldwin. Assess- 
ors, Miner Fairman, Ralph Wiers, 
E. C. Dennis, Lucius D. Smith. 
Board of Relief, II. W. Davis, S. G. 
Whiton, Wm. N. Clark. Board of 
Education, F.J. Hawley, A. G.Fitz, 
1878; G. V. Maxham, W. R. Small, 
1879 ; F. L. Batchelder, T. P. Shee- 
han, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 1st 

District, Wm. H. Black, Alba Per- 
kins ; 2d District, Wm. P. Sweetser, 
J. W. Chandler. 

Stamford. Clerk and Registrar, 
Charles E. Holly. Treasurer, Rob- 
ert Swartwout. Selectmen, Fred- 
erick B. Scolield, John A. Peck, 
Luther S. Scofield. Constables, 
Norman D. Jones, Frank H. Smith, 
Alex. H. Decamp, John Stottlar, 
John W. Alphonse, Samuel McCoun, 
James H.Brandt. Collector, Francis 
Buxton. Grand Jurors, Lyman 
Lockwood, John W. Wardwell, 
Augustus T. Jones, Edward M. 
Moffatt, Sylvester Lockwood. As- 
sessors, Charles A. Weed, Wm. R. 
Lockwood, Charles H. Knapp, Chas. 
Gaylor, Chas C. Lockwood. Board 
of Relief, Alvin Weed, John W. 
Hubbard, Joseph D. Warren. Board 
of Education, Wm. Wallace Sco- 
field, A. P. Beals, Robert Swart- 
wout, 1878 ; *Nathaniel R. Hart, 
Eleazer Porter, Geo. B. Christison, 
1H79 ; R. E. Livingston, Henry D. 
Rolph, John D. Ferguson, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Chas. A. Weed, 
George E. Scofield. 

Sterling. Clerk and Registrar, 
James L. Young. Treasurer, Daniel 
T. Hart. Selectmen, Clark D. 
Vaughn, Tyler D. Mowry, Albert 
Brewster. Constables, Geo. Baton, 
Luther Gallup, Clayton F. Wright. 
Grand Jurors, Nathaniel Gallup, 
Ambrose H. Bates, Albert Brewster. 
Assessors, Henry D. Dixon, Andrew 
J. Bitgood, Albert Brewster. Board 
of Relief, Nehemiah J. Wood, Jas. 
J. Potter, Noah Crossman. Board 
of Education, *Henry D. Dixon, 
Gilbert Brown, 1878; Avery A. 
Stanton, Albert Friuk, 1879 ; Nehe- 
miah J. Wood, Alfred Gallup, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Alfred S. 
Franklin, John A. B. Douglass. 

Stonington. Clerk and Registrar, 
Moses A. Pendleton. Treasurer, 
Wm. J. H. Pollard. Selectmen, 
Elijah A. Morgan, Charles Grinnell, 
T. H. Chesebro, John Forsyth, Geo. 
W. Bliven. Constables, J. H. Hoxie, 
S. K. Tillinghast, Foster Jagger, W. 
W. Brown, A. H. Allen. Collector, 
H. Clay Palmer. Grand Jurors, J. 




B. Grinnell, Joseph E. Smith, J. P. 
Williams, Wm. R. Targee, F. H. 
Crumb, Wm. Sheffield. Assessors, 
Charles Ferrin, Wm. S. Noyes, John 
R. Chesebro. Board of Relief, Jos. 
E. Smith, Edwin W. French, Elias 
Babcock. Board of Education, 
Chas. H. Hinckley, *B. F.Williams, 
Charles H. Babcock, Jerome S. An- 
derson. Registrars of Voters, 1st 
District, A. W. D. Noyes, James A. 
Lord ; 2d District, Thomas D. Shef- 
field, Wm. Collins ; 3d District, S. 
K. Tillinghast, George C. Burtch ; 
4th District, Asa Fish, 2d, Joseph 
S. Williams ; 5th District, Charles 
E. Chipman, S. H. Wheeler. 

Stratford. Clerk and Registrar, 
Robert H. Russell. Treasurer, 
Charles P. Burritt. Selectmen, 
Frederick J. Beardsley, Charles B. 
Curtis, Thomas E. Lewis. Consta- 
bles, Wm. B. Young, William F. 
Thompson, Charles W. Judson. 
Collector, Lemuel J. Beardsley. 
Grand Jurors, Wm. M. Perry, Geo. 
Lewis, Freeman L. Curtis, Daniel 

C. Wood, Alfred Beers. Assessors, 
Peter P. Curtis, Albert Wilcoxson, 
Alfred Beers. Board of Relief, 
Lewis W. Burritt, Stephen D. 
Smith, Daniel C. Wood. Board of 
Education, * Albert Wilcoxson, 
Frederick J. Beardsley, 1878 ; 
Robert H. Russell, James Bounds, 
1879; John R. Hull, Charles L. 
Beach, 1880. Registrars qf Voters, 
J. W. Dufour, J. R. Lockwood, I. B. 
Smith, D. O'Connor. 

Suffield. Clerk and Registrar, 
Alonzo C. Allen. Treasurer, Wm. 
L. Loomis. Selectmen, Thaddeus 
H. Spencer, Charles J. Thrall, Chas. 
C. Sheldon. Constables, Henry S. 
Graves, Edmund Halladay, Webster 
E. Burbank. Collector, Alonzo C. 
Allen. Grand Jurors, Benjamin F. 
Hastings, Charles M. Owen, Wm. 
Francis Fuller, Charles Brewster, 
Geo. Remington, Ralph P. Mather. 
Assessors, H. Leslie Loomis, Chas. 
C. Warner, Cecil H. Fuller. Board 
of Relief, Joseph Fuller, Jas. Ris- 
ing, Edwin J. Copley. Board of 
Education, Simon B. Kendall, Chas. 
Willett, 1878; Joseph A. Shores, 

Emerson Jessup, 1879; Jas. B. Rose, 
Cecil H. Fuller, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, James B. Rose, James P. 

Thomaston. Clerk and Registrar, 
Albert P. Bradstreet. Treasurer, 
George P. North. Selectmen, Ben- 
jamin Piatt, Morris H. Guernsey, 
Frederick E. Warner. Constables, 
Wm. B. Gilbert, Wm. B. Atwood, 
Tom Clayton, Edgar W. Bennett, 
David A. Bradley, Geo. G. Parker, 
Augustus E. Blakeslee, and Collect- 
or. Grand Jurors, Israel B. Wood- 
ward, G. P. Bennett, Daniel C. 
Churchill, Charles S. Botsford, Geo. 
P. North. Assessors, Israel B. 
Woodward, Abel W. Smith, Daniel 
I. Carter. Board of Relief, Freder- 
ick M. Foster, Edward P. Parker, 
Michael Ryan. Board of Education, 

E. B. Sauford, Thomas Ockford, F. 
B. Taylor, 1878 ; George B. Pierpont, 
J. , W. Backus, T. J. Bradstreet, 
1879; *Geo. A. Stoughton, Abel W. 
Smith, Eugene Gaffney, 1880. Reg- 
istrars of Voters, Horton Pease, 
Augustus E. Blakeslee. 

Thompson. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, James N. Kingsbury. 
Selectmen, Joseph N. Upbam, David 
Chase, Lemuel K. Blackmar. Con- 
stables, Wm. Comins, Ira J. Bates, 
George A. Putney, Barton Jacobs, 
Walter Bates. Grand Jurors, Otis 
N. Clark, Joseph Bickford, George 
A . Whitehouse, Jos. Eagan, Alonzo 
O. Woodart, Marvin D. Elliott. 
Assessors, Nathan Rawson, Jerome 
Nichols, Samuel E. Amedon, Jerome 

F. Crosby, Calvin M. Munyan. 
Board of Relief, George Flint, 
Samuel H. Davis, Stephen Crosby. 
Board of Education, Nathaniel J. 
Pinkham, Stephen Ballard, 1878; 
Isaac Ross, Oscar Tourtellotte, 
1879 ; Alanson Rawson, James C. 
Lathrop, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, Oscar Tourtellotte, James F. 

Tolland. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Chas. Lathrop. Select- 
men, Edmoud Joslyn, Lucius S. 
Fuller, Henry T. Rix. Constables, 
Austin L. Edgerton, Lorenzo R. 
Sparrow. Collector, John Sparrow. 



[VOL. I, 

Grand Jurors, Henry Young, Silas 
Eider, Henry Harwood, Jefferson 
Welch. Assessors, Thomas G. Root, 
Silas Rider, Peleg Brown. Board 
of Relief, A. L. Benton, William C. 
Ladd, Benjamin Root. Board of 
Education, Charles N. Seymour, 
1878 ; A. L. Benton, Wm. C. Ladd, 
1879 ; James E. Underwood, Chas. 
Young, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Rufus J. Leonard, John B. Fuller. 

Torrington. Clerk, Frederick F. 
Feussenich. Registrar, Gideon II. 
Welch. Treasurer, Isaac W. Brooks. 
Selectmen, Bradley R. Agard, Jos. 
A. Newbury, Elijah Woodward. 
Constables, Lionel R. Prentice, Wil- 
bur W. Birge, Edward S. Miner, 
Henry I. Jackson. Collector, Squire 
Scoville. Grand Jurors, John W. 
Brooks, Levi Hodges, Edward C. 
Hotchkiss, Stanley Griswold. As- 
sessors, Luther Bronson, John W. 
Cook, James Alldis. Board of Re- 
lief, Avery F. Miner, Roger C. Bar- 
ber, Walter S. Lewis. Board of 
Education, R. C. Barber, J. W. Gam- 
well, 1878 ; Henry M. Sherman, L. 
Perrin, 1879 ; Fra Julius, G. H. 
Welch, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Joseph F. Calhoun, Henry J. Allen. 

TrumMll. Clerk, Sam'l G. Beards- 
ley (P. O., Long Hill). Registrar, 
Marcus O. Wheeler. Treasurer, 
Lucius B. Burroughs. Selectmen, 
Lorenzo N. Mallett, Wesley B. Coan, 
John B. Nichols. Constables, Frank- 
lin E. Sherman, William 0. Beach, 
Fred. S. Sterling, Patrick A. Hana- 
han, David J. Botsford, William F. 
Beach, William M. Ufford. Col- 
lector, Chas. W. Beardsiey. Grand 
Jurors, Charles N. Fairchild, Geo. 
A. Hall, Aaron B. Mallett, Isaac E. 
Booth, Horace Burr, Charles W. 
Beardslev. Assessors, Sterling H. 
Booth, Wm. A. Mallett, Charles B. 
Nichols. .Board of Relief, Stephen 
C. Beach, David A. Wakeley, Ed- 
ward Piatt. Board of Education, 
Horace L. Fairchild, Geo. F. Had- 
ley, 1878 ; Sterling H. Booth, Beach 
Hill, 1879 ; A. P. Brush, N. T. Mer- 
win, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
John M. Beardsiey, Ormel Hall. 

Union. Clerk, Registrar, and 

Treasurer, D. L. Newell. Select- 
men, Milton II. Kinney, Samuel W. 
Moore, Lucius A. Corbin. Consta- 
bles, Reed Cleaveland, John W. 
Winch. Collector, D. M. Newell. 
Grand Jurors, Morgan L. Reed, An- 
drew J. Wales. Assessors, Thomas 
J. Youngs, A. E. Weld. Board of 
Relief, Henry B. Booth, D. M. How- 
ard, J. C. Upham. Board of Edu- 
cation, J. P. Watson, T. J. Youngs, 
1878 ; Samuel W. Moore, Milo P. J. 
Walker, 1879; Elam C. Bootb, Ma- 
lone G. Moore, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Wm. M. Corbin, Merrick A. 

Vernon. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Charles P. Thompson 
(P.O., Rockville). Selectmen, Geo. 
Talcott, Smith S. Talcott, Henry 
Burke. Constables, Ernest C. Colby, 
Geo. M. Woodward, Louis Schreier, 
Henry J. Marshman, JohnD. Gallup, 
Harry T. Miner. Collector, Henry 
G. Ransom. Grand Jurors, Wells 
Symonds, Joseph Pethybridge, Eli- 
sha H. Lathrop, Benjamin Hirst, 
Christian Cook, J. Fuller Ransom. 
Assessors, E. Stevens Henry, Isaac 
Chester, Carlos McKinney. Board 
of Relief, Thomas M. Durfee, Chris- 
tian Cook, Lawrence Young. Board 
of Education, *Gelon W. West, John 
S. Dobson, 1878 ; Francis Keenev, 
Henry T. Bolles, 1879 ; Stephen G. 
Risley, *Henry F. Parker, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Hudson H. 
Kellogg, John S. Dobson. 

Voluntoivn. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Caleb P. Potter. Registrar, Geo. W. 
Rouse. Selectmen, Benj. Gallup, 
Joseph C. Tanner, Chas. E. Maine. 
Constables, Elam A. Kinue, Albert 
G. Brown. Collector, E. Byron 
Gallup. Grand Jurors, Pardon 
Saunders, Wm. P. White, E. Byron 
Gallup. Assessors, James M. Cook, 
Robert H. Dixon. Board of Relief, 
Peleg A. Kinney, Jared A. Gallup, 
George R. Sprague. Board of Edu- 
cation, John N. Lewis, Albert E. 
Bitwood, 1878; Ezra Briggs, Wm. 
B. Ray, 1879; *Charles 6. Main, 
Charles W. Barber, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Orrin S. Rix, John 
E. Green. 




Wallingford. Clerk, Othniel I. 
Martin. Registrar, James D. Mc- 
Gaughey. Treasurer, Friend A. 
Ives. Selectmen, Eben'r H. Ives, 
William E. Hall, Rob't B. Wallace. 
Constables, Roger S. Austin, and 
Collector, Tliomas F. Kavenaugh, 
Samuel M. Scranton, Martin O'Con- 
nell, Charles S. Young, William Mc- 
Kenzie, Silas L. Hall. Grand Jurors, 
Charles E. Smith, Homer R. John- 
sou, Phineas T. Ives, James A. F. 
Northrop, Harvey S. Hall, Thomas 
W. Jeralds. Assessors, Samuel C. 
Ford, Augustus H. Bartholomew. 
Board of Relief, Samuel Simpson, 
Elijah J. Hough, Thomas Kennedy, 
Bennet Jeralds, Joel Hall. Board 
of Education, *Harvey S. Hall, 
1878 ; H. C. Richmond, Henry Davis, 
1879; L. M. Hubbard, Charles D. 
Yale, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
O. E. Powers, Harvey S. Hall. 

Warren. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, John B. Derrickson. Se- 
lectmen, William E. Tanner, Noble 
B. Strong, Thomas Meagher. Con- 
stables, Miner A. Strong, Augustus 
B. Camp, and Collector. Grand Ju- 
rors, Noble B. Strong, Charles N. 
Beeman. Assessors, Augustus B. 
Camp, Buel Carter. Board of Re- 
lief, Wm. F. Curtiss, Harley Perkins, 
Daniel A. Youngs. Board of Edu- 
cation, Noble B. Strong, Willis S. 
Colton, George W. Wood. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Daniel A. Youngs, 
Franklin A. Curtiss. 

Washington. Clerk, William J. 
Ford. Registrar, Herbert H. Lo- 
gan. Treasurer, Erastus J. Hurl- 
burt. Selectmen, Orestes Hickox, 
Sam'l H. Clark, Henry S. Wheaton. 
Constables, Earle Abbott, Romulus 
W. Ford, Frederick Watson. Col- 
lector, Alfred H. Wyant. Grand 
Jurors, W T m. Odell, William Knick- 
erbocker. Assessor, Solomon T. 
Morehouse. Board of Relief, Wm. T. 
Odell, Curtis A. Titus, Joseph Wat- 
son. Board of Education, Earle 
Buckingham, Ralph Buckingham, 
Geo. T. Sperry, Gould C. Whittle- 
sey. Registrars of Voters, Wm. T. 
Odell, Jos. Watson, Sheldon J. Lo- 
gan, Gould C. Whittlesey. 

Waterouri). Clerk, Thomas Dona- # 
hue, 2d. Registrar, Edward W. 
McDonald. Treasurer, F. B. Rice. 
Selectmen, Wm. Perkins, Michael 
Carroll, Hobart V. Wei ton. Con- 
stables, Michael Sullivan, John H. 
Wall, Geo. H. Ford, Malachi Kelley, 
John W. McDonald, Chas. Adams. 
Collector, Peter Lawlor. Grand 
Jurors, Charles Pritchard, John S. 
Castle, John Reed, Thomas Calla- 
ghan, John L. Saxe, Matthew D. 
W T hite. Assessors, William Brown, 
Thomas Phalen, Edward T. Root. 
Board of Relief, Amos S. Blake, 
John Thompson, Alonzo Granniss. 
Board of Education, Lawrence 
Walsh, D. B. Hamilton, Greene 
Kendrick, 1878 ; Joseph Anderson, 
Francis T. Russell, E. L. Frisbie, 
1879 ; John W. Webster, John Cree- 
den, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Michael J. Lawlor, William R. 

Waterford. Clerk and Registrar, 
James A. Gallup. Treasurer, John 
L. Watrous. Selectmen, Savilion 
Chapman, Wm. Man waring, New- 
ton F. Darrow. Constable, Sam'l 
Williams, and Collector, Nathan N. 
Daniels, Maurice A. Brown, Erastus 
Beebe, Leonard N. Williams, J. W. 
Keeney, Charles Capron. Grand ' 
Jurors, Martin S. Coats, Ansel C. 
Man waring, Leander Holdridge, 
John W. Keeney, John T. Church, 
John L. Payne. Assessors, John L. 
Watrous, Jas. T. Deighan, Heze- 
kiah V. Williams. Board of Relief, 
Alva A. Brown, Martin S. Coats, 
Sidney A. Smith. Board of Educa- 
tion, Henry O. Woodworth, John 
W. Man waring, 1878; Franklin J. 
Stanton, Edmund Darrow, 1879; 
Henry A. Smith, Alfred B. Teft, 
1880. Registrars of Voters, Wm. 
H. H. Morgan, John J. Chappell. 

Watertown. Clerk and Registrar, 
Leman W. Cutler. Treasurer, Ca- 
leb T. Hickox. Selectmen, Wm. G. 
French, Henry E. Scott, William 
W. Partree. Constables, Henry G. 
Scott, Henry P. Atwood, S. H. Peck, 
Jared Sperry, William J. Munson, 
Chas. E. Warner. Grand Jurors, 
Joseph Wheeler, Geo. F. Skilton, 



[VOL. I. 

Bennet Ball, Geo. H. Barnes, Chas. 
M. Noble. Assessors, Frederick J. 
Partree, Frecfk B. Hand. Board of 
Relief, Samuel T. Dayton, D. M. 
Beardslee, Geo. Woodward. Board 
of Education, W. S. Hunger, H. Q. 
Judd, 1878; T. P. Baldwin, A. M. 
Hungerford, 1879 ; Chas. M. Noble, 
Jas. Stoddard, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, John A. Woodward, Owen 

B. King. 

Westbrook. Clerk and Registrar, 
Geo. C. Moore. Treasurer, Horace 
T. Wilcox. Selectmen, Oliver H. 
Norris, Richard H. Stannard, Edwin 

C. Stevens. Constables, Julius H. 
DeWolf, Albert B. Dibble, Joseph 
E. Stannard. Collector, Daniel S. 
Platts. Grand Jurors, Wallace G. 
Spencer, George C. Spencer, Carlos 
H. Chapman. Assessors, George C. 
Moore, Gilbert A. Post. Board of 
Relief, Ezra Stannard, Frederic 
W. Spencer, Johu C. Bushnell. 
Board of Education, * Julius H. De- 
Wolf, David A. Wright, 1878; 
Oliver H. Norris, Edwin A. Hill, 
1879; Benjamin F. Bushnell, Ed- 
win C. Stevens, 1880. Registrars of 
Voters, Frederic W. Spencer, John 
C. Bushnell. 

West Hartford. Clerk and Regis- 
trar, Leonard Buckland. Treas- 
urer, Thomas Brace. Selectmen, 
Edward Stanley, Chas. S. Griswold, 
Edgar H. Seymour. Constables, 
Philip G. Parsons, and Collector, 
John E. Millard, Charles H. Flagg. 
Grand Jurors, Anson Chappell, 
Charles E. Kellogg, Henry Talcott. 
Assessors, Benj. S. Bishop, Charles 
H. Flagg, Franklin Sisson. Board 
of Relief, Thomas Brace, Jared A. 
Griswold, Elizur Keney. Board of 
Education,. Myron N. Morris, Chas. 
M. Beach, 1878 ; * William H. Hall, 
Henry Talcott, 1879 ; Samuel Whit- 
man, Samuel J. Bestor, 1880. Reg- 
istrars of Voters, Benj. S. Bishox), 
Seth L. Gilbert. 

Weston. Clerk, Registrar,, and 
Trea surer, Jeremiah R. Nichols. 
Selectmen, William Cogswell, Jas. 
M. Beers, Joed Perry. Constables, 
William II. Crofut, Lester Fanton, 
Albert E. Turney, Joseph G. Smith, 

Ebenezer Morehouse. Collector, 
Wm. O. Sanford. Grand Jurors, 
William O. Sanford, Wm. O. God- 
frey, Moses D.'Treadwell. Assess- 
ors, Charles M. Parsons, Dimon S. 
Fanton. Board of Relief, Wm. O. 
Godfrey, Martin V. B. Rowland, 
Mi ah Perry. Board of Education, 
David L. Rowland, Jeremiah R. 
Nichols, 1878 ; *Lester Fanton, An- 
drew S. Jarvis, 1879; Henry A. 
Ogden, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
William H. Crofut, Martin V. B. 

Westport. Clerk, Edward J. Tay- 
lor. Registrar, John S. Jones. 
Treasurer, James L. G. Cannon. 
Selectmen, Chas. H. Kemper, Silas 
B. Sherwood, Gershom B. Bradley. 
Constables, Rufus D. Cable, Chas. 
Mills, Eliphalet T. Gray, Frederick 
Kemper, Charles H. Fairchikl, John 
J. Quinlan, Robinson H. Wheeler. 
Collector, Wm. R. Palmer. Grand 
Jurors, Thomas D. Elwood, Geo. A. 
Wood, Burr Meeker, Moses Sher- 
wood, Edvin M. Griifeth, Law- 
rence T. Burns. Assessors, John 
W. Hurlbutt, William J. Finch, 
Francis Sherwood. Board of Re- 
lief, Silas B. Sherwood, Wm. Wood, 
Thomas R. Lees. Board of Educa- 
tion, Thomas D. Elwood, A. N. 
Lewis, 1878 ; James S. Sherwood, 
H. W. Lyon, 1879; John R. Will- 
iams, Albert Relyea, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, Edward M. Lees, 
George S. Adams. 

WethersfieU. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Albert Galpin. Registrar, 
Abner S. Warner. Selectmen, Caleb 
J. Hanmer, George L. Welles, 
Simeon Hale. Constables, Edward 
N. Loveland, Welles W. Montague, 
John Hanmer, Jr., George M. Rich- 
ardson, Albert H. Galpin, Martin 
Cadwell. Collector, Edward G. 
Woodhouse. Grand Jurors, Henry 
B. Wright, J. Wells Griswold, Mar- 
tin S. Griswold, Julius A. Deming, 
Edwin M. Havens, James Standish. 
Assessors, Josiah G. Adams, Simeon 
Hale. Board of Relief Chauncey 
Adams, Winthrop Buck, George F. 
Warner. Board of Education, Rich- 
ard A. Robbins, William Talcott, 




1878; *Martin S. Griswold, James 
Stan dish, 1879 ; John Welles, Henry 
A. Deming. Registrars of Voters, 
Samuel Woodhouse, William W. 

Willington. Clerk and Treasurer, 
M. L. Dimock. Registrar, W. L. 
Kelsey. Selectmen, Setk G. Eaton, 
Philo Wright, L. D. Ide. Con- 
stahles, Wm. D. Ruby, and Collect- 
or, John A. Nichols. Grand Ju- 
rors, Henry C. Gurley, Elias Severy, 
Adolph Korper, So'lyman Taylor, 
William D. Irons, F. J. Bentley. 
Assessors, Jason Bugbee, Jr., Philo 
Wright, George B. Snow. Board of 
Relief, Chas. F. Morrison, Matthew 
Burdick, Davis Baker. Board of 
Education, *E. Colton, G. O. South- 
wick, H. O. Sparks, *C. W. Potter, 

C. D. Rider, L. W. Holt. Regis- 
trars of Voters, James Macfarlaue, 
H. O. Sparks. 

Wilton. Clerk, Wm. D. Gregory. 
Registrar, B. F. Brown. Treasurer, 
Elbert Olmstead. Selectmen, Na- 
than M. Belden, Henry E. Chiches- 
ter, Samuel G. Lockwood. Con- 
stables, Hezekiah B. Osborn, Chas. 
M. Betts, David B. Ogden, Charles 
A. Jennings. Collector, Samuel W. 
Ruscoe. Grand Jurors, Gould D. 
Jelliff, Lewis H. Randle, Charles 
Olmstead, Lockwood K. Ferris, 
John F. Knapp. Assessors, Hiram 
St. John, Legrand W. Keeler, Wm. 

D. Gregory, Gould D. Jelliff, Eli- 
phalet Morehouse. Board of Re- 
lief, Sereno E. Ogden, Geo. S. Nich- 
ols, Wilkie W. Batterson. Board 
of Education, *Harvey Bedient, 
Sereno E. Ogden, 1878; J. Belden 
Hurlbutt, Samuel M. Comstock, 
1879; Daniel G. Betts, William 
Sturges, 1880. Registrars of Vot- 
ers, Samuel B. Fancher, John B. 

Winchester. Clerk and Registrar, 
George H. Alford. Treasurer, Geo. 
S. Rowe. Selectmen, Mortimer E. 
Dutton, Lorenzo S. Nash, Edward 
Finn. Constables, Oscar F. Per- 
kins, Wm. P. Shay, Peter Geraghty, 
James F. Beach, Patrick H. Ryan, 
John Denehy. Collector, Rollin L. 
Beecher. Grand Jurors, Frank E. 


Cleveland, Hermon C. Hine, Daniel 
Fitzpatrick, John L. Tatro, Leonard 
B. Hurlbut, Patrick Carroll. As- 
sessors, Samuel S. Newton, Charles 
A. Bristol, Elias E. Gilman. Board 
of Relief, Thomas M. Clarke, Nel- 
son D. Ford, Isaac A. Bronson. 
Board of Education, Charles Wel- 
don, Correl F. North,' 1878 ; Chas. A. 
Bristol, Arthur Goodenough, 1879 ; 
Thomas M. Miles, Hoaldus Pan- 
dolfi, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Henry H. Drake, George B. Cooke. 

Windham. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, A. B. Griggs. Select- 
men, Edwin A. Buck, Amos T. Fow- 
ler, Frank M. Lincoln. Constables, 
A. L. Fuller, M. E. Lincoln, Wm. 
Dodge, William Swift, Charles S. 
Billings, Edwin H. Hall, Jr., Guil- 
ford Smith. Collectors, L. J. Ham- 
mond, William Dodge. Grand Ju- 
rors, E. B. Sumner, Joel R. Arnold, 
JohnM. Hall, George W. Melony, 
J. L. Hunter, Huber Clark. Assess- 
ors, Elisha G. Hammond, James 
Walden, Sumner L. Lincoln. Board 
of Relief, A. S. Winchester, John G. 
Keigwin, James G. Martin. Board 
of Education, George W. Melony, 
Earl M. Swift, Dennis McCarthy, 
1878; James E. Hay den, *Florimond 
DeBruycker, Henry W. Avery, 1879 ; 
*Jokn M. Hall, James M. Johnson, 
Albert Barrows, 1880. Registrars 
of Voters, Patrick Cunningham, 
John G. Keigwin. 

Windsor. Clerk, John B. Wood- 
ford. Registrar, Horace Bower. 
Treasurer, Thomas W. Loomis. 
Selectmen, Joseph W. Baker, Jas. 
M. Brown, George W. Barnes. Con- 
stables, Henry C. Mack, Daniel 
Hass, Edmund W. Loomis, Hestes 
W. Alford, William E. Howard, 
William Cornwall, Eli S. Hough. 
Grand Jurors, William A. Lovell, 
Frederick Ellsworth, S. John Mills, 
Henry L. Soper, Lemuel R. Lord, 
Manley S. Snow. Assessors, Wm. 
W. Higinbotham, Eugene Brown, 
Samuel L. Smith. Board of Relief, 
Wareham A. Griswold, John B. 
Woodford, Frederick Fenton. Board 
of Education, Anson H. Ellsworth, 
Gowen C. Wilson, 1878; Ruel H. 



[VOL. I. 

Tuttle, Henry L. Soper, 1879; 
Ebenezer S. Clapp, Robert E. En- 
sign, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Alexander Clapp, Frederick Ells- 

Windsor Locls. Clerk, Registrar, 
and Treasurer, Alfred W. Converse. 
Selectmen, Lewis A. Moran, Francis 
J. Wedemeyer, Addison B. Stock- 
well. Constables, Ricbard J. Holli- 
ban, Timothy McCarty, Michael J. 
Burns, Charles F. Tallard, James 
Keevers. Collector, Patrick Gay- 
nor. Grand Jurors, James E. Law- 
lor, Charles H. Easton, Jos. Reed, 
Joseph Whipple, Patrick Gogarty. 
Assessors, Joseph Whipple, Addison 
B. Stockwell. Board of Relief, Wm. 
M. Ashley, Edward D. Coogan. 
Board of Education, James L. An- 
derson, Richard Brooks, 1878 ; Jas. 
T. Coogan, Sidney R. Burnap, 1879; 
B. M. Douglass, Addison B. Stock- 
well, 1880. Registrars of Voters, 
Alpheus W. Parsons, Wm. Mather. 

Wolcott. Clerk and Registrar, 
Henry Minor. Treasurer, Erastus 
W. Warner. Selectmen, Henry Mi- 
nor, Benjamin F. Finch, Miles S. 
Upson. Constables, Geo. S. Wiard, 
David L. Frisbie. Collector, John 
R. S. Todd. Grand Jurors, Elihu 
Moulthrop, James L. Kenea, Stiles 
L. Hotchkiss. Assessors, Rufus 
Norton, James A. Wakelee. Board 
of Relief, Erastus W. Warner, Henry 
Harrison, Mark Tuttle. Board of 
Education, Henry Minor, Evelyn M. 
Upson, 1878 ; ^Frederick L. Nichols, 
Albert N. Lane, 1879; Henry B. 
Carter, Lucien P. Alcott, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Elihu Moul- 
throp, Joseph Fairclougb. 

Woodbridye. Clerk, Marcus E. 
Baldwin. Registrar, James F. Nich- 
ols. Treasurer, Wm. A. Warner. 
Selectmen, John Peck, Nathan P. 
Peck, Theodore R. Baldwin. Con- 
stables, Mark Tucker, Pbineas E. 
Peck, Irvin P. Doolittle, James F. 
Nichols, John J. Beecher, and Col- 
lector, John J. Baldwin. Grand 
Jurors, Wm. F. Morgan, Wm. Tom- 
linson, Wm. W. Peck, diaries N. 
Beecber, Lauren Doolittle, Lewis 
Thomas. Assessors, Virgil P. Sper- 

ry, Daniel C. Augur. Board of Re- 
lief, Stephen P. Perkins, Lewis Rus- 
sell, Lyman Manvil. Board of Ed- 
ucation, S. P. Marvin, Wells M. 
Beecher, 1878; Marcus E. Baldwin, 
Edwin W. Judge, 1879 ; Henry F. 
Merwin, E. L. Sperry, 1880. Regis- 
trars of Voters, John J. Beecher, 
Warren F. Hotcbkiss. 

Woodbury. Clerk, Anson A. Root. 
Registrar, Henry S. Kaasman. 
Treasurer, Frederick A. Walker. 
Selectmen, Benjamin S. Russell, 
Edward N. Bishop, Grandison 
Beardsley. Constables, G.P. Crane, 
H. H. Minor, J. R. Thomas, E. M. 
Town, Charles H. Percey. Collect- 
or, Leonard H. Hotcbkiss. Grand 
Jurors, George C. Bradley, John W. 
Judson, D. S. Bull. Assessors, 
Timothy C. Bacon, Truman E. 
Wheeler. Board of Relief, Asahel 
W. Mitchell, Charles W. Kirtland, 
James H. Lindsley. Board of Ed- 
ucation, J. L. R. Wyckoff, D. C. 
Somers, J. W. Noyes, 1878 ; James 
Huntington, H. W. Shove, *N. M. 
Strong, 1879; Wilbur V. Rood, R. 
B. Judson, *W. J. Clark, 1880. 
Registrars of Voters, Charles E. 
Strong, Orson E. Cartwright. 

Woodstock. Clerk, Registrar, and 
Treasurer, Herbert M. Gifford. Se- 
lectmen, Joseph M. Morse, Francis 
L. Corbin, Joseph F. Russell. Con- 
stables, Lyman Mason, James B. 
Tatem, Henry T. Child. Collector, 
George A. Peuniman. Grand Jurors, 
E. Bishop, John Paine, G. W. Buck, 
A. Chandler, Benjamin Jackson, 
Wm. B. Chamberlin. Assessors, D. 
W. Chandler, Edw. T. Warner, 
Amasa Keyes. Board of Relief, A. 
Chandler, Wm. B. Chamberlin, 
Cyrus W. Potter. Board of Edu- 
cation, *S. M. Fenner, O. Fisher, M. 
W. Ide, 1878 ; *G. S. F. Stoddard, E. 
Bishop, J. M. Perrin, 1879 ; George 
Bugbee, N. E. Morse, V. T. Wether- 
ell, 1880. Registrars of Voters, N. 
H. Andrews, Henry Bradford, Eben- 
ezer Bishop. 


Bridgeport. Mayor, Jarratt Mor- 
ford. Aldermen, 1, Tbos. B. De 
Forest; 2, Curtis Thompson; 3, 




Wm. H. Stevenson ; 4, Henry F. 
Hinderer; 5, John L. Wessels ; 6, 
George N. French. Conncilmen, 1, 
Geo. A. Stockwell, Herman Beach, 
Seth C. Lane : 2, George A. Staples, 
William B. Spencer, L. N. Middle- 
brook; 3, A. H. Doolittle, Thomas 
Hogan, Jr., Wm. H. Ivers; 4, Mi- 
chael J. Boyle, Kobert Rigney, Pat- 
rick Kenneily ; 5, Fred'k O. Seeley, 
O. B. Vredenburgh, Engene C. 
Plimpton ; 6, Michael J. McDonald, 
George Rickel, Sidney D. Nichols. 
Clerk, Bernard Keating. Treas- 
urer, Francis E. Fitch. Auditor, 
Rowland B. Lacey. Collector, Al- 
bert Wakeman. Judge of City 
Court, Alfred B. Beers ; Deputy 
Judge, Frank L. Holt. City Attor- 
ney, Goodwin Stoddard; Assistant 
Attorney, Daniel Davenport. City 
Sheriffs, Philo F. Barnum, Lafay- 
ette, E. Baker. Surveyor, H. G. 
Sconeld. Street Commissioner, Wm. 
Kirk. Fire Commissioners, Wm. R. 
Higby, Eli Dewhurst, Samuel W. 
Baldwin, Rich'd Fitzgibbons. Fire 
Marshal, George N. Morgan'. Chief 
Engineer, Chas. A. Gerdenier. Po- 
lice Commissioners, Blaise Soules, 
Chas. K. Averill, S. C. Kingman, 
Frank C. Bennett. Chief of Police, 
William E. Marsh. 

Hartford. Mayor, Joseph H. 
Sprague. Aldermen, 1, Benoni E. 
Buck, William E. Cone; 2, John M. 
Ney, Edward G. Parkhurst ; 3, Geo. 
S. Gilman, Frank S. Brown ; 4, Mor- 
gan G. Bulkeley, Henry C. D wight; 
5, Matthew Hogau, Gideon D. Wins- 
low ; 6, Patrick H. Sands, Patrick 
Burke ; 7, Wm. H. Talcott, James 
M. Dow ; 8, Halsey Stevens, Sam'l 
H. White. Common Council, 1, 
Horace E. Mather. W. Chapin Hunt, 
Wm. Berrv, Charles R. Hart; 2, De 
Witt C. Pond, Henry E. Tain tor, 
Thomas W. Russell, Linn:) B. Plimp- 
ton; 3, Charles L. Willard, James 
S. McClay, Augustus C. Hills, Pat- 
rick McGovern; 4, George Best, 
Samuel Walker, Lent B. Merriam, 
John A. Crilly; 5, Thomas E. Ma- 
lone, Patrick Clifford, Isaac Gold- 
smith, Wm. W. Larrabee ; 6, Eliab 
Brewer, Michael H. Norris, George 

W. Fowler, JohuF. Clark; 7, Salis- 
bury Hyde, Elias B. Farnham, Ed- 
mund Browne, Henry T. Sperry ; 8, 
Patrick McKone, John II. Mannix, 
Robert Fagan, William F. Henney. 
City Clerk, JohnE. Higgins. Treas- 
urer, Flavius A. Brown. Auditor, 
Johu T. Peters. Collector, John M. 
Ney. City Marshal, John Dundon. 
Recorder, Geo. G. Sumner. City At- 
torney, Chas. R. Chapman. Judge of 
Police Court, Arthur F. Eggleston; 
Ass'nt Judge, Sherman W. Adams. 
Clerk of Police Court, William F. 
Henney. Prosecuting Attorney, 
Jos. L. Barbour. Surveyor, Chas. 
H. Bunce. Coroner, Horace S. Ful- 
ler ; Assistant Coroner, John O'Fla- 
herty. Street Commissioners, John 

C. Parsons, Frederick S. Brown, 
Gardner P. Barbour, Ebenezer K. 
Hunt, James Burns, William H. 
Bulkeley. Superintends of Streets, 
Richard S. Lawrence. Park Com- 
missioners, Fred'k S. Brown, Chas. 

D. Warner, Edward H. Fenn, Abra- 
ham Hollander, Stiles D. Sperry. 
Police Commissioners, Joseph H. 
Sprague, Ferris W. Cadj 7 -, Eugene 
L. Kenyon, Charles W. Cook, David 
A. Rood, John B. McDonnell, John 
Allen. Chief of Police, Walter P. 
Chamberlin. Fire Commissioners, 
Richard S. Lawrence, Edward J. 
Murphy, John B. Clapp, John C. 
McManus, Thomas J. Blake, John 
R. Hills. Fire Marshal, Geo. Rust. 
Chief Engineer, Henry J. Eaton. 
Water Commission's, Seth E. Marsh, 
James Kenneily, Francis A. Pratt, 
Willis S. Bronson, Wm. B. Franklin, 
Charles B. Richards. 

Meriden. Mayor, H. Wales Lines. 
Aldermen, 1, O. S. AVilliams, J. L. 
Richmond; 2, Geo. R. Curtis, D. S. 
Williams ; 3, Jared R. Cook, Chas. 
King ; 4, George ,R. Willmot, Edw'd 
Miller. Conncilmen, 1, Le Grand 
Bevins, Timothy Healy, J. W. 
Russell, Leopold Wolfe ; 2, David 
Smith, Charles Grether, S. B. Little, 
Cephas B. Rogers ; 3, H. L. Schleiter, 
C. W. Forbes, William H. Morgan, 
John McCormack ; 4, H. L. Spencer, 
S. T. Proudman, Albert Patzer, Jas. 
R. Sutliff. City Clerk, Selah A. 



[VOL. I. 

Hull. Treasurer, D. S. Williams. 
Collector, Wallace A. Miles. Judge 
of City and Police Court, Levi E. 
Coe. Surveyor, T. H. McKenzie. 
Coroner, Charles H. Shaw. 

Middletown. Mayor, William T. 
Elmer. Aldermen, Joseph W. Doug- 
las, John N. Camp, O. Vinceut Cof- 
fin, Elisha B. Nye. Councilmen, 
George N. Ward, Thomas G. Lucas, 
Anthony E. Parshley, Walter L. 
Blake, Wm. S. Whituey, Franklin 
D. Brewster, Samuel Russell, Chas. 
A. Pelton, Henry L. Brown, Chas. 
M. Newton, John Haskell. Clerk 
and Treasurer, F. E. Camp. City 
Attorney, Silas A. Eobinson. Re- 
corder, Charles G. R. Vinal. Col- 
lector, Leverett Dimock. City 
Sheriff and Chief of Police, John 
Wilcox. Chief Engineer, Fred'k 
W. Willey. Fire Marshal, Augustus 
Putnam. Water Commissioners, 
Thomas Murdock, John S. Bailey, 
Wm. S. Whitney, Chas. W. Harris, 
Thomas H. Linahen, William J. 

New Britain. Mayor, David N. 
Camp. Aldermen, 1, John H. Peck ; 
2, John B. Talcott ; 3, Lawrence 
Crean ; 4, John Walsh. Council- 
men, 1, Frederick Whittlesey, An- 
drew J. Sloper, Ira E. Hicks, Henry 
M. Burckhardt ; 2, Charles Dickin- 
son, William S. Judd, Frederick N. 
Steele, Henry Gussman; 3, Francis 
M. Scripture, Owen V. McCarthy, 
Patrick McDonough, Patrick J. Lee ; 
4, Aaron Buttrick, William Airport, 
Frank A. Henn, James P. Brennan. 
City Clerk, Edward L. Goodwin. 
Treasurer, Augustus P. Collins. 
Auditor, Charles A. Northend. Col- 
lector, Henry B. Goodrich. Sheriff, 
Isaac Porter. C ity Attorney, Frank 
L. Hungerford. Judge of City Court, 
Valentino B. Chamberlain. Street 
Commissioner, Washington L. Mor- 
gan. City Surveyor, Arthur W. 
Rice. Water Commissioners, Thos. 
McCabe, Arthur W. Rice, Philip 
Corbin. Sewer Commissioners, J. 
Andrew Pickett, Geo. M. Landers, 
Edmund R. Swift. 

New Haven. Mayor, William R. 
Shelton. Aldermen, 1, Charles L. 

Baldwin, William T. Bartlett ; 2, 
Edward Bryan, Charles P. Arm- 
strong ; 3, James Reynolds, Robert 
T. Keating ; 4, Wm. Fuller, James 
N. States ; 5, Cornelius T. Driscoll, 
George F. Holcomb ; 6, John Wad- 
dock, A. Heaton Robertson ; 7, Jas. 
Reynolds, John J. Flannagan ; 8, 
Edwin S. Greeley, Wm. J. Atwater ; 

9, John S. Sherman, Geo. A. Butler ; 

10, Dexter R. Wright, George M. 
Harmon ; 11, Willis R. Holt, Phi- 
lander B. Beebe ; 12, Peter J. Bree, 
John E. Munson. Councilmen, 1, 
Lyman E. Munson, Sherman H. 
Chapman, Charles T. Morse ; 2, 
Henry W. Clark, George S. Arnold, 
Frederick C. Lum ; 3, George J. 
Faulhaber, Thos. F. Gaynor, Philip 
Higgins ; 4, Chas. M. Phillips, John 
Brinloy, Thomas Diskin ; 5, John 
Tuttle, John Macheleidt, James T. 
Lynch ; 6, James J. Coogan, Ernest 
Klenke, S. Harrison Wagner ; 7, 
Cormick Shields, Homer Doane, 
Charles Doty, Jr. ; 8, Henrv Elson, 
John W. Merrills, Frank W. Ties- 
ing ; 9, William H. Hancock, John 
Gardner, Frank Seward ; 10, Henry 

F. Peck, Theron A. Todd, John P. 
Studley ; 11, Joshua E. Chapman, 
Fred'k A. Chase, David C. Burwell ; 
12, John J. Doohan, Francis Healy, 
Francis D. Busser. City Clerk, Seth 
T. Seeley. Treasurer, Harmanus 
M. Welch. Auditor, Edward Mc- 
Carthy. Sheriff', Thomas C. Hollis. 
Judge of City Court, David J. Peck ; 
Assistant Judge, Wm. B. Stoddard. 
Clerk of City Court, Julius C. Cable. 
Prosecuting Attorney, R. S. Pickett ; 
Assistant, John P. Studley. Corpo- 
ration Counsel, Samuel L. Bronson. 
City Attorney, Timothy J. Fox; 
Assistant, Jos. D. Plunkett. Fire 
Commissioners, Lewis Elliott, Jr., 
Ezekiel G. Stoddard, John Ruff, 
Benj. R. English, Caleb B. Bowers. 
Chief Engineer, A. C. Hendrick. 
Fire Marshal, Andrew J. Ken- 
nedy. Road Commissioners, John 
B. Adriance, John P. Tuttle, Francis 
Donnelly, Philo Chatrield, Willis 

G. Judson. Inspector of Streets, 
Patrick Ward. Surveyor, Charles 
E. Fowler. Health Officer, Charles 




A. Lindsley. Clerk of Board of 
Health, Chas. R. Wlieedon. Police 
Commissioner, Wm. H. Bradley, 
Patrick Gallagher, Chas. B. Wooster, 
Carlos Smith, Frank D. Sloat. Chief 
of Police, Charles W. Allen. 

New London. Mayor, Thomas M. 
Waller. Aldermen, James Fitch, 
Wm. B. Burke, Isaac W. Dow, Geo. 
F. Tinker, Horace Coit, George 
Williams, J. B. Congdon, S. A. 
Gardner, Lyman Baker. Council- 
men, B. R. Tate, George Prest, W. 

B. Cunningham, Albert T. Burgess, 
Wm. A. Holt, Allen I. Darrow, 
Alonzo W. Sholes, Henry W. Mor- 
gan, Charles E. Hewitt, August 
Emmerich, Wm. H. Bentley, John 
Grace, William H. Carroll, E. E. 
Schierge, J. E. H. Potts. Judge of 
City and Police Court, Charles W. 
Butler ; Assistant Judge, Wm. Bel- 
cher. Clerk of City and Police 
Court, Reuben Lord, Jr. City At- 
torney, Augustus Brandegee; As- 
sistant Attorney, Ralph Wheeler. 
Collector, B. L. Lynch. City Sher- 
iffs, B. L. Lynch, Jas. E. Metcalf, 
Wm. H. Winthrop. Street Com- 
missioner, Albert Beckwith. Engi- 
neer, E. B. Jennings. Inspector of 
Buildings, A. G. Crocker. Captain 
of Police, E. P. Hinkley. 

Norivich. Mayor, Hugh H. Os- 
good. Aldermen, William H. Jen- 
nings, John T. Adams, Robert 
Brown, Chas. D. Browning. Coun- 
cilmen, Stephen F. Whaley, Samuel 
S. Hopkins, Myron Sears, Delano J. 
Park, Jas. H. Arnold, John Willard, 
Robert A. France, Alfred Y. Hebard. 
City Clerk, Chas. W. Gale. Treas- 
urer, Chas. Webb. City Sheriffs, 
Joab B. Rogers, Martin V. Brady. 
Judge of City Court, John C. Kel- 
logg; Deputy Judge, Albert F.Park. 
City Attorney, George C. Ripley. 
Corporation Counsel, Allen Tenny. 
Clerk of City Court, John C. Aver- 
ill. Chief of Police, Zadoc C. Crow- 
ell. Captain of Police, William E. 
Whaley. Street Commissioner, Paul 
B. Greene. Chief Engineer, Jos. 
B. Carrier. Water Commissioners, 
Alba F. Smith, Henry L. Parker, 
Wm. M. Williams, Jas. S. Craven, 

Charles D. Browning. Superinten- 
dent of Water Works, H. B. Win- 

South Norwalk. Mayor, Dudley 
P. Ely. Councilmen, Tallmadge 
Baker, Peter L. Cunningham, Wm. 
T. Craw, Chas. F. Hallock, David 
R. Selleck, John H. Knapp. Clerk, 
Edwin Wilcox. Collector, Robert 
I. Tolles. Treasurer, John H. Fer- 
ris. Auditor, T. I. Raymond. Mar- 
shal, Jas. C. Crowe. Registrars, 
Theodore Wilcox, J. Russell Ray- 
mond. Attorney, Nelson Taylor. 
Surveyor, Wm. T. Craw. Chief of 
Police, E. M. Wheeler. Water 
Commissioners, Tallmadge Baker, 
Alden Solmaus, R. H. Rowan. 
Treasurer Water Fund, W. C. 

Water oury. Mayor, Henry I. 
Boughton. Aldermen, Augustus I. 
Goodrich, Earle A. Smith, Thomas 
B. Walker, Michael A. Balfe, Geo. 
B. Thomas, Orrin H. Bronson, 
Ckauncey B. Webster, Jas. Long- 
worth. Councilmen, John C. Lath- 
rop, Henry Byrnes, Arthur O. Shep- 
ardson, Henry A. Perry. Dennis J. 
Casey, Chas. C. Horn, Leroy Upson, 
Horace B. Wooster, Chas. E. Lamb, 
Frederick Wilcox, Newton Smith, 
Maier Kaiser, John McAuliffe, Sr., 
John C. Eggleston, Jas. J. McGraw, 
Jos. Weis, John Haley, Bryan J. 
Smith, Michael J. Lynch, David D. 
Alman. City Clerk, Greene Ken- 
drick. Treasurer, Eugene S. Wy- 
man. Auditor, James E. Birrell. 
Judge of City and Police Court, 
George H. Cowell; Deputy Judge, 
George L. Fields. City Sheriff, 
Malachi Velly. Water Commission- 
ers, Orville H. Stevens, Nelson J. 
Welton, Charles C. Commerford, 
David B. Hamilton. 

Church Statistics. 
Genial Association. 
Composed of ministers, delegates 
from fourteen associations. Meets 
at Meriden, June 18, 1878 ; Rev. W. 
H. Moore, Hartford, Registrar and 
Missionary Society of Connecticut. 



[VOL. I. 

Trustees, Rev. Messrs. Fessenden, 
Thompson. Gage, Twichell, Adams, 
Blanchard, arid Nathaniel Ship man, 
Thomas Smith, John Hooker, H. C. 
Robinson, Roland Mather. Auditor 
and Secretary, Rev. Myron N. Mor- 
ris, West Hartford. Treasurer, E. 
W. Parsons, Hartford. This Society 
is continued in existence on account 
of permanent invested funds. 

Everest Fund. Trustees, Rev. 
Messrs. Morris, Beach, and Charles 
H. Blair, Collinsville, Treasurer. 

General Conference of the Congrega- 
tional Churches of Connecticut. 

Formed 1867 ; composed of min- 
isters and laymen, delegates from 
four consociations and twelve con- 
ferences ; office at Memorial Hall, 
Hartford. Rev. W. H. Moore, Hart- 
ford, Registrar and Statistical Sec- 
retary ; Rev. Lav alette Perrin, Me- 
morial Hall, Annalist ; Charles A. 
Sheldon, New Haven, Treasurer; 
E. B. Bowditch, New Haven, Au- 
ditor ; Standing Committee, Rev. 
Messrs. F. A. Noble, J. H. Twichell, 
J. A. Hamilton, W. H. Moore, and 
Messrs. B. W. Tompkins, John Hins- 

Connecticut Home Missionary Soci- 
ety. Directors, Rev. Messrs. Wil- 
lard, Burton, Backus, Dunning, 
Avery, Gallup, Richardson, Hazen, 
Anderson, Noble, and W. C. Crump, 
J. N. Stickney, J. B. Eldredge, 
Cyrus Northrop, D. N. Camp. Sec- 
retary and State Missionary, Rev. 
W. H. Moore, Hartford ; Treasurer, 
Ward W. Jacobs, Hartford ; Audi- 
tor, David N. Camp, New Britain. 
In 1876 the directors received the 
Root Fund of $25,000, the annual 
income of which is for destitute 
ministers and their families. 

Fund for Ministers. Trustees, Sec- 
retary, Treasurer, and Auditor, same 
as the Connecticut Home Mission- 
ary Society directors. 

Number of churches, 296 ; pastors, 
148 ; acting pastors, 112 ; commu- 
nicants, 53,308. 

Those marked * have no pastoral 

care. Those marked t belong to the 

Adams, A. C, Wethersfield. 
Adams, F. H., New Hartford. 
"Allen, S. H., Windsor Locks. 
Anderson, Jos., Waterbury. 
Arms, H. P., Norwich Town. 
"Arms, J. L., Woodstock. 
Atkins, D. R., Westbrook. 
*Atwater, E. E., New Haven. 
"Austin, D. R., So. Norwalk. 
Avery, Fred. D., Columbia. 
"Avery, Jared R., Groton. 
Avery, John, Central Village. 
Ayer, Chas. L., Somersville. 
"Ayres, F. H., Long Ridge. 
Bacheler, F. E. M., Killingly. 
Backus, J. W., Thomaston. 
Bacon, E. W., New London. 
Bacon, Leonard, Yale College. 
"Bacon, Wm. T., Derby. 
"Baird, John G., New Haven. 
"Baldwin, A. C, Hartford. 
Baldwin, Elijah C, Branford. 
Banks, Geo. W., Guilford. 
Barber, Luther H., Hanover. 
Barbour, W. M., Yale College. 
Barclay, Thos. D., Kent. 
"Barnum, S. W., New Haven. 
"Bassett, Wm. E., New Haven. 
Bayne, J. S., Portland. 
"Beach, Aaron C, East Haddam. 
"Beach, John W., New Haven. 
Beach, D. N., Westerly, R. I. 
Beach, Nath., Woodstock. 
Beard, E. S., Brooklyn. 
Beard, Wm. H., So. Killingly. 
"Beardsley, B. B., Bridgeport. 
Beckwith, E. G., Waterbury. 
Beebe, Hub'd (Agt.), New Haven. 
Bell, R. C, Mount Carmel. 
Berry, L. F., Plantsville. 
Biddle, J. A., Milford. 
Biugham, E. B., Rockville. 
Bissell, Oscar, Westford. 
Bissell, S. B. S. (Sec), Norwalk. 
Bliss, J. H., Clinton. 
"Bliss, Seth, Berlin. 
Bonar, J. B., New Milford. 
"Bond, Alvan, Norwich. 
Bonney, N. G., East Hartland. 
Boss, Thos. M., Putnam. 
Bosworth, Q. M., Lebanon. 
Bourne, J. R., No. Stonington. 
Bowman, Geo. A., So. Windsor. 
Bradley, C. F v Derby. 




*Brandt, C. E., Farmington. 
Breed, David, Putnam. 
Broadwell, H. J., Stanwich. 
Brooks, C. S., Putnam. 
Brooks, Wm. E., West Haven. 
Brush, Jesse, No. Stamford. 
Bryan, Geo. A., Preston. 
tBryant, S. J., South Britain. 
Bughee, R. G., West Hartland. 
Bullard, C. H. (Sec.), Hartford. 
Bullions, Alex'r B., Sharon. 
Burr, Enoch F., Lyme. 
"Burr, Zalmon B., Southport. 
Burton, Nath'l J., Hartford. 
*Bushnell, Harvey, Westbrook. 
Callan, M. J., Hadlyme. 
Cary, W. B., Old Lyme. 
Chamberlain, Chas., East Granby. 
Chamberlain, L. T., Norwich. 
Chesebrough, A. S., Durham. 
Childs, T. S. (Prof), Hartford. 
Chipman, R. M., Jewett City. 
*Churchill, John, Woodbury. 
*Clancy, W. P., New Haven. 
Clark, Allen, Bridgeport. 
*Clark, Henry, Avon. 
Clarke, W. B., Griswold. 
Cleaveland, J. B., Kensington. 
Clift, William, Mystic Bridge. 
Colton, Erastus, Wellington. 
Colton, Willis S., Warren. 
*Cook, Neh. B., Ledyard. 
Couch, Paul, Mystic. 
^Countryman, F., New Haven. 
*Cowles, C. D., Farmington. 
Crane, E. B., So. Meriden. 
Croft, Charles P., Simsbury. 
Curtiss, Samuel I., Union. 
*Curtiss, W. B., No. Branford. 
Cutting, Charles, Ledvard. 
*Daggett, O. E., Hartford. 
Dana, M. McG., Norwich. 
Davenport, J. G., Bridgeport. 
Davies, T. E., Unionville. 
Day* George E., Yale College. 
*Day, Guy B., Bridgeport. 
*Day, Henrv N., New Haven. 
Day, P. R., West Avon. 
Denison, A. C, Middlefield. 
Denison, Daniel, Cobalt. 
Denison, J. H., New Britain. 
Dennen, S. R., New Haven. 
*Doolittle, E. J., Wallingibrd. 
Doolittle, J. B., Bridgewater. 
*Douglass, Sol. J., New Haven. 
Dudley, Martin, Easton. 

Dudley, M. S., Cromwell. 
Dunning, II. N., So. Norwalk. 
Dwight, Timothy, Yale College. 
Dyer, Francis, Wolcott. 
Eastman, W. R., Suffield. 
Easton, D. A., Naugatuck. 
Elderkin, John, West Suffield. 
Elliot, H. B., Stonington. 
Elliott, J. E., So. Glastonbury. 
*Emerson, E. B., Stratford. 
Fellows, S. H, Wauregan. 
Fellows, F. E., Bozrah. 
*Fessenden, T. K., Farmington. 
*Field, Thomas P., New London. 
Fisher, George P., Yale College. 
Fitch, F. S., Stratford. 
Fitch, Charles N., No. Cornwall. 
Fitz, A. G., W. Stafford. 
Folsom, George DeF., Northford. 
*Forbes, S. B., West Winsted. 
^Foster, William C, Middletown. 
*Fowler, W. C, Durham C. 
Freeman, J. A., Broad Brook. 
*Frost, D. C, Killingly. 
Gage, W. L., Hartford. 
Gallup, James A., Madison. 
Gardner, Austin, Buckingham. 
Gidman, R. H., North Madison. 
Gilbert, W. H. (Agt.), N. Haven. 
Gleason, Charles H., Somers. 
Gleason, J. F., Norfolk. 
Glidden, Kiah B., Mansfield C. 
Goodenough, Arthur, Winchester. 
Gregg, J. B., Hartford. 
tGreenleaf, Joseph, New Canaan. 
*Greenwood, John, New Milford. 
Griffin, George H, Milford. 
Griffin, Henry L., New Britain. 
* Griggs, Leverett, Bristol. 
Griggs, L. S., Terryville. 
Grimes, F. J., Falls Village. 
Griswold, J. B., Millington. 
Grosvenor, C. P., Ashford. 
Hall, Alexander, Plain ville. 
Hall, A. H., W. Meriden. 
*Hall, E. E., Fair Haven. 
Hallock, L. H., W. Winsted. 
Hallock, Wm. A., Bloomfield. 
Hammond, W. P., Granby. 
Hamilton, John A., Norwalk. 
Hanna, C. J., Marlborough. 
Hanna, J. A., Thompson. 
Harris, Samuel, Yale College. 
Harrison, George J., Milton. 
Hart, Burdett, Fair Haven. 
Hart, Henry E., Wapping. 



[VOL. L 

Hartwell, John, Soutkbury. 
Hatch, P. S., West Hartford. 
Hawes, Edward, New Haven. 
Hawley, John P., Talcottville. 
Hazen, Azel W., Middletown. 
Hazen, Timothy A., Goshen. 
Herbert, Charles D., Lebanon. 
*Herrick, Henry, N. Woodstock. 
Herrick, E. P., Sherman. 
Hershey, S. B., Danbury. 
Hetrick, A. J'., Canterbury, 
Hibbard, R. P., New Haven. 
Higgins, L. H„, Huntington. 
Hill, Charles J., Middletown. 
Hillard, Elias B., Plymouth. 
Hine, Orlo D., Lebanon. 
Hine, Sylvester, Higganum. 
Holbrook, D. S., Ellington. 
*Holley, Piatt T., Bridgeport. 
Hopkinson, B. B., Lyme. 
Hoppin, J. M., Yale College. 
*Hough, Lent S., East Lyme. 
Hough, J. J., D anbury. 
Hovey, H. C, Fair Haven. 
Howard, W., West Avon. 
Hoyt, James P., Newtown. 
Hubbard, D. B., Canton C. 
*Hubbell, Stephen, Mt. Carmel. 
Hungerford, Edward, Meriden. 
*Hunt, Naihan S., Bozrah. 
^Huntington, E. B., So. Coventry. 
Hurd, Alva A., Scotland. 
Hurd, A. C, Taftville. 
Hutchius, H. L., New Haven. 
Hutchins, W. T., Westminster. 
Hyde, H. F., Eockville. 
*Isham, Austin, Roxbury. 
Ives, Joel S., E. Hampton. 
Jennings, Wm. J., Coventry. 
*Jewett, S. D., Middlefield. 
Jones, C. M., Eastford. 
Jones, David E., Roxbury. 
Jones, Franklin C, Franklin. 
* Jones, Henry, Bridgeport. 
*Keep, John R., Hartford. 
Kelsey, H. S., New Haven. 
Knight, Merrick, Nepaug. 
Knouse, Wm. H., Deep River. 
Lamb, E. E., Collinsville. 
Lancashire, H., New Preston. 
*Landfear, R'., Hartford. 
tLaw, Sidney G., Redding. 
*Lee, Win. B., Portland. 
Leete, T. A., Orange. 
Leonard, Edwin, Morris. 
Leonard, S. C, Seymour. 

Lewis, E. E., Haddam. 
*Liverrnore, A. R., No. Haven. 
*Loper, Stephen A., Hadlyme. 
tLubkert, E. H., Weston. 
Mack, J. A., Gilead. 
*Mann, Joel, New Haven. 
Marshall, H. G., Middlebury. 
Marvin, S. P., Woodbridge. 
McCall, Salmon, E. Haddam. 
McLean, Allen, Litchfield. 
*McLaughlin, D. D. T., Litchfield. 
McNeille, R. G. S., Bridgeport. 
Meserve, I. C, New Haven. 
Merwin, Nathan T., Trumbull. 
Merwin, S. J. M., Yv T ilton. 
Miles, Thomas M., Winsted. 
Miller, Wm., Killing worth. 
Miller, Simeon, Andover. 
*Miner, Nathaniel, Salem. 
Montgomery, A., Abington. 
Moore, Wm. E. B., Bolton. 
Moore, W. H. (St. Miss.), Hartford. 
*Morris, M. N., West Hartford. 
Morton, Wm. D., Hartford. 
Moses, Dighton, Montville. 
Munson, Frederick, Haddam Neck. 
Murphy, Thomas D., Granby. 
Newcomb, George B*., New Haven. 
*Nichols, Charles, New Britain. 
Ninus, G. W., Stamford. 
Noble, Frederick A., New Haven. 
tNorthrop, H. D., Hartford. 
Noyes, G. W., Woodbury. 
Ordway, Jairus, Salem. 
Osborne, C. P., Southiugton. 
Ottman, H. A., Northfield. 
Painter, C. C, Stafford Springs. 
Palmer, Charles R., Bridgeport. 
*Palmer, Elliot, Portland. 
Palmer, William S., Norwich. 
Palmer, S. P., Bethlehem. 
Parker, Edwin P., Hartford. 
Parmelee, E. H., Long Ridge. 
*Patton, William, New Haven. 
tPayson, E. P., Ansonia. 
*Peck, Whitman, New Haven. 
*Peet, L. B., West Haven. 
Peffers, A. B., Barkhamsted. 
Perrin, Lavalette, Wolcottville. 
*Pettibone, Ira, Winchester. 
*Phipps, William H., Chaplin. 
Pierce, Asa C, Brookfield C. 
*Platt, Dennis, South Norwalk. 
Pope, H. W., Black Rock. 
Porter, N., Pres. Yale College. 
*Pratt, E. H., East Woodstock. 




Prince, N. A., Enfield. 
Putnam, Austin, New Haven. 
'Pyke, Charles, Waterbury. 
Eankin, Edward E., Fairfield. 
Eankin, S. G. W., Glastonbury. 
'Eaymond, A. C, New Haven. 
tEeid, Lewis H., Canaan. 
Eeid, Adam, Salisbury. 
Eelyea, Benjamin J., Westport. 
Eeynolds, W. T., North Haven. 
Ejchardson, E. H., Hartford. 
Eobbins, S. W., Manchester. 
'Eobinson, Henry, Guilford. 
*Eockwell, Samuel, New Britain. 
'Sanborne, George E., Hartford. 
tSanderson, Joseph, Westford. 
Sanford, E. B. (Ed.), Thomaston. 
Scudcler, William W, Glastonbury. 
Sessions, J. W., Westminster. 
Seymour, Charles N., Tolland. 
*Skipman, T. L., Jewett City. 
'Smith, Asa B., Eocky Hill. 
'Sinith, Burritt A., Middletown. 
Smith, Edward A., Farrnington. 
Smith, Henry B., Stafford ville. 
'Smith, James A., Unionville. 
'Snow, Aaron, Ceuterbrook. 
'Southworth, Alden, Woodstock. 
Spaulding, L. T., Chester. 
Squires, N. J., North Manchester. 
Staats, Henry T., Bristol. 
Stanton, Eobert P., Greeneville. 
Starr, E. C, Hartford. 
Stevenson, J. 0., Ellsworth. 
'St. John, S. N., Georgetown. 
'Stoddard, J. B., Cheshire. 
'Stowe, Calvin E., Hartford. 
*Sturges, T. B., Greenfield Hill. 
Teller, Daniel W., Eidgefield. 
Tenney, H. M., Wallingford. 
Thayer, D. H., East Windsor. 
Thompson, Frank, Windham. 
Thompson, Wm. (Prof.), Hartford. 
Thomson, W. J., Newington. 
Thurston, E. B., Old Savbrook. 
Thrall, G. S., Washington. 
'Tillotson, George J., Eocky Hill. 
Todd, John E., New Haven. 
Tomlinson, J. A., East Haven. 
Tomlinson-, J. 1/., Simsbury. 
Treat, Charles E., Greenwich.. 
Tuck, J. W., Middletown. 
■'Turner, W. W., Hartford. 
Tuxbury, F., Watertown. 
Twichell, Joseph H., Hartford. 
Upson, Henry, New Preston. 


Vorce, James H., Derby. 
Waters, George F., Bethel. 
Weitzel, C. J., Norwich Town. 
'Welch, Moses C, Hartford. 
White, S. J., Cornwall. 
'Whittlesey, Joseph, Berlin. 
'Whittlesey, William, New Haven. 
Wilcox, A. H., Plainfield. 
Wilcox, G. B., Stamford. 
Willard, S. G., Colchester. 
Willard, James L., Westville. 
Williams, Chas. H., New Haven. 
Williams, Francis, Chaplin. 
Wilson, G. C, Windsor. 
Winch, G. W., Enfield. 
Winslow, Horace, Willimantic. 
Winter, Alpheus, Eound Hill. 
'Wood, George I., Ellington. 
'Wood, William, North Branford. 
Woodhull, John A., Groton. 
Woodworth, W. W., Berlin. 
*Woolsey, T. D., New Haven. 
'Wright, Wm. S., Glastonbury. 
tWyckoff, J. L. E., Woodbury. m 


Connecticut Convention. 

Annual Meeting, 3d Tuesday of 

President, Eev. A. G. Palmer, D. 
D., Stoning4on ; Vice-President, J. B. 
Hoyt, Stamlord ; Secretary, Eev. T. 

A. T. Hanna, Plantsville ; Statisti- 
cal Secretary, Eev. George L. Hunt, 
D. D., Mystic Eiver ; Treasurer, 
James Lockwood, Hartford; Audi- 
tor, C. G. Smith, Hartford. 

Trustees. Eev. Messrs. Crane, 
Brown, Phelps, Lathrop, Sage, 
Swan, Smith, Hubbard, Stubbert, 

B. F. Bronson, Jennings, Gallaher, 
Pattison, Taylor, True, A. N. Bene- 
dict, Pendleton, Miner, and J. L. 
Howard, J. W. Dimock, G. F. Davis, 
George Ailing, Edward Eay, Edward k 
Miller, J. W. Manning, Ebenezer 
Morgan, F. S. Brown, J. Newcomb, 
W. H. Potter, O. B. Grant, C. F. 
Setchel, W. S. Bronson. 

Associations consist of pastors and 
delegates from each church. 

Associations and Clerks. 
Hartford, Eev. D. Dewolf, Bristol. 
New Haven, Charles P. Ives, Mer- 



[vol. l 

New London, Eev. B. A. Woods, 
New London. 

Fairfield County, Eev. A. N. Bene- 
dict, Bridgeport. 

Ashford, Eev. C. W. Potter, Wil- 

Stonington Union, Eev. E. Dew- 
hurst, Mystic. 

Associations and Annual Meetings. 

Hartford, 2d Wednesday of Sep- 

New Haven, 1st Wednesday of 

New London, 3d Wednesday of 

Stonington Union, 3d Wednesday 
of June. 

Ashford, 1st Wednesday of Sep- 

Fairfield, 4th Wednesday of Sep- 

Number of churches, 121 ; pastors, 
87 ; other ordained ministers, 41 ; 
licentiates, 8 ; baptisms, 747: com- 
municants, 20,64'Q. 

Baptist Education Society. Presi- 
dent, J. W. Manning ; Vice-Presi- 
dents, Eev. Messrs. J. Davies, J. M. 
Taylor ; Secretary, Eev. F. F. Emer- 
son, Hartford ; Treasurer, G. F. 
Davis, Hartford ; Trustees, Eev. 
Messrs. Hanna, Towne, Eichmond, 
Dewolf, and J. W. Lamb. 

Allen, N. T., Groton. 
*Arubler, E. C, Danbury. 
*Atkins, Irenus, Bristol. 
* At well, G. B., Pleasant Val. 
Atwood, Thomas, Eastford. 
Ball, A. H., Fair Haven. 
*Barrov?s, B. W., Middletown. 
Bailey, Simon B., Mystic Eiver. 
*Ballard, Joseph, Norwalk. 
Batchelder, F. L., Stafford. 
Bates, VV. E., Greeneville. 
Beardsley, E. N., Northville. 
Benedict, A. N., Bridgeport. 
^Benedict, T., No. Colebrook. 
Bentley, E. D., Norwalk. 
"Bestor, F., Hartford. 
Bowers, E. D., E. Cornwall. 
*Bowles, E. H., Jewett City. 
Bronson, S. J., West Woodstock. 
Bronson, W. A., Winthrop. 

Bronson, B. F., Putnam. 
*Bronson, J. J., Essex. 
Brown, Joseph P., N. London. 
Brown, L. S., Sterling. 
*Burleigh, Lucian, Plainfield. 
Burrows, A. S., Wethersfield. 
Carr, W. C, Danielsonville. 
*Carter, S. S., Clinton. 
Chaplin, A. J., Mansfield Center. 
*Chapinan, B. F., Andover. 
*Cbapman, D. F., Brookfield. 
Cordo, C. E., W. Meriden. 
Crane, Cephas B., Hartford. 
Davies, J., Norwich. 
*Day, Arthur, Stepney. 
Dean, W. K., Eainbow. 
Deckmann, E. J., New Haven. 
Denison, A. E., Plainville. 
Dewhurst, E., Mystic. 
Dewolf, D., Bristol. 
^Dickinson, T. N., Essex. 
Dowling, Thos., Tolland. 
Duncan, John, Essex. 
Emerson, F. F., Hartford. 
Fenn, W. A., Willimantic. 
Fitch, L., New London. 
Folwell, G. W., Waterbury. 
*Foster, J. C, New London. 
Frink, L. W., Plainfield. 
*Gage, L., West Woodstock. 
*Gale, S., Mystic Eiver. 
Gallaher, H. M., New Haven. 
Goodwin, Wm., Voluntown. 

* Gregory, Alva, Easton. 
Hanna, T. A. T., Plantsville. 

* Harris, Wm., Old Lyme. 
^Hepburn, J., Gaylordsville. 
*Hill, Benj. M., New Haven. 
Hill, E. S., Preston. 
Holman, J. W., East Lyme. 
Hough, Samuel, Clinton. 
*Howard, Amasa, Hartford. 
Howell, S., Noank. 
Hubbard, A. C, Danbury. 
Hunt, G. L., Mystic Eiver. 
Ingersoll, W. M., Bridgeport. 

* James, Wm., Norwich. 

* Jennings, E., Deep Eiver. 
Jerome, E. M., Ansonia. 
\Judd, T. O., Montawese. 
*Keeney, Curtis, New London. 
Kirkham, O. C, Chester. 
*Knowltou, F., Stamford. 
Lathrop, Edw., Stamford. 
Lester, Geo. H., Chesterfield. 
Lyon, D. D., Montville. 




Maine, R. H., Robertsville. 
Mason, W., North Lyme. 
*Maryot, J. B., No. Stonington. 
Matkewson, P., East Lyme. 
Mathewson, E. P., Warrenville. 
*Mattison, N. H., Norwich. 
*Maynard, M. P., Chesterfield. 
Merrill, J. W., Stepney. 
Miner, G. H., New Britain. 
Moehlman, J. H., Meriden. 
Morgan, H. A., Middletown. 
Morgan, W. D., N. Stonington. 
*Nichols, C. N., Tariffville. 
Palmer, A. G., Stonington. 
Pattison, T. H., New Haven. 
Phelps, S. D. (Ed.), Hartford. 
Perkins, Stephen, Poq. Bridge. 
Phillips, J. M., Easton. 
Pinkkam, N. J., Thompson. 
Pogson, M. H, Bridgeport. 
Potter, C. W„ Willington. 
Putnam, G. L., Lebanon. 
Randall, Wm. H., Thompson. 
Randlett, A., Hartford. 
Rawson, O. B., Packerville. 
Raymond, E. S., New Canaan. 
Richards, Allen, New London. 
Richmond, W. C., Wallingford. 
*Rising, M. H., Norwich. 
*Rockwell, C. B., Putnam. 
Sage, A. J., Hartford. 
Saxton, O., Montowese. 
*Shailer, Davis T., Haddam. 
*Shailer, N. E., Deep River. 
Silliman, S. G., Bridgeport. 
*Smith, H. G., Fair Haven. 
Smith, C. C, Branford. 
*Smith, Wm. A., Groton. 
*Snell, A., Westford. 
Stevens, H. S., Cromwell. 
Stubbert, J. R., Suffield. 
Swan, J. S., New London. 
Taylor, J. M., South Norwalk. 
Tefft, Albert B., New London. 
Temple, J. F., Niantic. 
Terry, Thomas, Brooklyn. 
Tillinghast, T., Jewett City. 
Towne, E. S., South Windsor. 
True, B. O., Meriden. 
*Viets, A. P., Waterbury. 
*Wakeman, L. H., Stamford. 
Walden, W.. N., Colchester. 
*Walker, Wm. C, Andover. 
*Warren, John, Black Rock. 
*Watrous, A* D., Deep River. 
Weaver, S. J., Norwich. 

* Whiting, S. M., New Haven. 
*Wkittemore, R. E., Essex. 
Willett, C, Suffield. 
Woods, B. A., New London. 
Worcester, A. M., West Meriden. 
Wright, David, Essex. 

Protestant Episcopal. 

Diocese of Connecticut. 

Annual Convention, 2d Tuesday 
of June, place to be appointed by 
the Bishop. 

Rt. Rev. John Williams, D. D., 
LL. D., Middletown, Bishop. 

Standing Committee. Rev. Drs. 
Beardsley, Pynchon, Deshon, Rev. 
Messrs. Tatlock and Seymour. Sec- 
retary of Convention, Rev. Charles 
H. B. Tremaine, New Haven ; As- 
sistant Secretary, Rev. Edwin S. 
Lines, West Haven. Treasurer, 
Thomas Belknap, Hartford. Regis- 
trar, Rev. Samuel Hart, Hartford. 
Secretary to the Bishop, E. W. 

Missionary Society of the Diocese of 
Connecticut. Directors, Rt. Rev. 
John Williams, Rev. Messrs. Tat- 
lock, Whittlesey, Rev. Dr. Olm- 
stead, Rev. Messrs. Goodwin, Mc- 
Connell, Seymour, and J. C. Hollis- 
ter, Benj. Stark (Sec. and Treas.), 
Elisha Johnson, Walton Ferguson, 
Charles A. Warren, Robert G. 

Church Scholarship Society. Board 
of Education, Rt. Rev. John Will- 
iams, Rev. Dr. Pynchon, Rev. 
Messrs. E. E. Johnson, Francis 
Goodwin (Sec. and Treas.), W, F. 
Nichols, and Charles H. Northam, 
Samuel Taylor, L. J. Hendee, A. C. 

Aged and Infirm Clergy, and Wid- 
ows' Fund. Trustees, Rt. Rev. John 
Williams, Rev. Dr. Vibbert, Rev. F. 
Lobdell, Rev. Dr. Olmstead, and 
Thos. Belknap (Treas.). J. W. Fow- 
ler, J. C. Hollister. 

Statistics. Families, 12,539 ; Bap- 
tisms — Adults, 459; infants, 1,569; 
confirmed, 1,233 ; communicants 
admitted, 1,273 ; added by removal, 
526 ; removed, 715 ; died, 333 ; pres- 
ent number, 18,630 ; marriages, 499 ; 
burials, 1,317; clergy, 188. Ordi- 



[VOL. I 

nations — Deacons, 8 : priests, 10. 
Candidates for holy orders, 19. 

*Acly, Charles G ., New Milford. 
Andrews, Wm. G., New Haven. 
Ashley, Richard K., Windham. 
Baldwin, L. 13., Birmingham. 
Barbour, J. II., Hartford. 
Barnett, F. W., Newtown. 
Bartlett, Josiah M., Essex. 
Bates, John M., West Hartford. 
Beardsley, E. E., New Haven. 
Beck with, I. T. (Tutor), Yale Col. 
Bennett, L. T., Guilford. 
Betts, John H., Pine Meadow. 
Bingham, J. F., Waterbury. 
Binney, John (Prof), Middletown. 
Bishop, David, Eidgefield. 
*Bishop, E. F., Bridgeport. 
Bodley, H. J., Canaan. 
*Bostwick, Wm. L., Hartford. 
Brathwaite, F. W., Stamford. 
Brewster, Joseph, New Haven. 
Brown, E. R., Unionville. 
Brush. A. P., Tashua. 
Bryan t,' Hi Hi ard, Hebron. 
Buck, Geo., Southington. 
Buckingham, W. B., New London. 
Bulkley, Wm. II., Colchester. 
Caskey, T. F., Southport. 
Clapp, H. S., Wetkersfield. 
Clark, A. S., New Milford. 
*Clark, Geo. II., Hartford. 
Clarke, Sylvester, Bridgeport. 
Coit, T. W. (Prof), Middletown. 
Colburn, Wm. B., Bridgewater. 
Coleman, W. B., Jr., Collinsvillo. 
Coleman, John, No. Haven. 
Coley, James E., Westport. 
Colton, C. W., Bethauy. 
Cooiey, Wm. C., Roxbury. 
*Covell, Joseph S., Bridgeport. 
Craik, Charles E., Saybrook. 
Darby, Henry, Bridgeport. 
Davis, Sheldon, Oxford. 
Deshon, Giles H., Meriden. 
Daffield, S. B., Ansonia. 
*Eddy, Clayton, Hartford. 
Elwood, David M., Easton. 
*Fitch, Henry, New Haven. 
Fitzgerald, J. H., New Haven. 
*Fogg, T. B., Brooklyn. 
French, Louis, Darien. 
Fuller, S. (Prof), Middletown. 
Gardiner, E. C, Hartford. 

Gardiner, F. (Prof), Middletown. 
Garfield, N. L., New Haven. 
Giesy, Samuel H., Norwich. 
Gilliland, J. D., Bristol. 
Goodridge, Ed., Warehouso Point. 
*Gcodwin, Francis, Hartford. 
Hallam, I. W., New Canaan. 
Harriman, F. D. (Agt.), Hartford. 
Harriman, F. W., Meriden. 
Hart, Samuel (Prof), Trinity Col. 
Harwood, Edwin, New Haven. 
Ilawley, F. J., Stafford Springs. 
Heald, Jesse E., Old Saybrook. 
*Henry, Caleb S., Stamford. 
Hoffman, J. W., Yantic. 
Horton, Sanford J., Cheshire. 
* Hunter, Jos., Hartford. 
Huntington, J. T. (Prof), Tr. Col. 
Hyde, Joseph W., Stamford. 
Hyde, M. A., Huntington. 
Jacocks, J. G., Woodbury. 
Jarvis, S. F., Brooklyn. 
Jessup, Emerson, Surheld. 
Jewell, F. S., Winsted. 
Johnson, E. E., Hartford. 
Johnson, W. A., Salisbury. 
Judkins, B., Windsor. 
Kelley, C. W., Bloomfield. 
Knowies, W. C., Killingworth. 
Lessell, E. J. K., Seymour. 
Lewis, A. N., AVestport. 
Lindsley, C. S., Riverton. 
Lines, E. S., W. Haven. 
I^obdell, Francis, New Haven. 
Lombard, J. K., Fairfield. 
Lounsbury. D. L., Nichols' Farms. 
Lounsbury, Geo. E., Norwalk. 
Lusk, Wm., Jr., Tarifiville. 
Mallaby, Thomas, Stonington. 
Marble, N. E., Newtown. 
*Mason, Arthur, Hartford. 
Maxcy, E. W., Bridgeport. 
McConnell, S. D., Middletown. 
McCook, J. J., East Hartford. 
Mead, William C, Norwalk. 
Micou, R. W., Waterbury. 
Miller, A. Douglas, Hartford. 
Nichols, W. F., Hartford. 
Ockford, T. S., Thomaston. 
Olmstead, Henry, Branford. 
Pardee, J. D. S., Mystic Bridge. 
Parsons, A. T., Danielsonville. 
Pattison, E. C, Bethel. 
Peabody, D. C, Glastonbury. 
Peck, William L., Marbledale. 
Peters, John P., New Haven. 




Potter, Collis I., Clinton. 
Powers, H. N., Bridgeport. 
Purves, John, Poquetannock. 
Pynchon, T. R., Pres't Trinity Col. 
Raftery, Oliver H., Cheshire. 
Randall, H. C, Porafret. 
Richardson, N. S., E. Bridgeport. 
Rumney, Geo., East Haddam. 
Russell, Francis T., Waterbury. 
Sanford, Elihu T., Bridgeport. 
Sanford, D. P., Thompsonville. 
Scott, James L., Naugatuck. 
Scudder, Henry T., Plymouth. 
Seeley, Nicholas J., Plainville. 
Selleck, Charles M., Norwalk. 
Seymour, S. O., Norwich. 
Shears, A. G., New Haven. 
Shepard, P. L., Old Saybrook. 
Sherman, H. M., Wolcottville. 
Simonson, L., Waterbury. 
Sloan, Arthur, Danbury. 
Smith, Geo. H., Middletown. 
Smith, Victor C., Waterbury. 
Snowden, Wm. E., New Britain. 
Spalding, James F., Portland. 
Spencer, Wm. G., South Norwalk. 
*Spooner, C. A., Norwich. 
Stanley, G. M., S. Glastonbury. 
Stoddard, James, Watertown. 
Stone, Hiram, Bantam. 
Strong, Charles H., Stratford. 
Sturgis, Isaac C, Kent. 
Sumner, Wm. G. (Prof.), Yale Col. 
Tatlock, William, Stamford. 
Taunt, J. F. ? Groton. 
Taylor, E. B., Middle Haddam. 
Thorne, R. T., New Haven. 
Timlow, Heman R., Westville. 
*Townsend, H., New Haven. 
Tremaine, C. H. B., New Haven. 
*Tuttle, Ruel H., Windsor. 
Van Buren, Jas. H., Milford. 
Vibbert, Wm. E., Fair Haven. 
Vinton, A. II., 2d, Pomfret. 
Walker, M., Lime Rock. 
Walton, J. E., Wilton. 
Watson, John II., Hartford. 
*Wells, Edward L., Southport. 
Welton, X. A., E. Plymouth. 
Whaley, P. H., Putnam. 
Whitcome, E. L., Brookiield. 
White, J. H., Waterbury. 
Whitlock, II. R., Rockville. 
Whittlesey, E., Canaan. 
Wildman, J. E., Wallingford. 
Wilkins, G. M., Litchfield. 

Williams, John R., Westport. 
*Woodward, F. B., Thomaston. 
Yardley, H. A. (Prof), Middletown. 
Yarrington, B. M., Greenwich. 

Methodist Episcopal. 

Conferences. — The churches on the 
east side of the Connecticut River 
belong to the Providence Confer- 
ence, which meets at Providence, 
R. I., April 17, 1878, and are em- 
braced chiefly in the Norwich Dis- 
trict. The churches on the west 
side of the river belong nearly all 
to the New York East Conference, 
and are embraced in the New Haven 
and New York East Districts ; this 
Conference meets April 3, 1878, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Presiding Elders of Districts. — New 
Haven, Rev. Wm. T. Hill, New 
Haven; New YorkEast,Rev. Charles 
Fletcher, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Norwich, 
Rev. James Mather, Willimantic. 

Abbott, A. O., Collmsville. 
Abbott, A. V. R., New Canaan. 

* Abbott, Ira, Middlebury. 
Abbott, L. W., West Stratford. 
Adams, J. Q., Mystic. 
Amidon, Sandford, Hopeville. 
Anderson, G. W., New London. 
Anthony, E. M., N. Grosvenordale. 
Arnold, II. II., Tolland. 

Axtell, N. G., Hazardville. 
Beale, J. II., Wallingford. 
Bentley, J. T., Niantic. 
Bentley, L. D., Glastonbury. 

* Benton, Erastus, Stafford Springs. 
Berry, J. II., East Berlin. 
Blakeman, W. C, Rockland. 
Blood, L. W., Stafford vi lie. 
Bodfish, A. N., Mystic Bridge. 
Boese, F. W., Hartford. 

Boole, W. II., Meriden. 
Booth, Albert, Milford. 
Bray, E'. L., Norwalk. 
Bray, S. H., Danbury. 
Brewster, G. W., Danielsonville. 
*Brien, John, Windsor Locks. 
Brown, D. L., Warehouse Point. 
Brown, Wm., Woodbury. 
Bryant, Wm., Cheshire. 
Buck, C. H., Bristol. 
Buckelew, J. R., Thomaston. 



[VOL. L 

Buckley, J. M., Stamford. 
Buell, M. D., Glenville. 
Buraes, H. E:, Clinton. 
*Burton, Henry, Middletown. 
Cady, W. O., Baltic. 
Carroll, J. M., Ansonia. 
Carroll, S. J., Willimantic. 
Case, B. E., Bethany. 
Chapman, A. P., Bethel. 
Chase, S. B., Eastford. 
Church, A. J., Stafford Springs. 
Clark, D. J., Rocky Hill. 
Coburn, G. L., Berlin. 
Codling, Robert, Cornwall Bridge. 
Cooper, John, Tolland. 
Crafts, F. A., Uncasville. 
*Crawford, John, Danbury. 
Crofut, J. H., New Milford. 
Cromlish, John, Hartford. 
Curtiss, Edward, Woodville. 
*Davenport, Z., Saugatuck. 
Davis, J. W., Roxbury. 
*Deau, J. A., Mystic. 
Dickinson, John, Redding. 
Dikeman, C. S., West Goshen. 
Dixon, Charles, Westbrook. 
Dixon, W., Lyme. 
Dodge, J. O., Voluntown. 
Dusenberre, G. B., Southington. 
Eggleston, A. C, New Haven. 
Ela, W., Portland. 
Elder, W. W., New Haven. 
Eldridge, R. S., Branford. 
Ellis, W. W., Moosup. 
Evans, S. E., East Glastonbury. 
Ewer, C. H., Vernon Derjot. 
*Field, Julius, Durham. 
Fordham, C. W., Simsbury. 
Foss, C. D. (Prest.), Middletown. 
Fox, Samuel, East Thompson. 
Fuller, G. E., Colchester. 
*Fuller, G. L., Norwalk. 
Galbraith. J., South Meriden. 
Gerst, B. E., West Suffield. 
Gilbert, W. T., Trumbull. 
Gilman, B. A., Middlefield. 
Glenk, Frederick, Now Haven. 
Goodrich, N., Marlborough. 
Gordy, J. P., Higganum. 
Gowan, J. C, Putnam. 
Graves, G. A., Mianus. 
Griffin, D. J., Jewett City. 
*Griswold, E. E., Danbury. 
Hallock, F. M., Monroe. 
Hammond, C, Attawaugan. 
Harrington, C. S. (Prof.), Middlet'n. 

Haugh, J. S., Hamden. 
Heraiance, F., Goshen. 
Hill, Arza, Hartford. 
*Hill, A. S., New Haven. 
*Hill, Morris, New Haven. 
*Hill, Moses, Norwalk. 
Hill, William T., New Haven. 
Hoag, E. C, Haddam. 
Home, J. W.j Forestville. 
House, D. C, West Thompson. 
*Howland, S., Stamford. 
Hawson, J., Windsorville. 
*Hoyt, W. C, Stamford. 
Hubbell, G. A., Bridgeport. 
Humphrev, H. C, Sharon. 
Hunt, G. W. Eagleville. 
Hunt, R., North Canaan. 
Hurd, W. W., Colebrook River. 
Hyde, W. P., Norwich. 
James, J. H., Burnside. 
Judd, H. Q., Watertown. 
Kirkby, W., Greeneville. 
Laine, T. N., Georgetown. 
Lane, O. C, Kensington. 
Langlois, J. T., Copper Hill. 
Latham, H. D., Madison. 
Latham, E. L., Gurley ville. 
Lathbury, A. A., Kent. 
Lippitt, N. G., Danielson ville. 
Loomis, R. H., Fair Haven. 
Lovejoy, J., Windsorville. 
Luce, W. A., Norwich. 
Lyon, C. W., West Haven. 
Mains, G. P., New Britain. 
Martin, T. C, Naugatuck. 
Mather, James, Willimantic. 
Mayes, W. R., E. Woodstock. 
McAllister, Win., Birmingham. 
McAllister, W. H., Litchfield. 
McNickol, Wm, Round Hill. 
McNickol, A., Bethlehem. 
Mead, A. H., West Haven. 
*Mead, N., Stamford. 
Meredith, Richard, Hartford. 
Miller, G. W., Rockville. 
Morse, G. A., Norwich. 
Montgomery, H., Norwich. 
Munson, J. O., Durham. 
Munson, W. A., South Britain. 
Nash, David, Westport. 
Newell, F. C, Versailles. 
North, C. J., Rocky Hill. 
Nutting, J. II., Manchester. 
Oakley, J. G., Lakeville. 
Osborn, David, Bridgeport. 




*Parker, John, Meriden. 
Parkington, G. A., New Haven. 
Pegg, John, Waterbury. 
*Pkelps, B. C, Vernon Depot. 
Pilsbury, Benjamin, Stratford. 
Porter, N. L., North Canton. 
Povey, Richard, Thompsonville. 
Prentice, Geo. (Prof.), Middletown. 
*Pulling, A. B., Monroe. 
Range, O. J., Essex. 
Ransom, M., Hockanum. 
^Reynolds, R. K., New Britain. 
Rice, W. N. (Prof.), Middletown. 
Robinson, H. D., So. Manchester. 
Roden, Robert, Long Bridge. 
Ross, Wm., Ridgefield. 
Sandford, A. B., Saugatuck. 
*Sanford, Isaac, Middlefield. 
Saunders, F. W., Bakerville. 
Scofield, H., Stepney. 
*Sconeld, S. W., Stamford. 
Selleck, J. W., Falls Village. 
Sheffield, J. F., E. Hampton. 
Shepherd, J. B., Middlebury. 
*Silliman, Chas., Southport. 
Simonson, W. H., So. Norwalk. 
Smith, E. F., W apping. 
Smith, Isaac E., New Haven. 
Smith, Joseph, Stamford. 
Smith, S. K., Wolcottville. 
Smith, Sylvester, Long Ridge. 
*Smith, W. F., Middletown. 
Stebbins, W. H., North Wilton. 
Stephenson, T., Bridgeport. 
Stevens, A. C, Cromwell. 
Stevens, D. S., Easton. 
Stevens, W., Lakeville. 
Stillman, George, Darien. 
Stowe, L. S., Bloomfield. 
Sumner, C, Lebanon. 
Symonds, U., Gaylordsville. 
Taylor, J., Newtown. 
Taylor, W. A., Mashapaug. 
Thayer, O. E., Somers. 
Thomas, J. S., Quarryville. 
Thomas, W. H., West Winsted. 
Thompson, W. D., Westville. 
Toles, S. W., Yalesville. 
Tomkinson, W. E., W. Granby. 
Tregaskis, Jas., Haddam Neck. 
Turkington, W., Gales Ferry. 
Van Dalsem, H. A., Southport. 
Vinton, Joseph, Seymour. 
Wake, Wm., Windsor. 
Wallon, L., New Haven. 
Weed, L. S., New Haven. 

Westgate, G. L., Middletown. 
*White, M. C, New Haven. 
Williams, C. S., Norwalk. 
Wilson, C. A., West Redding. 
Wing, C. S., New Haven. 
Wooding, G. W., Wethersfield. 
*Worcester, J. M., Norwich. 

African Methodist. 
Birchmore, S. C, Hartford. 
Brown, J. Wesley, Middletown. 
Dickinson, W. F., New Haven. 
Phillips, Jos. H., Norwich. 
Smith, Wm. B., Bridgeport. 
Washington, George H., New Ha- 

ISP Many of the above will have 
changed their locations previous to 
the issue of this directory, under 
the itinerant system of the Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church. The Con- 
ference met just previous to the 
issue of this work, but too close to 
the day of issue to admit of the 
desired corrections. In the fall 
edition of this work these correc- 
tions will be made. 

Presbytery of West Chester. 
Meets the 2d Tuesday of April 
and 1st Tuesday of October. 

Barnum, F. S., Thompsonville. 
*Belden, Wm. W., New Haven. 
*Dudley, LaFayette, Cornwall. 
*Ely, James, Thompsonville. 
*Ferguson, G. R., Lakeville. 
^Gardiner, A. S., Essex. 
*Gibbs, Daniel, Hartford. 
*Hammond, Ed. Payson, Vernon. 
Hodge, J. Aspinwall, Hartford. 
*Huntting, William, Stamford. 
*Karr, Wm. S., Hartford. 
*McKelvey, H. A., Bridgeport. 
*Nickels, C. M., New London. 
*Terrett, Wm. R., Sharon. 
Vail, Richard P. H., Stamford. 

Rev. Messrs. Bryant, Greenleaf, 
Law, Lubkert, Northrop, Payson, 
Reid, Sanderson, and Wyckoff also 
belong to the Presbytery, but have 
charge of Congregational churches, 
Their names are entered accord- 



[VOL. L 


State Convention meets on the 
third Wednesday and Thursday of 
September. Rev. J. H. Chapin, Meri- 
den, President ; S. C. Hubbard, 
Middletowu, Vice-President; Jas. 
E. Bidwell, Treasurer ; L. H. Brain- 
ard, Secretary ; I. C. Lewis, S. Bis- 
sell, Jas. Staples, Directors ; Rev. 
D. M. Hodge, Rev. H. P. Osgood, J. 
L. Lockwood, Committee on Fellow- 
ship and Ordination. 

The Convention has a Missionary 
Fund of $24,000. 

Associations. 1. Hartford, meets 
the 1st Wednesday and Thursday 
of June. 

2. Southern, meets 2d Wednesday 
and Thursday of June. 

3. Quinebaug, meets 3d Wednes- 
day of June. 

Amies, J. H., New Haven. 
Blackford, L. P., Norwich. 
Brown, Olympia, Bridgeport. 
Chapin, J. H., West Meriden. 
Davis, S. A., Hartford. 
Dodge, J. SL Jr., Stamford. 
Elliott, C. F., Waterbury. 
Hodge, D. M., Danbury. 
Lyon, John, Bridgeport. 
Mason, J. K., Stamford. 
Maxham, G. V., Stafford. 
Norwood, A., Meriden. 
Osgood, H. P., Granby. 
Shepard, J. H., Long Ridge. 
Stickney, W. A., Cromwell. 
Taber, M. W., Middletowu. 
Waldo, J. C, New London. 

Roman Catholic. 

Diocese of Hartford embraces 

Rt. Rev. Thomas Galberry, Bishop. 

Vicar-General, Thomas Walsh, 

Brady, Hugh J., Ansonia. 
Bray, Bernard, New Mil ford. 
Brodrick, Thomas, Meriden. 
Campbell, James F., Manchester. 
Carmody, Hugh, New Haven. 
Coleman, Thomas, Norwich. 
Cooney, John, Thompsonville. 

Creedon, John, Waterbury. 
Creighton, P. J., Southington. 
Cremmons, Denis, Greenwich. 
Daly, Luke, New Britain. 
Desmond, Denis, Portland. 
Donahoe, Patrick, Ansonia. 
Dougherty, J. B., Fair Haven. 
DuBruycker, F. L., Willimantic. 
Duggan, John, Wolcottville. 
Duggan, P., Waterbury. 
Fagan, James, Naugatuck. 
Fay, P., Colchester. 
Finigan, P. H., New Britain. 
Fitzpatrick, J. S., New Haven. 
Fitzsimons, Luke, Collinsville. 
Fleming, John, Mystic. 
Furlong, John, Rockville. 
Gaffney, Eugene, Thomaston. 
Gallighan, J. J., Hartford. 
Gleason, J. J., New Haven. 
Harty, W. A., Fairfield. 
Hughes, James, Hartford. 
Joynt, T. P., Windsor Locks. 
Keane, Michael, Birmingham. 
Keating, P., Westport. 
Keeffe, F., Middletowu. 
Kelly, M. J., Hartford. 
Kennedy. P., Moosup. 
Lawler, Patrick, New London. 
Lawlor, Martin, Danbury. 
Lynch, Henry, Lakeville. 
Lynch, John, Birmingham. 
Lynch, Thomas, Westerly, R. I. 
Mallon, Hugh, Wallingford. 
Marschall, M., Grosvenordale. 
Martin, Edward, Brauford. 
McAlenny, Paul, Hartford. 
McCauley, M., Windsor Locks. 
McCartin, James, Newtown. 
McMahon, J. H. T., Danbury. 
Mulcahy, John, East Hartford. 
Mulholland, Patrick, Fair Haven. 
Mulvany, Thomas, New Haven. 
Murphy, P. A., New Haven. 
Mullen, Daniel, Norwich. 
O'Brien, E. J., Middletown. 
O'Dwyer, P. J., Norwalk. 
Prerton, Thomas, Danielsonville. 
Princen, H., Danielsonville. 
Quinn, John, Fair Haven. 
Roddan, M. C., Bristol. 
Rogers, John, E. Bridgeport. 
Rogers, Win., Stamford. 
Ryan, Fra, Winsted. 
Ryan, John, Hartford. 
Russell, John, Jewett City. 




Schaele, Joseph, New Haven. 
Schatlers, J. L., Jewett City. 
Sheehan, T. P., Stafford Springs. 
Sheffry, S. P., New Haven. 
Sheridan, B. O'R., Collinsville. 
Slocnm, John, New Haven. 
Smith, Thomas, Thompsonville. 
Synnott, Thomas, Bridgeport. 
Tierney, M., Hartford. 
Van den Noort, J., Baltic. 
Van Opysen, Alphonse, Putnam. 
Vygen, Eugene J., Putnam. 
Walsh, Thomas, Meriden. 
Walsh, Laurence, Waterbury. 

Catholic Apostolic. S. J. Andrews, 
Hartford ; C. A. G. Brigham, E. B. 
Smith, Middletown; Wm. W. An- 
drews, Wethersfield. 

Jeicish. S. Deutsch, D. D., Hart- 
ford ; Judah Wechsler, Samuel 
Kohn, New Haven ; Casper Bruner, 

Lutheran German. C. H. Siebke, 
New Haven ; Nicholas Soergel, 
Rockville ; Charles F. W. Recken- 

Medical Statistics. 
Connecticut Medical Society. 

Next Annual Meeting, 4th Wed- 
nesday of May, 1878. 

President, Root. Hubbard, Bridge- 

Vice-President, Charles M. Carle- 
ton, Norwich. 

Secretary, C. W. Chamberlain, 

Treasurer, F. D. Edgerton, Mid- 

Committee of Examination, Robert 
Hubbard, ex officio, Gideon L. Piatt, 
Irving W. Lyon, George C. Jarvis, 
H. E. Gates, D. A. Cleaveland, G. H. 

To Nominate Physicians to the Re- 
treat for Insane, E. K. Hunt, C. F. 
Sumner, E. B. Nye, A. B. Haile, D. 
H. Nash. 

To Nominate Professors in the Med- 
ical Institution of Yale College, E. 
Huntington, James C. Jackson, B. 
H. Catlin, C. W. Newton, William 

Dissertator to the next Convention, 
A. M. Shew. Alternate, Walter R. 


Connecticut Homoeopathic Med- 
ical Society. 

Annual meeting, 3d Tuesday of 

President, L. H. Norton, Bridge- 

Vice-President, J. D. Johnson, 

Secretary, B. H. Cheney, New 

Treasurer, W. D. Anderson, New 

Librarian, Grove H. Wilson, West 

Censors, Drs. Peltier, Bishop, Rod- 
man, Mansfield, and Norton. 

Connecticut Eclectic Medical 

Annual meeting, 2d Tuesday of 

President, S. B. Munn, Waterbury. 

Vice-President, M. F. Linquist, 
New Haven. 

Corresponding and Recording Secre- 
tary, N. D. Hodgkins, Rocky Hill. 

Treasurer, LeRoy A. Smith, Hart- 

Censors, Drs. Bailey, Hodgkins, 
and Robinson. 

Physicians and Surgeons. 
Members of the Connecticut Med- 
ical Society are designated thus *. 

Hartford County. 

James C. Jackson, Hartford, Pres- 
ident ; C. W. Chamberlain, Hart- 
ford, Clerk. 

Hartford, *George E. Abbott, *H. 
P. Atherton, *G. W. Avery, *W. T. 
Bacon, *A. W. Barrows, *W. S. 
Bowen, *D. T. Bromley, *John S. 
Butler, *Joseph A. Coogan, *David 
Crary, *David Crary, Jr., * James 
Campbell, *C. W. Chamberlain, *G. 
P. Davis, *John Dwyer, *P. W. 
Ellsworth, *H. S. Fuller, *C. E. 
Froelich, *P. M. Hastings, *Geo. B. 
Hawley, *Geo. F. Hawley, *Harmon 
G. Howe, *E. K. Hunt, * William M. 
Pludson, *J. C. Jackson, *G. C. Jar- 
vis, *W. W. Knight, *J. B. Lewis, 
*I. W. Lyon, *Nathan Mayer, * John 
O'Flaherty. *G. W. Russell, *H. P. 
Stearns, *M. Storrs, *W. H. Tre- 



[VOL. I. 

maine, *W. A. M. Wainwright, *Eli 
Warner, *L. S. Wilcox, August 
Berger, J. S. Curtis, Ellen F. Ham- 
mond, Geo. B. Packard, Charles W. 
Page, Aretus Rising, J. A. Stevens. 
Homoeopathic, E. E. Case, George 
S. Green, James D. Johnson, E. W. 
Kellogg, I. S. Miller, P. D. Peltier, 
L. E. Richardson, P. S. Starr, C. A. 
Taft, G. Swan. Eclectic, George 
Andross, Henry Bickford, Thomas 
Simmons, LeRoy A. Smith. 

Berlin, *Eliskama Brandegee. Ec- 
lectic, L. M. Smith. 

Bloomfield, *Henry Gray. 

Bristol, *Harvey E. Way, Joseph 
W. Camp. Homoeopathic, Edward 
P. Woodward, George S. Hull. Ec- 
lectic, S. S. Simmons. 

Burlington, Wm. Elton. 

Canton. CollinsviUe, *R. H. Tiffa- 
ny, *Geo. R. Shepard, ^George F. 
Lewis, B. Kasson. Homoeopathic, 
O. B. Freeman. 

East Hartford, *Seth L. Childs, 
* Lucius W. Mackintosh, S. C. New- 

East Windsor. Broad Brook, *E. K. 
Leonard. Warehouse Point, *Marcus 
L. Fisk. 

Enfield, *Rial L. Strickland, Jas. 
H. Darling. Thompsonville, *Ed- 
ward F. Parsons. Hazardville, Ec- 
lectic, Wm. L. Adams. 

Earmington, *Franklin Wheeler, 
*Ckarles Carrington. Unionville, 
Everett A. Towne. Homoeopathic, 
Charles L. Beach, E. B. Riley. 

Glastonbury, *H. C. Bunce. Ec- 
lectic, Daniel Kingsbury. So. Glas- 
tonbury, *Henry M. Rising. E. Glas- 
tonbury, Sabin Stocking. Bucking- 
ham, *George A. Hurlburt. 

Granby, *Francis T. Allen, *G. W. 
Edwards, C. S. Cutler. 

Harlland {East), *H. S. Bell. 

Manchester, Homoeopathic, Oliver 
B. Taylor. No. Manchester, * Willi am 
Scott, F. H. Whiton. So. Manches- 
ter, *J. N. Parker. Buckland, Eclec- 
tic, C. W. Jaques, Rufus K. Mills, 
E. J. Vail. 

New Britain, *George Clary, *B. 
N. Comings, *S. Waldo Hart, *E. B. 
Lyon, *.). S. Stone, *E. P. Swasey, 
*M. J. Coholan ; E. D. Babcock, 

Benj. Way. Homoeopathic, Geo. P. 
Cooley, L. M. Smith. Eclectic, F., 
Brockway, Marcus Brockway, John 
Koplitz, L. S. Ludington. 

Plainville, Elmore Horton. 

Bocky Bill, *Rufus W. Griswold. 
Eclectic, N. D. Hodgkins. 

Simsbury. Weatogue, *R. A. White. 
Homoeopathic, N. W. Holcomb. 
Tariff ville, *W. L. Barber, *G. W. 

Southington, *N. H. Bvington, *R. 
M. Griswold, I. P. Fiske, W. G. 
Stedman. Homoeopathic, James H. 
Osborn, C. H. Pierson. Plantsville, 
H. J. Fletcher. Homoeopathic, J. 
D. Quill. 

South Windsor. E. Windsor Hill, 
*Sidney W. Rockwell, *Wra. Wood. 

Sitffield, *J. K. Mason, *Wm. H. 
Mather, *0. W. Kellogg, Matthew 
T. Newton. Eclectic, I. P. Leete. 

West Hartford, *Edward Brace. 

Wethersfield, *Abner S. Warner, 
Roswell Fox. Eclectic, Samuel A. 

Windsor, *N. S. Bell, * Samuel A/ 
Wilson, J. P. Safford. Poquonnock, 
*Robert E. Ensign. 

Windsor Locks, *S. R. Burnap. 
Homoeopathic, Frank D. Main. 

New Haven County. 

B. H. Catlin, West Meriden, Presi- 
dent ; Alfred North, Waterbury, 
Vice-President ; C. W. Gay lord, 
Brandford, Clerk. 

Neiv Haven, *Willi3 G. Ailing, 
*Francis Bacon, *W. R. Bartlett, 
*Fred'k Bellosa, *E. H. Bishop, 
*Tim. H. Bishop, *Evelyn L. Bissell, 
*W. L. Bradley, *Henry Bronson, 
*Stephen H. Bronson, *Ed. Bulkley, 
Jr., *W. H. Carmalt, *H. A. Carring- 
ton, *S. H. Chapman, *M. A. Cremin, 
*D. L. Daggett, *H. A. Du Bois, 
*Wm. B. DeForest, *F. L. Dibble, 
*James J. S. Doherty, *Geo. B. 
Farnam, *J. F. C. Foster, *Charles 
A. Gallagher, *Frank Gallagher, *T. 
P. Gibbons, *L. M. Gilbert, *Wm, H. 
Hotchkiss, ^Stephen G. Hubbard, 
*Levi Ives, *Robert S. Ives, *P. A. 
Jewett, * Walter Judson, *D. C. 
Leavenworth, *B. S. Lewis, *Charles 
A. Lindsley, *J. F. Lines, *John 




Nicoll, *E. A. Park, *Henry Pier- 
pont, * Arthur Kuickoldt. *Tliornas 
H. Eussell, *L. J. Sanford, *Isaac E. 
San ford, *Geo. O. Sumuer, *Ira S. 
Smith, *T. Beers Townsend, *David 
A. Tyler, *Moses C. White, *F. O. 
White, *F. H. Whittemore, *F. J. 
Whittemore, *L. D. Wilcoxson, *A. 
E. Winchell, C. A. Bartholomew, J. 
J. Barry, Robert Crane, C. V. R. 
Creed, V. M. Dow, Eollin McNeil, 
E. L. Washburne. Homoeopathic, 
William D. Anderson, Chas. A. Dor- 
man, B. H. Cheney, W. W. Eodman, 
Wm. H. Sage, Paul C. Skiff, Charles 
Vishno, E. J. Walker. Eclectic, 
Isaac J. Brooks, Giles N. Langdon, 
M. F. Linquist, J. H. Eobinson. 
Fair Haven, *S.'D. Gilbert, *C. S. 
Thomson, *W. H. Thomson, *E. L. 
Thomson, *William M. Wbite. 
Homoeopathic, H. E. Stone. West- 
ville, *J. W. Barker. 

Bethany, Asa C. Woodward. 

Branford, *Newton B. Hall, *C. 
W. Gaylord, E. W. Brainard. Stony 
Creek, * Justin W. Smith. 

Cheshire, *Asa J. Briggs, *M. N. 
Chamberlin. Homoeopathic, W. *C. 

Derby. Birmingham, * Ambrose 
Beardsley, * George L. Beardsley, 
*Charles H. Pinney. Homoeopathic, 
A. W. Phillips. Ansonia, F. P. 
Blodgett, Wm. W. Baldwin, William 
Johnson, Wm. Terry. Homoeo- 
pathic, J. W. Metcalf. 

Guilford, *Alvan Talcott, *G. P. 
Eeynolds, F. P. Griswold, N. Greg- 
ory Hall. Homoeopathic, S. E. 
Peck. Eclectic, Hiram I. Fisk. 

Hamden, *Edwin D. Swift, *0. F. 
Treadwell. Botanic, Henry I. Brad- 

Madison, *Daniel M. Webb, Jo- 
seph J. Meigs. 

Meriden, Eclectic, John Tait. 
West Meriden, *E. T. Bradstreet, 
*Benj. H. Catlin, *A. H. Church- 
ill, *C. H. S. Davis, *G. Harrison 
Gray, *N. Nickerson, *A. W. Tracy. 
Homoeopathic, Grove H. Wilson, 
E. C. Newport, C. J. Mansfield. 
South Meriden, Eclectic, Charles E. 

Middlebury, Marcus DeForest, Jr. 

Milford, *Hull Allen, *Wm. H. 
Andrews, *Lucius N. Beardsley, 
*Thomas A. Dutton. Homoeopathic, 
E. P. Gregory. 

Naucjatuck, * John D. Mears, E. S. 
Mears, Franklin B. Tuttle, J. D. 

North Branford, *Edward A. 
Wood. • 

North Haven, *E. F. Stillman, *E. 
B. Goodyear, Austin Lord. 

Orange, West Haven, *John M. 
Aimes, *John F. Barnett, Durell 

Oxford, *Lewis Barnes, John 
Lounsbury. Botanic, John H. 

Seymour, *S. C. Johnson, * Joshua 
Kendall, *Thomas Stoddard. Ho- 
moeopathic, Egbert L. Warner. 

Southbury, * Anthony B. Burritt. 

Wallingford, *Nehemiah Banks,- 
*Henry Davis, *Benjamin F. Har- 
rison, *J. D. McGaughey. Botanic, 
Vincent L. Baldwin, Hezekiah 

Waterbury, *S. C. Bartlett, *F. E. 
Castle, *Thomas D. Dougherty, 
*Edward L. Griggs, *E. W. McDon- 
ald, * Alfred North, *GideonL. Piatt, 
W. L. Barber, J. E. Eoberts. Ho- 
moeopathic, E. C. Knight, C. S. Eod- 
man. Eclectic, John J. Jaques, 
Stephen B. Munn. 

Woodbridge, Silas C. Hubbell. 

New London County. 

Seth Smith, New London, Presi- 
dent ; Wm. S. C. Perkins, Norwich, 

New London, *Isaac G. Porter, *F. 
N. Braman, *Henry Potter, *E. A. 
Manwaring, *A. W. Nelson, *Setb 
Smith, H. S. Corn well, D. McGinnis, 
Albert Hobson. Homoeopathic, H. 
Allen, A. S. Allen, D. P. Francis, 
Oscar Sites, F. W. Smith, C. S. 
Sprague. Eclectic, 0. W. Jewell. 

Norwich, * Charles M. Carleton, 
*Patrick Cassidv, *Elijah Dyer, *A. 
B. Haile, *E. C. Kinney, *Elisha 
Phinney, *Lewi,s S. Paddock, *Wm. 
S. C. Perkins, *S. L. Sprague, J. B. 
F. Fuller, Allen Gay, O. F. Harris, 



[VOL. I. 

Wm. II. Mason, S. E. Maynard, B. 
T. Roath, F. A. Tillinghast. Ho- 
moeopathic, H. M. Bishop, J. E. Lin- 
uell. Eclectic, O. G. Bailey, A. F. 
Gallup. Botanic, L. L. Button. 
Greeneville, *Wm. Witter. 

Bozrah, *Samuel Johnson, E. M. 

Colchester, Seth L. Chase, E. R. 
Carrington. Homoeopathic, Solo- 
man E. Swift. 

Fast Lyme, •Elisha Munger. Ho- 
mceoxiathic, Daniel Caulkins. 

Franklin, •Ashbel Woodward. 

Griswold, *George H. Jennings. 
Jewett City, Wm. Soule. 

Groton, John L. Dodge. Mystic 
River, * Alfred W. Coates, *Jolm 
Gray, Edward Coates. Noank, E. 

Lebanon, *W. P. Barber. Eclectic, 
C. D. Herbert. Bone-setter, Charles 

Lyme, Hamburg, J. Griffin Ely. 

Montville, JohnC. Bolles. Eclectic, 
J. R. Gay. Uncasville, *Williani M. 

North Stonington, DeWitt Nelson. 

Old Lyme (P. O., Lvme), *George 
W. Harris, E. D. Griffin. 

Preston, O. F. Harris. 

Salem, Francis H. Drew. 

Sprague. Baltic, M. K. Brewer, 
J. E. Geudron, Thomas A. Keables. 

Stonington, *George D. Stanton, 
•Charles E. Brayton. Mystic, *Ma- 
son Manning, *A. T. Chapman, 
•Frank A. Coates. Mystic Bridge, 
•E. Frank Coates. Homoeopathic, 
O. M. Barber. 

Fairfield County. 

E. P. Bennett, Danbury, Presi- 
dent ; W. C. Burke, Jr., South Nor- 
walk, Clerk. 

Fairfield. Homoeopathic, Jere- 
miah T. Denison. Southport, *Jus- 
tus Sherwood, Curtis H. Osborn. 
Greenfield Hill, M. V. B. Dunham. 

Bridgeport, *A. H. Abernethy, 
•Curtis H. Bill, \J. R. dimming, 
•Robert Hubbard, •Geo. F. Lewis, 
•Robert Lauder, *David H. Nash, 
•Gustavo Olinesorg, *G. L. Porter, 
•Charles W. Sheffrey, * Andrew J. 
Smith, •George M. Teeple, *"E. T. 

Ward, *N. E. Wordin, *F. J. Young, 
H. L. W. Burritt, A. A. Holmes. 
Homoeopathic, L. H. Norton, Chas. 
E. Sanford. I 
L. A. Shattuck 

Danbury, •James Baldwin, *Ezra 
P. Bennett, •William C. Bennett, 
•F. P. Clark, John H. Benedict, A. 
T. Clason, Wm. F. Lacey, Wm. F. 
Lacey, Jr. Homoeopathic, W. E. 
Bulkley, S. Penfield. Eclectic, E. 
A. Brown. Indian, G. C. Richards. 

Bethel, •Alvin E. Barber, George 

Broolfield, *Amos L. Williams. 

Darien, * Samuel Sands, R. L. 

Easton, C. B. Hart. 

Greenwich, Sylvester Mead, F. M. 
Holly, James "H. Brush. Homoeo- 
pathic, L. P. Jones. Bound Hill, J. 

C. White. Mianus, James L. Mar- 

Huntington, *Gould A. Shelton. 

Monroe, *E. M. Beardsley. 

New Canaan, •Lewis Richards, 
•W. G. Brownson. Homoeopathic, 
Theodore Roberts, Eli Acker. 

'Newtown, F. N. Bennett, Monroe 
Judson. Sandy Hook, *William C. 

Norwalk, •James E. Barbour, * Jas. 
G. Gregory, *John C. Kendall, *W. 

A. Lock wood, * Samuel Lynes, * John 
W. McLean, John A. McLean. 
Homoeopathic, N. A. Mosman, Dex- 
ter Hitchcock. South Norwalk, *W. 
C.Burke, Jr., *R. L. Higgins, *Moses 

B. Pardee, •John Hill. 
Bedding, Moses H. Wakeman. 
Bidgeficld, *0. Starr Hickok, •Wm. 

S. Todd, Nehemiah Perry. 

Sherman, John N. Woodruff. Ec- 
lectic, Henry L. Mallory. 

Stamford, V N. D. Haight, •George 
W. Birch, * William H.Trowbridge, 
H. P. Geib, R. G. Griswold, L. R. 
Huiibut, J. F. Phillips. North Stam- 
ford, Israel Prior. Homoeopathic, 
Chauncey M. Ayres, Robert Pheud. 

Stratford, Almon S. Allen, Edwin 

D. Nooney. Homoeopathic, G. W. 

Trumbull, •George Dyer, Thomas 
Reed. Stepney, Seth Hill. 
Weston, Frank Gorham. 




Westport, *Geo. B. Bouton, *Fred- 
erick Powers. Eclectic, George W. 

Wilton, *Alfred E. Emery. 

Windham County. 

William A. Lewis, Plainfield, 
President; J. B. Kent, Putnam, 

Windham, *Eliphalet Huntington, 
S. H. Huntington. Willimantic, *L. 
F. Bugbee, *0. B. Griggs, *T. Morton 
Hills, ^Frederick Eogers, Chas. J. 
Fox, D. D. Jacobs. Homoeopathic, 
D. C. Card, C. H. Colgrove. Eclec- 
tic, William K. Otis. 

Brooklyn, * James B. Whitcomb, 
William Woodbridge, A. Tanner. 

Ash ford, * Jobn H. Simmons. West- 
ford, *F. O. Bennett. 

Canterbury, G.I. Ross. South Can- 
terbury, *Elijak Baldwin. 

Chaplin, *Orin Witter. 

Eastford. Eclectic, Elisha K. Rob- 

Hampton, *Dyer Hughes, Charles 

Killingly, *A. E. Darling. (East,) 
*Edwin A. Hill. (South,) *Daniel 
A. Hovey. (West,) *Thos. Graves, 
*Samuel Hutchins, *Rienzi Robin- 
son, O. Jenkins. 

Plainfield, *E. H. Davis. Central 
Village, *Charles H. Rogers. Moo- 
sup, *William A. Lewis, Frank S. 

Pom fret, *Lewis Williams. Abing- 
ton, Elisha Williams. 

Putnam, *F. X. Barolet, *Henry 
W. Hough, *John B. Kent, *Omer 
La Rue, *John Witter, J. L. Brad- 
ley, E. L. Styles. 

Scotland, Isaac B. Gallup. 

Thompson, *Low ell Hoi brook. Ec- 
lectic, G. W. II. Williams. North 
Grosvenordale, * James C. Lathrop. 

Voluntown, Ransom C. Young, 
Charles O. Maine. 

Woodstock (South), Homoeopathic, 
George A. Bowen. (East,) *John 
Cotton. (West,) *Milton Bradford. 
Woodstock Valley, *A. S. Leonard. 

IAtchfield County. 
Wm. Deming, Litchfield, Presi- 
dent; R. S. Goodwin, Thomaston, 

Vice-President ; Theodore G.Wright, 
Plymouth, Clerk. 

Litchfield, *Henry W. Buel, * Willis 
J. Beach, *William Deming, *H. E. 
Gates, *J. J.Newcomb. 

Bethlehem, S. II. Huntington. Bo- 
tanic, Ebenezer Osburn. 

Bridgewater, Fred. E. King. 

Canaan. Eajls Village, C. B. Malt- 
bie, Jas. J. Averill, J. B. Heath. 

Cornwall. West Cornwall, *Edward 
Sanford. Cornwall Bridge, *Elias B. 

Goshen, * Joseph H. North. 

Harwinton, *Virgil Buell. 

Kent. John W. King. 

Morris, * Garry II. Miner. 

New Hartford, Jerry Burwell. Ec- 
lectic, Erskino D. Curtiss. Pine 
Meadow. Homoeopathic, Theo. T. 
Brockway. Eclectic, F. Brockway. 

New Milford, *J. K. Bacon, James 
Hine, W. H. Vermilye. Homoeo- 
pathic, Geo. Taylor, Chas. Taylor. 
Gaylordsville, Charles F. Couch,M. 
C. Northrop. 

Norfolk, *William W. Welch, *J. 
H. P. Stevens, W. C. Welch. 

North Canaan (P. O., Canaan), 
*Chas. W. Camp, Albert A. Wright. 

Plymouth, *T. G. Wright. Terry- 
ville, *L. Tudor Piatt. 

Boxbury, *Myron Downs. 

Salisbury, *B. S. Thompson, John 
H. Blodgett. Lakeville, *Wm. Bis- 
sell, *H. M. Knight, John J. Orton. 

Sharon, *Ralph Deming, *Wm. 
W. Knight, Charles H. Shears. 

Thomaston, *A. G. H. Carney, *R. 
S. Goodwin, *A. G. Heaney, *Wm. 
Woodruff, Byron W. Pease. 

Torrington. Wolcottcille, *T. S. 
Hanchet't, *L. II. Wood, J. W. 
Phelps. Homoeopathic, Bela St. 
John, A. M. Calkins. 

Warren, *John B. Derrickson. 

Washington, *Orlando Brown, 
*Renms M. Fowler. New Preston, 
*Ed. P. Lyman, F. M. Hall. 

Watertown, * Walter S. Munger, 
Allyn M. Hungerford. 

Winchester. West Winsted, *Jokn 
W. Bidwell, * James Welch, Edward 
H. Welch. Eclectic, Harvey B. 
Steele. Winsted, Homoeopathic, D. 



[VOL/ 1. 

Woodbury, *Harmon W. Shove, 
*Francis W. Brown, G. H. Atwood, 
Henry S. Kaasman. 

Middlesex County. 

Elisha B. Nye, Middletown, Presi- 
dent ; J. H. Granniss, Saybrook, 

Middletown, *Jos. W. Alsop, Jr., 
*Eufus Baker, *George W. Burke, 
*Daniel A. Cleaveland, *Francis D. 
Edgerton, *W. B. Hallock, *B. D. 
McGuiro, *C. S. May, *Jokn Mor- 
gan, *Elisha B. Nye, *James B. 
Olmsted, A. M. Shew, Joseph Bar- 
ratt. Homoeopathic, W. C. Bell, 
A. S. Osborne, Julius Gnadinger. 
Eclectic, Leonard Bailey, Frank 
L. Burr. Bone-setter, Gideon H. 

Haddam, *Miner C. Hazen, *Sel- 
den W. Noyes. Migganum, Eclectic, 
S. B. Bailey. 

Chatham. East Hampton, 'Albert 
Field, Wm. Notting. Middle Had- 
dam, A. B. Worthington. 

Chester, 'Sylvester W. Turner, 
Ambrose Pratt. 

Clinton, *G. O. Johnson, David A. 

Cromwell, *Ira Hutchinson, *J. 
H. Trent. 

Durham, *R. W. Mathewson. 

East Haddam, Homoeopathic, N. 
O. Harris. Moodus, *A. W. Bell. 
Botanic, H. C. Cook. 

Essex, 'Alanson H. Hough, 'Chas. 
H. Hubbard, *C. L. Blake. 

Killingworth, *J. Hamilton Lee. 

Old Saijbrook, 'John H. Granniss, 
*T. B. Bloomtield. 

Portland, "C. A. Sears, *C. E. 

Saijbrook. Deep Elver, *E. Bidwell. 

Westbrook, *G. C. H. Gilbert. 

Tolland County. 

Maurice B. Bennett, Coventry, 
President ; Gilbert H. Preston, Tol- 
land, Clerk. 

Tolland, 'Gilbert H. Preston. 

Bollon, * Charles F. Sumner. 

Columbia, 'Julian La Pierre. 

Coventry, *M. B. Bennett. South 
Coventry, *Henry S. Dean, R. H. 

Ellington, * Joel A. Warren. 

Hebron, Cyrns H. Pendleton. 

Mansfield, *Wm. H. Richardson, 
O. G. Kittridge. Mansfield Center, 
O. B. Griggs, Edwin G. Sumner. 

Somers, Erasmus E. Hamilton, 
William B. Woods. 

Stafford, ' Willi am N. Clark. Staf- 
ford Springs, *C. B. Newton. Eclec- 
tic, F. L. Smith, W. N. Clark. 
Homoeopathic, C. H. Lamphear. 
West Stafford, *Joshua C. Blodgett. 

Vernon. Vernon Depot. *A. R. 
Goodrich. Eockville, 'Francis L. 
Dickinson, 'Stephen G. Risley, 
Frederick Gilnack, Geo. B. Robin- 
son. Homoeopathic, Giles Pease. 

Willington, *Wm. L. Kelsey. 

Militia Statistics. 

Commander-in-Chief, His Excel- 
lency Richard D. Hubbard, Hart- 

Aids-de-Camp, Colonels Gurnsey 
S. Parsons, Waterbury ; Charles M. 
Joslyn, Hartford ; Harlow P. Har- 
ris, Salisbury. 

Adjutant-General,Brig. Gen. Wm. 
B. Franklin, Hartford. 

Assistant, Lieut. Col. Simeon J. 
Fox, New Haven. 

Quarter master- General, Brig. Gen. 
Darius N. Couch, Norwalk. 

Assistant, Major Theron C. Swan, 

Paymaster-General, Brig. Gen. Ed- 
ward E. Bradley, New Haven. 

Commissary-General , Brig. Gen. G. 
W. Bentley, New London. 

Surgeon- General, Brig. Gen. Frank 
Gallagher, New Haven. 

Governor's Guards. 

1st Horse, Hartford (Chartered, 
1788). Major, Chauncey B. Board- 
man : 1st Lieut., F. A. M. White ; 
2d Lieut., H. C. Hanmer ; Quarter- 
master, E. F. Griswold ; Cornet, H. 
W. Rowley. 

1st Foot, Hartford (Chartered, 
1771). Major, Wm. H. Talcott; 
Capt. and 1st Lieut., Albert H. 
Wiley ; 2d Lieut., Wm. E. Eaton ; 
3d Lieut., R. D. Burdick ; 4th Lieut., 
Samuel E. Hascall ; Ensign, Willard 
A. Allen. 




2d Horse, New Haven. Major, 
C. W. Blakeslee, Jr. ; Capt., R. C. 
Newton; 1st Lieuts., V. A. Bar- 
tholomew, W. H. Farnham, Jr. ; 
2d Lieuts., Wm. A. Wright, C. E. 
Clinton ; Cornet, Frank L. Newton ; 
Quartermaster, I. W. Hine. 

2d Foot, New Haven. Capt., Jacob 
G. Phile ; 1st Lieut., Andrew Allen ; 
2d Lieut., F. M. Bishop. 

First Brigade. 

Brigadier-General, Wm. Randel 
Smith, Norwalk. 

Brigade Adjutant, Thomas S. Gil- 
bert, Derby. 

Brigade Inspector, . 

Quartermaster, Major Charles E. 
Doty, Norwalk. 

Commissary, Major David M. Eead, 

Inspector of Target Practice, Major 
James E. Stetson, New Haven. 

Aids-de-Camp, Capts., George D. 
Goodrich, Vernon ; Stiles T. Stan- 
ton, Norwich. 


Colonel, Heman A. Tyler, Hart- 
ford ; Lieut. Col., Lucius A. Bar- 
bour, Hartford; Major, William E. 
Cone, Hartford ; Adjutant, A. L. 
Goodrich, Hartford; Quartermaster, 
Henry C. Bullock, Hartford ; Pay- 
master, Richard Joslyn, South Man- 
chester ; Surgeon, Julian N. Parker, 
South Manchester ; Assist. Surgeon, 
Harry P. Atherton, Hartford ; In- 
spector of Target Practice, J. L. 
Woodbridge, North Manchester ; 
Chaplain, Johnson G. Griswold, 

Commissioned Officers. 

Company A, Hartford. Capt., 
Wm. Westphal ; 1st Lieut., Edward 
Schulze ; 2d Lieut., Henry F. Smith. 

Company B, Hartford. Capt., 
James T. Sherman ; 1st Lieut., John 
Dundon ; 2d Lieut., Patrick J. 
Moran. « 

Company C, Rockville. Capt., 
Ernest C. Colby ; 1st Lieut., Thos. 
J. Rigney; 2d Lieut., George F. 

Company D, New Britain. Capt., 

Aug. N. Bennett ; 1st Lieut., John 
C. Bingham ; 2d Lieut., Charles H. 

Company E, New Britain. Capt., 
C. B. Erichson; 1st Lieut., F. M. 
Hemenway ; 2d Lieut., J. Lester 

Company F, Hartford. Capt., 
John L. White; 1st Lieut., Levi 
Hotchkiss ; 2d Eieut., Daniel S. 

Company G, Manchester. Capt., 
Wm. H. Coates ; 1st Lieut., Amos 
Lay ; 2d Lieut., Arthur B. Kee- 

Company H, Hartford. Capt., 
Benj. F. Welles ; 1st Lieut., Edgar 
L. Pope ; 2d Lieut., Wm. M. Clark. 


Colonel, Stephen R. Smith, New 
Haven ; Lieut. Col., Josiah N. 
Bacon, New Haven ; Major, Charles 
P. Graham, Middletown ; Adjutant, 
Russell Thompson, New Haven; 
Quartermaster, Samuel P. Brown, 
New Haven ; Paymaster, Charles 
M. Shelton, New Haven ; Surgeon, 
Evelyn L. Bissell, New Haven ; 
Assist. Surgeon, ; Inspect- 
or of Target Practice, ; 

Chaplain, Alonzo N. Lewis, New 

Commissioned Officers. 

Company A, Waterbury. Capt., 
Fred. A. Spencer ; 1st Lieut., Fran- 
cis H. Smith; 2d Lieut., Frank R. 

Company B, New Haven. Capt., 
Carl G. Engel ; 1st Lieut., Henry 
Phillipe ; 2d Lieut., Gustave Hirsch. 

Company C, New Haven. Capt., 
Maurice F. Brennan ; 1st Lieut., 
John Carberry ; 2d Lieut., Edward 

Company D, New Haven. Capt., 
H. D. Phillips ; 1st Lieut., Luzerne 
J. Thomas ; 2d Lieut., Charles A. 

Company E, New Haven. Capt., 
Charles A. Buttricks ; 1st Lieut., 
Samuel A. Downes; 2d Lieut., 
Henry R. Loomis. 

Company F, New Haven. Capt., 
Lewis L. Morgan ; 1st Lieut., Chas. 



[VOL. I. 

E. Koimds ; 2d Lieut., Charles E. 

Company G, Waterbury. Capt., 
Charles R. Bannon ; 1st Lieut., 
Dennis A. Magraw ; 2d Lieut., John 
J. Geraghty. 

Company H, Middletown. Capt., 
Fred. E. Camp; 1st Lieut., Henry 
J. Bacon ; 2d Lieut., Frank E. 

Company I, Meriden. Capt., 
Henry B. Wood ; 1st Lieut., John 
N. Lane 
kay, Jr. 

Company K, Wallingford. Capt., 
Wm. N. Mix; 1st Lieut., Stephen 
A. Smith; 2d Lieut., Robert B. 


Colonel, Nath'l H. Ames, New 
London ; Lieut. Col., William H. 
Tubbs, New London ; Maj., Wm. E. 

F. Landers, Mystic Bridge ; Adju- 
tant, Hezekiah B. Smith ; Quarter- 
master, Frederick W. Short, New 
London ; Paymaster, Joseph W. Gil- 
bert, Norwich ; Surgeon, Francis 
N. Braman, New London ; Assist. 
Surgeon, Wm. B. Young, Norwich ; 
Inspector of Target Practice, Wm. 
H. Hovey, Norwich; Chaplain, 
John Davies, Norwich. 

Commissioned Officers. 

Company A, Mystic Bridge. Capt., 
John H. Hoxie ; 1st Lieut., Denison 
Burrows ; 2d Lieut., John R. 

Company B, Stonington. Capt., 
Michael Twomey ; 1st Lieut., Wm. 
Taylor ; 2d Lieut., James O'Sulli- 

Company C, Norwich. Capt., 
James J. McCord ; 1st Lieut., Jas. 
F. Borzang ; 2d Lieut., Fred'k N. 

Company D, New London. Capt., 

Wm. II. Bentley ; 1st Lieut., 

; 2d Lieut., Franklin Goss. 

Company E, Willimantic. Capt., 
Herbert R. Chappell ; 1st Lieut., 
Frank S. Fowler ; 2d Lieut., Alex. 
L. Fuller. 

Company F, Putnam. Capt., 
Henry W. Johnson ; 1st Lieut., An- 

son A. Buchanan ; 2d Lieut., Dan'l 
F. X. McEvoy. 

Company G, Putnam. Capt., Ed- 
ward P. King ; 1st Lieut., Clinton 
A. Winslow ; 2d Lieut., Otis Fish- 

Company H, Plainneld. Capt., 
William I. Hyde ; 1st Lieut,, Seth 
C. Spaulding ; 2d Lieut., Lucian R. 


Colonel, Robert B. Fairchild, 
Bridgeport ; Lieut. Col., George S. 
Crolut, Bethel ; Maj., Henry Skin- 
ner, Winsted ; Adjutant, David T. 
Hubbell, Bethel ; Quartermaster, 
Daniel E. Marsh, Bridgeport ; Pay- 
master, Thomas L. Watson, Bridge- 
port ; Surgeon, George F. Lewis, 
Bridgeport ; Asst. Surgeon, Wm. C. 
Burke, Jr., Norwalk ; Inspector of 
Target Practice, Sam'l C. Kingman, 
Bridgeport ; Chaplain, George A. 
Parkington, New Haven. 

Commissioned Officers. 

Company A, Bethel. Capt., Hen- 
ry A. Gilbert; 1st Lieut., Fred'k 
Cole ; 2d Lieut., Wm. F. Hoyt. 

Company B, Bridgeport, Capt., 
Charles A. Blakeman ; 1st Lieut., 
Geo. W. Cornell ; 2d Lieut., Francis 
A. King. 

Company C, Stamford. Capt., 
Philip B. Lever; 1st Lieut., Wm. 
W. Studwell; 2d Lieut., Wm. U. 

Company D, So. Norwalk. Capt., 
James C. Crowe ; 1st Lieut., Addi- 
son H. Betts ; 2d Lieut., Edward F. 

Company E, Bridgeport, Capt., 
Edward N. Goodwin; 1st Lieut., 
James Sheridan ; 2d Lieut., James 

Company F, Greenwich. Capt., 
Joseph G. Mead; 1st Lieut., John 
Powers ; 2d Lieut., Frederick D. 

Company G, Danbury. Capt., 
Andrew Knox ; 1st Lieut., George 
C. Comes ; 2d Lieut., Theodore 

Company H, Litchfield. Capt., 
Alex. B. Shumway ; 1st Lieut., Wil- 




bur E. Webster ; 2d Lieut., Samuel 

Company I, Winsted. Capt., Jos. 
H. C. Batchelder; 1st Lieut., Wil- 
bur F. Coe ; 2d Lieut., John H. 

Company K, Stratford. Capt., 
Alonzo Gray ; 1st Lieut., Henry M. 

Blakesleo ; 2d Lieut., Charles Wil- 

Light Artillery. 

Commissioned Officers. 

First Section, Guilford. 1st Lieut. 

William H. Lee; 2d Lieut., Wm. T. 


Connecticut Banks, November 1, 1877. 

The following table contains the capital, par value of shares, circu- 
lation, discount days, and dividends paid during the past year, the 
amount and time when paid : — 









MtrniTS., . 




M., W., F., . 

9 Jan., July. 

American N., . 




M., W., F., . 

11 Jan., July. 

Ansonia N., 




M., Th., . . 

7i Jan., July. 

Birmingham N., 




Tu.,F., . . 

9" Jan., July. 

Bridgeport N., . 




Tu., F., . . 

12 Jan., July. 

First N., Bridgeport 




Tu., F., . . 

14 May, Nov. 

Central N., 




W., S., . . 

12 Jan., July. 

Charter Oak N., 




M., W., F., . 

10 Jan., July. 

Citizens' N., 




W., . . . 

10 Jan., July. 

City N. B. of Bridgeport, 




Tu., F., . . 

12 Jan., July. 

City N. B. of Hartford, . 




M., W., F., . 

2| August. 

City B. of New Haven, . 




Tu., F., . . 

7 Jan., July. 

Clinton N., ... 





10 Jan., July. 

N. B. of Commerce, 




M., Th., . . 

7| Jan., July. 

Conn. N. (Bridgeport), . 




Tu., F., . . 

12 Jan., July. 

Conn. River Banking Co., 




M., Th., . . 

Jan., July. 





W., S., . . 

11 June, Dec. 

Deep River N., . 





9 Jan., July. 

N. Exchange, . 




M., W., F., . 

10 Jan., July. 

Fairfield Co. N., 




Tu., F., . . 

10 Jan., July. 

Farmers & Mechanics' N., 




M., W., F., . 

5 January. 

Hartford N 




M., W., F., . 

10 June, Dec. 

First 1ST., Hartford, . 




M., W., F., . 

Feb., M.,N. 

Home N., .... 





10 Jan., July. 





Dailv,. . . 

12 Jan., July. 

National Iron, . 




M., Th., . . 

9 Jan., July. 

First N., Killingly, . 




M., . . . . 

10 Jan., July. 

First N., Litchfield, . 




Daily, . . . 

8 Jan., July. 





Tu., F., . . 

3 January. 

Mercantile N., . 




M., W., F., . 

9 Jan., July. 

Merchants'N. (N. Haven), 




Tu., F., . . 

8 Jan., July. 

Merchants' N. (Norwich), 




M.,Th., . . 

3 March. 

Meriden N., . 





10 Jan., July. 

Middlesex Co. N., . 




M., Th., . . 

3 January. 

Middletown N., 




Tu., F., . . 

>10 Jan., July. 

First N., Middletown, 




M.,Th., . . 

6 Jan., July. 

Mystic N.,. . . . 





8 Jan., July. 

First N., Mystic Bridge, . 




M., . . . . 

6 May, Nov. 

Mystic River N., 





10 Jan., July. 

New Britain N., 




Tu., F., . . 

9 Jan., July. 

National, New England, . 




M., . . . . 

9 Jan., July. 

National, New Haven, 




Tu., F., . . 

12 Jan., July. 

First N., New Haven, 




M., Th., . . 


Second N., New Haven, . 




M., Th., . . 

12 Jan., July. 

New Haven Co. N., . 




M., Th., . . 

10 Apr., Oct. 

New London City N 

■» ' 




Tu., F., . . 

6 Jan., July. 




[VOL. l 

Connecticut Banks — Continued. 















































































First N., New Mil ford, 
National, Norwaik, . 
First N., Norwich, . 
Second N., Norwich, 
Norwich N., 
National, Pahquioque, 
Pawcatuck N., . 
Pequonnock N., 
Phoenix N, 
First N., Portland, . 
First N., Putnam, 
Rockvillo N, . 
First N., Rockville, . 
Say brook N., . 
ShetuckctN., . 
First N., South Norwaik 
Southport N., . 
Stafford N., 
Stamford N., . 
First N., Stamford, . 
State, .... 
First N., Stonington, 
First N., Suffield, . 
Thames N., 
Thompson N-, . 
Tolland Co. N, 
N. Tradesmen, . 
National Union, 
Waterburv N, . 
First N., West Meriden, 
First N., Westport, . 
National Whaling, . 
Windham N., . 
Windham Co. N., . 


Daily, . 


Tu., F., 


M., Th., 


Tu., F., 


Tu., F., 


w., s., 


M., . . 


Tu., F., 


M., W., I 


M., . . 


Daily, . 


Tu., F., 


Th., . 


M., . . 


M., Th., 


Tu., . 


Tu., F., 


M., . . 


Tu., F., 


Tu., F., 


M., W., I 


M., . . 


M., Th., 


Tu., F., 


Tu., . 


Dailv, . 


M., Th., 


M., Th., 


Tu., F., 


Tu., F., 


Sat., . 


Tu., . 


M., Th., 


W., . 


w., . 


Tu., F., 

10 Jan., 

9 Jan., 

91 May, 

8 June, 

10 May, 


7| Jan., 
10 Jan., 

8 Jan , 
10 Jan., 

8 Jan., 
10 Jan., 
12 Jan., 

4 June. 


12 Jan., July. 

1\ Jan., July. 

12 Mar., Sept. 

10 May, Nov. 

6 Jan., July. 
8 Feb., Aug. 

May, Nov. 
10 Mar., Sept. 

8 Apr., Oct. 

6.V Jan., July. 
10 Jan., July. 

8 May, Nov. 

7 Jan., July. 
12 Jan., July. 
10 Jan., July. 

7| Jan., July. 

9 Jan., July. 
3 March. 

8 Jan., July. 
Apr., Oct. 

Savings Banks. 
The following table contains the 

names of the savings hanks in the 

State, and the names of the treas- 
urers : — 

Ansonia, Egbert Bartlett. 

Berlin, John Norton. 

Bridgeport, Chas. P. Porter. 

Bristol, Miles L. Peck. 

Brooklyn, Clarence A. Potter. 

Canaau, Joseph* W. Peet. 

Chelsea (Norwich), C. M. Coit. 

Chester, Wm. H. Sullivan. 

Citizens' (Stamford), Wm. C. Hoyt. 

City (Bridgep't), S.M. Middlehrook. 

City (Meriden), C. L. Rockwell. 

Colchester, J. N. Adams. 

Colli us ville, Samuel N. Codding. 

Connecticut (N. H.), J. W. Mans- 

Danbury, Henry C. Ryder. 

Deep River, Henry R. Wooster. 

Derby, T. G. Birdseye. 

Dime (Cromwell), S. P. Pollev. 

Dime (Hartford), John W. Welch. 

Dime (Middletown), C. A. Newell. 

Dime (Norwich), George D. Coit. 

Dime (Thompson), Hiram Arnold. 

Dime (Wallingford), E. H. Ives. 

Dime (Waterbury), G. S. Parsons. 

Dime (Willimantic), O. H. K. Ris- 

Eastford, H. B. Burnham. 

Essex, Edward W. Rediield. 

Fairfield County, Charles H. Street. 

Falls Village, M. A. Dean. 

Farmers and Mechanics/ (Middle- 
town), O. V. Coffin. 

Farmington, Julius Gay. 

Freestone (Portland), Wm. W. Coe. 




Greenwich, Mark Banks. 

Groton, Abel H. Simmons. 

Guilford, Beverly Monroe. 

Higganum, Edward D. Gilbert. 

Jewett City (Griswold), H. T. 

Litchfield, H. R. Coit. 

Mariners' (New London), J. E. Dar- 

Mechanics' (Hartford), W. W. Ja- 

Mechanics' (Winsted), E. E. Gil- 

Mechanics and Farmers' (E. Bridge- 
port), L. S. Catlin. 

Meriden, S. H. W. Yale. 

Middletown, Jonathan B. Kilboum. 

Milford, P. S. Bristol. 

Moodus, E. W. Chaffee. 

National (New Haven), H. B. Ives. 

Naugatuck, L. S. Piatt. 

New Britain, Samuel Rockwell. 

New Canaan, Russell L. Hall. 

New Hartford, E. M. Chapin. 

New Haven, S. D. Pardee. 

New London, J. C. Learned. 

New Milford, Charles Randall. 

Newtown, H. T. Nichols. 

Norfolk, J. N. Cowles. 

Norwalk, G. E. Miller. 

Norwich, B. Huntington. 

Peoples' (Bridgeport), E. Marsh. 

Peoples' (Rockville), E. S. Henry. 

Putnam, Joseph Lippitt. 

Ridgefield, L. H. Bailey. 

Rockville, Lebbeus Bissell. 

Salisbury (Lakeville), T. L. Norton. 

Society for Savings (Hartford), Z. 
A. Storrs. 

Southington, F. D. Whittlesey. 

South Norwalk, John H. Knapp. 

South port, O. H. Perry. 

Stafford (Stafford Springs), R. S. 

, Hicks. 

Stafford Springs, Alvarado Howard. 

Stamford, A. A. Holley. 

State (Hartford), S. D. Sperry. 

Stouington, D. B. Spalding. 

Sufffeld, Samuel White. 

Thomaston, G. A. Stoughton. 

Thompson ville, Thomas Watson. 

Tolland, C. A. Hawkins. 

Union (Danbury), L. P. Tread well. 

Waterbury, F. J. Kingsbury. 

Westport, B. L. Woodworth. 

Willimantic, H. F. Royce. 

Windham Co. (Danielsonville), An- 
thony Ames. 
Windsor Locks, A. W. Converse. 
Winsted, George S. Rowe. 
Woodbury, David S. Bull. 
Wolcottville, Isaac W. Brooks. 

Trust Companies. 

Hartford Trust Company. Presi- 
dent, Charles M. Pond ; Vice-Presi- 
dent, David Gallup ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, R. W. Farmer. Capital, 
$250,000. Trustees, Chas. M. Pond, 
Chauncey Howard, James C. Walk- 
ley, J. G. Batterson, Henry Kellogg, 
R. D. Hubbard, Thomas O. Enders, 
Z. A. Storrs, Joseph Bishop ; Will- 
iam S. Pierson, Windsor; David 
Gallup, Plainfield ; C. B. Erwin, 
New Britain. 

Connecticut Trust and Safe Deposit 
Company, Hartford. Capital, $300,- 
000. President, Edward B. Wat- 
kinson ; Treasurer, M. H. Whaples. 
Trustees, James Goodwin, Charles 
Boswell, Geo. Roberts, Henry Ke- 
ney, Geo. L. Chase, H. C. Robinson, 
C. H. Brainard, Chas. H. Northam, 
Geo. S. Gilman, John B. Corning, 
E. B. Watkinson, Asa S. Porter, 
Charles H. Smith, G. F. Davis, 
Henry Corning. 

United States, Hartford. Capital, 
$100,000. President, M. G. Bulke- 
ley; Secretary and Treasurer, H. 
L. Bunce. Trustees, Morgan G. 
Bulkeley, Thomas O. Enders, John 
R. Hills, James Campbell, Samuel 
E. Elmore, Wm. H. Bulkeley, Frank 

Equitable, New London. Capital, 
$1,500,000. President, Jonathan Ed- 
wards ; Secretary and Treasurer, H. 
R. Bond; Assistant Secretary and 
Treasurer, Edwin S. Marston. 

Merchants Loan and Trust, Willi- 
mantic. Capital, $100,000. Presi- 
dent, Wm. C. Jillson; Treasurer, O. 
H. K. Risley. 

Thames Loan and Trust, Norwich. 
Capital, $100,000. President, Frank- 
lin Nichols; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, E. N. Gibbs. 

Thompsonville. Capital, $25,000. 
President, John L. Houston ; Treas- 
urer, Thomas Watson. 



[VOL. I. 

Union, New Haven. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Henry L. 
Hotchkiss; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, William T. Bartlett. 

Willimantic. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Allen Lincoln ; Vice- 
President, Charles L. Bottum ; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, Henry F. 

Commissioner, John TV. Stedman, Nor- 


Hartford, Capital, $1,250,000. As- 
sets, $3,274,000. President, George 
L. Chase; Secretary, J. D. Browne; 
Assistant Secretary, C. C. Lyman. 
Directors, Geo. L. Chase, Jas. Good- 
win, Henry Keney, Charles Boswell, 
Calvin Day, C. C. Lyman, J. B. 
Bunce, E. B. Watkinson, H. W. 
Conklin, G. Wells Root, George 

Mtna (Hartford). Capital, $3,- 
000,000. Surplus, $4,000,000. Presi- 
dent, Lucius J. Hendee ; Secretary, 
J. Goodnow ; Assistant Secretary, 
Wm. B. Clark; General Agent, E. 
J. Bassett. Directors, Lucius J. 
Hendee, Robt. Buell, Roland Mather, 
Samuel S. Ward, Gustavus F. Da- 
vis, Drayton Hillyer, Walter Keney, 
Chas. H. Brainard, W. F. Tuttle, 
Geo. Roberts, Francis B. Cooley, 
William R. Cone, Erastus Collins, 
Nathaniel Shipman, Asa S. Porter ; 
E. D. Morgan, New York; Henry 
E. Russell, New Britain. 

Connecticut (Hartford). Capital, 
$1,000,000. (Large surplus.) Presi- 
dent, Martin Bennett, Jr. ; Secre- 
tary, Charles R. Burt; Assistant 
Secretary, Jas. H. Brewster. Di- 
rectors, John B. Eldredge, J. B. 
Hosmer, T. M. Allvn, Julius Catlin, 
Elisha N. Welch, Henry C. Robin- 
son, Alfred E. Burr, John B. Rus- 
sell, Edwin D. Tiffany, Henry T. 
Sperry, M. Bennett, Jr., John R. 
Redfield, Rodney Dennis, Wm. J. 
Wood; liichard S. Ely, Julius Cat- 
lin, Jr., N. Y. 

Fairfield (South Norwalk). Cap- 
ital, $200,000. President, Winfield 
S. Han ford; Vice-President, Tall- 
madge Baker; Secretary and Treas- 

urer, Henry R. Turner; Assistant 
Secretary, A. L. Frisby. Directors, 
Dudley P. Ely, John P. Beatty, 
Henry R. Treadwell, Julius A. Can- 
dee, Henry R. Fitch, Fred. W. Brug- 
gerhof, Talknadge Baker, Lorin In- 
gersoll, Winfield S. Hanford, Henry 
E. Bowers, L. H. Bigelow, John H. 
Knapp, Winfield S. Moody, Alden 
Solmaus, Andrew Bleaklev. 

Meriden. Capital, $203,000. As- 
sets, $335,000. President, L. W. 
Clarke ; Vice-President, Eli Butler ; 
Secretary, E. B. Cowles ; Treasurer, 
A. Chamberlain, Jr. Directors, Eli 
Butler, Isaac C. Lewis, H. C. Wil- 
cox, Geo. W. Lyon, A. Chamberlain, 
Jr., John C. Byxbee, Chas. Parker, 
L. W. Clarke, Chas. Benedict, N. L. 
Bradley, George R. Curtis, Roswell 
A. Neal, Jos. Wildes, J. L. Billard. 

National (Hartford). Capital, 
$500,000. President, Mark How- 
ard ; Secretary, James Nichols. Di- 
rectors, Mark Howard, James P. 
Foster, E. H. Owen, R. D. Hubbard, 

E. N. Welch, Jas. Bolter, Ebenezer 
Roberts, Wm. B. Franklin, Homer 
Blanchard, Henry A. Whitman, J. 

F. Judd, Benj. Bliss, Frank W. 
Cheney, James Nichols, William S. 
Pierson, Timothy Sheldon, Wm. H. 

NorwalJc. Capital, $100,000. Sur- 
plus, $38,265. President, William 
C. Street; Secretary, George R. 
Cowles ; Treasurer, Sam'l Lynes. 
Directors, William C. Street, Asa 
Smith, G. G. Bishop, E. S. Tweedy, 
Samuel Lynes, M. D., Stiles Curtis, 
Wm. S. Lockwood, E. B. Bennett, 
A. E. Smith, S. E. Olmstead, E. C. 
Bissell, John Osborn, F. S. Wild- 
man, G. R. Cowles, D. P, Nichols, 
S. Y. St. John, D. M. Marvin, D. P. 
Ely, Henry I. Hoyt, George B. St. 

Orient (Hartford). Capital, $500,- 
000. President, C. S. Preston ; Vice- 
President, Newton Case ; Secretary 
and Treasurer, George W. Lester. 
Directors, David Gallup, Newton 
Case, G. M. Bartholomew, S. C. 
Preston, Wm. Board man, Daniel 
Phillips, Fred'k R. Foster, Leverett 
Brainard, Chas. J. Cole, William H. 




Bulkeley, Knight D. Cheney, Geo. 
S. Lincoln, James Campbell. 

Phcenix (Hartford). Capital, $1,- 
000,000. Surplus, $1,350,000. Presi- 
dent, Henry Kellogg ; Vice-Presi- 
dent, A. W. Jillson ; Secretary, 
D. W. C. Skilton ; Assistant Secre- 
tary, G. H. Burdick. Directors, 
Chas. H. Nortkam, Jos. Merriman, 
Franklin Chamberlin, Marshall 
Jewell, Geo. W. Moore, Chas. M. 
Beach, Henry Kellogg, Asa W. Jill- 
son, Milo Hunt, H. A. Eedfield, 
Wm. Faxon, Chas. M. Pond, Pliny 
Jewell, Burdett Loomis, Wm. Mc- 
Whirter, Henry K. Morgan ; Loring 
P. Hawes, New York ; C. B. Erwin, 
New Britain ; Edwin Ray, Boston. 

People's (Middletown). Capital, 
$200,000. Surplus, $88,622. Presi- 
dent, J. G. Baldwin ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, S. H. Butler. Directors, 
Benjamin Douglas, Seth H. Butler, 
Alfred Cornwell, Arthur B. Calef, 
Henry G. Hubbard, Geo. N. Ward, 
George S. Hubbard, Wm. Wilcox, 
Jesse G. Baldwin, Edward Payne, 
Charles A. Boardman, Henry S. 
White, Gardner Morse, John M. 
Douglas, W. H. Sherman, Isaac C. 
Lewis, Elijah Ackley, T. C. Can- 
field, Geo. M. Smith, Joseph W. 

Security (New Haven). Capital, 
$200,000. President, Charles Peter- 
son ; Vice-President, Charles S. 
Leete ; Secretary, H. Mason ; As- 
sistant Secretary, G. E. Nettleton. 
Directors, Charles Peterson, J. A. 
Bishop, J. W. Mansfield, Charles S. 
Leete, Daniel Trowbridge, A. C. 
Wilcox, James D. Dewell, J. M. 
Mason, Thomas R. Trowbridge. 

Mutual Fire Companies. 

Bristol. President, Henry W. 
Gridley ; Secretary, S. R. Gridley. 

Connecticut (West Meriden). Pre- 
mium Funds, $240,000. President, 
Joel H. Guy ; Vice-President, Chas. 
Parker ; Secretary, James K. Guy ; 
Treasurer, C. L. Rockwell. 

Danbury. President, Frederick 
S. Will man ; Secretary, Win. S. 
Peck : Treasurer, Roger Averill. 

Farminyton Valley. President, 

Augustus Ward ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Richard H. Gay. 

Farmers' (Suffield). President, 
Wm. L. Loomis ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Wm. H. Remingtoit. 

Farmers' (Woodbury). President, 
Walter S. Curtiss; Secretary and 
Treasurer, David S. Bull. 

Greenwich. President, Thomas A. 
Mead ; Secretary, John Dayton ; 
Treasurer, Odle C. Knapp. 

Hartford Co. Premium Funds, 
$2,500,000. Surplus, $200,000. Presi- 
dent and Treasurer, Jas. B. Shultas ; 
Secretary, Wm. A. Erving. Direct- 
ors, Julius Catlin, James B. Shultas, 
James L. Howard, Marcus De For- 
est, George Sexton, Elisha Johnson, 
Watson Dewey, Wm. E. Sugden, 
Wm. A. Erving. 

Harwinton. President, Charles 
H. Barber; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Addison Webster. 

Home( Stafford Springs). Capital 
and Surplus, $35,000. President, 
George M. Ives ; Vice-President, 
B. W. Patten; Secretary, J. F. 
Chamberlin ; Treasurer, R. S. Hicks. 
Directors, G. M. Ives, B. W. Patten, 
Julius Converse, L. W. Crane, W. 
D. Heald, Charles L. Dean, M. A. 

Litchfield. Cash Funds, $61,876. 
President, Jason Whiting ; Secre- 
tary, Charles Adanis ; Treasurer, 
George C. Woodruff. Directors, 
Jason Whiting, Charles Adams, 
George C. Woodruff, Henry R. Coit, 
Abijah Catlin, Edw. W. Seymour, 
Chas. B. Andrews, Henry W. Buel, 
W T m. H. Braman. , 

Madison. President, Geo. Dowd ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, A. M. 

Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co. 
Premium Funds, $3,204,052. Sur- 
plus, $273,138. President, Wm. R. 
Galpin ; Secretary, H. F. Board- 
man ; Assistant Secretary, C. W. 
Harris ; Treasurer, O. V. Coffin. 
Directors, Wm. R. Galpin,* E. Ack- 
ley, Elisha B. Nye, Geo. W. Burr, 
Samuel Babcock, O. V. Coffin, H. F. 
Boardman, John N. Camp, Wm. 
Wilcox, Middletown; S. Gilder- 
sleeve, Portland; Gardner Morse, 



[VOL. I. 

New Haven ; Roswell Hoyt, Stam- 
ford ; H. H. Starkey, Essex ; J. W. 
Marvin, Deep River ; A. P. Sturte- 
vant, Norwich ; T. G. Birdsey, 
Derby; C. Northend, New Britain; 
G. B.'Hawley, Hartford. 

Neiv London County (Norwich). 
Funds, $63,000. President, E. F. 
Parker ; Secretary, C. J. Fillmore. 
Directors, E. F. Parker, Charles 
Osgood, L. F. S. Foster, Henry B. 
Tracy, John A. Morgan, Denison P. 
Coon, P. St. M. Andrews, Win. L. 
Brewer, H. Hobart Roath, C. J. 
Fillmore, C. C. Young. 

Norwich Mutual Ass urance. Funds, 
$10,000. President, ; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, Asa Banks. 
Directors, Oliver P. Wattles, Zebu- 
Ion R. Robbins, Leander R. Will- 
iams, Gardner Thurston, Edmund 

D. Roath, H. Hobarth Roath, Sam'l 
B. Case, Henry Bill, U. S. Gardner. 

Bockville. Fresideut, Geo. Mas- 
well ; Secretary, L. Bissell ; Treas- 
urer, George Talcott. Directors, 
George Talcott, George Maxwell, 
Cyrus White, L. E. Brown, Thos. 
M. Durfee, J. C. Hammond, Jr., E. 
S. Henry. 

State Mutual (Hartford). Presi- 
dent, Ralph Gillett ; Secretary, 
Isaac Cross, Jr. Directors, Ralph 
Gillett, Samuel Hamilton, Willis 
Thrall, Aner Sperry, F. A. Brown, 
B. R. Abbe, Caleb Clapp, Albert 
Keeney, Isaac Cross, Jr. 

Tolland County. Premium Funds, 
$348,000. Cash Assets, $100,000. 
President, Lucius S. Fuller ; Secre- 
tary, John B. Fuller ; Treasurer, 
Charles A. Hawkins. Directors, C. 
Underwood, L. S. Fuller, John B. 
Fuller, Charles A. Hawkins, Gurley 
Phelps, Marcus Lillie, J. S. Yeo- 
mans, Henry McCray, E. S. Henry, 

E. B. Crane, Chauncey Paul, F. W. 
Cowles, A. B. Adams, R. C. Osborn, 
Solyman Taylor. 

Windham County (Brooklyn). Pres- 
ident, Aaron H. Storrs; Secretary 
andTreasurer, John Palmer. Direct- 
ors, Aaron H. Storrs, John Gallup, 
2d, John Palmer, Wrn. C. Osgood, 
David Greenslit, John D. Bigelow, 
Jared Chollar, James C. Palmer, 

Asher P. Herrick, John Franklin, 
Lewis Searls. 


JEtna (Hartford). Assets, $23,000,- 
000. President, Thomas O. Enders ; 
Vice-President, Wm. H. Bulkeley; 
Secretary, J. L. English; Consult- 
ing Physician, G. W. Russell. Direct- 
ors, T. O. Enders, Gurdon W. Rus- 
sell, Wm. H. Bulkeley, A. R. Hillyer, 
Leverett Brainard, James Campbell, 
M. G. Bulkeley. 

Charter Oak (Hartford). Presi- 
dent, Marshall Jewell; Secretary, 
Halsey Stevens ; Assistant Secre- 
tary, Win. L. Squire; Consulting 
Physician, J. C. Jackson ; Medical 
Examiner, W. A. M. Wainwright. 
Directors, Marshall Jewell, Wm. W. 
Eaton, Elisha Johnson, Geo. P. Bis- 
sell, Robert E. Day, John L. Bunce, 
Samuel E. Elmore, Geo. E. Hatch. 

Connecticut Mutual (Hartford). 
Assets, $46,000,000. President, Jas. 
Goodwin; Vice-President, E. B.Wat- 
kinson ; Secretary, Jacob L. Greene; 
Assistant Secretary, John M. Tay- 
lor; Second Assistant Secretary, 
Daniel H. Wells ; Consulting Physi- 
cian, L. S. Wilcox. Directors, Jas. 
Goodwin, E. B. Watkinson, E. D. 
Tiffany, H. C. Robinson, Thomas 
Sisson, E. N. Kellogg, E. S. Tvler, 
J. L. Greene, F. W. Cheney, W. B. 
Franklin, M. F. Hodges, New York; 
Charles J. Bishop, Boston. 

Connecticut General (Hartford). 
Assets, $1,400,000. President, T. W. 
Russell; Secretary, Fred. V. Hud- 
son. Directors, Thomas W. Russell, 
Leverett Brainard, Wm. M. Hudson, 
Frederick V. Hudson, Robert E. 
Day, C. C. Kimball, C. B. Erwin, 
Chas. J. Cole, Melancthon Storrs, 
Noah Pomeroy, Arthur S. Winches- 
ter, Guilford 'Smith, P. H. Wood- 

Continental (Hartford). Capital, 
$300,000. President, James S. Par- 
sons ; Secretary, Robert E. Beecher ; 
Superintendent of Agencies, H. P. 
Barton; Actuary, H. R. Morley; 
Medical Examiner, W. M. Hudson. 
Directors, James M. Johnson, James 
S. Parsons, II. B. Freeman, George 




C. Johnson, John S. Welles, A. S. 
Winchester, Robt. E. Beecher, Thos. 
Eamsdell, Ansel Arnold, J. Griffin 

Hartford Life and Annuity. Capi- 
tal, $300,000. President, E. H. Cros- 
by ; Secretary, Stephen Ball ; Medi- 
cal Examiner, Irving W. Lyon. 
Directors, Jacob Knous, George M. 
Ives, A. P. Hyde, F. R. Foster, E. H. 
Crosby, Henry A. Whitman, Burdett 
Loomis, N. P. Hough, Julius Con- 
verse. , 

Phoenix Mutual Life (Hartford). 
Capital and Surplus, $11,000,000. 
President, Aaron C. Goodman ; Vice- 
President, Jonathan B. Bunce j Sec- 
retary, Jobn M. Holcombe; Con- 
sulting Physician, A. W. Barrows. 
Directors, Edson Fessenden, Edward 
Goodman, George W. Moore, New- 
ton Case, J. P. Foster, A. C. Good- 
man, J. B. Bunce, Charles S. Good- 
win, Drayton Hillyer, Jas. Nichols, 
John C. Parsons. 


Railway passengers Assurance Corn- 
pan if (Hartford). (Accident Tickets 
only.) Capital, $300,000. President, 
Jas. G. Batterson ; Secretary, Chas. 
E. Willard ; General Agent, C. G. 
Munyan. Directors, J. G. Batter- 
son, Jas. L. Howard, G. F. Davis, 
Marshall Jewell, Ebenezer Roberts, 
C. M. Holbrook, Pliny Jewell, J. B. 
Bunce, E.N.Welch, Rodney Dennis, 
Hartford; A. A. Howlett, Frank 
Hiscock, Syracuse, N. Y. ; H. W. 
Gwinner, S. C. Huey, Philadelphia; 
Charles Parsons, St. Louis. 

Travelers' Insurance Com'y (Hart- 
ford). (Life and Accident.) Capi- 
tal, $600,000 ; Cash Assets, $4,000,000. 
President, J. G. Batterson ; Secre- 
tary, Rodney Dennis ; Assistant 
Secretary, John E. Morris; Actu- 
ary, George Ellis ; Superintendent 
of Agencies, E. V. Preston; Con- 
sulting Surgeon, G. P. Davis ; Sur- 
geon and Adjuster-, J.'B. Lewis. 
Directors, James G. Batterson, Gus- 
tavus F. Davis, James L. Howard, 
Marshall Jewell, George W. Moore, 
Ebenezer Roberts, H. P. Stearns, 
Hugh Harbison, C. M. Holbrook, 

Nath. Shipman, Rodney Dennis, 
Win. B. Clark, Hartford; C. B. Er* 
win, New Britain ; Ezra H. Baker, 
Boston ; Geo. M. Pullman, Chicago; 
Nathaniel Hall, Buffalo. 

Hartford Steam-Boiler Inspection 
and Insurance Company. Capital, 
$200,000. President, J. M. Allen; 
Vice-President, Wm, B. Franklin; 
Secretary, J. B. Pierce. Directors, 
J. M. Allen, L. J. Hendee, F. W. 
Cheney, C. M. Beach, D. Phillips, 
G. M. Bartholomew, T. O. Enders, 
L. Brainard, R. W. H. Jarvis, Wm. 
B. Franklin, Newton Case, Nelson 
Hollister, Hartford ; Geo. Cromp- 
ton, Worcester, Mass. ; Wm. Adam- 
son, Philadelphia ; Thomas Talbot, 
Lowell, Mass. ; William S. Slater, 
Providence, R. I. ; Dwight It. Smith, 
Springfield, Mass. 


Commissioners. John W. Bacon, 
Danbury, 1878; George W. Arnold, 
Haddam, 1879 ; Geo. M. Woodruff, 
Litchfield, 1880. Clerk, George T. 
Utley, Hartford. 

New York, New Haven and Hart- 
ford. President, W. D. Bishop, New 
York ; Vice-President aud General 
Superintendent, E. M. Reed, New 
York; Secretary, E. I. Sanford, 
New Haven ; T/easurer, William A. 
Burroughs, New York ; Superin- 
tendent New York and New Haven 
Division, John T. Moody ; Superin- 
tendent Hartford Division, C. S. 
Davison ; Superintendent Shore 
Line Division, W. H. Stevenson. 
Directors, Augustus Schell, A. R. 
Van Nest, Wm. H. Vanderbilt, Wil- 
son G. Hunt, New York ; Geo. N. 
Miller, Southport ; Wm. D. Bishop, 
Nath'l Wheeler, Bridgeport ; E. H. 
Trowbridge, Geo. H. Watrous, E. 
M. Reed, New Haven ; Charles M. 
Pond, Henry C. Robinson, Hartford; 
Chester W. Chapin, Springfield. 

Boston and New York Air-Line. 
President, E. Ellery Anderson, New 
York ; General.Manager, H. B. Ham- 
mond, New York ; Secretary, T. L. 
Watson, Bridgeport ; Treasurer, D. 
B. Hatch, New York ; Superintend- 
ent, Joseph A. Franklin, New Haven* 



[VOL. I. 

Directors, S. S. Sands, H. B. Ham- 
mond, E. Eilery Anderson, D. 13. 
Hatch, New York ; Ripley Ropes, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Geo. S. Moulton, 
Willimantic ; T. L. Watson, Bridge- 
port ; H. G. Lewis, Isaac Anderson, 
New Haven ; John N. Camp, Mid- 
dletown ; Wm. H. Hay ward, Col- 

Connecticut Valley (Hartford to 
Say brook). President, Sam'l Bab- 
cock, Middletown ; Vice-President, 
Lntker Boardman, East Haddam ; 
Secretary and Treas'r, Levi Wood- 
house, Hartford; Superintendent, 
Geo. H. Griggs. Directors, James 
C. Walkley, Higganum ; Luther 
Boardman, East Haddam ; Samuel 
Babcock, Arthur W. Bacon, Middle- 
town ; S. M. Comstock, Essex ; O. 
H. Clark, Chester ; N. Hollister, F. 
B. Cooley, E. T. Smith, Geo. Beach, 
E. R. Wiggin, Hartford ; Isaac Ar- 
nold, Haddam; John W. Marvin, 
Deep River. 

Connecticut Central (Hartford to 
Springfield). President, D. D. War- 
ren, Springfield ; Vice-President, 
Francis Gowdy, Melrose ; Secretary 
and Treasurer, T. M. Maltbie, Hart- 
ford. Directors, D. D. Warren, Wm. 
Birnie, Springfield; Francis Gowdy, 
John M. Stiles, J. A. Thompson, 
Melrose ; George Beach, Hartford ; 
N. S. Osborn, Lemuel Stoughton, 
East Windsor Hill ; H. P. Stedman, 
East Hartford ; A. D. Bridge, Haz- 
ardville ; E. S. Henry, Rockville. 

Connecticut Western (Hartford to 
Millerton). President, C. J. Camp, 
West Winsted ; Vice-President, C. 
T. Hillyer, Hartford ; Secretary, E. 
R. Beardsley, Hartford ; Treasurer, 
Wm. L. Gilbert, West Winsted; 
Superintendent, Wm. H. Yeomans. 
Directors, A. H. Holly, D. J. War- 
ner, Salisbury ; H. S. Barbour, 
Chas. T. Hillver, L. B. Merriam, 
T. M. Ally)), Hartford ; C. J. Camp, 
Wm. L. Gilbert, George Dudley, 
West Winsted ; L. W. Cutler, Wa- 
tertown ; W. H. Barnum, Lime 
Rock ; E. T. Butler, Norfolk. 

Banbury and Norwalk. President, 
Roswell P. Flower, New York ; Vice- 
President, James W. Hyatt ; Secre- 

tary and Treasurer, Harvey Will- 
iams ; Superintendent, Lewis W. 
Sandiforth, Danbury. Directors, R. 
P. Flower, H. H. Hollister, New 
York ; Wm. C. Street, James W. 
Hyatt, A. S. Hurl butt, Norwalk; 
Orrin Benedict, Bethel ; L. P. Hovt, 
David P. Nichols, E. S. Tweedy, 

Hartford, Providence and Fishlill. 
Trustees, G. M. Bartholomew, Cal- 
vin Day, F. B. Cooley, Hartford; 
Henry Lippitt, Benj. Tripp, Henry 
W. Gardiner, Nelson W. Aldrich, 
Providence, R. I. ; Secretary, J. M. 
Belden ; Engineer and Superintend- 
ent, Samuel Nott, Hartford ; As- 
sistant Superintendent, J. T. Mc- 

Housatonic (Bridgeport to Pitts- 
field, Mass. ) President, William H. 
Barnum, Lime Rock ; Vice-Presi- 
dent, David S. Draper ; Secretary 
and Treasurer, C. K. Averill ; Asst, 
Superintendent, N. M. Brown — all 
of Bridgeport. Directors, Edward 
Leavitt, Samuel Willetts, Charles 
A. Peck, New York; William H. 
Barnum, Lime Rock ; George W. 
Peet, Falls Village ; A. B. Mygatt, 
New Milford ; Horace Nichols, Wm, 
D. Bishop, David S. Draper, Bridge- 

Naugatuclc (Bridgeport to Win- 
sted). President, E. F. Bishop ; 
Secretary _and Treasurer, Horace 
Nichols ; Superintendent, Geo. W. 
Beach; Auditor, Samuel Wilmot — 
all of Bridgeport. Directors, E. F. 
Bishop, W. D. Bishop, Russell Torn- 
linson, Bridgeport; Royal M. Bas- 
sett, Birmingham; Henry Bronson, 
John B. Robertson, New Haven ; 
J. G. Wetmore, Winsted ; A. L. Den- 
nis, Newark, N. J. ; F. J. Kingsbury, 

New Canaan (Stamford to New 
Canaan). President, S. Y. St. John, 
New Canaan; Vice-President, Jo- 
seph B. Hovt, Stamford ; Secretary, 
Noah W. Hoyt ; Treasurer, George 
F.Lockwood ; Superintendent, Wm. 
St. John — all of New Canaan. Di- 
rectors, Stephen Hoyt, Andrew K. 
Comstock, Selleck Y. St. John, Al- 
bert S. Comstock, William G. Webb, 




New Canaan ; Joseph B. Hoyt, J. D. 
Warren, C. G. Child, Stamford; 
Willard Parker, New York. 

New Haven and Derby (New Haven 
to Ansonia). President, J. H. Bar- 
tholomew, Ansonia ; Vice-Presi- 
dent, Charles L. English ; Secretary, 
F. E. Harrison ; Treasurer, Charles 
Atwater ; Superintendent, E. S. 
Quintard — all of New Haven. Di- 
rectors, Henry S. Dawson, Edwin 
Marble, Charles L. English, H. P. 
Frost, N. D. Sperry, Charles At- 
water, Isaac Anderson, Francis 
Donnelly, New Haven ; George W. 
Shelton, Thomas L. Cornell, Thos. 
Elmes, Birmingham ; J. H. Barthol- 
omew, Thomas Wallace, Franklin 
Farrell, Ansonia. City Directors, 
William R. Shelton, Clark R. Shel- 

New Haven and Northampton. 
President and Superintendent, 
Chas. N. Yeamaus, New Haven ; 
Vice-President, George St. John 
Sheffield, New York ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Edward A. Ray, ' New 
Haven. Directors, Charles N. Yea- 
mans, A. L. Kidston, M. G. Elliott, 
H. M. Welch, New Haven; Will- 
iam W. Phelps, George St. John 
Sheffield, New York; George J. 
Brush, Dan'l Trowbridge, New Ha- 
ven ; H. G. Knight, Easthampton, 

New London Northern (New Lon- 
don to Miller's Falis, Mass.) Presi- 
dent, Charles Osgood, Norwich ; 
Secretary and Treasurer, Robert 
Coit ; Superintendent, George W. 
Bentley, New London. Directors, 
W. W. Billings, William H. Barns, 
Benjamin Stark, Augustus Brande- 
gee, Robert Coit, J. N. Harris, New 
Loudon ; Charles Osgood, Norwich ; 
Wm. H. Hill, Boston ; Wm. Allen 
Butler, Fred'k Taylor, New York; 
Thomas Ramsdell, Windham. 

New York, Housatonic and North- 
ern. Leased to and operated by 
the Housatonic Railroad Company. 
President, Wm. R. Kirkland, New 
York ; Vice-President, David S. 

New York and New England. 
President, Wm. T. Hart ; General 


Manager, Charles P. Clark ; Secre- 
tary, Simon W. Hatheway ; Treas- 
urer, George B. Phippen ; Superin- 
tendent East Division, H. M. Brit- 
ton ; West Division, E. H. Tucker — 
all of Boston. Directors, George 
W. Baldwin, Lewis Hecht, Wm. T. 
Hart, Edward W. Kinsley, James 
Sturgis, Boston ; James Roosevelt, 
R. Suydam Grant, Charles Dana, 
Thos. Dickson, New York ; Fred'k 
J. Kingsbury, Waterbury ; George 
M. Rice, Worcester; John F. Slater, 
Norwich ; Jesse Metcalf, Gorham ; 
P. Pomroy, Providence, R. I. 

New York, Providence and Boston 
(New London to Providence, R. I.) 
President, Samuel D. Babcock ; 
Vice-President, David S. Babcock ; 
Treasurer, Henry Morgan — all of. 
New York ; Secretary, F. B. Noyes ; 
Engineer and Superintendent, A. S. 
Mathews, Stonington ; Assistant 
Superintendent, J. B. Gardiner, 
Providence, R. I. Directors, Sam'l 
D. Babcock, David S. Babcock, 
Wm. F. Cary, Jr., Henry Morgan, 
James B. Johnston, George M. Mil- 
ler, New York ; N. F. Dixon, West- 
erly, R. I. ; John A. Burnham, Bos- 
ton ; Charles H. Salisbury, Provi- 
dence ; Henry Howard, Coventry, 
R. I.; A. S. Mathews, Stoning- 

Norwich and Worcester. President, 
A. F. Smith ; Treasurer, George L. 
Perkins ; Secretary, E. T. Cfapp ; 
Superintendent, P.' St. M. Andrews 
— all of Norwich. Directors, A. F. 
Smith, J. F. Slater, Norwich; F. H. 
Dewey, George W. Gill, Charles W. 
Smith, E. L. Davis, Worcester ; R. 
Bayard, New York; W. F. Weld, 

JRidgefield and New York. Presi- 
dent, Ellwood Burdsall, Port Ches- 
ter, N. Y. ; Vice-President, William 
J. Mead, Greenwich ; Secretary, 
Ephraim Sours, Port Chester, N. 
Y. ; Treasurer, Hiram K. Scott, 

EockvlUe (Vernon Depot to Rock- 
ville). President, J. J. Robinson, 
Hartford ; Treasurer, J. C. Ham- 
mond, Jr.; Superintendent, Amos 
H. Putnam. Directors, J. J. Robin- 



[VOL. I. 

son, George Maxwell, Crosley Fit- 
ton, H. L. James, J. C. Hammond, 
Jr., Rockville. 

Shepaug (Litchfield to Hawley- 
ville). President, Henry W. Buel; 
Treasurer, Henry R. Coit; Secre- 
tary, Wm, Deming; Superintend- 
ent, Charles 11. Piatt — all of Litch- 
field. Directors, Henry W. Buel, 
H. E. Coit, William Deming, Ori- 
gen S. Seymour, L. W. Wessells, 
Dorsey Neville, E. M. Wooster, 
H. O. Morse, Asahel H. Morse, 

Shore Line (New Haven to New 
London). Leased to and operated 
by New York, New Haven and Hart- 
ford Railroad Company. President, 
S. B. Chittenden, New York ; Vice- 
President, Samuel Hemingway, 
New Haven ; Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Wilbur F. Day, New Haven. 
Directors, S. B. Chittenden, Charles 
B. L art don, New York; Samuel In- 
graham, Brooklyn, L. I.; Samuel 
Hemingway, E. H. Trowbridge, H. 
L. Hotchkiss, Wilbur F. Day, New 

South Manchester (Manchester to 
So. Manchester). President, Frank 
W. Cheney ; Secretary, Richard O. 
Cheney; Treasurer, Charles S. Che- 
ney. Directors, Ralph Cheney, Rush 
Cheney, Frank Cheney, Frank W. 
Cheney, Richard O. Cheney — all 
of South Manchester. 

Watertown and Waterbury. Presi- 
dent, William D. Bishop, Bridge- 
port ; Secretary and Treasurer, Le- 
man W. Cutler, Watertown. Di- 
rectors, Wm. D. Bishop, Russel 
Tornlinson, Horace Nichols, Bridge- 
port; Owen B. King, Leman W. 
Cutler, Merrit Heminway, Henry 
Merriman, Watertown; George W. 
Beach, Frederick J. Kingsbury, 
W T aterbury ; Royal M. Basset, Der- 
Capital stock issued, $46,350,139. 
Total debt, $17,585,155. Gross earn- 
ings, $11,101,287. Net earnings, 
$4,217,647. Miles of road in the 
State, 1,193. Total cost of roads 
and equipments, $78,227,190. Pas- 
sengers carried in 1877, 9,630,691. 
Dividends paid in 1877. $2,629,679. 

U. S. Internal Revenue. 
First District. 
Hartford, Tolland, New London, 
and Windham counties. Collector, 
Joseph Selden, Norwich. Deputies, 
A. Irving Royce, Norwich ; Wm. 
W. House, Edward Goodwin, H. S. 
House, Hartford; Wm. H. Fuller, 
Suffield ; George R. Case, Norwichr 
Gaugers, Alfred E. Sheldon, Hart- 
ford; Frederick A. King, Thonrp- 
sonville; W. A. Stocking, Sims- 
bury ; David B. Hale, Collinsville ; 
SamuelR. Knapp, Norwich. Store- 
keepers, E. T. Spooner, Warehouse 
Point ; Theodore B. Potter, Enfield ; 
H. A. Cooley, H. D. Adams, Hart- 
ford. Clerk, F. E. Griffin. 

Second District. 
New Haven, Middlesex, Fairfield, 
and Litchfield counties. Collector, 
David F. Hollister, Bridgeport. 
Deputies, Edward F. Meeker, F. E. 
Barlow, Henry C. Lemmou, Bridge- 
port ; Henry L. Allen, W. Wiusted ; 
John H. Rowland, New Haven; 
John B. Wright, Clinton; W. R. 
Williams, Waterbury. Gaugers, 
John A. Boughton, Bridgeport; C. 
G. G. Merrill, New Haven ; Carlos 
P. Merwin, New Milford; David B. 
Hale, Collinsville. Storekeeper and 
Gauger, Louis T. Dudley, Fair 

Custom-house Officers. 

Fairfield District, west of Housa- 
tonic River to State line. Collector, 
Julius S. Hanover, Bridgeport. 
Deputy Collector, Inspector. &c, 
James* H. Porter. Night Inspector, 
Samuel W. Hodge, Bridgeport. In- 
spector for Norwalk, Gould D. Jen- 
nings; for Stamford, Geo. E. Sco- 
field. Pilots, Bridgeport Harbor, 
S. A. McNeil, George F. Humiston, 
Wm. H. Knapp, John H. Plumb; 
Housatonic River, Rufus Budding- 
ton ; Norwalk Harbor, Z. Rowland. 
Pilots of tug-boats, Bridgeport, 
Wm. Hayes ; Norwalk, T. F. Broth- 

MiddUtown District, extending 
from Windsor to Westbrook. Col- 
lector, Augustus Putnam, Middle- 




town. Deputy Collector and In- 
spector, George W. Burke, Middle- 
town. Janitor, Geo. S. Parmelee. 
Storekeeper, Cliarles W. Marden, 
Hartford. Hartford, Deputy Col- 
lector, Ezra S. Hamilton ; Inspect- 
or, Samuel B. Dickinson, Saybrook 
Point. State Pilots, Saybrook, 
Chas. Williams, John Grumley. 

New Haven District, extending 
from Madison to the HoUsatonic 
River. Collector, Cyrus Northrop. 
Deputy Collector, Edmund Pendle- 
ton. Clerks, Jesse Peck, C. S. Bun- 
nell, Edwin Case. Weighers, Gaug- 
ers, and Measurers, S. R. Crampton, 
John W. Lane. Inspectors, E. D. 
S. Goodyear, H. O. Beach, W. R. 
Lloyd, Geo. S. Allen. Night In- 
spectors, Edward Coe, Chas. Plumb. 
Lighthouse-keepers, Elizur Thomp- 
son, Gilbert A. W. Ford. Messen- 
ger, Theodore Knipping. Janitor, 
George S. Loveland. Inspector for 
Branford and Sachem's Head, Grant 
Smith. Inspector for Derby and 
Milford, Lucius Gilbert. 

New London District. Collector, 
John A. Tibbits. Deputy Collector 
and Inspector, C. G. Sistare. In- 
spectors, Ezra C. Smith, New Lon- 
don ; Geo. W. Geer, Chas. S. Peale, 
Norwich ; Boatman and Messenger, 
John W. Brown. Janitor, Anthony 
Jerome. Physician, Marine Hospi- 
tal, Seth Smith. Steamboat In- 
spectors, Elisha P. Beckwith, Philo 
B. Hovey, New London. Pilots, 
Thames River and Sound, Clark S. 
Rogers, B. W. Harris, Leonard 
Smith, Perkins Harris; Norwich, 
James M. Holt, Henry G. Roath, 
Edward Smith, Thomas Comstock; 
Lyme, John O. Miner. 

Stonington District. Collector, Geo. 
Hubbard. Deputy Collectors and 
Inspectors, John P. States, Stoning- 
ton ; G. D. Cross, Pawcatuck, Conn., 
and Westerly, R. I. Boat-keeper, 
S. D. Merret, Stonington. Deputy 
Collector for Mystic Bridge, Mystic 
River, and Noank, Asa Fish. 

Post-offices and Postmasters. 
Abington, Frank A. Streeter. 
Andover, Wm. Dorrance. 

Ansonia, Charles E. Bristol. 
Ashford, John D. Gaylord. 
Avon, Bela C. Kellogg. 
Bakersville, S. N. Pettibone. 
Ball's Pond, Amzi II. Pearce. 
Banksville, George Derby. 
Baltic, Eugene W. Logan. 
Bantam Falls, S. E. Crossman. 
Barkhamsted, Dwight S. Case. 
Beacon Falls, C. W. Elkins. 
Berlin, Henry N. Galpin. 
Bethany, Mary A. Sperry. 
Bethel, Amos Woodman. 
Bethlehem, Herbert" S.Jackson. 
Birmingham, Ezra Sprague. 
Black Rock, J. C. Smith. 
Bloomfield, Henry W. Rowley. 
Bolton, John A. Loomis. 
Bozrah, Joseph A. Pierce. 
Bozrak ville, James M. Peckham. 
Branch ville, Wm. W. Beers. 
Branford, Philo Hall. 
Bridgeport, J. W. Kuowlton. 
Bridgewater, George Lyon. 
Bristol, Silas M. Norton. 
Broad Brook, E. G. Lasbury. 
Brookfield, Andrew Northrop. 
Brookfield Centre, A. Somers. 
Brooklyn, Apollos Richmond. 
Brooks' Vale, Samuel II. Brooks. 
Buckingham, C. J. Loomer. 
Buckland, H. G. Parker. 
Burnside, Moses Chandler. 
Burlington, W. F. Sessions. 
Burr ville, John M. Burr. 
Campbell's Mills, G. P. Douglas. 
Campville, Sarah M. Leonard. 
Canaan, A. T. Roraback. 
Canaan Valley, G. H. Brinton. 
Cannon's Station, A. M. Reed. 
Canterbury, J. P. Kingsley. 
Canton, Alonzo Warner. 
Canton Center, W. C. Humphrey. 
Central Village, James M. Wilcox. 
Center Brook, D. W. Spencer. 
Center Groton, George L. Daboll. 
Center Hill, Correl Tiffany. 
Chapinville, John G. Landon. 
Chaplin, J. W. Lincoln. 
Chatham, see East Hampton. 
Cheshire, Edwin R. Brown. 
Chester, S. A. Wright. 
Chesterfield, Orrin H. Whiting. 
Clark's Corners, Homer Thayer. 
Clark Falls, E. P. Chapman. 
Clinton, Joseph C. Parker. 



[VOL. I. 

Cobalt, Rufus D. Tibbals. 
Colchester, Charles H. Rogers. 
Cold Spring, O. S. Botsford. 
Colebrook, Reuben Rockwell. 
Colebrook River, George S. Ives. 
Collin sville, Emerson A. Hough. 
Columbia, George B. Fuller. 
Copper Hill, Frederick F. Stevens. 
Cornwall, J. W. Beers. 
Cornwall Bridge, James A. Bierce. 
Cornwall Hollow, A. B. Palmer. 
Coventry, Samuel T. Loomis. 
Cromwell, John Stevens. 
Danbury, John Tweedy. 
Darien, C. G. Waterbury. 
Deep River, S. M. Shipman. 
Derby, see Birmingham. 
Durham, Oscar Leach. 
Durham Ceuter, George H. Davis. 
Eagleville, Simeon O. Vinton. 
East Berlin, Mrs. Jane Heald. 
East Canaan, Wm. Adams, 2d. 
East Cornwall, Charles Blake. 
Eastford, Isaac Warren. 
East Glastonbury, L. A. Weir. 
East Granby, James R. Viets. 
East Haddam, W. C. Reynolds. 
East Hampton, C. O. Sears. 
East Hartford, Charles Merriman. 
East Hartland, W. E. Gibbons. 
East Haven, S. Hemingway. 
East Kent, Elisha Fry. 
East Killingly, James A. Paine. 
East Litchlield, Austin Weaver. 
East Lyme, Timothy Parker. 
East River, Samuel D. Cruttenden. 
Easton, Seleck N. Osborne. 
East Thompson, Isaac Sherman. 
East Wallingford, Mrs. D. Williams. 
East Windsor, George B. Spencer. 
East Windsor Hill, C. Z. Parmelee. 
East Woodstock, G. O. Robbins. 
Ekonk, Kinney S. Wilcox. 
Ellington, Elam S. Hyde. 
Ellsworth, George Peck. 
Elmwood, W. S. Goodwin. 
Enfield, Frederick P. Parsons. 
Essex, Charles S. Munger. 
Fairfield, Charles B. Wakeley. 
Fair Haven, Wm. II. Moore. 
Falls Village, J. F. Millspaugh. 
Farmingto:i, Rich. H. Cowles. 
Farms Village, Charles S. Weed. 
Forestvillc, J. F. Douglass. 
Franklin, Andrew B. Smith. 
Gale's Ferry, Isaac Bragaw. 

Gaylordsville, A. H. Barlow. 
Georgetown, James Corcoran. 
Gildersleeve's Landing, F. Gilder- 
Gilead, Ralph T. Hutchinson. 
Glasgo, Wm. P. Young. 
Glastonbury, F. C. Covell. 
Glenville, Webster Haight. 
Goshen, Charles J. Porter. 
Granby, Chester P. Loomis. 
Grantville, Moses Grant. 
Greenfield Hill, B. B. Banks. 
Greeneville, A. C. Greene. 
Greens Farms, G. E. Grossman. 
Greenwich, Joseph E. Brush. 
Griswold, Sarah E. Tillinghast. 
Grosvenordale, James Cranska. 
Groton, John S. Morgan. 
Guilford, Charles Griswold. 
Gurleyvillo, Charles A. Royce. 
Haddam, L. H. Howard. 
Haddam Neck, H. M. Selden. 
Hadlyme, John Comstock. 
Hamburg, Walter S. Ely. 
Hamden, Jesse Warner. 
Hampton, Edgar H. Newton. 
Hanover, Mrs. Maria Smith. 
Hartford, John H. Burnham. 
Hartland Center, Mrs. G. Miller. 
Harwinton, Lewis Catlin. 
Hawleyville, B. Hawley. 
Hazardville, A. Landschultz. 
Hebron, John S. Welles. 
Higganum, E. D. Gilbert. 
High Ridge, James E, Ballard. 
Hockanum, Edwin Brewer. 
Hotchkissville, G. F. Morris. 
Huntington, N. W. Blackman. 
Hunts ville, H. E. Wetkerell. 
Jewett City, A. F. Brown. 
Kensington, R. A. Moore. 
Kent, Burrett Eaton. 
Killingly, Marcus Wood. 
Killing worth, O. E. Redfield. 
Lakeville, Thomas L. Norton. 
Lanesville, Mrs. Perry Chase. 
Lebanon, N. C. Barker. 
Ledyard, Edmund Spicer. 
Leesville, Nelsou H. Bowers. 
Leetes Island, Ed. A. Gauchett. 
Liberty Hill, Wm. A. Fuller. 
Lime Rock, Jas. H. Barnum. 
Litchfield, H. E. Gates. 
Little River, John W. Nichols. 
Long Ridge, Geo. B. Christison. 
Lyme, Hiram Beckwith. 




Madison, John Wilcox. 
Manchester, Wm, B. Lincoln. 
Mansfield, S. S. Fuller. 
Mansfield Center, I. P. Fenton. 
Mansfield Depot, D. B. Denison. 
Marbledale, E. O. Sperry. 
Marion, Catherine Zeilig. 
Marlborough, E. C. Warner. 
Mashapang, M. H. Kinney. 
Mechanics ville, J. Cunningham. 
Melrose, John M. Stiles. 
Meriden, W. F. Hall. 
Merrow Station, Geo. Merrow. 
Mianus, Allen J. Finney. 
Middlebury, Frederick G. Scott. 
Middlefield, S. D. Jewett. 
Middle Haddam, Henry M. Hurd. 
Middletown, Bartlett Bent. 
Milford, Joseph R. Clark. 
Mill Brook, Wm. P. Lawrence. 
Mill Dale, H. A. Hitchcock. 
Mill Plain, Henry M. Senior. 
Milton, F. Barton. 
Minortown, N. B. Burton. 
Monroe, Wm. A. Clarke. 
Montowese, F. B. Robinson. 
Montville, Lewis Browning. 
Moodus, L. D. F. Gates. 
Moose Meadow, M. Burdick. 
Moosup, John Rix. 
Morris, Joseph W. Mason. 
Mount Carmel, E. P. Edwards. 
Mount Hope, L. H. Hooker. 
Mystic, Geo. E. Lamphere. 
Mystic Bridge, J. A. Rathbun. 
Mystic River, W. W. Packer. 
Naubuc, Albert A. Bogue. 
Naugatuck, Luther S. Piatt. 
Nepaug, S. H. Mason. 
New Boston, J. T. Murdock. 
New Britain, Walter Gladden.' 
New Canaan, N. W. Hoyt. 
New Fairfield, A. Martin Couch. 
New Hartford, H. L. Jones. 
New Haven, Neh. D. Sperry. 
Newington, Erastus Kilbourn. 
Newington June, J. C. Sternberg. 
New London, Mrs. B. A. Mower. 
New Milford, David A. Baldwin. 
New Preston, D. Burnham. 
Newtown, Z. S. Peck. 
Niantic, Wm. Whaley. 
Noank, Orrin E. Miner. 
Norfolk, Orlo H. Wolcott. 
Noroton, J. S. Waterbury. 
North Ashford, Geo. W. Olds. 

North Branford, Jenny E.Wheaton. 
North Canton, George Adams. 
North Colebrook, Erastus Simons. 
North Cornwall, Niles Scoville. 
Northfield, D. T. Wooster. 
Northford, T. A. Smith. 
North Franklin, Mrs. A. Manning. 
North Granby, Willis Phelps. 
N. Grosvenordale, W. H. Arnold. 
North Guilford, Abigail Fowler. 
North Haven, H. C. Hart. 
North Lyme, Charles Stark. 
North Madison, Alvin A. Blake. 
North Manchester, Moses Scott. 
North Stamford, Jas. Ballard. 
North Stonington, Wm. H. Hillard. 
Northville, Merritt Hunt. 
North Westchester, L. A. Carrier. 
North Wilton, Jas. Comstock. 
North Windham, F. M. Lincoln. 
North Woodstock, Ezra C. May. 
Norwalk, Charles Olmstead. 
Norwich, E. G. Bidwell. 
Norwich Town, Geo. D. Fuller. 
Oakville, Noble W. Warner. 
Oneco, Edwin A. Card. 
Orange, Sidney F. Oviatt. 
Ore Hill, Homer A. Gibbs. 
Oxford, Chas. H. Butler. 
Packersville, Wm. H. Brown. 
Parkville, Sherman Goodwin. 
Pendleton Hill, R. P. Palmer. 
Pequabuck, Z. F. Granniss. 
Phcenixville, S. A. Wheaton. 
Pine Meadow, B. G. Loomis. 
Plainfield, Waldo Tillinghast. 
Plain ville, E. F. Tomlinson. 
Plantsville, Heber S. Ives. 
Plattsville, George S. Piatt. 
Pleasant Valley, Geo. Baker. 
Plymouth, Horace Fenn. 
Pomfret, S. W. Butler. 
Pomfret Center, Ethan Allen. 
Pomfret Landing, C. G. Williams. 
Poquetannock, John Taylor. 
Poquonnoc Bridge, Daniel Morgan. 
Poquonnock, L. R. Lord. 
Portland, Mary J. Edwards. 
Preston City, Morrison Robbins. 
Prospect, Richard Tyler. 
Putnam, Perry P. Wilson. 
Putnam Hights, Emma L. Ames. 
Putney Hights, Stephen S. Boothe. 
Quarryville, Albert W. Cowles. 
Quinebaug, S. E. Amidon. 
Rainbow, Geo. W. Hodge. 



[VOL. I. 

Redding, Mrs. Jane C. Johnson. 
Redding Ridge, Daniel Sanford. 
Reynolds Bridge, Wrn. Barbour. 
Ridgebury, George Boughton. 
Ridgefield, Hiram K. Scott. 
Riverton, Abner S. Hart. 
Riverside, Frank M. Stillman. 
Robertsville, E. B. Brown. 
Rock Fall, Ira N. Johnson. 
Rockville, Geo. N. Brigham. 
Rocky Hill, Henry J. Smith. 
Romford Station, S. S. Logan. 
Round Hill, Odle C. Knapp. 
Rowayton, Oliver Cook. 
Roxbury, George Hurlburt. 
Roxbury St a., J. B. Leavenworth. 
Salem, Nelson N. Williams. 
Salisbury, D. T. Warner. 
Sandy Hook, Ezra Patch. 
Saugatuck, Jas. E. Hubbell. 
Saybrook, Thos. C. Acton, Jr. 
Saybrook Point, Jos. Kellogg. 
Scitico, L. King. 
Scotland, Win. F. Palmer. 
Seymour, S. H. Canfield. 
Shaker Station, Albert J. Battles. 
Sharon, Edward F. Gillette. 
Sharon Valley, C. C. Gordon. 
Sherman, Lafayette Joyce. 
Simsbury, Lucius G. Goodrich. 
Smith's Ridge, A. L. Raymond. 
Somers, Leverett E. Pease. 
Somersviile, Wm. E. Dow. 
South Britain, H. P. Downes. 
Southbury, Andrew Perry. 
South Canaan, Erastus Merwin. 
South Coventry, Henry N. Moore. 
Southford, H. Oatman. 
South Haven, S. C. Thompson. 
South Glastonbury, Emily Dayton. 
Southington, Walter D. Cook. 
South Kent, Edward Dakin. 
South Killingly, Mrs. L. Day. 
South Lyme, R. W. Chadwick. 
South Manchester, W. H. Cheney. 
South Meriden, E. B. Clark. 
South Norfolk, S. D. Northway. 
South Norwalk, J. S. Dunning. 
South port, Levi F. Sherwood. 
Southville, Joseph T. Beers. 
South Wethersfield, L. Hewitt. 
South Wilton, Nelson Hanford. 
South Windham, John B. Johnson. 
South Windsor, H. Parmelee. 
South Woodstock, N. H. Andrews. 
Springdale, J. W. Waterbury. 

Square Pond, E. H. Dimock. 
Stafford, F. E. Fisk. 
Stafford Springs, E. F. Whiton. 
Stafford ville, A. S. Eaton. 
Stamford, Theodore J. Daskam. 
Stanwich, Jonathan Finch. 
Stepney, C. D. Hawley. 
Stepney Depot, Chas. S. French. 
Sterling, Silas J. Matteson. 
Stony Creek, Wm. T. Howd. 
Stonington, Franklin Williams. 
Stratford, Claudius B. Curtis. 
Suffield, Ella S. Nichols. 
Talcottville, Samuel A. Talcott. 
Taltville, E. T. Harrington. 
Tariffville, Philo B. Coe. 
Terryville, Edward Dailev. 
Thomaston, E. T. Gates. 
Thompson, Jas. N. Kingsbury. 
Thompsonville, Mrs. J. Houston. 
Tolland, Joseph Root. 
Torringford, Stanley Griswold. 
Torrington, Abner H. Wadhams. 
Trumbull, Wm. S. Wheeler. 
Trumbull, Long Hill, Edw. Piatt. 
Turnerville, P. W. Turner. 
Tylerville, H. J. Cooke. 
Tyler City, C. H. Amesbury. 
Uncasville, Wm. M. Burchard. 
Union, George L. Baker. 
Union ville, J. D. Cook. 
Vernon, John Allen. 
Vernon Depot, B. C. Phelps. 
Versailles, H. F. Harrington. 
Voluntown, Hiram Jencks. 
Wallingford, L. M. Hubbard. 
Wapping, J. C. Stoughton. 
Warehouse Point, G. D. Woodward. 
Warren, Orlando Swift. 
Warrenville, John A. Murphy. 
Washington, C. L. Hickox. 
Washington Depot, A. G. Baker. 
Waterbury, John W. Hill. 
Waterford, Wm. E. Man waring. 
Watertown, Myron McNeil. 
Waterville, George H. Ford. 
Wauregan, C. Hunt. 
Weatogue, Seymour Pettibone. 
West Ashford, H. E. Knowlton. 
West Avon, Martin Judd. 
Westbrook, Amos A. Wilcox. 
West Cheshire, Howard C. Ives. 
Westchester, Mrs. S. Brown. 
West Cornwall, C. E. Baldwin. 
Westford, Henry A. Eastman. 
West Goshen, Wilbur M. Allyn. 




West Granby, Buell B. Ailing. 
W. Hartford, Leonard Buckland. 
West Hartland, George L. Gilman. 
West Haven, Edw. W. Wilmot. 
W. Killingly, Frank Shumway. 
West Meriden, E. D. Hall. 
Westminster, Adolpli Eimer. 
West Morris, C. G. Canfield. 
West Norfolk, J. K. Shepard. 
West Nor walk, E. T. Benedict. 
Weston, John H. Gregory. 
Westport, William E. Nash. 
West Redding, Frederick Cole. 
West Stafford, Marcus Cady. 
West Stratford, L. B. Vaill. 
West Suffield, Miss E. D. Rose. 
W. Thompson, W. R. Case. 
Westville, George T. Finney. 
West Willing-ton, J. B. Carpenter. 
W. Wi listed, B. F. Marsh. 
West Woodstock, Abiel Fox. 
Wethersneld, Silas W. Bobbins. 
Willimantic, John Brown. 
Willington, M. L. Dimock. 
Wilson ville, S. H. Adams. 
Wilton, Charles H. Betts. 
Winchester, Edw. H. Bronson. 
Windermere, Samuel Willis. 
Windham, William Swift. 
Windsor, Daniel W. Phelps. 
Windsor Locks, A. W. Converse. 
Windsorville, Sumner Shepard. 
Winnipauk, Jos. C. Randle. 
Winsted, Harvey L. Roberts. 
Winthrop, S. J. Webb. 
Wolcott, Erastus W. Warner. 
Wolcottville, O. R. Fyler. 
Woodbury, F. A. Walker. 
Woodstock, W. P. Snow. 
Woodstock VaL, A. M. Bancroft. 
Woodville, William E. Brown. 
Yalesville, Daniel Chapman. 
Yantick, John H. Peck. 
Zoar Bridge, Charles T. Sherwood. 

Educational Institutions. 
Yale College, Nciv Haven. Presi- 
dent, Rev. Noah Porter, D. D., LL. 
D. Professors, Rev. Leonard Ba- 
con, D. D., LL. D., Elias Loomis, 
LL. D., Wm. A. Norton, M. A., S. 
Wells Williams, LL. D., James D. 
Dana, Ph. D., LL. D., Rev. Geo. E. 
Day, D. D., Rev. Samuel Harris, D. 
D., LL. D., Thos. A. Thacher, LL. 
D., Benjamin Silliman, M. D., Rev. 

Chester S. Lyman, M. A,, Rev. Jas. 
M. Hoppin, D. D., Stephen G. Hub- 
bard, M. D., Win. D. Whitney, Ph. 
D., LL. D., Moses C. White, M. D., 
Francis Wayland, M. A., Rev. Geo. 
P. Fisher, D. D., Rev. Timothy 
Dwight, D. D., Chas. A. Lindsley, 
M. D., Hubert A. Newton, LL. D., 
Lucian S. Wilcox, M. D., David P. 
Smith, M. D., Geo. J. Brush, M. A., 
Samuel W. Johnson, M. A., Wm. H. 
Brewer, M. A., Leonard J. Sanford, 
M. D., Wm. C. Robinson, M. A., 
Lewis R. Packard, Ph. D., John F. 
Weir, N. A., M. A., John E. Clark, 
M. A., Cyrus Northrop, LL. B., 
Daniel C. Eaton, M. A., Arthur M. 
Wheeler, B. A., J. Willard Gibbs, 
Ph. D., Arthur W. Wright, Ph. D., 
Thos. R. Lounsbury, B. A., Rev. 
William M. Barbour, D. D., Othniel 

C. Marsh, M. A., Eugene L. Rich- 
ards, B. A., Francis A. Walker, Ph. 
D., John II. Niemeyer, M. A., 
Franklin B. Dexter, M. A., Simeon 
E. Baldwin, M. A., Oscar D. Allen, 
Ph. D., Ed. B. Coe, 13. A., Addison 
E. Verrill, M. A., Franklin Carter, 
Ph. D., Wm. G. Sumner, B. A., 
Johnson T. Piatt, M. A., Sidney I. 
Smith, Ph. B., Wm. G. Mixter, Ph. 
B., Henry P. Wright, Ph. D., Henry 

A. Beers, B. A., A. Jay DuBois, Ph. 

D. Tutors, I. T. Beckwith, Ph. D., 
James K. Thacher, B. A., Rufus B. 
Richardson, B. A., Edward S. Dana, 
Ph. D., Joseph A. Graves, B. A., 
Frank B. Tarbell, B. A., William 
Beebe, B. A., John P. Peters, Ph. 
D., Andrew W. Phillips, Ph. D., 
Edward D. Robbins, B. A., Alfred 

B. Thacher, B. A., Edmund Zacher, 
B. A. 

Sheffield Scientific School. Govern- 
ing Board. President, Rev. Noah 
Porter, D. D., LL. D. Geo. J. Brush, 
M. A., Chairman, Wm. A. Norton, 
M. A., Rev. Chester S. Lyman, M. A., 
Wm. D. Whitney, Ph. I)!, LL. D., 
Samuel W. Johnson, M. A., Wm. H. 
Brewer, M. A., John E. Clark, M. A., 
Daniel C. Eaton, M. A., Thomas R. 
Lounsbury, B. A., Othniel C. Marsh, 
M. A., Francis A. Walker, Ph. D., 
Oscar D. Allen, Ph. D., Addison E. 
Verrill, M. A., Sidney I. Smith, Ph. 



[VOL. I. 

B., Wm. G. Mixter, Ph. B., A. Jay 
DuBois, Ph. D. 

Trinity College, Hartford. Presi- 
dent, Rev. Thomas R. Pynchon, D. 
D., LL. D. Professors, John Brock- 
lesby,LL. D., Rev. John T. Hunting- 
ton, M. A., Rev. Edwin E. Johnson, 
M. A., Rev. Samuel Hart, M. A., Geo. 
O. Holbrooke, M. A., Leonard Woods 
Richardson, M. A., James D. Smyth, 
M. A., H. Carrington Bolton, M. A., 
Ph. D. Professors and Lecturers, Rev. 
Sam'l J. Andrews, M. A., Instructor ; 
Rt. Rev. John Williams, D. D., LL. 
D., Rev. Francis T. Russell, M. A., 
Geo. C. Shattuck, M. A., M. D., Wm. 

A. M. Wainwright, M. A., M. D., Wm. 
Hamersley, M. A., Duncan L. Stew- 
art, LL. D., Prof. Emeritus. 

Wesleyan University, Middletown. 
President, Rev. Cyrus D. Foss, D. D. 
Professors, Eev. Joseph Cummings, 
D. D., LL. D. ? John Johnston, LL. 
D., John M. Van Vleck, LL. D., Rev. 
Calvin S. Harrington, D. D., James 
C. Van Benschoten, LL. D., Rev. 
George Prentice, D. D., Rev. Wm. 
N. Rice, Ph. D., Wilbur O. Atwater, 
Ph. D., Caleb T. Winchester, M. A. 
Instructor, Ralph G. Hibbard, M. A. 
Tutor, Clarence A. Waldo, B. A. 

State Board of Education. Govern- 
or, Richard D. Hubbard, Hartford ; 
Lieutenant-Governor, Francis B. 
Loomis, New London ; Francis A. 
Walker, New Haven; Elisha Car- 
penter, Hartford ; Win* H. Potter, 
Mystic River; James C. Loomis, 
Bridgeport. Secretary, Birdsey G. 
Northrop, New Haven. 

State Normal School, New Britain. 
Trustees, Governor Richard D. Hub- 
bard, Hartford ; Lieutenant-Govern- 
or, Francis B. Loomis, New Lon- 
don ; Francis A. Walker, New Ha- 
ven ; Elisha Carpenter, Hartford ; 
William H. Potter, Mystic River; 
James C. Loomis, Bridgeport. Sec- 
retary, Birdsey G. Northrop, New 
Haven. Principal, Isaac N. Carle- 
ton, A. M. Associate Principal, Wm. 

B. Dwight, A. M. 

American Asylum for the Education 
of the Deaf and Dumb. President, 
Calvin Day ; Vice-Presidents, Jas. 
B. Hosmer, Charles Goodwin, John 

Beach, S. S. Ward, Roland Mather, 
Nathaniel Shipman, Geo. M. Bar- 
tholomew, John C. Parsons. Secre- 
tary, John C. Parsons. Treasurer, 
Roland Mather. Principal, Edward 
C. Stone, M. A. 

Hospitals, Etc. 

Retreat for the Insane, Hartford. 
President, William R. Cone. Vice- 
President, Calvin Day. Treasurer, 
Thomas Sisson. Auditor, Thomas 
Belknap. Secretary, Jona. B. Bunce. 
Managers, Wm. R. Cone, Calvin 
Day, Gurdon W. Russell. Physi- 
cian and Superintendent, Henry P. 
Stearns, M.D. Assistant Physicians, 
Chas. W. Page, G. B. Packard. Stew- 
ard, Rev. Geo. E. Sanborn. Matron, 
Mrs. George E. Sanborn. Super- 
visors, Jerome Kelsey, Harriet E. 

Connecticut Hospital for the Insane, 
Middletown. Trustees, Gov. Rich- 
ard D. Hubbard, Hartford ; Samuel 
G. Willard, Colchester; Richmond 
M. Bullock, Putnam; Richard S. 
Fellowes, New Haven ; Henry Wood- 
ward, Middletown; Robbins Bat- 
tell, Norfolk ; Ezra P. Bennett, Dan- 
bury ; H. S. Hayden, Windsor ; Lu- 
cius S. Fuller, Tolland ; Benjamin 
Douglas, Julius Hotchkiss, Joseph 
Cummings, Middletown. Superin- 
tendent and Physician, Abram M. 
Shew, M. D, Assistant Physicians, 
Calvin S. May, James Olmstead. Jr. 
Treasurer, M. B. Copeland. Pathol- 
ogist, E. C. Seguiu, M. D., New 

General Hospital Society of Connec- 
ticut, New Haven. President, Eben- 
ezer H. Bishop, M. D. Vice-Presi- 
dent, . Treasurer, Wilbur 

F. Day. Secretary, £has. A. Linds- 
ley, M. D. ' Resident Physicians, C. 
Purely Lindsley, Wm. D. Morgan. 

Hartford Hospital. President, Jas. 
B. Hosmer. Vice-President, James 
Goodwin. Secretary and Treasurer, 
F. A. Brown. Executive Commit- 
tee, Edson Fessenden, Geo. B. Haw- 
ley, M. D., Charles H. Northam. 

Industrial School for Girls, Middle- 
town. President, . Samuel C. Hub- 
bard, Middletown. Secretary, Rev. 




Thomas K. Fessenden, Farmington. 
Treasurer, J. N. Camp, Middletown. 
Superintendent, Charles H. Bond. 
Assist. Superintendent, Mrs. Lydia 
W. Bond. Executive Committee, 
Samuel Russell,- J. M. Van Vleck, S. 
C. Hubbard, 7 
M. Browning. 

State Prison, Wethersfield. Di- 
rectors, Isaac T. Rogers, Milford; 
A. N. Baldwin, New Milford; S. 
Storrs Cotton, Pomfret ; Warden, 
Edward B. Hewes ; Deputy War- 
den, E. J. Crane ; Chaplain, G. W. 
Wooding ; Physician, Roswell Fox, 
M. D.; Clerk, C. E. Hewes ; Matron, 
Mrs. Judson Carpenter. 

State Reform School, Meriden. 
Trustees, Hiram Yale, Meriden ; 
John L. Houston, Enfield; F. O. 
Bennett, Ashford ; Charles Fitzger- 
ald, Middletown ; G. H. Preston, 
Tolland ; Delos H. Stevens, Bark- 
hamsted ; John M. Brewer, Nor- 
wich ; Vincent Colyer, Darien. Su- 
perintendent and Treasurer, 

Asylum at Walnut Hill, Hartford. 
President, Alfred E. Burr ; Vice- 
President, James A. Hovey ; Secre- 
tary, Rodney Dennis ; Treasurer, 
Wm. L. Matson ; Executive Com- 
mittee, Geo. B. Hawley, Gurdon W. 
Russell, Benj. N. Comings. Direct- 
ors, Alfred E. Burr, Geo. B. Hawley, 

Gurdon W. Russell, Benj. N. Com- 
ings, Charles A. Lindsley, Rodney 
Dennis, William L. Matson, Henry 
Keney, William R. Cone, E. H. 
Owen, Fred'k R. Foster, Jonathan 
B. Bunce ; Richard D. Hubbard, 
Francis B. Loomis, Edwin A. Buck, 
ex officio. 

State Board of Agriculture. Presi- 
dent, Gov. Richard D. Hubbard, 
Hartford ; Vice-President, E. H. 
Hyde, Stafford ; Secretary,T. S. Gold, 
West Cornwall ; Treasurer, Nathan 
Hart, West Cornwall. Members 
appointed by the Governor and 
Senate, E. H. Hyde, Stafford ; Al- 
bert Day, Brooklyn ; H. L. Stewart, 
Middle Haddam ; J. T. Rockwell, 
West Winsted. Members appointed 
by Agricultural Societies, W. M. 
Wadsworth, Farmington ; R. S. 
Hinman, Birmingham; A.L.Avery, 
Groton Bank ; John F. Beard, Dan- 
bury ; Chas. H. Way, South Wood- 
stock ; F. Ratchford Starr, Litch- 
field ; J. M. Hubbard, Middletown; 
Wm. H. Yeomans, Columbia. 

jStaie Agricultural Society. Presi- 
dent, E. H. Hyde, Stafford; Vice- 
Presidents, O. B. King, Watertown, 
J. P. Barstow, Norwich ; Treasurer, 
F. A. Brown, Hartford ; Corre- 
sponding Secretary, S. M. Wells, 
Wethersfield ; Recording Secretary, 
T. S. Gold, West Cornwall. 


State Officers. 
Executive Department. 

His Excellency Alexander H. 
Rice of Boston, Governor. Salary, 

His Honor Horatio G. Knight 
of Easthampton, Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernor. Salary, $1,500 for regular 
session, and $10 per day for special 

Henry B. Peirce of Abington, 
Secretary of the Commonwealth. 
Salary, $3,500. 

Charles Endicott of Canton, 
Treasurer and Receiver-General. 
Salary, $5,000. 


Julius L. Clarke of Newton, 
Auditor of Accounts. Salary, $3,- 

Charles R. Train of Boston, At- 
torney-General. Salary, $5,000. 

Executive Council. 

Salary, $750 for regular session, 
and $5 per day for special sessions. 

Joseph K. Baker, Dennis ; Harri- 
son Tweed, Taunton ; Francis 
Childs, Boston; Wm. W. Tucker, 
Boston ; Harmon Hall, Saugus ; 
Joseph A. Harwood, Littleton ; 
William Upham, Spencer ; Tilly 
Haynes, Springfield. 



[VOL. I. 

Salary, $750 for the session. 

Suffolk County. 
1st District, Henry B. Hill; 2d, 
Marcellus Day ; 3d, M. J. Flatley ; 
4th, James White; 5th, Thomas 
Gogin ; 6th, A. A. Barrage ; 7th, 
Albert Palmer ; 8th, Jos. S. Ropes 
— all of Boston. 

Essex County. 
1st District, Amos F. Breed, Lynn ; 
2d, James J. H. Gregory, Marble- 
head ; 3d, Allan Rogers, Gloucester ; 
4th, George W. Cate, Amesbury ; 
5th, Jackson B. Swett, Haverhill ; 
6th, Byron Truell, Lawrence. 

Middlesex County. 
1st District, B. F. Hayes, Med- 
ford ; 2d, Robert R. Bishop, Newton ; 
3d, Charles T. Russell, Cambridge ; 
4th, Luther H. Sherman, Waylaud ; 
5th, A. J. Saunders, Pepperell ; 6th, 
A. B. Coffin, Winchester; 7th, Jas. 
C. Abbott, Lowell. 

Worcester County. 
1st District, George S. Barton, 
Worcester ; 2d, William Knowlton, 
Upton ; 3d, E. B. Lynde, W. Brook- 
field; 4th, Charles Adams,' Jr., N. 
Brookfield; 5th, Charles H. Mer- 
riam, Leominster. 

Hampden County. 
1st District, Charles H. Gardner, 
Palmer ; 2d, H. C. Ewing, Holyoke. 

Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire 
Hampshire District, Lewis N. 
Gilbert, Ware ; Franklin, Henry 
Winn, Buckland; Berkshire North, 
Fred. P. Brown, Adams ; Berkshire 
South, H. J. Canfield, Stockbridge. 

Norfolk County. 
1st District, Henry F. Barker, 
Quincy ; 2d, Frederick D. Ely, Ded- 

Plymouth County. 
1st District, Joseph S. Beal, King- 
ston ; 2d, Jonathan White, Beock- 

Bristol County. 
1st District, Ezra Davol, Taun- 
ton; 2d, Charles J. Holmes, Fall 
River; 3d, H. M. Knowlton, New 

Barnstable, Nantucket, and Dukes 

Cape District, J. B. D. Cogswell, 

House of Representatives. 
Salary, $750 for the session. 

Barnstable County. 
1st District, Sandwich, Falmouth, 
Isaiah Fish of Sandwich ; 2d, Barn- 
stable, Mashpee, Andrew Lovell of 
Barnstable ; 3d, Yarmouth, Dennis, 
Thomas P. Howes of Dennis ; 4th, 
Harwich, Chatham, Abiathar Doane 
of Harwich; 5th, Brewster, Or- 
leans, Eastham, Wellneet, Freeman 
Doane of Orleans ; 6th, Truro, 
Provincetown, Henry Shortle of 

Berkshire County. 
1st District, Hancock, Lanesbor- 
ongh, New Ashford, Clarksburg, 
Williamstown, Dan'l White of Han- 
cock ; 2d, AdamSj J. K. Anthony 
and C. H. Ingalls of North Adams ; 
3d, Pittsfield, Dalton, J. N. Dun- 
ham and S. N. Russell of Pittsfield ; 
4th, Florida, Savoy, Cheshire,Wind- 
sor, Washington, Peru, Hinsdale, 
John W. Curtice of Hinsdale ; 5th, 
Becket, Lee, Otis, Tyringham, Sid- 
ney Barnes of Becket ; 6th, Rich- 
mond, Lenox, Stockbridge, West 
Stockbridge, Hiram M. Cooke of 
Lenox; 7th, Afford, Egremont, Gt. 
Barrington, Monterey, William B. 
Bliss of Great Barrington ; 8th, Mt. 
Washington, New Marlborough, 
Sandisfield, Sheffield, Henry M. 
Wilcox of Sandisfield. 

Bristol County. 
1st District, Attleborough, Nor- 
ton, Mansfield, A. T. Wales and 
George Price of Attleborough ; 2d, 
Easton, Raynham, George C. Bel- 
cher of Easton ; 3d, Taunton, Berk- 
ley, John W. Hart, William Reed, 




Jr., and John H. Galligan of Taun- 
ton; 4th, Acushnet, Fairhaven, 
Freetown, Elbridge G. Morton, Jr. 
of Fairhaven ; 5th, New Bedford, 
1st, 2d, and 3d wards, C. A. Case 
and Rufus A. Soule ; 6th, New Bed- 
ford, 4th, 5th, and 6th wards, T. B. 
Hathaway and Israel C. Cornish ; 
7th, Westport, Dartmouth, Charles 
Fisher of Westport ; 8th, Fall River, 
1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th wards, H. B. 
Coffiu, John W. Curnmings, and P. 
M. McGlynn; 9th, Fall River, 5th 
and 6th wards, Somerset, Andrew 
J. Jennings and Pardon Macomber 
of Fall River ; 10th, Seekonk, Swan- 
zey, Rehoboth, Dighton; John A. 
Lewis of Dighton. 

Dukes County. 
1st District, Chilmark, Edgar- 
town, Gay Head, Gosnold, Tisbury, 
Benj. C. Clough of Tisbury. 

Essex County. 
1st District, Rockport, Glouces- 
ter, 7th ward, Jason L. Curtis of 
Rockport ; 2d, Gloucester, 1st to 
6th wards, Charles H. Wonson and 
Edward H. Haskell ; 3d, Gloucester, 
8th ward, Essex, Manchester, Ham- 
ilton, Jesper Richardson of Glou- 
cester ; 4th, Wenham, Danvers, Is- 
rael W. Andrews of Danvers ; 5th, 
Beverly, John I. Baker ; 6th, Salem, 
1st, 2d, and 5th wards, Charles S. 
Osgood and Charles H. Chase ; 7th, 
Salem, 3d, 4th, and 6th wards, 
Henry W. Putnam and John Jack- 
son ; 8th, Marblehead, Swampscott, 
Lewis Carroll and B. A. Phillips of 
Marblehead; 9th, Lynn, 3d ward, 
James H. Richards ; 10th, Lynn, 1st, 
2d, 4th, 5th, and 7th wards, Nahant, 
Aug. Jones, John Marlor, and N. 
M. Hawkes of Lynn ; 11th, Lynn, 
6th ward, S. S. McGibbons ; 12th, 
Peabody, James E. T. Bartlett; 
13th, Saugus, Lynnfield, Middleton, 
Topsfield, Joseph Whitehead of 
Saugus ; 14th, Andover, North An- 
dover, John Cornell of Andover; 
15th, Boxford, Rowley, Ipswich, 
Asa F. Howe of Rowley ; 16th, 
Newbury, Newburyport, 1st to 6th 
wards, Eben F. Stone and J. W. 

Ricker of Newburyport ; 17th, 
Georgetown, Groveland, Bradford, 
Chauncey O. Noyes of Georgetown ; 
18th, W. Newbury, Salisbury, Ames- 
bury, Merrimac, Samuel Coffin of 
Salisbury and James D. Pike of 
Merrimac ; 19th, Haverhill, 1st to 
6th wards, Methuen, William A. 
Brooks and John W. Tilton of Ha- 
verhill, Edmund P. Sargent of Me- 
thuen ; 20th, Lawrence, 1st, 2d, and 
3d wards, Abel Webster and Michael 
Rinn ; 21st, Lawrence, 4th, 5th, 
and 6th wards, Levi Emery and 
Melvin Beal. 

FranMin County. 
1st District, Erving, Warwick, 
Orange, New Salem, Jas. W. Emery 
of Orange ; 2d, Montague, Sunder- 
land, Leverett, Shutesbury, Wen- 
dell, Ralph A. Field of Leverett ; 
3d, Greenfield, Gill, Shelburne, 
Alanson K. Hawkes of Shelburne ; 
4th, Deerfield, Conway, Whately, 

C. P. Aldrich of South Deerfield ; 
5th, Northfield, Bernardston, Ley- 
den, Colrain, Heath, Orson B. 
Curtis of Colrain ; 6th, Ashfield, 
Buckland, Charlemont, Hawley, 
Rowe, Monroe, Nelson Gardner of 

Hampden County. 
1st District, Monson, Holland, 
Brimfield, Wales, Pliny F. Spauld- 
ing of Brimfield; 2d, Palmer, Wil- 
braham, Ludlow, Timothy D. Pot- 
ter of Palmer ; 3d, Chicopee, Jar vis 
P. Kelley ; 4th, Springfield, 1st and 
2d wards, William Pynchon and T. 

D. Beach ; 5th, Springfield, 3d and 
6th wards, Leonard Clark ; 6th, 
Springfield, 4th and 7th Avards, 
Longmeadow, Rawson Hathaway 
of Springfield ; 7th, Springfield, 5th 
and 8th wards, M. P. Knowlton ; 
8th, Holvoke, 1st and 5th wards, 
John H. Wright ; 9th, Holyoke, 6th 
and 7th wards, West Springfield, E. 
P. Bartholomew of W. Springfield ; 
10th, Westfield, Agawam, Mont- 
gomery, Joseph G. Noble of West- 
field and Henry S. Stiles of Mont- 
gomery; 11th, Southwick, Gran- 
ville, Tolland, Blandford, Chester, 



[VOL. I. 

Russell, Edwin Gilbert of South- 

Hampshire County. 
1st District, Easthampton, North- 
ampton, Southampton, Timothy G. 
Spaulding and J. L. Otis of North- 
ampton ; 2d, Hadley, Hatheld, 
Westhampton, Williamsburg-, Jos. 
Billings of Williamsburg ; 3d, Ches- 
terfield, Cummington, Goshen, Hun- 
tington, Middlefield, Plainfield, 
Worthington, Matthew Smith of 
Middlefield ; 4th, Amherst, Pclham, 
Prescott, South Hadley, M. W. Bur- 
nett of South Hadley ; 5th, Belcher- 
town, Enfield, Gran by, Greenwich, 
Ware, T. R. Greene of Belchertown. 

Middlesex County. 
1st District, Cambridge, 1st and 
5th wards, Levi L. Gushing and 
Edwin B. Hale ; 2d, Cambridge, 2d 
and 4th wards, Lucius R. Paige, 
Oliver J. Rand, and Charles F. 
Thurston ; 3d, Cambridge, 3d ward, 
Joseph J. Kelley; 4th, Somerville, 
1st ward, R. E. Nickerson ; 5th, 
Somerville, 2d ward, Thomas Cun- 
ningham; 6th, Somerville, 3d and 
4th wards, Jacob T. Glines ; 7th, 
Medford, John H. Hooper ; 8th, Mal- 
• den, Everett, Elisha S. Converse of 
Maiden and Geo. S. Marshall of Ever- 
ett ; 9th, Melrose, Wm. Irving Ellis ; 
10th, Stoneham, Geo. A. Cowdrey ; 
11th, Wakefield, Solon Walton; 
12th, Reading, North Reading, Wil- 
mington, Gardner French of Read- 
ing; 13th, Woburn, Leonard 
Thompson, Jr. ; 14th, Arlington, 
Winchester, Wm. G. Peck of Ar- 
lington ; 15th, Watertown, Belmont, 
Robert L. Davis of Watertown ; 
16th, Newton, Levi C. Wade and 
Charles E. Ranlett ; 17th, Waltham, 
David Randall ; 18th, Lexington, 
Burlington, Bedford, Billerica, John 
Winn of Burlington ; 19th, Tewks- 
bury, Chelmsford, Tyngsborough, 
Dracut, William Manning ; 20th, 
Lowell, 1st ward, Patrick Keyes ; 
21st, Lowell, 2d ward, W. A. Read ; 
22d, Lowell, 3d ward, Albert Moors; 
23d, Lowell, 4th ward, Francis 
Carll ; 24th, Lowell, 5th ward, Wm. 
H. Wiggin ; 25th, Lowell, 6th ward, 

Henry H. Wilder; 26th, Concord, 
Acton, Carlisle, Lincoln, G. M. 
Baker of Lincoln ; 27th, Weston, 
Wayland, Sudbury, Maynard, Myron 
W. Burt of Wayland ; 28th, Na'tick, 
Noah L. Hardy; 29th, Holliston, 
Sherborn, Sydney Wilder of Hollis- 
ton ; 30th, Hopkinton, Ashland, 
John Mahon of Hopkintoii ; 31st, 
Framingham, Chas. S. Whitmore ; 
32d, Marlborough, S.Herbert Howe ; 
33d, Hudson, Stowe, Boxborough, 
Littleton, Solon Wood of Hudson ; 
34th, Westford, Groton, Dunstable, 
Pepperell, Wm. Read, 1st, of West- 
ford ; 35th, Ayer, Shirley, Towns- 
end, Ashby, Geo. V. Barrett of Ayer. 

Nantucket County. 
1st District, Nantucket, Henry 

Norfolk County. 
1st District, Dedham, Norwood, 
Henry C. Bonney of Dedham ; 2d, 
Brookline, Edward I. Thomas ; 3d, 
Hyde Park, W. J. Stuart ; 4th, Mil- 
ton, Canton, Edward R. Eager of 
Canton; 5th, Quincy, Weymouth, 
Edwin W. Marsh of Quincy. Benja- 
min % Lovell and Geo. F.* Hayden 
of Weymouth ; 6th, Braintree, Hol- 
brook, Newton W T kite ; 7th, Ran- 
dolph, Stoughton, Sharon, Walpole, 
Francis W. Bird of Walpole and 
John T. Flood of Randolph; 8th, 
Franklin, Foxborough, Wrentham, 
Bellingham, Medway, James F. 
Leonard of Foxborough and David 
A. Partridge of Medway ; 9th, Need- 
ham, Dover, Medfield, Norfolk, John 
Humphrey of Dover. 

Plymouth County. 
1st District, Hingham, Hull, John 
D. Long of Hingham ; 2d, Cohasset, 
Scituate, South Scituate, Amos W. 
Merritt of Scituate ; 3d, Marshfield, 
Pembroke, Hanson, Halifax, Win. 
C. Oakman of Marshfield ; 4th, Dux- 
bury, Kingston, Plympton, Carver, 
Philander Cobb of Kingston ; 5th, 
Plymouth, Charles E. Barnes ; 6th, 
Wareham, Rochester, Marion, Mat- 
tapoisett, Noble W. Everett of 
Wareham ; 7th, Middleborough, 




Lakeville, James P. Pierce of Lake- 
ville ; 8th, Bridgewater, E. Bridge- 
water, Van R. Swift of Bridgewater; 
9th, Rockland, Hanover, Ezekiel R. 
Studley of Rockland ; 10th, Brock- 
ton, West Bridgewater, Henry B. 
Packard and Baalis Sanford, Jr., of 
Brockton ; 11th, Ahington, South 
Abington, H. W. Powers of South 

Suffolk County. 

First twenty-five districts are 
wards in Boston. 

1st District, E. M. McPherson and 
Edward R. Webster ; 2d, James L. 
Walsh and Sidney F. Whitehouse ; 
3d, Eugene L. Norton and Freeman 
L. Gilman ; 4th, John Turner ; 5th, 
Nakum Chap in and Chas. R. Byram ; 
6th, Anthony C. Daly and Cornelius 
Desmond ; 7th, Samuel H. Went- 
worth and Daniel Doherty ; 8th, 
James L. Locke and Francis Gar- 
gan ; 9th, George W. Lowther and 
Edwin F. Leighton; 10th, Clement 
H. Hill and Alexander Wadsworth ; 
11th, Charles J. Prescott and Ham- 
ilton A. Hill ; 12th, Edward J. Jen- 
kins and Patrick F. Murphy ; 13th, 
John B. Shea and Jas. T. Mahoney ; 
14th, Alonzo Bancroft and C. J. 
Noyes ; 15th, Alonzo Warren and 
Stephen A. Stackpole; 16th, J. H. 
O'Neil and Fred. A. Mardeu ; 17th, 
Albert E. Pillsbury and J. Q. A. 
Brackett ; 18th, Chas. H. Allen and 
H. D. Hyde ; 19th, James H. Nugent 
and C. B. Jaegar ; 20th, Payson A. 
Tucker and Win. S. King; 21st, 
Wm. Blan chard and John F. New- 
ton; 22d, William H.Carberry; 23d, 
Henry A. Johnson and Matthew 
Bolles; 24th, Joseph Wiswell and 
Fred. P. Moseley ; 25th, George A. 
Wilson ; 26th, Chelsea, Revere, 
Winthrop, Wm. Robinson of Chel- 
sea, Ensign Kimball of Revere, 
Eben Hutchinson of Winthrop. 

Worcester County. 
1st District, Blackstone, Ux- 
bridge, Zadok E. Taftof Uxbridge ; 
2d, Mendon, Milford, Upton, W. H. 
Cook of Milford and Charles A. 
Davis of Upton ; 3d, Northbridge, 

Grafton, Lucius M. Sargent of Graf- 
ton ; 4th, Westborough, South- 
borough, Geo. O. Brigham of West- 
borough ; 5th, Clinton, Berlin, Bol- 
ton, Sterling, Lancaster, Harvard, 
Lunenburg, Lucius Field of Clin- 
ton and James Hildreth, 2d, of 
Lunenburg ; 6th, Fitchburg, Lean- 
der Sprague and Luther J. Brown ; 
7th, Winchendon, Ashburnham, 
Gardner, Westminster, Princeton, 
Chas. W. Bush of Gardner and Arte- 
mas Merriam of Westminster ; 8th, 
Athol, Royalston, J. S. Parmenter 
of Athol ; 9th, Petersham, Phillips- 
ton, Templeton, Hubbardston, Hor- 
ace Underwood of Hubbardston ; 
10th, Dana, Hardwick, Barry, Oak- 
ham, New Braintree, John B. Fair- 
bank of Oakham ; 11th, Rutland, 
Holdeu, Paxton, Leicester, William 
Howe of Holden ; 12th, W. Brook- 
field, Warren, Brookfield, N. Brook- 
field, Sturbridge, Geo. C. Lincoln 
of N. Brookfield and A. B. Cham- 
berlain of Sturbridge ; 13th, Spen- 
cer, Charlton, Soutkbridge, Oxford, 
Jas. H. Ames of Spencer and Calvin 
D. Page of Southbridge ; 14th, 
Douglas, Webster, Dudley, Josiah 
Perry of Dudley ; 15th, Auburn, 
Millbury, Sutton, Geo. W. Rice of 
Sutton ; 16th, Shrewsbury, North- 
borough, Boylstou, W. Boylston, 
Oliver B. Wyman of Shrewsbury ; 
17th, Leominster, Geo. F. Colburn ; 
18th, Worcester, 1st ward, Thomas 
J. Hastings ; 19th, Worcester, 2d 
ward, W. A. S. Smyth : 20th, Wor- 
cester, 3d ward, Frank D. Leary ; 
21st, Worcester, 4th ward, Philip 
Moore ; 22d, Worcester, 5th ward, 
James H. Mellen ; 23d Worcester, 
6th ward, Francis P. Goulding ; 
24th, Worcester, 7th ward, John I). 
Lovell ; 25th, 8th ward, John D. 

Circuit Couiit op the United 


United States Court-house, 140 
Tremont Street. 

Associate Justice U. States Supreme 
Court, Nathan Clifford. 

Circuit Judge, George F. Shepley. 



[VOL. I. 

Attorney of the 77. S. for Mass. 
District, George P. Sanger. 

Assistants, Prentiss Cummings, 
George P. Sanger, Jr. 

Cleric, John G. Stetson. Deputy 
Cleric, A. H. Trowbridge. 

Crier, William M. Copeland. 

U. S. Marshal of the District of 
Mass., Roland G. Usher. 

Deputy Marshals, F. G. Pettigrove, 
C. B. Williams, George T. Newhall, 
William M. H. Copeland, Boston. 

Commissioners, Charles L. AVood- 
bury, Elias Merwin, Chas. P. Curtis, 
Caleb Wm. Loring, Win. S. Dexter, 
Henry L. Hallett, Chas. W. Tuttle, 
Winslow W'arren, Jr., Edwin H. 
Abbot, Fisher Ames, John G. Stet- 
son, Boston ; William L. Smith, 
Springfield ; J. H. Hill, Worcester ; 
George Marston, Charles Warren 
Clifford, New Bedford; Edgar M. 
Wood, Pittsfield; Wm. Howland, 

Terms of the Court, May 15 and 
October 15. 

District Court of the United 

United States Court-house, 140 
Tremont Street. 

District Judge, John Lowell. 

Cleric, Edward Dexter. Deputy 
Cleric, Elisha Bassett. 

Terms of the Court, March, the 
3d Tuesday ; June, the 4th Tues- 
day ; September, the 2d Tuesday ; 
December, the 1st Tuesday. 

Beyisters in Bankruptcy, S. Lothrop 
Thorndike, Samuel B. Noyes, F. W. 
Palfrey, of Boston ; Edgar J. Sher- 
man of Lawrence.; Benjamin C. 
Perkins of Salem ; Peter C. Bacon 
of Worcester ; Timothy M. Brown 
of Springfield ; H. M. Knowlton of 
New Bedford ; Charles F. Howe of 
Lowell ; Chas. G. Delano of Green- 

District Court of the United 

District Judye, John Lowell. 
Cleric, Edward Dexter. 
Deputy Cleric, Elisha Bassett. 
Terms of the Court, March, the 
3d Tuesday ; June, the 4th Tues- 

day ; September, the 2d Tuesday ; 
December, the 1st Tuesday. 

Supreme Judicial Court. 

County Court-house, Court Sq. 

Chief Justice, Horace Gray. Sal- 
ary, $6,500. 

Associate Justices, James D. Colt, 
Seth Ames, Marcus Morton, William 
C. Endicott, Augustus L. Soule, 
Otis P. Lord. Salary, $6,000 each. 

Attorney-General, Charles R. Train. 
Salary, $5,000, and $2,200 for clerk 

Assistant Altorney-General,V\m. C. 
Loring. Salary, $2,500. 

Beporter, John Lathrop. Salary, 
$1,800, and proceeds of reports. 

Cleric, John Noble. Salary, $3,000, 
and one-half the excess of fees 
above that sum. 

Assistant Cleric, Henry A. Clapp. 
Salary, $2,500. 

Cleric for the Commonivealth, Geo. 
W. Nichols. Salary, $3,000. 

Law Terms. 

At Boston, 1st Wednesday of Jan- 
uary of each year, which term may 
be adjourned from time to time to 
such places and times as may be 
most conducive to the despatch of 
business and the interest of the 
public ; and all questions of law, 
whether arising upon appeal, excep- 
tion, or otherwise, and from which- 
ever court, shall be therein entered 
and determined, if the same arise 
in either of the following counties : 
Suffolk, Middlesex, JSbrfolk, Barn- 
stable, Dukes, or Nantucket. 

For Berkshire County, at Pitts- 
field, 2d Tuesday of September. 

For Bristol County, at Taunton, 
4th Tuesday of October. 

For the counties of Hampshire 
and Franklin, at Greenfield and 
Northampton, alternate years, Mon- 
day after 2d Tuesday of September. 

For Hampden County, at Spring- 
field, 3d Monday after 1st Tuesday 
of September. 

For Plymouth County, at Plym- 
outh, 3d Tuesday of October. 

For Worcester County, at Worces- 
ter, 1st Tuesday of October. 




For Essex County, at Salem, 1st 
Tuesday of November. 

Terms for the Trial of Jury Cases. 

For the counties of Barnstable 
and Dukes, at New Bedford, 2d 
Tuesday of November. 

Berkshire County, at Pittsfield, 
2d Tuesday of May. 

Bristol County, at Taunton, 3d 
Tuesday of April ; at New Bedford, 
2d Tuesday of November. 

Essex County, at Salem, 3d Tues- 
day of April and 1st Tuesday of 

Franklin County, at Greenfield, 
2d Tuesday of April. 

Hampden County, at Springfield, 
4th Tuesday of April. 

Hampshire County, at North- 
ampton, 3d Tuesday of April. 

Middlesex County, at Lowell, 3d 
Tuesday of April ; at Cambridge, 
3d Tuesday of October. 

Nantucket County, at Nantucket, 
1st Tuesday of July. 

Norfolk County, at Dedham, 3d 
Tuesday of February. 

Plymouth County, at Plymouth, 
2d Tuesday of May. 

Suffolk County, at Boston, 1st 
Tuesday of April and 2d Tuesday 
of September. 

Worcester County, at Worcester, 
2d Tuesday of April. 

Superior Court. 

Chief Justice, Lincoln F. Brigham, 
Salem. Salary, $5,700. 

Associate Justices, Julins Rockwell, 
Pittsfield ; Francis H. Dewey, Wor- 
cester ; Ezra Wilkinson, Wrentham ; 
John P. Putnam, Boston ; Robert 
C. Pitman, Newton ; John W. Ba- 
con, Natick ; William Allen, North- 
ampton ; P. Emory Aldrich, Worces- 
ter; Waldo Colburn, Dedham; Will- 
iam S. Gardner, Newton. Salary, 

Civil Session. 
39 Court Street, Boston. 

Clerk, Joseph A. Willard, Boston. 

Assistant Clerk, Edwin A. Wad- 
leigh, Boston. 

Criminal Session. 

Court-house, Court Sq.., Boston. • 

Clerk, John P. Manning. 

Commissioners to take Bail, R. I. 
Burbank, Edwin H. Darling, Ed- 
ward J. Jones. 

Terms of the Court. 

Barnstable County, at Barnstable, 
on Tuesday next after 1st Monday 
of April and 2d Tuesday of Octo- 

Berkshire County, at Pittsfield, 
4th Monday of February, June, and 
October (civil), 2d Monday of Jan- 
uary and July (criminal). 

Bristol County^ at Taunton, 2d 
Monday of March and September ; 
at New Bedford, 2d Monday of June 
and December. 

Dukes County, at Edgartown, 
last Tuesday of May and Septem- 

Essex County, at Salem, 1st Mon- 
day of June and December (civil), 
4th Monday of January (criminal); 
at Lawrence, 1st Monday of March 
(civil), 1st Monday of October (crim- 
inal) ; at Newburyport, 1st Monday 
of September (civil), 2d Monday of 
May (criminal). 

Franklin County, at Greenfield, 
3d Monday of March and 2d Mon- 
day of August and November. 

Hampden County, at Springfield, 
2d Monday of March and June and 
4th Monday of October (civil), 3d 
Monday of May and 1st Monday of 
December (criminal). 

Hampshire County, at Northamp- 
ton, 3d Monday of February, 1st 
Monday of June, 3d Monday of Oc- 
tober (civil), 2d Monday of June 
and 3d Monday of December (crim- 

Middlesex County, at Lowell, 2d 
Monday of March and 1st Monday of 
September (civil), and 3d Monday of 
October (criminal) ; at Cambridge, 
1st Monday of June, 2d Monday of 
December (civil), and 2d Monday of 
February and 4th Monday of June 

Nantucket County, at Nantucket, 
1st Monday of June and October. 

Norfolk County, at Dedham, 4th 
Monday of April, September, and 
December (civil), 1st Monday of 



[VOL. I. 

April, September, and December 

Plymouth County, at Plymouth, 
2d Monday of February and June 
and 4th Monday of October. 

Suffolk County, at Boston, 1st 
Tuesday of January, April, July, 
and October (civil), and 1st Monday 
of every month (criminal). 

Worcester County, at Worcester, 
1st Monday of March, Monday next 
after 4th Monday of August, and 2d 
Monday of December (civil), 3d 
Monday of J anuary, 2d Monday of 
May, and 3d Monday of October 
(criminal) ; at Fitchburg, 2d Mon- 
day of June and November (civil), 
and 2d Monday of August (crimi- 

District Attorneys. 

Elected by the several districts 
for terms of three years, ending 
January, 1881. 

Northern District. Middlesex 

County, George Stevens of Lowell. 

Eastern District. Essex County, 
Edgar J. Sherman of Lawrence. 

Southern District. Bristol, Barn- 
stable, Dukes, and Nantucket 
counties, George Marston of New 

South-Eastern District. Norfolk 
and Plymouth counties, Asa French 
of Braintree. 

Middle District. Worcester Coun- 
ty, Hamilton B. Staples of Worces- 

Western District Hampden and 
Berkshire counties, N. A. Leonard 
of Springfield. 

North- Western District. Hamp- 
shire and Franklin counties, Daniel 
W. Bond of Northampton. 

Suffolk County. Oliver Stevens of 
Boston. Michael Norton, 1st Assist- 
ant Attorney ; Melvin O. Adams, 
2d Assistant Attorney. 

District Courts. 
District Court of Central Berkshire. 
Pittsfield. Hancock, Lauesbor- 
ough, Peru, Windsor, Dalton, Hins- 
dale, and Richmond. 

Joseph Tucker, Standing Justice. 
William T. Filley and Lorenzo H. 

Gamwell, Special Justices. Walter 
B. Smith, Clerk. 

District Court of Northern Berkshire. 

North Adams. Adams, Clarks- 
burg, Savoy, Florida, and Ches- 

Jarvis Rockwell, Standing Justice. 
Frederick P. Brown and N. H. Bix- 
by, Special Justices. 

District Court of Southern Berkshire. 

Great Barrington. Alford, Egre- 
mont, Monterey, Mt. Washing- 
ton, New Marlborough, and Shef- 

James Bradford, Standing Justice. 
Rensselaer N. Couch and James H. 
Rowley, Special Justices. Thomas 
Siggins, Clerk. 

First District Court of Bristol. 

Taunton. Attleborough, Digh- 
ton, Easton, Mansfield, Raynham, 
Berkley, Rehoboth, Norton, and 

William H. Fox, Standing Justice. 
William E. Puller and Erastus M. 
Reed, Special Justices. 

Second District Court of Bristol. 

Fall River. Freetown, Swanzey, 
and Somerset. 

Josiah C. Blaisdell, Standing Jus- 
tice. Milton Reed and Benjamin K. 
Lovatt, Special Justices. 

Third District Court of Bristol. 

New Bedford. Westport, Acush- 
net, Dartmouth, and Fairhaven. 

Alanson Borden, Standing Justice. 
William W. Crapo and Francis W. 
Tappan, Special Justices. Charles 
H. Sanford, Clei*k. 

First District Court of Essex. 

Salem. Beverly, Danvers, Ham- 
ilton, Middleton, Topsfield, and 
Wen bam. 

Joseph B. F. Osgood, Standing 
Justice. Daniel E. Safrord and Na- 
thaniel J. Holden, Special Justices. 

District Court of Eastern Hampden. 
Palmer. Brimfield, Monson, Hol- 
land, and Wales. 




James G. Allen, Standing Justice. 
George Robinson and Ira G. Potter, 
Special Justices. 

First District Court of Eastern Mid- 

Maiden, Wakefield, and Medford. 
Melrose, Everett, Reading, North 
Reading, Stoneham, and Wilming- 

John W. Pettengill, Standing Jus- 
tice. Thomas S. Harlow and Solon 
Baacroft, Special Justices. 

District Court of Central Middlesex. 

Concord. Acton, Bedford, Car- 
lisle, Concord, Lincoln, Maynard, 
Stow, and Lexington. 

John S. Keyes, Standing Justice. 
Aug. E. Scott and Charles Thomp- 
son, Special Justices. 

First District Court of Northern Mid- 

Ayer. Groton, Pepperell, Town- 
send, Ashby, Shirley, Westford, 
Littleton, and Boxborough. 

Levi Wallace, Standing Justice. 
John Spaulding and Warren H. 
Attwood, Special Justices. 

First District Court of Southern Mid- 

Framingham. Ashland, Hollis- 
ton, Hopkinton, Natick, Sherborn, 
Sudbury, and Waylancl. 

C. C. Esty, Standing Justice. 
Edwin C. Morse and L. H. Wake- 
field, Special Justices. 

District Court of East Norfolk. 

Quincy. Randolph, Braintree, 
Cohasset, Weymouth, Iiolbrook, 
and Milton. 

Everett C. Bumpus, Standing Jus- 
tice. James A. Tower and Solomon 
J. Beal, Special Justices. J. White 
Belcher, Clerk. 

First District Court of Plymouth. 

Brockton. Carver, Halifax, 
Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, 
and West Bridgewater. 

J. R. Perkins, Standing Justice. 
C. W. Sumner, Special Justice. D. 
L. Cowell, Cleric. 


Second District Court of Plymouth. 

Abington and Hingham. Han- 
son, Hanover, Hull, Rockland, So. 
Abington, South Scituate. 

Jesse E. Keith, Standing Justice. 
Zenas Perkins and James S. Lewis, 
Special Justices. 

Third District Court of Plymouth. 

Plymouth and Scituate. Dux- 
bury, Kingston, Marshfield, Pem- 
broke, and Plympton. 

Charles G. Davis, Standing Justice. 
William S. Danforth and Frank T. 
Vinal, Special Justices. 

Fourth District Court of Plymouth. 

Middleborough and Warekain. 
Lakeville, Mattapoisett, Marion, 
and Rochester. 

Francis M. Vaughn, Standing Jus- 
tice. S. LeB. Holmes, Special Justice. 

First District Court of Southern 

Southbridge and Webster. Stur- 
bridge, Charlton, Dudley, and Ox- 

Clark Jillson, Standing Justice. 
Frederick W. Botham and William 
H. Davis, Special Justices. 

Second District Court of Southern 

Blackstone and Uxbridge. Doug- 
las and Northbridge. 

Arthur A. Putnam, Standing Jus- 
tice. Zadok A. Taft and F. N. 
Thayer, Special Justices. 

Third District Court of Southern 

Milford. Mendon and Upton. 

Charles A. Dewey, Standing Jus- 
tice. James R. Davis and Charles 
E. Whitney, Special Justices. 

Central District Court of Worcester. 

Worcester. Mill bury, Sutton, Au- 
burn, Leicester, Paxtou, Boylston, 
West Boylston, Holden, and Shrews- 

Hartley Williams, Standing Jus- 
tice. Samuel Utley and George M. 
Woodward, Special Justices. Theo. 
S. Johnson, Clerk. 



[vol. i. 

First District Court of Eastern Wor- 

Westborough an d Grafton. North- 
borough and Soutliborough. 

W. Trowbridge Forbes, Standing 
Justice. Benjamin B. Nourse and 
Hubbard Willson, Special Justices. 

Second District Court of Eastern 

Clinton. Berlin, Harvard, Bolton, 
Lancaster, and (Sterling. 

Cbarles G. Stevens, Standing Jus- 
tice. Christopher C. Stone, Special 
Justice. Frank E. Howard, Cleric. 


Municipal Court of Boston. 
Mellen Chamberlain, Chief Jus- 
tice. Joseph M. Churchill and Wm. 
E. Parmenter, Associate Justices. 
William J. Forsaith, Special Justice. 
John C. Leighton, Cleric (criminal 
business). William T. Connolly, 
Cleric (civil business). 

Municipal Court of Boxbury District, 
Peter S. Wheelock, Justice. Solo- 
mon A. Bolster and Henry W. Ful- 
ler, Special Justices. Alfred Will- 
iams, Cleric. 

Municipal Court of South Boston 
District, Boston. 
Robert I. Burbank, Justice. Jos. 
D. Fallon and Benjamin F. Burn- 
ham, Special Justices. Joseph H. 
Allen, Cleric. 

Municipal Court of East Boston Dis- 
trict, Boston. 
Benjamin Pond, Justice. E. H. 
Thompson, Special Justice. Willard 
S. Allen, Clerk. 

Municipal Court of Charlestown Dis- 
trict, Boston. 
George Washington Warren, Jus- 
tice. Henry W. Bragg and J, H. 
Cotton, Special Justices. Daniel 
Williams, Cleric. 

Municipal Court of Dorchester Dis- 
trict, Boston. 
Joseph E. Churchill, Justice. Geo. 

M. Eeed and George A. Fisher, Spe- 
cial Justices. Eobert T. Swan, Clerk. 

Municipal Court of Brighton District, 
Henry Baldwin, Justice. F. W. 
Galbraith and Michael Norton, 
Special Justices. James H. Eice, 

Municipal Court of West Boxbury 
District, Boston. 
J. M. F. Howard, Justice. George 
E. Fowler and Henry E. Brigham, 
Special Justices. William Maccarty, 


Police Court of Cambridge. 
John S. Ladd, Standing Justice. 
Henry W. Muzzey and Emery Wood- 
ward, Special Justices. Thomas Mc- 
Intyre, Jr., Cleric. 

Police Court of Chelsea. 
Hamlett Bates, Standing Justice. 
Erastus EnggandEben Hutchinson, 
Special Justices. Franklin O. Barnes, 

Police Court of Chicopee. 
Edwin O. Carter, Standing Justice. 
Simon G. Southworth and Luther 
White, Special Justices. 

Police Court of Fitchburg. 
Thornton K. Ware, Standing Jus- 
tice. David H. Merriam, Edward 
P. Loring, Special Justices. George 
W. Cann, Clerk. 

Police Court of Gloucester. 
James Davis, Standing Jusiice. 
Elbridge G. Friend, Special Jusiice. 
Sumner D. York, Clerk. 

Police Court of Haverhill. 
Henry Carter, Standing Justice. 
William E. Blunt, Ira A. Abbott, 
Special Justices. Edward B. George, 

Police Court of Hohjoke. 
W. B. C. Pearsons, Standing Jus- 
tice. Porter Underwood, E. W. 
Chapin, Special Justices. 




Police Court of Lawrence. 
Nathan W. Harmon, Standing Jus- 
tice. Win. H. P. Wright, Wilbur F. 
Gile, Special Justices. Henry F. 
Hopkins, Clerk. 

Police Court of Lee. 
Moses H. Pease, Standing Justice. 
James Bullard, Franklin W. Gibbs, 
Special Justices. 

Police Court of Lowell. 
Nathan Crosby, Standing Justice. 
John Davis, Frederick T. Green- 
halge, Special Justices. 

Police Court of Lynn. 
James R. Newhall, Standing Jus- 
tice. N. Mortimer Hawkes, Rollin 
E. Harmon, Special Justices. Henry 
C. Oliver, Clerk. 

Police Court of Newburyport. 
Wm. E. Currier, Standing Justice. 
John N. Pike, Henry W. Chapman, 
Special Justices. E. F. Bartlett, 

Police Court of Neivton. 
W. W. Carruth, Standing Justice. 
Henry H. Mather, Edward H. Ma- 
son, Special Justices. E. W. Cate. 

Police Court of Somerville. 
Isaac Story, Standing Justice. Al- 
pheus R. Brown, Special Justice. 

Police Court of Springfield. 
Gideon Wells, Standing Justice. 
Samuel B. Spooner, Alfred M. Cope- 
land, Special Justices. Charles C. 
Spellman, Clerk. 

Police Court of Williamstown. 
John R. Buckley, Standing Justice. 
Andrew M. Smith, Henry L. Sabin, 
Special Justices. 

State Boards. 
Boa.rd of Agriculture. 
Members Ex Officiis. His Excel- 
lency Alexander H. Rice ; His Honor 
Horatio G. Knight; Hon. H. B. 
Peirce, Secretary of the Common- 

wealth; Hon. William S. Clark, 
President Mass. Agricultural College; 
Charles A. Goessmann, State Agri- 
cultural Chemist. 

Appointed by the Governor and Coun- 
cil. Leverett Saltonstall of Newton, 
term expires 1878; Paul A. Chad- 
bourne of Williamstown, 1879 ; Mar- 
shall P. Wilder of Boston, 1880. 

Chosen by the County Societies. Mas- 
sachusetts, Charles S. Sargent of 
Brookline, term expires 1880 ; Essex, 
Benjamin P. Ware of Marblehead, 
1881 ; Middlesex, John B. Moore of 
Concord, 1879; Middlesex North, 
John A. Goodwin of Lowell, 1880 ; 
Middlesex South, Thomas J. Damon 
of Wayland, 1881 ; Worcester, O. B. 
Hadwen of Worcester, 1881 ; Wor- 
cester W'est, William A. Warner of 
Hardwick, 1881 ; Worcester North, 
John F. Brown of Lunenburg, 1881 ; 
Worcester Northwest, Enoch T. 
Lewis of Athol, 1880; Worcester 
South, Nathaniel Upham of Stur- 
bridge, 1880; Worcester Southeast, 
William Knowlton of Upton, 1879; 
Hampshire, Franklin, and Hamp- 
den, Milo J. Smith of Northampton, 
1879; Hampshire, Henry C. Comins 
of North Hadley, 1880 ; Highland, A. 
K. Abbott of Chester, 1881 ; Hamp- 
den, J. N. Bagg of West Springfield, 
1879; Hampden East, Horace P. 
Wakefield of Monson, 1879; Union, 
Franklin C. Knox of Blandford, 
1880; Franklin, Arthur A. Smith 
of Colrain, 1880 ; Deerfield Valley, 
E. C. Hawks of Ckarlemont, 1881; 
Berkshire, John E. Merrill of Pitts- 
field, 1879 ; Hoosac Valley, William 
E. Johnson of Williamstown, 1879; 
Housatonic, Daniel B. Fenn of Stock- 
bridge, 1879 ; Norfolk, Henry S. Rus- 
sell of Milton, 1880; Hingham, Ed- 
mund Hersey of Hingham, 1879; 
Bristol, Avery P. Slade of Somer- 
set, 1881 ; Bristol Central, John A. 
Hawes of Fairhaven, 1879; Plym- 
outh, John Lane of East Bridge- 
water, 1881 ; Marshfield, George M. 
Baker of Marshfield, 1879 ; Barn- 
stable, S. B. Phirmey of Barnstable, 
1880; Nantucket, Alex. Macy, Jr., 
of Nantucket, 1879 ; Martha's Vine- 
yard, Hebron Vincent of Edgar- 



[VOL. I. 

town, 1880. Charles L. Flint, Sec- 

Board of Education. 
The Board consists of the Gov- 
ernor and Lieutenant-Governor, ex 
officiis, and eight members, one to 
be appointed annually by the Gov- 
ernor and Council. Gardiner G. 
Hubbard, Cambridge, term expires 
1878; William Rice, Springfield, 
1879; C. C. Estv, Framingham, 
1880 ; Edward B, Gillett, Westfield, 
1881; Christopher P. Hussey, Bil- 
lerica, 1882 ; Charles B. Rice, Dan- 
vers, 1883 ; Henry Chapin, Worces- 
ter, 1884; Alonzo'A. Miner, Boston, 
1885. John W. Dickinson, Secre- 
tary. Office in the Library. Oliver 
Warner, Assistant Secretary and 
Treasurer ; Geo. A. Walton and Eli 
A. Hubbard, Agents ; Walter Smith, 
Director of Art-Education. 

Commissioners, Etc. 

On Insurance. StephenH. Rhodes, 
Boston. Deputy, William S. Smith. 
Office, No. 33 Pemberton Square. 

On Land. Willard P. Phillips, 
Salem, Chairman; Edward C. Purdy, 
Somerville ; Horace C. Bacon, Law- 
rence, Secretary. 

On Prisons. Joseph Burnett, 
Southborough, Chairman ; Stephen 
W. Bowles, Springfield; H. W. B. 
Wightman, Lowell; Thos. D. How- 
ard, Boston, Secretary. Office, State 
House. Advisory Board, Mrs. Pau- 
line A. Durant, Needham ; Mrs. Mary 
G. Ware, Lancaster; Miss Abby R. 
Loring, Boston. 

On Savings Banks. Jeremiah 
Gatchell, Blackstone; Cadwallader 
Curry, Brookline. Office, State 

On Harbors. F. W. Lincoln, 
Boston, Chairman; Albert Mason, 
Brookline; Francis A. Nye, Fal- 

On Railroads. Chas. F. Adams, 
Jr., Chairman; Francis M.Johnson; 
Albert D. Briggs. Clerk, William 
A. Crafts. Supervisor of B. B. 
Accounts, Jas. H. Goodspeed. Office, 
No. 7 Pemberton Square. 

On Inland Fisheries. Edward A. 

Brackett, Winchester ; Asa French, 
Braintree ; Theodore Lyman, Brook- 

On Pilots for the Port of Boston. 
Jacob G. Pierce, Milton ; Nathaniel 
Spooner, Boston. (Chap. 176, Acts 
of 1862.) 

On Cattle. Levi Stockbridge, 
Amherst; Elisha F. Thayer, West 
Newton ; Horace W. Jordan, Brigh- 

On Corporations. Daniel A. Glea- 
son. Office, State House. 

Board of State Charities. Nathan 
Allen, Lowell, Chairman; Moses 
Kimball, Boston; Charles F. Don- 
nelly, Boston. Secretary, Sidney 
Andrews, Brookline. Office, State 
House. General Agent, Stephen C. 
Wrightington, Fall River. Visiting 
Agent, Gardiner Tufts, Lynn. 

Board of Health. Henry I. Bow- 
ditch, Boston; Robert T. Davis, 
Fall River; Richard Frothingham, 
Boston ; David L. Webster, Boston ; 
John C. Hoadley, Lawrence ; Thos. 
B. Newhall, Lynn ; Chas. F. Folsom, 
Boston, Secretary. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Carroll 
D. Wright, Boston. Deputy, Charles 
F. Pidgin. Office, 33 Pemberton 

State Directors of Boston and Albany 
Bail road (elected by the Legisla- 
ture). Terms expire in 187b : J. H. 
Chad wick, Boston ; Thomas Talbot, 
Biilerica; Charles L. Wood, New 
Bedford. Terms expire in 1879_: 
Francis B. Hayes, Boston; D. N. 
Skillings, Avmchester. 

Inspector of Leather. George R. 
Hodgdon, Boston. 

Inspector of Gas and Gas-meters. 
Charles W. Hinman, Boston. 

Inspector-General of Fish. Will- 
iam Cogswell, Salem. 

Inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes. 
Moody D. Cook, Newburyport. 

Surveyor-General of Lumber. Geo. 
W. Cram, Cambridge. 

Agent concerning Flats of B. H. and 
Erie B. B. Edward S. Philbrick, 

State Assay ers of Ores and Metals. 
S. Dana Hayes, Boston; Augustus 
A. Hayes, Boston; Stephen P. 

1878-9. J 



Sharpies, Cambridge; Horace L. 
Bowker, Boston. 

State Liquor Assayer. James F. 
Babcock, Boston. 

State Institutions. 
Lunatic Hospitals. 

The government of each is Tested 
in a Board of Five Trustees, one to 
be appointed annually by the 
Governor and Council, and the 
place of the senior member, as 
arranged in the following order, to 
be vacated each year. 

Worcester. Jas. B. Thayer, Mil- 
ton, 1878; Robert W. Hooper, 
Boston, 1879; William S. Lincoln, 
Worcester, 1880; Thos. H. Gage, 
1881 ; John D. Washburn, Worces- 
ter, 1882. Superintendent, Barnard 
D. Eastman, M. D. 

Taunton. Simeon Borden, Fall 
River, 1878 ; Le Baron Russell, 
Boston, 1879 ; Samuel L. Crocker. 
Taunton, 1880; George Howland, 
Jr., New Bedford, 1881; Wm. C. 
Lovering, Taunton, 1882. Super- 
intendent, William W. Godding, M. 

Northampton. Edward Hitch- 
cock, Amherst, 1878 ; Silas M. 
Smith, Northampton, 1879 ; Adams 
C. Deane, Green held, 1880 ; Henry 
W. Taft, Pittsfield, 1881 ; Edward 
H. Sawyer, Easthampton, 1882. 
Superintendent, Pliny Earle, M. D. 

Danvers. Gardner A. Churchill, 
Boston, 1878 ; Samuel W. Hopkin- 
son, Bradford, 1879 ; Charles P. 
Preston, Danvers, 1880 ; Daniel S. 
Richardson, Lowell, 1881 ; James 
Sturgis, Boston, 1882. 

State Reform School for Boys 
— Westborough. 

The government consists of a 
Board of Seven Trustees, appointed 
by the Governor and Council. 

Trustees, Stephen G. Deblois, 
Boston, 1878; Samuel M. Griggs, 
Westborough, 1878; Edwin B. 
Harvey, Westborough, 1878 ; 
John L. Cummins, Ashburnham, 
1879 ; Jackson B. Swett, Haverhill, 

1879 ; William H. Baldwin, Boston, 

1880 ; Samuel R. Hey wood, Worces- 

ter, 1880; Milo Hildreth, North- 
borough, 1881. Superintendent, Allen 
G. Shepherd. Treasurer, Samuel M. 

State Industrial School for 
Girls — Lancaster. 

The government is constituted 
like that of the State Reform 

Trustees, Henry C. Greeley, Clin- 
ton, 1878 ; Lewis H. Bradford, Fitch- 
burg, 1878 ; Mrs. Annie B. Rich- 
ardson, Lowell, 1878; Frank B. 
Fay, Chelsea, 1879; Harmon Hall, 
Saugus, 1879 ; Miss Anna R. Faulk- 
ner, 1879; Robert O. Fuller, Cam- 
bridge, 1880 ; Mrs. Mary S. Lamson, 
Winchester, 1880; Richard H. 
Stearns, Boston, 1880 ; Joseph A. 
Allen, Newton, 1881. Superintend- 
ent, Loring Lothrop. Treasurer, 
Frank B. Fay, Chelsea. 

Massachusetts Eye and Ear 
Infirmary — Boston. 

Two Trustees appointed by the 

Trustees, Willard P. Phillips, 
Salem; Isaac N. Stoddard, Plym- 

Massachusetts School for Idi- 
otic and Feeble-Minded Youth 
— South Boston. 

Board of twelve Trustees, six of 
whom are appointed by the Gov- 
ernor and Council (chap. 150, Acts 
of 1850, and Resolves, chap. 6Q, of 
1861) ; viz., Chas. H. Waters, Gro- 
ton ; Henry G. Denny, Dorchester ; 
Lewis Allen, Peabody ; Charles 
D. Homans, Boston ; Levi How- 
ard, Chelmsford ; John S. Dam- 
rell, Boston. Superintendent, Ed- 
ward Jarvis. Eight additional 
Trustees are appointed by the 

Perkins Institution and Massa- 
chusetts Asylum for the 
Blind — South Boston. 
Trustees. Andrew P. Peabody, 

Cambridge ; Francis Brooks, Med- 

ford ; John S. Dwight, Boston ; J. 

Theodore Heard, Boston. 



[VOL. i. 

State Prison — Charlestown. 

Three Inspectors ; one to be ap- 
pointed annually by the Governor 
and Council, for a term of three 

Inspectors. Ezra Parmenter, Cam- 
bridge, 1878; Daniel E. Safford, 
Hamilton, 1879 ; Geo. O. Brastow, 
Somerville, 1880. 

Warden, Samuel E. Chamberlain, 
appointed December, 1871 ; Deputy 
Warden, Almon Hale; Clerk, Wm. 
Peirce ; Physician, Jas. A. Latimer, 
M. D. 

Agent for Discharged Convicts, Dan'l 

Reformatory Prison for Women 
— Sherborn. 
Superintendent, Mrs. Eudora C. 
Atkinson, Boston; Physician, Miss 
Eliza M. Mosher, Framingham ; 
Chaplain, Miss Mary Fosdick, Bos- 
ton; Treasurer, John C. Wkiton, 

State Almshouse — Tewksbury. 

The Board of Inspectors consists 
of three members ; one member to 
be appointed annually. Salary, 
$100 per annum, and travelling 

Inspectors, Francis H. Nourse, 
Winchester, 1878; Wm. R. Spald- 
ing, Lawrence, 1879 ; Geo. P. Elliott, 
Billerica, 1880. 

Superintendent, Thomas J. Marsh; 
Resident Physician, Wm. H. Lathrop ; 
First Assistant Physician, George E. 
Putney ; Second Assistant Physician, 
E. Q. Marston. 

State Workhouse — Bridgewater. 

Inspectors, Seabury W. Bowen, 
Fall River, 1878 ; Joshua E. Crane, 
Bridge water, 1879; J. White Bel- 
cher, Randolph, 1880. 

Superintendent, Nahum Leonard, 
Jr. ; Physician, Edward Sawyer. 

State Primary School — Monson. 

Inspectors, Samuel D. Brooks, 
Springfield, 1878 ; Enoch V. B. Hoi- 
comb, Chicopee, 1880. 

Superintendent and Physician, Jas. 
H. Bradford, Easthampton. 

Volunteer Militia. 
Commander-in-Chief and Staff. 

Commander-in-Chief, His Excel- 
lency Alexander H. Rice. 

Adjutant- General and Acting Quar- 
termaster-General, Major-Gen. James 
A. Cunningham. 

Assistant Adjutant- Generals, Cols. 
Isaac F. Kingsbury, C. Frank Lu- 
ther, John H. Rice. 

Inspector- General, Brig. Gen. Cor- 
nelius G. Attwood. 

Assistant Inspector- Generals. Col. 
Edward G. Stevens, Lieut. Colonels 
Frederick Mason, A. Hun Berry. 

Assistant Quartermaster- General, 
Col. Henry G. Parker. 

Judge- Advocate-General, Brig. Gen. 
Wilmon W. Blackmar. 

Surgeon-General, Brig. Gen. Wm. 
J. Dale. 

Assistant Surg eon- General, Col. 
Joshua B. Treadwell. 

Aides-de-Camp, Colonels William 
V. Hutchings, William A. Tower, 
Arthur T. Lyman, William P. Alex- 

Military Secretary to Governor, Col. 
George H. Campbell. 

First Brigade. 

Headquarters, Boylston Hall, Boston. 

Brigadier-General, Hobart Moore, 

Assistant Adjutant- General, Lieut. 
Col. Solomon A. Bolster, Boston. 

Medical Director, Lieut. Col. John 
L. Hildreth, Cambridge. 

Assistant Inspector-General, Major 
Edmund H. Hewins, Boston. 

Assistant Quartermaster, Capt. R. 
Julius Richardson, Boston. 

Aides-de-Camp, Capt. Herbert E. 
Hill, Somerville; Capt. W. H. 
Lethbridge, Boston. 

Engineer, Capt. Henry M. Nourse, 

Judge-Advocate, Capt. Henry E. 
Fales, Milford. 

Provost-Marshal, Capt. Lamont G. 
Burnham, Boston. 


Headquarters at Springfield. 
Lieutenant-Colonel, Robert J. 
Hamilton, Springheld ; Major, Ben- 




jamin F. Bridges, Jr., South Deer- 
field ; Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
Charles W. Mutell, Springfield; 
Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
William Mink, Pittsfield ; Paymas- 
ter (rank of 1st Lieut.), Thomas 
F. Cordis, Longmeadow; Surgeon 
(rank of Major), David Clark, 
Springfield; Chaplain, Albert H. 
Sweetser, Plymouth ; Assistant 
Surgeon (rank of 1st Lieut.), Geo. 
M. Reed, South Deerfield. 

Company B, Springfield. Capt., 
Fred. G. Southmayd ; 1st Lieut., 
Henry McDonald ; 2d Lieut., Chas. 
H. Rust. 

Company C, North Adams. Capt., 
Frank N. Ray ; 1st Lieut., Wallace 
Freeman ; 2d Lieut., William S. 

Company E, Pittsfield. Capt., 
(capt. vacant) ; 1st Lieut., J. Brain- 
ard Clark ; 2d Lieut., John Nichol- 

Company G, Springfield. Capt., 
George F. Sessions; 1st Lieut., 
Simon J. Pierce ; 2d Lieut., George 
D. Smith. 

Company H, South Deerfield. 
Capt., Pharcellus D. Bridges ; 1st 
Lieut., Charles S. Thayer; 2d 
Lieut., Worthington H. Lyman. 

Company I, Shelburne Falls. 
Capt., Frederick W. Merriam; 1st 
Lieut., John A. Halligan ; 2d Lieut., 
Timothy C. Cronan. 


Major, Daniel A. Butler, New 
Bedford; Adjutant (rank of 1st 
Lieut.), William B. Topham, New 
Bedford; Quartermaster (rank of 
1st Lieut.), Sierra L. Braley, Fall 
River; Paymaster (rank of 1st 
Lieut.), Orando F. Bly, New Bed- 
ford; Surgeon (rank of Major), 
Stephen W. Hayes, New Bedford; 
Chaplain, George M. Hamlen, Taun- 

Company E, New Bedford. Capt., 
William Sanders; 1st Lieut., John 
McAfee ; 2d Lieut., John H. Deane. 

Company F, Taunton. Capt., 
Alfred B. Hodges ; 1st Lieut., 
Henry C. Spence; 2d Lieut., Geo. 
F. Williams. 

Company G, Taunton. Capt., 
William A. Willard; 1st Lieut., 
Ferdinand S. Reed; 2d Lieut., 
Leonard C. Couch. 

Company H, Plymouth. Capt., 
Herbert Morissey; 1st Lieut., Jas. 
F. Berry ; 2d Lieut., L. Allen Brad- 


Headquarters, Boylston Hall, Boston. 

Major, Austin C. Wellington, 
Cambridge; Adjutant, D. Austin 
Brown, Boston ; Quartermaster, 
Edwin G. Smith, Boston ; Paymas- 
ter, Louis H. Parkhurst, Boston; 
Surgeon, Horace E. Marion, Bos- 
ton ; Assistant * Surgeon, George 
Stedman, Boston; Chaplain, J. F. 
W. Ware, Boston. 

Company A, Boston. Capt., Geo. 
O. Noyes; 1st Lieut., Henry F. 
Knowles ; 2d Lieut., Edward A. 

Company B, Cambridge. Capt., 
Levi Hawkes ; 1st Lieut., William 
E. Lloyd ; 2d Lieut., Wm. H. Clark. 

Company C, Boston. Capt., Wm. 
Downie; 1st Lieut., Samuel R. 
Field ; 2d Lieut., William M. Bulle- 

Company D, East Boston. Capt., 
Henry Parkinson, Jr. ; 1st Lieut., 
George E. Harrington; 2d Lieut., 
Edward Robbins. 


Headquarters at Lawrence. 

Colonel, Melvin Beal, Lawrence; 
Lieutenant-Colonel, Albert Pinder, 
Lowell; Major, Smith M. Decker, 
Lawrence; Adjutant (rank of 1st 

Lieut.), ; Quartermaster 

(rank of 1st Lieut.), Jas. L. Davis, 
Lawrence ; Paymaster (rank of 1st 

Lieut.), ; Surgeon (rank of 

Major), Geo. E. Pinkham, Lowell ; 
Chaplain, George W. Perry, Law- 
rence ; Assistant Surgeon (rank of 
1st Lieut.), Nathan S. Chamberlain, 

Company A, Wakefield. Capt., 
Albert Mansfield, Lynnfield ; 1st 
Lieut., Chas. F. Woodward, Wake- 
field ; 2d Lieut., George M. Thomp- 
son, Wakefield. 



[VOL. I. 

Company C, Lowell. Capt., Al- 
vin A. Hanscom ; 1st Lieut., Wm. 
L. Gregg; 2d Lieut., Eugene P. 

Company D, Lowell. Capt., Hen- 
ry M. Booth ; 1st Lieut., Frank B. 
Clements ; 2d Lieut., Alvin M. Lon- 

Company E, Marlborough. Capt., 
Edmund C. Whitney ; 1st Lieut., 
Henry Parsons ; 2d Lieut., Ambrose 
M. Page. 

Company F, Haverhill. Capt., 
John N. Ellsworth, Jr. ; 1st Lieut., 
Marshall Alden; 2d Lieut., 

Company G, Lowell. Capt., Chas. 
H. Richardson ; 1st Lieut., Allen 
Bailey; 2d Lieut., Asa W. Mead. 

Company I, Lawrence. Capt., 
Daniel F. Dolan ; 1st Lieut., John 
P. O'Connor; 2d Lieut., William H. 

Company K, Lawrence. Capt., 
Lawrence Duchesney; 1st Lieut., 
George W. Towne ; 2d Lieut., Alvin 
E. Towne. 


Headquarters at Fitchburg. 

Colonel, John W. Kimball, Fitch- 
burg; Lieutenant-Colonel, George 
E. Goodrich,' 1 Fitchburg; Major, 
William H. King, Worcester ; Adju- 
tant (rank of 1st Lieut.), James E. 
Childs, Worcester ; Quartermaster 
(rank of 1st Lieut.), Joel A. Strat- 
ton, Leominster ; Paymaster (rank 
of 1st Lieut.), Frederick F. Wood- 
ward, Fitchburg ; Surgeon (rank of 
Major), Frederick H. Thompson, 
Fitchburg ; Chaplain, Geo. S. Ball, 
Upton ; Assistant Surgeon (rank of 
1st Lieut.), Benj. H. Hartwell, Ayer. 

Company A, Worcester. Capt., 
Edwiu R. Shumway; 1st Lieut., 
Charles Tarbox ; 2d Lieut., Forbes 
B. Fay. 

Company B, Fitchburg. Capt., 

Henry G. Greene ; 1st Lieut., 

; 2d Lieut., Herbert A. Wil- 


Company C, Worcester. Capt., 
Joseph P. Mason ; 1st Lieut., Thos. 
E. Leavitt; 2d Lieut.. Frank L. 

Company D, Fitchburg. Capt., 
John H. Kirby; 1st Lieut., Michael 
Donlan ; 2d Lieut., Wm. J. Winch. 

Company E, Ashburnham. Capt., 
Walter O. Parker ; 1st Lieut., Jo- 
siah W. Bride; 2d Lieut., Lucius 
R. Hodgman. 

Company F, Ayer. Capt., Geo. 
V. Barrett; 1st Lieut., Charles F. 
Williamson; 2d Lieut., Charles F. 

Company G, Millbury. Capt., 
Arthur H. Batchelor; 1st Lieut., 
George H. Chaffln; 2d Lieut., Geo. 

A. Flagg. 

Company K, Leominster. Capt., 
Clesson Kenney ; 1st Lieut., Henry 
Joy ; 2d Lieut., Madison Beal. 


Capt., Charles A. Francis; 1st 
Lieut., Robert Bell ; 2d Lieut., Geo. 
H. Worthington. 


Headquarters at Lawrence. 

Major, George S. Merrill, Law- 
rence ; Adjutant (rank of 1st 
Lieut.), James Ingalls, Methuen; 
Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
George W. Russell, Lawrence ; Pay- 
master (rank of 1st Lieut.), Albert 
D. Swan, Lawrence ; Surgeon (rank 
of Major), David Dana, Lawrence; 
Chaplain, ; Assistant Sur- 
geon (rank of 1st Lieut.), Edward 
O. Otis, Boston. 

Battery B, Worcester. Capt., 
George L. Allen ; 1st Lieut., Chas. 
Hartwell ; 1st Lieut., Charles L. 
Defose ; 2d Lieut., Geo. H. Barnes ; 
2d Lieut., . 

Battery C, Melrose. Capt., Clark 

B. Baldwin ; 1st Lieut., Charles O. 
Boyd; 1st Lieut., Jacob M. Ellis; 
2d Lieut., Benjamin F. Cannon; 
2d Lieut., Frank T. Palmer. 


Headquarters at Chelmsford. 
Capt., Sherman H. Fletcher, West- 
ford ; Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
Elijah D. Bearse, North Chelms- 




ford ; Assistant Surgeon (rank of 

1st Lieut.), ; 1st Lieut., 

Nathan B. Lapham, Chelmsford ; 
2d Lieut., Arthur M. Clement, Bos- 

Second Brigade. 
Headquarters, 5i Beacon St., Boston. 

Brigadier-General, Eben Sutton, 
North Andover. 

Assistant Adjutant-General, Lieut. 
Col. Robert G. Shaw, Boston. 

Medical Director, Lieut. Col. 

Assistant Inspector- General, Maj. 
Hugh Cochrane, Boston. 

Assistant Quartermaster, Capt. Dan- 
iel W. Lawrence, Medford. 

Aides-de-Camp, Capt. Edward N. 
Fenno, Boston ; Capt. A.Lawrence 
Edmands, Newton. 

Engineer, Capt. Horace Binney 
Sargent, Jr., Boston. 

Judge-Advocate, Capt. Arthur Lin- 
coln, Hingham. 

Provost-Marshal, Capt. F. W. Law- 
rence, Brookline. 


Headquarters, 608 Washington Street, 

Lieutenant-Colonel, Nathaniel 
Wales; Major, William A. Smith; 
Adjutant, John A. Lowell ; Quarter- 
master, William H. Jones ; Pay- 
master, Edw. B. Blasland ; Surgeon, 
Horace Chase ; Assistant Surgeon, 
Robert M. Lawrence — all of Bos- 
ton ; Chaplain, Warren H. Cud- 
worth, E. Boston, 

Company A, Boston. Capt., A. 
Spalding Weld ; 1st Lieut., Free- 
man A. Taber ; 2d Lieut., Frank N. 
Brown, Newton. 

Company C, Newton. Capt., Geo. 
N. B. Cousens ; 1st Lieut., Robert B. 
Safford ; 2d Lieut., Fred. H. Adams. 

Company D, Boston. Capt., Al- 
bert W. Hersey ; 1st Lieut., Thomas 
R. Matthews. 

Company G, Boston. Capt., Hen- 
ry A. Snow ; 1st Lieut., ; 

2d Lieut., George H. Lincoln. 

Company H, Chelsea. Capt., 
Henry Wilson, Jr. ; 1st Lieut., Geo. 
W. White; 2d Lieut., John F. 


Company I, Brockton. Capt., 
Bradford Morse ; 1st Lieut., James 
N. Keith ; 2d Lieut., Frederick 


Headquarters, 82 Main Street, Charles- 

Colonel, Ezra J. Trull, Boston ; 
Lieutenant-Colonel, Leonard C. 
Lane, Waltham ; Major, Henry G. 
Jordan, Boston ; Adjutant, Frank 
L. Stephenson, Boston ; Quarter- 
master, Frank G. Williams, Somer- 
ville; Paymaster, Charles A. Fair- 
banks, Boston; Surgeon, Edw. J. 
Forster, Boston ; Chaplaiu, William 
T. Stowe, Boston ; Assistant Sur- 
geon, Samuel Howe, Boston. 

Company A, Boston. Capt., John 
E. Phipps. 

Company C, Concord. Capt., Al- 
fred B. C. Dakin ; 1st Lieut., Wm. 
H. Benjamin ; 2d Lieut., Frank W. 

Company D, Boston. Capt., 
Frederick B. Bogan ; 1st Lieut., 
John Marley ; 2d Lieut., Frank H. 

Company E, Medford. Capt., 
Jophanus H. Whitney ; 1st Lieut., 
Charles R. Dawson ; 2d Lieut., Fred 
P. Harlow. 

Company F, Waltham. Capt., G. 

Frank Frost ; 1st Lieut.. ; 

2d Lieut., John G. Miller. 

Company G, * Woburn. Capt., 
Alonzo L. Richardson. 

Company H, Boston. Capt., Isaac 
W. Derby ; 1st Lieut., J. Henry 

Company K, Cambridge. Capt., 
William L. B. Robinson ; 1st Lieut., 
George P. Twitchell; 2dLieut.,Wm. 
A. Bancroft. 


Headquarters at Lynn. 
Major, Charles C. Fry, Lynn ; 
Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
Mark F. Hutchings, Lynn; Quar- 
termaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
Charles W. Knapp, Lynn ; Pay- 
master (rank of 1st Lieut.), Charles 
H. Boardman, Lynn ; Surgeon (rank 
of Major), George Perkins, Boston ; 



[VOL. I. 

Chaplain, ; Assistant Sur- 
geon (rank of 1st Lieut.), Uranus 
O. B. Wingate, Needham. 

Company F, Lynn. Capt., Wm. 
J. Clark >; 1st Lieut., James H. Tu- 
mitk ; 2d Lieut., Edwin C. Stone. 

Company I, Lynn. Capt., Ckas. 
E. Chase ; 1st Lieut., James F. Pool ; 
2d Lieut., Nathan E. Moulton. 

Headquarters at Lynn. 

Colonel, Benjamin F. Peach, Jr., 
Lynn; Lieutenant-Colonel, Charles 
L. Ayers, Newburyport ; Major, 
Edward F- Bartlett, Newburyport ; 
Adjutant (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
Francis A. Osgood, Marblehead ; 
Quartermaster (rank of 1st Lieut.), 
Augustus Brown, Salem; Paymas- 
ter (rank of 1st Lieut.), William N. 
Tyler, Wakefield ; Surgeon (rank 
of Major), Preston M. Chase, Dan- 
vers; Chaplain, Minot G. Gage, 
Gloucester; Assist. Surgeon (rank 
of 1st Lieut.), Charles A. Carlton, 

Company A, Newburyport. Capt., 
David L. Withington ; 1st Lieut., 
Henry Walsh ; 2d Lieut., William 

Company B, Newburyport. Capt., 
Samuel W. Tuck ; 1st Lieut., John 
W. Sargent ; 2d Lieut., James K. 

Company C, Marblehead. Capt., 
Charles 0. Hare ; 1st Lieut., Henry 
N. Mudge; 2d Lieut., Richard H. 

Company D, Lynn. Capt., John 
G. Warner; 1st Lieut., Clarence M. 
Sprague ; 2d Lieut., Frederick E. 

Company E, Beverly. Capt., 
Charles L. Dodge; 1st Lieut., Win- 
throp E. Perry; 2d Lieut., John 

Company G, Gloucester. Capt., 
Richard C. Lawrence ; 1st Lieut., 
Henry A. Lane ; 2d Lieut., David 

Company H, Salem. Capt., Jona- 
than Osborne ; 1st Lieut., George 
A. Copeland; 2d Lieut., Nathaniel 
D. Pierce. 

Company K, Salem. Capt., Jas. 

Leonard; 1st Lieut., Daniel Casey; 
2d Lieut., William J. Saunders. 


Headquarters, 738 Washington Street, 

Lieutenant-Colonel, William M. 
Strachan, Boston; Major, George 
A. J. Colgan, South Boston : Adju- 
tant, Matthew J. Callahan, Boston; 
Quartermaster, Simon S. Rankin, 
Boston ; Paymaster, John Lyons, 
Boston ; Surgeon, John H. Kenneal- 
ly, Cambridge ; Chaplain, Dennis J. 
O'Donovan, Dedham. 

Company A, Boston. Capt., Pat- 
rick J. Reardon ; 1st Lieut., John J. 
Boyle ; 2d Lieut., William F. Grace. 

Company C, Boston. Capt., Ed- 
mund B. Meekan ; 1st Lieut., Jame3 
H. Nugent. 

Company E, Boston. Capt., Eu- 
gene E. Montgomery; 1st Lieut., 
Lawrence J. Ford ; 2d Lieut., John 
J. Gateley. 

Company G, Boston. Capt., 

; 1st Lieut., William H. O'Con- 
nor ; 2d Lieut., Francis J. I vers. 

Company H, Boston. Capt., Dan'l 
J. Sweeney; 1st Lieut., Patrick J. 
Grady; 2d Lieut., J. F. Madigan. 

Company K, Boston. Capt., Wm. 
Barry ; 1st Lieut., James F. Barry. 


Headquarters, 37 Tremont St., Boston. 

Major, Dexter H. Follett, Boston; 
Adjutant, ; Quartermas- 
ter, Thomas Restieaux, Boston ; Pay- 
master, John Sullivan, Boston ; Sur- 
geon, Walter Ela, Boston: Chap- 
lain, Minot J. Savage, Boston ; As- 
sistant Surgeon, William A. Dumi, 

Company A, Boston. Capt., Geo. 
S. Holt; 1st Lieut., Chas. F. Thurs- 
ton ; 2d Lieut., Aaron F. Nettleton. 

Company D, Boston. Capt., Aaron 


Headquarters, Wareham Street, corner 
Harrison Avenue, Boston. 
Captain, Nathan Appleton, Bos- 
ton; Adjutant, Geo. B Gartwright, 
Maiden; Assistant Surgeon, Wm. 




Appleton, Boston ; 1st Lieutenants, 
J. F. Murray, Cambridge; Joseph 
W. Smith, Cambridge ; 2d Lieuten- 
ant, George W. Brooks, Boston. 


Headquarters, 94 Tremont St., Boston. 

Lieutenant-Colonel, Thomas F. 
Edmands, Boston ; Major, Charles 
P. Hortou, Boston ; Paymaster, Cap- 
tain Charles E. Stevens, Boston ; 
1st Lieutenant and Adjutant, Fran- 
cis H. Appleton, Boston ; 1st Lieu- 
tenant and Quartermaster, Charles 
C. Melcher, Boston; Surgeon, Dr. 
William L. Richardson, Boston ; 
Assistant Surgeon, Charles S. Will- 
iams, Boston. 

This corps has a battalion organ- 
ization, with the following company 
officers : William F. Lawrence, Bos- 
ton; William E. Perkins, Boston; 
George R. Rogers, Brookline ; Chas. 
J. Williams, Boston, — each with the 
rank of Captain. Win. L. Parker, 
Brookline ; Eben Dale, Boston ; Al- 
bert C. Pond, Boston ; William H. 
Alline, Boston, — rank of 1st Lieu- 


Headquarters at Salem. 

Lieutenant-Colonel, Samuel Dal- 
ton, Salem; Major, ; Ad- 
jutant (rauk of 1st Lieut.), John C. 
Chadwick,' Salem ; Quartermaster, 
(rank of 1st Lieut.), Edward A. 
Simonds, Salem; Paymaster (rank 
of Capt.), Thos. H. Johnson, Salem ; 
Surgeon (rank of Maj.), George S. 
Osborn, Peabody ; Assistant Surgeon 
(rank of 1st Lieut.), David Coggin, 

Company A, Salem. Capt., Ed- 
ward Hobbs. 

Company B, Salem. Capt., Chas. 
H. Masury. 

Company C, Salem. Capt., J. 
Frank Dafton. 

Company D, Salem. Capt., John 
W. Hart. 

Ancient and Honorable Artil- 
lery Company. 

Officers for 1877 and 1878. Cap- 
tain, Lieut. John L. Stevenson, Bos- 

ton ; 1st Lieutenant, Capt. Nicholas 
N. Noyes, Boston; 2d Lieutenant, 
Col. George M. Atwood, Maiden; 
Adjutant, Col. Ezra J. Trull, Charles- 
town ; 1st Sergeant of Infantry, 
Lieut. Edward E. Allen, Boston ; 
2d Sergeant of Infantry, Sergt. Geo. 
B. Martis, Boston ; 3d Sergeant of 
Infantry, Sergt. George E. Hall, 
Roxbury ; 4th Sergeant of Infantry, 
Capt. Charles B. Whiting, Worces- 
ter ; 5fch Sergeant of Infantry, Col. 
F. W. Bigelow, Weston ; 1st Ser- 
geant of Artillery, Capt. Harvey B. 
Wilder, Worcester ; 2d Sergeant of 
Artillery, Mr. B. Franklin Smith, 
Boston; 3d Sergeant of Artillery, 
Mr. H. C. Barnabee, Boston; 4th 
Sergeant of Artillery, Lieut. Will- 
iam H. Pattee, Arlington ; 5th 
Sergeant of Artillery, Mr. George 
H. Philbrook, Boston; Treasurer 
and Paymaster, Sergt. Vincent La 
Forme, Boston; Clerk and Assist- 
ant Paymaster, Lieut. George H. 
Allen, Boston ; Armorer and Quar- 
termaster, Sergt. George P. May, 

State Detective Force. 

Chief Detective, Luther Stephenson, 
Jr., office, 35 Pemberton Square, 

Detectives, Hollis C. Pinkham, Jas. 
P. Wade, David B. Keith, Joseph 
H. Knox, Daniel Noonan, David L. 
Wentworth, George H. Innis, M. V. 
B. Hersom, Francis M. Smith, John 
B. Hollis, Jr., Chase Philbrick, Wm. 
E. Carleton, Boston ; Benj. Buffin- 
ton, Fall River; John Crosby, Jr., 
Pittsfield ; Henry C. Joslyu, Hol- 
yoke ; John C. Blood, Lowell ; Chas. 
A. W. Oesting, New Bedford; P. 
O'Day, Jr., Worcester; Festus C. 
Currier, Fitchburg ; Geo. W. War- 
ren, Deerfield ; Kendrick B. Web- 
ster, Springfield; Chas. L. Ayers, 
Newburyport ; Samuel T. Allen, 
Quincy; Josiah A. Bean, Natick; 
William Cronin, Gloucester; An- 
drew Campbell, Westfield ; James 
U. Hunt, Lynn; William M. Hill, 
Salem; Horatio S. Kelley, Dennis 
Port; Geo. C. Pratt, North Abing- 



[VOL. I. 

County Officers. 
Barnstable County. 

Shire Town, Barnstable. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
Joseph. M. Day, Barnstable ; Regis- 
ter of Probate and Insolvency, Charles 
Thacher, 2d, Yarmouth ; Cleric of 
tlie Courts, Smith K. Hopkins ; Reg- 
ister of Deeds, Asa E. Lovell; County 
Treasurer, Charles H. Nye ; Sheriff, 
Levi L. Goodspeed — all of Barn- 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Barnstable, Thomas Harris. 

Dennis ( West), John Small. 

Falmouth, Isaac S. Lawrence. 

Harwich Port, Elbridge G. Doane. 

Orleans, Ensign B. Rogers. 

Provincetown, Joseph Wkitcomb. 

Sandwich, Ezra T. Pope. 

Wellfleet, Reuben C. Sparrow. 

Yarmouth, Charles M. Bray. 

Barnstable, Joseph Bursley. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Barnstable, 2d Tuesday of Jan- 
uary, February, March, August, 
September, and December, and 3d 
Tuesday of April and June. 

At Falmouth, 3d Tuesday of No- 

At Harwich, 2d Monday after 1st 
Tuesday of May, and Monday after 
3d Tuesday of October. 

At Provincetown, Wednesday 
next after 3d Tuesday of May, and 
Wednesday next after 4th Tuesday 
of October. 

At Wellfleet, 3d Tuesday of May 
and 4th Tuesday of October. 

County Commissioners. 

Joshua C. Robinson, Falmouth ; 
James S. Howes, Dennis ; Jonathan 
Higgins, Orleans. 

Special Commissioners, John W. 
Davis, Provincetown ; Joshua M. 
Howes, Yarmouth. 

Times of Meeting. At Barnstable, 
2d Tuesday of April and October. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Barnstable, Thomas Harris, Alvan 
8. Hailett. 

Chatham, Hiram Harding. 

Dennis {East), David P. Howes. 

Eastham, Abijah Mayo, Elijah E. 

Eastham {North), Isaiah H. Horton. 

Falmouth, Thomas Hinckley. 

Orleans, G. W. Cumings. 

Truro, Asa Sellew, Paul Knowles. 

Wellfleet, William Cleverly, Isaiah 
Hatch, Mulford Rich, Seth New- 
comb, Jr., Lewis Paine, Washington 
F. Pierce. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Barnstable, Samuel Snow. 
Provincetown, Henry Shortle. 
Yarmouth, Joshua M. Howes. 

Master in Chancery. 
Barnstable, Smith K. Hopkins. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Barnstable, Joseph M. Day, David 

Brewster, Tully Crosby, William 
W. Knowles. 

Dennis, Samuel S. Baker. ( West,) 
Obed Baker, 2d, Zadok dwell. 
Dennis Port, James Berry. 

Falmouth, George E. Clarke, Eras- 
mus Gould, William Nye. 

Harwich, Nathaniel Doane, Jr. ; 
West Harwich, Nehemiah D. Kelley. 

Orleans, Jonathan Higgins. 

Provincetown, Nathan D. Freeman, 
James Gifford. 

Sandivich, E. Stowell Whittemore, 
Charles B. Hall. 

Wellfleet, Simeon Atwood, Thomas 

Yarmouth Port, James B. Crocker. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 
a t. 

Barnstable, Charles C. Bearse, Da- 
vid Bursley, Walter Chipman, tJo- 
seph M. Day, Alvan S. Hailett, 
Thomas Harris, tNathaniel Hinck- 
ley, Ferdinand G. Kelley, Elijah 
Lewis, 2d, Freeman H. Lothrop, 
Asa E. Lovell, George G. Lowell, 
Charles H. Nye, Augustus T. Per- 
kins, Sylvanus B. Phinney, Erastus 




Scudder, Nathaniel Sears, John P. 
Washburn. Cotuit Port, Andrew 
Lovell. West Barnstable, tLevi L. 
Goodspeed, Frederick Parker. Hy- 
annis, Theodore F. Basset, Joseph R. 
Hall, Joseph T. Hall, Frederick 
Scudder, Samuel Snow. Osterville, 
George H. Hinckley. 

Brewster, Freeman Cobb, Tully 
Crosby, Charles S. Foster. 

Chatham, Joshua Y. Bearse, Benj. 

D. Gilford, Josiah Hardy, Samuel 
Higgins, David Mayo, Isaac B. 
Young. North Chatham, Benjamin 
T. Freeman. South Chatham, Levi 

Dennis, Luther Fiisk, James S. 
Howes. Dennis Port, Joseph K. 
Baker, James Berry, Abner L. Ellis, 
Isaiah C. Inman, Thomas P. Howes, 
Nathan Sears, Seth Tobey. East 
Dennis, Warren Applebee, Ernest 
H. Liseman. North Dennis, Joshua 
C. Howes. South Dennis, Samuel S. 
Baker, Miller W. Nickerson, T. T. 
Nickerson, tMarshall S. Underwood. 
West Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d, Ed- 
ward E. Crowell, Zadok Crowell, 
Alvin Small. 

Eastham, Michael Collins, Elijah 

E. Knowles, Silas H. Stewart, Eben 
Tirrell, Jr. 

Falmouth, George E. Clarke, Isaac 
S. Lawrence, Thomas Lewis. East 
Falmouth, Joshua C. Robinson, Mar-' 
cus Starbuck. Hatchville, Silas 
Hatch. North Falmouth, Francis A. 
Nye. West Falmouth, Gilbert R. 
Boyce. Wood's Roll, Jabez Davis. 

Harwich, Obed Brooks, Sidney 
Brooks, Cyrus Cahoon, Erastus 
Chase, Sheldon Crowell, James S. 
Paine, Joshua H. Paine, Barzillai 
Sears, Danforth S. Steele, Nathan 
Underwood. East Harwich, Amer- 
ica Nickerson. Harwich Port, Jo- 
seph C. Berry, Elbridge G. Doane, 
Nathaniel Doane, Shubael B. Kel- 
ley. South Harwich, Zephaniah 
Nickerson. West Harwich, Davis 

Mashpee, Solomon Attaquin, Seth 

Orleans, John Doane, tJonathan 
Higgins, Ensign B. Rogers. South 

Provincetown, Jonathan Cook, 
John W. Davis, Raymond Elling- 
ton, Nathan D. Freeman, James 
Gifford, Benjamin F. Hutchinson, 
Jeremiah Stone, Reuben W. Swift. 

Sandivich, Reuben Collins, Har- 
rison G. O. Ellis, Edward W. Ewer, 
Charles B. Hall, Isaac N. Keith, 
Ebenezer Nye, Frederick S. Pope, 
Asa Raymond, tE. Stowell Whitte- 
more. North Sandwich, Charles H. 
Burgess, 2d. South Sandivich, Solo- 
mon C. Howland. West Sandwich, 
William R. Gibbs. 

Truro, Samuel Dyer, Wallace T. 
Miller. North Truro, Smith K. 
Hopkins, Willard H. S. Packard. 
South Truro, George H. Butler. 

Wellfleet, Ebenezer T. Atwood, 
Simeon Atwood, John M. Freeman, 
Hiram P. flarriinan, Albert W. 
Holbrook, Thomas Holbrook, Robt. 
H. Libby, Noah Swett, Freeman A. 
Wiley, Nathaniel P. Wiley, George 
T. Wyer. 

Yarmouth, Charles Thacher, Dan'l 
Wing. Yarmouth Port, *James B. 
Crocker, Joshua M. Howes, tChas. 
F. Swift, Charles Thacher, 2d. 
South Yarmouth, Russell D. Farris, 
John Larkin, Stephen Sears. West 
Yarmouth, Heman B. Chase, Theo- 
dore Drew. 

Trial Justices. 

Barnstable, Smith K. Hopkins. 
Hyannis, Theodore F. Basset. 

Dennis (South), Marshall S. 

Harwich Port, Shubael B. Kel- 

Sandivich, E. Stowell Whittemore. 

Wellfleet, George T. Wyer. 

Truro (North), Smith K. Hop- 

Yarmouth Port, James B. Crocker. 


Barnstable, Freeman H. Lothrop. 
Hyannis, Alvan S. Hallett. 

Brewster, Tully Crosby. 

Chatham, Isaiah Harding, Wm. 
P. Davis. 

Dennis, Joseph K. Baker. South 
Dennis, Samuel S. Baker. West 
Dennis, Edward E. Crowell. 



[VOL. I. 

Falmouth, George E. Clarke. 

Harwich, Obed Brooks, William 
H. Underwood. West Harwich, 
Nehemiah D. Kelley. 

Orleans, Jolin Kendrick. 

Provincetown, Thomas Hilliard, 
Benjamin F. Hutchinson, Keuben 
W. Swift. 

Sandwich, Charles B. Hall, E. 
Stowell Whittemore. 

Wellfleet, Simeon Atwood, Thos. 
Holbrook, Thomas Kemp. 

Yarmouth Port, William P. Davis. 

Medical Examiners. 
Harwich, George N. Munsell. 
Provincetown, John M. Crocker. 
Sandwich, Marcus F. Delano. 

Agent Province Lands. 
Provmcetoivn, Joseph *P. Johnson. 

Berkshire County. 
Shire Town, Pittsfield. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
James T. Eobinson, North Adams ; 
Register of Probate and Insolvency, 
Andrew J. Waterman, Pittsfield ; 
Cleric of the Courts, Henry W. Taft, 
Pittsfield ; Register of Deeds (North 
District), E. E. Merchant, Adams ; 
Register of Deeds (Middle District), 
Theodore L. Allen, Pittsfield; 
Register of Deeds (South District), 
Isaac Seeley, Great Barrington ; 
County Treasurer, George J. Tucker, 
Pittsfield ; Overseers of House of 
Correction, Lebbeus Scott, Nelson 
Gardner, William G. Root — all of 
Pittsfield; Sheriff, Graham A. Eoot, 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Adams, William G. Farnsworth, 
Horace S. Streeter. North Adams, 
M. Preston, Josiah Q. Eobinson, 
Eufus G. Walden. 

Dalton, John D. Smith. 

Great Barrington, Harvey Holmes, 
W. W. Norton, Wm. W. Langdon. 

Lanesborough, J. W. Newton. 

Lee, Charles H. Cutting, Edward 
A. Langdon. 

Lenox, J. Curtis Arnold. 

Monterey, Merrick C. Langdon. 

New Marlborough, Henry N. 
Adams, John E. Potter. 

Otis, Edward L. Day. 

Pittsfield, Hiram B. Wellington, 
Austin W. Kellogg. 

Sheffield, John C. Smith. 

Stoclcbridge, Chester Averill. 

Washington, Eobert M. Savery. 

West Stoclcbridge, George H. Cobb. 

Williamstown, Eobert Noble, Thos. 
M. Quinn. 


Pittsfield, Graham A. Eoot. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Adams, Thursday after 1st 
Tuesday of January and October, 
and Wednesday next after 1st 
Tuesday of March, and Thursday 
after 3d Tuesday of July. 

At Great Barrington, Wednesday 
next after 1st Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary, May, September, and De- 

At Lee, Wednesday next after 
1st Tuesday of January, April, and 
October, and Wednesday next after 
3d Tuesday of July. 

At Pittsfield, 1st Tuesday of 
January, February, March, April, 
May, June, September, October, 
and December, and 3d Tuesday of 
July, and Wednesday after 1st 
Monday of November. 

Session of Court of Insolvency. 
At Pittsfield, 1st Wednesday of 
every month. 

County Commissioners. 

H. J. Bliss, Adams ; Justin Drury, 
Great Barrington ; John Stallman, 

Special Commissioners, Darius W. 
Dunham, Washington ; Marshall 
Warner, Stockbridge. 

Times of Meetings. At Pittsfield, 
1st Tuesday of April, July, and 
September, and last Tuesday of 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Adams, S. Proctor Thayer. 
Great Barrington, F. F. Whiting. 
Pittsfield, Francis A. Eockwell. 

Public Administrator. 
Stoclcbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 




Master in Chancery. 
Pittsfield, Andrew J. Waterman. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Adams (North), Joel Bacon, Syl- 
vander Johnson, Henry P. Phillips, 
Benjamin F. Robinson, James T. 

Great Harrington, Herbert C. Joy- 
ner, Billings Palmer, Ralph Taylor. 

Lenox, William S. Tncker. 

Pittsfield, R. W. Adam, James M. 
Barker, J. N. Dunham, William T. 
Filley, Henry W. Taft, John Tat- 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 

Williamstown, Henry L. Sabin, 
Keyes Danforth. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 

Adams, Nelson H. Bixby, Henry 
J. Bliss, Daniel F. Burlingame, Jas. 
C. Chalmers, Wm. G. Farnsworth, 

E. Earl Merchant, Franklin H. B. 
Munson, Ira Richmond, Franklin 0. 
Sayles, Daniel Upton. Blackinton, 
Oscar A. Archer, Harvey H. Wel- 
lington. North Adams, John F. Ar- 
nold, Joel Bacon, Myron Barrows, 
Franklin R. Blackinton, Austin 
Bond, John A. Bond, Frederick P. 
Brown, Francis F. Colgrove, Wm. 

F. Darby, George Davis, Lyman M. 
Flagg, William A. Gallup, S. War- 
ren Ingalls, tSylvander Johnson, 
John I. LeRoy, William Martin, 
George F. Miller, Charles J. Park- 
hurst, George B. Perry, *Henry P. 
Phillips, Andrew Potter, Arnold G. 
Potter, Abiathar W. Preston, David 
H. Raymond, tBenjamin F. Robin- 
son, tJames T. Robinson, Jarvis 
Rockwell, Samuel P. Thayer, Shep- 
ard Thayer, Clarence F. Whitaker, 
Ezra D. Whitaker, Yalmore A. 

Alford, Reuben C. Fitch, Ezra C. 

Becket, Mark P. Carter, William 
S. Huntington. West Becket, Stephen 
W. Carter. 

Cheshire, Henry J. Brown, Stephen 

Chapman, Jackson B. Farnam Ed- 
mund D. Foster, S. Mervin Smith. 

Clarksburg. No. Adams, Eleazer 
Ketchum, Joseph B. Wheeler. 

Dalton, Henry A. Barton, Edward 
H. Bridgman, Thomas G. Carson, 
Henry Ferre, Oliver Peck, Caleb S. 

Egremont (South), Joseph A. Ben- 
jamin, David Dalzell, Jr. North Eg- 
remont, Seymour B. Dewey, *James 
H. Rowley. 

Florida, Nahum P. Brown, Israel 
Whitcornb. Roosac Tunnel, Alonzo 
D. Tower. 

Great Barrington, George Church, 
R. N. Couch, Justin Dewey, Herbert 
C. Joyner, Billings Palmer, Isaac 
Seeley, Harvey Sheldon, Thomas 
Siggins, Charles J. Taylor, Henry 
Van Deusen, William I. Van Deu- 
seu, Frederick T. Whiting. Housa- 
tonic, John M. Seeley. 

Hancock, Lyman Eldridge, Calvin 
P. Laphaui, Rufus L. Mason. 

Hinsdale, Theodore Barrows, Ly- 
sander M. Francis, *Milo Stowell. 

Lanesborough, Reuben W. Field, 
William A. Fuller, Jedediah W. 
Newton, Justus Tower. 

Lee, Prentiss C. Baird, William J. 
Bartlett, John Branning, Joseph C. 
Chaffee, Isaac M. Elkins, Harrison 
Garfield, Nathan Gibbs, Stephen V. 
Halsey, Stephen Hurl hurt, Thomas 
M. Judd, Edward A. Langdon, Ed- 
ward A. Moore, Moses H. Pease, 
Norman W. Shores. East Lee, Edwin 

Lenox, William D. Curtis, John 
F. Morrill, Thomas Post, tJulius 
Rockwell, *Wm. S. Tucker. Lenox 
Furnace, Thomas Sedgwick. 

Monterey, Marshall S. Bidwell, 
Rensselaer N. Couch, Milton Judd, 
Merrick C. Langdon, Wilber C. 
Langdon, Oscar A. Man sir. 

Mount Washington, Orrin C. Whit- 

New Ashford, Phinehas Harmon, 
Elihu Ingraham. 

New Marlborough, Sheldon W. 
Wright. Hartsville, Wilbur C. Un- 
derwood. Mill liiver, Edwin Adams. 

Otis, Elam P. Norton, Samuel H. 
Norton, Pearl S. Tinker. 



[VOL. I. 

Peru, Benj. F. Peirce, Geo. Wells. 

Pittsfield, Robert W. Adam, James 
M. Barker, tSamuel W. Bowerman, 
George P. Briggs, tHenry S. Briggs, 
Nathan G. Brown, Josiah Carter, 
tHenry Chiekering, Russell J. 
Clapp, John B. Clarke, Henry Colt, 
tJames D. Colt, John Crosby, Jr., 
tHenry L. Dawes, Daniel Day, Jas. 
H. Dunham, Jarvis N. Dunham, 
Frederic A. Francis, J. Dwight 
Francis, William T. Filley, Edward 

A. Gamwell, Lorenzo H. Gamwell, 
Samuel E. Howe, James W. Hull, 
Charles E. Merrill, John E. Merrill, 
Emory H. Nash, Henry H. Newton, 
Henry Noble, John C. Parker, Thos. 
P. Pingree, William R. Plunkett, 
Franklin F. Read, Frank W. Rock- 
well, Albert B. Root, Jason N. Shep- 
ardson, George Shipton, tHenry W. 
Taft, John Tatlock, * George J. 
Tucker, t Joseph Tucker, Addison S. 
Waite, Andrew J. Waterman, Hiram 

B. Wellington, John C. West, *Mar- 
shall Wilcox, James Wilson, Edgar 
M. Wood. 

Richmond, William Bacon. 

Sandisfield. Montville, James H. 
Merrill, George A. Shepard. New 
Boston, *Orlo Burt, Orlo Northway, 
Samuel C. Parsons, Joshua M. Sears, 
Philander F. Twining. 

Savoy, Frankliu C. Bourne, Simeon 
P. Dresser, Nathan E. Goff, Leonard 

Sheffield, James Bradford, John D. 
Burtch, Bela N. Clark, John C. 
Smith. East Sheffield, Roscoe C. 
Taft. Ashley Falls, Albert Leroy. 

Stoclchridfjc, Henry J. Dunham, 
Daniel B. Feun, tJohn Z. Goodrich, 
Marshall Warner. Curtisville, Henry 
M. Barrall. 

Tyringham, Eli G. Hale, Lucien B. 

Washington, Alanson B. Pomeroy, 
Robert M. Savery. 

West Stockbridge, Wm. H. Barnes, 
George II. Cobb, George W. Kuiffiu, 
William M. Knihrn, William C. 
Span 1 ding. 

Williamstown, John R. Bulkley, 
Keycs Danforth, Henry T. Tall- 
madge, Uoseph White. South Will- 
iamstown, Benj. F. Mills. 

Windsor, Norman Miner. East 
Windsor, Reuben Pierce. 

Trial Justices. 
Pittsfield, William S. Tucker. 
Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham. 
West Stocicbridge, W. C. Spaulding. 


Adams (Noi'th), Stephen H. Fair- 
field, Herbert A. Fuller, Arnold G. 
Potter, Shepard Thayer, Edward S. 
Wilkinson. (South.) Henry J. Bliss, 
Arnold H. Crandall, Harvey H. 

Great Barrington, Fred. N. Deland, 
Justin Dewey, Isaac Seeley. 

Lee, John L. Kilbon, Norman W. 
Shores, William Taylor, Marshall 

Lenox, Thomas Post. 

New Marlborough, Auren Smith. 

Pittsfield, Robert W. Adam. Ralph 
B. Bardwell, Jr., James M. Barker, 
Irving D. Ferry, William T. Filley, 
Zenas C. Renne, Frank W. Rock- 

Sheffield, Frank S. Gray. 

Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunham, 
Daniel R. Williams. 

Williamstown, Keyes Danforth. 

Medical Examiners. 
Great Barrington, Samuel Camp. 
Lee, Charles C. Holcombe. 
Pittsfield, James F. A. Adams. 
Williamstown, Henry L. Sabin. 

Bristol Couxty. 
County Towns, Taunton and New 
Judge of Probate and Lnsolvency, 
Edmund H. Bennett, Taunton ; 
Register of Probate and Insolvency, 
William E. Fuller, Taunton ; Clerk 
of Courts, Simeon Borden, Fall 
River; Registers of Deeds (North 
District), Joseph E. Wilbar, Taun- 
ton; (South District), Charles C. 
Sayer, New Bedford; County Treas- 
urer, George F. Pratt, Taunton; 
Sheriff, Andrew R. Wright, Fall 
River; Jailer, Isaac G. Carrier, 
Taunton ; Jailer and Keeper House 
of Correction, Charles D. Burt, New 




Deputy Sheriffs. 
'Acushnet, Walter R. Spooner. 

Attleborough, Jas. W. Riley, Elijah 
Capron. $ 

Easton (North), Rufus S. Willis. 

Fairhaven, Thomas S. Butman. 

Fall Biver, Jonathan Chaffee, 
Charles L. Dean, Franklin Gray, 
Jerome We6tgate, Francis H. 

Freetown, Hiram B. Wetherell. 

Mansfield, Jacob A. Blake. 

Norton, George H. Arnold. 

New Bedford, Charles D. Burt, 
Thomas J. Cobb, George Dunham, 
John W. Mckerson. 

Baynham, Chauncy G. Washburn. 

Somerset, Edmund Buffinton. 

Sivanzey, James Barney, Alfred P. 

Taunton, Isaac G. Carrier, Isaac 
G. Carrier, Jr., Henry F. Cobb, 
David Dean, Thomas O. Falvey, 
Willis Potter, George F. Seaver, 
Peter C. Thayer. 

Westport, Albert C. Kirby. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Fall River, 1st Friday of Jan- 
uary, April, October, and 2d Friday 
of July. 

At New Bedford, 1st Friday of 
February, May, August, and No- 

At Taunton, 1st Friday of March, 
June, September, and December. 

County Commissioners. 

Franklin Gray, Fall River ; E. T. 
Jackson, Taunton ; Elisha Thorn- 
ton, Jr., New Bedford. 

Special Commissioners, George N. 
Crandall, Attleborough ; Daniel J. 
Lewis, Fairhaven. 

Times of Meeting. At Taunton, 
on the 4th Tuesday of March and 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Attleborough, George A. Adams. 
Neu) Bedford, Charley T. Bonney. 
Taunton, George Edgar Williams. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
New Bedford, Job Almy. 
Westport, Abrabam Dyer, Edward 


Akin, Humphrey A. Gilford, Wm. 

Public Administrators. 

Fall Biver, Andrew J. Jennings. 

New Bedford, Edwin L. Barney, 
Charles T. Bonney, Wendell H. 

Taunton, Henry J. Fuller. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Fall Biver, John J. Archer, H. K. 
Mansfield, Erastus M. Reed. 
New Bedford, Edward L. Barney. 
Taunton, Henry J. Fuller. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Fall Biver, Josiah C. Blaisdell, 
Simeon Borden, John S. Brayton, 
Benjamin Earl, Henry H. Earl. 

Freetown, Ebenezer W. Pierce. 

New Bedford, Wendell H. Cobb, 
Thomas M. James, George Marston, 
William H. Taylor, Jas. D. Thomp- 
son, John T. Tillinghast, Joseph 

Taunton, Geo. H. Babbitt, Simeon 
Borden, Samuel L. Crocker, James 
P. Ellis, Thomas J. Lothrop, Joseph 
Wilbar, George M. Woodward. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quo- 
rum designated by a *, and Jus- 
tices throughout the Common- 
wealth by a t. 

Acushnet, Cyrus E. Clark, Charles 
L. Goodell, Charles E. Walker, 
Benjamin White, Abial N. West- 
gate. Long Plain, Abial P. Robin- 

Attleborough, Joseph W. Capron, 
George N. Crandall, Homer M. Dag- 
gett, Homer M. Daggett, Jr., John 
Daggett, Lyman W. Dean, Charles 
M. Gustin, George F. Ide, Elisha G. 
May, James Newell, Horatio N. 
Richardson, Alvin G. Sadler, Ly- 
man M. Stanlev, Alphonso E.White, 
Gardner C. Wright. East Attle- 
borough, tGeorge A. Adams. North 
Attleborough, Henry K. W. ' Allen, 
Thomas A. Barden, Simeon Bowen, 
Joseph E. Pond, Jr., Edw. R. Price, 
*Henry Rice, Thomas G. Sandlaud. 



[VOL. I. 

South Attleborough, William P. 

Berkley, William Babbitt, Daniel 
S. Briggs, Herbert A. Dean, Giles L. 
Leach, Walter D. Nichols. 

Dartmouth, Elislia S. Crapo, Fran- 
cis W. Mason. North Dartmouth, 
William Barker, Jr., Calvin K. Tur- 
ner, 2d. South Dartmouth, Samuel 
M. Davis, Elbridge L. Faunce, John 

Dighton, John J. Archer, Noah 
Chace, Oliver Eaton, Jeremiah P. 
Edson, George E. Gooding, Alrnon 
E. Hall, John A. Lewis, Alfred W. 
Paul, George A. Shove. 

Easton, Fred. L. Ames, Alson A. 
Gilmore, Cyrus Lothrop, Charles H. 
Reed, Albert A. Botch, George G. 
Withington. North Easton, Oliver 
Joseph Barrows, Tisdale Harlow, 
George W. Kennedy. South Easton, 
John Otis Dean, Harrison T. Mit- 

Fairhaven, Henry T. Aiken, Albert 
B. Collins, Charles Drew, John A. 
Hawes, Obed F. Hitch, Daniel J. 
Lewis, George H. Taber, Francis 
W. Tappan. 

Fall River, Charles M. Ballard, 
George A. Ballard, Honorius Beau- 
grand, Josiah C. Blaisdell, Philip 
D. Borden, tSimeon Borden, Seabury 
W. Bo wen, James C. Brady, H. K. 
Braley, tJohn S. Bray ton, Robert C. 
Brown, Samuel M. Brown, George 

B. Buffington, Ichabod B. Burt, 
John Butler, Benjamin A. Chace, 
George A. Chace, Isaac B. Chace, 
S. Angier Chace, John A. Coffey, 
John E. Collins, Prelet D. Conant, 
Peter Connell, William Connell, Jr., 
Linden Cook, James E. Cunneen, 
James F. Davenport, tRobert T. 
Davis, William C. Davoll, Jr., Chas. 

C. Dillingham, Luther J. Drake, 
William E. Dunham, Horatio N. 
Durfee, t Walter C. Durfee, Benja- 
min Earl, Henry H. Earl, Morton 
Eddy, Stephen Fellows, Chester W. 
Greene., William S. Greene, Abraham 
G. Hart, Edward E. Hathaway, 
Guilford II. IIa.thaway, *Nicholas 
Hathaway, Freeman A. Holmes, 
Horatio P. Howard, Samuel D. How- 
land, James F. Jackson, Andrew J. 

Jennings, Wm. H. Jennings, Jere- 
miah Kelley, Henry J. Langley, 
*Louis Lapham, Jeremiah R. Leary, 
Augustus B. Leonard, Edward J. 
L'Herault, Arba N. Lincoln, George 
W. Locke, Charles R. Longley, 
^Benjamin K. Lovatt, Edward T. 
Marvel, Thomas Mather, Hugh C. 
McFarlaue, James M. Morton, Jr., 
Alfred F. Munroe, Geo. W. Palmer, 
William H. Peirce, Francis A. Quinn, 
Albert A. Raymond, Milton Reed, 
Clinton V. S. Remington, Samuel 
H. Richmond, George Robertson, 
Jas. F. Rockett, Stephen B. Sabens, 
John P. Slade, Isaac Smith, Jr., 
tCharles P. Sticknev, Marcus G. B. 
Swift, Elias A. Tu'ttle, Patrick H. 
Wallace, Benjamin M. Warren, 
*Eliab Williams, Benjamin F. Wins- 
low, Robert M. Winslow, Francis 
H. Wixen, A. M. W. White, Isaac 
N. Wood, Jona. M. Wood, tStephen 
C. Wrightington. 

Freetown, Nicholas Hathaway, 
Alden Hatheway, D. C. H. Hathe- 
way, Thomas G. Nichols, Silas P. 
Richmond. East Freetown, Osmond 
F. Brayley, Ruel Washburn, Ruel 
A. Washburn. 

Mansfield, William B. Bates. Jacob 
A. Blake, William F. Boyd, Thomas 
M. George, Herman Hall, Howard 
Perkins, Erastus M. Reed, William 
Robinson, Alfred V. Rogerson, Seth 

C. Shepard. TV. Mansfield, Leonard 
W. Sweet. 

New Bedford, tChas. Almy, Chas. 
E. Barney, tEdwin L. Barney, Jos. 
Arthur Beauvais, Chas. T. Bonney, 
Josiah S. Bonney, Alanson Borden, 
George A. Bourne, James C. Briggs, 
Charles D. Burt, Samuel P. Burt, 
Wm. A. Church, Albert E. Clarke, 
Charles W. Clifford, Walter Clifford, 
Thomas J. Cobb, Wendell H. Cobb, 
William S. Cobb, Thomas Cogge- 
shall, Albert B. Collins, tJames B. 
Congdon, Samuel H. Cook, Timothy 

D. Cook, Ivory S. Cornish, tWm. 
W. Crapo, John Davis, Tilson B. 
Denham, Tristram R. Dennison, 
Simeon Doane, tRodney French, 
Francis L. Gilman, Francis B. 
Greene, tAlbert D. Hatch, George 
C. Hatch, Moses E. Platch, Henry 




C. Hathaway, Luther G. Hewins, 
James C. Hitch, * Joshua C. Hitch, 
Abraham H. Howland, Jr., tGeorge 
Howland, Jr., Thomas M. James, 
Wm. H. Johnson, David B. Kemp- 
ton, Hosea M. Knowlton, Warren 
Ladd, tElisha C. Leonard, Henry T. 
Leonard, Adam Mackie, tGeorge 
Marston, William H. Matthews, 
Frank A. Milliken, John W. Nick- 
erson, William C. Parker, Jr., Wm. 
A. Paulding, John H. Perry, George 

E. Phillips, William Phillips, Philip 
A. Pierce, Southward Potter, 2d, 
*01iver Prescott, Isaiah C. Eay, 
Benj. T. Eicketson, Jones Eqbinson, 
Charles H. Sanford, Charles C. 
Sayer, Orrick Smalley, tGeorge T. 
Stearns, Thomas M. Stetson, Emau 
Sullavou, William H. Taylor, Henry 

F. Thomas, *James D. Thompson, 
*John T. Tillinghast, Joseph Til- 
linghast, George F. Tucker, Charles 
W. Underwood, Hiram Van Campen, 
William H. Watkins, William W. 
Weeden, Hiram W. Went worth, 
Henry 1ST. West, Lemuel T. Willcox, 
Jabez Wood. 

Norton, Horatio Bates, Daniel S. 
Cobb, Silas H. Cobb, George B. 
Crane, Leonard Hodges,' Augustus 
Lane, Jacob A. Leonard, Austin 
Messenger, George E. Perry, John 

E. Eogerson, Lloyd E. White. 
Baynham, Braddock Field, Daniel 

F. Frazer, Charles L. Haskins, 
Samuel Jones, Sylvanus Makepeace, 
Joseph E. Presho, Godfrey Eobin- 
son, Job G. Eobinson, Nathan W. 
Shaw, Ebenezer B. Towne, Joseph 
W. White, Seth D. Wilbur. East 
Taunton, Enoch King, Chauncey G. 

Behoboth, George W. Bliss, Elisha 
Davis, Danforth G. Horton, John 
C. Marvel, Eoyal C. Peck, Esek H. 
Pierce, Cyrus M. Wheaton. 

Seekonlc, Joseph Brown, Eaymond 
H. Burr, Davis Carpenter, Viall 

Somerset, George B. Buffington, 
William P. Hood, Job M. Leonard, 
Joseph Marble, Jonathan B. Slade, 
John G. Tinkham. 

Swanzey, Elijah P. Chace, Wel- 
come P. Gammons, Jr., Joseph G. 

Luther, Allen Mason, James H. 
Mason, William Mitchell. North 
Swanzey, Mason Barney. 

Taunton, Arthur M. Alger, Otis 
Allen, Chas. H. At wood, tGeo. T. 
Atwood, tGeo. H. Babbitt, Geo. W. 
Barrows, Chas. J. H. Bassett, Wm. 
H. Bent, tEdmund H. Bennett, 
James Brown, James H. Codding, 
Jos. J. Cooper, tSanmel L. Crocker, 
James M. Cushman, Marcus A. Dary, 
.David Dean, Jas. IT. Dean, *Jeremy 
B. Dennett, Horace W. Durgin, Na- 
than K. Eaton, Thomas O. Falvey, 
Charles Foster, tWilliam H. Fox, 
Laurens N. Francis, Henry J. Fuller, 
William E. Fuller, James J. Galli- 
gau. John H. Galligan, Everett D. 
Godfrey, Theodore P. Hall, Charles 
W. Hartshorn (for Worcester Co. 
only), John Holland, James E. Hus- 
band, Elisha T. Jackson, Charles F. 
Johnson, Edward King, tThomas J. 
Lothrop, Charles L. Lovering, Geo. 
E. Manning, tFrederick Mason, 
Frank A. Miliken, tDaniel L. Mit- 
chell, Edward Mott, Charles H. 
Paul, Bartlett C. Peirce, Stephen 
Peirce, *George F. Pratt, Nathan D. 
Pratt, John Eadley, Chas. A. Eeed, 
George H. Ehodes, tJohn Sanford, 
William Simms, Peter C. Thayer, 
E. Sylvanus M. Thomas, Samuel E. 
Townsend, tWillard D. Tripp, tHar- 
rison Tweed, George A. Washburn, 
Isaac Washburn, Philo T. Wash- 
burn, tHenry B. Wheelwright, Lloyd 
E. White, Joseph Wilbar, Joseph E. 
Wilbar, G. Edgar Williams, Henry 
Williams, Benjamin L. Wood, Geo. 
M. Woodward. East Taunton, David 

Westport, Stephen A. Brownell, 
George H. Gifford, Isaac Howland, 
Peter C. White.. South Westport, 
Charles Fisher, William Valentine. 
Central Village, Stephen A. Brown- 

Notaries- Public. 

Attleborough, John Daggett, Ly- 
man W. Dean. N. Attleborough, Jos. 
E. Pond, Jr., Thomas G. Sandland. 

Dighton, George A. Shove. 

Easton (North), George W. Ken- 
nedy, John H. Swain. 

Fairhaven, Charles Drew. 



[VOL. I. 

Fall River, Honorius Beaugrand, 
Wm. G. Bennett, Josiah C. Blais- 
dell, John S. Brayton, Robert C. 
Brown, John W. Cumniings, Hugh 
A. Dubuque, Benjamin Earl, Henry 
H. Earl, Morton Eddy, Elisha f. 
Jackson, Andrew J. Jennings, Chas. 
R. Longley, Benjamin K. Lovatt, 
Edward T. Marvel, Jas. F. Rockett, 
Marcus G. B. Swift, Eliab Williams, 
Benjamin F. Winslow. 

New Bedford, Joseph Arthur Beau- 
vais, Charles T. Bonney, Alanson 
Borden, Samuel P. Burt, Albert E. 
Clarke, Charles W. Clifford, Walter 
Clifford, Wendell H. Cobb, Samuel 
H. Cook, William W. Crapo, Fran- 
cis B. Greene, George C. Hatch, 
James C. Hitch, Hosea M. Knowl- 
ton, Elisha C. Leonard, George R. 
Long, George Marston, Frank A. 
Miliken, Gardner T. Sanford, Thos. 
M. Stetson, James Taylor, William 
H. Taylor, Lemuel T. Terry, Geo. 
F. Tucker, Frederick A. Washburn, 
Hiram Webb. 

Eaynliam (P. O., East Taunton), 
Chauncey G. Washburn. 

Somerset, William P. Hood. 

Taunton, William H. Fox, Henry 
J. Fuller, Everett D. Godfrey, Elisha 
T. Jackson, Charles A. Reed, Syl- 
vanus M. Thomas, Joseph E. Wil- 

Medical Examiners. 

Attleborough, John R. Bronson. 

Fall River, Jerome Dwelly. 

New Bedford, Henry Johnson. 

Taunton, Silas D. Presbrey. 

Dukes County. 
Shire Town, Edgartown. 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
Joseph T. Pease ; Register of Probate 
and Insolvency, Hebron Viucent ; 
Clerk of Courts, Samuel Keniston; 
Eegister of Deeds, John S. Smith; 
County Treasurer, John S. Smith; 
Sheriff, Francis C. Smith — all of 
Edgartown. Deputy Sheriffs, Jason L. 
Dexter, Edgartown; Frederick H. 
Lambert, Chilmark; John W. Nick- 
erson, New Bedford. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 
At Edgartown, 2d Monday of Jan- 

uary and 1st Monday of March and 

At Vineyard Haven, in Tisbury, 
3d Monday of April and 1st Monday 
of September. 

At West Tisbury, 1st Monday of 
June and 3d Monday of October. 

County Commission ers. 

Jonathan H. Munroe, Edgartown 
Asa Smith, Chilmark; Benjamin 
C lough, Tisbury. 

Special Commissioners, AbramRod 
man, Gay Head; Vernal Clifford 

Times of Meeting. At Edgartown 
Wednesday next after 3d Monday of 
May, and Wednesday next after 2d 
Monday of November. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Edgartown, Archibald Mellen. 
Gay Head, Thomas Jeffries. 
Tisbury, Charles B. Allen. 

Public Administrators. 
Edgartown, Joseph T. Pease, Sam'l 
G. Vincent. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Edgartown, William P. Chadwick, 
Charles Dunham, Thomas J. Dun- 
ham, Rufus F. Pease. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Edgartown, Joseph Dunham, Jo- 
seph T. Pease, Richard L. Pease, 
Hebron Vincent. 

Tisbury, Charles Bradley. 

Justices of tlie Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 

Chilmark, JohnW.Mayhew, Smith 
Mayhew, James N. Tilton. Vineyard 
Haven, Thurston W. Tilton. 

Edgartown, Sirson P. Coffin, Henry 
H. Davis, Charles G. M. Dunham, 
Samuel Keniston, *Ickabod N, Luce, 
Cornelius B. Marchant, John May- 
hew, Archibald Mellen, tSamuel Os- 
borne, Jr., Jeremiah Pease, tJoseph 
T. Pease, * Richard L. Pease, John 
S. Smith, Hebron Vincent. Oak 




Bluffs, Lewis Smith. Vineyard Grove, 
John D. King, Howes Norris. 

Gay Head, William A. Vander- 

Gosnold, Frederick S. Allen. 

Tisbury. Vineyard Raven, tCharles 
Bradley, Henry Bradfey, Matthew 
P. Butler, David Mayhew, Eliakim 
Norton, *John D. O'Comiell. West 
Tisbury, William B. Mayhew, Ho- 
ratio N. Pease, John D. Eotch. 

Trial Justice. 
Edgartown, Jeremiah Pease. 

No ta ries-Pub lie. 

Edgartoivn, William Bradley, Wm. 
P. Ckadwick, Charles F. Dunham. 
Vineyard Haven, Howes Norris, Cy- 
rus H. Pease, Joseph T. Pease, Rich- 
ard L. Pease. 

Gosnold, Abrani C. White. 

Tisbury. Vineyard Haven, Henry 
W. Beetle, Charles Bradley, Henry 
Bradley, Wm. M. Randall. Holmes' 
Holl, Charles Holmes, John Holmes, 
Jr., J. Wheldon Holmes. 

Medical Examiners. 
Edgartown, Edwin Mayberry, John 

Tisbury, John D. O'Comiell. 

Essex County. 
Shire Towns, Salem, Newburyport, 
and Lawrence. 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
George F. Choate, Salem ; Regi iter 
of Probate and Insolvency, Abner C. 
Goodell, Salem ; Assistant Register of 
Probate and Insolvency, Ezra D. Hines, 
Danvers Port; Cleric of Courts, 
Alfred A. Abbott, Peabody ; Assist- 
ant Clerk of Courts, George R. Lord, 
Salem ; Register of Deeds (Southern 
District), Ephraim Brown, Salem ; 
(Northern District), John R. Poor, 
Lawrence; County Treasurer, Allen 
W. Dodge, Hamilton; Sheriff, Hora- 
tio G. Herrick, Lawrence. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Amesbury, Charles W. Morrill. 
Andover, E. Kendall Jenkins. 
Danvers, Daniel J. Preston. 
Essex, Ezra Perkins, Jr. 

Georgetown, Otis Thompson, Solo- 
mon Nelson. 

Gloucester, George Lane. 

Haverhill, F. O. Raymond, P. E. 

Ipswich, Joseph Spiller. 

Lawrence, Alanson Briggs, James 
M. Currier, John P. Bradstreet. 

Lynn, Charles M. Merritt. 

Methuen, Charles E. Goss. 

Newburyport, James W. Cheney. 

Peabody, Stephen Upton. 

Salem, Daniel Potter, Samuel A. 
Johnson, John D. Cross. 

Salisbury, Charles W. Morrill. 

Lawrence, Horatio G. Herrick. 
Newburyport, James W. Cheney, 
Salem, John D. Cross. 

Masters of House of Correction. 
Ipswich, Yorick G. Hurd. 
Lawrence, Horatio G. flerrick. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Gloucester, 4th Monday of 
April and October. 

At Haverhill, 2d Monday of April 
and October. 

At Lawrence, 2d Monday of Janu- 
ary, May, June, July, September, 
and November. 

At Newburyport, 4th Monday of 
January, March, June, July, Sep- 
tember, and November. 

At Salem, 1st Monday of every 
month, and 3d Monday of every 
month, except August. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Salem, on the 2d and 4th Mon- 
day of each month. 

At Lawrence, on Probate Court 
days, in afternoon. 

At Newburyport, on Probate 
Court days, in afternoon. 

County Commissioners. 

Joseph O. Procter, Gloucester; 
Zachariah Graves, Lynn ; James 
Kimball, Salem. 

Special Commissioners, Aaron Saw- 
yer, Amesbury ; Daniel W. Bartlett, 

Times and Places of Meeting. At 



[VOL. I. 

Ipswich, on the 2d Tuesday of 
April. Salem, 2d Tuesday of July. 
Newburyport, on the 2d Tuesday of 
October. On the 4th Tuesday of 
December, at Salem, Ipswich, or 
Newburyport, as the Court may de- 
termine at the term next preceding. 
At Lawrence, on the last Tuesday 
of August. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Lawrence, William L. Thompson. 
Lynn, Dean Peabody. 
Salem, Nathaniel J. Holden. 

Public Administrators. 
Andover, George Foster. 
Danvers, John W. Porter. 
Gloucester, David W. Low. 
Lynn, Edward A. Berdge, Nath'l 

Newburyport, Edmund Smith. 
Saugus, Elijah P. Eobinson. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Haverhill, Edward C. Dubois. 

Lawrence, Aretas R. Sanborn, An- 
drew C. Stone. 

Lynn, William C. Fabens, William 
Howland, Dean Peabody. 

Salem, Nathaniel J. Holden. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Gloucester, John Ayars, Jr., Curtis 
C. Cressy, Nehemiah D. Cunning- 
ham. Bay View, Daniel Robinson. 

Ipswich, Theodore Andrews, J. S. 

Lynn, Sylvester B. Breed. 

Nahant, Charles E. Gove, H*. T. 

Newburyport, Edmund Smith. 

Boclcport, James W. Bradley. 

Swampscoit, John Chapman. 

Port Wardens. 
Gloucester, Joseph B. Burnham, 
George W. Somes, David W. Low. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Andover, George Foster, Nathan 
W. llazen. 

Beverly, Fred. W. Choate, Isaac 
H. Edgett, James Hill. 

Gloucester, Charles P. Thompson, 
John S. Webber. 

Haverhill, William E. Blunt, Wm. 

Ipswich, Charles Kimball. 

Lawrence, James H. Eaton, Walter 
R. Rowe. 

Lynn, Rufus Kimball, Elbridge 
Lovejoy, Henry C, Oliver. 

Newbury, Daniel Lunt. 

Newburyport, David J. Adams, 
John T. Brown, Nathan A. Moulton, 
Moses Pettingell, Edward W. Rand. 

Peabody, Alfred A. Abbott. 

Rockport, Henri N. Woods. 

Salem, Charles Kimball, George 
R. Lord, George Wheatland. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and 
Quorum designated by a *, and 
Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth by a t. 

Amesbury, Orlando S. Baley, Wm. 
C. Binney, George H. Briggs, Geo. 
W. Cate, Joseph T. Clarkson, Jas. 
H. Davis, John A. Douglass, Thomas 
H. Hoyt, Chas. H. Marland, Joseph 
Merrill, * Jonathan Nayson, Orlando 
S. Patten, Daniel J. Poore, Jr., 
George Turner. 

Andover, Asa A. Abbott, Samuel 
H. Boutwell, tFrancis Cogswell, 
John Flint, tGeorge Foster, George 
W. Foster, Moses Foster, Nathan 
Frye, Moses V. Gleason, *Nathan 
W. Hazen, E. Kendall Jenkins, 
tMarcus Morton, George H. Poor, 
Joseph A. Smart, Benjamin F. 
Smith, William H. P. Woodlin. 
Ballardvale, Isaac O. Blunt, Gilbert 
C. Osgood. 

Beverly, Hooper A. Hamilton, 
tJohn L Baker, Stephens Baker, 
tFrederick W. Choate, Francis J. 
Crowell, Richard C. Dennis, Thos. 
H. Dunham, Jr., Robert R. Endi- 
cott, William R. Gordon, Josiah A. 
Haskell, James Hill, Issachar Le 
Favour, Abraham B- Lord, Jeremiah 
Murphy, Francis Norwood, Joseph 
E. Ober, Charles H. Odell, Samuel 
Porter, tJohn H. Reed, George 
Roundy, t William Sohier, Seth T. 
Thacher, Joseph D. Tuck, Richard 

P. WatPr-a 

Boxford, Benjamin S. Barnes, 
Ansel Dorman, Thomas P. Dorman, 




George Perley, John S. Sayward, 
James H. Webster. West Boxford, 
William R. Kimball. 

Bradford, Samuel W. Carleton, 
Henry Carter, Harrison E. Chad- 
wick, tGeorge Cogswell, Charles B. 
Emerson, William Hazletine, Sam'l 
W. Hopkinson, Albert L. Kimball, 
Nathan Longfellow, Francis H. 
Pearl, Horatio Pearl. 

Danvers, Charles H. Adams, Israel 
W. Andrews, Henry Derby, Francis 
Dodge, Albion S. Dudley, Samuel 
P. Fowler, Ezra D. Hines, Edward 
L. Hill, Joseph E. Hood, Walter S. 
Lovejoy, Dudley A. Massey, David 
Mead, Andrew Nichols, John W. 
Porter, Otis F. Putnam, Rufus 
Putnam, Charles Tapley, George 
Tapley, William L. Weston, John 
F. Whipple. Danvers Port, D. 
Homer Batchelder. 

Essex, Daniel W. Bartlett, Hervey 
Burnham, *Nehemiah Burnham, 
Abner Gregory, George T. Mears, 
Elmer F. Pember, Ezra Perkins, 
Ebenezer Stanwood. 

Georgetown, William H. Harriman, 
Charles E. Jewett, Boyd B. Jones, 
* Jeremiah P. Jones, Caleb Tenney, 
Gorham D. Tenney, Orlando B. 
Tenney, Richard Tenney. 

Gloucester, Albert C. Andrews, 
John J. Babson, William Babson, 
Francis Bennett, Henry A. Burn- 
ham, tBenjamin F. Butler, Addison 
Center, Henry Center, Benjamin H. 
Corliss, John Corliss, John Cun- 
ningham, James Davis, William P. 
Dolliver, Robert R. Fears, Hazen 
L. Follansbee, William W. French, 
Elbridge G. Friend, Charles E. 
Grover, Henry C. L. Haskell, Henry 
C. Hubbard, Allen Knowlton, David 
W. Lowe, George J. Marsh, Joseph 
A. More, Charles H. Oxton, Aaron 
Parsons, Joseph O. Proctor, Allan 
Rogers, Samuel E. Sawyer, Benj. 
H. Smith, John J. Somes, Munroe 
Stevens, Cyrus Story, Robert Tarr,, 
Charles P. Thompson, *John S. 
Webber, *Sumner D. York. East 
Gloucester, Humphrey L. C alder. 
Annisquam, John N. Davis, James S. 
Jewett. Lanesville, Charles H. 
Sargent, Samuel L. Young. 

Groveland, Alexander Dight, Na- 
thaniel H. Griffith, Charles H. Hop- 
kinson, Gardner P. Ladd, Jeremiah 

B. P. Ladd, Nathaniel Ladd, Rufus 
H. Page, *Charles G. Savary. South 
Groveland, Edward P. Reed. 

Hamilton, Joseph P. Lovering, 
Daniel E. Safford. 

Haverhill, Ira A. Abbott, Jr., Dan'l 

C. Bartlett, *Williani E. Blunt, 
Benjamin F. Brickett, Charles R. 
Brickett, Calvin Buttrick, Alpheus 
Currier, Henry Cummings, Phineas 
E. Davis, Edward C. Dubois, Geo. 
W. Duncan, Luther Emerson, Otis 
Fernald, Jones Frankle, Edward G. 
Frothingham, Jr., Edward B. 
George, Andrew W. Hammond, 
Jesse H. Harriman, Edwin P. Hill, 
Wm. G. Howe, Edward H. Hoyte, 
Elias T. Ingalls, Addison B. Jaques, 
Wm. Jeffers, t Joseph K. Jenness, 
Nathan S. Kimball, Arba N. Lin- 
coln, John James Marsh, Gyles 
Merrill, Henry N. Merrill, George 
W. Noyes, John A. Page, John M. 
Poor, Frederick O. Raymond, Benj. 
Addison Sawyer, t James V. Smiley, 
Leonard V. Spaulding, Jackson B. 
Swett, Wm. Taggart, Levi Taylor, 
Martin Taylor, David B. Tenney, 
Alfred M. Tilton, John Whelan, 
Frank M. Whitman, Elbridge G. 
Wood. Ayer's Village, Oreuzo T. 

Tpsivich, Theodore Andrews, Wes- 
ley K. Bell, *Aa*on Cogswell, 
Theodore F. Cogswell, Gilbert 
Con ant, George Haskell, Yorick G. 
Hurd, tCharles Kimball, Edward 
P. Kimball, Joseph Ross, Charles 
A. Sayward, Joseph Spiller, *Abram 

D. Wait. 

Lawrence, George G. Abbott, Na- 
thaniel Ambrose, Pardon Arming- 
ton, Clark L. Austin, tHorace C. 
Bacon, James S. Barrie, Charles U. 
Bell, Milton Bonney, Robert Bower, 
Jonathan C. Bowker, Charles E. 
Briggs, Albert V. Bugbee, Elbridge 
T. Burtley, Geo. D. Cabot, Alonzo 
C. Ckadwick, Edward F. Childs,. 
Alfred P. Clark, Joseph Cleaveland,' 
James M. Coburn, Ebenezer B. 
Currier, John E. Cushing, Ves- 
pasian Danforth, Samuel M. Davis, 



[VOL. I. 

John J. Doland, John C. Dow, Jas. 
H. Eaton, Albert Emerson, Herbert 
W. Field, W. Fisk Gile, tJohn S. 
Gile, John P. Gilmore, Henry H. 
Hall, Nathan W. Harmon, Michael 
D. Hart, Gilbert E. Hood, Henry F. 
Hopkins, Nathaniel P. Houghton, 
James M. Hubbard, William H. 
Jaquith, William T. Kimball, Wm. 
S. Knox, A. E. Mack, Walter F. 
McConnell, Geo. S. Merrill, Michael 
P. Merrill, Z. Taylor Merrill, Chas. 
D. Moore, Cyrus T. Moore, Abiel 
Morrison, John K. Norwood, E. B. 
Osgood, Thos. A. Parsons, Joseph 
L. Partridge, William R. Pedrick, 
Moses Perkins, P. Grosvenor Pills- 
bury, George W. Plummer, Abbott 
A. Poor, John R. Poor, William J. 
Quinn, Phineas B. Robinson, John 
R. Rollins, * Walter R. Rowe, Aretas 
R. Sanborn, John C. Sanborn, 
Frank L. Sargent, Caleb Saunders, 
Daniel Saunders, Jas. E. Shepard, 
*Edgar J. Sherman, Leonard M. 
Sherman, James H. Stannard, Ivan 
Stevens, Andrew C. Stone, Albert 
D. Swan, John P. Sweeney, John 
K. Tarbox, Robert H. Tewksbury, 
Wm. L. Thompson, Byron Truell, 
James M. Wheaton, Nathaniel G. 
White, Samuel White, Duncan 
Wood, Wm. H. P. Wright, Albin 

Lynn, John G. B. Adams, Cor- 
nelius A. Ahearn, John H. Alley, 
David Austin, Chas. C. Ayer, Ezra 
Baker, Thomas W. Barrel!, Edwin 
Q. Bacheller, Jacob Batchelder, 
John Batchelder, Ebenezer Beck- 
ford, Edward A. Berdge, John W. 
Berry, Samuel J. Berry, Abijah E. 
Blood, Charles H. Boardman, An- 
drews Breed, Hiram N. Breed, 
James E. Breed, Joseph B. Breed, 
Geo. R. Breed, Sylvester B. Breed, 
Wilfred Breed, William A. Brown, 
John A. Bubier, James N. Buffum, 
Charles F. Caswell, Christopher D. 
Chadwell, Henry F. Chase, Lyman 
F. Chase, Chas. B. Clough, Ovando 
D. Clough, Alvin Colburn, Henry 
H. Curtice, *Edward S. Davis, 
Albert W. Edgerly, James H. Ellis, 
William C. Fabens, Augustus B. 
Flanders, William H. Fletcher, 

Benjamin Y. French, Henry W. 
French, Charles C. Fry, William 
H. Gove, Charles A. Hammond, 
Rollin E. Harmon, Isaac K. Harris, 
N. Mortimer Hawkes, George W. 
Hill, Gilbert C. Hoag, William C. 
Holder, William Howland, Henry 
J. B. Hudson, James U. Hunt, 
Henry F. Hurlburt, Ephraim A. 
Ingalls, Nathaniel In galls, John J. 
Ireson, William F. Johnson, Benj, 
H. Jones, Ira B. Keith, S. Henry 
Kent, Rufus Kimball, Thomas B. 
Knight, Caleb Lamson, Larkin A. 
Lang, Jacob M. Lewis, Francis P. 
McHugh, John J. McMahon, Valen- 
tine Meader, Edwin J. Medbury, 
Charles M. Merritt, Henry Moore, 
Louis E. Moore, Ezra W. Mudge, 
Frank N. Mudge, Peter M. Neal, 
James R. Newhall, tThomas B. 
Newhall, Wilbur F. Newhall, Wm. 
H. Niles, Henry C. Oliver, Charles 
E. Parsons, Edward P. Parsons, 
Edwin Patch, Ira J. Patch, tDean 
Peabody, Edward K. Phillips, Chas. 
J. Pickford, tJohn J. Pillsbury, 
Isaac Pinkham, William D. Pool, 
Beuj. E. Porter, Benj. K. Prentiss, 
Frederick M. Putnam, Thomas P. 
Richardson, John L. Robinson, 
Stephen R. Rogers, Simon J. Roney, 
George D. Sargent, James M. Sar- 
gent, Horace Scales, Geo. L. Shorey, 
tJohn L. Shorey, James B. Silsbee, * 
N. Everett Silsbee, Chas. H. Stick- 
ney, Patrick Strain, Geo. R. Stone, 
David H. Sweetser, Chas. A. Taber, 
Amos P. Tapley, Waldo Thompson, 
Wilder S. Thurston, Hall W. Tib- 
betts, Minot Tirrell, Jr., Cyrus M. 
Tracy, George B. Tucker, tGardiner 
Tufts, tRoland G. Usher, Benjamin 
A. Ward, Jabez Wood, John P. 
Wood, John P. Woodbury. 

Lynnfield, John Danforth, Andrew 
Mansfield, Josiah Newhall. Lynn- 
field Centre, Jacob Hood, John Per- 
kins, Levi H. Russell. 

Manchester, John Lee, Nathan P. 
Meldram, Francis H. Morgan, John 

Marblehead, tWilliam B. Brown, 
William H. Coates, John Conway, 
Jr., * William Fabens, Thomas Foss, 
William Gilley, Jr., t John F. Harris, 




Richardson Knowland, Charles H. 
Litchman, William Nutting, Jr., 
J. H. Orne, Samuel S. Trefry^ Benj. 
P. Ware. 

Merrimac, tJoshua Colby, Wm. H. 
Haskell, Thomas H. Hoy't, Thomas 
B. Patten, James D.~ Pike, Daniel 
Poore, Jr., Bailey Sargent, M. Perry 
Sargent, David M. Tukeshury. Her- 
rimac Port, Charles E. Rowell. 

Methuen, Joseph E. Buswell, Ja- 
cob Emerson, Jr., John W. Freder- 
ick, George W. Gage, Charles E. 
Hibbard, Josej)h Howe, Joseph S. 
Howe, James Iugalls, James O. 
Parker, Darius Pierce, William M. 
Rogers, Ebenezer Sawyer, Samuel 
G. Sargent, William C. Sleeper, 
Charles E. Trow, Charles S. Whit- 

Mkldleton, Joseph A. Batchelder, 
Eben S. Phelps. 

Nahant, tCharles Amory, tGeorge 

A. James, Edward J. Johnson, Wash- 
ington H. Johnson, E. Francis Par- 
ker, Joseph T. Wilson. 

Newourif, Moses Colman, Henry 

B. Little,' Willi am Little, Horace F. 
Longfellow, Charles M. Lunt, Jo- 
seph N. Rolfe. Byfield, David S. 
Caldwell, Hermon D. Rogers, Mar- 
tin Root. 

Newburyport, David J. Adams, Jo- 
seph Akerman, Edward F. Bartlett, 
Wm. H. Brewster, John T. Brown, 
Sylvester B. Carter, Frederick J. 
Coffin, Stephen Collins, Moody D. 
Cook, tRobert Couch, Albert Cur- 
rier, John J. Currier, Warren Cur- 
rier, William E. Currier; tCharles 

C. Dame, Nath'l Foster, B. Gardi- 
ner Gerrish, Joseph G. Gerrish, Na- 
thaniel Greeley, Benjamin Hale, 
Joshua Hale, Moses E. Hale, Geo. 
W. Hill, Philip K. Hills, Francis A. 
Howe, Thomas Huse, Thomas Huse, 
Jr., Geo. W. Jackman, Jr., Charles 
A. Johnson, Harrison G. Johnson, 
William C. Johnson, John A. May- 
nard, David J. Merrill, William H. 
Merrill, Joseph E. Moody, *Edward 
S. Moseley, John A. L. Odde, C. Os- 
good Morse, Nathan A. Moulton, 
*Henry W. Moulton, *Amos Noyes, 
Thomas Pearson, Nathaniel Pierce, 
tDaniel P. Pike, John N. Pike, Mo- 


ses D. Randall, Thomas C. Simpson, 
Jr., David Smith, *Edmund Smith, 
George H. Stevens, Chas. C. Stock- 
man, tEben F. Stone, Arthur J. 
Teeling, William Thurston, David 
L. Withington. 

North Andover, Charles F. Allen, 
Joseph F. Allen, Daniel A. Carlton, 
tWilliam J. Dale, George L. Davis, 
Newton P. Frye, John C. Gage, Mi- 
Ion S. Jackson, John F. Kimball, 
Andrew Smith, Moses T. Stevens, 
tEben Sutton, Louis Weil. 

Pedbody, tAlfred A. Abbott, Lewis 
Allen, Sidney C. Bancroft, John B. 
Clement, Charles E. Hoag, Edward 
W. Jacobs, James P. King, Edward 
McCarthy, Amos Merrill, Frank C. 
Merrill, George A. Osborne, George 
S. Osborne, Benj. C. Perkins, Nathan 
H. Poor, Franklin D. Rideout, Thos. 
M. Stimpson, tWilliam Sutton, Wm. 

EocJcport, Zeno A. Appleton, Eben 
Blatchford, Henry Dennis, Henry 
Dennis, Jr., Newell Giles, Eli Gott, 
Joseph Manning, John W. Marshall, 
Alfred Parsons, Calvin W. Pool, 
Henri N. Woods, Nathaniel F. S. 

Rowley, Geo. B. Blodgett, Joshua 
N. Foss, Benjamin P. Mighill, J. 
Scott Todd. 

Salem, tAlfred A. Abbott, James 
F. Almy, Samuel H. Ahny, * Samuel 
P. Andrews, Charles A. Benjamin, 
Thomas Bowen, C. Warren Brown, 
Ephraim Brown, Henry A. Brown, 
tHorace Brown, tAlbert G. Browne, 
Jr., Caleb Buffnm, Samuel B. But- 
trick, tGeorge F. Choate, William 
S. Cleveland, tWilliam Cogswell, 
William F. M. Collins, Francis Cox, 
Henry J. Cross, John D. Cross, 
Geo. R. Curwen, James B. Curwen, 
J. Frank Dal ton, John H. Derby, 
*Geo. H. Devereux, John D. Eaton, 
tWilliam C. Endicott, William S. 
Felton, Jerome H. Fiske, Andrew 
Fitz, George F. Flint, tCaleb Foote, 
William H. Foster, Chas. B. Fowler, 
Rufus B. Giiford, James A. Gillis, 
Abner C. Goodell, Jr., Frederick 
Grant, Benjamin A. Gray, John S, 
Griffin, Leonard B. Harrington, 
Mark Haskell, Charles H. Hay ward, 



[VOL. I. 

Charles II. Henderson, Lemuel Hig- 
bee, tNatk'l J. Holden, George Hol- 
man, Thomas F. Hunt, Arthur 
L. Huntington, tHorace Ingersoll, 
tStephen B. Ives, *Stephen B. Ives, 
Jr., George R. Jewett, Samuel A. 
Johnson, Thomas H. Johnson, Win. 
H. Kendall, *David B. Kimball, 
* James Kimball, Walter A. Kezar, 
John Kinsman, John H. Langmaid, 
tSolomon Lincoln, Jr., * George R. 
Lord, tOtis P. Lord, tGeorgo B. 
Loring, Samuel A. Macintire, John 

F. Machado, Jeremiah T. Maboney, 
William Maynes, Henry M. Meek, 
Henry P. Moulton, tWm. D. North- 
end, William Northey, Chas. Odell, 
Charles S. Osgood, tJoseph B. F. 
Osgood, William B. Parker, Edward 
H. Pay son, George W. Pease, Geo. 
H. Peirson, Benjamin C. Perkins, 
tJonathan C. Perkins, Willard 
P. Phillips, George D. Phippen, 
Charles H. Price, Charles M. Rich- 
ardson, Charles W. Richardson, Na- 
thaniel C. Robbins, tDavid Roberts, 
George Sanborn, Charles Sewall, 
James Shatswell, Augustus Story, 
Gilbert L. Streeter, Charles E. Sy- 
monds, Nath'l G. Symonds, J. Hardy 
Towne, Leverett S. Tuckerman, 
Wm. P. Upham, tEben N. Walton, 
Henry Ward well, * Joseph G. Waters, 
Joseph H. Webb, *Stephen P. Webb, 
Charles II. Webber, *Geo. Wheat- 
land, Isaac C. W. Wyman, Ezra L. 

Salisbury, Charles L. Allen, tEb- 
enezer T. Colby, Benj. E. Fifield, 
Aaron Morrill, Jr., *Robert Rich, 
Azor O. Webster, Charles Wing, O. 
P. Wright. East Salisbury, Moses J. 
Bartlett, Joseph M. Eaton, P. Albert 

Saugus, Geo. M. Amerige, Alfred 

G. Fisher, tHarmon Hall, Herbert 
B. Newhall, Wilbur F. Newhall, 
William H. Newhall, tElijah P. 
Robinson, Albert H. Sweetser. 

Swampscott, Everett Boynton, Al- 
len W. Clough, Philander Holden, 
Sam'l C. Pitman, Dan'IP. Stimpson. 

Topsfield, Jeremiah Balch, Joseph 
W. Batchelder, Charles H. Holmes, 
Samuel D. Hood, Samuel S. Mc- 
Kenzie, *Richard Phillips. 

Wenliam, Rufus A. Dodge, Simeon 
Dodge, William B. Morgan, Wel- 
lington Poole. 

West Newbury, tHayden Brown, 
tJohn C. Carr, Edmund Little, Wm. 
Merrill, Joseph Newell, Charles W. 
Ordway, Orrin Warren. 

Trial Justices. 
Amesbury, Orlando S. Bailey, Geo. 
W. Cate. 

Andover, George H. Poor. 
Georgetown, Orlando B. Tenney. 
Ipswich, Wesley K. Bell. 
Marblchead, Wm. Nutting, Jr. 
Methuen, Wm. M. Rogers. 
Naliant, Joseph T. Wilson. 
Peabocly, Amos Merrill. 
Eockport, Nathaniel F. S. York. 
Eowley, J. Scott Todd. 
Salisbury, George W. Cate. 


Amesbury, George W. Cate. 

Andover, George Foster, George 
W. Foster, George H. Poor. 

Beverly, Frederick W. Choate, 
Samuel J. Foster, Samuel Porter, 
Joseph D. Tuck. 

Danvers, Edward L. Hill, John W. 

Danvers Port, David Mead. 

Essex, Ezra Perkins. 

Georgetown, Milton G. Tenney. 

Gloucester, James Davis, David 
W. Low, Cyrus Story, John S. 
Webber, William Williams, Sum- 
ner D. York, Samuel L. Young. 
East Gloucester, Humphrey L. Cal- 

Haverhill, Charles H. Coffin, Ed- 
ward B. George, John L. Hobson, 
Joseph K. Jenness, John J. Marsh, 
Francis H. Pearl. 

Ipsivich, Charles A. Sayward. 

Lawrence, Charles U. 'Bell, John 
F. Cogswell, John S. Gile, W. Fisk 
Gile, Nathan W. Harmon, Sidney 
A. Jewett, Wm. T. Kimball, Charles 
DeF. Moore, Leonard M. Sherman, 
Nathaniel G. White. 

Lynn, Henry F. Chase, Edward S. 
Davis, Albert W. Edgerly, Rollin 
E. Harmon, Nathan M. Hawkes, 
William Howland, Ira B. Keith, 
Frank N. Mudge, James B. New- 




hall, Cyrus M. Tracy, Wallace "W. 

Marblehead, Wm. Falbens, Thomas 

Merrimac, James D. Pike. 

Methuen, Wm. M. Rogers. 

Newburyport, Edward F. Bartlett, 
John T. Brown. 

Peabody, Charles E. Hoag, George 
Hoi man. 

Roclport, Andrew F. Clark, Alfred 

Salem. Samuel P. Andrews, An- 
drew Fitz, Daniel P. Fitz, George 
Holman, Louis W. Kelley, Henry 
M. Meek, Joseph B. F. Osgood, Ira 
J. Patch, Benjamin C. Perkins, 
David Roberts, Charles Sewall, Gil- 
bert L. Streeter, Joseph G. Waters. 

Salisbury, David L. Bartlett. 

Topsfield, Sidney A. Merriam. 

Medical Examiners. 
Beverly, Charles Haddock. 
Georgetown, Richmond B. Root. 
Gloucester (Annisquam), J. Frank- 
lin Dyer. 
Haverhill, Samuel K. Towle. 
Ipswich, Yorick G. Hurd. 
Lawrence, William D. Lamb. 
Lynn, Joseph G. Pinkham. 
Neivburyport, George W. Snow. 
Peabody, George S. Osborne. 
Salem, Charles A. Carlton. 

Franklin County. 
Shire Town, Greenfield. 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
Chester C. Conant ; Register of Pro- 
bate and Insolvency, Francis M. 
Thompson ; Cleric of Courts, Edward 
E. Lyman ; Register of Deeds, Ed- 
ward Benton ; County Treasurer, C. 
Mason Moody ; Sheriff, George A. 
Kimball — all of Greenfield. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Charlemont, Henry N. Warner. 

Conway, Wm. C. Campbell. 

Deerficld (South), Austin Ware. 

Greenfield, Lorenzo D. Joslyn, 
Henry G. Nims, Chauncey Bry- 

Montague, Edwin Demond. Tur- 
ner's Falls, Nathan D. Allen. 

Northfield ( West), R. K. Caldwell. 

Orange, James H. Clark. 
Shelburne Falls, H. S. Swan. 

Jailer and Master of House of Cor- 
George A. Kimball, Greenfield. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Conway, 3d Tuesday of May. 

At Greenfield, 1st Tuesday of 
every month, except November. 

At Northfield, 2d Tuesday of May 
and September. 

At Orange, 2d Tuesday of March 
and December and 3d Tuesday of 

At Shelburne Falls, 2d Tuesday 
of February and 4th Tuesday of 
May and October. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 
At Greenfield, 1st Monday of each 

County Commissioners. 

Carlos Batchelder, Conway, term 
expires December, 1880 ; John M. 
Smith, Sunderland, 1878 ; Lyman G. 
Barton, Greenfield, 1879. 

Special Commissioners, David L. 
Smith, Colrain; Beriah W. Fay, 
New Salem. 

Times of Meeting. At Greenfield, 
1st Tuesday of March and Septem- 
ber and 2d Tuesday of June and 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Colrain, Roswell A. Buck. 
Conway, John Sprague. 
Orange, Hiram Woodward. 

Public Administrator. 
Greenfield, Anson K. Warner. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Greenfield, Franklin G. Fessenden, 
Samuel O. Lamb. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Charlemont, Ansel L. Tyler. 

Greenfield, Almon Brainard, Ches- 
ter C. Conant, George Grennell, 
Edward E. Lyman, Francis M. 
Thompson, Noah S. Wells, Solomon 
C. Wells. 



[VOL. I. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, John C. 
Felt, Davis Goddard, Edwin Stone, 
Hiram Woodward. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 

Ashfield, Lot Bassett, Silas Blake, 
Henry S. Eanney. South Ashfield, 
Wait Bement. 

Bernardston, Samuel J. Green, 
Timothy K. Hortou, Almou New- 
comb, Henry O. Root. 

Buckland, Ezekiel D. Bement, 
George D. Crittenden, Josiah.Trow. 
Shelbume Falls, t James S. Halligan. 

Gharlemont, Richard E. Field, 
Horace H. May hew, Ansel L. Tyler, 
John A. W T inslow. East Gharlemont, 
E. H. Leavitt, John P. Merriam. 

Colrain, Orson B. Curtis, Otis J. 
Davenport, Oliver B. Kendrick, 
Fred. W. Mather, Hugh B. Miller, 
David L. Smith. 

Conway, Henry W. Billings, Ed- 
win Cooley, E. L. Munn, Charles 
Parsons, Jr., John Sprague. 

Deerfield, Abijah W. Chapin, 
Henry S. Childs, Virgil M. Howard, 
George W. Jones, George Sheldon. 
South Deerfield, Obed S. Arms, Will- 
iam D. Bates, Charles Phelps, 
Charles Stowell. 

Erring, Newton J. Benjamin, 
Charles A. Eddy, Noah Rankin. 

Gill, Nelson Burrows, Josiah D. 
Canning, Otis F. Hale. 

Greenfield, John A. Aiken, George 
L. Barton, Lyman G. Barton, Ed- 
ward Benton, *Almon Braiuard, 
Henry A. Budington, Frederick 
Clapp, tChester C. Conant, Charles 
G. Delano, *Austin DeWolf, Joseph 
P. Felton, Franklin G. Fessenden, 
Charles R. Field, Eben A. Hall, 
tSamuel O. Lamb, Edward E. 
Lyman, Samuel J. Lyons, Lewis 
Merriam, Henry L. Nelson, Bowdoin 
S. Parker, Franklin A. Pond, Henry 
K. Simons, "*Francis M. Thompson, 
Anson K. Warner, t William B. 
Washburn, *Noah S. Wells, Gorham 
D. Williams. 

Haivley, William O. Bassett, 

Willis Vincent. Gharlemont, Wesson 
E. Mansfield. 

Heath, Daniel Gale, Amos Temple. 

Leverelt, Alden C. Field, David 
Rice. North Leverett, Luther Dudley, 
Sanford S. Graves. 

Leyden, George Childs, Uriah F. 
Darling, Jr., David Mowry. 

Monroe, Hiram G. Phelps. 

Montague, Robert B. Campbell, I. 
Chenery, Bernard N. Farren, Charles 
W. Hazleton; Richard N. Oakman, 
George E. Rogers, Harrison F. Root, 
Joseph H. Root. Turner's Falls, D. 
P. Abercrombie, George L. Barton. 

New Salem, W'illiam T. Giles, Wil- 
lard Putnam, Jabez Sawyer, Samuel 
H. Stowell. Millington, Lyman E. 
Moore, Willard Putnam. North New 
Salem, Beriah W. Fay, Francis W. 

Northfield, Edward Wells Colton, 
Samuel W. Dutton, Marshall S. 
Meade, Samuel H. Moody, Charles 
Osgood, Charles Pomeroy, Charles T. 
Preston. Northfield Farms, Simeon 
A. Field. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, Andrew 
J. Clark, Samuel S. Dexter, Davis 
Goddard, Rufas Livermore, tEdwin 
Stone, John W. Wheeler, James H. 
Waite, George A. Whipple, Hiram 
Woodward. North Orange, Phil- 
brook Worrick. 

Howe, Veniah M. Porter. Zoar, 
Charles H. Scott. 

Shelbume, Charles M. Duncan 
Nathan O. Newhall. Shelbume Falls, 
Samuel D. Bard well, Samuel T. 
Field, Alan son K. Hawks, Henry 
M. Puffer, Edwin Stratton, Henrv 

Shutesbury, Geo. A. Berry, Hardin 

Sunderland, Henry J. Graves, tHo- 
race Lyman, Albert Montague, John 
M. Smith, Levi P. Warner, D. D wight 
Whitmore. South Deerfield, Nathan- 
iel G. Trow. 

Warwick, Hervey Barber, Jesse F. 
Bridge, Samuel Hastings, Clark 

Wendell, Trueman H. Bartlett, 
Thomas D. Brooks, Alvah B. Oat- 
man, * Harrison G. O. Powers. Wen- 
dell Depot, Edward A. Goddard, 




John C. Holston. Locksville, Daniel 

Whately, James M. Crafts, George 
Dickinson, Samuel Lesure, Eleazer 

F. Orcutt, Samuel B. White. East 
Whately, Silas W. Allis, Elihu Bel- 

Trial Justices. 

Ashfield, Silas Blake. 

Charlemont, John A. Winslow. 

Conway, Henry W. Billings. 

Greenfield, Almon Brainard ; Gor- 
ham D. Williams. 

•Montague, Joseph H. Root. Tur- 
ner's Falls, George L. Barton. 

Orange, Hiram Woodward. 

Slielburne Falls, Samuel D. Bard- 

Sunderland, Albert Montague. 

Notaries- Public. 
Conway, Henry W. Billings. 
Deerfield, Apollos W. Smith. South 
Deerfield, William W. Foster. 

Greenfield, Wm. H. Allen, Charles 

G. Delano, Franklin G. Fessenden, 
Lewis Merriam, Henry K. Simons, 
Francis M. Thompson, Gorham D. 

Montague., Turner's Falls, George 
L. Barton, Richard N. Oakman. 

Orange, Rufus D. Chase, Maynard 
A. Cheney. 

Slielburne Falls, Samuel T. Field, 
Alanson K. Hawks. 

Medical Examiners. 

Montague. Turner's Falls, Erastus 
C. Coy. 

Slielburne. Slielburne Falls, Fran- 
cis J. Canedy. 

Hampden County. 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
William S. Shurtleff; Register of 
Probate and Insolvency, Samuel B. 
Spooner; Cleric of Courts, Robert O. 
Morris ; Register of Deeds, James E. 
Russell ; County Treasurer, M. Wells 
Bridge; Sheriff, Hiram Q. Sander- 
son; Jailer, A. M. Bradley — all of 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Agaivam, J. H. Churchill. 
Blandford, Enos W. Boise. 

Chester, James Keefe. 

Chicopee, Nathaniel Cutler, Simeon 
A. Jacobs. 

Granville, Ansel D. King. 

Holyolce, T. W. Ordway. 

Ludlow, Frank McLean. 

Mittincaguc, J. W. Cross. 

Monson, Frank H. King. 

Palmer, Herbert A. Northrop, 
Jason A. Palmer, P. W. Webster. 

Springfield, H. W. H. Blair, S. S. 
Bumstead, R. S. Johnson, A. H. G. 
Lewis, Walter S. Miller. 

Tolland, G. W. Granger. 

Westfield, James Fowler, George 
H. Moseley, Johu H. Willard. 

West Springfield, W. F. Moseley. 

Wilbraham, S. C. Sjjellman. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Monson, 2d Tuesday of June. 

At Palmer, 2d Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary, May, and September, and 4th 
Tuesday of November. 

At Springfield, 1st Tuesday of 
January, February, March, April, 
May, June, July, September, Octo- 
ber, and December. 

At Westiield, 3d Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary, May, September, and De- 

Sessions Court of Insolvency. 
At Springfield, 2d and 4th Satur- 
day of each month. 

Conn ty Commission ers. 

Newton S. Hubbard, Brimfield ; 
Edward Chase, Holyoke; L. F. 
Thayer, Westiield. 

Special Commissioners, Ira G. Pot- 
ter, Wilbraham ; Samuel A. Bar- 
tholomew, North Blandford. 

Times of Meeting. At Springfield, 
2d Tuesday of April, 1st Tuesday 
of October, and 4th Tuesday of 
June and December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Brimfield, F. D. Lincoln. 
Springfield, William B. Rogers. 
Westfield, J. R. Dunbar. 

Piiblic Administrators. 
Holyolce, Charles H. Hey wood. 
Palmer, James G. Allen. 



[VOL. i. 

Springfield, Albert T. Folsom, 
Joseph Ingraham. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Springfield, Henry W. Bosworth, 
Alfred M. Copeland, Edward H. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Springfield, Samuel B. Spooner, 
William S. Shurtleff, Robert O. 
Morris, James E. Russell. 

Westfield, William G. Bates, Henry- 
Fuller, Norman T. Leonard, Henry 
B. Lewis, Milton B. Whitney. 

TVilbraham (South), Solomon C. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quo- 
rum designated by a *, and Jus- 
tices throughout the Common- 
wealth by a t. 

Agaivam, Edward K. Bodurtba, 
Samuel H. Waterhouse. Feeding 
Hills, Charles C. Wright. 

Blandford, Enos W. Boise, How- 
ard P. Robinson, Elisha W. Shep- 
ard. North Blandford, Samuel A. 

Brimfield, * Henry F. Brown, Jas. 
B. Brown, Samuel W. Brown. 

Chester, Daniel Granger, George 
H. Hapgood, *Charles W. Knox, 
Elisha C. Pease, Rufus Smith, 
Charles H. Warner. Chester Centre, 
*Thaddeus K. Dewolf. North Ches- 
ter, Herman Powers. 

Chicopee, Jonathan Allen, Junius 
A. Bartlett, Edwin O. Carter, Les- 
ter Dickinson, Loranus E. Hitch- 
cock, Marshal C. Pease, George D. 
Robinson, tGeorge M. Stearns, 
Phineas Stedman, John B. Vincent, 
Jr., Jerome Wells, John D. White, 
Luther White. Chicopee Falls, 
Charles J. Bellamy, John Herrick, 
tEnoch V. B. Holcomb, Josiah W. 
Osgood, Edgar T. Paige, Phineas 
W. Smith, George S. Taylor, James 
E. Taylor. 

Granville (Corners), Rufus H. Bar- 
low, Ethan D. Dickinson, Ansel D. 
King, Edwin II. Seymour, William 
Wells. East Granville, Ralph S. 

Brown. West Granville, James M. 
Goodwin, Edwin Webb. 

Holland, William A. Webber. 

Holyoke, Amos Andrews, Henry 
H. Bartlett, William H. Brooks, 
Joseph P. Buckland, Patrick H. 
Casey, Edward W. Chapin, tEdwin 
Chase, William A. Chase, William 
C. Church, Pliny J. Crafts, James 

E. Delany, Hervey K. Hawes, Har- 
rison Hume, William S. Loomis, 
Timothy Merrick, Joseph Murray, 
Terrence B. O'Donnell, Thcophilus 
Parsons, Jr., tWilliam B. C. Pear- 
sons, Edwin A. Ramsay, Harris L. 
Sherman, Albert A. Tyler, *Porter 
Underwood, William H. Wharneld, 

F. Clifford Whiting. 
Longmeadow, D. Erskine Burbank, 

Dimond Chandler, Edwin K. Col- 
ton. Fast Longmeadow, George W. 
Converse, Oliver W T olcott. 

Ludlow, Lemuel H. Brigham, 
John P. Hubbard. Ludlow Centre, 
Chauncy L. Buell, Benjamin F. 

Monson, tWilliam N. Flynt, Alvin 

A. Gage, George H. Newton. Carlos 
L. Peck, Daniel G. Potter, Rice M. 
Reynolds, William J. Ricketts, 
Joshua Tracy. 

Montgomery, Horace Bartholo- 
mew, Berijah H. Kagwin. 

Palmer, Braman B. Adams, Fred- 
erick Allen, James G. Allen, Davis 

B. Bishop, Alonzo V. Blanchard, 
Hiram E. W. Clark, Charles L. 
Gardner, Elijah G. Murdoch, Geo. 
Robinson, Stephen S. Taft. Thorn- 
dike, Abraham R. Murdoch. Bond's 
Village, Abraham R. Murdoch, Jr. 
Three Ewers, George W. Randall, 
Dwight M. Stebbins. 

Russell, Newman Bishop, Horace 
Parks, Nelson D. Parks, Roland 

Southivicl", Seymour L. Granger, 
George W. Hamilton, Ransford W. 
Kellogg, Chauncy E. Kent, Bennett 
B. Loomis. Joseph W. Rockwell, 
Carmi Shurtleff. 

Springfield, John T. Abbott, tHen- 
ry Alexander, Jr., Lucius C. Allin, 
Francis W. Anderson, William K. 
Baker, Theodore D. Beach, Ephraim 
W. Bond, Henry W. Bosworth, 




Melville W. Bridge, Albert D. 
Briggs, Joseph W. Brown, Timothy 
M. Brown, Augustine Burt, Roder- 
ick Burt, Frank E. Carpenter, Wm. 
G. Chamberlain, Abijah W. Chapin, 
E. Dudley Chai>in, Henry A. Cha- 
pin, Samuel J. Chapman, Hubert 
M. Coney, Justin M. Cooley, tAlfred 
M. Copeland, Chauneey L. Covell, 
Joseph H. Damon, Timothy M. 
Dewey, Isaac P. Dickinson, Levi A. 
Doane, Calvin J. Eaton, Hiram E. 
Emery, A. Charles Fisk, Michael T. 
Foley, Albert T. Folsom, William 
A. Fuller, Frederick H. Gillette, 
Homer G. Gilmore, Wm. S. Greene, 
John A. Hall, Sanford J. Hall, Eras- 
tus Hayes, Chas. E. Herrick, John 
W. Hcrscy, Charles P. Hill, Joseph 
W. Holmes, Albert Holt, Eli A. 
Hubbard, *Henry S. Hyde, *Joseph 
Ingraham, Frederick A. Judd, tEd- 
ward PI. Lathrop, Edmund P. Ken- 
drick, Marcus P. Knowlton, Charles 
E. Ladd, Henry S. Lee, Horace C. 
Lee, George Leonard, N. A. Leon- 
ard, James H. Lewis, Charles L. 
Long, Daniel J. Marsh, Elisha B. 
Maynard, James J. McDermott, 
James E. Mclntire, William E. 
Montague, John J. Moore, Roger S. 
Moore, Edward Morris, *Henry 
Morris, Robert O. Morris, Harvey E. 
Moseley, Adolph Nahmer, Elijah A. 
Newell, Charles A. Nichols, Alexan- 
der Pabke, Wm. Patton, Ephraim 

A. Perkins, Samuel W. Porter, 
Lewis J. Powers, Joseph C. Pyn- 
chon, *Caleb Rice, Charles W. Rice, 
John L. Rice, Thomas F. Riley, 
Marcus S. Robinson, Joseph M. 
Ross, tJames A. Rumrill, James E. 
Russell, Stephen E. Seymour, Chas. 
L. Shaw, Charles A. Sherman, 
tWm. S. Shurtleff, Heman Smith, 
*William L. Smith, tAugustus L. 
Soule, Charles C. Spellman, Samuel 

B. Spooner, John M. Stebbins, 
Whiteman T. Steere, Warner C. 
Sturtevant, Thomas Thomas, An- 
drew Titus, tJames M. Thompson, 
Lewis A. Tifft, tEliphalet Trask, 
John P. Wall, Thomas B. Warren, 
tStephen C. Warriner, Allen Web- 
ster, Daniel E. Webster, Gideon 
Wells, James R. Wells, William G. 

White, Frederick Wiese, Theodore 
M. Zinsser. Indian Orchard, Cal- 
vin J. Eaton. 

Tolland, Ge 
ler T. Moore. 

Wales, Ferd. L. Burley, Frank L. 

Weslfield, tWilliam G. Bates, An- 
drew L. Bush, Frederick Bush, E. 
W. Dickerman, James R. Dunbar, 
Henry W. Ely, *Henrv Fuller, *Ed- 
ward B. Gillett, Leroy C. Gillett, 
tNehemiah A. Leonard, *Norman T. 
Leonard, *Henry B. Lewis, Thomas 
A. Lewis, Leicester Loomis, Her- 
bert Lyman, Asa P. Rand, Millard 
L. Robinson, Robert B. Robinson, 
Homer B. Stevens, Merritt Van 
Deusen, tMilton B. Whitney. 

West Springfield, Rufus Ames, 
Elisha P. Bartholomew, Richard 
Beebe, John M. Harmon, Edward 
Parsons, Henrv A. Phelon, Justin L. 

Wilbraliam, Henry M. Bliss, Fran- 
cis E. Clark, William G. Mclntyre, 
John M. Merrick, Wm. W. Merrick, 
*Ira G. Potter. South Wilbraliam, 
Sumner Smith, Solomon C. Spell- 

Trial Justices. 

Chester, Daniel Granger. 

Granville ( West), James M. Good- 

Weslfield, Henry Fuller, Henry B. 
Lewis, Homer B. Stevens. 


Chicopee, Charles J. Bellamy. 
Chicopee Falls, Loranus E. Hitch- 
cock, George D. Robinson, Luther 

Holyoke, Amos Andrews, Joseph 
P. Buckland, Edward W. Chapin, 
Robert B. Johnson, Edwin L. Kirt- 
land, William S. Loomis, John G. 
Mackintosh, Charles W. Ranlet, 
Porter Underwood. 

Monson, Edward F. Morris, Geo. 
H. Newton. 

Palmer, Stephen S. Taft. 

Springfield, William P. Alexander, 
Peter S. Bailey, Samuel S. Bailey, 
Wm. K. Baker, E. P. Bartholomew, 
Charles J. Bellamy, Henry H. Bow- 
man, Timothy M. Brown, T. Alden 



[VOL. I. 

Curtis, William S. Greene, Frederic 
H. Harris, Frederick A. Judd, Henry 
S. Lee, Edward H. Lathrop, George 
Leonard, Charles Marsh, James E. 
Mclntire, Edward Morris, Alexan- 
der Pabke, Henry M. Phillips, John 
L. Rice, Wm. B. Rogers, Stephen E. 
Seymour, George M. Steams, John 
M. Stebbins, Edward R. Stickney, 
James M. Thompson, Thomas War* 
ner, Jr., Daniel E. Webster, Wm. G. 
White, Theodore M. Zinsser. 

Westfield, Andrew L. Bush, E. W. 
Dickerman, Jas. R. Dunbar, Henry 
Fuller, Henry B. Lewis, Asa P. 
Rand, Homer B. Stevens, Milton B. 

West Springfield, Elisha P. Bar- 

Medical Examiners. 
Holyolce, Lyman M. Tuttle. 
Palmer, William Holbrook. 
Springfield, Theodore F. Breck. 
Westfield, James H. Waterman. 

Hampshire County. 
Shire Town, Northampton. 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
Charles Delano ; Register of Probate 
and Insolvency, Luke Lyman ; Clerk 
of Courts, William P. Strickland; 
Register of Deeds, Henry P. Billings ; 
County Treasurer, Watson L. Smith; 
Sheriff, Henry A. Longley — all of 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Amherst, George B. Gallond. 

Belchertown, Samuel W. Longley. 

Cummington, Aransford Rhoades. 

Easihampton, J. Lyman Campbell. 

Enfield, E. G. Wells. 

Hadley, Enos E. Cook. 

Huntington, G. M. Lindsey. 

Northampton, H. M. Potter, Ansel 

Plain field, Leonard Campbell. 

South Hadley, Samuel N. Miller. 

Ware, W. C. Sheldon. 
' Williamsburg, Benson Munyan. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 
At Amherst, 2d Tuesday of Jan- 
uary, March, June, August, and 

At Belchertown, 2d Tuesday of 
May and October. 

At Northampton, 1st Tuesday of 
every month. 

At Williamsburg, 3d Tuesday of 
May and October. 

County Commissioners. 

Elnathan Graves, Williamsburg ; 
Samuel M. Cook, Granby ; Elisha 
A. Edwards, Southampton. 

Special Commissioners, Samuel L. 
Parsons, Northampton; Charles E. 
Blood, Ware. 

Times of Meeting. At Northamp- 
ton, 1st Tuesday of March, Septem- 
ber, and December, and Tuesday 
next after 2d Monday of June, an- 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

South Hadley. Hadley, Benjamin 

Northampton, Timothy G. Spauld- 

Ware, Franklin D. Richards. 

Public Administrators. 
Northampton, Samuel L. Parsons. 

Master in Chancery. 
Northampton, Wm. P. Strickland. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Amherst, Ithamar F. Conkey,Wm. 
A. Dickinson, Edward A. Thomas. 

Belchertown, Calvin Bridgman. 

Enfield, Josiah B. Wood. 

Northampton, Haynes H. Chilson, 
Harvey Kirklaud, Wm. P. Strick- 
land, Eliphalet Williams. 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards. 

Ware, William Hyde, Franklin D. 
Richards, Charles A. Stevens. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 

Amherst, Forster P. Ainsworth, 
Simeon Clark, Wm. S. Clark, Ed- 
ward Conkey, George Cutler, John 
C. Dillon, D. B. Nelson Fish, John 
Jameson, Oliver Pease, tLevi Stock- 




"bridge, Edward A. Thomas, Edward 
E. Webster. 

Belchertoivn, Leonard Barrett, El- 
iot Bridgman, Franklin Dickinson, 
Asakel Goodell, Thomas R. Greene, 
*Samuel W. Longley. 

Chesterfield, Chandler T. Macom- 
ber, Albert Nichols, Orson M. Pearl. 
West Chesterfield, Loren L. Tower. 

Cummington, Francis H. Dawes, 
John Everett, William H. Guilford, 
Darius W. Lovell, Nathan F. Or- 
cutt, Orange W. Snow. West Cum-: 
mington, Charles N. Harlow. 

Easthampton, Jeremiah H. Bard- 
well, Wm. G. Bassett, Lafayette 
Clapp, Lafayette Clapp, Jr., tAlburn 
J. Fargo, William Hill, Charles B. 
Johnson, tHo'ratio G. Knight, Moses 
H. Leonard, Lauren D. Lyman, *B. 
Parsons Mansfield, tEdmund H. 
Sawyer, Samuel T. Seelye, Sanford 
D. Sweetser, Joseph T. Thayer, 
Joseph W. Winslow. 

Enfield, Horace Hunt, William B. 
Kimball, * Charles Richards. 

Goshen, Alvan Barrus. 

Granby, Philo Chapin, Charles S. 
Ferry, Frederick Taylor. 

Greenwich, Joseph P. Vaughn. 

Hadley, George Allen, Simon F. 
Cooley, John C. Hammond, tElea- 
zer Porter, William P. Porter, Rod- 
ney Smith, Lewis W. West, Samuel 
C. Wilder. 

Hatfield, Samuel P. Billings, Wm. 
H. Dickinson, Horace W. Field, 
Thaddeus Graves, Silas G. Hubbard, 
Henry S. Porter. 

Huntington, Nathan H. Daniels, 
Garry Munson, Elijah N. Woods. 

Middlefield, *John L. Bell, Solo- 
mon F. Root. 

Northampton, Wm. Allen, Wm. F. 
Arnold, Francis A. Beals, Henry P. 
Billings, Luther Bodman, Daniel 
W. Bond, John B. Bottum, Haynes 
H. Chilson, Gilbert A. Christie, 
*Chas. Delano, Pliny Earle, Frank- 
lin Edwards, James Ellsworth, Wm. 
B. Hale, Gordon R. Hall, James L. 
Hartwell, John C. Hammond, Hen- 
ry R. Hinckley, Geo. W. Hubbard, 
tHarvey Kirkland, Luke Lyman, 
Lafayette Maltby, John B. O'Don- 
nell/T. B. O'Donnell, Chauncey H. 


Pierce, Enos Parsons, *A. Perry 
Peck, William Slattery, Albert E. 
Smith, Isaac Stone, Wm. P. Strick- 
land, Oliver Walker, Lewis War- 
ner, James L. Warriner, John Whit- 
tlesey, Charles E. Williams, Lucien 
B. Williams. Florence, Emery C. 
Davis, Aaron R. Morse, Horace K. 
Parsons, A. Lyman Williston. 
Leeds, Oran Storer, George P. War- 
ner. Loudville, George B. Drury, 
Caleb Loud. 

Pelham, John Jones, Ariel C. 

Plainfield, Albert Dyer, Jason 

Prescott. North Prescott, Joseph 
M. Harrington, Frederic N. Peirce. 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards, 
Isaac Parsons. 

South Hadley, Nathan Morse, *G. 
Morgan Smith. South Hadley Falls, 
R. Ogden Dwight, Hiram Smith, 
Henry W. Taylor, Ira B. Wright. 

Ware, David P. Billings, Henry C. 
Davis, William C. Eaton, Charles 
D. Gilbert, J. H. G. Gilbert, Lewis 
N. Gilbert, Frederick D. Gilmore, 
tWilliam Hyde, tOtis Lane, Owen 
McMahon, Franklin D. Richards, 
tCharles ^A. Stevens, Charles E. 
Stevens, (Jreorge E. Tucker. 

Westhampton, Thomas C. Daven- 
port, Albert G. Jewett, Frederick 
H. Judd. 

Williamsburg , Henry M. Brewster, 
Thomas M. Carter, John B. Gleasoh, 
Addison H. White. Haydenville, 
*Benj. S. Johnson, Wm. W. Nash. 

Worthington, Chas. K. Brewster, 
tElisha H. Brewster, Jona. Brew- 
ster, Ethan Clarke, Samuel Cole. 

Trial Justices. 
Amherst, Edward A. Thomas. 
Belchertoivn, Franklin Dickinson. 
Cummington, Francis H. Dawes. 
Easthampton, Lafayette Clapp. 
Enfield, Charles Richards. 
Huntington, Garry Munson. 
Northampton, Haynes H. Chilson, 
A. Perry Peck. 

Ware, Franklin D. Richards. 

Amherst, Ithamar F. Conkey, Ed- 



[VOL. I. 

ward Dickinson, Wm. A. Dickinson, 
John Jameson. 

Belcliertown, Franklin Dickinson. 

Easthampton, William G. Bassett, 
Albert D. Saunders, Edmund H. 

Enfield, Charles Richard. 

Northampton, Daniel W. Bond, 
John B. Bottum, Haynes H. Chil- 
son, Charles Delano, Gordon R. 
Hall, Edward F. Hamlin, Frederick 
N. Kneeland, Enos Parsons, A. Per- 
ry Peck, Chauncey H. Pierce, Timo- 
thy G. Spaulding, Carlos C. Tracy. 
Florence, Henry H. Bond, George V. 
Rutherford, Oliver Walker. 

Southampton, Elisha A. Edwards. 

Ware, Wm. S. Hyde, Otis Lane. 

Medical Examiners. 
Amherst, Dyer B. N. Fish. 
Easthampton, Joseph W. Winslow. 
Northampton, Christopher Sey- 

Ware, David W. Miner. 

Middlesex County. 
Shire Towns, Cambridge and Lowell. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
George M. Brooks, Concord ; Regis- 
ter of Probate and Insolvency, Joseph 
H. Tyler, Winchester; Assistant Reg- 
ister of Probate and Insolvency, Sam'l 
H. Folsom, Winchester; Clerk of the 
Courts, Theodore C. Hurd, East Cam- 
bridge; Assistant Cleric of Courts, 
John J. Sawyer, Somerville ; Second 
Assistant Cleric, J. L. Ambrose, East 
Cambridge; Register of Deeds (South 
District), Charles B. Stevens, Cam- 
bridge ; Register of Deeds (North Dis- 
trict), Joseph F.Thompson, Lowell; 
County Treasurer, Amos Stone, Ever- 
ett ; Sheriff, Charles Kimball, Low- 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ashland, Ezra Morse. 

Ayer, Peter Tarbell. 

Cambridge (East), Luther L. Par- 

Cambridge-port, Ira Taylor. 

Concord, John B. Moore. 

Everett, Wm. C. Dillingham. 

Frdminqham (South), Simeon F. 

Grotou, Asa S. Lawrence. 

HopYmton, Jonathan Whittemore. 

Hudson, Charles H. Robinson. 

Lowell, Jefferson Bancroft, Henry 
G. Gushing. 

Maiden, Charles H. Rhodes. 

Marlborough, Charles F. Morse. 

Melrose, Moses Briggs. 

Med ford, George W. W. Saville. 

Natick, C. H. Nutt. 

Newton, John M. Fisk. 

Somerville, Joshua E. Eldridge. 

Townsend, B. F. Lewis. 
• Wakefield, Charles H. Davis. 

Waltham, Eben W. Fiske. 

Woburn, Horace Callamore. 

Lowell, Charles Kimball. 

Master of House of Correction. 
East Cambridge, Charles J. Adams. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Cambridge, 1st, 2d, and 4th 
Tuesday of each month, except 

At Lowell, 3d Tuesday of Janu- 
ary, March, May, July, September, 
and November. 

County Commissioners. 

Harrison Harwood, Natick ; John 
H. Reed, Westford ; Daniel G. Wal- 
ton, Wakefield. 

Special Commissioners, Sam'l Sta- 
ples, Concord; E. E. Thourpson, 

Times and Places of Meeting. At 
Cambridge, 1st Tuesday of January 
and June ; at Lowell, 1st Tuesday 
of September. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Ayer, John Spaufding. 
Lowell, F. T. Greenhalge. 
Somerville, John Haskell Butler. 

Bail Commissioners. 
Lowell, John Davis, William H. 

Woburn, H. W. Converse, P. Cre- 

Public Administrators. 
Lowell, Jonathan Ladd, George 

Winchester, Samuel H. Folsom. 




Masters in Chancery. 
Cambridge, Joseph H. Tyler. 
Framingham, Walter Adams. 
Lexington, Asa Cottrell. 
Lowell, Arthur P. Bonney, Charles 
F. Howe. 
Newton, William C. Green. 
Wakefield, Samuel K. Hamilton. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Ayer, E. D. Bancroft, Charles E. 

Cambridge, Edward G. Eussell, 
Henry A. Stevens. 

Concord, Geo. M. Brooks, George 
Hey wood. 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams. 

Groton, Benjamin P. Dix, George 

D. Brigham. 

Lowell, Nathan Crosby, James S. 
Hovey, Chas. C. Hutchinson, Geo. 

Shirley, James O. Parker. 

Stoncham, Dexter Bucknam, Geo. 
W. Dike, Alonzo V. Lynde. 

Winchester, Joseph H. Tyler. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 
a t. 

Acton, Ebenezer Davis, tWinthrop 

E. Faulkner, Samuel Hosmer, Alvin 
M. Eobbins, *Moses Taylor, Wm. D. 
Tuttle, George C. Wright. East 
Acton, Henry M. Smith, Daniel 
Wetherbee. South Acton, Jonas K. 
Wetherbee. West Acton, Isaiah Hut- 

Arlington, John F. Allen, Jonas 
M. Bailey, Joel Barnard, J. C. Bill- 
iard, Ira O. Carter, Sam'l D. Hicks, 
Eichard L. Hodgdon, Alfred D. 
Hoyt, tFrancis V. B< Kern, William 
E. Lloyd, B. Delmont Locke, John 
Osborn, IWm. E. Parmentcr, Abel 

E. Proctor, William, tOliver 
Warner, Geo. Y. Wellington, Albert 

Ashby, Alonzo A. Carr, Dennis 
Fay, Charles O. Green, Jonas P. 
Hay ward, Francis W. Wright. 

Ashland, Henry Cutler, William 

F. Ellis, George T. Higley, Warren 
Morse, J. Newton Pike, William 

Seaver, George H. Stone, William 
A. Tilton. 

Ayer, Warren H. Atwood, tE. 
Dana Bancroft, George V. Barrett, 
Charles Brown, Edwin H. Hay ward, 
Abel L. Lawton, Chas. E. Morrison, 
Abel Prescott, Levi Sherwin, *John 
Spaulding, Peter Tarbell, George E. 
Underwood, Levi Wallace, F. A. 

Bedford, *"Phinehas W. Chamber- 
lin, AmosB. Cutler, ElihuG.Loomis, 
tHenry Shaw, Thomas Stiles. 

Belmont, Winthrop L. Chenery, 
Thomas W. Davis, Warren S. Frost, 
James M. Eiley. 

Billerica, Francis Baldwin, Dud- 
ley Foster, Chas. H. Parker, *Chas. 
A. Eanlet, Albert D. Stanton, Geo. 
H. W T hitman. North Billerica, James 
Stott, Thomas Talbot. 

Boxborough, Willard Blanchard, 
Eeuel T. Cobleigh, Hiram E. Felch, 
Oliver Wetherbee. 

Burlington, Samuel Sewall, Abner 

Cambridge, Francis E. Abbott, 
Eeuben Adams, *Edwin A. Alger, 
John L. Ambrose, Samuel Batchel- 
der, Jr., James M. Barker, John H. 
Bentley, Jonathan Bigelow, John 
Brewster (for Suffolk County only), 
John Cahill, Gilbert E. Chandler, 
Francis L. Chapman, Jeremiah W. 
Coveney, John B. Dana, Curtis 
Davis, William Dickson, tWilliam 
Everett, Thos. T. Ferguson, tJohn f 
M. Fiske, John S. Flagg, William 
Frost, Leander M. Hannum, Henry 
W. Holland, Joseph A. Holmes, 
Homer C. Holt, Elias Howe, Estes 
Howe, tHarrison W. Hnguley, Ar- 
thur E. Jones, Edward Kendall, 
Emerson W. Law, Samuel W. Mc- 
Daniel, tGeorge E. McNeil, tlsaac 
S. Morse, James E. Morse, tHenry 
W. Muzzey, Eufus W. Nason, Chas. 
E. Norton, William H. Odiorne, 
Charles Porter, tC handler E. Eau- 
som, Edmund Eeardon, Charles E. 
Eichardson, tWm. A. Eichardson, 
John Eindge, Sam'l F. Eugg, tChas. 
Theodore Eussell, Edward G. Eus- 
sell, tGeorge P. Sanger, tCharles 
H. Saunders, George S. Saunders, 
William. A. Saunders, William 1e. 



[vol. T. 

Saunders, William H. Sherman, 
Fred'k T. Stevens, FordyceM. Stim- 
son, Jeremiah H. Sullivan, James 

B. Thayer, George H. Tovrae, Henry 
Ware, John W. Well man, John 
White, Benjamin W. Whitney, Jo- 
seph Whitney, William L. Whitney. 

Cambvidgeport, Sumner Albee, Geo. 
A. Alden, Alfred L. Barbour, John 
N. Barbour, J. Marshall Barker, 
Daniel A. Buckley, Edward Burn- 
ham, Michael S. Busnach, John 
Cahill, George P. Carter, Josiah G. 
Chase, Josiah H. Cobb, Josiah W. 
Cook, Watson G. Cutter, Robert 
Douglass, Benjamin Dow, William 

F. Engley, Edwin A. Hall, John W. 
Hammond, J. Watson Harris, Jo- 
seph A. Holmes, Homer C. Holt, 
William L. Howard, Justin A. Ja- 
cobs, Edwin IT. Jose, Benj. King, 
Ruths Lamson, JohnLennon, tlsaac 
Livermore, John Livermore, Wm. 
H. Martin, John McDuffee, *Lucius 
R. Paige, Charles G. Pope, J. Stacy 
Read, tJolm Sargent, tJoshua B. 
Smith, James H. Sparrow, John 
Stone, Henry Thayer, James M. 
Thresher, Henry H. Winslow. 

Fast Cambridge, Wm. Brine, Wm. 

G. Carson, John Fairbairn, Samuel 
H. Folsom, John W. Hammond, 
Geo. H. Howard, Theodore C. Hurd, 
Edward B. Malley, Lorenzo Marrett, 
Charles J. Mclntire, Thos. Mclntire, 
Charles W. Munroe, Wm. A. Nason, 
Luther L. Parker, Benj. R. Rand, 
William F. Richardson, Charles B. 
Stevens, George Stevens, Henry A. 
Stevens, John M. Tyler, Rufus R. 
Wade, William W. Winward. 

North Cambridge, D. Gilbert Dex- 
ter, Chester W. Kingsley, *Johu S. 
Ladd, Benjamin F. Rogers, tGeorge 

C. Trumbull. 

Carlisle, *George F. Duren, Selar 

Chelmsford, Samuel Parker, Geo. 
A. Parkhurst, Joseph Reed, Edward 
F. Richardson. North Chelmsford, 
Nathan B. Edwards. West Chelms- 
ford, Jonathan J. Hoyt, Christopher 

Concord, Stephen J. Ballon, Rich- 
aid Barrett, tGeorgo M. Brooks, 
tlienry F. French, Frederick W. 

Griffin, tGeorge Heywood, Samuel 
Hoar, George A. King, D. Goodwin 
Lang, John B. Moore, Geo. E. Potter, 
Charles Thompson, Charles H. Wal- 

Dracut, George W. Cobnrn, Gay- 
ton M. Hall, Henry Richardson, Ed- 
ward A. Stevens. 

Dunstable, Jas. T. Burnap, Josiah 

C. Proctor, Alpheus Swallow, An- 
drew J. Woodward. 

Everett, Dudley P. Bailey, Jr., 
Robert M. Barnard, Andrew J. Ben- 
nett, Alpheus W. Buell, Joseph H. 
Cannell, Irving A. Evans, Joseph 
Gerrish, William Johnson, Thomas 
Lewis, Manson L. Mills, John D. 
Parker (also for Suffolk), Alfred N. 
Parlin, Amos Stone. 

Framingham, Colman S. Adams, 
Walter Adams, Charles S. Barker, 
Samuel B. Bird, James W. Clark, 
tConstantine C. Esty, Frederick M. 
Esty, David Fisk, Charles J. Frost, 
Robert Gordon, Jonathan Green- 
wood, Thomas Hastings, Benjamin 
K. Haven, * Wm. G. Lewis, Sidney A. 
Phillips, Francis C. Stearns, Simeon 
F. TwichelJ, Charles S. AYhitmore, 
Josiah S. Williams. South Framing- 
ham, Newell Clark, Willard E. Clark, 
Willard Howe, Francis C. Stearns, 
George C. Travis, Jr. Saxonville, 
Luther F. Fuller, Franklin H. 

Groton, tGeorge S. Boutwell, Geo. 

D. Brigham, George S. Gates, Geo. 
S. Graves, Samuel P. Lewis, tDaniel 
Needham, * Samuel W. Rowe, An- 
drew Spaulding, Miles Spaulding, 
Willard Torrey, Alden Warren, Chas. 
H. Waters. 

Holliston, John M. Batchelder, 
Luther Bellows, Herman Bragg, 
James F. Fiske, Peter R. Johnson, 
Joseph H. Ladd, tAldeu Leland, 
George H. Newell, Abel Pond, John 
D. Shippee, Orrin Thomson. 

Boplcinton, C. Winslow Claflin, 
John A. Fitch, Clement Meserve, 
John A. Rice, Lucius H. Wakefield, 
Jonathan Whittemnre, J. A. Wood- 
bury. Hayden Bow, Martin V. 

Hudson, Edwin Amsden, Francis 
Brigham, Francis D. Brigham, Geo. 

1878-9. J 



A. dotting, * James T. Joslin, Henry 
E. Merrill, Knott H. Pedrick, Cbas. 
H. Robinson, Geo. F. Stone, Daniel 
W. Stratton, Josiah S. Welsh, Cbas. 
A. Wood. 

Lexington T Asa Cottrell, Isaac N. 
Damon, George O. Davis, Holland 
Holmes, tCharles Hudson, Matthew 
H. Merriam, Franklin Patcb, Loring 
S. Pierce, Hammond Reed, J. Rus- 
sell Reed, Leonard A. Saville, *Aug. 
E. Scott, George W. Taylor. Last 
Lexington, James E. Foster, Charles 
Nunn, *Maurice O'Connell, Abra- 
ham B. Shedd. 

Lincoln, James L. Chapin. South 
Lincoln, George H. Smith. 

Littleton, John W. Adams, Peter 

C. Edwards, Shattuck Hartwell, 
George H. Jacobs, William Kimball, 
Rollin H. Phelps, Joseph A. Priest, 
Gardner Prouty, George W. Sander- 
eon, Samuel Smith. 

Lowell, Julian Abbot, James C. 
Abbott, Charles E» Adams, Horace 
J. Adams, Nathan Allen, *William 
H. Anderson, Sager Ashworth, Jas. 
Bailey, Benj. C. Baldwin, * Jefferson 
Bancroft, Charles E. A. Bartlett, 
Wesley R. Batchelder, Alfred P. 
Bateman, Frank F. Battles, James 
M. Battles, John C. Bennett, Win. 
H. Bent, Amos A. Blanchard, Wm. 

D. Blanchard, Charles R. Blaisdell, 
John C. Blood, tArthur P. Bonney, 
George Bragdon, Thomas F. Bur- 
gess, William G. Buruham, Robert 
H. Butcher, *Frank O. Butterfield, 
James G. Buttrick, James P. Camp- 
bell, Elias L. Cardell, Francis Carll, 
tGeorge J. Carney, tRobert B. Cav- 
erly, Alfred D. Chandler, Samuel A. 
Chase, Jeremiah Clark, * William H. 
Clemence, Alonzo A. Coburn, Frank 
Coburn, Charles H. Conant, Michael 
Corbett, Josiah Corner, Cbas. Cow- 
ley, tNathan Crosby, Edward J. 
Crossman, *Jerem. Crowley, Henry 
G. Cushing, John Cusack, Isaac S. 
Daly, John Davis, John S. D'E velyn, 
Watson A. Dickinson, Luther J. 
Eames, Charles W. Eaton, George 
M. Elliott, Thos. H. Elliott, Alonzo 
Falls, Jacob G. Favor, David S. 
Field, Charles T. Fish, Horatio R. 
Fletcher, Peter Flood, tJ. B. Francis, 

*John F. Frye, Nathan W. Frye, 
Harrison H. Fuller, Alfred K. Gar- 
land, T. G. Gerrish, Alfred Gilman, 
tJohn A. Goodwiu, *Fred. T. Green- 
halge, Nathan S. Greenleaf, Joseph 
S. Grush, Charles S. Hadley, *Sam'l 
P. Hadley, * Albert A. Haggett, Mar- 
tin L. Hamblett, Simon B. Harris, 
David Healey, Jr., Epaphras A. Hill, 
Joseph Hill, George Hobson, Fred- 
erick Holtou, Jas. Hopkins, tHocum 
Hosford, James S. Hovey, *Charles 

F. Howe, Lorenzo G. Howe, John 
Q. A. Hubbard, John B. Hunt, Geo. 
W. S. Hurd, Charles C. Hutchinson, 
Francis Jewett, Stephen H. Jones, 
J. Judson Judkins, Henry Kileski, 
tCharles Kimball, *J. Chellis Kim- 
ball, John F. Kimball, Gardner W. 
King, Enos O. Kingsley, Joel Knapp, 
*John A. Knowles, G. W. Knowlton, 
* Jonathan Ladd, Alfred G. Lamson, 
Tobias L. P. Lamson, George P. 
Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence, tPeter 
Lawson, tGeorge F. Lawton, Simeon 

G. Lyford, *Sewall G. Mack, John 

F. Manahan, James A. Manuel, Jas. 
Marren, George A. Marden, James 

G. Marshall, tJoshua N. Marshall, 
Jared P. Maxfield, Wm. MeAloon, 
John B. McAlvin, Walter H. Mc- 
Daniels, *John F. McEvoy, Owen 
McNamara, Samuel A. McPhetres, 
Fred. C. Miller, Albert Moors, Geo. 
F. Morey, Thomas Nesmith, Francis 

A. Nichols, Martin O'Hearn, Henry 
S. Osgood, Orin F. Osgood, William 
F. Osgood, James Owens, *Ephraiin 

B. Patch, Baldwin T. Peahody, tJo- 
siah G. Peabody, *Henry P. Perkins, 
*01iver H. Perry, Jr., J. M. Pevey, 
John J. Pickman, Francis C. Plun- 
kett, Nathan D. Pratt, John W. 
Reed, David Hall Rice, Edward C. 
Rice, tDaniel S. Richardson, tGeo. 
F. Richardson, Henri E. Richard- 
son, John A. G. Richardson, Alex- 
ander H. Robinson, Ferdinand Rod- 
liff, Jr., Jacob Rogers, Edward 
T. Rowell, Alonzo L. Russell, *Will- 
iam F. Salmon, Benjamin F. Sar- 
gent, Joseph L. Sargent, Cbas. W. 
Saunders, George F. Scribner, John 
S. Searle, Jesse H. Shepard, *Lu- 
ther E. Shepard, William Shepard, 
Moses W. Shorey, Van B. Sleeper, 



[VOL. i. 

*Lucian P. Stacy, Charles D. Star- 
bird, George Stevens, Lewis Stiles, 
Charles A. Stott, Albert G. Swan, 
*Theodore H. Sweetser, Dexter Sy- 
monds, Frederic Taylor, Joseph P. 
Thompson, Charles F. Tilton, Ed- 
ward Tuck, Edward M. Tucke, 
Artemas S. Tyler, Ervin Underbill, 
Atkinson C. Varnum, Leavitt P. J. 
Varnum, Benjamin Walker, Daniel 
P. Wallace, Charles P. Walling- 
ford, Edwin F. Watson, James 
Watson, Harrison G. O. Weymouth, 
Charming Whitaker, Rufus 13. Whit- 
ney, *Henry W. B. Wightman, 
Henry H. Wilder, Charles M. Will- 
iams, Frederick Woodies, George F. 
Woodward, Andrew C. Wright, 
Hapgood Wright, *Sam'l B. Wyman. 

Maiden, Sylvester K. Abbott, 
David Ayers, George T. Bailey, 
Erskine F. Bickford, Augustus C. 
Carey, Elisha S. Converse, G. T. 
Coverly, Alfred E. Cox, George P. 
Cox, Charles G. Fall, Frederick J. 
Foss, tTheodore N. Foque, Loren L. 
Fuller, Robert Gardner, William 
Hardy, tWilliam Hayden, C. A. 
Holmes, Erastus W. Leavens, Mar- 
vin Lincoln, Charles A. Mayo, Chas. 
Merrill, J. H. Millett, Otis Minot, 
Henry H. Murdock, Edward B. 
Newball, Jeremiah D. Parker, John 
W. Pettengill, tJas. Pierce, Albert 
F. Sargent, George S. Scammon, J. 
K. C. Sleeper, Freeman A. Smith, 
George H. Smith, Phineas Sprague, 
William G. Sprague, Francis C. 
Swett, Aaron B. Vannevar, Stephen 
P. Weld, William A. Wilde. Lin- 
den, Charles N. Barstow. Maple- 
wood, James F. Eaton. 

Marlborough, Edward R. Alley, 
tSamuel N. Aldrich, Wm. Barnes, 
Edward L. Bigelow, Levi Bigelow, 
John Chipman, Timothy A. Cool- 
idge, Heman S. Fay, John S. Fay, 
* William B. Gale, Charles M. Howe, 
El bridge Howe, Simon H. Howe, 
Edward F. Johnson, Samuel B. 
Maynard, James W. McDonald, 
Charles F. Morse, Stephen Morse, 
John O'Connell, Stillman B. Pratt, 
Luther L. Tarbell, Benjamin F. 
Underhill, Edmund C. Whitney, 
Nahum Witherbee. 

Maynard (Assabet), Asahel Bal- 
com, John Hills, Seth W. Merrill. 

Medford, James O. Curtis, Benja- 
min P. Cutter, Winslow W. Fifield, 
George A. Gibson, tDaniel A. Glea- 
son, James O. Goodwin, Benjamin 
F. Hayes, Samuel S. Holton, Jr., 
Simon H. Howe, Asa Law, Daniel 
W. Lawrence, *Samuel C. Law- 
rence, Parker R. Litchfield, Baxter 
E. Perry, Alvin R. Reed, tCharles 
Russell, Alvin G. Sadler, George W. 
W. Saville, * James M. Usher, Lewis 
H. Washburn, John T. White. 
West Medford, tAbner J. Phipps. 

Melrose, *William Bogle, Andrew 
H. Briggs, William B. Burgess, 
George P. Burnham, Nelson Coch- 
ran, Francis M. Edwards, Isaac 
Emerson, George W. Farnsworth, 
William J. Farnsworth, B. Marvin 
Fernald, tDaniel^ W. Gouch, El- ; 
bridge H. Goss, Levi S. Gould, John 
R. Jones, John Larrabee, *Alonzo 
V. Lynde, Selwyn Lynde, George 
A. Mansfield, Henry A. Norris, 
Frank E. Orcutt, Horatio N. Per- 
kins, John L. Randall, Seth A. Ran- 
lett, tSamuel E. Sewall, George 
Stockwell, James Worthen. 

Naticle, Oliver N. Bacon, Thomas 
E. Barry, George Beard, Alexander 
Blaney, Alpheus W. Burks, Royal 
E. Farwell, Charles B. Feleh, Harri- 
son Harwood, tFranklin F. Heard, 
Elisha P. Hollis, Charles L. Hos- 
mer, Walter N. Mason, James Mc- 
Manus, William Nutt, Ashur Par- 
lin, Elijah Perry, John N. Shat- 
tnck, George L. Sleeper, Gideon D. 
Tower, Edward P. Travis. Soutlt 
Natich, William Edwards, Elliott 

Newton, Joseph H. Adams, Benja- 
min F. Bacon, Joseph N. Bacon, 
James W. Bailey, Henry N. Baker, 
Leonard Blake, Edward W. Cate, 
Edwin O. Childs, tDaniel Dewey, 
Lorenzo Fairbanks, David W. Far- 
quhar, John M. Fisk, Henrv Fuller, 
tWilliam S. Gardner, tJohn B. Good- 
rich, Ebenezer H. Greenwood, Isaac 
Hagar, Joseph Huestis, Horatio N. 
Hyde, Isaac L. Kidder, tlsaac F. 
Kingsbury, John C. Park, Henry 
M. Sheldon, tAdin B. Underwood, 




Samuel A. Walker, Ebenezer Wood- 
ward. Newton Centre, tJames F. C. 
Hyde, Francis M. Johnson, William 
Morton, Edward H. Pierce, tRobert 
C. Pitman, tHarrison Prescott, Geo. 
C. Eaud, Marshall S. Eice, Justin 
K. Richardson, Edward T. Slocum, 
George F. Stone, John Ward, Wil- 
son J. Welch, tNathan Weston, 
Joseph M. White, Darius Young. 
Newtonville, George E. Bridges, 
tWilliam Claflin, Oren F. Clark, 
Ezra S. Farnsworth, William C. 
Green, Cornelius P. Harkins, Dus- 
tin Lancey, Winfield S. Slocum. 
Auburndale, Aimer I. Benyon, Ells- 
worth T. Buss, William I. Goodrich, 
Henry H. Mather, tWm. E. Plum- 
mer. Chestnut Mill, John Lowell, 
Henry B. WitUams. Newton Lower 
Falls, Isaac tfagar, Luther E. Le- 
land. Newton Upper Falls, Charles 
Ellis, Hosea C. Hoyt, Otis Pettee, 
Levi C. Wade. West Newton, tGeo. 
E. Allen, tJulius L. Clarke, tEd- 
ward J. Collins, tSeth Davis, Oliver 
C. Gibbs, Frank H. Graves, Lucius 
G. Pratt, tCharles Robinson, Jr., 
Peter Thacher, Stephen Thacher, 
Edward Upham, Allston W. Whit- 

North Beading, Samuel P. Breed, 
Charles P. Howard, George H. 

Pepperell, Lorenzo P. Blood, Chas. 
Crosby, Amos J. Saunders, Putnam 
Shattuck, Samuel P. Shattuck, Abel 
B. Winn. 

Beading, Solon Bancroft, Hiram 
Barrus, Stephen Foster, Andrew 
Howes, Chauncy P. Judd, John B. 
Leathe, Stillman E. Parker. Nathan 
P. Pratt, Sydney P. Pratt,' * Alfred 
A. Prescott, William J. Wightman, 
William H. Willis, Carroll D 

Sherborn, Henry W. Bullard, Low- 
ell Coolidge, Joseph Dowse, Ira B. 
Forbes, James H. Leland. 

Shirley, Moses T. Gardner, James 
Gerrish, Jacob P. Hazen, James P. 
Longley, Samuel Longley. Shirley 
Centre, Stillman P. Holden. 

Somerville, W. Geo. Alden, Clark 
Bennett, Gilman F. Besent, tSelwyn 
Z. Bowman, tGeorge O. Brastow, 

John H. Brookhouse. *Alphens R. 
Brown, tGeorge A. Bruce, John 
Haskell Butler, Samuel A. Carlton, 
David F. Crane, John A. Cum- 
mings, Thos. Cunningham, Jerome 
S. Daniels, Daniel L. Demmon, 
Charles D. Elliot, Michael F. Far- 
rel, Douglass Frazar, Charles E. 
Gilman, Nathaniel Gilson, Jacob 
T. Glines, William F. Griffin, Mil- 
lard D. Griggs, John K. Hall, Ed- 
ward Hartshorn, Horace Haskins, 
William D. Hay den, Silas H. Hol- 
land, Francis Houghton, Benjamin 

F. Hunt, Jr., George W. Ireland, 
George F. Jelly, George A. Kimball, 
Stillman H. Libby, Charles S. Lin- 
coln, Thomas F. Maguire, Melville 
C. Parkhurst, Albion A. Perry, 
Henry W. Pitman, tCharles G. 
Pope, James L. Powers, George A. 
Pratt, Edward C. Purely, Stephen 
W. Reynolds, Horace B. Runey, 
Christopher E. Rymes, Aaron Sar- 
gent, tJames M. Shute, Albert H. 
Skilton, Theophilus G. Smith, Hen- 
ry F. Spencer, Lebbeus Stetson, 
tCharles H. Taylor, Orel Towle, 
Francis Tufts, "Columbus Tyler, 
John W. Vinal, Quincy A. Vinal, 
Robert A. Vinal, James H. Whitte- 
more, Samuel D. G. Willcutt, Lewis 
Wilkins, Albert E. Winship, Alex- 
ander Wood. Fast Somerville, Wal- 
ter C. Bigelow, William H. Furber, 
John A. Hughes, William T. Plais-» 
ted, Cromwell G. Powell, Sabin M. 
Smith. North Somerville, John C. 
Magoun, Horace Partridge, Thomas 

G. Temple. West Somerville, Mel- 
ville Stacy. 

Stoneham, tJohn Botume, Jr., 
Benjamin F. Briggs, *Dexter Buck- 
nam, Silas Dean, Charles C. Dike, 
tGeorge W. Dike, *Lyman Dike, 
Amasa Farrier, Benjamin A. Fow- 
ler, Onslow Gilmore, Amos Hill, 
Charles E. Home, James Peyton, 
Almon A. Platts, Luther Reed, Wm. 
B. Stevens. 

Sioiv, Ephraim Stone, Edwin 
Whitney. Bock Bottom, Wayne W. 

Sudbury, Lucius P. Bent, Jonas S. 
Hunt, James Moore, Homer Rogers. 
South Sudbury, B. H. Richardson. 



[VOL. I. 

Tewksbury, Charles A. Blaisdell, 
"Oliver R. Clark, Jacob Coggin, 
tLeonard Huntress, tThomas J. 
Marsh, Elijah M.. Read, *Benja- 
min F. Spaulding, Henry E. War- 

Townsend, Samuel S. Haynes, Al- 
bert Howe, Benj. F. Lewis, Levi 
Stearns, Ephraim S. Wilder, Fred- 
eric A. Worcester. West Townsend, 
Albert Jenkins, Ithamar B. Saw- 
telle, George Taffc. 

Tyngsborough, Ebenezer Bancroft, 
J. S. Bennett, Luther B titterheld, 
Reuben S. Co bum. 

Wakefield, Henry D. Austin, Na- 
thaniel J. Bartlett, Lucius Beebe, 
Richard Britton, George W. Cutter, 
Arthur P. Dodge, Chester W. Eaton, 
Jas. F. Emerson, Charles W. Green, 
Samuel K. Hamilton, Charles F. 
Hartshorne, Abel F. Hutchinson, 
John W. Locke, Edward Mansfield, 
Robert L. Murkland, Daniel Nor- 
cross, George II. Towle, William N. 
Tyler, Edward A. Upton, Cyrus 
Wakefield, Daniel G. Walton, Otis 
V. Waterman. 

Waltliam, Thomas H. Armstrong, 
tNathaniel P. Banks, Josiali Beard, 
George P. Cauldwell, Thomas B. 
Eaton, *Eben W. Fiske, Daniel 
French, Henry C. Hall, Elliot A. 
Harrington, tB. Berkley Johnson, 
Jarvis Lewis, Horatio Moore, Wm. 
sE. Shedd, SylvanusW. Smith, tFred. 
M. Stone, Samuel O. Upham, Daniel 
F. Viles, Amory H.Walker, Charles 

Watertown, T. Grafton Abbott, 
George W. Andrew, Charles J. Bar- 
ry, Isaac V. Bemis, Henry C. Derby, 
Abner French, David T. Huckins, 
William H. Ingraham, George R. 
Kidder, George L. Noyes, George E. 
Priest, Samuel Richardson, Isaac 
Robbins, George K. Snow, James 
Stevens, JohnK. Stickney, Jeremiah 
J. Sullivan, Jesse F. Wheeler, Hiram 
Whitney, Leonard Whitney, Jr., B. 
Osgood Wilson. 

Wayland, James S. Draper, DaAnd 
Heard, Charlie A. Jones, Lewis 
Jones, Richard T. Lombard, Henry 
Wight. Cochifuaie, Charles R. Da- 
mon, Lafayette Dudley. 

Wesiford, Jas. Callahan, Nathaniel 
B. Fisk, John M. Fletcher, Asa Hil- 
dreth, Edward Prescott, Luther 
Prescott, J. Henry Reed. Forge 
Village, Howard R. Fillebrown, 
Henry Fuller. Graniteville, C. G. 

Weston, *Frank W. Bigelow, Fred- 
erick T. Bush, Alonzo S. Fiske, Ed- 
win Hobbs, tJames F. B. Marshall. 

Wilmington, Henry Blanchard, 
Cyrus L. Carter, William H. Carter, 
Chester W. Clark, Lemuel C. Eames, 
Samuel B. Nichols. 

Winchester, tHorace D. Bradbury, 
George P. Brown, Abraham B. Cof- 
fin, Daniel W. Kimball, John T. 
Manny, tFrancis H. Nourse, George 
E. Rogers (for Suffolk County only), 
Andrew N. Shepard, Josiah F. Stone, 
Uoseph H. Tyler, tEdwin A. Wad- 
leigh, John T. Wilson. 

Woburn, Benj. E. Bond, John R. 
Carter, Edward W. Champney, Geo. 
H. Conn, Horace Collamore, Sher- 
man Converse, Parker L. Converse, 
* J. Cummings, James N. Dow, John 
G. Maguire, George F. Hartshorne, 
Edward D. Hayden, Thos. H. Hill, 
Sparrow Horton, John Johnson, 
John W. Johnson, George W. Nor- 
ris, Rufus Pickering, Eliphaz Prior, 
Lawrence Reade, Lemuel G. Rich- 
ardson, Edward E. Thompson, Leon- 
ard Thompson, Jr., Lewis L. Whit- 
ney. East Woburn, Chas. D. Adams, 
Marcus Eaton, D. D. Hart, J. E. 
Littlefield, John I. Munroe, Stephen 
Nichols, Austin H. Perkins, Albert 
L. Richardson, A. E. Thompson. 

Trial Justices. 
Arlington, IraO. Carter. 
Hudson, James T. Joslin. 
Marlborough, Nahuin Wetherbee. 
Tewksbury, Leonard Huntress. 
Waltham, B. Berkley Johnson. 
Watertown, Jesse F. Wheeler. 
West ford, Henry Fuller. 
Winchester, George S. Littlefield. 
Woburn, Parker L. Converse. 

Notaries- Public. 
Acton ( West), Chas. B. Stone. 
Ashland, George T. Higley, George 
W. Norris. 




Ayer, Warren H. Atwood, George 
V. Barrett, Levi Sherwin. 

Bedford, Eliku G. Loomis. 

Cambridge, Jolm Cahill, James A. 
Holmes, William L. Howard, Berjj. 
H. Richardson, Charles E. Richard- 
son, Edward G. Russell, John Sar- 
gent, John* C. Thurston, Benj. W. 
Whitney, Chas. F. Walcott. Cam- 
bridgeport, Alfred L. Barbour, Ed- 
ward Burnham, John W. Hammond, 
Joseph G. Holt, Edwin H. Jose. 
Fast Cambridge, John C. Bullard. 
No7*th Cambridge, Levi L. Cushing, 

Concord, George M. Brooks, George 

Framingliam, Colman S. Adams, 
Walter Adams, Frederick M. Esty. 
Saxonville, Charles S. Barker. South 
Framingliam, George C. Travis. 

Hudson, James T. Joslin. 

Holliston, Herman Bragg, Orrin 
Thompson, Lucius H. Wakefield. 

Hopkinton, Clement Meserve. 

Lexington, Augustus E. Scott. 

Lowell, Frank T. Benson, George 
J. Carney, Charles H. Conant, Almy 
J. Flint, Martin L. Hamblet, Geo. 
D. Hills, Charles F. Howe, Charles 
C. Hutchinson, Jonathan Ladd, 
John B. McAlvin, John F. McEvoy, 
George Stevens, Abel Whitney, 
Samuel B. Wyman. 

Maiden, Albert F. Sargent. 

Marlborough, William Barnes, Ed- 
mund C.Whitney. 

Medford, Benjamin F. Hayes, 
Charles Russell. 

Melrose, John Larrabee, Frank E. 

Natick, William Nutt. 

Newton, Charles K. Amidon, John 
L. Bailey, Edwin O. Childs, Andrew 
B. Cobb, David W. Farquhar, J. 
Watson Taylor. West Newton, Ste- 
phen Thacher. Newtonville, Ezra S. 
Farnsworth, Dustin Lancey. 

Pepperell, Levi Wallace. 

Reading, Solon Bancroft, Sydney 
P. Pratt. 

Somerville, William F. Griffin, 
Alexander Wood. 

Stoneham, Dexter Bucknam. 

Townsend, Edward Ordway, Chas. 


Wakefield, Arthur P. Dodge, Ches- 
ter W. Eaton, Samuel K. Hamil- 

Waltham, B. Berkley Johnson, 
Charles F. Stone, Frederick M. 

Watertown, George R. Kidder, 
Jesse F. Wheeler. 

Wihnington, Chester W. Clark. 

Winchester, George S. Littlefield, 
John T. Wilson. 

Westford, Henry Fuller. 

Woburn, Alpha E. Thompson. 

Medical Examiners. 
Ayer, Benjamin H. Hart well. 
Cambridge, John L. Hildreth. 
Concord, Henry A. Barrett. 
Framingliam, Ephraim L. Warren. 
Lowell, John C. Irish. 
Maiden, John L. Sullivan. 
Marlborough, Nathan S. Chamber- 
Needham, A. D. Kingsbury. 
Wakefield, Samuel W. 'Abbott. 
Watertown, Alfred Hosmer. 
Winchester, Frederick Winsor. - 

Nantucket County. 
Judge of Probate and Jnsolvency, 
Thaddeus C. Defriez ; Register of 
Probate and Insolvency, Saru'l Swain; 
Town and County Treasurer, Samuel 
Swain; Clerk of the Courts, George 
W. Jenks ; Register of Deeds, Andrew 
M. Myrick; Sheriff, Josiah F. Bar- 
rett ; Jailer and Master of the House 
of Correction, Roland Folger — all 
of Nantucket. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 
At Nantucket, Thursday next 
after 2d Tuesday of each month. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Nantucket, George W. Coffin, Al- 
exander B. Dunham, Peter Folger, 
Andrew G. Hussey, Joseph B. Macy. 

Public Administrator. 
Nantucket, George Cobb. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Nantucket, Albert A. Gardner, 
Charles W. Hussey, Andrew M, 



[VOL. i. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 
Nantucket, Frederick A. Chase, 
George Cobb, George W. Jenks, 
Samuel Swain. 

Thaddeus C. Defriez, Edward M. 
Gardner, George \V. Jenks. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 
a t. 

Nantucket, John F. Brown, Sam'l 
Christian, Allen Coffin, Thomas B. 
Field, William C. Folger, George 
W. Jenks, George W. Macy, * Joseph 
Mitchell, Andrew M. Myrick, Sam'l 
Swain, Andrew Whitney. 

Trial Justices. 
Allen Coffin, Thomas B. Field. 

Medical Examiner. 
Nantucket, John B. King. 

Norfolk County. 
Shire Town, Dedham. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
George White, Needham ; Register of 
Probate and Insolvency, Jonathan H, 
Cobb ; Assistant Register of Probate 
and Insolvency, Jonathan Cobb ; 
Clerk of Courts, Erastus Worthing- 
ton ; Assistant Clerk of Courts, Edgar 
H. Kingsbury ; Register of Deeds, 
John II. Burdakin; County Treas- 
urer, Chauncey C. Churchill ; Sheriff 
and Jailer, Rufus C. Wood — all of 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Canton, Samuel H. Capen. 

Dedham, Augustus B. Endicott. 

Hyde Park, John M. Twitchell. 

Medway ( West), Valentine R. 

Quincy, Washington M. French. 

Randolph, John Long. 

Stough on, Abram C. Paul. 

Weymouth, George W. White, Jr. 

Wreniham, Harvey B. Coleman. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 
At Dedham, 1st and 3d Wednes- 
day of each month, excej)t August. 

At Quincy, 2d Wednesday of each 
month, except August. 

At Hyde Park, 4th Wednesday of 
each month, except August. 

At Wrentham, 3d Tuesday of May, 
August, and "November. 

At Medway, 3d Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary, June, and October. 

County Commissioners. 

Nath'l F. Safford, Milton ; Galen 
Orr, Needham ; James Humphrey, 

Special Commissioners, J. Q. A. 
Field, Quincy ; G P. Morey, Walpole 

Times of Meeting. At Dedham, 
3d Tuesday of April, 4th Tuesday 
of June and September, and last 
Wednesday of December. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Franklin, George W. Wiggin. 
Needham, Emery Grover. 
Quincy, James E. Tirrell. 

Public Administrator. 
Dedham, Ira Cleveland. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Canton, Thomas E. Grover. 
Dedham, Thomas L. Wakefield, 
Erastus Worthington. 
Hyde Park, Henry B. Terry. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Cohassei, Loring Bates, Warren 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Braintree, Naaman L. White. 

Dedham, Chauncey C. Churchill, 
Jonathan Cobb, Jonathan H. Cobb. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 

Bellingham, Seneca Burr, Nathan 
A. Cook, David Lawrence, Joseph 
T. Massey. North Bellingham, Savel 

Braintree, tEd ward Avery, Phillips 
Curtis, Eben Denton, N. F. T. Hay- 
den, Arza B. Keith, William F. 
Locke, Amos W. Stetson, Ebenezer 




F. E. Thayer, Cranmore N. Wal- 
lace, tNaaman L. White. South 
Braintree, David H. Bates, tAsa 
French, Elias Hayward, Francis A. 
Hobart, Nathaniel H. Hunt, Noah 

JBrookline, H. Edward Abbott, 
tSeth Ames, tWilliam Aspinwall, 
Benj. F. Baker, William I. Bow- 
ditch, Sumner C. Chandler, Horace 
D. Chapin, Joshua Crane, William 
D. Coolidge, David H. Daniels, 
Charles H. Drew, Gustavus M. Fi- 
notti, tClement K. Fay, William B. 
Hazeltine, Martin P. Kennard, Brad- 
ford Kingman, Francis W. Law- 
rence, George A. Mudge, tThomas 
Parsons, Charles F. Perkins, Peter 
W. Pierce, tFrederick A. Searle, 
tAugustine Shurtleff, Lewis Slack, 
tThomas H. Talbot, tGinery Twitch- 
ell, tJarnes S. Whitney, Chas. A. 
Williams, tMoses Williams, Jr., 
Moses Withington. 

Canton, tEllis Ames, Frank M. 
Ames, Henry F. Buswell, George E. 
Downes, Nathaniel W. Dunbar, 
tCharles Endicott, tCharles H. 
French, Thomas E. Grover, Wm. 
Manstield, tSamuel B. Noyes, Jacob 
Silloway, Jr., James T. Sumner, 
tRufus C. Wood. 

Cohasset, Daniel J. Bates, tSolo- 
mouJ. Beal, Louis T. Gushing, Ed- 
ward E. Ellms, Martin Lincoln, 
John Q. A. Lothrop, tAaron Pratt, 
Henry Tolman. North Cohasset, 
Franklin D. Goodrich. 

Dedltam, tHenry C. Bigelow, John 
H. Burdakin, Charles J. Capen, 
*Chauncey C. Churchill, *Ira Cleve- 
land, John D. Cobb, Jonathan Cobb, 
* Jonathan H. Cobb, *Waldo Col- 
burn. Charles Dean, Frederick D. 
Ely, Augustus B. Endicott, Charles 
H. Farrington, Calvin Guild, Alfred 
Hewins, tHenry O. Hildreth, Don. 
Gleason Hill, Lewis H. Kingsbury, 
tChas. A. Mackintosh, John N. Mc- 
Kerry. Henry W. Richards, *Chas. 
C. Sanderson, Nathaniel Smith, 
Royal O. Storrs, Mirick P. Sumner, 
Ezra W. Taft, John W. Thomas, 
tEzra Wilkinson, Alonzo B. Weut- 
worth. Henry White, tErastus 
Worthington, Philander S. Young. 

West Dedham, tFranklin Copeland, 
Merrill D. Ellis. 

Dover, Amos W. Shumway, Eph- 
raim Wilson. Charles River Village, 
Edwin C. Moulton. 

Foxborough, R. Walter S. Black- 
well, William F. Boyd, Jas. Capen, 
* James E. Carpenter, Robert W. 
Carpenter, Otis Cary, Edwin W. 
Clarke, Alfred Fales, Charles W. 
Hodges, James F. Leonard, Isaac 
Smith, A. Thomas Starkey, Charles 
W. Sumner. 

Franklin, Henry M. Greene, * Jesse 
L. Nason, Wm. E. Nason, Stephen 
W. Richardson, William Rockwood, 
Adin D. Sargeant, Chas. W. Stewart, 
George W. Wiggin. 

Holbrook, John Adams, David 
Bl an chard, Elisha W. Thayer, John 
Underhay, Oramel White. Brook- 
villo, Thomas West. 

Hyde Park, Jos. C. Bates, Henry 
S. Bunton, Chas. M. Chapin, Chas. 
G. Chick, William J. Corcoran, Ed- 
mund Davis, E. P. Davis, *Orin T. 
Gray, tlsaac G. Reed, * Charles Stur- 
tevant, Henry B. Terry, Benjamin 
C. Vose. 

Medjield, George H. Ellis, Jere- 
miah B. Hale, Charles Hamant, Jas. 
Hewins, Charles C. Sewall. 

Medway, tMilton M. Fisher, Joel 
E. Hunt, Orion A. Mason, David A. 
Partridge. West Medivay, Charles 
H. Deans, Asa M. B. Fuller, Israel 
P. Q nimby, Addison P. Thayer. 
Bockville, Willard P. Clark, Erastus 
H. Tyler. 

Milton, Samuel Babcock, Gideon 
Beck, J. Walter Bradlee, Charles 
Breck, Jesse Bunton, Charles M. S. 
Churchill, tJoseph McK. Churchill, 
tRobert B. Forbes, George Penni- 
mau, tEdward L. Pierce, tHenry S. 
Russell, f Nathaniel F. Safford, Jas. 
Tucker, George Vose, Horace E. 
Ware, Edwin D. Wadsworth, Henry 
Austin Whitney, Seth D. Whitney. 

Needham, John T. Abbott, Thomas 
E. Barry, Charles Blaisdell, Edgar 
H. Bowers, Richard Boynton, Al- 
bion R. Clapp, William H. Crocker, 
George E. Eaton, Joseph E. Fiske, 
Charles C. Greenwood, Emery Gro- 
ver, Albert Jennings, William Jen- 



[VOL. I. 

nings, Charles H. Mansfield, Win. 
E. Mills, Enoch L. Pope, Francis H. 
Stevens, tGeorgo White. Newton 
Lower Falls, Joshua J. Gould. 
Grantville, Geo. K. Daniell, Clough 
E. Miles. Highlandville, Mark Lee. 
Welleslcy, Henry F. Durant, Solo- 
mon Flagg. 

Norfolk, Charles J. Bryant, Adams 
Daniels, Daniel J. Holbrook, Henry 
Trowbridge. Franklin City, James 
E. Pollard, Saul B. Scott. 

Norwood, Willard Gay, Francis 
Tinker, Francis O. Winslow. 

Quincy, Brooks Adams, tJohn Q. 
Adams, Henry Barker, Lewis Bass, 
Ebenezer Bent, D. Howard Bills, 
Chas. W. Carter, Noah Cummings, 
E. Augustus Duggan, tWilliam B. 
Duggan, William Lyman Faxon, 
Ensign S. Fellows, Washington M. 
French, George L. Gill, Johu Hard- 
wick, Chas. A. Howland, Jedediah 
P. Jordan, George H. Locke, Joseph 
W. Lombard, Henry Lunt, Charles 
Marsh, Albert G. Olney, William S. 
Pattee, Wbitcomb Porter, E. Gran- 
ville Pratt, Josiah P. Quincy, Jos. 
W. Eobertson, Horace B. Spear, 
James E. Tirrell, Edward Turner, 
John T. White, Isaiah G. Whiton. 
North Quincy, Lewis F. Hobbs, Ed- 
mund B. Taylor. Wollaston, Benj. 
Dodge, Lucius W. Lovell. 

Randolph, Hiram C. Alden, Hora- 
tio B. Alden, Eleazer Beal, tJobn 
V. Beal, tJ. White Belcher, Ezra S. 
Conant, Benjamin Dickerman, John 
T. Flood, Charles G. Hathaway, 
Daniel Howard, Nathaniel Howard, 
John F. Ki&on, Seth Mann, 2d, 
James E. O'Brien, John G. Poole, J. 
Winsor Pratt, John B. Thayer, Jas. 
Augustus Tower, Eoyal W. Turner, 
tSeth Turner, George W. Wales, 
Jonathan Wales. 

Sharon, tSanford W. Billings, 
Charles T. Howard, Otis Johnson, 
Wftliam E. Mann, Lewis W. Morse, 
William B. Wickes. 

Stoughion, John A. Bowdlear, Lu- 
cius Clapp, Jonas C. Galvin, Jesse 
Holmes, James Keith, Henry C. 
Kimball, Oscar A. Marden, Abram 
C. Paul, George Talbot, Jabez Tal- 
bot, Jr. East Stoughion, Christo- 

pher Dyer, Jr., Clifford Keith, John 
H. Simmons. North Stoughion, Brad- 
ford Eaymond. 

Walpole, tFrancis W. Bird, Na- 
thaniel Bird, Joshua B. Hanners, 
James G. Hartshorn, Geo. A. Ken- 
dall, James H. Leland, Isaac N. 
Lewis, William Moore, George P. 
Morey, James G. Scott. East Wal- 
pole, Chas. Bird, Henry A. Perkins. 
South Walpole, Henry S. Clarke. 

Weymouth, Fra*cis Ambler, tEver- 
ett C. Bumpus, Johu W. Hart, 
Ebenezer A. Hunt, Ebenezer W. 
Hunt, John J. Loud, Henry New- 
ton, George E. Porter, Thomas B. 
Porter, Augustus J. Eichards, Elias 
Eichards, Samuel Webb, George W. 
White, Jr. East Weymouth, Zacha- 
riah L. Bicknell, Nathan Canter- 
bury, John W. Fay, Nathan H. 
Pratt, *Alva Eaymond, N. Quincy 
Tirrell. North Weymouth, Elias S. 
Beals, tJames Humphrey, James 
Torrey. South Weymouth, Louis A. 
Cook, Joseph Dyer, Crawford S. 
Griffin, Jacob Loud, Quincy L. Eeed, 
Noah Vining, John M. Whitcomb, 
B. F. White, Oran White. 

Wrentham, William W. Cowell, 
Nathan Ely, Abraham W. Harris, 
Silas Metcalf, Samuel Warner, Geo. 
M. Warren. 

Trial Justices. 

Bellingliam, Nathan A. Cook. 

Brookline, Charles H. Drew. 

Canton, Thomas E. Grover. 

Eedham, Frederick D. Ely. 

Franklin, George W. Wiggin. 

Hyde Park, Henry B. Terry. 

Medway ( West), Charles H. Deans. 

Needham, Thos. E. Barry, Emery 

Stoughion, J. Merrill Browne, Os- 
car A. Marden. 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 

Notaries- PuNic. 

Brookline, Jos. B. Braman, Brad- 
ford Kingman. 

Canton, Francis W. Deane, Chas. 
Endicott, Thomas E. Grover, Jacob 
Silloway, Jr. . 

Dedham, C. C. Churchill, Lewis 
H. Kingsbury, Eoyal O. Storrs. 




Franklin, William E. Nason. 

Hyde Parle, Henry S. Bunton. 

Medway, Milton M. Fisher. 

Needham, Emery Grover. 

Quincy, Rupert F. Claflin. 

Randolph, Royal W. Turner. 

Weymouth, John J. Loud. East 
Weymouth, Nathan H. Pratt. South 
Weymouth, Quincy L. Reed. 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner. 

Medical Examiners. * 
BrooJcline, Robert Amory. 
Canton, Alexander R. Holmes. 
Cohasset, Gustavus P. Pratt. 
Foxborough, Jos. G. S. Hitchcock. 
Hyde Park, Charles Sturtevant. 
Medway, Charles A. Bemis. 
Needham, Albert D. Kingsbury. 
Quincy, James Morison. 
South Weymouth, Chris. C. Tower. 

Plymouth County. 
Shire Town, Plymouth. 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
William H. Wood, Middleborough ; 
Register of Probate, and Insolvency, 
Daniel E. Damon; Clerk of Courts, 
William H. Whitman; Register of 
Deeds, William S. Dan forth ; County 
Treasurer, John Morissey ; Overseers 
of House of Correction, William H. 
Whitman, D. J. Robbins, Daniel E. 
Damon ; Sheriff, Alpheus K. Har- 
mon — all of Plymouth. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Abington, Josiah Cushman. 

Bridgewater, P. D. Kingman. 

Brockton, Otis Hayward, Ahira S. 

Duxbury, William J. Alden. 

Fast Bridgewater, Geo. A. Wheeler. 

East Wareham, P. R. W. Pierce. 

Hanover, Hira W. Bates. 

Hingham, G. F. Hersey, Charles 

Marion, Daniel Hall. 

Marshfield, F. W. Hatch. 

Mattapoisett, R. W. Bowles. 

Middleborough, James Cole. 

North Carver, Benjamin Ransom. 

Pembroke, Francis Merritt. 

Plymouth, John At wood, J. B. 

Rochester, R. C. Randall. 

Rockland, B. V. Bennett. 
South Scituate, Willard Torrey. 

Jailer and Master of House of Cor- 
Plymouth, Alpheus K. Harmon. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Abington, 4th Monday of May, 
August, and November. 

At Bridgewater, 4th Monday of 

At Brockton, 3d Monday of April 
and October. 

At East Bridgewater, 4th Monday 
of February and December. 

At Hanover, 4th Monday of June. 

At Hingham, 4th Monday of 

At Middleborough, 4th Monday 
of January and April and 2d Mon- 
day of July. 

At Plymouth, 2d Monday of Jan- 
uary, February, March, April, May, 
June, September, October, Novem- 
ber, and December. 

At Wareham, 4th Monday of 

Sessions of Insolvency Court. 
At Plymouth, 2d Monday in every 

County Commissioners. 

Charles H. Paine, Halifax ; Jed- 
ediah Dwelley, Hanover; J. T. 
Wood, Middleborough. 

Special Commissioners, Frederick 
Howard, Brockton; C. W. S. Sey- 
mour, Hingham. 

Times of Meeting. At Plymouth, 
3d Tuesday of March, 1st Tuesday 
of August and January. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Abington, Jesse E. Keith. 
Bridgewater, Hosea Kingman. 
Brockton, Jonas R. Perkins. 
Plymouth, Albert Mason. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Duxbury, Elisha Holmes. 

Hull, Nehemiah Ripley, Jr. 

Marshfield, John Baker, Curtis B. 
Goodsil, Geo. H. Hall. East Marsh- 
field, Charles L. Tilden. 



[VOL. I. 

Plymouth, John D. Churchill. 

Scituate, Perry L. Parker, John 
Tilden. North Scituate, William J. 

Public Administrators. 
Broclcton, Jonas R. Perkins. 
Scituate, Caleb W. Prouty. 
South Abington, Wm. P. Corthell. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Hingham, Joseph O. Burdett. 
Plymouth, William H. Whitman. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 
Abington, Jesse E. Keith, Henry 

B. Peirce. 

Bridgewater, Joshua E. Crane, 
Abrani Washburn, 2d. 

Brockton, Geo. W. Bryant, Jonas 
R. Perkins. 

Hingham, Solomon Lincoln. 

Middleborough, Everett Robinson, 
Eliab Ward. 

Plymouth, William S. Danforth, 
Jacob H. Loud, John J. Russell, 
William H. Whitman. 

Bochester, Joseph Haskell, The- 
ophilus King, Jamas Ruggles. 

Scituate, Charles A. Cole, J. O. 

South Scituate, Samuel A. Turner. 

Wareham, Seth Miller. 

West Bridgewater, Austin Packard. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quo- 
rum designated by a *, and Jus- 
tices throughout the Common- 
wealth by at. 

Abington, Moses N. Arnold, James 
F. Cox, Judson N. Farrar, Arthur P. 
Ford, Freeman P. Howland, Isaac 

C. Howland, James C. Murphy, 
Micah Nash, tllenry B. Peirce, Geo. 
W. Pratt, Edward P. Reed, Geo. L. 
Richardson, Otis W. Soule, tSamuel 
B. Thaxter. 

Bridgewater, Charles F. Alden, A. 
Waldo Bassett, Joshua Bates, Henry 
A. Blake, Henry J. Clarke (for 
Worcester County), tJoshua E. 
Crane, Philip E. Hill, *Lewis 
Holmes, Lafayette Keith, Hosea 
Kingman, *Philip D. Kingman, 
* Williams Latham, Franklin Leach, 

James C. Leach, Philander Leach, 
Spencer Leonard, tAsa Millett, Oreb 
F. Mitchell, Andrew H. Ward, Eli 

Broclcton, Charles C. Bixby, Geo. 
W. Bryant, Lloyd E. Chamberlain, 
David L. Co well, George Farwell, 
Henry A. Ford, Francis M. French, 
Charles D. Fullerton, Hamilton L. 
Gibbs, Sumner A. Hayward, Fred'k 
Howard, Augustus T. Jones, Albert 
Keith, Isaac Kingman, Rufus P. 
Kingman, Alfred Laws, Alfred C. 
Monroe, John Leroy Morgan, De- 
Witt C. Packard, E. L. Packard, S. 
Franklin Packard, Jonas R. Per- 
kins, Loring W. Puffer, tlsaac E. 
Snell, William M. Thompson, John 
J. Whipple, t Jonathan White, Frank 
M. Wilkins, William W. Wilkins. 
Campello, Josiah W. Kingman. 

Carver (North), Benjamin Ransom. 
South Carver, John Bent, t Willi am 
Savery, Thomas Southworth, Ed- 
ward Williams. 

Duxbury, tHorace G. Allen, Benj. 
Boylston, Elbridge Chandler, Wm. 
H. Cu minings, Joshua M. Cushing, 
Jonathan S. Ford, John S. Loring, 
Henry Wadsworth, James Wilde. 
South Duxbury, Harvey Soule. West 
Duxbury, Elbridge Chandler, Isaac 
Keen. Kingston, Henry B. Maglath- 

East Bridgewater, Millard E. Brown, 
Aaron Hobart, Jr., Henrv Hobart, 
Benj. W. Keith, Ezra S. Whitmarsh. 
Elmwood, Warren K. Churchill, 
Isaac N. Nutter, Wm. H. Osborne. 

Halifax, Edwin Inglee, Nathaniel 
Morton, Charles H. Paine, Ira L. 
Sturtevant, Ephraim B. Thompson. 

Hanover, Hira W. Bates, Robert 
S. Curtis, Jedediah Dwelley, John 
F. Simmons, Perez Simmons, Robert 
S. Talbot. South Hanover, Charles 
F. Phillips, Edward Y. Perry. 

Hanson, Otis L. Bonney, Andrew 
Bowker, Josephus Bryant, Elijah 
Damon, William T. Parker, Robert 
Perry. South Hanson, Cyrus A. 
Bates, Eben B. K. Gurney. 

Hingham, Quincy Bickuell, tFran- 
cis H. Lincoln, George Lincoln, 
tSolomon Lincoln, tJohn D. Long, 
Charles N. Marsh, Henry Siders, 




Sidney Sprague, tLuther Stephen- 
son, Jr., tJoseph B. Thaxter, Joshua 
Tower. Hingham Centre, James S. 
Lewis. South Hingham, Elijah Shute. 

Hull, Harvey T. Litchfield, Lewis 
P. Loring. 

Kingston, Joseph S. Beal, Aid en S. 
Bradford, Philander Cobb, Samuel 

E. Cushman, Walter H. Faunce, 
Edward Gray, Edwin Peed. 

Lakeville, Job Pierce, Warren H. 
Southworth, Leonard Washburne, 
Churchill T. Westgate, AsaT. Wins- 

Marion, *Obed Delano, Daniel 
Hall, Barnabas Hiller, Joseph S. 
Luce, Moses H. Swift. 

Marsh field, John Baker, Henry G. 
Ford, Lysander S. Kichards. South 
Marshfidd, Warren W. Barker, John 
H. Bourne, James Geddes Day, 
John Ford, Luther P. Hatch, James 
H. Humphrey. North Marshfield, 
tHiram A. Oakmaii. 

Mattapoisett, Wilson Barstow, 
Samuel Dunn, Noah Hammond, 
Lemuel LeBaron Holmes, Thomas 
Nelson, Noah C. Sturtevant. 

Middleborough, IchabodF. Atwood, 
John Bennett, Thomas C. Collins, 
George B. Fitts, James H. Harlow, 
Sylvauus Hinckley, Noah C. Per- 
kins, Everett Robinson, John C. 
Sullivan, Andrew L. Tinkham, Ed- 
ward D. Towle, Sidney Tucker, 
Francis M. Vaughan, Eliab Ward, 
Cornelius B. Wood, Geo^ W. Wood, 
Joseph T. Wood. North Middle- 
borough, Andrew L. Alden. East 
Middleborough, Joshua M. Eddy, 
Augustus H. Soule. Rock, Ichabod 

F. Atwood. South Middleborough, 
Still man Benson. 

Pembroke, Job H. Beal, J. Dean 
Bonney, Wm. II. H. Bryant. East 
Pembroke, George F. Hatch, George 
H. Ryder. North Pembroke, Francis 
Collamore. Bryantville, Wm. H. H. 

Plymouth, James M. Atwood, Gus- 
tavus D. Bates, Lemuel Bradford, 
Charles O. Churchill, James Cox, 
Daniel E. Damon, tWilliam S. Dan- 
forth, tCharles G. Davis, tWilliam 
T. Davis, George G. Dyer, John T. 
Hall, Benjamin Hathaway, Benja- 

min A. Hathaway, Barnabas Hedge, 
•William T. Hollis, Barnabas H. 
Holmes, Arthur Lord. tJacob H. 
Loud, Leander Lovell, John H. 
Parks, Thomas Pierce, Daniel J. 
Robbins, Edmund Robbins, tJohn 
J. Russell, Charles W. Spooner, 
Isaac N. Stoddard, Ezekiel C. Tur- 
ner, * William H. Whitman, Oliver 
T. Wood. Chiltonville, George W. 

Plympton, Herschel E. Briggs, 
Lewis B. Parker, Zaccheus Parker, 
Wm. Perkins, Barsillai E. Wright. 

Rochester, Garrison B. Blackmer, 
John Blackmer, Henry K. Braley, 
Thomas Ellis, Theophilus King, 
James H. Look, Geo. Pierce, Geo. 
H. Pierce, James Ruggles, John S. 

Rockland, Charles Bearse, J. Irv- 
ing Estes, Chas. W. Howland, Zenas 
Jenkins, George W. Kelley, Phillip 
O'Connell, Chester M. Perry, Horace 
C. Totman. 

Scituate, Charles A. Cole, *Joseph 
O. Cole, Joseph S. Drew, William 
H. Litchfield, * George Lunt, Thos. 
Tilden. North Scituate, George C. 
Lee, George W. Merritt. 

South Abinqton, Willard E. Brown, 
William P. Corthell, Albert Davis, 
Samuel Dyer, Samuel Foster, Ed- 
ward B. Peterson, Wm. R. Viuing, 
Hosea F. Whidden. 

South Scituate, Ebenezer T. Fogg, 
Charles A. Litchfield, George H. 
Torrey, Willard Torrey, *Saniuel A. 
Turner. Hanover, David B. Ford, 
Ebenezer C. Waterman, Lemuel C. 

Wareham, tWilliam L. Chipman, 
Joseph P. Hayden, Philip R. W. 
Pierce, James G. Sproat, James R. 
Sproat. East Wareham, Adolphus 
Savery, Nathaniel Sherman. West 
Wareham, Noble Howard. 

West Bridgewater, James Howard, 
William H. Jennings, Austin Pack- 


Abingtori, James F. Cox, Charles 
W. Howland, Otis W. Soule. 

Bridgewater, Hosea Kingman. 

Brockton, Charles D. Fullerton, 
Jonas R. Perkins, Chas. W. Sumner. 



[VOL. I. 

Bingham, Jos. 0. Burdett, Henry 
C. Harding. 

Mattapoisett, Lemuel LeBaron. 
Holmes, Thomas Nelson. 

Middleborough, John C. Sullivan. 

Plymouth, William S. Dauforth, 
Arthur Lord, John J. Russell. 

Rockland, C. W. Howlaud. 

Scituate, Andrew J. Waterman. 

South Abington, Noah A. Poole, 
Joseph Pettee, Jr. 

Wareham, William L. Chipinan. 

Medical Examiners. 
Brockton, A. Elliot Paine. 
Middleborough, Ebenezer 
Plymouth, James B. Brewster. 
Rockland, Jubal C. Gleason. 


Suffolk Couxty. 
Shire Town, Boston. 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
J. W. McKim ; Register of Probate 
and Insolvency j Elijah George; Assist- 
ant Register of Probate and Insolvency, 
John H. Paine ; Clerk of Supreme 
Court, John Noble ; Cleric of Supe- 
rior Court, Joseph A. Willard ; Clerk 
of Superior Court, Criminal Business, 
John P. Manning; Register of Deeds, 
Thomas F. Temple ; Assistant Regis- 
ter of Deeds, Charles W. Kimball; 
County Treasurer, Chas. H. Dennie ; 
District Attorney, Oliver Stevens ; 
First Assistant District Attorney, T. 
J. Dacey ; Second Assistant District 
Attorney, Melvin O. Adams ; Sheriff, 
John M. Clark (office, Court House) 
— all of Boston. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Court House, Benjamin F. Bailey, 
George L Clark, John B. Dearborn, 
John B. Ingalls, William D. Martin, 
Harum Merrill, John B. O'Brien, 
Jonathan Oldham. I 

Criminal Court, George Booth, 
George B. Muuroe. 

Master of House of Correction. 
South Boston, Martin V. B. Berry. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 
At the Probate Office in Boston, 
every Monday in each month. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Boston, Wilmon W. Blackmar, 
Robert I. Burbank, John Codman, 
Horace H. Coolidge, James Hewins, 

E. F. Hodges, Edward L. Pierce, 
Giles H. Rich, James B. Richard- 
son. Charlestown, Henry W. Bragg, 
Joseph H. Cotton. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Boston, David H. Coolidge, James 

F. Farley, Edward J. Jones. 

Public Administrators. 
Boston, Timothy Bigelow, H. Burr 
Crandall, Francis E. Parker, James 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officer's. 
Boston, Andrew J. Bailey, Charles 

B. Hall, Robert W. Moliueaux, John 
W. Pettengill, Benjamin C. Piper, 
Bickford Pulsifer, David Pulsifer, 
Amos Stone, Phinehas J. Stone, Ed- 
win A. Wadleigh, George Washing- 
ton Warren, Joseph A. Willard. 

Chelsea, Henry J. Coolidge, Hosea 

Trial Justice. 
Winthrop, Edwin C. Gilman. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and 
Quorum designated by a *, and 
Justices throughout the Common- 
wealth by at. 

Chelsea, William Andrews, Edwin 

C. Barnes, Franklin O. Barnes, 
Samuel Bassett, tHamlet Bates, 
Ralph Beatley, Albert D. Bosson, 
George C. Bosson, William P. B. 
Brooks, John Buck, John E. Butler, 
Simeon Butterfieid, Chas. A. Camp- 
bell, Joseph R. Carr, Jr., tMellen 
Chamberlain, H. L.Champlin, Tracy 
P. Cheever, Jonathan L. Choate, 
H. Hammond Cole, Wm. C. Cutler, 
Elbridge C. Donnell, Albert D wight, 
John Edmunds, James P. Farley, 
James P. Farley, Jr., Frank B. Fay, 
John F. Fellows, Eustace C. Fitz, 
Oliver H. Flanders, John W. Fletch- 
er, tRufus S. Frost, Benjamin J. 
Gerrish, Thomas Green, John H. 
Hancock, William H. Hart, Andrew 
L. Haskell, William O. Haskell, 




Horatio B. Hersey, Otis Hinrnan, 
Merrill S. Hoi way /Thomas S. Hoyt, 
Charles C. Hutchinson, William M. 
Jewett, George H. Jones, David F. 
Kimball, Samuel B. Logan, William 
H. Long, Isaac W. Loriug, Eben W. 
Lothrop, John Low, Stillman P. 
Marsh, William J. McCormick, Al- 
fred J. Mercer, diaries A. Merriam, 
Otis Merriam, Eugene Milliken, 
George W. Moses, Samuel Orcutt, 
John P. Pay son, William R. Pear- 
main, George H. Peters, James T. 
Phelps, Benjamin Phipps, Jr., Allen 
Pratt, Benjamin C. Putnam, tlvory 
W. Richardson, Charles A. Rogers, 
Harvey Rogers, Erastus Rugg, Wm. 
Shillaber, Heman A. Snow, Henry 
B. Swazey, Alouzo C. Tenney, John 
H. Tenney, Samuel P. Tenney, 
Francis S. Tent, James Tent, True 
W. Townsend, Frank T. Ware, John 
Warner, George D. Wildes. 

llevere, Charles Bird, Benjamin H. 
Dewing, Daniel T. Fuller, William 
T. Hall, Jonathan Harrington, John 
H. Proctor, Benjamin Shurtleff. 

Win throp, David Belcher,*Ed ward 
Floyd, Sumner Floyd, Ne/well Giles, 
Edwin C. Gilman, Samuel G. Irwin, 
Edmund S. Read, Wm. T. Thacher, 
J. Wingate Thornton. 

Medical Examiners. 
Boston, Frank W. Draper, Francis 
A. Harris. 

Chelsea, Francis A. Harris. 

Constables in Boston. 

To make complaints against tru- 
ant children designated by a *, 
Health Department by a t, Col- 
lector's Deputies by a 4. 

Francis M. Adams, Arthur F. An- 
derson, Richard F. Andrews, Ellery 
S. Ayer, { William H. Badlam, Jas. 
Ball, William S. Bangs, John R. 
Barry, Patrick Barry, Francis J. 
Baxter, *Jacob T. Beers, Morrill P. 
Berry, William W. Blake, Charles 
S. Blood, Charles A. Booth, Samuel 
Brackett, Frank B. Brown, Moses 
P. Brown, {Francis V. Bulfmch, 
Charles Burcham, Frank H. Butler, 
Hiram A. Campbell, Samuel Can- 
ning, Jr., James M. Carter, Lemuel 


Clark, Joseph D. Coburn, *Chaso 
Cole, {George W. Conant, William 
P. Cook, W. M. H. Copeland, IDariel 

B. Curtis, Hinds R. Darling, tWm. 
G. Davies, {Isaac W. Derby, Alvin 
S. Drew, George G. Drew, William 
E. Easterbrook, Caleb S. Emery, 
David L. Fagin, Ephraim W. Farr, 
Thos. Fee, Jr., *George M. Felch, 
tThomas Folger, tHenry M. Forris- 
tall, William A. Fort, Elijah D. 
Foss, William T. Gardner, Sarell 
Gleason, James F. Goodwin, {Den- 
nis J. Gorman, Augustus Grant, 
Thomas Hall, James G. Harrington, 
John C. Harrington, {Sylvanus H. 
Hebard, tWilliam L. Hicks, John 
M. Hodgate, Daniel J. Holland, 
Solomon Hovey, Jr., Joseph Hub- 
bard, Frederick P. Ingalls, Thomas 
A. Jackson, Isaac Jacobs, Charles 
P. Johnson, Stephen P. Kelley, 
{Nathaniel P. Kemp, Henry P. Ken- 
nedy, Fred. B. Knapp, Russell R. 
Knapp, * Abraham M. Leavitt, *Jas. 
P. Leeds, Nicholas G. Lynch, tJolm 
MacConnell, {John S. MacCorry, F. 
X. Macdonald, William D. Martin, 
John May, * Samuel Mcintosh, {Wm. 
H. Mcintosh, *Edward F. Mecuen, 
tBenjamin Meriam, Michael Mer- 
rick, Jr., James Miskelley, Abel B. 
Munroe, Jr., George B. Munroe, Jo- 
tham E. Munroe, Samuel Nash, 
Alonzo F. Neale, Aaron F. Nettle- 
ton, John Newell, John B. O'Brien, 
Isaiah Paine, Jr., David Patterson, 
Alvah H. Peters, {Henry Prentiss, 
{J. Edward Priest, Geo. B. Proctor, 
John D. Reed, {Augustus M. Rice, 
*Hannibal F. Ripley, John Robie, 
Wm. D. Rockwood, John Rogers, 
Joseph R. Rowe, Wm. Sherburne, 
Charles Smith, Lobbeus W. Smith, 
Lorenzo Smith, Thomas M. Smith, 
tEdwin R. Smyth, Asa Southworth, 
Henry F. Spach, {Edwin B. Spin- 
ney, *Warren J. Stokes* Barry Sul- 
livan, {Denis A. Sullivan, * Jeremiah 
M. Swett, William H. Swift, Chas. 
S. Tasker, Henry Taylor, {William 

C. Thomas, George W. Tuckerman, 
*Charles E. Turner, Wm. G. Tyler, 
{Elbridge G. Wallis, Morris J. 
Walsh, William II. Warren, *Sum- 
ner P. White, tGeorge R. Williams, 



[VOL. I. 

Wright W. Williams, *Charles S. 
Wooffindale, *Warren A. Wright, 
tAbrahain G. Wyman. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Boston, Moses B. Tower. 
Winthrop, Edward Floyd. 

Worcester County. 
Shire Towns, Worcester and Fitch- 
Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 
Henry Chap in ; Register of Probate 
and Insolvency, Charles E. Stevens ; 
Assistant Register of Probate and In- 
solvency, Frederick W. Southwick ; 
Clerk of Courts, John A. Dana ; 
Assistant Clerk of Courts, William T. 
Harlow ; /Second Assistant Clerk of 
Courts, Elliott II. Peabody; Register 
of Deeds, Harvey B. Wilder — all of 
Worcester f County Treasurer, Ed- 
ward A. Brown; Overseers of Houses 
of Correction, John P. Sabiri, W. H. 
Vose, William Kimball — all of 
Fitchburg; Sheriff, Augustus B. R. 
Sprague, Worcester. 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Athol, Gardiner Lord. 

Barre, Sylvester Bothwell. 

Blackstone, Edmund O. Bacon. 

Brookftcld, H. E. Capen. 

Clinton, Enoch K. Gibbs. 

Douglas (East), Cornelius Em- 

Fitchburg, Francis Buttrick, Hen- 
ry G. Greeue, Silas Holman. 

Gardner (South), L. W. Brown. 

Grafton, S. Davis Hall. 

Milford, Samuel W. Hayward, 
Augustus W. Keene. 

North Brookfield, Luther P. De- 

Sonthbridge (Globe Village), Solo- 
mon Thayer. 

Spencer, Nathan Hersey. 

Uxbridge, Merrill Green. 

Warren, William Combs. 

Webster, Rufus C. Hall. 

Westborough, Louis J. Elwell. 

Whitinsville, L. B. Carr. 

Winchendon, Eliphalet S. Wood. 

Worcester, David M. Earle, Ran- 
som M. Gould, Edward J. Russell, 
J. M. Drcnnan, Charles Sibley. 

Masters of House of Correction and 

Worcester, A. B. R. Sprague. 

Fitchburg, Benjamin D. Dwin- 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Barre, Wednesday next after 
2d Tuesday of May and October. 

At Fitchburg, 4th Tuesday of 
April and September. 

At Milford, 2d Tuesday of April 
and Sex>tember. 

At Templeton, 2d Tuesday of May 
and October. 

At Worcester, 1st and 3d Tuesday 
of every month, except August. 

County Commissioners. 

William 0. Brown, Fitchburg; 
Henry G. Taft, Uxbridge ; Henry E. 
Rice, Barre. 

Special Commissioner's, James R. 
Davis, Milford; Bethuel Ellis, Win- 

Times of Meeting. At Worcester, 
4th Tuesday of March, 3d Tuesday 
of June, 2d Tuesday of September, 
and 4th Tuesday of December. 

Comynissioners of Insolvency. 
Athol, Charles Field. 
Fitchburg, David II. Merriam. 
Westborough, Arthur G. Biscoe. 
Worcester, Frank P. Goulding. 

t Public Administrators. 
Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock. 
Worcester, Francis T. Blackmer, 
James Green, Jr. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Fitchburg, Edward P. Loring. 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill, Joseph 
Mason, Henry C. Rice, Samuel Ut- 
ley, George- M. Woodward. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil Officers. 

Athol, Charles Field, George W. 
Horr, Nathaniel Richardson. 

Barre, James W. Jenkins. 

Fitchburg, Harrison Bailey, Chas. 
J. Billings, Edward P. Loring, 
EbenezerTorrev, George A. Torrey. 

Milford, Jas. H. Barker, Thomas 
G. Kent. 




North Broolcfield, Chas. W. Adams, 
Frank A. Smith. 

Oxford, Jasper Brown. 

Winchcndon, Edwin S. Merrill, 
Giles H. Whitney. 

Worcester, Henry Chapin, Charles 
A. Chase, John A. Dana, William 
T. Harlow, Joseph Mason, Elliott 
H. Peabody, George W.Richardson, 
William A. Smith, Hamilton B. 
Staples, Charles E. Stevens. 

Justices of the Peace. 

Justices of the Peace and Quorum 
designated by a *, and Justices 
throughout the Commonwealth by 

Ashburnham, S. Joseph Bradlee, 
John L. Cummings, Daniel Ellis, 
Jr., William P. Ellis, Marshall 
Wetherbee, Austin Whitney, Ohio 
Whitney. Ashburnham Depot, Wil- 
bur F. Whitney. 

Athol, Thomas D. Brooks, Farwell 
F. Fay, tCharles Field, Thomas H. 
Goodspeed, Geo. H. Graves, Alpheus 
Harding, Enoch T. Lewis, Edgar V. 
Wilson. Athol Centre, George W. 
Horr, Albert L. Newman, Samuel 
M. Osgood, J. Sumner Parmenter, 
Nathaniel Richardson. 

Auburn, Horace Hobbs, Demos- 
thenes Tiffany. 

Barre, Pliny H. Babbitt, Charles 
Brimblecom, Humphrey F. Brooks, 
J. Martin Gorham, *Jas. W. Jen- 
kins, Henry E. Rice, Henry J. Shat- 
tuck, Edwin Woods, Harding- 

Berlin, Albert Babcock, Amory 

A. Bartlett, William Bassett, Lesley 
Hastings, Samuel M. Haynes, Josiah 
E. Sawyer, Pliny B. Southwick. 

Blackstone, Estes Burdon, Theo- 
dore S. Johnson, Lyman Legg, Ar- 
thur A. Putnam, Richard K. Ran- 
dolph, Jr., Francis N. Thayer, John 
L. Utley. East Blackstone, Andrew 
Kelly. Millville, John C. Scott. 

Bolton, Roswell Barrett, 'George 

B. Grassie, Silas Holman, Solomon 
H. Howe, Daniel Marsh, Edwin A. 
Whitcomb, Francis E. Whitcomb. 

Boylston Centre, Charles Andrews, 
tJohn B. Gough, Willard H. S. Pack- 
ard, Jos. M. Wright. 

Brookfield, Stillman Butterworth, 
George S. Duell, George E. Forbes, 
*Dwight Hyde, George W. Johnson, 
Emmons Twitchell. East Brookfield, 
Samuel D. Cole, David W. Hodg- 

Charlton, Lewis E. Capen, Henry 
Clarke, Rufus B. Dodge, Alfred E. 
Fiske, Wm. F. Gale, Allman Samp- 
son. Charlton City, Simeon Lamb. 

Clinton, Daniel H. Bemis, Henry 
N. Bigelow, Elisha Brimhall, Her- 
bert J. Brown, Alfred A. Burdett, 
John W. Corcoran, *Jobn T. Dame, 
Franklin Forbes, Enoch K. Gibbs, 
Henry C. Greeley, Dan'l B. Ingalls, 
William B. Orcutt, Wellington E. 
Parkhurst, Edwin N. Rice, Henry 
O. Sawyer, Charles G. Stevens, Ed- 
ward G. Stevens, Christopher C. 
Stone, Joshua Thissell. 

Dana, Nathaniel L. Johnson, Chas. 

A. Stone. North Dana, Alpheus J. 
Nye, Daniel Stone. 

Douglas (East), William Abbott, 
Fenner Bacheller, Adol. F. Brown, 
William D. Jones, Newton W. Pres- 

Dudley, Moses Barnes, Jr., Wm. 
L. Davis, Ira F. Jacobs, Charles C. 

Fitchburg, Frank W. Aldrich, Har- 
rison Bailey, Charles F. Baker, Wm. 
Baldwin, Jr., Louis D. Bartlett, 
Henry Bigelow, tChas. J. Billings, 
tHiram A. Blood, Louis H. Bradford, 
Wm. O. Brown, Francis Buttrick, 
Thomas C. Caldwell, Geo. W. Cann, 
Henry F. Coggshall, Joseph E. Da- 
vis, Edward P. Downe, Benjamin. 
G. Dwinnell, Walter A. Eames, Geo. 

F. Fay, David D. Ferson, Charles 
Fessenden, Henry A. Goodrich, 
Samuel L. Graves, William T. Grin- 
nell, William A. Hardy, Edwin A. 
Harris, Harris C. Hartwell, Albert 

B. Haskell, Chas. S. Hayden, *Still- 
man Haynes, Edward D. Hewins, 
Silas Hoiman, George S. Houghton, 
Sullivan W. Huntley, Henry Jack- 
son, Asa S. Lawton, Richard A. 
Leonard, Edward P. Loring, Moses 

G. Lyon, Hamilton Mayo, James H. 
McMahon, David H. Merriam, Chas. 
A. Morgan, Daniel Messenger, Frank 
T. Noble, Erasmus A. Norris, Joseph 



[VOL. I. 

L. Perkins, tJohn B. Proctor, Geo. 

E. Putnam, George Robbins, Ed- 
ward B. Sawtell, Alvin M. Sawyer, 
Stephen Skepley, Geo. H. Spencer, 
Leander Sprague, Cyrus Thurston, 
Chas. Timon, Jr., tEbenezerTorrey, 
tGeo. A. Torrey, tGeorge E. Towne, 
Thomas Upton, Benjamin F. Wallis, 
Thornton K. Ware, Joseph Willard, 
Henry A. Willis, James M. Wood- 
bury, William Woodbury, Frederic 

F. Woodward, Enoch P. Young. 
Gardner, Lucian W. Brown, That- 
cher B". Dunn, John Edgell, John 

D. Edgell, Thomas E. Glazier, Chas. 
Heywood, Ephraim D. Howe, Lean- 
der C. Lynde, Francis Richardson, 
Edward J. Sawyer, Simeon W. A. 
Stevens. South Gardner, John M. 

Grafton, Alphonzo A. Ballon, Jo- 
seph A. Dodge, George W. Fisher, 
Simon A. Knowles, Luther K. Le- 
land, Peter S. Maher, John Mc- 
Ilvene, *D. Webster Norcross, Jas. 

G. Putnam, Watson E. Rice, Jona- 
than B. Sibley, George F. Slocomb, 
Rufus E. Warren, Chas. H. Waters, 
t Jonathan D. Wheeler, Edward R. 
White, James W. White, Clark C. 
Willis, Henry F. Wing, Charles C. 
Wood, Jonathan H. Wood. New 
England Village, Jesse H. Smith. 
Saundersville, Gilbert C. Taft. 

LTardwiclc, James P. Fay, Albert 

E. Knight, John F. Rich. Gilbert- 
ville, Alfred H. Richardson, William 
H. Tucker, G. Albert Williams. 

Harvard, Trumbull Bull, Asa D. 
Farns worth, Edwin A. Hildreth, 
John Q. A. McCollister, Enoch Per- 
kins, Augustus J. Sawyer, Samuel 

F. Whitney, William B! Willard. 
Holden, Waldo E. Austin, Israel 

M. Ball, Charles Chaffin, Isaac Da- 
mon, Chas. Flngg, Joseph H. Glea- 
son, Martin Van B. Jefferson, Jacob 
N. TolmaTi, 

Hubbardston, Wm. Bennett, Sam'l 
W. E. Goddard, Edw. B. Savage, Ly- 
man Woodward, Sumner C.Young. 

Lancaster, George W. Howe, Wm. 
H. McNeil, Spencer R. Merrick, Ca- 
leb T. Symmes, John L. S. Thomp- 

Leicester, John D. Cogswell, Chas. 

A. Denny, Christopher C. Denny, 
Cheney Hatch, David E. Merriam, 
Henry O. Smith, H. Arthur White. 
Cherry Valley, Albert E. Smith. 
Rochdale, Elbridge G. Carlton. 

Leominster, Joel C. Allen, Arthur 
J. Bates, James Bennett, Alfred L. 
Burditt, Chauncey W. Carter, Ca- 
leb C. Field, Jonas W. Gates, Geo. 
T. Lincoln, John H. Lockey, Hamil- 
ton Mayo, Charles H. Merriam, Geo. 
F. Morse. North Leominster, Manson 

D. Haws, Samuel Putnam. 
Lunenburg, William Baker, Fer- 
nando Brooks, George A. Cunning- 
ham, Edmund S. Francis, Charles 

A. Goodrich, *Cyrus Kilburn. 
Mendon, Nathan George, John G. 

Metcalf, Samuel H. Taft, Gustavus 

B. Williams. 

Milford, James H. Barker, Chas. 
F. Chapin, Lloyd H. Cook, James 
R. Davis, Henry E. Fales, Lewis 
Fales, Lewis Hay den, Leander 
Holbrook, Leander Holbrook, Jr., 
t'fhomas G. Kent, t Aaron C. May- 
hew, George G. Parker, John S. 
Scammel, Henry C. Scott, Andrew 
J. Sumner, Orison Underwood, Jas. 

E. Walker, Alexander T. Wilkinson, 
Joseph H. Wood. Ropedale, William 

F. Draper, F. J. Dutcher. 
Milbury, David Atwood, George 

F. Bancroft, Henry L. Bancroft, 
George A. Flagg, Rodney N. Hol- 
man, John Hopkins. West Milbury, 
Jonathan E. Waters. 

New Brain tree, Charles A. Gleason, 
George K. Tufts, Charles Wilcox. 

Nortliborough, Wilder Bush, Sam'l 
Clark, George C. Davis, tMilo Hil- 
dreth, Anson Rice, Abraham W. 
Seaver, Addison S. Waite, Richard 
R. Yates. 

Northbridge, Charles 0. Bachelor, 
Joel Bachelor. Northbridge Centre, 
William D. Mascroft, Peter M. Taft, 
Hiram Wing. TVhiiinsviUe, Augus- 
tus H. Goodell, tCharles E. Whitin. 

North Brookjield, tCharles Adams, 
Jr., L. Emerson Barnes, Geo. Har- 
wood, John Hill, Charles E. Jenks, 
Hiram Knight, Bonum Nye, Augus- 
tus Smith, Warren Tyler. 

Oakham, Jesse Allen, Moses 0. 
Ayres, Mark Haskell. 




Oxford, Edward W. Bardwell, 
Jasper Brown, Orrin W. Chaffee, 
Jonathan P. Dana, Geo. F. Daniels, 
Dennis S. B. Gates, Isaac B. Hart- 
well, William E. Pease, Samuel C. 
Willis, Jr. North Oxford, Samuel 
R. Barton, E. Harris Howland. 

Paxton, John C. Bigelow, Ledyard 
Bill, Oliver Goodnow, Silas D. Har- 
rington, Hammond W. Hubbard, 
William Mulligan. 

Petersham, Collins Andrews, Ste- 
phen D. Goddard, John G. Mudge, 
Joseph W. Upton, Lewis E. Whit- 

PMllipston, Albert A. Bolton, Ja- 
son Goulding, Charles E. Lamb, 
Edward Powers. 

Princeton, Asa H. Goddard, Wm. 
B. Goodnow, David H. Gregory, 
Albert C. Howe, tCharles Russell, 
tThomas H. Russell. East Prince- 
ton, William H. Brown, Ephraim 
Osgood, Frederick Parker. 

Boyalston, Francis W. Adams, 
Luke E. Bemis, Barnet Bullock, 
Horace Pierce, Alfred D. Raymond. 
Sotith Boyalston, John N. Bartlett, 
Nahum Longley. 

Butland, J. Warren Bigelow, Alon- 
zo Davis, John A. Harris, Benj. H. 

Shrewsbury, Charles O. Green, 
*Charles O. Green, Jr., George H. 
Harlow, Levi J. Hemenway, Sam'l 
I. Howe, William H. Knowlton, 
George Leonard, Nahum A. Newton, 
Thomas Rice, Josiah G. Stone, Thos. 
W. Ward. New England Village, 
Asa H. Allen. 

Southborough, William H. Buck, 
Franklin Este, Jonas Fay, Sylves- 
ter C. Fay, Francis Fisher, Henry 
S. Wheeler. Cordaville, Hubbard 
Willson, Curtis Woods. Fayville, 
Curtis Newton, Dexter Newton (for 
Middlesex County). 

Southbridge, Andrew J. Bartholo- 
mew, *Frederick W. Botham, John 
M. Cochran, Sylvester Dresser, Vic- 
tor W. Lamoureux, Sam'l M. Lane, 
Manning Leonard, John O. Mc- 
Kinstry, Elisha M. Phillips. 

Spencer, George A. Craig, Albert 
W. Curtis, John N. Grout, Nathan 
Hersey, *Lutker Hill, E. Harris 

Howland, Erastus Jones, Charles 
N. Prouty, Theodore C. Prouty, 
Thomas A. Prouty, William Samp- 
son, Emerson Stone, Richard Sug- 
den, Joseph Warren Temple, Wm. 

Sterling, Daniel H. Bemis, Eli 
Kilburn, William D. Peck, Ezra 

Sturbridgc, Rufus E. Bond, Elias 
M. Gifford, Henry Haynes, Noah D. 
Ladd, Simon F. Marsh. Fislcdale, 
Emory L. Bates. 

Sutton, Henry B. Bullard, Charles 
H. Chase, Stephen B. Holbrook, 
Solomon Severy, James W. Stock- 
well, David T. Thurston, Russell 
Titus. Wilkinsonville, Isaac B. Hart- 
well, William R. Hill. 

Templeton, Percival Blodgett, Ge- 
rard Bushnell, George P. Hawkes, 
Veranus P. Parkhurst, John W. 
Work. Baldwinville, Stillman Cady, 
John F. Green. Otter Biver, E. Wy- 
man Stone. 

Upton, George S. Ball, William 
Knowlton, Levi W. Taft. West 
Tipton, tVelorous Taft. 

Uxbridge, Asahel F. Aldrich, Chas. 
C. Capron, Henry Capron, Francis 
Deane, Merrill Greene, George W. 
Hobbs, John Mcllvene, Charles A. 
Taft, Zadok A. Taft. North Ux- 
bridge, Arba C. Slater. 

Warren, James S. Davis, Samuel 
N. Gleason, Daniel G. Hitchcock, 
tJoseph F. Hitchcock, Joseph B. 
Lombard, George M. Newton, Em- 
ery C. Sawyer, D. Warren Shepard, 
John Tyler. West Warren, Joseph 
E. Lombard. 

Webster, Hiram Allen, Edward S. 
Bradford, Chester C. Corbin, tWm. 
H. Davis, John B. Hasler, James II. 
Marshall, Edwin May, Seymour A. 
Tingier, Cortland Wood. 

Westborough, Arthur G. Biscoe, 
George O. Brigham, Wm. M. Child, 
Josiah Childs, Sherman Converse, 
John E. Day, John W. Fairbanks, 
John A. Fayerweather, W. Trow- 
bridge Forbes, Samuel M. Griggs, 
Charles B. Kittredge, Daniel F. 
Newton, Benj. B. Nourse, Louis K. 

West Boylston, George T. Brigham, 



[VOL. i. 

Charles Goodale, Horatio Houghton, 
George P. Howe, David P. Waite. 
OaMalc, Henry F. Harris, Harrison 
E. Morton, Joseph E. Waite. 

West Brookfield, G. F. Bancroft, 
Lemuel Full am, Horace G. Rawson, 
Joseph E. Waite. 

Westminster, Leander H. Dupee, 
Charles G. Giles, Joel Merriam, 
Daniel C. Miles, Harrison G. Whit- 
ney, James 13. Wood. 

Winchendon, Bethuel Ellis, Erwin 
J. Fuller, Charles A. Lowd, Orlando 
Mason, William A. Maynard, *Ed- 
win S. Merrill, Lafayette W. Pierce, 
Charles J. Rice, Ira Russell, Frank 

B. S palter, George M. Whitney, 
*Giles II. Whitney. 

J^prcester, Frederick E. Abbott, 
Joseph B. Adams, Wm. R. Albertson, 
tP. Emory Aldrich, Warren Allds, 
Amos C. Allen, Charles F. Allen, 
Lucius S. Allen, Henry Bacon, Peter 

C. Bacon, Benjamin A. Ball, George 
H. Ball, Phineas Ball, Charles Bal- 
lard, James II. Bancroft, Forrest E. 
Barker, Levi Barker, Frederick J. 
Barnard, Lewis Barnard, William 
S. Barton, Merrick Bemis, Francis 

C. Bigelow, Samuel T. Bigelow, Ed- 
ward F. Bisco, Francis T. Blackmer, 
Harrison Bliss, John B. Bonnell, 
George E. Boyden, Wm. H. Briggs, 
Edward A. Brown, tAugustus G. 
Bullock, Asa L. Burbauk, tCharles 
W. Burbauk, Silas A. Burgess, Chas. 
H. Burleigh, Albert C. Buttrick, 
Nathan H. Chandler, tHenry Cha- 
pin, tAnthony Chase, Charles A. 
Chase, *F. Linus Child, William L. 
(dark, Mirick H. Cowden, William 
Cross, Augustus N. Currier, tJohn 
A. Dana, tJoseph D. Daniels, Alfred 
Davis, Edward L. Davis, George 

D. Davis, tlsaac Davis, Joseph E. 
Davis, William S. Davis, Francis 
Deane, Frederick B. Deane, tFrancis 
H. Dewey, Thomas II. Dodge, Sam'l 
W. Dougherty, James M. Drennan, 
Antipas F. Earle, David M. Earle, 
Barnard D. Eastman, A. Jones Eatou, 
Edwin Eldred, Lyman A. Ely, Geo. 
II. Estabrook, Dana K. Fitch, Joel 
Fletcher, Francis A. Gaskill, Wm. 
A. Gilo, Samuel B. I. Goddard, Ran- 
som M. Gould, Frank P. Goulding, 

Isaac D. Goulding, Harris R. Greene, 
Henry Griffin, Thomas Griffin, Oba- 
diah B. Hadwen, Charles N. Hair, 
Theron E. Hall, James P. Hamilton, 
Timothy W. Hammond, William B. 
Harding, Clarendon Harris, Calvin 
L. Hartshorn, tDaniel W. Haskins, 
Daniel A. Hawkins, William H. 
Heywood, Henry Eveleth Hill, *J. 
Henry Hill, Soloman K. Hindley, 
tGeorge F. Hoar, Wm. H. Hobbs, 
Wm. S. B. Hopkins, Alden A. Howe, 
tHeury J. Howland, Joseph A. How- 
land, Cyrus K. Hubbard, William 

E. Huse, Clark Jillson, Charles R. 
Johnson, Moses S. Johnson, Theo- 
dore S. Johnson, James P. Kelley, 
George A. Kimball, Simeon E. King, 
Francis H. Kinnicutt, Daniel Kins- 
ley, Asa L. Kneeland, Henry A. 
Knight, William S. Knight, Joseph 
B. Knox, Samuel A. Knox, D. Waldo 
Lincoln, William S. Lincoln, Chas. 

F. Mann, David Manning, Jr., Je- 
rome F. Manning, Edwin T. Marble, 
Henry A. Marsh, Asaph R. Marshall, 
*Joseph Mason, *William B. Max- 
well, George McAleer, James J. 
McCafferty, Mathew J. McCaiierty, 
Edwin D. McFarland, James F. 
Meech, James Melanefy, Isaac S. 
Merriam, Charles A. Merrill, George 
E. Merrill, Charles M. Miles, Edwin 
E. Moore, Charles P. Morse, Wm. H. 
Morse, Alexander C.Munroe, tThos. 
L. Nelson, D. F. Newton, John C. 
Otis, Nathaniel Paine, Peter L. 
Paquette, John G. Park, Henry L. 
Parker, Loren C. Parks, Samuel B. 
Parsons, Elliott H. Peabody, David 
L. Pettigrew, fivers Phillips, Fran- 
cis Plunkett, Burton W. Potter, 
Charles B. Pratt, James F. Purcell, 
Charles L. Redding, Chas. G. Reed, 
Charles W. Rice, Henrv C. Rice, 
Herbert M. Rice, tWm. W. Rice, 
tGeo. W. Richardson, Jas. S. Rogers, 
Thos. M. Rogers, Edward J. Russell, 
Stephen Salisbury, Stephen Salis- 
bury, Jr., George E. Smith, G. Ed- 
ward Smith, Samuel Smith, William 
Smith, Frederick W. Southwick, 
tAugustus B. R. Sprague, ^Hamilton 
B. Staples, William E. Starr, Chas. 
E. Stevens, Chas. F. Stevens, Elisha 
D. Stocking, Edward D. Stoddard, 




tElijali B. Stoddard, Arthur M. 
Stone, tGeorgo Swan, Burgess Tay- 
lor, tAdin Thayer, John R. Thayer, 
Joseph A. Titus, Jehiel Todd, Enoch 
H. Towne, Roger F. Upham, John 
L. Utley, tSamuel Utley, Edward 
W. Vaill, tGeorge F. Verry, Horace 

B. Verry, Albert H. Waite, Frederic 
W. Ward, Justin A. Ware, tJohn D. 
Washburne, William Ansel Wash- 
burn, tJohn W. Wetherell, George 
W. Wheeler, Franklin Whipple, G. 
Henry Whitcomb, Charles B. Whit- 
ing, Harvey B. Wilder, tHartley 
Williams, William A. Williams, 
Emery Wilson, Eugene A. Witt, 
Henry M. Witter, George M. Wood- 
ward, Henry Woodward. 

Trial Justices. 

Asliburnham, S. J. Bradlee. 

Athol, Samuel M. Osgood. 

Barre, Edwin Woods. 

Brookfield, George S. Duell. 

East Douglas, Samuel W. Heath. 

Gardner, Thomas E. Glazier. 

Leominster, Charles H. Merriam. 

North Brookfield, Charles E. Jenks. 

Spencer, Luther Hill. 

Templeton, Stillman Cady, E. Wy- 
man Stone. 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock. 

Winchendon, Bethuel Ellis, Giles 
H. Whitney. 


Ashburnham, S. Joseph Bradlee, 
John H. Wilkins. 

Athol, Far well F. Fay. Athol 
Centre, Charles Field, Geo. W. Horr, 
Enoch T. Lewis, Nathaniel Richard- 

Barre, Charles Brimblecom, J. 
Martin Gorham. 

Brookfield, George W. Johnson. 

Clinton, Chas. H. Dinsmore, Chas. 
G. Stevens. 

Douglas, William Abbott. 

Fitchburg, Harrison Bailey, Festus 

C. Currier, Chas. B. Dennis, Chas. 
S. Hay den, Stillman Haynes, Omon 
H. Lawrence, Edward P. Loring, 
David H. Merriam, Amasa Norcross, 
George E. Putnam, Edward B. Saw- 
tell, George A. Torrey, Thornton K. 
Ware, James M. Woodbury. 

Gardner, Ephraim D. Howe, Fran- 
cis Richardson. 

Grafton, E. Webster Norcross, E. 

B. Savage. 

Lancaster, John L. S. Thompson. 

Leicester, Chas. A. Denny, Cheney 

Leominster, Joel C. Allen, James 
Bennett, Chauncey W.Carter, Ham- 
ilton Mayo, Charles H. Merriam. 

Lunenburg, Charles A. Goodrich. 

Milfavd, Napoleon B. Johnson, 
Thomas G. Kent, James E. Walker, 
Alexander T. Wilkinson. 

Millbury, Ira N. Goddard. 

Norihborough, Samuel Clark. 

Northbridge ( Whitinsville), Edw'd 

Oxford, Charles A. Angell. 

Boijalston, John N. Bartlett. 

Southbridge, Manning Leonard, 
Calvin A. Paige. 

Spencer, Luther Hill, Erastus 

Sturbridge, Emory L. Bates. 

Templeton, Stillman Cady. 

Uxbridge, Orville B. Seagrave. 

Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock, E. 

C. Sawyer. 

Webster, Edward S. Bradford, 
Henry J. Clarke, John F. Hinds, 
Seymour A. Tingier. 

Westborough, Arthur G. Biscoe, 
Samuel M. Griggs, Louis K. Travis. 

West Boglston, George T. Brigham, 
Henry F. Harris. 

Westminster, Leander H. Dupee, 
Charles G. Giles. 

Winchendon, Edwin S. Merrill, 
Frank B. Spalter, Giles H. Whit- 

Worcester, James G. Arnold, Geo. 
H. Ball, Frederick J. Barnard, Wm. 
S. Barton, Charles M. Bent, Samuel 
T. Bigelow, Edward F. Bisco, Silas 
A. Burgess, John A. Dana, George 
H. Estabrook, William A. Gile, Isaac 

D. Goulding, Henry F. Harris, Wm. 
T. Harlow, Henry Eveleth Hill, J. 
Henry Hill, Charles F. Mann, David 
Manning, Jr., Joseph Mason, James 
J. McCafferty, Charles A. Merrill, 
Wm. H. Morse, Henry L. Parker, 
Elliott H. Peabody, David L. Pette- 
grew, James F. Purcell, Henry C. 
Rice, Geo. E. Smith, Samuel Smith, 



[VOL. I. 

Elijah B. Stoddard, Chas. B. Whit- 
ing, Hartley Williams. 

Medical Examiners. 
Athol Centime, James P. Lynde. 
Barrc, Charles W. Wbitcomb. 
Broolcfield, David W. Hodgkins. 
Clinton, George M. Morse. 
Fitchburg, Ernest P. Miller. 
Milford, William M. Parker. 
Norlhborough, Henry A. Jewett. 
Nortlibridge, Rowse R. Clarke. 
Soulhbridge; Samuel C. Hartwell. 
Winchendon, Ira Russell. 
Worcester, J. Marcus Rice. 

Town Officers. 

Following is a list of the Town Officers of 
the towns of Massachusetts for 1878. Where 
elections had not taken place for the present 
year, we omit to give any report, which is 
only in a very few instances. 

Abington. Clerk and Treasurer, 
George A. Beal. Collector, George 
H. Atwood. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of the Poor, Henry 
A. Noyes, George A. Beal, Joseph 
L. Greenwood. School Committee, 
Dennis Powers, Bela T. Nash, Nel- 
son B. Tanner. Constables, James 

E. Nash, Josiah Cushman, John 
A, Floyd, William Tribou, William 

F. Hollis. 

Alford. Clerk, Henry Ticknor. 
Treasurer, E. C. Ticknor. Collector, 
Harrison Calkins. Selectmen, Dr. 
Richard Beebee, Francis M. Church, 
Edward Osborne. Assessors, San- 
ford Spinney, Myron Rowe, Leonard 

Amesbury. Clerk, Joseph Merrill. 
Treasurer and Collector, James H. 
Davis. Selectmen, Gustavus Cam- 
mitt, Jona. H. Osborne, J. Howard 
Swett. School Committee, Joseph 
Merrill, Albert S. Adams, Horace 
H. Currier. Constables, John O. 
Currier, Chas. Rowell, Jr., J. D. T. 
Balch, Bailey C. Colby, George W. 
Bartlett, James H. Davis. 

Amherst. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
-Collector, S. C. Carter. Selectmen, 
D. W. Palmer, H. Ingram, J. E. 
Merrick. School Committee, W. H. 
Benean, Henry Nash, W. B. Graves. 
Assessors, O. I). Hunt, E. P. Spear, 

J. E. Merrick. Constables, G. B. 
Gallond, F. W. Sloan, William W. 
Smith, C. L. Dadrnun, W. W. Cowls, 
W. E. Stebbins, E. B. Sears, T. M. 

Andover. Clerk, E. Kendall Jen- 
kins. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of the Poor, William S. 
Jenkins, Simeon Bardwell, Charles 
Green. School Committee, George 
Foster, Henry R. Wilbur, Sam'l H. 

Ashburnham. Clerk, George F. 
Stevens. Treasurer, George G. 
Rockwood. Collector, M. Wether- 
bee. Selectmen and Assessors, J. 
R. Cummings, Nathaniel Pierce, B. 

E. Wetherbee. School Committee, 
C. E. Woodward, C. F. Rockwood, 

F. A. Whitney, J. E. Vose, W. F. 
Whitney, C. D. Ellis. Constables, 
M. Wetherbee, W. H. Willard. 

Ashbg. Clerk, J. W. Sheldon. 
Treasurer and Collector, William S. 
Estabrook. Selectmen and Over- 
seers of Poor, Jesse Foster, Joel 
Foster, William S. Estabrook. Con- 
stable, C. K. Johnson. 

Ashfield. Clerk, Henry S. Ran- 
ney. Selectmen, L. F. Gray, Alvan 
Hall, Almon Howes. School Com- 
mittee, Rev. L. Green, Rev. G. A. 
Willard, F. G. Howes. Justices of 
the Peace for the County, Wait Be- 
ment, Lot Bassett, Silas Blake, 
Henry S. Ranney. 

Ashland. Clerk, Wm. A. Tilton. 
Treasurer, Edwin Perry. Select- 
men, Abner Greenwood, R. N. Ross, 
Samuel S. Baker. Assessors, Will- 
iam Eames, Frank Euslin, Web- 
ster Brooks. Constables, Webster 
Brooks, George S. Downs, George 
H. Wright, James O'Brine, C. T. 

Athol. Clerk, J. S. Parmenter. 
Treasurer, Thomas H. Goodspeed. 
Selectmen and Overseers of Poor, 
W. W. Fish, G. Southard, W. D. 
Smith. School Committee, H. M. 
Humphrey, E. M. Bartlett, Fred. 
Allen. Assessors, J. M. Lee, Chas. 
W. Woodward, Josiah Haven. 

Attleborough. Clerk, Job B. Sa- 
very. Treasurer, George Price. Se- 
lectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 




of Poor, Samuel P. Lathrop, Gard- 
ner C. Wright, George N. Crandall. 
School Committee, Rev. Joseph D. 
Pierce, Samuel P. Lathrop, George 

A. Adams. 

Auburn. Clerk, Emory Stone. 
Selectmen, John Warren, B. F. 
Lamed, C. F. Curtis. School Com- 
mittee, John W. Hicks, Horace 
Hohbs, David Whitney. Assessors, 
Warren Sibley, J. P. Eaton, S. P. 
Perry. Constable, W. H. Sibley. 

Ayer. Clerk, George V. Barrett. 
Treasurer, George W. Stuart. Col- 
lector, Samuel Reed. Selectmen, E. 
C. Willard, Alfred Page, C. C. Ben- 
nett. School Committee, John E. 
Parsons, Levi Wallace, E. D. Ban- 
croft. Constable, Peter Tarbell. 

Barnstable. Clerk and Treasurer, 
F. G. Kelley. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, Andrew 
Lovell, Zenas E. Crowell, Nathaniel 
Edson. School Committee, H. A. 
Goodhue, Samuel Snow, Nathan 
Edson, Andrew Lovell, Nathan 
Crocker, Robinson Weeks, Eli Phin- 
ney, Benjamin F. Crocker, James 
H. Jenkins. 

Barre. Clerk, J. C. Bartholomew. 
Treasurer and Collector, George A. 
Bemis. Selectmen, Addison H. Hol- 
land, Nelson Loring, Sylvester Both- 
well, Geo. F. Rice, J. Henry God- 
dard. School Committee, 3 years, 
Rev. Edwin Smith. Assessors, Mat- 
thew Walker, D. G. Harwood, Estes 
Hawes. Constables, S. Bothwell, 
N. M. Stone, J. W. Jackson, J. 

B. Williams, A. H. Thomas, H. S. 
Houghton, C. H. Follansby. 

BecJcet. Clerk and Treasurer, 
William S. Huntington. Collector, 
Henry A. Jennings. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
James N. Cross, Stephen W. Carter, 
Chester W. Merryfield. School 
Committee, 3 years, H. C. Snow. 
Constable, Henry A. Jennings. 

Bedford. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Charles A. Corey. Collector, Thos. 

C. Cutler. Selectmen, C. H. Clark, 
O. J. Lane, M. B. Webber. School 
Committee, W. J. Stoddard, Mrs. 
Abby C. Clark. Assessors, Willard 
Ladd, M. E. Rowe, Jos. Skinner. 


Constables, E. B. Cutler, Jonas 

Belchertoivn. Clerk, C. L. Wash- 
burn. Treasurer, Enoch Burnett. 
Collector, Guy C. Allen. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
the Poor, Franklin Dickinson, 
Enoch Burnett, Joseph R. Gould. ♦ 
School Committee, C, L. Washburn, 
Geo. H. B. Green, Susan Chandler. 

Bellingliam. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Joseph T. Massey. Collector, D. 
J. Pickering. Selectmen, Martin 
Rockwood, Sabin Holbrook, Orin 
Chilson. School Committee, G. D. 
Rockwood, George H. Thayer, 
Alonzo N. Whitney, C. H. Cutler, 

D. E. Wilcox, R. Hammond, George 
A. Cruks, F. R. Smith, George F. 
Wales. Assessors, Amos H. Hol- 
brook, Nathan A. Cook, Seneca 

Belmont. Clerk, Wm. W. Mead. 
Treasurer, W. L. Chenery. Select- 
men, Overseers of the Poor, and 
Highway Surveyors, Josiah S. Ken- 
dall, C. F. Livermore, Henry Frost, 
Jr. School Committee, Daniel But- 
ler, W. W. Mead, A. Richardson, D. 

E. Learned, J. H. Fletcher, S. W. 
Grant. Assessors, Josiah S. Ken- 
dall, W. L. Chenery, Henry Richard- 
son. Constables, David Chenery, 
Jr., Edward Haskins, William An- 

Berlin. Clerk, Albert Babcock. 
Treasurer and Collector, Josiah 
Moore. Selectmen, Lewis L. Car- 
ter, Robert B. Wheeler, Lyman 
Morse. School Committee, Win, A. 
Houghton, Elijah C. Shattuck, 
Pliny B. Southwick. Assessors, 
Wm. Bassett, Israel Sawyer, Geo. 
W. Fosgate. Constables, John L. 
Bruce, George H. Andrews. 

Bernardston. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Henry Slate. Selectmen, As- 
sessors, and Overseers of the Poor, 
H. O. Root, E. S. Hulbert, C. R. 
Hills. School Committee, S. J. 
Green, H. A. Slate, Mrs. A. V. Chase. 
Constable and Collector, O. C. Al- 
len. • 

Billerica. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Dudley Foster. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, William 



[VOL. I. 

S. Gleason, Edward Spaulding, Geo. 
P. Elliot, 

Blandford. Clerk, E. W. Shepard, 
Treasurer, M. S. Phelps. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of the 
Poor, H. K. Herrick, Jas. W. Knox, 
J. J. Lloyd. 

Bolton. Clerk, J. D. Hurlbut. 
Treasurer, Roswell Barrett. Se- 
lectmen, F. M. Newton, Roswell Bar- 
rett, Charles Townsend. . School 
Commitee, B. A. Edwards, A. L. 
Nourse, Miss C. M. Newton. As- 
sessors, A. L. Nourse, F. M. Newton, 
Edwin Howard. 

Boxborough. Clerk, Epli. B. Cob- 
leigh. Collector, Granville Whit- 
comb. School Committee, Eev. N. 
Thompson, Chairman. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of the 
Poor, Daniel W. Cobleigh, Benja- 
min S. Mead, James" S. Braman. 
Constable, James S. Braman. 

Boxford. Clerk, B. S. Barnes. 
Treasurer, William R. Kimball. 
Selectmen, A. Dorm an, George W. 
Chad wick, J. Henry Nason. School 
Committee, S. D. Gammell, Asa 
Kimball, David Brimmer. 

Boylston. Clerk, H. H. Brigham. 
Treasurer, L. L. Flagg. Collector, 
Henry White. Selectmen, L. L. 
Flagg, H. V. Woods, Elmer Shaw. 
School Committee, E. C. Forbes, F. 

B. Willard, H. H. Brigham. As- 
sessors, W. H. Perry, Wm. A. Moore, 
Charles J. Lingley. Constables, 
John A. Wood, Win, Cray, Charles 
W. Moore. 

Brewster. Clerk and Treasurer, 

C. S. Foster. Collector, Nathan 
Kenny. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of the Poor, C. S. Foster, 
Josiah Foster, Thomas D. Sears. 
School Committee, 3 years, S. H. 
Gould. Constable, E. F. Ryder. 

Bridgewater. Clerk, Henry T. 
Pratt. Treasurer, Van R. Swift. 
Selectmen, Van E. Swift, Spencer 
Leonard, Avery F. Hooper. School 
Committee, 3 years, Lewis G. Lowe. 
Constables, F. D. King, J. B. Rogers, 
P. H. Wing, Stillman Alger, Miller 
S. Oldham. 

Brimfield. Clerk, Henry F. Brown, 
Treasurer, A. L. Converse. Select- 

men, Cheney Newton, Charles F. 
Spaulding, Moses H. Baker. School 
Committee, E. W. Norwood, Joseph 
L. Woods, W. K. Pierce. Assessors, 
Oscar F. Brown, Sanford Booth, 
Nathan M. Goodale. Constables, 
Francis E. Cook, Frank R. Newton. 

Brockton. Clerk, W. H. Wales. 
Treasurer, Oakes S. Soule. Select- 
men and Overseers of the Poor, Wm. 
H. Wales, Henry B. Packard, J. J. 
Whipple, Daniel Dunbar, David S. 
Packard. School Committee, 3 years, 
A. T. Jones, B. Sanford, Jr., J. J. 
Whipple. Assessors, Henry E. Lin- 
coln, Davis S. Packard, L. F. Sever- 
ance. Constables, A. S. Porter, John 
W. Foye, H. S. Porter, Geo. That- 
cher, C. E. Jenney, Earl Bennett, 
Patrick Gilmore, Peter Davis, G. 
W. Skinner. 

Brookfteld. Clerk, Hiram P. Ger- 
ald. Treasurer and Collector, H. V. 
Crosby. Selectmen, Geo. W. John- 
son, E. W. Twichell,P. S. Doane, E. 

D. Goodell, Lewis Henshaw. School 
Committee, William Tucker, Rev. 
J. S. Barrows. Constables, O. F. 
Eaton, C. H. Griffin, E. Howe, 

E. Hogan, Josiah Hobbs, Charles 

BrooJcline, Clerk, Benjamin F. Ba- 
ker. Treasurer and Collector, Moses 
Withington. Selectmen, Surveyors 
of Highways, and Board of Health, 
Wm. I. Bowditch, James W. Edger- 
ly, Francis W. Lawrence, Oliver 
Whyte, Horace James. School Com- 
mittee, Albert Mason, Rev. Warren 
Goddard, Jr., Rev. Leonard K. Storrs, 
3 years ; Dr. David B. Van Slyck, 2 
years. Assessors, William Lincoln, 
J. Anson Guild, Thomas B. Hall. 
Constables, Eben W. Reed, Geo. F. 
Johnson, Daniel C. Murray. Willard 
Y. Gross, Burnham C. Clark, Thos. 
S. Pettengill, George F. Dearborn, 
John C. Morse, James W. Sinclair, 
Joseph Crawshaw. 

Bucldand. Clerk and Treasurer, 
R. L. Packard. Collector, Ebenezer 
M. Whitney. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, S. W. 
McKnight, Wm. B. Caswell, Zopher 
Woodward. School Committee, 
Hugo Mann, Geroge D. Crittenden, 




Erwiu G. Ward. Constables, E. J. 
Griswold, E. S. Smith. 

Burlington. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, Samuel Bewail. Select- 
men and Assessors, Edward Eeed, 
Stephen Carter, Samuel Sewall. 
Constables, G. L. Tebbetts, J. W. 

Canton. Clerk, Andrew Lopez. 
Treasurer, F. W. Deane. Collector, 
Wm, W. Brooks. Selectmen, Win. 
Horton, Wm. W. Brooks, Edward 
E. Eager. School Committee, Jos. 
W. Wattles, A. C. Kallock, John 
Everett, Geo. E.^umner, Jesse Fen- 
no, Isaac Horton, Thos. Lanergan, 
J. Mason Everett. 

Carlisle. Clerk, Austin Marsh. 
Treasurer, William Green. Select- 
men and Assessors, Geo. S. Skelton, 
Asa Nickles, J. Q. A. Green. Over- 
seers of Poor, Isaac Blaisdell, Na- 
thaniel Hutchinson, G. W. Wis. kins. 

Carver. Treasurer, Thomas Cobb. 
Selectmen and Overseers of Poor, 
Andrew Griffith, H. A. Lucas, E. D. 
Shaw. School Committee, T. M. 
Southworth, chairman. 

Charlemont. Clerk and Treasurer, 
W. E. Niles. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, C. E. Cooley, 
L. B. Eice, J. H. Kemp. School 
Committee, C. P. G. Miner. Con- 
stable and Collector, E. F. Longley. 

Charlton. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Alfred E. Fiske. Selectmen and 
Overseers of Poor, Eufus B. Dodge, 
George Hammond, Elijah E. Car- 
penter. School Committee, E. B. 
Dodge, A. G. Mclntyre, George 
D. Woodbury. Assessors, Levi L. 
Hammond, Herbert K. Davidson, 
Moses D. Woodbury. Constables, 
Varanes Johnson, A. F. Titcomb, F. 
S. Taylor. 

Chatham. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Levi Atwood. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, Levi 
Eldredge, S. E. Hallett, B. T. Free- 
man. School Committee, G. S. At- 
wood, Eufus Smith, Levi Eldredge, 
B. T. Freeman, J. Y. Bearse. Con- 
stables, Lothrop L. Bearse, Stephen 
J. Smith. 

Chelmsford. Clerk, Geo. A. Park- 
hurst. Treasurer, E. H. Warren. 

Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, J. B. Emerson, Ziba Gay, 
J. J. Hoyt, Wm. Manning, E. P. 

Cheshire. Clerk, J. G. Northup. 
Treasurer, John E. Cole. Collector, 
H. J. Ingalls. Selectmen, Geo. W. 
Fisher, George Martin, M. V. B. 
Jenks. School Committee, 3 years, 
Nelson Brown. Assessors, Daniel 
F. Bucklin, Fred. C. Brown, Henry 
F. Wood. 

Chesterfield. Clerk, Orson M. 
Pearl. Treasurer, Oliver Edwards. 
Collector, Judson A. Higgins. Se- 
lectmen, Assessors, aud Overseers 
of Poor, Ephraim Cole, Eli A. Shaw, 
W. J. Eice. School Committee, 
Orson M. Pearl, 1 year; J. B. Ma- 
comber, 2 years ; Albert Nichols, 3 
years. Constable, Judson C. Hig- 

Chicopee. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Lester Dickinson. Collector, John 

B. Wood. Selectmen and Overseers 
of Poor, Silas Mosman, Terence 
Hogan, Wm. White, Edgar T. Paige, 
Wm. E. Kentfield. School Com- 
mittee, Henry J7Boyd, Francis F. 
Parker, Wm. E. Dickinson, Geo. V. 
Wheelock, Isaac Porter, B. B. Bel- 
cher. Assessors, Lewis M. Ferry, 
Geo. W. Bray, Dwight L. Shaw. 

Chilmark. Clerk, James N. Til- 
•ton. Treasurer, Beriah T. Hillman. 
Collector, Nahum T. Norton. Se- 
lectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, John W. Mayhew, Tristram 
May hew, Jeremiah Stewart. School 
Committee, Jeremiah Stewart, 1 
year ; Austin Smith, 2 years ; John 
Davis, 3 years. Constable, Nahum 
T. Norton. 

Clinton. Clerk, W. E. Parkhurst. 
Treasurer, G. W. Goss. Selectmen, 
Milton Jewett, A. C. Dakin, Eli 
Forbes. School Committee, J. T. 
Dame, Charles Noyes. Assessors, 

C. C. Stone, S. W. Tyler, C. Frazer. 
Cohasset. Clerk, Newcomb B. 

Tower. Treasurer and Collector, 
Abraham H. Tower, Jr. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, J. Q. A. Lothrop, 
Philander Bates, Caleb F. Nichols. 
School Committee, 3 years, Levi N. 



[VOL. I. 

Bates, Jolm W. Bates. Constables, 
Isaiah Lincoln, Isaac W. Beal, John 
E. Groce, Edward E. Wentworth, 
Israel C. Vinal, Joseph St. Johns, 
Philip Fox. 

Colrain. Clerk and Treasurer, A. 
C. Smith. Selectmen, Earl Shearer, 
J. A. D wight, Lorenzo Spurr. School 
Committee, O. Be Curtis, George 
Stewart, S. P. Everett. Assessors, 
J. S. Bell, J. J. Dwight, H. M. Peter- 
son. Collector, II. 0. Scott. 

Concord. Clerk, Geo. Hayward. 
Treasurer, Henry J. Walcott. Se- 
lectmen, Charles Thompson, Chas. 
A. Hubbard, Alonzo Tower. School 
Committee, Edward W. Emerson, 
Randall Lufkin, Joseph D. Brown. 
Assessors, Charles H. Walcott, Jos. 
A. Smith, D. G. Lang. Constables, 
John B. Moore, Asa C. Collier, Jas. 
W. Carter. 

Conway. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Henry W. Billings. Collector, S. 
P. Sherman. Selectmen and Over- 
seers of Poor, Edwin Cooley, Thos. 
S. Dickinson, Lucian F. F. Eldridge, 
School Committee, H. W. Billings. 
Assessors, W. Darwin Sanderson, 
John Sprague, Alfred Bartlett. 
Constables, G. H. Johnson, S. P. 
Sherman, C. W. Bardwell, E. E. 
Potter, C. F. Allis. 

Cummington. Clerk, A. Mitchell. 
Treasurer and Collector, D. W. 
Lovell. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, L. H. Tower, 
Abraui Osborne, Lorenzo Shaw. 
School Committee, L. C. Robinson, 
William G. Atkins, A. H. Kimball. 
Constables, Aransford Rhoades, 
John Eddy. 

Dalton. Clerk, DwightE. Smith. 
Selectmen, S. L. Young, W. M. 
Crane, E. A. Phelps. School Com- 
mittee, H. A. Barton, 2 years ; Mi- 
chael Glinon, 3 years. Assessors, 
Geo. B. Benton, Joel W. Bardin, 
G. Hagar. Constables, H. A. Barton, 
Jr., C. E. Stearns, John J. Murphy. 

Dana. Clerk, D. L. Richards. 
Treasurer, D. D. Richards. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, James A. Gorham, C. N. 
Doane, V. II. Doubleday. Con- 
stables, E. A. Albee, A. W. Doane. 

Danvers. Clerk, A. S. Howard. 
Treasurer, Wm. L. Weston. Col- 
lector, Simeon Putnam. Select- 
men and Assessors, Otis F. Putnam, 
C. H. Adams, Josiah Ross. School 
Committee, Rev. C. B. Rice, Hon. 
J. W. Andrews, Dr. P. M. Chase, 
Rev. H. P. Forbes, Mrs. George J. 
Sanger, Miss A. M. Wentworth. 
Constables, C. H. Adams, George 
Scampton, T. D. Crowley, D. Z. 
Preston, D. W. Regan. 

Dartmouth. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, George F. Howland. Se- 
lectmen, Overseers of Poor, and 
Almshouse Directors, Isaac P. Wil- 
bur, Paul Barker, Joshua V. Davis. 
School Committee, 3 years, Joshua 
V. Davis. Assessors, Francis W. 
Mason, Benj. T. Maxfield, Spooner 
Jenkins. Constables, Dan'l D. How- 
land, Leander C. King, Thomas En- 
man, Otis Manchester. 

Dedham. Clerk, Chas. H. Farring- 
ton. Treasurer, Lewis H. Kings- 
bury. Collector, Henry C. Bonney, 
Selectmen, Assessors, Board of 
Health, and Overseers of Poor, 
Augustus B. Endicott, Benj. Weath- 
erbee, Royal O. Storrs, Charles C. 
Sanderson, Howard Colburn. School 
Committee, C. C. Churchill, Daniel 
Goodwin, Frank M. Bailey, Ellen 
H. Crehore, Timothy Baker, Calvin 
S. Locke. Constables, Christopher 
T. Bailey, Peter Gaffney, Thomas 
Murphy/ Edwin F. Paul, P. S. 
Young, Eustis Baker, John Dean. 

Deerfidd. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Elisha Wells. Selectmen, Charles 
Jones, Charles P. Aldrich, Lester L. 
Lucy. School Committee, George 
W. Jones, 1 year ; P. D. Bridges, 3 
years. Assessors, C. A. Stebbins, 
Wm. D. Bates, Levi Smith. 

Dennis. Clerk, Obed Baker, 2d. 
Collectors,ColemanMckerson, Eliot 
Wafer. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, David Fisk, Syl- 
vester Baker, Joshua Crowell, Jr. 
School Committee, M. S. Under- 
wood, Luther Hall. Constables, 
Coleman Nickerson, John Small, 
Eliot Wafer. 

Digldon, Clerk and Treasurer, 
George A. Shove. Selectmen and 




Overseers of Poor, F. A. Horr, J. A. 
Lewis, Ira P. Briggs. Scliool Com- 
mittee, George A. Shove, C. Talbot, 
C. W. Turner, E. F. Dawes, Geo. F. 
Gavitt. Superintendent of Schools, 
C. W. Turner. Assessors, Geo. E. 
Gooding, Cyrus Talbot, H. A. Will- 
iams. Constables, J. A. Lewis, 
Nathan O. Walker, J. H. Luther. 

Douglas. Clerk, F. Meek. Treas- 
urer, William Abbott. Selectmen, 
Brigham Morse, M. M. Luther, Jesse 
Chace, Noah H. Jones, William 
Church. School Committee, A. F. 
Brown, Levi White, A. E. Kemp, 
W. D. Jones, N. W. Preston. As- 
sessors, Brigham Morse, Elisha 
Morse, J. E. Cummings. Constables, 
N. H. Jones, Levi Stoddard, C. P. 
Bushneil, Hiram Ward, Merrill 
Woodard, John Hilton, E. B. Knapp. 

Dover. Clerk, Charles H. Smith. 
Selectmen and Overseers of Poor, 
John Humphrey, Barnabas Paine, 
Asa Talbot. School Committee, M. 
E. Everett, G. L. Howe, Eben Hig- 
gins. Assessors, Ephraini Wilson, 
Joseph A. Smith, William Tisdale. 
Constables, C. H. Smith, J. G. Mann. 

Dracut. Clerk and Treasurer, C. 
H. Stickney. Collector, J. W. Pea- 
body. Selectmen and Assessors, G. 
M. Hall, E. A. Stevens, Robert 
Mills. School Committee, Joseph 
A. Stuart, E. A. Stevens, John 

Dunstable. Clerk, Libni H. Par- 
ker. Treasurer, Libui Parker. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, Thomas H. Parkkurst, Jas. 
M. Swallow, Asa T. Butterfield. 
School Committee, Rev. F. D. Aus- 
tin, Levi Barker, Luther G. Rob- 
bins. Constables, Franklin N. 
Tolles, Libni Parker. 

Duxbury. Clerk, J. Peterson. 
Treasurer and Collector, J. W. 
Swift. Selectmen, Thos. Chandler, 
Josiah Peterson, Samuel P. Soule. 
School Committee, W. W. Lyle, 
Henry Barton, Mrs. M. N. Crocker. 
Assessors, Thos. Chandler, J. Peter- 
son, Samuel P. Soule. 

East Brklgewater. Clerk, Frank 
Smith. Treasurer, J. N. Nutter. 
Collector, E. S. Whitmarsh. Se- 

lectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, Joshua Dean, Ezra King- 
man, Charles H. Goss. School Com- 
mittee, M. P. McLauthlin, C. A. 
Chandler, F. S. Strong, L. W. Rich- 
ards, D. W. Richardson. Consta- 
bles, Wm. M. Judkins, F. S. H. 
Rounseville, John H. Scribner. 

Eastham. Clerk and Treasurer, 
George H. Clarke. Selectmen, As- 
sessors, and Overseers of Poor, Silas 
H. Stuart, N. P. Knowles, H. S. 
Gill. Constable and Collector, Jas. 

Easthampton. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Lafayette Clapp. Selectmen, 
H. J. Ely, A. S. Ludden, A. P. Clark. 
Assessors, A. B. Lyman, L. B. Searle, 

A. S. Ludden. School Committee, 
L. S. Clark, W. N. Wright, Joseph 
H. Sargent. 

Easton. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, George G. Withington. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, Jonathan A. Pratt, Hiram 
Williams, Wm. C. Howard. School 
Committee, Wm. L. Chaffin, Luther 
H. Sheldon, John O. Dean, L. S. 
Drake, G>o. C. Belcher. Consta- 
bles, P. William Fecto, Amos G. 
Pratt, Amasa C. Heath. 

Edgartown. Clerk, J. D. Coffin. 
Treasurer, Samuel G. Vincent. Se- 
lectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, John A. Pease, T. R. Holley, 
0. E. Linton. School Committee, 
Samuel Keniston. 

Egremont, Clerk, W. E. Phelps. 
Treasurer, S. L. Sheldon. Select- 
men, W. B. Peck, J. A. Kline, E. R. 
Joyner. School Committee, G. H. 
Race, J. L. Millard, E. M. Millard. 
Assessors, H. T. Potts, H. W. Bur- 
get, G. F. Bradford. Constable, 
Allen Decker. 

Enfield. Clerk and Treasurer, W. 

B. Kimball. Selectmen and Over- 
seers of Poor, R. D. Woods, L. D. 
Potter, B. F. Davis. School Com- 
mittee, W. B. Kimball, N. D. Potter, 
H. E. Brown, 3 years; W. B. 
Downing, 2 years. 

Erving. Clerk, J. B. Hunt. Treas- 
urer, L. H. Woodard. Collector, 
Dwight Howard. Selectmen, F. H. 
King, H. D. Reynolds, L. L. Perry. 



[VOL. I. 

Constables, D. Woodard, Samuel 

Essex, Clerk, John C. Choate. 
Treasurer, Heury O. Wade. Se- 
lectmen and Assessors, Daniel W. 
Bartlett, Nathaniel Burnham, Will- 
iard A. Burnham. School Commit- 
tee, Rufus Choate. Overseers of 
Poor, John C. Choate, William H. 
Mears. Constables, Hervey Story? 
Stephen P. Andrews, Charles B. 

Everett. Clerk, J. H. Cannell. 
Treasurer, Daniel Emmons. Select- 
men, Adams B. Cook, S. J. Cox, W. 
A. Ham. School Committee, H. A. 
Tenney, J. B. Everett, 3 years. 
Assessors, William Johnson, Colum- 
bus Corey, F. E. Dyer. Constables, 
Benj. Corey, Samuel Emerton, Jas. 
E. Manser. 

Fairhaven. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Eben Akin, Jr. Collector, George 
Jones. Selectmen and Overseers of 
Poor, George A. Taber, Arnold G. 
Tripp, Daniel W. Dean. School 
Committee, Chas. H. Morton, Isaac 
Terry, Matthew Merry. Assessors, 
George H. Taber, Obed T. Hitch, 
Matthew Merry. Constables, Joshua 
P. Delano, Poland Smith. 

Falmouth. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Thomas Lewis. Collector, Isaac 
S. Lawrence. School Committee, 
Prince G. Moore, George E. Clark, 
Henry Jones. Constables, Isaac S. 
Lawrence, S. M. Morton, F. A. Nye, 
James M. Lambert, C. H. Bearse. 

Foxborough. Clerk, Wm. H. Tor- 
rey. Treasurer, Eli Phelps. Se- 
lectmen and Overseers of Poor, 
Newland F. Howard, Erastus P. 
Carpeuter, Willard P. Turner. 
School Committee, Payson Hodges, 
James E. Carpenter, P. W. S. Black- 
well. Assessors, Jos. A. Kingsbury, 
Albert T. Daniels, James Capen. 

Framingham. Clerk, Frank E. 
Hemenway. Treasurer, Cyrus Bean. 
Collector, C. J. Frost. Selectmen, 
S. B. Bird, J. C. Cloyes, E. Gould- 
ing, S. P. Entwistle, Elbert Hemen- 
way. Assessors, S. B. Bird, F. C. 
Stearns, C. W. Coolidge. Overseers 
of Poor, Harrison Fames, S. S. Dan- 
forth, Oliver Gridley. 

Freetown. Clerk and Auditor, H. 
A. Francis. Treasurer, Lewis P. 
Phillips. Collector, Chas. E. Hath- 
away. Selectmen and Assessors, 
Geo. W. Hall, J. Henry Peirce, Jon- 
athan R. Gurney. School Commit- 
tee, H. B. Wetherell, Geo. B. Cud- 
worth, J. R. Gurney. Constables, 
Benj. R. Phillips, S. C. Hathaway, 
Benj. F. Braley. 

Georgetown. Clerk, Joseph E. 
Bailey. Treasurer, William K. Lam- 
bert. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Sherman Nelson, 
Samuel T. Poor, Chauncey O. Noyes. 
School Committee, O. S. Butler, G. 
D. Tenney, Geo. W. Noyes. 

Gosnold. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, Fred'k S. Allen. Select- 
men and xissessors, Chas. C. Church, 
Wm. H. Haskins, Alonzo B. Veeder. 
School Committee, Charles C. Allen. 
Constables, Alonzo B. Veeder, Wm. 
W. Allen, David S. Beetle. 

Grov.eland. Clerk, Chas. H. Hop- 
kinson. Treasurer and Collector, 
Gardner P. Ladd. Selectmen and 
Assessors, Charles H. Hopkinson, 
Edward Harrington, Charles F. 
Stiles. School Committee, John C. 
Paine, E. C. Peabody. Constable, 
L. FI. Hopkiuson. 

Goslicn. Clerk, Elijah Billings. 
Treasurer and Collector, John H. 
Godfrey. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Alvan Barrus, 
Hiram Packard, John H. Godfrey. 
School Committee, Theron L. Bar- 
rus. Constable, Ralph E. Smith. 

Gill. Clerk and Treasurer, O. F. 
Flale. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, SanrT P. Stratton, 
John H. Clark, Ralph Goodrich. 

Gardiner. Clerk, Francis Richard- 
son. Treasurer and Collector, C. 
Webster Bush. Selectmen, Ezra 
Osgood, A. L. Greenwood, Thomas 
Greenwood. School Committee, 3 
years, John M. Moore. Assessors, 
C. Webster Bush, Ivers Whitney, 
Aaron Greenwood. Constables, L. 
W. Brown, Henry Carney, Amos 
Coleman, Webster Cowee, E. M. 
Goddard, Asa T. Greenwood, O. C. 
Jillson, Alexander Priest, A. M. 
Richards, Courtlaud A. Allen. 




Groton. Clerk, Geo. D. Brigham. 
Treasurer, Alden Warren. Collect- 
or, George S. Gates. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
A. S. Lawrence, J. B. Raddin, M. P. 
Palmer. School Committee, Reuben 
Lewis, Cbas. Jacobs, Wm, A. Law- 
rence. Constables, A. P. Carleton, 
J. B. Sanderson, Freeman Hopkins. 

Granby. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Charles*S. Ferry. Collector, A. S. 
White. Selectmen, Spencer Clark, 
Wm. D. Barton, Chester Kellogg. 
School Committee, S. M. Cook, Dr. 
C. B. Smith, Rev. R. H. Davis. 
Assessors, John A. Fuller, Wm. E. 
Dickinson, Sylvester H. Taylor. 
Constable, W. A. Taylor. 

Granville. Clerk and Treasurer, 
J. M. Gibbons. Collector, Nathan 
Fenn. Selectmen, E. L. Brown, M. 
J. Rose, Wm. E. Barnes. School 
Committee, 3 years, Geo. D. Felton. 
Constables, E. M. Poinroy, H. M. 

Grafton. Clerk, A. A. Ballou. 
Treasurer, Rufus E. Warren. Select- 
men, Alden M. Bigelow, George W. 
Fisher, David L. Fisk, William T. 
Barker, Edward A. Estabrook. 
Assessors, Barnabas Newton, Gil- 
bert C.-Taft, Ashley W. Rice. Over- 
seers of Poor, J. B. Sibley, E. Adams, 
William Holbrook. 

Greemvich. Clerk, Robt. D. Bus- 
sey. Treasurer, John T. Warner. 
Selectmen and Overseers of Poor, 
Hiram Newton, Clerk R. Sibley, 
Warren P. Sloan. School Commit- 
tee, C. N. Powers, C. W. Powers, 
Miss C. C. Douglass. Assessors, 
Smith D. Cutter, Robt. D. Bussey, 
Clerk R. Sibley. Constables, Chas. 
S. Record, Edward T. King. 

Greenfield. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Francis M. Thompson. Collector, 
Salem Rich. Selectmen, Seorim B. 
Slate, Levi J. Gunn, Manly McClure. 
School Committee, Edward E. Ly- 
man, Aretas G. Loomis, Joseph P. 
Felton. Assessors, Henry G. Nims, 
Chas. Keith, Wm. M. Smead. Con- 
stables, Chauncey Bryant, William 
L. Taintor, A. J. Doolittle, Lucius 
Nims, Jr., Andrew Jackson, Geo. S. 

Hartley. Clerk and Treasurer, Wm. 
S. Shipman. Collector, G. Myren 
Smith. Selectmen, F. Edson, Chas. 
Cook, S. F. Cooley. School Com- 
mittee, Rev. R. Ayres, George Dick- 
inson, Charles Lamson. Assessors, 
John S. Bell, Alphonzo Dickinson, 
R. M. Montague. Constables, E. E. 
Cook, Sydenham Cook, William 

Hudson. Clerk, D. W. Stratton. 
Treasurer, Joseph S. Bradley. Col- 
lector, Chas. H. Robinson. Select- 
men, Wm. T. Trowbridge, Henry 
Tower, Saviliau Arnold. School 
Committee, 3 years, Dr. Charles W. 
Barnes. Assessors, Cbas. H. Rob- 
inson, Wm. McKee, Trueman Wal- 
cott. Constables, E. M. Comery, 
Geo. Q. Sawyer, John Noon. 

Huntington. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Wm. S. Tinker. Collector, Lorenzo 
Clark. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, E. N. Woods, B. 
R. Coit, E. D. Rude. School Com- 
mittee, John J. Cook, E. D. Green- 
wood, Sam'l D. Ashley. Constables, 
E. A. Allen, B. C. Ayres, J. B. Lewis, 

E. E. Pettis. 

Hingham. Clerk, Chas. N. Marsh. 
Treasurer, Wm. Fearing, 2d. Col- 
lector, Andrew J. Gardner. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Henry Siders, Seth Sprague, 
DeWitt C. Bates. School Commit- 
tee, Hawkes Fearing, Chairman ; 
Henry Siders, Allen G. Jennings, 
John D. Long, Edward A. Horton, 
' Edmund Hersey, 2d, J. Winthrop 
Spooner, L. J. B. Lincoln, Henry 
Stephenson, DeWitt C. Bates, Jos. 
O. Burdett, John Cushing. Con- 
stables, Charles Spring, Wm. Beal, 
Erastus Whiton, Charles R. Cook. 

Haverhill. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Andrew Smith. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, Charles 

F. Johnson, Wm. B. Chadwick, C. 
C. Barker. School Committee, Al- 
fred L. Smith, Wm. J. Dale, Jr., Geo. 
W. Kittredge. 

Hancock. Clerk, C. B. Wells. 
Treasurer and Collector, Silas G. 
Dawley. Selectmen and Overseers 
of Poor, George H. Hadsell, Charles 
H. Wells, John J. Gardner. School 



[vol. i. 

Committee, Frank A. Perry. Assess- 
ors, Rufus L. Mason, Clark J. Gavett, 
Frank A. Perry. Constable, Sylva- 
nus Whitaker. 

Hanson. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Ferdinand A. Bourne. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
Josephus Bryant, Joseph B. How- 
land, Frank Bourne. School Com- 
mittee, 3 years, George F. Stetson. 
Constables, John J. Brooks, James 
B. Howland, Gibson Beal. 

Hardwick. Clerk, Albert E. Knight. 
Treasurer, Frazier Page. Select- 
men and Overseers of Poor, Sam'l 
S. Dennis, George Manly, George 
Warner. Assessors, Sam'l D. Ken- 
dall, Joel L. Powers, James P. Fay. 

Hanover. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, Bernard Damon. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Jedediak Dwelley, Samuel H. 
Church, Isaac G. Stetson. School 
Committee, John G. Knight, John 
F. Simmons. Constables, H. W. 
Bates, Theo. Dyer, Caleb G. Mann. 

Harvard. Clerk, Hiram Whitney. 
Treasurer, Asa Daby. Collector, 
Caleb S. Gerry. Selectmen and 
Overseers of Poor, Hiram Whitney, 
Andrew Fairbank, Elisha D. Stone. 
Assessors, Thomas Cummings, Har- 
ry M. Whitney, Ephraim W. Hough- 
ton- Constable, A. A. Jenkins. 

Hoplcinton. Clerk, J. Whittemore. 
Treasurer, L. B. Maybry. Select- 
men, Owen Wood, Martin V. Phipps, 
Henry Flynn. School Committee, 
J. P. Ryan, J. P. Rice, 3 years ; C. 
W. Clailm, 1 year. Assessors, J. A. 
Woodbury, Benj. A. Phipps, J. Ma- 
hon. Overseers of Poor, J. Whit- 
temore, John Laughlin, O.L.Woods. 
Constables, D. J. O'Brien, Horace 
Phipps, Thomas Shinn, Michael Mc- 
Carthy, E. A. Putnam. 

Hull. Clerk, Lewis P. Loring. 
Treasurer, Edward G. Knight. Se- 
lectmen and Overseers of Poor, 
Edward G. Knight, Francis Mc- 
Kearne, Alonzo L. Mitchell. School 
Committee, 3 years, Z. Taylor Har- 
rington ; unexpired terms, John 
Reed, Francis S. James. Assessors, 
Lewis P. Loring, John Augustus, 
James P. Anderson. Constables, 

James Lowe, James W. Pope, Jacob 
W. Smith, George H. Souther, Wm. 
K. Wood, John McLauthlin. 

Heath. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Amos Temple. Collector, S. D. 
Purrington. Selectmen, William S. 
Gleason, John Read, A. T. Burring- 
ton. School Committee, F. E. Ha- 
ger, D. Gale. Assessors, J. Peterson, 
J. W. Stetson, D. Gale. Constable, 
S. D. Purrington. 

Halifax. Clerk, Nathaniel Mor- 
ton. Treasurer and Collector, Ste- 
phen P. Lull. Selectmen, Edwin 
Inglee, Nathaniel Morton, Harrison 

D. Packard. Superintending School 
Committee, George H. Watson. 

Hyde Park. Clerk, Henry B. Ter- 
ry. Treasurer, Henry S. Bunton. 
Collector, Henry A. Rich. Select- 
men, Charles L. Farnsworth, D. W. 
C. Rogers, David Perkins. School 
Committee, Andrew Washburn, E. 
M. Lancaster, Rev. F. C. Williams, 
R. W. Husted, W. H. H. Andrews, 
H. M. Cable. Assessors, Overseers 
of Poor, and Board of Health, Joel 
F. Goodwin, John M. Twichell, R. 
P. Moseley. 

Hnboarhston. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, L. Woodward. Collector, W. 

E. Howe. Selectmen and Overseers 
of Poor, S. S. Gleason, Silas Wheel- 
er, A. J. Greenwood. School Com- 
mittee, A. A. Parker, S. E. Marian, 
Rev. J. F. Norton. 

Holland. Clerk and Treasurer, F. 

E. Kinney. Collector, Horace Wal- 
lis, Jr. Selectmen and Overseers of 
Poor, Wm. A. Webber, F. B. Blod- 
gett, H. Vinton. School Committee, 
Rev. S. Bixby, F. B. Blodgett, Geo. 
L. Webber. Assessors, H. Wallis, 
Jr., Wm. L.Webber, R. A. Blodgett. 
Constable, A. L. Roper. 

Holliston. Clerk, George B. Fiske. 
Treasurer, Asa Allen. Selectmen, 

F. A. Stone, Orrin Thomson, C. J. 
Driscoll. Assessors, Z. Talbot, L. B. 
White, J. H. Mahoney. Constables, 
J. M. Hartt, J. M. Baker, Wm. H. 
Durfee, H. Ware, L. M. Kebber, 
Wm. Feehely. 

Hatfield. Clerk, W. D. Billings. 
Treasurer, Roswell Billings. Col- 
lector, J. E. Doane. Selectmen, H. 




S. Hubbard, H. G. Moore, O. C. 
Wells. Assessors, W. D. Billings, 
Charles L. Warner, Eurotas Morton. 
Constables, J. E. Doane, E. S. War- 
ner, John Fitzgibbon, E. F. Bil- 

Hinsdale. Clerk, Chas. C. Wright. 
Treasurer, James Hosmer. Collect- 
or, Edward W. Clark. Selectmen, 
Charles J. Kittredge, Edwin Tre- 
main, Albert E. Parish. School 
Committee, Thos. F. Barker, Charles 
D. Smith, Dr. Simeon P. Dresser. 
Assessors, William Brown,- Lyman 
Mack, Lysander M. Francis. 

Holbrook. Clerk and Treasurer, 
John Underhay. Selectmen, Wil- 
lard F. Gleason, Richmond F. Pratt, 
Newton White. School Committee, 
Zen as A. French, Dr. J. B. Kings- 
bury, Samuel D. Chase. Constables, 
Samuel L. White, Thomas Fadden, 
Jonathan Hopkins. 

Lever ett. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Elisha M. Ingram. Selectmen and 
Overseers of Poor, Frederick W. 
Field, Calvin P. Marvel, Sawyer 
Field. School Committee, Asher 
H. Dudley. Assessors, Charles H. 
Field, Alfred F. Field, Cyrus J. 
Rice. Constables, E. M. Ingram, 
Richard A. Dudley, Ely O. Dickin- 

Leominster. Clerk and Treasurer, 
J. C. Allen. Selectmen, C. Derby, 
A. O. Wilder, M. C. Chapman. School 
Committee, C. C. Field, H. Mayo, 
Mrs. E. M. Wilder. Assessors, C. 
Farnsworth, W. H. Fuller, D. E. 
Wheeler. Constables, G. England, 
D. J. Munsie, W. F. Stevens, J. M. 
Bronson, D. J. Harthan. 

Lincoln. Clerk, James L. Chapin. 
Treasurer, William F. Wheeler. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, Wm. F. Wheeler, Samuel 
Hartwell, Amos P. Sherman. Con- 
stables, Samuel Farrar, Francis C. 
Brown, Joseph A. Wheeler. 

Lancaster. Clerk, J. L. S. Thomp- 
son. Treasurer, Solon Wilder. Se- 
lectmen, Edward Houghton, A. J. 
Bancroft, F. H. Willard. School 
Committee, A. P. Marvin, Edward 
Houghton, Anne L. Whitney. As- 
sessors, A. J. Bancroft, F. H. Wil- 


lard, John Bennett. Overseers of 
Poor, Calvin Holnian, L. P. Wood, 
Jr., John Bennett. 

Littleton. Clerk, William Kim- 
ball. Treasurer and Collector, A. 
W. Sawyer. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, J. A. Priest, 
E. E. Kimball, E. W. Robinson. 
School Committee, C. P. Hartwell, 
Cyrus P. Pickard. Constables, W. 
W. Hendley, A. W. Sawyer. 

Ldkeville. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, C. S. Westgate. Select- 
men and Assessors, John Shay, 
Jones Godfrey, Josiah S. Tinkham. 
School Committee, 3 years, James 
Peirce. Overseers of Poor, William 
Canedy, James P. Peirce, Eli W. 

Lee. Clerk, John Stallman. Treas- 
urer, David Dresser. Selectmen, 
Francis S. Gross, John Dowd, Theo. 
H. Fenn. School Committee, Alex. 
Hyde, D. M. Wilcox, William May. 
Assessors, D. P. Hamblin, S. S. Rog- 
ers, Henry L. Smith. 

Leicester. Clerk, Chas. A. Denny. 
Treasurer and Collector, D. E. Mer- 
riam. Selectmen, Albert E. Smith, 
Wm. F. Holnian, E. G. Carlton. 
Assessors, Charles W. Grosvenor, 
Chas. W. March, John D. Nichols. 

Lenox. Clerk, William D. Curtis. 
Treasurer, J. C. Arnold. Selectmen, 
Edward McDonald, R. T. Auchrnuty, 
H. H. Miller. School Committee, 
Julius Rockwell. Assessors, John 
T. Parsons, Edwin Barrett, Henry 
D. Kendall. 

Leyden. Clerk and Treasurer, U. 
T. Darling, Jr. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, David 
Mowry, D. N. Carpenter, C. W. Sev- 
erance. School Committee, J. Burl- 
ington, Jr., Lottie Mowry, M. L. 
Williams. Constable, John H. New- 

Lexington. Clerk, Leonard A. Sa- 
ville. Treasurer and Collector, 
Isaac N. Damon. Selectmeu, Over- 
seers of Poor, and Surveyors of 
Highways, Webster Smith, Otis 
Wentworth, Albert W. Bryant. 
School Committee, J. Russell Read, 
William R. Cutter, E. S. Elder. 
Assessors, Jos. F. Simonds, Walter 



[VOL. I. 

Wellington, Horace B. Davis. Con- 
stable, Eli Siinonds. 

Longmeadow. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Oliver Wolcott. Collector, D. 
M. Pease. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, C. S. New- 
ell, E. P. Tabor, David Lathrop. 
School Committee, Rev. J. W. Hard- 
ing, Wm, E. 'Bliss, J. R. Killie, Dr. 

E. S. Beebee, S. B. Warner, George 
Markham. Constables, G. J. Burt, 
J. S. Waters, G. W. Converse. 

Ludlow. Clerk and Treasurer, B. 

F. Burr. Selectmen, D. C. Jones, 
Ambrose Clougli, E. E. Fuller. As- 
sessors, A. F. Nash, H. S. Jones, E. 
E. Fuller. Constable, Lemuel D. 

Lunenburg. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Fernando Brooks. Collector, Wm. 
S. Peabody. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, Luther E. 
Lane, Stillman Stone, H. B. Hey- 
wood. Constable, Timothy B. Snow. 

Lynnfield. Clerk, F. P. Russell. 
Treasurer and Collector, W. R. 
Roundy. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Albert Mansfield, 
S. H. Russell, David F. Parsons. 
School Committee, G. E. Herrick, 
J. S. Moulton, Henry Danforth. 

Maiden. Clerk, Albert F. Sargent. 
Treasurer, Theo. N. Foque. Select- 
men, Wm. F. Chester, Asa R. Brown, 
Michael Welsh, Herbert Porter, 
Frank L. Hall. Assessors, Phineas 
Sprague, Charles A. Whittemore, 
L. D. Holden. 

Manchester. Clerk, John Lee. 
Treasurer, Albert E. Low. Col- 
lector, Aaron Bennett. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
John Lee, John H. Cheever, Wm. 
A. Stone. School Committee, 3 
years, A. S. Jowett. Constables, 
Edward Flint, Henry S. Chase, Jas. 
M. Lucas. 

Mansfield. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Alfred E. Regam. Selectmen, Al- 
fred B. Day, Seth C. Shepard, Benj. 
K. Flint. School Committee, Wm. 
Robinson. Constables, A. D. King, 
A. W. Cobb, Jacob N. Blake, J. E. 

Marion. Clerk, Chas. H. Delano. 
Treasurer and Collector, I. N. Lewis. 

Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, J. S. Luce, Obed Delano, 
James H. Allen. School Committee, 
R. A, Cowing, F. P. Vose. Consta- 
bles, Daniel Hall, W. H. H. Ryder, 
Russell Gray, C. D. Hall. 

Marlborough. Clerk, J. M. Whiton, 
Jr. Treasurer, A. C. Weeks. Col- 
lector, Henry Morse. Selectmen, 
ElLridge Howe, Sam'l Boyd, Daniel 
S. Mooney, John O'Conuell, James 
T. Murphy. School Committee, J. 
A. Tremblay, James W. Morse. 
Assessors, John Rock, John L. Stone, 
Charles A. Witt. Constables, Robt. 
W. Browning, Jeremiah Bane, Geo. 
A. Stacy, Charles O'Grady, C.Waldo 
Brigham, Nicholas Reneaud. 

Marshfield. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Luther P. Hatch. Selectmen, As- 
sessors, and Overseers of Poor, Geo. 
Baker, T. B. Blackman, Daniel 
Brown. School Committee, John 
H. Bourne, George M. Baker, B. R. 
Bosworth. Constables, F. W. Hatch, 
T. Creggio. 

Mattapoisett. Clerk, Henry A. 
Shurtleff. Treasurer and Collector, 
Isaiah P. Alsatt. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, Franklin 
Cross, Wilson Barstow, Noah Ham- 
mond. School Committee, 3 years, 
William B. Nelson. Constables, 
Larnet Hall, Resolved W. Bowles, 
Alonzo W. Westgate. 

Maynard. Clerk, E. R. Chase. 
Treasurer and Collector, L. May- 
nard. Selectmen, E. R. Chase, C. 
Randall, J. Abbott. School Com- 
mittee, 3 years, N. H. Scott. As- 
sessors, C. Maynard, A. Balcom, J. 
K. Harriman. Constables, O. B. 
Phelps, J, Garfield, E. C. Charlton. 

Medford. Clerk and Treasurer, 
R. R. Litchfield. Collector, George 
W. W. Saville. Selectmen, Over- 
seers of Poor, and Surveyors of 
Highways, John H. Hooper, Charles 
W. Jacobs, A. B. Reed, Herbert 
Tyler, B. C. Leonard. School Com- 
mittee, D. A. Gleason, James A. Her- 
vey, J. Gilman Waite, B. R. Teele, 
Mrs. C. E. Perry, Miss Z. Sawyer. 

Medficld. Clerk, Chas. C. Sewell. 
Treasurer, Isaac Fiske. Collector, 
Moses II . Johnson. Selectmen, 




Hamlet Wight, Alonzo B. Parker, 
Geo. W; Kingsbury. School Com- 
mittee, 3 years, J. B. Hale, William 
S. Tilde n. Assessors, William F. 
Guild, Moses H. Johusou, William 
P. Hewins. Constables, Daniel D. 
Curtis, Charles Haniant, K. W. 
Sherman, Bennett Wilson. 

Medway. Clerk and Treasurer, 
O. A. Mason. Selectmen, D. A. 
Partridge, Chas. F. Daniels, Moses 
C. Adams. Assessors, Willard P. 
Clark, W. H. Cary, Jr., William 
Everett. Overseers of Poor, D. 
Daniels, Wales Kimball, H. W. Tut- 
tle. Auditor, Fred. L. Fisher. 

Melrose. Clerk, John Larrabee. 
Treasurer, George Newball. Col- 
lector, John R. Jones. Selectmen, 
Overseers of Poor, and Highway 
Surveyors, Nathan D. Blake, H. G. 
Fields, C. K. Edmonds. School 
Committee, Moses S. Page, La Fay- 
ette Burr, Royal F. Barry, Ann 
M. Rowhuhardt, Phoebe A. Norris. 
Assessors, J. C. Currier, C. T. Ste- 
vens, H. A. Leonard. 

Mendon. Clerk, David Adams. 
Treasurer, John C. Metcalf. Select- 
men, G. B. Williams, A. W. Gaskill, 
Samuel H. Taft. School Committee, 
W. W. Wilson, 1 year ; H. G. Bates, 
2 years ; Samuel H. Taft, 3 years. 
Assessors, A. H. Allen, M. C. Gaskill, 
Samuel H. Taft. Constable, A. W. 

Methuen. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, Joseph L. Howe. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Joseph S. Howe, John C. 
Webster, H. Newton Coburn. School 
Committee, William M. Rogers, 
Daniel W. Tenney. Constables, 
Eben G. Knight, J. Newton Web- 
ster, Daniel Currier. 

Middleborough. Clerk, Treasurer, 
and Collector, C. B. Wood. Select- 
men and Assessors, Joseph T. Wood, 
A. K. Bishop, A. T. Seaverns. 

Middlefield. Clerk, J. McElwain. 
Treasurer, J. L. Bell. Collector, 
E. D. Graves. Selectmen and As- 
sessors, M." J. Smith, E. J. Ingham, 
Howard Smith. School Committee, 
M- J. Smith, J. McElwain, Charles 
Wright. Constable, E. D. Graves. 

Millbury. Clerk, Ira N. Goddard. 
Treasurer, David Atwood. Select- 
men, John Martin, L. L. Whitney, 
John Hopkins. School Committee, 
3 years, Thomas Wbeelock, E. H. 
Chamberlin. Assessors, A. B. Davis, 
Hervey Parks, David T. March. 
Constables, William Ryan, C. H. 
Smith, James Clark, Thomas Brown, 
Edwin Sherman, Edwin Hoyle, Jos. 
Henderson, R. N. Holman, C. H. 

Milton. Clerk, Henry B. Martin. 
Treasurer, Cbas. Breck. Collector, 
Simeon Emerson. Selectmen, As- 
sessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
Samuel Babcock, Henry S. Russell, 
J. Edwin Russell. School Commit- 
tee, R. C. Watson, F. Frothingham, 
John Littlefield, W. E. C. Eustis, 
J. W. Bradlee, T. F. Clary, E. D. 
Wadsworth, C. E. C. Breck. Con- 
stables, Samuel C. Hebard, Jonas 
W. Jewett, G. A. Harned, E. F. 
Hopkins, Calvin Sanforrt, Elbridge 
Blackmau, Maurice Pierce, William 
Cunningham, J. H. Farrington, 
Samuel W. Alden. 

Monroe. Clerk and Treasurer, H. 
G. Phelps. Collector, Manly Phelps. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, W. F. Tower, S. Stafford, 
H. Hinsdale. School Committee, 
H. G. Phelps, O. T. Negur, D. H. 
Sherman. Constable, Manly Phelps. 

Monson. Clerk, A. A. Gage. 
Treasurer, W. K. Flynt. Selectmen 
and Overseers of Poor, Alfred Nor- 
cross, R. M. Reynolds. School Com- 
mittee, A. D. Norcross, George B. 
Walker, J. L. Brad way, A. II. Max- 
well, J. W. A. Squier, P. S. Ander- 
son, Rev. Charles Hammond, Rev. 
H. Lummis, Rev. J. Tufts, W. O. 
Hovey, L. L. Squier. Assessors, 
Joshua Tracy, Welcome Converse, 
W. J. Rickets. 

Montague. Clerk and Treasurer, 
J. H. Root. Collector, D. C. Bangs. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of the Poor, J. F. Bartlett, Gurdon 
Edgarton, Edwin Demoud. School 
Committee, Seymour Rockwell, 
Fred. Nubbard, C. W. Noyilton. 
Constables, W. Hunter, Isaac Che- 
ney, A. A. Ward, Frank Gerald. 



[VOL. I. 

Monterey. Clerk, Merric C. Lang- 
don. Treasurer, John H. Langdon. 
Collector, E. D. Harmon. Select- 
men, L. J. Townsend, James K. 
Hyde, Isaac N. Benedict. Assessors, 
Geo. W. Moore, Chauncy D. Lang- 
don, Albert Tryon. School Com- 
mittee, Rev. A. *E. Todd. Consta- 
ble, E. D. Harmon. 

Montgomery. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, A. A. Moore. Selectmen and 
Overseers of the Poor, L. T. Allyn, 
F. W. Clark, H. F. Moore. School 
Committee, H. S. Stiles, H. K. Ax- 
tell, William H. Avery. 

Mount Washington. Clerk, O. C. 
Whitbeck. Treasurer and Collector," 
Isaac Spurr. Selectmen and Over- 
seers of Poor, D. P. Turner, L. H. 
Patterson, Ira O. Lamson. School 
Committee, H. S. Goodale, L. H. 
Patterson, F. S. Weaver. Assessors, 
L. H. Patterson, W. H. Weaver, H. 

D. Lamson. Constable, James 

Nahant. Clerk, A. D. Johnson. 
Treasurer and Collector, Welcome 
W. Johnson. Selectmen and As- 
sessors, Artemas Murdock, Jos. T, 
Wilson, Edwin W. Johnson, Wm. 
Luscomb, C. Hervey Johnson. 
School Committee, 3 years, Franklin 

E. Johnson. 

Nantucket. Clerk, John F. Brown. 
Treasurer, Samuel Swain. Col- 
lector, Henry W. Davis. Select- 
men, Allen Smith, Samuel Wood- 
ward, Henry D# Robinson, J. W. 
Hallett, Henry Paddack. School 
Committee, Judith J. Fish, Eliza- 
beth C. Crosby, John A. Beebe, 
Helen B. Worth, Alexander Macy, 
Jr. Assessors, Andrew M. Myrick, 
Wm. H. Waitt, Beuj. F. Coffin, 2d. 
Constables, Wm. M. Eldridge, Alex. 
C. Swain, Chas. A. Coon, Fred. A. 
Easton, John Chinery, Joseph P. 
Nye, Cromwell Morselauder, Chand- 
ler B. Gardner, Jr. 

Natlck. Clerk, Geo. L. Sleeper. 
Treasurer, Nathaniel Clark. Col- 
lector, Charles W. Gleason. Select- 
men, Calvin II. Perry, Alexander 
Blaney, Josiah A. Bean. School 
Committee, Horatio Alger, Laura S. 
Fay, Jeremiah J. Reardon. Assess- 

ors, William A. Swain, Edward 
McManus, Isaac S. Cook. Consta- 
bles, John Gilson, A. A. Pearse, 
Oscar P. Balcom, Richard W. Ken- 
nedy, B. F. Langley, R. T. Brooks, 
Lyman A. Spooner, C. H. Beal, 
Daniel Hunting, C. C.Leland, Will- 
iam Mann, Thomas J. Shearon, 
Daniel Learv, Jr., Martin Hall, E. 
M. Phillips, R. T. Nash. 

New Avhford. Clerk, Noble F. 
Roves. Treasurer, Wm. P. Beach. 
Collector, Elmer P. Beach. Select- 
men, Quincy A. Royes, Edwin Mid- 
diebrook, Elihu Ingraham. School 
Committee, 3 years, Benjamin F. 
Roberts. Assessors, Noble F. Royes, 
Wm. P. Beach, Geo. F. Ingram. 
Constable, Elmer P. Beach. 

Newbury. Clerk, Wm. Little. 
Treasurer and Collector, Isaac W. 
Little. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Joseph N. Rolfe, 
Chas. E. Rogers, Nathaniel Dole. 
School Committee, Leonard Adams, 
Henry E. Pearson, Luther Dame. 
Constables, Moses Young, Alfred 

New Marlborough. Clerk, Seth, 
Pease. Treasurer, Dyer Stanard. 
Collector, Phineas Pettis. Select- 
men, Loriu P. Keyes, Theron G. 
Carroll, Wm. B. Gibson. School 
Committee, Henry Dwight Sisson. 
Assessors, Grove Gaylord, Henry N. 
Adams, Norman W. Granger. Con- 
stables, Phineas Pettis, Edward E. 

New Salem. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Charles Chandler. Collector, A. W. 
Lynde. Selectmen and Assessors, 
F. W. Newland, Daniel Ballard, 
Proctor Whi taker. School Commit- 
tee, B. W. Fay, W. Putnam, Clar- 
ence Goodnow. Constable, A. W. 

North Andover. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Andrew Smith. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
Charles F. Johnson, William B. 
Chad wick, Clinton C. Barker. 
School Committee, Wm. J. Dale, Jr., 
George W. Kittredge. Constables, 
Francis Smith, Peter Strout, S. 
Calvin Rea, Robert Elliot, John H. 




Norfolk. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Silas A. Fales. Collector, Henry 
Sou till and. Selectmen and Over- 
seers, Henry K. W. Pond, James E. 
Pollard, Ns D. Kingsbury. School 
Committee, Silas E. Fales, Sylvester 

F. Bucklin, Nathan H. Fales. As- 
sessors, Elisha Rockwood, Levi 
Mann, Henry G. Towne. Consta- 
bles, Elisha W. Rockwood, James 

North Adams. Clerk, O. J. Cope- 
land. Treasurer, S. A. Cook. Col- 
lector, C. G. Corbin. Selectmen, G. 

C. Briggs, M. C. Cook, J. W. P. 
Buck. Assessors, J. B. Wheeler, R. 

G. Hall, O. J. Copeland. Consta- 
bles, James Mixer, C. T. Page, N. A. 
Babcock, Edward Estes. 

North Brookjleld. Clerk, Hiram 
Knight. Treasurer, George R. Ha- 
mant. Collector, Isaac M. May. Se- 
lectmen, Geo. C. Lincoln, John B. 
Dewing, Sumner Holmes. School 
Committee, Fred. M. Ashby, 3 years ; 
Rev. T. M. Abann, 2 years; G. H. 
Wilson, 1 year. Assessors, S. A. 
Dane, A. Leach, J. Rusk. Consta- 
bles, C. W. Drury, A. H. Foster, 
Chas. H. Deyo, W. E. Dean, Benj. 
Stevens, Peter Cartier, Jr., M. J. 
McCoy, John R. Southworth, John 
R. Powers, James M. Graves, Rich- 
ard O'Leary, Michael Noonan, Peter 
N. Berger. 

Northampton. Clerk, A. E. Smith. 
Treasurer, Hiram Day. Selectmen, 
Luke Lyman, Marcus Morton, Oran 
Stover. School Committee, William 

D. Clapp. 

Northborough. Clerk, J. B. Craw- 
ford. Treasurer and Collector, 
Samuel Clark. Selectmen, Samuel 
Clark, Nathaniel Randlett, Cyrus 
H. Mentzer. School Committee, 3 
years, H. A. Jewett. Assessors, 
Wm. A. Bartlett, Levi W. Moore, 
Jonas S. Bigelow. Constables, John 
F. Wood, Helon Brooks. 

North bridge. C lerk and Treasurer, 
H. A. Goodell. Selectmen, Josiah 
Lasell, Samuel Fowler, Jr., Wm. H. 
Whitin, George M. Blanchard, Geo. 
H. Bennett. School Committee, 
William H. Whitin, George Benson, - 
3 years ; Dr. R. R. Clarke, Josiah 

Lasell, Arthur F. Whitin, Edward 
F. Batcheller. Assessors, Luke 
Prentice, Luke S. Farnuin, Edward 
F. Batcheller. Constables, Charles 
Z. Bachelor, Ebenezer Noyes, Geo. 
N. Scott, Frank A. Cross. 

Northfield. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Elias Lyman. Collector, R. King 
Caldwell. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, Asa W. 
Holton, Samuel G. Pratt, Roswell 
Holton. School Committee, Elias 
Lyman, R. C. Ward, John L. Banks, 

E. S. G. Lyman, Charles T. Preston, 
John Mattoon. Constables, R. W. 
Caldwell, George W. Page, Lyman 

Norton. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Austin Messinger. Selectmen and 
Assessors, George R. Perry, Horatio 
Bates, Oren E. Walker. School 
Committee, Augustus Lane, Jose|>li 

F. Sweet, James H. Cosgrove. 
Norwood. Clerk, Francis Tinker. 

Treasurer, L. Waldo Bigelow. Se- 
lectmen, Assessors, Overseers of 
Poor, and Board of Health, Tyler 
Thayer, George H. Morse, J. Edward 
Everett. School Committee, Rev. 
Joseph Bixby, Rev. J. H. Gilbert, 

C. Willis Morse. Constables, Sum- 
ner Bagley, Samuel Howard, Wm. 

North Beading. Clerk, C. P. Pow- 
ers. Treasurer and Collector, Jos. 

D. Gowing. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, George L. 
Flint, Dennis Batchelder, William 
I. Nichols. School Committee, 3 
years, George L. Flint. Constables, 
Henry H. Dame, George A. Flint, 
Sylvester Eaton. 

North Seituate. Clerk, Charles E. 
Bailey. Treasurer and Collector, 
Roland Turner. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, William 
H. Litchfield, Job Vinal, Henry H. 
Northey. School Committee, Rev. 
Wm. B. Greene, 3 years ; Jos. O. Cole, 
2 years ; Wm. P. Allen, 1 year. 
Constables, Enoch C. Gardner, 
Hosea D. Nott, Wm. R. Damon. 

Oakham. Clerk, Jesse Allen. 
Treasurer and Collector, Leonard 
P. Lovell. Selectmen, M. O. Ayres, 
A. C. Bullard, D. M. Parker. School 



[vol. i. 

Committee, John B. Fairbank, L. 
P. Lovell, Mrs. L. E. Morton. As- 
sessors, William S. Crawford, Win. 
S. Spear, W. P. Adams. Constables, 
David S. Ross, Joseph. Bruce, Chas. 

Orleans. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, Freeman Mayo. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Joseph W. Rogers, Alexander 
T. Newcomb, Marcus M. Pierce. 
School Committee, Thomas Smith, 
William H. Howes, Elisha Cole, 
Eli S. Higgins. Constable, Free- 
man Mayo. 

Otis. Clerk and Treasurer, Isaac 
I. Norton. Collector and Constable, 
Edward L. Day. Selectmen, James 
Clark, Jr., Isaac S. Fenn, William 
Caul. Assessors, William Westover, 
Pearl S. Tinker. 

Oxford. Clerk, A. B. Yeoman s. 
Selectmen, W. H. Thurston, Edwin 
Bartlett, L. M. Chaffee. School 
Committee, Jonathan P. Dana, Wm. 
Lloyd, O. Ayer. Assessors, M. H. 
Buffum, Willis M. Wellington, A. B. 

Palmer. Clerk and Treasurer, J. 
B. Shaw. Collector, II. A. North- 
rop. Selectmen and Overseers of 
Poor, O. B. Smith, Joseph Kerrigan, 
H. P. Holden. School Committee, 
B. M. Fullerton, Wm. Holbrook, E. 
B. Gates. Assessors, John Clongh, 
D. B. Bishop, David Knox. Con- 
stables, H. A. Northrop, S. T. Weld, 
George Mowers, Charles McFarlane, 
J. A. Palmer, H. D. Shaw, H. T. 
Bishop, H. McMaster. 

Paxton. Clerk, Edward D. Bige- 
low. Treasurer and Collector, Phiu- 
eas M. Howe. Selectmen, William 
Mulligan, David Bryant, Charles 
Dodd. School Committee, Levi 
Smith. Assessors, Chas. A. Streeter, 
Charles P. Howard, John Slade. 
Constables, George W. Dodd, Ed. 
A. Wood. 

Peabody. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Nathan II. Poor. Collector, Levi 
Preston. Selectmen and Assessors, 
Nathan H. Poor, George W. Taylor, 
Levi Preston. School Committee, 
Amos Merrill, George S. Osborne, 3 
years; Charles V. Hanson, Elbert 

W. Whitney, 2 years ; George F. 
Barnes, John W. Hudson, 1 year. 

Pelham. Clerk and Treasurer, 
A. C. Keith. Collector, John W. 
Knight. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Sylvester Jewett, 
Thomas W. Stratton, John Jones. 
Constables, John W. Knight, Ly- 
sander Wood. 

Pepperell. Clerk, David W. Jew- 
ett. Treasurer, Otis J. Tarbell. 
Selectmen, Charles Tarbell, Otis J. 
Tarbell, Amos J. Saunders. School 
Committee, J. Edward B. Jewett, 
Clarence C. Tucker, Charles Bab- 
bidge. Assessors, Abel B. Winn, 
Edmund H. N. Blood, Sumner P. 
Lawrence. Constables, Sumner P. 
Lawrence, Henry W. Wright, John 
J. Hadley. 

Peru. Clerk, Edwin Shumway. 
Treasurer, Sylvester S. Bowen. 
Collector and Constable, William S. 
Bowen. Selectmen and Assessors, 
James P. Lennett, J. S. Barnes, 
Dwight Rockwell. School Com- 
mittee, Wm. J. Ball, J. S. Barnes, 
D. Rockwell. 

Petersham. Clerk, Lewis E. Whit- 
ney. Treasurer, John G. Mudge. 
Selectmen, Joseph W. Upton, Sewell 
C. Goddard, Jas. H. Clapp. School 
Committee, L. O. Martin. Assessors, 
Josiah White, Thomas Aldrich, 
Thomas S. Howe. 

PhilUpston. Clerk, Albert A. Bol- 
ton. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Henry S. Miner, 
George Whitney, James A. Carruth. 
Treasurer and Collector, Simon E. 
Pike. School Committee, 3 years, 
Edward Powers. Constables, A. E. 
Bigelow, Jr., Henry H. Brown, 
Philander F. Brown. 

Pittsfield. Clerk, James Wilson. 
Treasurer, Josiah Carter. Collector, 
F. F. Reed. Selectmen, T. C. Par- 
ker, H. E. Goodrich, S. N. Russell. 
Assessors, D. C. Morey, F. F. Reed, 
William G. Backus, Jr. 

Plymouth. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Curtis Davie. Collector, Lemuel 
Bradford. Selectmen, Wm. H. Nel- 
son, Lemuel Bradford, Henry Whit- 
ing, Charles B. Stoddard, David 
Clark. Superintendent of Schools, 




Charles Burton. Assessors, John 
Harlow, Josiah A. Robbins, Gideon 

Plain field. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Charles N. Dyer. Collector, S. W. 
Clark. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Lewis Shaw. J. 
A. Nash, E. A. Atkins. School Com- 
mittee, Chas. N. Dyer, E. A. Atkins. 
Constables, O. S. White, L. W. 

Plympton. Clerk, L. B. Parker. 
Treasurer, Zaccheus Parker. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, James S. Barney, John Sher- 
man, Fred. M. Harrub. School 
Committee, Rev. J. M. Mace, C. H. 
Perkins, Wm. Perkins. Constable, 
■J. T. Bisbee. 

Prescott. Clerk, F. N. Peirce. 
Treasure^ Liberty Crosse tt. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, C. H. Gray, L. S. Johnson, 
V. V. Vaughn. 

Princeton. Clerk, D. H. Gregory. 
Treasurer and Collector, Moses C. 
Goodnow. Selectmen, A. T. Bea- 
man, M. H. Bullard, Jonathan C. 
Wetherbee. School Committee, J. 

E. Merriam, J. D. Gregory, W. C. 
Davis. Assessors, Oliver Osgood, 
Wm B. Goodnow, Rufus Davis, Jr. 
Constables, Harlow Skinner, Sam'l 

Provincetown. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Seth Smith. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, H. W. 
Cowing, Benjamin Dyer, Daniel C. 
Cook. School Committee, L. N. 
Paine, Henry Shortle, Augustus Mit- 
chell, N. H. Dill, John D. Hilliard. 

Quincy. Clerk, George L. Gill. 
Treasurer, Horace B. Spear. Col- 
lector, George H. Locke. Select- 
men and Assessors, John Chamber- 
lin, William A. Hodges, William N. 
Eaton. School Committee, Charles 

F. Adams, Jr., Edwin W. Marsh, 
John Q. Adams, James H. Slade, 
Chas. L. Badger, Jason G. Whitham. 
Constables, Joseph T. French, Chas. 
N. Hunt, James E. Maxim, William 
Parker, Joseph W. Lombard, W. M. 
French, Patrick Garrity, 2d, Wm. 
Webb, E. H. Richardson, Michael 
Walsh, James M. Cleverly, John 

Golding, J. Warren Hayden, Leone 
C. Badger. 

Randolph. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Charles C. Farnham. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
John T. Flood, James A. Tower, 
Daniel Howard. School Committee, 
3 years, Winslow Battles, James A. 
Tower, Jas, Mollay. Trustee Stet- 
son High School Fund, Dan'l How- 
ard. Constables, Thomas Farrell, 
Frank J. Donahue, Levi Wilbur, 
Henry H. Francis, Lysander R. 
Peterson, James E. Neary, John 

Baynliam. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Joseph W. White. Collector, Gine- 
ason H. Lincoln. Selectmen and 
Overseers of Poor, Enoch Robinson, 
Elmer Lincoln, Sam'l W. Robinson. 
School Committee, John M. Man- 
ning. Assessors, Bradford B. King, 
Frederic W. Gushee, Stephen R. 
Lincoln. Constables, Henry W. 
Crane, Henry H. Robinson, Geo. W. 
Gilmore, Selwyn E. Hall, Chauncy 
G. Washburn. 

Beading. Clerk, Wm. J. Wight- 
man. Treasurer and Collector, Jas. 
A.Bancroft. Selectmen, Assessors, 
Overseers of Poor, and Board of 
Health, J. B. Leathe, Joseph L. 
Pratt, James Reed. School Com- 
mittee, Walter S. Parker, W. W. 
Davis, H. G. Wadlen, W. F. Durgin, 
W. J. Wightman, Chas. F. Brown. 
Constables, H. E. Cox, W. L. Crowe. 

Behoooth. Clerk, Wm. H. Luther. 
Treasurer and Collector, DeWitt C. 
Carpenter. Selectmen, Henry T. 
Horton, John E. Horton, Remember 
Smith. School Committee, Ira Per- 
ry, Wm. L. Pierce, Wm. H. Luther. 
Constables, Geo. L. Goff, Geo. H. 
Randall, Jr., Charles H. Scott. 

Bevere. Clerk and Treasurer, Wm. 
T. Hall. Selectmen, Ensign Kim- 
ball, Lorenzo S. Kimball, Seth 
Weston. School Committee, E. B. 
Hooper. Assessors, John P. Pierce, 
Henry A. Fenno, Josiah B. Shurt- 
leff. Constables, John P. Pierce, 
Samuel S. Pratt, Albert H. Kimball, 
Charles F. Fenno, Milton Ray, El- 
bridge G. Paine, Jr., Jas. W. Glover, 
Alvin B. McClure, Alvin B. Lane. 



[VOL. i. 

Rochester. Clerk, John J. Ryder. 
Treasurer and Collector, Garrison 
P. Blackxner. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, Henry H. 
Bennett, Alden Rounseville, Jr., 
Nakum F. Morse. School Commit- 
tee, Augustine W. Bisbee, Aaron T. 
Jefferson. C. H. Sturtevant. Con- 
stables, Robert C. Randall, N. P. 

Bocldand. Clerk and Treasurer, 
E. R. Studley. Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, Zen as 
Jenkins, J. A. Torrey, Charles H. 
Collins. School Committee, J. C. 
Gleason, Franklin Poole, Geo. W. 

BocJcjwrt. Clerk, Calvin W. Pool. 
Treasurer, Joseph Manning. Col- 
lector, Edwin Bradley. Selectmen, 
John W. Marshall, Abraham Lur- 
vey, Andrew F. Clarke. School 
Committee, John W. Marshall, Na- 
thaniel F. S. York, Rev. Henry C. 
Leonard. Constables, Geo. Elwell, 
Walter G. Peckham, Jesse Savage, 
Thomas Trull. 

Bowe. Clerk and Treasurer, Hor- 
ace A. Smith. Collector and Con- 
stable, Charles H. Scott. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, V. M. Porter, L. S. Blakeslee, 
Noyes Wheeler. School Committee, 
V. M. Porter. 

Boivley. Clerk, John S. Prime. 
Treasurer and Collector, Geo. Kim- 
ball. Selectmen and Assessors, D. 
Harris Hale, Samuel S. Prime, Fred- 
eric Todd. School Committee, Geo. 
E. Dunn. Constables, Milton Ells- 
worth, Arthur Bishop. 

Boyalston. Clerk, Frank W. Ad- 
ams. Treasurer, Joseph Walker. 
Collector, S. S. Farrar. Selectmen 
and Assessors, John W. Bartlett, 
J. T. Nichols, A. M. White. Over- 
seers of Poor, David P. Foster, John 
M. Bartlett, W. W. Davis. 

Rutland. Clerk, George A. Put- 
nam. Treasurer and Collector, 
Freeman R. Foster. Selectmen, 
Alonzo Davis, John B. Wells, M. 
Myron Smith. School Committee, 
J, Warren Bigclow, Abram II. Tem- 
ple, J. G. Shannon. Assessors, Chas. 
R. Bartlett} Wm. H. Brooks, John 

W. Munroe. Constables, Freeman 
R. Foster, Geo. S. Putnam. 

Salisbury. Clerk, Sani'l J. Brown. 
Treasurer and Collector, John L. 
Cilley. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, W. H. B. Cur- 
rier, J. W. Sanborn, J. M. Eaton. 
School Committee, 3 years, A. H. 
Fielden, H. B. Fowler, J. L. Cilley, 
M. J. Bartlett. 

Sandisfield. Clerk, Geo. A. Shep- 
ard. Treasurer, O. B. Jones. Col- 
lector, Wm. H. Hawley. Selectmen 
and Overseers of Poor, J. M. Fuller, 
H. M. Wilcox, B. J. Perrins. School 
Committee, 3 years, Geo. A. Shep- 
ard. Assessors, J. M. Sears, C. A. 
Claflin, E. P. Hood. 

Sandwich. Clerk, H. G. O. Ellis. 
Selectmen, Overseers of Poor, and 
Assessors, H. G. O. Elli|, Charles 
Dillingham, David N. Nye. Super- 
intendent of Schools, Charles Dil- 
lingham. Constables, Ezra T. Pope, 
Wm. E. Braman. 

Saugus. Clerk, Wm. H. Newhall. 
Treasurer, Joseph Whitehead. Se- 
lectmen and Assessors, Wm. H. New- 
hall, Josej)h A. Hathaway, Harmon 
Hall. Constable, Charles F. Clark. 
Overseers of Poor, Otis M. Hitch- 
in gs, John Roach, George Oliver. 
School Committee, 3 years, Benj. F. 
Culley, C. A. B. Munroe, Charles H. 

Savoy. Clerk, David Ingraham. 
Treasurer and Collector, John T. 
Phelps. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Willis W. Bur- 
nett, Daniel N. Barton, John T. 
Phelps. Constables, John T. Phelps, 
Alfred W. Burnett. 

Seekonli. Clerk, John H. Davis. 
Treasurer, Raymond H. Burr. Col- 
lector, Solon Carpenter. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
Joseph Brown, Henry R. Prentice, 
Charles R. Reed. School Commit- 
tee, Joseph Brown, N. N. Medbey, 
Charles R. Reed. Constables, L. F. 
Pratt, Henry Carpenter, T. G. Chaf- 
fee, Samuel Short, J. Day, John M. 

Sheffield. Clerk and Treasurer, 
John D. Burtch. Selectmen, Abner 
Roys, E. D. Andrus, James Van 




Dusen. School Committee, John 
Ashley, Rev. Mason Noble, Jr., Miss 
M. E. Dewey. Assessors, H. H. 
Hoadley, Frank Roys, J. C. Smith. 

Shelburne. Clerk and Treasurer, 
George W. My rick. Collector, Joel 
Thayer. Selectmen and Assessors, 
Amasa Bard well, Ebenezer Nims, 
J. K. Patch. Constables, C. R. 
White, J. G. Brown, D. P. Bardwell. 

Sherborn. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, Joseph Dowse. Select- 
men, Charles A. Clark, James Bul- 
lard, Frederick Leland. School 
Committee, Eugene De Normandie, 
Walter S. Eeland, A. A. Forbes. 
Assessors, Leonard T. Morse, Frank- 
lin Grout, Asa Lenox. Constables, 
George F. Clement, Elbridge G. 
Whittemore, Jr. 

Shirley. Clerk, Jonas Longley. 
Treasurer, Seth Chandler. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Edwin L. White, John- W. 
Thacher, Levi Holbrook. School 
Committee, 3 years, James O. Par- 
ker. Constables, S. B. Scott, Wm. 
M. Park, 

Shrewsbury. Clerk, Arunah Har- 
low. Treasurer and Collector, Chas. 
O. Green, Jr. Selectmen, Samuel J. 
Howe, Edward C. Howe, Charles A. 
Holman. School Committee, Geo. 
L. Davis, Henry Harlow, Rev. Wm. 
M. Hubbard. Assessors, Arunah 
Harlow, Seth W. Howe, William A. 

Shutesbury. Clerk, Geo. A. Paull. 
Treasurer, Cyrus Rogers. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, J. G. Reed, George A. Berry, 
J. M. Atkins. School Committee, 
E. L. Leonard, George Coles worthy, 
J. M. Atkins. Constable and Col- 
lector, J. G. Reed. 

Somerset. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Chester R. Field. Selectmen, As- 
sessors and Overseers of Poor, Wm. 
P.Hood, Alfred Pratt, Wm. Lawton 
Slade. School Committee, Elisha 
Orvis, F. A. Shurtleff, G. A. Marble. 

Southampton. Clerk, F. E. Judd. 
Treasurer and Collector, Lewis 
Hannum. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Henry S. Shel- 


don, Lyman C. Tiffany, George D. 

Southhorough. Clerk, F. Esty. 
Treasurer, A. Bigelow. Collector, 

F. Esty. Selectmen, F. A. Winches- 
ter, C. B. Sawin, J. W. Hammond. 
Assessors, B. F. Pierce, S. Taft, D. 
Newton. Constables, F. W. Walker, 

G. Can 

Southbriclge. Clerk, H. A. Morse. 
Selectmen, J. J. Oakes, S. K. Ed- 
wards, A. H. Wheeler. Assessors, 
E. S. Ellis, Augustus Cook, C. W. 
Weld. Constables, J. M. Olney, F. 
E. Parker, William Cady, Paul N. 

Southwick. Clerk, W. F. Fletcher. 
Treasurer, William Phelps. Select- 
men, A. J. Forward, J. L. Black, 
Edwin Gilbert. School Committee, 
George Hamilton. 

Spencer. Clerk, A. W. Curtis. 
Treasurer, Horace A. Grout. Col- 
lector, Nathan Hersey. Selectmen, 
Dexter Bullard, Abraham Capon, 
Charles P. Barton. Assessors, David 
Bemis, Thomas A. Prouty, Arthur 
B. Bacon. Constables, Nathan Her- 
sey, Horace A. Grout, James A. 
Black, Patrick McDonnell, Charles 
D. Worthington. 

StocWoridqe. Clerk and Treasurer, 
H. L. Plumb. Selectmen, J. B. 
Hull, H. M. Burrall, Charles E. Cal- 
lender. Assessors, Thomas Wells, 
M. S. Heath, G. H. Warner. School 
Committee, Marshall Warner, C. C. 
Carter, G. A. Buck. 

Stoneham. Clerk, Silas Dean. 
Treasurer, Onslow Gilmore. Col- 
lector, James A. Green. Selectmen, 
Jesse Curtis, Amos Hill, Sumner 
Richardson, 2d. School Committee, 
3 years, William B. Stevens. As- 
sessors, Jesse Curtis, George A. 
Cowdrey, John G. Bryant. 

Sudbury. Clerk, J. S. Hunt. Se- 
lectmen, Nathan L. Pratt, Thomas 
P. Hurlbut, Thos. E. Bent. School 
Committee, Thomas P. Hurlbut, 
Lizzie P. Hurlbut, A. N. Thompson. 
Assessors, Thomas E. Bent, John 
M. Conant, Isaac M. Jones. Over- 
seers of Poor, Luther G. Hunt, 
Elisha Moore, Dana W. Hayden. 



[VOL. I. 

StougMon. Clerk, Henry C. Kim- 
ball. Treasurer, Abram F. Lunt. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, Newell S. Atwood, J. Free- 
man Ellis, David H. Blan chard. 
School Committee, Hiram Blanch- 
ard, 1 year ; H. C. Kimball, 2 years; 
Mrs. Adelia A. Lamb, 3 years. 
Constables, M. H. Ballon, Lysander 
Wood, John Geary. 

Stoiv. Clerk, Henry Gates. Treas- 
urer, John P. Hildreth. Collector, 
Lewis Parks. Selectmen, George 
Thorndike, W. W. Blossom, Chas. 
A, Whitney. School Committee, 
G. H. S. Brown, A. W. Forbush, 
Charles N. Murdoch. Assessors, 
Henry Gates, B. F. Folsom, Chas. 
N. Murdoch. Constables, Chas. N. 
Murdoch, George Thorndike. 

Sturoridge. Clerk, A. C. Morse, 
Treasurer, Emory L. Bates. Col- 
lector, Melvin Haynes. Selectmen 
and Overseers of Poor, Nathaniel 
Upham, Charles H. Allen, Samuel 
F. Bemis. School Committee, D. 
E. Jenkins, 3 years ; C. Fowler, 2 
years. Assessors, G. N. Bacon, H. 
W. Nichols, Charles Anderson. Con- 
stables, J. E. Ladd, J. B. Gould, S. 
D. Merrill. 

Sunderland. Clerk, John M. Smith. 
Treasurer, John R. Smith. Col- 
lector, Hiram A. Davis. Selectmen , 
Albert Montague, Darwin M. Clark, 
Edward N. Smith. School Com- 
mittee, 3 years, Hollis D. Graves. 
Assessors, Wm. W. Russell, Albert 
Hobart, Fred. L. Whitmore. Con- 
stables, Hiram A. Davis, John H. 

Sutton. Clerk, B. L. Batcheller. 
Treasurer, George Hastings. Se- 
lectmen, John McArthur, Geo. M. 
Searles, John Marble. School Com- 
mittee, Rev. W. A. Benedict, Rev. 
J. S. Ellis, Dr. C. A. Hamilton. As- 
sessors, Charles N. Chase, Amos 
Batcheller, John R. Humes. Con- 
stables, John T. Mascroft, Amos 
Batcheller, George W. Tyler, J. F. 

Swampscott. Clerk, B. J. Lind- 
say. Treasurer and Collector, Dan'l 
P. Stimpson. Selectmen, Joseph 
Stanley, Whitfield A. Stubbs, Geo. j 

H. Hobby. School Committee, 3 
years, Frank E. Ingalls. Assessors, 
John Chapman, D. H. Millet t, Geo. 
Smith. Constables, Jas. Wheeler, 
Nathaniel Gallucia, Frederick A. 

Sivanzey. Clerk and Treasurer, J. 
G. Luther. Collector, Alfred P. 
Lawton. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, James H. Mason, 
Gilbert R. Watson, Daniel Hale. 
School Committee, Mason Barney, 
Leauder E. Gardner, Job Gardner. 
Constables, Alfred P. Lawton, An- 
son L. Barney, Elijah P. Chace. 

Templeion. Clerk, C. Parkhurst. 
Treasurer, Percival Blodgett. Col- 
lector, George P. Hawkes. Select- 
men, John W. Work, M. W. Phelps, 
John Stearns. Assessors, Albert 
Bryant, T. T. Greiwood, Charles 
W. Upham. Constables, J. R. Da- 
vis, J. C. Wyman, J. R. Plumb, C. 
W. Upham. 

Teivksburif. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Henry E. Warner. Collector, Dan'l 
Davis. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Samuel L. Allen, 
Charles Livingston, John Clarh, 2d. 
School Committee, George T. Ray- 
mond. Constables, J. H. Chandler, 
H. L. Bray. 

Tolland. Clerk, H. P. Twining. 
Treasurer, Geo. W. Granger. Col- 
lector, F. T. Moore. Selectmen and 
Overseers of Poor, George L. Mar- 
shall, Julius P. Hall, Fowler T. 
Moore. Assessors, Erastus D. Lark- 
ing, H. P. Twining, Wellington F. 
Hale. School Committee, 3 years, 
Mary Spring. 

Topsfield. Clerk, Ezra Towne. 
Treasurer and Collector, J. Porter 
Gould. Assessors, S. D. Hood, M. 
B. Perkins, D. Bradstreet. Select- 
men, S. D. Hood, D. Bradstreet, A. 
H. Gould. School Committee, 3 
years, J. Balch, D. E. Hurd. Con- 
stables, H. W. Lake, James Wilson. 

Toivnsend. Clerk, W. P. Taylor. 
Treasurer, Edward Ordway. Col- 
lector, Eliab Going. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
A. G. Stearns, Benjamin Brown, E. 
A. Spaulding. School Committee, 
Noah Wallace, Constables, J. G. 




Carter, W. D. Burrell, W. Z. Slier- 

Truro. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Samuel C. Paine. Selectmen, Sam'l 
Dyer, Isaac C. Freeman, Benjamin 
Coan. Assessors, Samuel Dyer, 
Isaac C. Freeman, Benjamin Coan. 
Constable, James H. Cardes. 

Tynysborouyh. Clerk, J. H. D. 
Littleliale. Treasurer, John G. Up- 
ton. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, William Sher- 
burne, Jesse B. Butterfield, Daniel 
A. Lawrence. School Committee, 
Lonville Curtis. Constables, R. S. 
Coburn, Henry E. Swan, John M. 
Chandler, Herbert M. Cummings, 
George O. Perham, Frank S. Per- 
ham, Peter Littlehale. 

Tyringliam. Clerk, G. W. Garfield. 
Treasurer and Collector, C. E. Sla- 
ter. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, E. G. Hale, A. 
C. Heath, D. M. Garfield. School 
Committee, 3 years, Laura North- 
rup. Constables, George E. Hale, 
C. E. Slater. Deputy Sheriff, A. C. 

Upton. Clerk, Dr. Jerome Wil- 
marth. Treasurer, Edward S. Le- 
land. Collector, Whitman Hol- 
brook. Selectmen, Benjamin A. 
Jourdan, James J. Nelson, Thomas 
J. Hall. School Committee, Rev. 
George S. Ball, 1 year ; Hon. Velor- 
ous Taft, 2 years ; Herbert A. King, 
3 years. Assessors, Edward S. Le- 
land, Wesley L. Fisk, Wilfred L. 
Brown. Constables, E. W. King, 
C. J. Pike, S. T. Davenport. 

Uxbridye. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Charles C. Capron. Selectmen, 
Charles E. Seagrave, George W. 
Taft, Jacob Taft. Assessors, George 
W. Hobbs, Anan Richardson, B. A. 
Rawson. Constables, Scott Sea- 
grave, H. D. Spencer, A. J. Searles, 
George A. Crocker, Joseph Turner, 
Simmer S. Richardson, George W. 

Vineyard Haven. Clerk, Lot Luce. 
Treasurer, S. M. Mayhew. Select- 
men and Assessors, B. B. Smith, 
Willis Howes, Truman Allen. 
School Committee, 3 years, D. W. 

Wakefield. Selectmen, J. S. Eaton, 
James Oliver, B. B. Burbank. 
School Committee, A. S. Gower, 1 
year ; Dr. E. P. Colby, G. W. Aborn, 
3 years. Assessors, James Oliver, 
J. S. Eaton, JohnPurrington. Con- 
stables, C. H. Davis, Oliver Walton, 
2d, Howard Emerson. 

Wales. Clerk, H. H. Haradon. 
Treasurer, A. B. Johnson. Collector, 
J. M. Lyon. Selectmen, Assessors, 
and Overseers of Poor, J. M. Lyon, 
A. B. Johnson, G. H. Needham. 
School Committee, 3 years, George 
H. Needham; J. H. Lyon, 1 year. 
Constables, W. Eugene Needham, 
Eugene Cady. 

Walpole. Clerk, George P. Morey. 
Treasurer, Samuel Allen. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, James G. Scott, Henry S. 
Clark©, Henry E. Craig. School 
Committee, Calvin G. Hill, Silas E. 
Stone, David E. Metcalf. Consta- 
bles, Nathaniel Bird, Isaac H. Bill- 
iard, Edmund Polleys. 

Waliham. Clerk and Collector, 
Daniel F. Viles. Treasurer, John 
S. Williams. Selectmen, Overseers 
of Poor, and Highway Surveyors, 
Chas. H. Emerson, Timothy Leary, 
Francis Buttrick, B. C. Batchelder, 
L. S. Foster. School Committee, 
Benton Smith, Emory W. Lane, Ed- 
ward R. Cutter, Leroy Brown, Wm. 
A. Northup, John W." Willis. 

Ware. Clerk, Aimer F. Richard- 
son. Treasurer, Addison Sanford. 
Selectmen, P. McMahon, D. W. Mi- 
ner, J. W. Brakenridge. School 
Committee, E. P. Perkins, J. L. 
Marsh, Geo. Lamberton, Chas. E. 
Blood. Assessors, J. W. Braken- 
ridge, Thomas F. Sherman, Benj. 
Davis. Constables, Henry Connell, 
Theo. Tobin, Henry O. Cayl, John 
F. Connor. 

Wareham. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, Alvin F. Gibbs. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Alden Bessey, Benj. F. Gibbs, 
George F. Vining. School Commit- 
tee, Noble Howard, L. H. Bartlett, 
James M. Butler. 

Warren. Clerk and Treasurer, 
Samuel E. Blair. Selectmen, Sam'l 



[VOL. i. 

N. Gleasoh, Wm. B. Ramsdell, Wil- 
lard Hall. School Committee, D. 
A. Hathaway, Charles H. Walker. 
Overseers of Poor, Wm. H. Shepard, 
Willard Hall, Orrin F. Bliss. Con- 
stables, William Coombs, John B. 

Warwick. Clerk, Sam'l Hastings. 
Treasurer, J. L. Stock-well. Col- 
lector, Appleton Gale. Selectmen, 
Assessors, and Overseers of Poor, 
James L. Stockwell, Edw'd F. Mayo, 
Charles A. Williams. School Com- 
mittee, 3 years, James D. Johnson, 
Baxter H. Worden, E. F. Mayo. 
Constables, Apjdeton Gale, Charles 
L. Sawyer. 

Washington. Clerk, John J. Egan. 
Treasurer, J. H. Manley. Select- 
men, Charles Crosier, Patrick Flan- 
agan, Robert M. Savery. School 
Committee, John J. Egan, Mary A. 
Collins, H. L. Coates. 

Watertown. Clerk, Tiklen G. Ab- 
bott. Treasurer, John K. Stickney. 
Collector, Geo. L. Noyes. Select- 
men and Overseers of Poor, Oliver 
Shaw, Samuel Walker, James H. 
Magee. School Committee, J. F. 
Lovering, Jesse F. Wheeler, John 
Murray, J. J. Sullivan, Thomas W. 
Bishop. Assessors, Geo. L. Noyes, 
James F. Lynch, John W. Tuttle. 
Constables, George Parker, Ezruni 
V. Howard, Samuel F. Stearns. 

Wayland. Clerk, Henry Wight. 
Treasurer, Horace Heard. Collect- 
or, Chas. H. Campbell. Selectmen, 
Chas. H. Boodey, Wm. Hammond, 
S. Reeves. School Committee, C. 
H. Boody, Elias Hodge, E. A. Pierce. 
Assessors, S. Reeves, L. Dudley, 
Edward Carter. Constables, T. H. 
Simpson, C. W. Dascomb, D. W. 
Ricker, C. A. Peterson. 

Webster. Clerk, Cortland Wood. 
Treasurer, Oscar Shumway. Col- 
lector, Francis Greenwood. Select- 
men, James H. Howe, William T. 
Shumway, Cyrus Spaulding. School 
Committee, F. D. Brown, Roger S. 
Howard, James II. Marshall. As- 
sessors, Louis E. Patterson, A slier 
Joslin, Chas. E. Brown, William F. 
Gale, John Flint. Constables, Thos. 
Farrell, Henry Groh, Ethan Bullard, 

H. I. Joslin, John Flint, Solo. Shum- 
way, Rufus C. Hall. Francis Green- 
wood, R. L. Hay, Oscar Robinson, 
Asher T. Moore, M. P. Burby, Leon- 
ard Barnes. 

Wellfleet. Clerk and Treasurer, 
! D. C. Newcomb. 'Selectmen, Assess- 
ors, and Overseers of Poor, B. S. 
Young, N. C. Nicholson, Thoma3 
Newcomb. School Committee, Wm. 
N. Stone, chairman. 

Wendell. Clerk, Hiram Willis. 
Collector, Joseph Myers. Select- 
men and Overseers of Poor, John 

C. Holston, Chester Clark, Nicholas 
Laux. School Committee, L. F. 
Jennison. Assessors, Moses Will- 
iams, Alburn Fiske, S. H. Ritnam. 
Constable, A. B. Oatman. 

Wenliam. Clerk, Wellington Pool. 
Treasurer, Samuel Porter. Collect- 
or, Eben P. Caswell. Selectmen, 
Assessors, Fence "Viewers, and Over- 
seers of Poor, William F. Trowt, 
Solomon E. Kimball, John J. Dur- 
gin. School Committee, 3 years, 
Robert F. Dodge. Constables, Mi- 
chael Buckley, Henry P. Brewer, 
Frank A. Bagley. 

Westborough. Clerk, S. M. Griggs. 
Treasurer, Geo. O. Brigham. Col- 
lector, D. F. Newton. Selectmen, 
Wm. Curtis, W. R. Gould, Samuel 
Chamberlain- School Committee, 3 
years, Miss S. E. Bartlett. Assess- 
ors, Moses Pollard, Edwin Bullard, 
John W. Fairbanks. Constables, 

D. F. Newton, I. H. Bullard, Dexter 
P. Brigham, L. W. Green, William 
Magner, John W. Fairbanks, J. B. 
Calkin, L. E. Long. 

West Boglston. Clerk, H. Hough- 
ton. Treasurer, George F. Howe. 
Selectmen, S. H. Smith, S. F. Hem- 
enway, D. P. Waite. School Com- 
mittee, Rev. J. W. Cross, D. R. Lam- 
son. Assessors, W. R. Walker, A. 
F. Rice, Absalom Lord. Consta- 
bles, A. C. Smith, E. C. Peck, A. H. 
Wood, E. D. Brigham, D. J. Car- 
roll, F. N. Luce. 

West Bridgewater. Clerk, James 
Howard. Treasurer, Geo. M. Pratt. 
Selectmen, Assessors, and Overseers 
of Poor, James Howard, Henry W. 
Leach, Henry Copeland. School 




Committee, Lucius Dunbar, chair- 
man ; Albert Copeland, secretary. 

West BrooJcfieJd. Clerk aucl Treas- 
urer, E. II. Blair. Selectmen and 
Overseers of Poor, R. Camming, 
Edward McEvoy, W. A. Blair. As- 
sessors, H. G. Rawson, W. A. Blair, 
Cbas. E. Smith. School Committee, 
Wm. B. Stone. Constables, Geo. 
W. Stone, W. W. Bash, A. Gilbert. 

Westfield. Clerk, Treasurer, and 
Collector, E. W. Dickerman. Se- 
lectmen, Lucius F. Thayer, Lewis 
F. Root, Joseph S. Clarke. School 
Committee, J. R. Dunbar, A. J. 
Titsworth, W. H. Eaton, H. B. 
Smith, J. Riley Johnson. Assess- 
ors, Edwin Hedges, P. H. Chapin, 
Reuben Looniis, A. J. Bradley, A. 

Westford. Clerk, Edwin R. Hodg- 
man. Treasurer, Sherman D. 
Fletcher. Selectmen, Geo. T. Day, 
Beivj. G. Brooks, Noah Prescott. 
School Committee, 3 years, Moses 
Edwards, John Wilson. Assessors, 
Edward Prescott, Asaph B. Cutter, 
Henry Chamberlin. Constables, 
W. C. Edwards, John Trull, W. O. 
Hawks, W. L. Kittredge, John 
Lanktree, Jas. Morrill. 

Westhampton. Clerk, Fred H. 
Judd. Treasurer, Nelson A. Kings- 
ley. Collector, G. E. Knight. Se- 
lectmen, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Geo. Burt, E. Paysou Lymau, 
John Watson. School Committee, 
Miss Carrie Burt, 3 years ; F. H. 
Judd, 2 years ; A. D. Montague, 1 
year. Constables, Geo. E. Knight, 
A. E. Metcalf. 

Westminster. Clerk, M. M. Nich- 
ols. Treasurer, D. W. Hill. Col- 
lector, A. J. Bolton. Selectmen, E. 
L. Burnham, T. S. Wood, A. E. 
Drury. School Committee, D. C. 
Miles, W. F. Curtis, Mrs. Mary 
Frost. Assessors, Lyman Allen, 
Henry M. Wetkerbee, J. H. Miller. 
Constables, Edward S. Kendall, 
Geo. Merriam, W. F. Curtiss. 

West Newbury. Clerk, J. C. Carr. 
Treasurer and Collector, Benj. Ed- 
wards. Selectmen, Chas. W. Ord- 
way, Henry D. Lay, Henry T. 
Bailey. Assessors and Overseers, 

also Constables, Charles J. Kimball, 
Charles M. Giddings, Isaac N. Lane. 
School Committee, D. L. Ambrose, 
Moses C. Smith, Charles Dame. 

Weston. Clerk, Geo. W. Cutting, 
Jr. Treasurer and Collector, Hor- 
ace Hews. Selectmen and Overseers 
of Poor, Edward Coburn, Geo. B. 
Milton, Marshall L. Upham. School 
Committee, John Smithwick, 1 
year ; Rev. A. Harris, 2 years ; Geo. 
W. Dunn, 3 years. Assessors, Alonzo 
S. Fiske, Abijah Coburn, Geo. W. 
Cutting, Jr. Constables, A. S. Fiske, 
Sam'l H. Warren. 

Wesiport. Clerk, Robert A. Law- 
ton. Treasurer, Geo. H. Gilford. 
Collector, John D. Howland. Se- 
lectmen and Overseers of Poor, Eli 
P. Lawtfn, John W. Gilford, Christo- 
pher Borden. School Committee, 
Charles Fisher, John B. P arris, John 

A. Macomber, 2d. Assessors, Albert 

D. Manchester, John W. Gilford, 
Albert F. King. Constables, Peleg 
S. Borden, Richard S. Gilford. 

West Springfield. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, J. M. Harmon. Collector, F. 

B. Loomis. Selectmen, Harvey D. 
Bagg, William Chapman, John O. 
Moseley. School Committee, Emer- 
son Geer, James F. Hays, Charles 

E. Merrick. Constables', B. W. Col- 
ton, D. W. Donaldson. 

WestStockbridge. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, J. Moore. Collector, Henry 
W. Snow. Selectmen, Charles P. 
Strickland, P. G. Comstock, Thos. 
French. School Committee, W. W. 
Leavitt, W. H. Barnes, Jas. Inger- 
soll. Assessors, H. F. Thompson, 
W. H. Barnes, E. J. Tobey. Con- 
stables, C. P. Strickland, L. W. 
Jones, J. G. Wilson, James Dewell. 

Weymouth. Clerk, Francis Am- 
bler. Treasurer, Oran White. Se- 
lectmen and Overseers of Poor, John 
W. Bartlett, Noah Vining, Thomas 
H. Humphrey, William Nash, 
Charles S. Williams. School Com- 
mittee, Chas. C. Tower, Elizabeth 

C. Hawes. Assessors, Cornelias T. 
Robbins, William W. Raymond, 
Elias Richards, Noah Vining, Leon- 
ard Gardner. Constables, Wilmot 
Cleverly, Solon Blanchard, Geo. W. 



[VOL. i. 

Mitchell, Jolin A. Connell, Robert 
F. Shaw, Charles M. Hayden, Lo- 
renzo H. Loud, Geo. W. White, Jr., 
Joshua Binney, James T. Pease, 
Isaac N. Tirrell, Geo. H. Maynard, 
Edwin Thomas, Stephen McGill, 
Charles C. Tinkkam, Geo. W. Bates, 
John O'Mara. 

Whaiely. Clerk, Samuel Lesure. 
Treasurer and Collector, P. M. Wells. 
Selectmen, Silas W. Allis, Chester 
K. Waite, Hiram Bard well. School 
Committee, P. M. Wells. Assessors, 
Chester G. Crafts, Edw'd C. Sander- 
son, Paul W. Field. Constables, 
P. M. Wells, Charles F. Pease, H. B. 

Wilbraliam. Clerk and Treasurer, 
E. B. Gates. Selectmen, F. E. Clark, 
Ira G. Potter, M. F. Beebe.- School 
Committee, A. J. Blanchard. As- 
sessors, A. J. Blanchard, C. E. Peck, 
D. B. Merrick. 

Williamsburg. Clerk and Treas- 
i urer, T. M. Carter. Collector, H. A. 
Bisbee. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, T. M. Carter, 
Thomas S. Hayden, John O thill. 
Constables, H. A. Bisbee, Benson 
M. Wyman. 

Williamsiown. Clerk, Charles S. 
Cole. Treasurer, Keyes Danforth. 
Collector, S. B. Kellogg. Select- 
men, J. M. Waterman, William E. 
Johnson, C. B. Cook. School Com- 
mittee, 3 years, Keyes Danforth. 
Assessors, J. B. Waterman, E. W. 
Solomon, J. A. Eldridge. Con- 
stables, I. S. Fowler, Thomas M. 
Quinn, S. T. Mather, Tyler Dan- 
forth, A. C. Richmond. 

Wilmington. Clerk, Wm. H. Car- 
ter. Treasurer, Cyrus L. Carter, 
Collector, Sam'l B. Nichols. Select- 
men, Assessors, and Overseers of 
Poor, Edward A. Carter, Nathan B. 
B. Eames, Otis C. Buck. School 
Committee, 3 years, Lemuel C. 
Eames. Constable, Thos. A. Ban- 

Wincliendon. Clerk, Geo. M.Whit- 
ney. Treasurer and Collector, An- 
son B. Smith. Selectmen, Edward 
Loud, John D. Howard, Jairus 
Hastings. School Committee, Ir- 
ving E. Weston, 1 year ; Charles H. 

Wheeler, 2 years ; J. S. Hamblin, 3 
years. Assessors, Charles A. Loud, 
George B. Raymond, George M. 
Whitney. Constables, E. S. Wood, 
John McGrath, Frank E. Streeter, 
Oscar A. Kendall, Chas. F. Emory, 
Michael B. White. 

Windsor. Clerk, J. L. White. 
Treasurer and Collector, George O. 
Crooker. Selectmen, R. Pierce, E. 
Shaw, Jr., H. A. Thayer. School 
Committee, E. H. Pierce, C. J. Cope- 
land. Assessors, A. T. Pierce, H. N. 
Winslow, D. E. Parker. Constable, 
O. A. Bicknell. 

Winthrop. Clerk, Warren Belcher. 
Treasurer, E. Magee. Selectmen, 
Samuel Ingalls, John Belcher, Lu- 
cius Floyd. School Committee, E. 
S. Read, Warren Belcher, J. S. Day. 
Assessors, Warren Belcher, Thomas 
Floyd, Phillip Tewksbury. 

Woburn. Clerk, M. S. Seeley. 
Treasurer, S. R. Gage. Collector, 
Edward Simonds. Selectmen, Over- 
seers of Poor, Assessors, and High- 
way Surveyors, L. Thompson, Jr., 
John Cummings, T. H. Hill, Alpha 
E. Thompson, John I. Munroe, S. D. 
Samson, Herbert Wyman, Wm. T. 
Grammer, Charles Spear. School 
Committee, J. G. Pollard, C. T. 
Lang, John Jonson. Constables, 
J. E. Tidd, Edward Simonds, H. F. 
Smith, Ambrose Bancroft, Charles 

Worthington. Clerk and Treas- 
urer, Sam'l Cole. Collector, Edwin 
S. Burr. Selectmen and Assessors, 
Jonathan Brewster, Gordyce Bates, 
Daniel R. Porter. School Commit- 
tee, L. White, A. J. Randall, Ethan 

Wrentham. Clerk, Samuel War- 
ner. Treasurer, Francis N. Plimp- 
ton. Collector, George W. Porter. 
Selectmen and Overseers of Poor, 
Harvey B. Coleman, John M. Fuller, 
Benjamin R. Follett. School Com- 
mittee, Wm. R. Tompkins, 1 year ; 
Samuel Warner, 2 years ; George S. 
Hancock, 3 vears. Assessors, Gard- 
ner H. Starkey, Joshua S. Clark, 
Lowell R. Blake. Constable, Alon- 
zo Cook. 

Yarmouth. Clerk and Treasurer, 




Win. P. Davis. Collector, Elisha 
Parker. Selectmen, Assessors, and 
Overseers of Poor, Winthrop Sears, 
Braddock Matthews, George H. 
Loring. School Committee, Dr. T. 
B. Pulsifer, Stephen Sears, Isaiah 
Crowell. Constables, Luther Baker. 
Manton Hallett. 

City Officers. 
Boston. Mayor, Henry L. Pierce. 
City Clerk, Samuel F. McCleary. 
Assessors, Thomas Hills, Benjamin 
Cushing, Ed. F. Robinson, Joshua 
S. Dunklee, Benj. F. Palmer, D. H. 
Marressy. City and County Treas- 
urer, Charles H. Dennie. City and 
County Collector, Thomas Sherwin. 
City Auditor, Alfred T. Turner. 
Chief of Police, Edward H. Savage. 
Aldermen, Clinton Viles, Lucius 
Slacle, Solomon B. Stebbins, Thos. 
B. Harris, Curtis Guild, Samuel C. 
Perkins, Charles R. McLean, Josiah 
S. Robinson, Thomas J. Whidden, 
Charles Hayden, George B. Faunce, 
Lewis C. Whiton. Common Council, 
Ward 1, James Woolley, Edward 
Pearl, Harvey N. Shepard ; 2, Wm. 
J. Burke, George L. Thorndike, 
James J. Doherty ; 3, George B. 
Webster, N. D. Toppan, Benjamin 
Brintnall ; 4, Peter S. Roberts, 
Fred. B, Day, George H. Lovering ; 
5, Edwin Sibley, Charles W. How- 
land, N. Y. Brintnall ; 6, John Kelly, 
John A. Kidney, John Drynan ; 7, 
Alex. B. McGahey, Richard Roach, 
Peter Cannon; 8, Patrick F. Mc- 
Garagle, Dennis O'Connor, Lemuel 
M. Ham ; 9, Urial H. Crocker, Robt. 
M. Thompson, John J. Smith; 10, 
James B. Richardson, James H. 
Danforth, Nathaniel J. Rust ; 11, 
Oscar B. Mowry, M. W. Richardson, 
Roger Wolcott; 12, Jeremiah H. 
Mullane, P. F. McDonald, Thomas 
J. Denney; 13, John Mullen, Thos. 
H. Devlin, James A. McGeough ; 14, 
Howard Clapp, Thomas Hill, Albert 
F. Lauten ; 15, Benjamin Pope, Oli- 
ver G. Fernald, Robert Cox ; 16, 
John Taylor, Isaac Rosnosky, Den- 
nis A. Flynn ; 17, Eugene H. Samp- 
son, S. P. Hibbard, Jesse L. Nason ; 
18, Nathan Sawyer, John F. Colby, 

Oscar H. Sampson ; 19, C. J. Spence- 
ley. John P. Brawlev, John P. San- 
try ; 20, P. H. Kendricken, William 
E. Whicher, Ebenezer Adams ; 21, 
Francis J. Ward, C. H. Plimpton, 
George H. Wyman ; 22, James J. 
Barry ; 23, Henry F. Coe, Alfred S. 
Brown, Charles S. Perham ; 24, J. 
Homer Pierce, Coolidge Barnard, 
Henry N. Sawyer; 25, George W. 
Hollis, Jacob F. Taylor. 

Cambridge. Mayor, Samuel L. 
Montague. City Clerk, Justin A. 
Jacobs. City Solicitor, John W. 
Hammond. Auditor, Samuel E. 
Chandler. Treasurer, William W. 
Dallenger. Aldermen, Edwin H. 
Blake, Benjamin F. Da vies, Russell 
S. Edwards, James A. Fox, Joshua 
G. Gooch, Edward Kendall, Martin 
L. Smith, Simeon Snow, George F. 
Whiting, Aaron R. Willey. Coun- 
cilmen, John Clary, Michael Corco- 
ran, James F. Davlin, William H. 
Dodge, William E. Doyle, Wood- 
ward Emery, Nathan G. Gooch, 
George W. Goodnow, Charles E. 
Hancock, Rufus Lamson, John Mc- 
Sorley, Isaac A. Nay, Edward T. 
Nichols, Samuel Noyes, Jr., Silas 
Rhoades. George S. Saunders, Jos. 
W. Smith, Nathan Underwood, 
James F. Wilkinson, Henry D. 

Chelsea. Mayor, Isaac Stebbens. 
City Clerk, Samuel Bassett. As- 
sessors, James P. Farley, R. S. 
Owen, W. M. Jewett. Treasurer 
and Collector, Horatio B. Hersey. 
Superintendent of Streets, William 
S. Barrett;. City Solicitor, Eben 
Hutchinson. 'City Physician, J. M. 
Putnam, M. D. Aldermen, John 
Mulloy, Frederick C. Davis, Benja- 
min Phipps, Jr., George H. Buck, 
Thomas B. Jones, Samuel P. Ten- 
ney, Joseph W. Stickney. Council- 
men, Ward 1, Ambrose L. Graves, 
Geo. E. Mitchell, G. Walter Forsyth, 
Dennis A. O'Brien, John W. Dorr ; 2, 
Chas. J. W. Addison, John H. Cran- 
don, Jas. Bartley, D. Frank Kimball, 
George Peirce ; 3, Thomas Strahan, 
Jr., Thomas Martin, Lyman M. Mil- 
ler, Foster E. Stuart, Philip Wald- 
myer ; 4, Charles H. Pratt, Charles 



[VOL. I. 

Severance, John H. Dodge, George 
A. Hall, Mark Graves. 

Fitcliburg. Mayor, David H. Mer- 
riam. City Clerk, George E. Clif- 
ford. Aldermen, Ward 1, Charles 

F. Putnam ; 2, Harrington Sibley ; 
3, Francis Sheldon ; 4, George Rob- 
bins; 5, Eli Culley; 6, S. A. Web- 
ber. Councilmen, Ward 1, B. D. 
Dwiunell, Daniel A. Chaney, James 
Daley ; 2, Wm. Woodbury, Wm. 
Baldwin, Jr., J. F. Bruce ; 3, Moses 

G. Lyon, Richard A. Leonard, Alon- 
zo Davis ; 4, Lucins Aldrich, Jona- 
than R. Haskell, Joseph A. Tufts ; 

5, George H. Kellogg, Asa S. Law- 
ton, Joel Joel ; 6, John J. Sheehan, 
John Linnehan, P. B. Purtill. 

Gloucester. Mayor, J. Franklin 
Dyer. City Clerk, John J. Somes. 
City Treasurer, Francis Bennett. 
City Auditor, Henry Centre. City 
Solicitor, Charles P. Thompson. 
City Physician, Albert S. Garland, 
M. D. Aldermen, Ward 1, George 
Dennis ; 2, William M. Gaffney ; 3, 
Isaac A. S. Steele ; 4, George L. 
Fears ; 5, Abbott Coffin ; 6, William 
T. Merchant ; 7, Levi Saunders ; 8, 
Eben D. Currier. Couucilmen, 
Ward 1, William C. Wonson, George 
H. Perkins, Thomas Renton ; 2, 
Benjamin R. Wonson, William H. 
Pulcifer, David Low ; 3, Richard C. 
Lawrence, Samuel N. Hardy, Wm. 
Thompson ; 4, George F. Winter, 
Josey)h C. Shepherd, Albert H. 
Bulkley; 5, Hazen L. Follansbee, 
Frank H. Gaffney, George A. Davis ; 

6, Burton Fernald, Edward Babson, 
2d, John Cunningham; 7, Charles 
Piper, Alvah Prescott, Austin D. 
Griffin; 8, Isaac P. Morse, Clarence 
E. Richardson, William B. Davis. 

Haverhill. Mayor, Nathan S. Kim- 
ball. City Clerk and Treasurer, 
David B. Tcnney. Collector, Ray- 
mond Noyes. City Auditor, Charles 
H. Coffin. City Solicitor, Henry M. 
Merrill. City Physician, Sidney 
Drinkwater. Aldermen, Ward 1, 
Wi ; am II. Smiley; 2, Charles E. 
Wiggin; 3, Charles II. Hill; 4, 
Warren L. Robinson ; 5, Ira O. Saw- 
yer ; 0, Woodbury Noyes. Council- 
men, Ward 1, Oscar D. Cheney, 

Larkin T. Woodbury; 2, Charles 
W. Morse, Orange B. Otis ; 3, Nathl 
K. Johnson, Jesse H. Harriman ; 4, 
Elbridge K. Batchelder, James 
Davis, Jr. ; 5, John A. Gale, Charles 
H. Burnham, ; 6, Gyles Merrill, 
George S. Jaques. 

Lowell. Mayor, John A. G. Rich- 
ardson. City Clerk, Samuel A. Mc- 
Phetres. Aldermen, Stephen B. 
Puffer, Robert Park, Horace R. 
Barker, George F. Scribner, George 
E. Scripture, Joseph S. Pollard, 
Jeremiah Crowley, Nathaniel C. 
Sanborn. Councilmen, Ward 1, 
John Courtney, John J. Mealey, 
Joseph M. Ambrose, Charles H. 
Harvey; 2, Oramel A. Brigham, 
Edward M. Tucke, William W. 
Clarke, Albert W. Monty ; 3, Simon 
Kelly, Edward Cawley, Henry P. 
Morris, Samuel D. Butterworth ; 

4, Irving K. Goodale, Orlendo Blod- 
gett, Robert G. Bartlett, Stephen 
H. Jones ; 5, Robert Goulding, Peter 

5. Coburn, John F. Kimball, Enos 
O. Kingsley ; 6, George S. dishing, 
Eli W. Hoyt, Luke B. Taylor, 
Thomas Nesmith. 

Lawrence. Mayor, James R. Simp- 
son. City Clerk, James E. Shep- 
ard. Aldermen, Thomas Clegg, 
James G. Abbott, Joseph Shattuck, 
George Sanborn, Luther Ladd, Silas 
II. Loring. Councilmen, Ward 1, 
Seth F. Dawson, Marcus W. Copps, 
Henry P. Danforth ; 2, Edward H. 
Dickie, Andrew Sharpe, Henry 
Behrman ; 3, William H. Keefe, 
Michael Mann, Daniel F. McCarthy ; 
4, George N. Austin. J. Clinton 
White, H. K. Webster ; 5, George 
W. Horn, Joseph Barnes, John 
Phillips ; 6, Joseph H. Safford, 
Charles E. Knowles, William T. Mc- 

Lynn. Mayor, Samuel M. Bubier. 
City Clerk, Charles E. Parsons. 
City Treasurer, Thomas B. Knight. 
Auditor of Accounts, George H. 
Chase. City Solicitor, Rollin E. 
Harmon. City Physician, Caleb 
Burnham. Aldermen, Asa A. Breed, 
Daniel A. Caldwell, George H. Har- 
wood, Elias W. Holden, Nehemiah 
Lee, Augustus B. Martin, James H. 




Richards, George P. Sanderson. 
Councilmen, Ward 1, Nahum H. 
Newball ; 2, Nathaniel F. Tucker ; 
3, William A. Chapman, Oscar F. 
Ingalls, Benjamin E. Porter, Philip 
Smith ; 4, J. Warren Carswell, Geo. 
H. Cushman, Chas. W. Knapp, Geo. 
T. Newhall, Wallace W. Wright; 

5, Warren S. Hixon, Augustus J. 
Hoitt, Charles A. Johnson, A. M. 
Preble, John Shaw, 2d ; 6, Frank 
J. Douglass, J. R. Guindon, Thomas 
B. Homan, George H. Plnmmer, 
Andrew W T elch, Jr. ; 7, John Dough- 

NcivburyporL Mayor, Jonathan 
Smith. City Clerk and Treasurer, 
George H. Stevens. Collector, 
George W. Riper. City Solicitor, 
John N. Pike. Aldermen, Jacob 
Knight, Joseph A. Wood well, John 
P. Coombs, Dudley T. Batchelder, 
John A. L. Odde, George E. Currier. 
Councilmen, Ward 1, William Thur- 
low, Jonathan A. Perry, William B. 
Porter; 2, John C. M. Baglcy, 
Robert G. Sargent, Alfred Pearson ; 
3, Lawrence B. Cushing, Henry M. 
Cross, Samson Levy ; 4, Ira L. 
Davis, Samuel A. Bridges, Charles 
H. Sargent ; 5, William H. Toppan, 
Stephen S. Pike, S. S. McQuillen ; 

6, Thos. K. Bartlett, James A. Ken- 
istou, Joseph S. Bailey. 

Newion. Mayor, Alden Speare. 
Citv Treasurer and Collector, E. J. 
Collins. City Clerk, E. O. Childs. 
Auditor, B. F.Otis. Solicitor, Peter 
Thatcher. Aldermen, F. G. Barnes, 
W. W. Keith, E. W. Wood, W^m. B. 
Fowle, Otis Pettee, James F. Ed- 
munds, George S. Bullens. Coun- 
cilmen, Ward 1, D. W. Farquhar, 
George E. Pike; 2, J. Wesley Kim- 
ball, George Eastman ; 3, George E. 
Allen, C. F. Eddy; 4, William I. 
Goodrich, Rnfus Moulton ; 5, H. 
Bacon, George D. Eldridge ; 6, Jos. 
M. White, D wight Chester; 7, A. A. 
Pope, John Q. Henry. 

Salem. Mayor, Henry K. Oliver. 
City Clerk, Henry M. Meek. Alder- 
men, George R. Emmerton, James 
W. Averill, Thomas J. Gifford, 
Benjamin W. Russell, Ed. Kemble, 
Henry J. Pratt. Councilmen, Ward 

1, William F. M. Collins, Frank T. 
Dalrymple, Isaac P. Foster, Jr. r 
Samuel A. Potter ; 2, Edwin H. 
Dodge, George H. Perkins, William 
Reith, Jr., Edward D. Ropes ; 3, 
Arthur L. Huntington, Matthew 
Robson, Tristram T. Savory, Oliver 
D. Way; 4, Gilman A. Andrews, 
Hubbard Breed, William R. Colby, 
Benj. F. Hawes; 5, George R. Har- 
ris, Lawrence E. Miller, Horace S. 
Perkins, William G. Webber ; 6, 
Henry W. Balcomb, Josiah M. 
Crocker, William H. Downes, Wm. 
A. Hill. Clerk of Common Council, 
Eben N. Walton. 

Somerville. Mayor, George A. 
Bruce. City Clerk and Clerk to 
Board of Aldermen, C. E. Gilman. 
City Treasurer and Collector of 
Taxes, A. Sargent. Clerk of Com- 
mon Council, Solomon Davis. City 
Solicitor, S. C. Darling. City En- 
gineer, G. A. Kimball. City Physi- 
cian^. L.White. Chief of Police, M. 

C. Parkhurst. Alderrnen, Ward 1, J. 
F. Cole, O. J. Davis ; 2, W. C. Tall- 
man, James Long; 3, G. C. Skilton, 
J. R. Conant; 4, J. A. Cummings, 
S. II. Libby. Councilmen, Ward 1, 
A. Nickerson, W. F. Griffin, M. B. 
Cole, E. C. Clark; 2, S. Dodge, T. 

D. Dennett, R. Kramer, F. W. Web- 
ber ; 3, R. M. Baldwin, J. J. Under- 
bill, L. B. Pillsburv, E. Glines ; 4, 
A. Durgin, M. W. Carr, M. S. An- 
drews, T. M. Brady. 

Springfield. Mayor, Emerson 
Wight. City Clerk and Treasurer, 
Albert T. Folsom. City Marshal, 

E. C. Pettis. Superintendent of 
Schools, A. P. Stone. Superintend- 
ent of Streets, H. O. Foss. Tax 
Collector, Francis Norton. City 
Physician, David Clerk, M. D. Al- 
dermen, John Olmsted, Geo. D wight, 
J. F. Taplev, Henrv S. Lee, John A. 
Hall, D.L. Swan, Wm. H. Pinney, 
H. K. Wight. Councilmen, Ward 
1, John Mulligan, L. H. Powers, E. 
Belding ; 2, H. G. Stickney, Edwin 
M. Bartlett, A. R. Rice ; 3, John R. 
Smith, Elijah Nichols, George B. 
Smith: 4, William S. Shurtleff, J. 
K. Newell, H. A. Gould ; 5, S. L. 
Hodgden, Nathaniel W. Howard, 



[VOL. I. 

Andrew J. Wright; G, George R. 
Dickinson; 7, Edwin W. Ladd; 8, 
F. M. Bardwell. 

Taunton. Mayor, Onias S. Paige. 
City Clerk, James M. Cushman. 
City Treasurer and Collector, Geo. 
A. Washburn. Assessors, W. B. 
Sproat, Wm. H. Pleadwell, Henry 
S. Hart. Superintendent of Streets, 
Daniel L. Mitchell. City Marshal, 
Geo. F. Seaver. Superintendent of 
Schools, W. W. Waterman. City 
Solicitor, S. M. Thomas. City Phy- 
sician, A. S. Dean, M. D. Alder- 
men, Ward 1, Horatio L. Cushman ; 

2, William H. Bent ; 3, Thomas O. 
Falvey ; 4, Cornelius Wood ; 5, 
Charles F. Johnson ; 6, A. Lyman 
Willard ; 7, Franklin Pratt ; 8, Eli- 
jah Tolman. Councilmen, Ward 1, 
John E. Sanford, Wm. Tinkham, 
John J. Barker; 2, Walter S. 
Sprague, Geo. H. Rhodes, Everett 

D. Godfrey; 3, Henry B. Leach, 
Francis P. Conaty, John Quinn ; 4, 
Frederick Mason, Josiah Kinnicutt, 
Edward B. Maltby; 5, Abiel B. 
Staples, George P. King, Arthur 
W. Macomber; 6, Wm. S. Baker, 
Wm. B. Church, James Hunt ; 7, 
Flenry S. Culver, Perry E. Pierce, 
John F. Dunlap ; 8, Thomas R. 
Bearse, Millard F. Moore, Wm. F. 

Worcester. Mayor, Charles B. 
Pratt. City Clerk, Enoch H. 
Towne. Aldermen, Ward 1, Wm. 
Dickinson ; 2, John M. Williams ; 

3, George P. Kendrick; 4, John L. 
Murphy ; 5, Stephen Sawyer ; 6, 
Mowry A. Lapham; 7, Warren Mc- 
Farland ; 8, Henry A. Marsh. Coun- 
cilmen, Ward 1, George E. Boyden, 
F. P. Stowell, William S. Clark ; 2, 
Oliver P. Shattuck, Edwin H. Hill, 
Samuel A. Porter; 3, Paul Henry, 
James B. McMahon, Andrew Athy ; 

4, John J. O'Gorman, PLilip Moore^ 
Francis Plunkett ; 5, Wm. O'Con- 
nell, John R. Thayer, Thomas Mon- 
ahan; 0, Ellerv B. Crane, Loring 
Coes, William H. Dexter; 7, Will- 
iam II. Heywood, James A. Nor- 
cross, Albert A. Lovell; 8, Frank 

E. Lancaster, Thomas M. Rogers, 
Joseph A. Titus. 

Abington, S. B. Dickerman (hom.)> 
H. W. Dudley, A. F. Eastman, J. O 
Ryan. North Abington, N. B. Tan" 
ner. Acton, Charles B. Sanders- 
West Acton, Isaiah Hutchins (eel.)* 
Acushnet, Josiah Burnham (ecl.)> 
David Cannon. Adams, C. W. Bur- 
ton, Horace M. Holmes, Thomas 
Riley. North Adams, Nathan S- 
Babbitt, S. N. Briggs (hot.), O. J- 
Brown, J. M. Clark, William Har- 
vey (horn.), Elihu S. Hawkes, Geo- 

C. Lawrence, Jules G. Lussier, H- 
J. Millard, J. L. Mulonev, Henrv P. 
Phillips, H. M. Stafford, D. C. Van 
Rensselaer (horn.), W. J. Wilcox. 

Aijawam, Ufford. Feeding 

Hills, Cyrus Bell. Alford, Giles S. 
Hulett. Amesbury, Miss Sarah O. 
Bagley (scientist), H. S. Dearborn 
(eel.), John A. Douglass, William S. 
Gannett (hot.), H. G. Leslie, Thomas 
S. McAllister. Amherst, E. H. Ad- 
ams, 0. F. Bigelow, H. J. Cate 
(horn.), D. B. N. Fish, C. F. Ster- 
ling (hom.), I. Taylor. North Am- 
herst, Wm. D. Dwight. Andover, 
James Howarth, Frank B. Kimball 
(horn.), W. H. Kimball, J. F. Rich- 
ards. Arlington, Jonas C. Harris, 
Richard L. Hodgdon, Charles A. 
Libby (hom.), William A. Winn. 
Ashburnham, N. Jewett (eel.), A. L. 
Stickney. Ashby, J. M. Blood. 
Ashfield, Jas. R. Fairbanks. Ash- 
land, Gardner C. Pierce, J. M. Wig- 
gin (eel.). Athol, D. A. Chase 
(eel.), S. H. Colburn (hom.), H. A. 
Dean, H. O. Dunbar. Athol Centre, 
J. P. Lynde, James Oliver, W. F. 
Whitman (clair.). Attleborough, 
John R. Bronson, George Mackie, 
Mrs. Laura Mackie, E. Sanford 
(hom.), James M. Solomon. Attle- 
borough Falls, Thaddeus Phelps. 
North Attleborough, F. L. Burden, 
H. C. Bullard, James R. Foster, 
James W. Foster (hom.). Auburn, 

D. H. Nutting (hot.). Ayer, B. H. 
Hartwell, J. Q. A. McCollester, 
John E. Parsons, Ebenezer Willis 
(hom.), C. P. Woods (hom.). Barn- 
stable, J. M. Smith. Cotuit, D. W. 
W. Dimick. Hyannis, George W. 
Doane, T. W. Fossett, Peter Pineo, 




Samuel Pitcher, Jr. (bot.). Centre- 
ville, T. E. Clement (horn.). Barre, 
Aaron Bassett (eel.), Lucius F. Bil- 
lings, J. C. Foster (horn.), C. W. 
Whitcomb. Bedford, Wm. R. Hay- 
den. Belchertown, Wm. P. Eobin- 
son, Geo. F. Thompson. Belling- 
ham, Roland Hammond. Belmont, 
David Mack, Jr. Berkley, Shad- 
rach Hathaway. Berlin, Lemuel 
Gott. Bernardston, Chas. Bowker, 
L. W. Combs. Beverly, W. C. Boy- 
den, Charles Haddock, 0. F. Swasey, 
Augustus Torrey, Sain'l W. Torrey, 
Percival G. Wardwell. Billerica, 
Wm. A. Hubbard. Blackstone, Geo. 
E. Bullard, W. M. Kimball, F. H. 
Mann (horn.), D. McCaffrey. Mill- 
ville, Frank J. King. Blandford, 
W. H. Dean. Bolton, Ambrose 
Eames. Bradford, William Cogs- 
well. Braintree, T. H. Dearing. 
South Braintree, W. O. Fason, Mrs. 
L. Gomez, Noah Torrey, Mrs. Martin 
Tribou. Brewster, Sam'l H. Gould. 
Bridgewater, Samuel Alden (horn.), 
Benj. T. Crooker, Joseph B. Fobes, 
Lewis G. Low (horn.), Calvin Pratt, 
Edw'd Sawyer, Newmarch P. Smith 
Brimfield, George F. Chamberlain. 
Brockton, F. Albro, Henry F. Bor- 
den, E. A. Chase, C. H. Cobb, Edgar 
E. Dean (horn.), G. E. Freeman, A. 
Elliot Paine, James C. Swan. Cam- 
pello, Wm. Richards. Brookfield, D. 
S. Fiske, W. B. Hall, R. Shepard. 
East Brookfield, D. W. Hodgkins. 
Brookline, Robert Amory, Ira B. 
Cushing, C. I. Fisher, T. E. Francis, 
G. H. Hackett, Nathaniel C. Lewis, 
Archibald E. McDonald, G. K. Sa- 
bin, Augustine Shurtleff, N. C. 
Towle (horn.), W. B. Trull, D. B. 
Van Slyck, George P. Wesselhoeft 
(horn.). Buckland, Josiah Trow. 
Cambridge, Stephen Wm. Driver, 
John L. Hildreth, Aldch D. Keen, 
Mrs. Margaret Marsh, Charles H. 
Newhall, J. T. G. Nichols, Charles 
E. Vaughn, Henry P. Walcott, Wal- 
ter Wesselhoeft, Morrill Wood, Mor- 
rill Wyman. Cambridgeport, Hor- 
ace Berry, L. L. Bryant, Herbert A. 
Chase (horn.), Hiram L. Chase 
(horn.), Augustus P. Clark, Edward 

R. Cogswell, T. E. Cunningham, 
James A. Dow, D. M. Edgerly, Wm. 
C. Flowers, Alfred F. Holt, Henry 
Ingham, J. M. Kenniston, Lenora 
F. Lathe, Henry O. Marcy, John 
Kinsley Palmer, E. E. Spencer (eel.), 
Mrs. C. R. Spetfigue (horn.), A. Car- 
ter Webber, Frank O. Webber, Wm. 
W. Wellington. East Cambridge, 
George A. Coburn, George II. Davies 
(eel.), Mrs. Hester A. Emerson (eel.), 
Charles H. Farnsworth (horn.), John 

F. Hurley, James A Lattimer, G. 
M. Nichols, Albert L. Norris, John 

B. Taylor, Edmund Walsh. North 
Cambridge, J. W. Bemis, Ephraim 
Cutter, W. K. Fletcher (horn.), 
James R. Morse, John E. Somers, 
Edmund H. Stevens. Canton, A. 
R. Holmes, R. S. Parker. Ponka- 
poag, Samuel Cabot. Carlisle, Aus- 
tin Marsh. North Carver, Ellis H. 
Cornish. Charlemont, Hiram Tem- 
ple. Charlton, Geo. H. Taft (hom.). 
Chatham, B. D. Gifford, B. B. Will- 
iams. Chelmsford, Levi Howard. 
No. Chelmsford, Nathan B. Edwards. 
Chelsea, Charles T. Bean, Mrs. E. 

A. Brown, James H. Carty, William 
R. Chipman, Wm C. Cutler (hom.), 
Elbridge G. Dresser (elec. mag.), 
Mrs. S. A. Dresser, Joseph B. Fen- 
wick, Benjamin S. Goodwin (eel.), 
L. Duncan Gunter, Joseph Hale, 
Charles A.' Holt, E. B. Holt (hom.), 
Horace W. Jackson (bot.), Daniel A. 
Johnson (hom.), M. W. O'Keefe, 
Horatio N. Paige, John F. Pratfc, J. 
M. Putnam, C. H. Shackford, Chas. 
H. Walker (hom.), Albert P. Weeks, 
William G. Wheeler. Cheshire, 
Henry T. Phillips, Mrs. Truman G. 
Phillips. Chester, J. M. Fay, H. A. 
Fiske, H. S. Lucas. Chesterfield, 
Dwight W. Streeter. Chicopee, W. 
R. Bartlett (hom.), F. F. Dole, Geo. 
W. Dresser, F. F. Parker, William 

G. Smith. Chicopee Falls, Samuel 
Alvord (hom.), William J. Sawin, 
John R. Wilbur. North Adams, 
Clarksburg, Henry Davis. Clinton, 

C. A. Brooks (hom.). George W. 
Burditt, George M. Morse, F\ T. 
O'Brien, J. Warner. Cohasset, J. 

B. Harvey, Gustavus P. Pratt. Col- 
rain, O. H. Lamb. Concord, Henry 



[VOL. i. 

A. Barrett, Josiah Bartlett, James 

A. Cook (horn.), E. W. Emerson. 
Conway, E. D. Hamilton, D. T. Vin- 
ing (horn.)- Cummington, A. H. 
Kimball. Dalton, Henry Ferre, R. 
H. Neefus, Jr., W. S. Watson. North 
Dana, M. L. Lindsey. Danvers, P. 
M. Chase, W. W. Eaton, E. 0. Fow- 
ler, David A. Grosvenor, Lewis 
Whiting (horn.). Danvers Port, D. 
H. Batckelder. Tapleyville, I. K. 
Bascom. Dartmouth, Francis W. 
Mason, L. S. Smith. S. Dartmouth, 
Francis D. Bartlett. Dedham, J. 
W. Chase, I. S. Fogg, J. C. French, 
J. P. Mavnard, Geo. A. Southgate 
(horn.). E. Dedham, William G. 
Ware (horn.). Deeriield, Ransom M. 
Porter. South Deerfield, Geo. N.* 
Eead. Dennis Port, David R. Ginn. 
South Dennis, C. M. Hulbut 
(hom.). Dighton, Charles Talbot. 
East Douglas, A. E. Kemp, 
Levi White. Dudley, Silas F. Lind- 
sey. Duxbury, James Wilde. East 
Bridge water, Daniel Chaplin, C. W. 
Harris, Asa Millett, Samuel A. Orr. 
Easthampton, F. C. Green, William 
M. Trow," Joseph W. Winslow. N. 
Easton, George Brett (eel.), George 

B. Cogswell, A. Smith (clair.), J. J. 
Swan. F. E. Tilden. South Easton, 
D. M. Randall. Edgartown, Edwin 
Mayberry, John Pierce. Oak Bluffs, 
David R. Ginn, C. A. Tinker. Vine- 
yard Grove, William Leach, J. D. 
O'Connell. Enfield, S. R. Towne, 
Erving, E. T. Litch (hot.). Esses, 
William H. Hall (eel.), John D. 
Lovering. Everett, J. B. Everett, 
Levi Pierce (hom.), L. A. Richmond, 
J. F. Wakefield. Fairhavon, Geo. 
Atwood, Isaac Fairchild. Fall Riv- 
er, John H. Abbot, J. M. Aldrich 
(hot.). C. S. Bates (cancer), S. W. 
Bowen, Thos. A. Capen (hom.), Mrs. 
Naomi Clair (clair.), John L. Clarke 
(hom.), Chas. W. Copeland, R. T. 
Davis, Josiah F. Day, Wm. Din- 
woodie, J. Dobson, Levi Dodge 
(hom.), Jerome D welly, George S. 
Eddy, Michael Folcv, B. J. Handy, 
Jas. W. Hartley, N. D. Hathaway, A. 
M. Jackson, J. H. Jackson, D. M. 
Johnson, Felix V. Marissal, Alfred 
Mignault, R. G. Mooihead, J. Red- 

fearn, Jr., V. Roudiez, T. P. Ryan, 
Isaac Smith, Jr., T. D wight Stow 
(hom.), A. J. Sullivan, C. C. Terry, 
John Q. A. Tourtelott, Mrs. M. 

E. Tucker, T. S. Vose, D. W. Van- 
der Burg, J. B. Whitaker, Ezra 
R.Wilbur (clair.). Falmouth, Ly- 
man H. Luce, C. N. Thayer (hom.). 
Fitchburg, H. K. Bennett, Hubbard 
H. Brigham (eel.), Mrs. Sarah C. 
Brigham, George D. Colony, J. P. 
Foley, Alfred O. Hitchcock, George 
JeAvett, Alfred Miller, Miss L. C. 
Mosier (elec.), Levi Pillsbury, 
Charles H. Rice, A. W. Sidney (eel. 1 ), 

F. H. Thompson, Daniel B. Whittier 
(hom.), Benj. B. Williams (clair.), 
D. S. Woodworth. Foxborough, 
Lemuel Dickerman, Wm. A. Dick- 
erman (hom.), J. G. S. Hitchcock, 
Isaac Smith. E. Foxborough, Mrs. 
O. Morse (clair.). Framinghain,Z.B. 
Adams, G. M. Howe, Otis 0. Johnson. 
Saxonville, Henry Cowles, Geo. H. 
Holman. South Framingham, G. L. 
Beard (eel.), J. M. Coburn (hom.), 
George E. Hobbs. Franklin, Shad- 
rach Atwood, Jacob Blake (hom.), 
George King, John H. McGregor, 
William B. Nolen. Freetown, Henry 
H. Sproat. Gardner, R. F. Andrews, 
James Emerson, G. W. Garland 
(eel.), W. W. Gleason (hom.), David 
Parker, Edward J. Sawyer. South 
Gardner, M. S. Walcott (hom.). 
Georgetown, Ralph C. Huse, R. B. 
Root. Riverside, N. B. Sornborger 
(bot.). Gloucester, Thomas Conant 
(hom.), Herman E. Davidson, Al- 
bert S. Garland, Joseph Garland, 
Charles II. Hildreth, H. P. Huntoon 
(eel.), Mrs. Abbie S. Morse (hom.), 
George Morse (hom.), J. R. Smitn, 
George B. Stevens. East Glouces- 
ter, Edward S. Eveleth. Annis- 
quam, J. Franklin Dyer. Lanes- 
ville, Levi Saunders, Samuel L. 
Young. Grafton, Thos. T. Griggs, 
Frederick A. Jewett. New England 
Village, W. E. Rice. Farnumsville, 
W. B. Maxwell, Thomas Wiimot. 
Saundersville, F. Keudrick. Granby, 
C. B. Smith. Granville Corners, 
C. W. Bowen. West Granville, G. 
Clark. Great Barrington, Samuel 
Camp, Clarkson T. Collins, E. A. 




Kemp, William H. Parks, J. H. Pen- 
niman (horn.), W. P. Small, Har- 
low A. Van Deusen (horn.), Housa- 
tonic, Tlieo. Giddings. Van Deusen- 

ville, Giles S. HuletJ. Greenfield, 

Claflin (horn.), A. C. Deane, Chas. 
L. Fisk (eel.), Charles L. Fisk, Jr. 
(eel.), J. W. D. Osgood, William S. 
Severance (horn.), James W. Thom- 
son (horn.), F. Ulrich, A. C. Walker, 
Thomas Womersley, Mrs. William 
Wunsch. Groton, Miles Spaulding, 
David R. Steere, E. H. Winslow. 
Groveland, Morris Spofford, Louis 
A. Woodbury. Hadley, Franklin 
Bonney. Halifax, George W. Wat- 
eon. Hamilton, J. L. Robinson. 
Hanover, John O. French, Wood- 
bridge R. Howe. Hanson, J. B. 
Fisher. Thomas S. Flavel (horn.). 
Hard vick, Almon M. Orcntt. Gil- 
bertville, W. C. Haven. Harvard, 
Jacob S. Eaton, J. Q. A. McColles- 
ter, J. H. Robinson. Harwich, 
George N. Muusell. Harwich Port, 
J. W. Clift, B. D. Eidridge. West 
Harwich, John Stetson. Hatfield, 

C. M. Bartoi. Haverhill, I. E. 
~ Chase (horn.), O. D. Cheney, George 

Cogswell, William Cogswell, W. 

D. Collins, John Crowell, Sidney 
Drinkwater, Mrs. D. Drury, Otis 
Fernald, Kendall Flint, Charles F. 
Foye, James C. How, C. H. Hunk- 
ing, M. L. Jack, O. H. Johnson, O. 
S. Lovejoy, J. O. Moore (horn.), B. 
A. Sawyer, B. E. Sawyer, C. M. 
Sawyer, J. Snell, C. A. Stevens, F. 
J. Stevens, S. K. Towle, A. Wares. 
Heath, Fred. Temple (bot.). Hing- 
ham, C. H. Colburn, H E. Spalding 
(horn.), J. Winthrop Spooner. So. 
Hingkam, J. E. Harlow. Hinsdale, 
Simeon P. Dresser, Elisha Williams. 
Holbrook, I. F. Fisher, J. B. Kings- 
bury. Holden, Joseph S. Ames. 
Holliston, Hiram Lake (bot.), Chas. 

E. Spring, A. J. Stevens. Holyoke, 
Charles Blodget, Mrs. M. A. Bray 
(bot.), C. O. Carpenter, N. B. Chase, 
George W.Davis, A. J. Des Rivieres, 
E. L. Draper, L. F. Humeston, Law- 
son Long, Moses Mitivier, S. Myers, 
James J. O'Conor, F. X. Patoil, 
James M. Pease, A. F. Reed, G. H. 
Smith (horn.), L. M. Tuttle, J. U. 

Woods (hom.). Hopkinton, George 
S. Albee (hom.), Jefferson Pratt, 
L. L. Scammell, George A. Warren. 
Hubbardston, A. Jowett (eel.), H. 
O. Palmer. Hudson, C. H. Barnes, 
J. L. Harrimau, J. H. Longenecker, 
Huntington, Jas.N. Dickson (hom.), 
E. D. Hutchinson (hom ), Milo Wing 
(bot.). HydoPark, Chas. Edwards- 
Willard S. Everett, Francis L. Ger, 
aid (eel.), C. C. Hayes, Charles 
Sturtevant, T. F. Sumner (hom.). 
Ipswich, I. H. Franklin, Y. G. Hurd, 
Charles Palmer, W. E. Tucker. 
Kingston, William C. Hall, Henry 
N. Jones. Lancaster, A. D. Edge- 
comb, J. L. S. Thompson. Lanes- 
borough, Wm. Paddock. Lawrence, 
J. Q. Adams, Benjamin Benoit, 
Worcester, E. Boynten, Charles G. 
Carleton, C. N. Chamberlain, Henry 
M. Chase, John W. Crawford, David 
Dana (hom.), A. J. French (hom.), 
George W. Garland, S. W. Harrison, 
Mary J. Hill (bot.), J. M. Home, 
Daniel Humphrey (hom.), Mrs. M. 

B. Kenney, Moses B. Kenney (eel.), 
William D. Lamb. J. S. Lavelle, 
Charles Lloyd, William H. Lougee 
(»hom.), James A. Magee, T. H. Man- 
ley, John G. McAllister, C. A. 
Mooers, Benj. F. Moulton, Michael 
Roberts, P. L. Sanborn, G. W. Sar- 
gent, C. W. Scott (hom.), G. E. 
Smith, E. H. Sprague, C. S. Stanley 
(scientific), Timothy Sullivan, Chas. 

C. Talbot, Isaac Tewksbury, Mrs. 
L. S. Thompson (Ind. eel.), M. A. 
Wilcox, Eugene S. Yates, J. D. 
Young (ccl.). Lee, C. E. Heath, 
Clifford C. Holcomb, C. W. 
Stratton (hom.), D. M. Wilcox, 
Eliphalet Wright. Leicester, Geo. 
O. Warner. Rochdale, A. Rosen- 
thall (hom.). Lenox, R. C. Green- 
leaf. Leominster, H. R. Brown 
(hom.), C. C. Field, H. P. Hall, 
George W. Pierce, A.T.StahLChas. 
A. Wheeler (eel.). Leverett, David 
Rice. Lexington, Abel B. Adams, 
William J. Currier, G. T. Haw- 
thorne, Howland Holmes. Leyden, 
O. A. Wheeler (eel.). Lincoln, Hen- 
ry C. Chapin. Littleton, R. H. 
Phelps. Longmeadow, Thomas L. 
Chapman. East Longmeadow, E. 



[VOL. I. 

S. Beebe, Ralph P. Markham (eel.). 
Lowell, Ezra B. Aldrich, Nathan 
Allen, Rachel H. Allyn, Prescott S. 
Ayer (bot.), Solon Bartlett (bot.) 
William Bass, Joseph X. Baudry. 
Benjamin Benoit, H. H. Browne, 
Walter Burnham, Albert Buswell 
(horn.), Abner W. Buttrick, Lysan- 
der Chandler (eel.), M. L. Cleaves 
(clair.), E. A. Colby (horn.), J.J. 
Colton, Nathaniel Cutler, James 
Daly, Thomas J. Day (bot.), D. A. 
Dow, Cyrus M. Fisk, Lorenzo S. 
Fox, John H. Gilman, John O. 
Green, Mary A. Hall, James M. 
Harmon, C. Henotte, A. S. Herrick, 
Wm. M. Hoar, Mrs. Annie L. Hobart 
(clair.), Daniel Holt, H. M. Hunter 
(horn.), Leonard Huntress, Jr., John 
C. Irish, C. S. Jackson, William 
Jackson, L. W. Jenness (bot.), Gil- 
man Kimball, P. Larochelle, A. W. 
Lavigne, Walter H. Leighton, C. 
H. Leland (horn.), Sarah A. Lurvy 
(bot.), Jos. A.Masta(ecl.),Mrs.P.C. 
Moore (bot.), Franklin Nickerson, 
George C. Osgood, E. H. Packer 
(horn.), J. P. Painter, Daniel Par- 
ker, Moses G. Parker, Mrs. L, M. 
Parmenter (clair.), David N. Pat- 
terson, John W. Pearson, Arthur Q. 
Phelan, George H. Pillsbury, Geo. 

E. Piukham, F. C. Plunkett, S. K. 
Porter, Mrs. N. A. Prescott (bot.), 
Charles A. Savory, T. P. Shaw, B. 

F. Simpson, Hermon J. Smith, Jo- 
seph H. Smith, Joel Spalding, C. H. 
Stanley (horn.), A.Thompson (horn.), 
M. E. Thompson (bot.), E. W. True- 
worthy, F. A. Warner, W. H. 
Weeks (horn.), Daniel K. Winn 
(bot.), J. M. Winslow, Mrs. Mary 
P. Wright. Lunenburg, Joseph 
Hale (horn.). Lynn, C. A. Ahearne, 
F. W. A. Bergengren, Henry W. 
Boynton (horn.), Charles L. Brown, 
Cceleb Burnham, E. T. Batman 
(elec), Mrs. E. T. Butman (elec), 
George Cahill, James Clark (eel.), 
S. W. Clark, A. N. Cushing 
(horn.), R. F. Dearborn, David F. 
Drew, A. G. Eddy (scientist), John 
S. Emerson, Miss Martha J. Flan- 
ders (bom.), Isaac F. Galloupe, J. 
W. Goodell, Mrs. L. B. Gurney 
(elec), Mrs. E. H. Hawks, Mrs. 

I. P. Haywood (horn.), L. A. In- 
galls, C. A. Lovejoy, J. A. McAr- 
thur, J. McMahon, G. W. Musso 
(ecl.),EdwardNewhall, R. K. Noycs, 
Daniel Perley, B. C. Phillips (mag- 
netic), Joseph G. Pinkham, W. B. 
Ramsdell (bot.), S. A. Toothaker, 
J. C. Weeks (cancer), Mrs. M. E. B. 
Welch, George S. Woodman. Mai- 
den, L. M. Barker, John A. Burpee 
(hom.), William G. Dawes (horn.), 
Nathan French, Nathaniel G. Ladd, 
George B. Sawtelle (hom.), Charles 

B. Shute, John L. Sullivan, Jr., 
Alonzo Towle, Peleg Wadsworth, 
Jr. Maplewood, C. W. Hackett. 
Manchester, Geo. A. Priest. Mans- 
field, W. G. Allen, F. E. Perry 
(hom.), J. B. Wilson (clair.). Mar- 
blehead, Peter J. Ballard (clair- 
voyant), Philemon Eveleth, S. C. 
Knight, M. V. B. Morse (hom.). 
Marion, H. H. Luce, Henry C. Vose, 
(hom.). Marlborough, E. F. Barnes, 
J. Campbell (eel.), Nathan S. Cham- 
berlain, E. F. Hincks- (hom.), Carl 
Metcalf, Charles Putnam, Miss Sarah 
A. Rice, S. S. Shepard, J. A. Trem- 
blay, Mrs. J. D. Wheeler. Marshfield, 

C. P. French. East Marshfield, 
Joseph W. Hager. Mattapoisett, 
William E. Sparrow. Maynard, 
N. H. Scoot. Medfield, O. R. Kel- 
sey, John H. Richardson. Medford, 
Charles V. Bemis, James C. Dorr, 
James Hedenberg (hom.), Pearl 
Martin, H. H. Pillsbury. West 
Medford, J. L. Coffin (hom.). Med- 
way, J. C. Gallison, A.. LeBaron 
Monroe. West Medway, C. A. Be- 
mis, James A. Gale (hom.), C. W. 
Lynn. Melrose, Solomon C. Atwood 
(clair.), J. R. Barss, J. S. Clarke, 
William A. Hatch, J. Heber Smith 
(hom.), J. Vincent Smith. Mendon, 
John G. Metcalf. Merrimac, I. B. 
Bolton, J. H. Cushing, Oscar F. 
Seavey. Methuen, C. A. Goldsmith, 
James Pierce, George E. Woodbury. 
Middleborough, S. Chap in (hom.), 
Wm. W. Comstock, E. W. Drake, T, 
Hodgdon (hom.), Amos Paun, T. S. 

D. Royce (eel.). North Middle- 
borough, B. F. Harris. So. Middle- 
borough, J. F. Shurtleff. Middlefield, 

E. G. Wheeler. Middleton, E. S. 




Phelps. Milford, Jolm Barnes, W. 
J. Clarke, J. J. Corcoran, John M. 
Eaton, Allen C. Fay, J. A. Fay, 
Charles Maokin, William M. Parker, 
E. A. Pratt (cl air.), Dwight Russell, 

C. Schaeffer (horn.). Hopedale, E. 
Gay (bom.). Millbury, Robt. Booth,- 
William H. Lincoln, C. C. Slocomb 
(horn.), George C. "Webber. Milton, 
Christopher C. Holmes, Mrs. M. A. 
Wood (bot.). Monson, George E. 
Fuller, Alvin Smith. Montague, 
Anson Cobb (bot.), E. A. Deane. 
Millers Falls, C. W. Stockman. 
Montague City, E. C. Coy, Daniel 
Wilder (horn.). Turner's Falls, F. 
Ulrich. Monterey, E. B. Brodhead 
(horn.). Nantucket. Franklin A. 
Ellis (horn.), John B. King, C. D. 
Marsh, B. F. Pitman. Natick, Geo. 
Beard (eel.), Marshall L. Brown, C. 
H. Cook, S. K. Harriman, A. E. 
Hoyt, J. W. Johnson, J. J. Reardon, 
Charles E. Walker (horn.), J. H. 
Wright. South Natick, G. J. Town- 
send. Needham, Albert D. Kings- 
bury, H. T. Mansfield, A. E. Miller. 
Grantville, Isaac H. Hazelton. 
Wellesley, U. O. B. Wingate. New 
Ashford, Eliza White (bot.). New 
Bedford, Edward P. Abbe, Daniel 

A. Babcock (horn. ), Miss R. A. Chan- 
ning (cancer), Mrs. Lorena Cluab- 
buck, Henry B. Clarke (horn.), Mrs. 
Susan Clayton, A. Cornish, J. D'Au- 
ray, William A. Gordon, Stephen 
W. Hayes, A. M. Higgins (eel.), 
Frederick H. Hooper, George T. 
Hough, B. C. Howland (horn.), J. 
Henry Jennings (surgeon), Henry 
Johnson, Philip J. Learning (eel.), 
John H. Mackie, Felix J. Matthes 
(horn.), E. H. Noble (horn.), A. Mar- 
tin Pierce, Charles D. Prescott, 
Robert G. Reed, Arthur Ricketson, 
Edward R. Sisson (horn.), John 
Spare, Charles L. Spencer, Charles 

D. Stickney, Charles L. Swasey, 
Job Sweet & Son (bone-setters), W. 
H. Taylor, Edward T. Tucker, J. J. 

B. Vermyne (oculist), Edwin E. 
Waite, Daniel Wilder. New Brain- 
tree, S. H. Anderson (bot.). Byheld, 
Daniel T. Plumer. South Byneld, 
Martin Root. Newburyport, Enoch 
Cross, E. P. Cummings (horn.), A. 

B. Dearborn, JobT. Dickens (eel.), 
J. B. M. Dickens (eel.), David Foss 
(hom.), Wesley W. Frost, S. M. 
Gale (hom.), Jas. J. Healey, Eugene 
Howard, F. A. Flo we, Edward P. 
Hurd, George Montgomery, Mrs. 
Annie M. Poole (eel.), George W. 
Snow, Daniel Spofford, James A. Til- 
ton, J. A. True (eel.), John F. Young. 
New Marlborough, Julius A. Rising. 
Mill River, Seth Pease. New Sa- 
lem, George Pierce. Cooleyville, 
W. M. Wright. North Prescott, J. 
P. Bixby. Newton, H. M. Field, 
Jesse F. Frisbee, T. S. Keith (hom.), 
E. P. Scales (hom.), Alfred A. 
Stocker, L. R. Stone, W. F. Teulon 
(eel.), James Utley (hom.). Au- 
burndale, S. M. Logan, F. E., Por- 
ter. Lower Falls, F. D. Lord. 
Newton Centre, J. H. Bodge, R. P. 
Loring, S. A. Sylvester (hom.). 
Highlands, J. R. Deane. Newton- 
ville, Otis E. Hunt, Daniel W. 
Jones, M. J. Rhees (hom.). Upper 
Falls, W. H.Hildreth,Eben Thomp- 
son (hom.). West Newton, F. E. 
Crockett (hom.), A. Nott, F. L. 
Thayer, A. W. Whitney. North- 
ampton, H. J. Cate (hom.), Edward 

E. Denniston (hydro.), Dunlap & 
Stoddard, Pliny Earle (superintend- 
ent State Insane Asylum), Samuel 

A. Fisk, Thomas Giltillan, L. G. E. 
Gouin, E. W. Higbee (hom.), C. L. 
Knowlton, O. O. Roberts (hom.), C. 
Seymour, Robert Talbot, Austin W. 
Thompson, Dan'l Thompson. Flor- 
ence, J. B. Learned, L. Smith 
(clair.). North Andover, William 
J. Dale, Jos. Kittredge, Chas. P. Mor- 
rill. Northborough, Henry Barnes, 
Henry A. Jewett, J. J. Johnson. 
Whitinsville, Northbridge, R. R. 
Clark. North Brookfield, Warren 
Tyler, W. F. Witter. Northfield, 
M. S. Mead, R. C. Ward. Norton, 
Benjamin M. Rounds. Norwood, 

F. M. Cragin (hom.), D. S. Fogg, 
Rogers. Oakham, Brig- 
ham. Orange, Edward Barton, S. 
J. Birch (eel.), O. M. Drury, J. H. 
Goddard, I. T. Johnson (ecL), E. P. 
Stimpson, J. L. Wyman. Orleans, 

B. F. Seabury, Timothy Wilson. 
Otis, H. C. Champlain (hom.), C. B. 



[VOL. i. 

King. Oxford, David Holman, Sam- 
uel C. Paine, Charles Rawson (bot.). 
Palmer, William Holbrook, W. H. 
Stowe, J. K. Warren (horn.). Thorn- 
dike, Granville E. Barstow, J. B. 
Thomas. Three Rivers, Silas Bug- 
gies. Peabody, D. M. Eliot, G. M. 
Frost, George W. Haley, F. G. Kit- 
tredge (surgeon), George Osborne, 
George S. Osborne, C. C. Pike, F. S. 
Worcester (bom.). Amherst, Pel- 
ham, H. Reed. North Pembroke, 
Pembroke, Francis Collamore. Bry- 
antville, A. W. Whitmarsh. Pep- 
perell, Samuel W. Fletcher, Will- 
iam E. Heald, James M. Stickney. 
Petersham, Luther O. Martin. Pitts- 
field, J. F. A. Adams, Almon N. Al- 
len, Charles Bailey (horn.), George 
Beda'rd, Miss Seraph Frisseli, C. H. 
Marshall, William M. Mercer, Chas. 
D. Mills, Frank K. Paddock, Will- 
iam L. Paddock, 0. S. Roberts, A. 
M. Smith, W. E. Vermilye, Lorenzo 
Waite, W. H. Wentworth (horn.), 
James II. Wheeler (horn.). Plain- 
field, Daniel E. Thayer. Plymouth, 
James B. Brewster, Benjamin Hub- 
bard, Alexander Jackson, John J. 
Shaw (horn.), Russell Tomlinson 
(horn.). Piympton, Josiah S. Ham- 
mond. Princeton, Josiah O. West 
(eel.). Proviucetown, E. P. Bout- 
well, John M. Crocker, A, H. New- 
ton. Quincy, L. F. Butler (horn.), 
John II. Gilbert, J. A. Gordon, Jas. 
Morison, William S. Pattee, J. W. 
Small, James A. Stetson, Joseph 
Underwood (horn.). Quincy Point, 
J. F. Harlow. Wollaston, Miss M. 
K. Gale, Winthrop Sargent. Ran- 
dolph, Ebenezer Alden, Emory A. 
Allen (bot.), W.M. Babbitt (horn.), 
A. L. Chase (eel.), T. T. Cushman, 
C. C. Farnham. Reading, Francis 
F. Crown, Miss Sarah A. Colby 
(hom.), John O. Dow, J. H. Hana- 
ford (hom.), William Knight (hom.), 
W. H. Willis. Rehoboth, George H, 
Randall, Menzies R. Randall. Re- 
vere, O. G. Ross. Richmond, S. M. 
Reynolds. Rockland, T.J. Beamish. 
J. C. Gleason, L. T. Hey wood (hom.), 
Mrs. J. A. W. Winslow. Rockport, 
Joseph Manning, John E. Sanborn. 
Pigeon Cove, A. M. Tupper. Row- 

ley, Benjamin W. Bartlett. Royals- 
ton, Frank W. Adams. So. Royals- 
ton, H. O. Adams (bot.). Rutland, 
James G. Shannon. Salem, Reuben 
Barron (eel.), P. P. Bielby, H. K. 
Bryant, (bot.), Mrs. L. M. Buxton 
(clair.), Charles A. Carlton, S. M. 
Cate (hom.), Wm. M. Cate, David 
Choate, David Coggin, Miss Sarah 
H. Cross (magnetic), A. S. Dudley, 
Joseph P. Fessenden, Edward Fitz- 
gerald, H. J. Garrhey, S. H. Hol- 
brook (magnetic), A. H. Johnson, 
Arthur Kemble, Thomas Kittredge, 
Colby Lamb, William Mack, Nathan 
R. Morse (hom.), William Neilson, 
George A. Perkins, Henry E. Pope, 
Elisha Quimby, E. Hervey Quimby, 
S. Foster Quimby, Sarah E. Shear- 
man (hom.), Octavius B. Shreve, 
James Stone, Jr., A. J. Thompson, 
Mary E. Breed Welch, Samuel H. 
Worcester (hom.). Amesbury, R. 
B. Carswcll, W. S. Gannett (bot.), C. 
A. Norton (hom.). New Boston, 
A. D. Bushnell. Montville, Henry 
Mellen (bot.). Sandwich, W. M. 
Bass, M. F. Delano, J. W. Hobart 
(hom.), Jonathan Leonard, H. Rus- 
sell. East Saugus, D. S. Allen. 
Saugus Centre, W. D. Corken (hom.). 
Cliftondale, A. O. Hamilton. Savoy, 
Merritt A. Bowen. Scituate, Frank 
T. Vinal. Scituate Centre, Charles 
H. Davie. North Scituate, Geo. L. 
Newcomb. Sharon, Amasa D. Ba- 
con. Sheflield, S. R. Kellogg, Oliver 
Peck, H. H. Smith, Horace D. Train 
(hom.). Ashley Falls, John Scoville. 
Shelburne, F. J. Canedy, C. M. Dun- 
can. Sherburne Falls, Theo. Foote 
(hom.), E. R. Morgan (hom.), H. G. 
Morton (bot.), C. E. Severance (eel.). 
Sherborn, Albert H. Blanchard, 
George Wm. Dennett (hom.). Shir- 
ley, James O. Parker. A. A. Piymp- 
ton. Shrewsbury, Franklin . W. 
Brigham. Somerset, Frank A. Mor- 
rill, Frank A. Shurtleff. Somerville, 
A. H. Carvill (hom.), Horace Cha- 
pin, C. W. Cheever (eel.), John F. 
Couch, William W. Dow, Mrs. E. S. 
Fenno (hydro.), W. K. Fletcher 
(hom.), Eben Jackson, Edward H. 
Weston, E. L. White. E. SomerviDe, 
N. G. Davis, Sanford Hanscomb, 




H. P. Hemenway (horn.), John L. 
Lothrop, E. A. Sanborn, H. C. 
White. North Somerville, R. L. 
Lane (horn.), Reuben Willis. West 
Somerville, J. B. Gould. South 
Abington, H. F. Copoland, B. F. 
Hasting. Southhampton, Samuel 
E. Thayer. Southborough, J. Hen- 
ry Robinson. South bridge, The- 
ophile Belanger, George G. Bul- 
fmch, S. C. Hartwell, H. D. 
West (eel.), Schuyler Whitney 
(horn.), L. C. Wilson (horn.). Globe 
Village, L. W. Curtis, Franklin 
Gouthier. South Hadley, A. D. H. 
Kelsey (seminary), William Lester. 
South Hadley Falls, G. Cox, G. G. 
Hitchcock (horn.). South Scituate, 
N. P. Brownell. Southwick, Jos. 
W. Rockwell. Spencer, O. S. Chap- 
man, Mark Fontaine, Marcus Hall, 
C. A. Kingsbury (horn.), I. Verner, 
Edward M. Wheeler, E. R. Wheeler. 
Springfield, Nathan Adams, E. M. 
Baldwin, J. C. Beach, John Black- 
mar, S. W. Bowles, T. F. Breck, W. 
G. Breck (surgeon), L. S. Brooks, 
S. D. Brooks, N. L. Buck, Marshall 
Calkins, C. C. Chaffee, Frederick W. 
Chapin, Jefferson Church, David 
Clark, H. A. Collins (horn.), Luke 
Corcoran (horn.), John L. Dale 
(horn.), George Dutton (eel.), Eliza 
Ellen wood, R. G. W. English, Benj. 
Fagnant (eel.), G. E. Foster, Will- 
iam W. Gardner, T. E. Hamilton, 
John Hooker, Chauncy A. Jacobs, 
Horace Jacobs (eel.), Charles P. 
Kemp, Mrs. C. M. Kennedy, Alfred 
Lambert, S. Lawton, Jr., Samuel 
N. Levey, C. A. Manson (horn.), 
A. S. McLean, George C. McLean, 
L. McFarland (horn.), William B. 
Miller, D. G. Overand, V. L. Owen, 
Daniel Peabody, S. F. Pomeroy, 
A. R. Rice, C. H. Rice, F. E. Rice, 
David P. Smith, Frederick A. Smith, 
Phebe A. Sprague, George S. Steb- 
bins, H. G. Stickney, P. LeB. Stick- 
ney, Henry R. Vaille, William H. 
Viney (eel.), Henry Warner (eel.), 
William H. White, Miss S. J. Will- 
iams, W. H. A. Young. Indian 
Orchard, N. Bastow, Alfred C. De- 
sautelle, Samuel F. Smith. Ster- 
ling, Herbert Shurtleff. Stockbridge, 

Lucius S. Adams, Knicker- 
bocker, L. Miller, George Vining. 
Glenclale, T. J. Warner (horn.). 
Stoneham, Symington W. Brown, 
A. 11. Cowdrey, Richard Hodgdon, 
(horn.), W. E. Knight (horn.), Will- 
iam F. Stevens, Winthrop F. Ste- 
vens. Stoughton, Mrs. M. P. Curtis 
(hom.), W. E. C. Swan, Simeon 
Tucker, C. S. Young. East Stough- 
ton, S. S. Gifford. Stow, Abel C. 
Livermore. Sturbridge, Ebenezer 
Witter. Fiskdale, L. Allen (hom.), 
G. R. Parkhurst, A. B. Rice. So. 
Sudbury, L. Goodenough, Geo. A. 
Oveatt, Jr. Sunderland, C. G. Trow, 
N. G. Trow. Sutton, A. O. Robbins. 
Swampscott, William B. Chase, H. 
Colman, R. B. Jordan. Swanzey, 
Jas. L. Wellington (bot.). Taunton, 
J. S. Andrews (eel.), G. Barrows 
(hom.), Elton J. Basset, J. B. Chase, 
A. Sumner Deane, W. H. Gage (first 
asst. at asylum), F. C. Galligan, 
Jos. W. Hayward (hom.), Charles 
Howe, Charles T. Hubbard, S. P. 
Hubbard (and surgeon), Caroline 
A. Hurd (hom.), M. Hutchinson, 
(second assistant at asylum), Elijah 
U. Jones (hom.), F. F. Moore, 
Joseph Murphy, J. D. Nichols, 
Nomus Paige, Silas D. Presbrey, W. 
S. Robinson, Caleb Swan, Joseph 
H. Westcott, Henry B. Wheelwright, 
Alfred Wood. Templeton, Joseph 
C. Batchelder, A. S. Tobin. Bald- 
winville, W. F. Southard. Vineyard 
Haven, M. Brown, Winthrop Butler, 
William Leach. West Tisbury, W. 
H. Luce, William P. Walker. Tops- 
field, Justin Allen. Townsend, J. 
C. Towne. West Townsend, R. B. 
Boynton. Truro, C. A. Eastman (eel.), 
Erastus Emery. Tyngsborough, 
Charles Dutton. Tyringham, John 
W. Wilson (hom.). Upton, George 
W. Ward, Jerome Wilmarth (hom.). 
Uxbridge, A. W. Bennet, James W. 
Robbins, C. A. Wilcox. Wakefield, 
S. W. Abbott, Azel Ames, E. P. 
Colby (hom.), Charles Jordan, John 
R. Mansfield. Walpole, A. J. Run- 
nels, Silas E. Stone. Waltham, B. 
F. D. Adams, Erving S. Hall, E. R. 
Cutler, F. R. C. Kittredge, Theodore 
Kittredge, C. J. McCormick, J. H. 




[VOL. i. 

McDonald, Miss Emily Metcalf 
(horn.), R. S. Warren, John W. 
Willis, Edward Worcester (horn.). 
Ware, Henry S. Davis (hom.), P. 
D uquct, C. Estes, C. S. Millette, D. 
W. Miner, E. C. Richardson, John 
Yale. Wareham, Benjamin Fearing, 
J. B. Robinson (horn.), Fred. A. Saw- 
yer. E. Wareham, Mrs. M. Hatha- 
way. Warren, J. H. Carmichael 
(horn.), Clarence I. Cutter, A. B. 
De Land, J. W. Hastings. War- 
wick, Samuel P. French. Water- 
town, Mrs. L. B. Atwood, Alfred 
Hosmer, D. T. Huckins, Mary E. 
Mack (mes.), M. McCarthy, L. B. 
Morse, L. A. Phillips, Samuel Rich- 
ardson. Wayland, J. McLean Hay- 
ward. Cochituate, C. H. Boody. 
Webster, G. A. Adams (horn.), F. A. 
Bosworth, F. D. Brown, E. G. Bur- 
nett, L. A. Corbeil, George W. Em- 
erson, Albert Roy. Wellfleet, J. G. 
Johnson (eel.), W.N. Stone. Wendell, 
Orin Andrews. Wenham, John L. 
Robinson. Westborough, F. E. Corey, 
Wm. Curtis, E. B. Harvey, C. W. 
Styles. West Boylston, L. Lafre- 
miere, Warren Pierce, G. W. Warren. 
Oakdale, E. C. Peck. W. Bridge- 
water, Cochesett, Jas. C. Swan. W. 
Brookiield, A. G. Blodgett, Geo. F. 
Forbes (horn.), J. B. Tanguay. West- 
field, George Andrews, William 0. 
Bell, E. C. Clarke, L. Congdon (In- 
dian), C. W. Fitch, P. J. Flanagan, 
Harlow Gamwell, C. N. Germaiue, 
W. H. Harding (horn.), James Hol- 
land, Norfolk, G. W. Packard, 

M. L. Robinson, George G. Tucker, 
J. II. Waterman. Westford, E. C. 
Atwood, Wm. A. Webster. West- 
hampton, Henry L. Blair. West- 
minster, George B. Swasey, W. 
Henry II. Shepard. West Newbury, 
D. L. Ambrose (eel.), Orin Warren. 
Weston, O. R. Hall, John Smith- 
wick. Westport, Luther D. Kidder, 
John B. Parris (horn.). W. Spring- 
field, H. Bartholomew (eel.), Her- 
bert C. Belden, H. H. Dubois. W. 
Stockbridge, Wm. W. Leavitt. Wey- 
mouth, F. F. Forsaith, Mrs, T. E. 
Goodwin, W. F. Hathaway (horn.), 
G. W. Tinkham. E. Weymouth, G. 
W. Fay, J. C. Frazier, I. C. Guptill, 

N. Q. Tirrell. North Weymouth, 
R. E. Brown. South Weymouth, 
J. F. Fitzgerald, M. R. Greelev, C. 

C. Tower. Whately, S. W. Hannum. 
Williamsburg, D. Palmer. Hayden- 
ville, J. Greenleaf. Williamstown, 
Samuel Duncan, Ed. E. Mather, 
Henry L. Sabin, Andrew M. Smith. 
Wilmington, James P. Eliott. Win- 
chendon, Robert W. Geddes (eel.), 
N. R, Perkins (horn.), F. W. Russell, 
Ira Russell. Winchester, John L. 
Coffin (horn.), D. H. Lovejny, D. 
W. Wight, Frederick Winsor. Win- 
throp, Samuel Ingalls, Horace S. 
Soule. Woburn, C. E. Chase, J. J. 
De Noyes, John M. Harlow, B. R. 
Harmon (hom.), G. H. Hutckings 
(eel.), S. W. Kelly, J. W. Moore, T. 
S. Scales (hom.), A. P. Woodman. 
Worcester, John A. Andrews (bot.), 
Mary G. Baker (hom.), George F. 
Balcom, F. Barnard (Thomsonian), 
J. M. Barton (hom.), George A. 
Bates, Joseph N. Bates, M. Bemis 
(home for invalids), Mrs. H. S. 
Blanehard (clair.), F. Brick (hom.), 

D. A. Brown (mag. and eel.), Geo. 
J. Bull, H. W. Buxton (eel.), W. B. 
Chamberlain (hom.), Mrs. B. R. 
Clark (eel.), Henry F. Clarke, B. 
F. Clough, William E. Cole, Chas. 
H. Davis, W. Davis, Eben H. De- 
Land, Mrs. E. A. Dickinson (clair.), 
L. S. Dickson, B. D. Eastman 
(superintendent State Asylum), 
Mrs. L. S. M. Farley (clair.), Edwin 
B. Flagg, Samuel Flagg, G. E. Fran- 
cis, Amos W. Fuller, Thomas H. 
Gage, Helen A. Goodspeed, Charles 
O. Goodwin (hom.), A. K. Gould, L. 
H. Hammond, J. H. Hero, Anson L. 
Hobart, Napoleon Jacques, A. L. 
Johnson (hom.), George A. Jordan, 

F. H. Kelley, W. A. Knight (move- 
ment cure), Mrs. C. E. Leland 
(elec), Mrs. A. M. Manning (eel.), 
John O. Marble, Oramel Martin, 
M. McClearn (analytical), F. J. 
McNulty, Charles L. Nichols (hom. ), 
L. B. Nichols (hom.), Daniel W. 
Niles, Thomas J. O'Sullivan, John 

G. Park (asst. supt. State Asylum), 
Charles H. Perry, S. H. Prentice 
(clair.), Francena E. Porter, H. C. 
Potter (Indian), H. M. Quiniby, W. 




H. Raymenton, J. M. Rice, J. B. 
Rich, B. F. Richardson (eel.), C. B. 
Robbins, J. R. Robillard, Mrs. 
Mary Sanders (clair.), Joseph Sar- 
gent, Edwin Schofield (eel.), J. P. 
Scribncr, F. R. Sibley (horn.), Mrs. 
L. B. Smith (clair.), Mrs. Julia A. 
Spaulding (clair.), R. H. Surles, 
Mrs. T. Sutton (eel.), E. W. Sweet 
(bone-setter), Dean Towue, Emer- 
son Warner, Herbert Warren, Le- 
ander Wesson (bot.), Mrs. E. B. 
Wheeler (Indian), L. Wheeler, Mrs. 
E. A. Willard (eel.), Albert Wood, 
Rufus Woodward, William Work- 
man, Wm. H. Workman. Worth- 

ington, Charles Parsons, 

Seymour. Wrentham, J. Q. Adams, 
George H. Butman. Yarmouth, So. 
Yarmouth, H. Harris, W. J. Nick- 
son. Yarmouth Port, T. B. Pulsifer 
(horn.), W. O. G. Springer. 

Abbreviations.— B. signifies Baptist; C. 

B., Calvinistic Baptist; Oh., Christian; 

C. T., Congregational Trinitarian ; C. U., 

Congregational Unitarian; E., Episcopal; 

F. B., Freewill Baptist; M., Methodist; 

M. E., Methodist Episcopal; N. J., New 

Jerusalem; Pres., Presbyterian; R. C., 

Roman Catholic; S. A., Second Advent; 

Swed., Swedenborgian; Uv., Universal- 


Abington, George E. Freeman (C. 

T.), A. P. Houghtaling (B.), 

McQuade (R. C), C. E. Nash (Uv.), 
Joseph Pettee (Swed.), H. W. 
Wright (Swed.). North Abington, 
J. H. Jones (C. T.). Acton, F. P. 
Wood(C. T.). West Acton, J. C. 
Boomer (B.), I.C. Knowlton. Acush- 

net, Wm Hammond (C. T.), 

Goodyear (M. E.). Long Plain, 
Edw. Wilson (C. B.). Adams, Chas. 
H. Ham (B.), A. B. Jennings (E.), 
G. M. Harmon (Uv.), Edward P. 
McCourt(R.C.),L. T.Price (Cong.), 
T. J. Sullivan (R. C), R. T. Wade 
(M. E.). North Adams, Thomas 
Burgess (E.), C. Crevier (Fr. R. C), 
J. W. Eaton (M. E.), E. S. Foster 
(Uv.), Charles Lynch (R. C), T. T. 
Munger (C. T.), A. E. Osborn (B.), 
T. Smith (R. C). Agawam, George 
H. Pratt (C. T.), A. H. Simons (B.), 
James Sykes (B.). Feeding Hills, 
C. S. Sylvester (C. T.). Alford, H. 

H. Dana (C. T.), W. L. Patterson 
(M. E.). Amesbury, Pliny S. Boyd 
(C. T.), John Brady (R. C). Am- 
herst, W. H. Beaman(C. T.), Francis 
Brennan (R. C), Chester W. Hawley 
(C. T.)t Lawrens P. Hickok (C. t.), 
D.W.Hoyt(B.), M. Kingman (C.T.), 
Amherst, Howard Kingsbury (C. T.), 
J. H. M. Leland (C. T.). C. F. Muz- 
zey (C. T.), J. H. Seelye (C. T.), 
William S. Tyler (C. T.), C. H. 
Waters (M. E.). N. Amherst, D. W. 
Marsh (C. T.). S. Amherst, C. L. 
Walker (C. T.). Andover, Malcolm 
Douglas (E.), James H. Ladd (C.T.), 
James H. Merrill (C. T.), Maurice 
Murphy (R. C), Henry R. Wilbur 
(B.), G. F. Wright (C. t.). Ballard- 
vale, H. S. Green (C. T.), William 
Wignall (M. E.). Arlington, Mat- 
thew Harkins (R. C), William F. 
Potter (Uv.), Charles H. Spaulding 
(C. B.). Ashburnham, D. E. Adams 
(C. T.), W. H. Cook (M. E.). Ashby, 
George S. Shaw (C. U.). Ashfield, 
James Dingwell (C. T.), Lewis 
Green (E.), George A. Willard (B.). 
Ashland, J. S. Cullen (R. C), J. R. 
Cushing (M. E.), Thomas Morang 
(C. T.), N. B. Wilson (B.). Athol, 
E. M. Bartlett (B.), A. F. Herrick 
(M.E.), J. C. Parsons (C.U.). Athol 
Centre, H. A. Blake (C. T.), E. P. 
Gibbs (C. U.). Attleborough, Sam'l 
Bell (C. T.), A. E. White (Uv.), J. W. 
Wilett (M. E.). Attleborough 
Falls, F. D. Kelsey (C. T.). Heb- 
ronville, F. A. Remington (Union), 
J. H. Sherman (M. E.). N. Attle- 
borough, H. Canfielcl (Evan.), F. A. 
Fiske (E.), W. H. Kling (B.), Ed- 
ward Mangan (R. C), J. D. Pierce 
(Uv.). S. Attleborough, J. Whitehill 
(C. T.). Auburn, Elnathan Davis 
(Cong.), David Metcalf (Cong.). 
Ayer, G. H. Allen (B.), Henry C. 
Fay (C. T.), Joseph F. Mahan (R. 
C), Crawford Nightingale (C. U.). 
Barnstable, L. P. Thatcher (C. U.). 
Osterville, Z. H. Cheever (B.), James 
Munroe (B.). Hyannis, W. P. Els- 
don (B.), V. J. Hartshorne (C. T.), 

M. H. Houghton (Uv.). Barre, 

Jones (M. E.), Edwin Smith (C. T.), 
Henry R. Smith (C. U.). Becket, 
W. W. Cox (M. E.), L. B. Ford (B.). 



[VOL. I. 

Becket Centre, Irem W. Smith (C. 
T.). Bedford, George Lovejoy (C. 
T.), Grindall Reynolds (C. U.). 
Belckertown, John Capen (M. E.), 
Pay son W. Lyman (C. T.), B. F. 
Tuck. Bellingham, Jos. T. Massey 
(B.). Belmont, John L.E well (C.T.), 
Amos Smith (C. U.), Water- 
house (Uv.). Berkley, I. Nutter 
(M. E.), William H. Teel (C. T.). 
Berlin, William A. Houghton (C.T.), 
F. Eand (Pres.), F. S. Thacher (C. 
U.). Bernardston, S. ». Flagg (C. 
U.), Iohabod Marcy (M. E.), L. M. 
Pierce (C. T.). Beverly, A. P. Ad- 
ams (M. E.), Ellery C. Butler (C. U.), 
W. H. Davis (C. T.), J. N. Emery 
(Uv.), J. M. Kiley (R. C), O. T. 
Lamphear (C. T.), D. P. Morgan 
(B.), W. G. Wells (E.). Beverly 
Farms, C. W. Redding (B.). Biller- 
ica, H. A. Hazen (C. T.), C. C. Hus- 
sey (C. U.). No. Billerica, N. L. 
Colby (C. B.). Blackstone, B. Mc- 
Kenney (R. C.), William A. Powers 
(R. C), George F. Walker (C. T.), 
Theodore G. Wilder (B.). Millville, 
R. D. Dyson (M. E.), J. McConkey 
(E.). Blandforcl, Aaron W. Field 
(C. T.), J. W. Cole (M. E.). No. 
Blandford, E. S. Day (M. E.). Bol- 
ton, B. A. Edwards (B.), N. P. 
Gilman(C.U.). Boxhorough, N. P. 
Thompson (C. T.). Boxford, D. 
Bremner (C. T.), William S. Cog- 
gin (C. T.), Sereno D. Gammell (C. 

T.). W. Boxford, McLean (C. 

T.), Calvin L. Park (C. T.). Boyls- 
ton, Francis F. Williams (C. T.). 
Bradford, John D. Kingsbury (C. T.). 
Braiutree, Thomas A. Emerson (C. 
T.). Brewster, O. P. Bessy (C. B.), 
C. A. Bradly (U.), T. W. Dawes (C. 
U.). Bridgewater, John A. Conlin 
(R. C), T. E. Everett (M. E.), G. H. 
Hosmer (C. U.), Joseph Jenks (E.), 
II. D. Walker (C. T.), T. F. Wright 
(Swed.). Scotland, Isaac Dunham 
(C. T.). Brimfield, Webster K. 
Pierce (C. T.). Brockton, Thomas 
Carver (E.), Marshall Doherty (R. 
C), Henry Goddard (Swed.), D. A. 
Jordan (M. E.), E. P. McElroy 
(C. T.), R. G. S. McNeille (Cong.), 
Thomas B. McNulty (R. C). No. 
West Bridgewater, Wilson (M. 

E.). Campello, A. Hult (Swed.), L. 
S. Woodworth (C. T.). Brookfield, 
S. G. Morris (M. E.), A. J. Rich 
(C. U.), C. E. Stebbins (Cong.). 

E. Brookfield, L. C. Stevens (B.). 
Brookline, Matthew T. Boy Ian (R. 
C), Howard N. Brown (C. U.), 
Warren Goddard, Jr. (Swed.), R. H. 
Howe (E.), H. C. Mabie (B.), L. 
J. Morris (R. C), L. K. Storrs 
(E.), Reuen Thomas (C. T.), Ed- 
ward R. Watson (M. E.). Buck- 
land, Charles L. Guild (C. T.), 
J. C. Parkinson (M. E.). Bur- 
lington, Charles Anderson (C. T.). 
Cambridge, Alex. McKenzie (C. T.), 
George Z. Gray (E.), Franklin John- 
son (B.), William C. Langdon (E.), 
William Newell (C. U.), William 
Orr (R. C), Andrew P. Peabody 
(C. U.), Francis G. Peabody (C.U.), 
East Cambridge, J. Conlan (R. C), 
A. G. Simpson (Uv.). North Cam- 
bridge, W. S. Apsey (B.), I. M. At- 
wood (Uv.), James O'Brien (R. C), 
T. S. Tyng. Cambridgeport, J. P. 
Bland (C. U.), H. Hinckley (B.), 
William Howe (B.), J. S. Hoyt (C. 
T.), Geo. R. Leavitt (C. T.), H. K. 
Pervear (B.), K. Safford(Uv.), T. R. 
Scully (R. C). Canton, Edwin Da- 
vis (Uv.), John Flattelly (R. C), 
John Savage (C. T.), W. H. Savory 
(C. U.). Carlisle, F. M. Sprague 
(C. T.). North Carver, Carver, W. 
W. Livingston (C. T.). Charle- 
mont, W. P. Miller (M. E.). East 
Charlemont, C. L. Guild (C. T.). 
Charlton, John Haven (C. T.), An- 
son Titus (Uv.). Charlton City, 

F. T. George (M. E.). Chatham, B. 
L. Bennett (Uv.), I. W. Coombs 
(B.), J. D. King (M. E.), P. B. Sheir 
(C.T.). North Chelmsford, Chelms- 
ford, Benj. F. Clark (C. T.), J. L. 
Merrill (C. T.), D. W. Phillips (C. 
T.). West Chelmsford, J. Walker 
(M. E.). Chelsea, Luther BouteUe 
(S. A.), John T. Burrill (E.), A. J. 
Canfield (Uv.), John Couch (S. A.), 
C. W. Emerson (C. U.), A. P. Mason 
(B.), James McGlew (R. C), C. P. 
H. Nason (C. T.), Edward Otheman 
(M. E:), F. C. Stratton (M. E.), Geo. 
Sutherland (M. E.), A. T. Whitta- 
ker(M. E.). Cheshire, P. S. Dow 




(M. E.), R. D. Fish (B.). Chester, 
J. B. Bigelow (M.), C. H. Hamlin 
(C. T.). Chesterfield, Wm. A. Fobes 
(C.T.). Chicopee,E.S.Best(M.E.), 
W. E. Dickinson (C. T.), W. L. Gay- 
lord (C. TO, Patrick Haley (E. C), 
I. P. Porter (C. U.). Cbicopee Falls, 
E. C. Bellamy (B.), A. C. Manson 
(M. E.), P- D. Stone (R. C). Chil- 
mark, E. S. Fletcher (M. E.). Clin- 
ton, W. M. Ayers (M. E.), J- W. 
Birchmore (E.), Charles M. Bowers 
(B.), DeWitt S. Clark (C. T.), Chas. 
C. Noyes (C. U.), Eichard J. Patter- 
son (E. C). Cohasset, Joseph Os- 
good (Cf. IL), M. A. Stevens (C. T.). 
North Cohasset, Silas Sprowls (M. 
E.). Colrain, S. P. Everett (B.), 

B. J. Johnston (M. E.), D. A. Strong 
(C.T.). Concord, H. M. Grout (C.T.), 
M. J. McCall (E. C), Grandall Eey- 
nolds (C. U.). Conway, A. Colburne 
(B.), J- A. Mester (M. E.), Arthur 
Shirley (C. T.). W. Cummington, 
Cummington, S. O. Morris (Cong.). 
Dalton, E. S. Billings (C. T.), E. A. 
Blanchard (M. E.). Dana, E. W. 
Merritt (C. T.). North Dana, E. 
Hitchcock (M. E.). Danvers, D. 
Beekman (M. E.), H. P. Forbes 
(Uv.), P. G. Hally (E. C), L.J. Liv- 
ermore (C. U.),'W. E. C. Wright 
(C. T.). Danvers Centre, C. B. 
Eice (C. T.). Danvers Port, L. Dru- 
ry (B.). North Dartmouth, Dart- 
mouth, Stephen S. Andrews (B.), 
South Dartmouth, S. F. Calhoun (C. 
T.). Dedham, S. C. Beach (Uv.), 
W. F. Cheney (E.), Charles H. Cole 
(B.), Daniel Goodwin (E.), D. J. 
O'Donovan (E. C), Charles M. 
Southgate (C. T.), C. H.Vinton (M. 
E.). West Dedham, C. S. Chandler 
(B.), E. Crowninshield (C. IT.), C. 
S. Locke (C. U.). Deerfield, Edgar 
Buckingham (C. U.). Eobert Craw- 
ford (C. T.). South Deerfield, C. E. 
Seaver (M. E.). Dennis, William 
Swinertou (C. T.). South Dennis, 

C. M. Brainerd (C. T.). West Den- 
nis, A. E. Hall (M. E.). Dighton, 
John Livesy (M. E.), A. W. Carr 
(B.),William Eeeby (C. E.). North 
Dightou, John Malcom (M. E.). 
Douglas, W. W. Dow (C. T.). East 
Douglas, William T. Briggs (C. 

T.), William D. Bridge (M. E.), J. 
B. Couillard (E. C). West Ded- 
ham, Dover, Calvin S. Locke (C. 
U.). Wellesley, John Wood (C. T.). 
Dudley, G. W. H. Clark (M.E.), W. 
H. Walcott (C. T.). Dunstable, 
F. D. Austin (C. T.). Duxbury, 
Samuel W. Coggshall (M. E.), W. 
W. Lyle(C. T.), Josiah Moore (C. 
U.), B. Otheman (M. E.). East 
Bridge water, G. W. Ballon (M. E.), 
William F. Farrington (M. E.), J. 
W. Quimby (C. U.), D. W. Richard- 
son (C. T.), Baalis Sanford (C. T.). 
Elmwood, T. O. Paine (Swed.). 
Eastham, B. H. Hinkley (M. E.). 
Easthampton, B. F. Callery(E. C), 

A. M. Colton (C. T.), A. E. Merriam 
(C. T.), E. E. Thorndike (M. E.). 

Easton, Nelson (M. E.). North 

Easton, T. F. Carroll (E. C), W.L. 
Chaffin (C. U.), W. J. Hodges 
(M. E.), Luther Sheldon (C. T.). 
Edgartown, S. M. Beal (M. E.), T. 
F. Waters (C. T.). North Egre- 
mont, E. Bennett (B.), W. L. Patter- 
son (M. E.). South Egremont, 

De Camp (C. T.). Enfield, J. E. 
Day (M. E.), Edward ,C. Ewing (C. 
T.). Erviug, A. StowelL (C. T.). 
Essex, E. L. Harris (C. T.), William 
Merrill (M.), Elmer F. Pember 
(Uv.). Everett, L. H. Augier 
(Swed.), W. H. Bolster (C. T.), 
E. P. King (M. E.), F. B. Sleeper 
(C. B.). Fairhaven, Alfred Man- 
chester (C. U.), George D. B. Stod- 
dard (M. E.). Fall Eiver, William 
W. Adams (C. T.), E. G. Babcock 
(M. E.), P. J. B. Bedard (Fr. E. C), 
William H. Brie (E. C), Edwin A. 
Buck (Missionary), M. Buruham 
(C. T.), A. DeMontaubricq (E. C), 
John Finch (M. E.), W. T. Fitch 
(E.), Henry C. Graves (B.), William 

B. Heath (M. E.) Keyser (C. 

T.), John O'Connell (E. C), James 
Masterson (E. C), M. McCabe (E. 
C), Edward Murphy (E. C), W. L. 
Phillips (M. E.), E. H. Eust (M. E.), 
A. K. P. Small (B.), John Sullivan 
(R. C), J. H. Turnbull (Pres.). 
Falmouth, Henry K. Craig (C. T.), 
William H. Stetson (M. E.). North 
Falmouth, Albert Paine (C. T.). 
Wood's Holl, Hiram Carleton (E.). 



[VOL. I. 

Fitchburg, George W. H. Clark 
(M. E.), P. J. Garrigan (E. C), 
James T. Hewes (C. U.), J- O. 
Knowles (M. E.), Frank Magwire 
(Uv.), G. R. W. Scott (C. T.), E. W. 
Smith (E.), S. J. Stewart (Cong.), 
I. R. Wheelock (B.). Florida, Isaac 
Alger (B.). Foxborough, W. A. 
Lamb (C.T.), Win. H. Spencer (B.). 
Framingham, F. Chase (E.), R. L. 
Eastman (C. T.), C. A. Humphries 
(C. U.), George E. Leeson (B.). So. 
Framingham, D. M. Bean (C. T.), 
H. G. Safford (B.). Saxon ville, A. 
J. Hall (M. E.), Charles Jones (C. 
T.), A. J. Rossi (R. C). Franklin, 
A. St. John Ckambre* (Uv.), J. Grif- 
fin (R. C), G. W. Hudson (M. E.), 
George W. Ryan (B.), Edward 
Rand (C. T.), William M. Thayer 
(C. T.). Freetown, Benjamin Batch- 
elder (Ch.), John Burbank (Ch.). 
East Freetown, E. Burroughs (Ch.). 
Gardner, Seth C. Carey (M. E.), W. 

D. Herrick (C. T.), E. A. Reed (Uv.). 
South Gardner, S. T. Frost (B.). 
Georgetown, O. S. Butler (M. E.), 

E. T. Lyford (B.), A. F. Marsh (C. 
T.), D. D. Marsh (C. T.), E. T. Mc- 
Clure(R. C). Gill, James C. Church 
(C. T.), C. M. Merrifield (M. E.). 
Gloucester, Humphrey L. Calder 
(C. T.), J. M. English (B.), Minot 
G. Gage (C. U.), J. J. Healey (R. C.\ 
W. R. Hooper (E.), E. F. McCarthy 
(R. C), Robert P. Rogers (Swed.), 
E. A. Titus (M. E.). Annisquam, 
H. C. Leonard (Uv.). Lanesville 
S. B. Andrews (C. T.), Thos. Barry 
(R. C), B. G. Russell (Uv.). Bay 
View, W. B. Toulmin (M. E.). W. 
Gloucester, Elmer F. Pember (Uv.), 
Nathaniel Richardson (C. T.). Riv- 
erdalo, Walter Wilkie (M. E.). 
Goshen, David B. Lord (C. T.). 
Grafton, A. M. Baret (R. C), 
W. S. Burton (C. U.), A. C. Hus- 
sey (B.), John H. Windsor (C. 
T.). Farnumsville, W. Reed (F. B.). 
New England Village, L. M. Sar- 
gent (B.). Granby, Davis R. Henry 
(C. T.). Granville, A. Alvord 
(Cong.), D. A. Dearborn (B.), Geo. 
D. Lethe (B.), N. Scott (Cong.). 
Great Barrington, D. G. Anderson 
(E.), Silas H. Fitch (M. E.), James 

Hennessey (R. C), Evert Scudder 
(C.T.). Housatonic, Wm. Giddings 
(C. T.), Charles W. Mallory (C. T.), 
S. F. White (M. E.). Greenfield, 
Wm. Gordon (M. E.), W. A. Henne- 
berry (R. C), S. Hollingsworth (E.), 
A. G. Loomis (C. T.), JohnF. Moors 
(C. U.), J. Shepardson (B.), Pre- 
served Smith (C. U.). Greenwich, 
Edward P. Blodgett (C. T.). Gro- 
ton, B. F. Lawrence (B.), B. A. Ro- 
bie (C. T.), J. Young (C. U.). Grove- 
land, L. Fish (M. E.), S. Hill (B.), W. 
Himes (E.), J. C. Paine (C. T.). 
Hadley, Roland Ayers (C. T.), E. S. 
D wight (C. T.). Halifax, George 
Juchan (C. T.). Hamilton, B. M. 
Frink (C. T.). Hancock, Daniel 
Shepardson (B.). Hanover, Henry 
M. Perkins (C. T.). West Hanover, 
C. W. Allen (C. T.). West Scituate, 
Andrew Read (B.). South Hanson, 
J. B. Read (B.). Hardwick, Henry 

Jewell (Uv.), Swaine(C. T.). 

Gilbertville, W. D. Brown (C. T.), 
Harvard, Dan'l F. Goddard (C. U.), 
Daniel Rounds (B.). South Har- 
wich, D. Lothrop (Ch.). West Har- 
wich, J. Barnabee (B.), A. T. Dunn 
(B.). Harwich Port, E. J. Moore 
(C. T.). Hatfield, Robert Wood (C. 
T.)- Haverhill. G. W. Bosworth (B.), 
W. T. Burns (B.), L. A. Casgrain, 
(R. C), W. H. Dalrymple (B.), W. 
J. Dalev (R. C), Calvin Damon 
(Uv.), J. M. Durrell (M. E.), L. C. 
Fields (M. E.), William Greenwood 
(C. T.), George W. Kelley (C. T.), 
Varnum Lincoln, J. M. Powell (B.), 
C. A. Rand (E.), G. W. Sanderson 
(B.), J. C. Seagraves (C. T.), R. H. 
Seeley (C. T.), W. H. Spencer (Uv.), 
Joseph Storer ( B. ). Ha wley , Henry 
Seymour (C. T.). West Hawley, J. 
Eastman (C. T.). Heath, J. C. Ed- 
gar (C.T.), Frost (M.E.)- Hing- 

ham, Wm. H. Crockett, E. C. Hood 
(C. T.), E. A. Horton (C. U.), P. J. 
Leddy (R. C), Calvin Lincoln (C. 
U.), D. P. Livermore (Uv.), A. S. 
McLean (B.), Henry A. Miles (C. U.), 
Anna H. Shaw (M. E.). South Hing- 
ham, A. G. Jennings (C. U.). Hins- 
dale, R. F. Alger (B.), Daniel Cronan 
(R. C), Ephraim Flint (C T.). Hol- 
den, J. K. Chase (C. B.), H. M. Rog- 




ers (C. T.). Holliston, G. M. Adams, 
(C. T.), A. A. Bennett (B.), J. Gill 
(M. E.), R. J. Quinlan (R. C). Hol- 
yoke, R. J. Adams (B.), A. B. Du- 
Presne (R. C), P. J- Harkins (R. 
C), L. B. Haule (Ger. Evan. Reform), 
W. S. Heywood (Lib. Ch.), C. A. 
Merrill (M. E.), J. L. R. Trask (C. T.). 
Ireland, W. H. Evans (B.). Hop- 
kinton, E. S. Chase (M. E.), H. O. 
Ladd (C. T.), John P. Ryan (R. 
C). Hubbardston, J. R. Johnson, 
(C. U.), J. F. Norton (C. T.), J. J. 
Woodbury (M. E.). Hudson, Hil- 
ary Bygraves (C. U.), W. J. Hamil- 
ton (M. E.), P. A. McKenna (R. C). 
Hull, Samuel Beedle (M. E.). Hun- 
tington, Samuel D. Ashley (C. B.), 
John H. Bisbee (C. T.). Hyde Park, 
W. J. Corcoran (R. C), Perley B. 
Davis (C. T.), D. C. Eddy (C. B.), 
Henry J. Fox (M. E)., R. B. Van 
Kleeek (E.),FrancisWilliams (C. U.). 
Ipswich, M. B. Angier (C. T.), Benj. 
S. Howe (C. T.), Edwin B. Palmer 
(C. T.), Frederick Woods (M. E.). 
Kingston, C. Y. DeNormandie (C. 
U.), H. B. Marshall (B.), Joseph 
Peckham (C. T.). Lakeville, E. W. 
Barrows (F. B.), I. S. Thatcher (C. 
T.). Lancaster, Marcus Ames (C. 
T.), Geo. A. Bartol (C. U.). Lanes- 
borough, C. C. Adams (E.), W. F. 
Avery (Cong.), J. C. Mott (M. E.). 
Lawrence, T. J. Abbott (M. E.), J. 
H. Barrows (C. T.), O. Boucher (R. 
C), B. A. Brown (Anglo Catk)., 
John A. Buvns (Pres.), Clark Car- 
ter (C. T.), Joshua Coit (C. T.), A. 
E. Drew (M. E.), C. U. Dunning, 
(City Missionary), W. H. Garrett 
(B.), George W. Gile (B.), J. P. Gil- 
more (R. C), W. J. Halse (S. A.), 
A. L. Houghton (F. B.), George H. 
Ide (B.), William Lawrence (E.), 

C. A. Marsden (R. C), John A. Mars- 
den (R. C), P. J. McGovern (R. C), 
James Murphy (R. C), Geo. Pack- 
ard (E.), J. B. G. Pidge (B.), D. D. 
Regan (R. C), J. J. Ryan (R. C), 

D. Stevenson (M.), E. A. Whittier. 
Lee, G. H. Brennan (R. C), James 
Donahoe (R. C), William R. Harris, 
(E.), A. M. Higgins (B.), A. Ostran- 
der (M. E.), L. S. Rowland (Cong.). 
South Lee, Silas M. Rogers (E.). | 

Leicester, A. H. Coolidge (C. T.). 
Cherry Valley, J. Fulton (M. E.). 
Rochdale, S. R. Bailey (E.). Lenox, 
Hastings Cloyd (M. E.), Justin E. 
Field (E.), Chas. Parkhnrst (Cong.). 
Leominster, O. D. Kimball (B.), 
W. H. Savage (C. U.), Daniel Sbiel 
(R. C), M. E. Wright (M. E.). North 
Leominster, E. G. Smith (C. T.). 
Leverett, Asa F. Clarke (C. T.). 
North Leverett, Baxter Newton (B.). 
Lexington, Edw'd G. Porter (C. T.), 
John Pry or (B.), Henry Wescott (C. 
U.). East Lexington, E. S. Elder 
(Liberal). Leyden, W. H. Adams, 
(M. E.). Lincoln, William M. Gro- 
ton (E.), Henry J. Richardson (C. 
T.). Littleton, William Reed (B.), 
William E. Sewall (C. T.), J. W. 
Wiukley (C. U.). Longmeadow, J. 
W. Harding (C. T.). East Long- 
meadow, Albert I. Dutton (C. T.), 

Hunt (B.), Joseph Scott (M. E.). 

Lowell, Smith Baker (C. T.), C. D. 
Barrows (C. T.), M. B. Chapman (M. 
E.), B. F. Cooley (E.), T. G. A. Cote 
(C. T.), Robert Court (Pres.), Peter 
Crudden (R. C), H. C. Duganne 
(Free Chapel), Theodore Edson (E.), 
G. T. Flanders (Uv.), E. B. Foster 
(C. T.), Alexander Fournier (Fr. 
R. C), Andrew Garin (Fr. R. C), 
Frederic Gigault (Fr. R. C), J. 
M. Greene (C. T.), R. A. Greene 
(Uv.), A. R. Gregorv (M. E.), Mer- 
ritt Hubbard (M. *E.), Alfred E. 
Johnson (E.), Edwin A. LeCompte 
(C. B.), O. E. Mallory (B.), L. C. 
Manchester (E.), Joseph Mangin 
(Fr. R. C), James McGrath (R. 
C), Horace W. Morse (Uv.), Michael 
O'Brien (R. C), William O'Brien 
(R. C), Wm. M. O'Brien (R. C), E. 
W. Porter (B.), S. Hartwell Pratt 
(B.), George S. Ricker (F. B.), John 
Ryan (R. C.), Joseph B. Seabury (C. 
T.'), Josiah L. Seward (C. U.), Owen 
Street (C. T.), Melville C. Thwing 
(C. B.), E. Van Laar (R. C), F. J. 
Wagner (M. E.), N. M. Williams 
(B.), Horatio Wood. Ludlow, Tim- 
othy Lyman (Union). Ludlow Cen- 
tre, S. V. McDuffee (C. T.), N. H. 
Martin (M. E.). Lunenburg, Chas. 
R. Harding (M. E.), Walter Rice 
(C. T.), L. W. Staples (M. E.). 



[VOL. I. 

Lynn, Walter Barton (Cong.), Chas. 
W. Bid die (Uv.), John B. Bracket* 
(B.), Christopher C. Burrows (B.), 
V. A. Cooper (M. E.), Loranus 
Crowell (M. E.), A. H. Currier (C. 
T.), Louis DeCormis (E.), Richard 
Eddy (Uv.), D. W. Faunce (B), 
John C. Harrington (R. C), James 
L. Hill (C. T.), Charles D. Hills 
(M.), John S. Holmes (B.), James J. 
Keegau (R. C), Charles S. Rogers 
(M. E.), Alonzo Sanderson (M. 
E.), William A. Spaiilding (C. T.), 
Perry Stenford (M. E.), Daniel S. 
Steele (M. E.), Samuel B. Stewart 
(C. U.), Patrick Strain (R. C), A. P. 
Tracy (F. B.), A. A. Williams (Ch. 
B.). Lynnfield Centre, E. O. Bart- 
lett (C. T.) Ebeu Parsons (C. U.). 
Maiden, Samuel W. Foljambe (C. 
B.), Thomas Gleasou (R. C), Geo. 
P. Huntington (E.), M. McDonald 
(R. C), W. H. Ryder, Jr. (Uv.), C. 
N. Smith (M. E.), J. W. Wellman 
(C. T.), E. M. Wilson (U.). Maple- 
wood, G. H. Clark (M. E.), Alfred 
Hudson (C. T.), M. N. Reed (B.). 
Manchester, George L. Gleason (C. 
T.). Mansfield, J. Blaiu (B.), N. S. 
Chadwick (Ch.), Jacob Ide, Jr. (C. 
M.), Welcome Lewis (B.), John Old- 
ham (M. E.), L. A. Pope (B.), T. C. 
Russell (B.), E. Williams (M. E.). 
West Mansfield, O. O. Wright (Ch.). 
Marblehead, Benj. H. Bailey (C. U.), 
John Barrows (B.). Harrison Clos- 
Bon (Uv.), John Clothey (S. A.), W. 
E. D wight (M. E.), Daniel Healey 
(R. C), Edward A. Lawrence (C. 
T.), Julius Ward (E.), J. H. Will- 
iams (C. T.). Marion, E. W. Culver 
(M. E.), A. A. Harwood (E.), E. N. 
Pomeroy (C. T.), Henry C. Vose 
(Uv.). Marlborough, F. L. Bash 
(E.), J. T. Burhoe (B.), James Don- 
negan (R. C), N. B. Fisk (M. E.), 
R. A. Griffin (C. U.), Miss Lorenza 
Haynes (Uv.), W. E. Kellev (R. C), 
Octave Lepine (R. C), John Wil- 
lard (C. T.). Marshfield, E. K. Al- 
den, Jr. (C. T.), J. H. Allen (M. E.). 
East Marshfield, W. H. Culler (C. 
T.). Mattapoisett, Wm. E. Faunce 
(M.), Nathauiel Lasell (C.T.). May- 
nard, A. C. Godfrey (M. E.), S. S. 
Matthews (C. T.). Medfield, Wm. 

H. Cobb (C. T.), Alvin M. Crane 
(C. B.), Granville Pierce (C. U.). 
Medford, Chas. H. Baldwin (C. T.), 
Henry C. DeLong (C. U), Jei'forson 
Hascall (M. E.), W. G. Haskell 
(Uv.), Charles L. Hutchins (E.), T. 

B. Smith (M. E.). West Medford, 
J. A. Ames (M. E.), Marshall M. 
Cutter (C. T.). Medwav, R. K. 
Harlow (C. T.). East Medway, E. 
0. Jameson (C. T.). West Medwav, 
S. J. Axtell (B.), James M. Bell (C. 
T.), Alexis Ide (C. T.), Jacob Ide 
(C. T.), W. A. Richardson (M. E.). 
Melrose, Albert G. Bale (C. T.), H. 
A. Metcalf (E.), I. H. Packard, Jr. 
(M. E.), Nath'l Seaver, Jr. (C. U.), 

C. A. Skinner (Uv.). Mendon, Geo. 

F. Clarke (C. U.). Merrimac, H. W. 
Coffin (B.), Wm. H. Hubbard (C. 
T.). Merrimac Port, Chas. M. Dins- 
more (M. E.). Methuen, S. C. Farn- 
ham (M. E.), T. J. House (B.), R. T. 
Polk (Uv.). Middleborough, Geo. 

G. Fairbanks (B.), T. P. Sawin (C. 
T.), Edward Towles (M. E.). North 
Middleborough, Geo. Ruberg (B.). 
Rock, George S. Sweet (B.\ Mid- 
dlefield, Charles M. Pierce (C. T.), 
Joseph M. Rockwood (B.). Middle- 
ton, A. H. Tyler (C. T.). Mil lord, 
J. T, Canavan (R. C), Patrick 
Cuddihy (R. C), O. S. Dean, (C. T.), 
G. F. Eaton (M. E.), E. A. Perry (Uv.). 
George R. Wheelock (E.), Hope- 
dale, Adin Ballon (Prac. Ch.). Mill- 
bury. R. S. J. Burke (R. C), M. J. 
Dohertv (R. C), George B. Gow (B.), 
W. H. "Hatch (M. E.), George A. 
Putnam (C. T.). Milton, Frederick 
Frothingham (C. U.), John H. Mor- 
rison (C. U.), Albert K. Teele (C. 
T.). East Milton, R. F. Gordon (C. 
T.). Monson, Earl Guilford (Uv.), 
Henrv Lummis (M. E.), C. B. Sum- 
ner (C. T.), James Tufts (C. T.). 
Montague City, Montague, E. A. 
Wymau (B.). Miller's Falls, L. S. 
Parker (C. T.). Turner's Falls, J. 
C. Groth (M. E.), P. L. Quaille (R 
C.) C. R. Sherman (M. E.). Nan- 
tucket, J. E. Crawford (B.), Chas. 
E. Walker (M. E.). A. B. Whipple 
(B.). Natick, Franklin Furber (M. 
E.), B. R. Gilford (E.), T. B. Low- 
ney (R. C), F. N. Beloubet (C. T.), 




A. E. Reynolds (B.), John B. Welch 
(R. C). South Natick, J. P. Sheafe, 
Jr. (C. U.), S. D. Hosmer (C. T.). 
Needham, S. W. Bush (C. U.), A. S. 
Spalding (B.), J. E. M. Wright (C. 
T.). Grantville, Jona. Edwards (C. 
T.), A. B. Vorse (C. U.). Highland- 
ville, J. W. Silverthorn (M. E.). 
Wellesley, G. G. Phipps (C, T.). 
New Ashford, J. Mott (M. E.). 
New Bedford, Matt. Bachelor (S. 
A.), Veltencourt Boutelho (R. C), 
C. F. Burleigh (Ch.), James D. 
Butler (Seaman's Bethel), James F. 
Clark (R. C), Isaac H. Coe (Ch.), 
Daniel Davis (M. E., colored), T. R, 
Dennison (City Missionary), J. H. 
Farnsworth (Uv.), R. W. C. Farns- 
worth (M. E.), Antoine Fraites (R. 
C), T. R. Green (M. E.), Albert H. 
Heath (C. T.), A. M. Higgins (Ch. 
Union), James Humphrey (M. E.), 
H. H. Johnson (B., colored), C. K. 
Jones (C. T.), M. C. Julien (C. T.), 
James II. Lee (B.), John Lloyd (M. 
E.), Laurence S. McMahon (R. C.), 
George B. Pazer (R. C), William J. 
Potter (C. U.), O. A. Roberts (Ch.), 
E. Rowland (E.), Joseph Shrieve 
(M. E.), Charles Snow (B.), Z. T. 
Sullivan (M. E.), W. F. Whitcher 
(M. E.), D. D. Winn (B.). New 
Braintree, William B. Bond (C. T.). 
Newbury, Omar W. Folsom (C. T.), 
Leouard Withington (C. T.). By- 
field, Nottage (M. E.). South 

Byfield, James H. Childs (C. T.). 
Newburyport, J. A. Bartlett (Pres.), 
J. C. Beckley (B.), Edwin Burnham 
(B.), George W. Baruham (B.). J. 
Candlin (M. E.), E. L. Drown (E.), 
Daniel T. Fiske (C. T.), James H. 
Hartley (Uv.), J. J. McNulty (R. C), 
William W. Newell (C. T.), Daniel 
P. Pike (Ch.), William P. Ray 
(M. E.), C. R. Seymore (C. T.), 
Samuel J. Spalding (C. T.), George 
L. Stowell (C. U.), A. J. Teeling 
(R. C). Southfield, New Marl- 
borough, S. R. Free (Cong.). New 
Salem, W. H. Amsden (C. T.). N. 
Prescott, Jason Hatch (M. E.). 
Newton, S. M. Freeland (C. T.), G. 
W. Hosmer (C. U.), Samuel Jackson 
(M. E.), Thomas S. Samson (B.), 
G. W. Shinn (E.). Auburndale, 


Calvin Cutler (C. T.), A. McKeown 
(M. E.), F. W. Smith (E.). Newton- 
ville, J. C. Adams (Uv.), E. Frank 
Howe (C. T.), S. A. Lowry (C. T.), 
Lorenzo E. Thayer (M. E.), John 
Worcester (Swed.). Newton Cen- 
tre, W. N. Clarke (B.), D. L. Furber 
(C. T.). Lower Falls, Henry 
Mackay (E.). Upper Falls, W. J. 
Pomfret, W. C. Richards ( B.). West 
Newton, T. B. Holland (B.), William 
Lisle (B.), M. McManus (R. C), H. 
J. Patrick (C. T.), Francis Tiffany 
(C. U.). Northampton, M. E. Barry 
(R. C), D. H. Clark (Free C), Al- 
bert Gould (M. E.), Charles B. 
Ferry (C. U), Gordon Hall (C. T.), 
A. W. Jefferson (B.), William S. 
Leavitt (C. T.), J. Sturgis Pearce 
(E.). Florence, Elisha G. Cobb (C. 
T.). North Andover, W. A. Black- 
mer (M. E.), John H. Clifford (C. 
U.). Northborough, H. F. Bond 
(C. U.), Horace Dutton (C. T.), E. 
A. Goddard (B.). Whitinsville, 
Northbridge, E. A. Manning (M. E.), 
J. R. Thurston (C. T.). North 
Brookfield, J. M. Avann (M. E.), 
G. H. De Bevoise (C. T.), Michael 
Walsh (R. C), G. H. Wilson (Cong.). 
Northiield, T. J. Clark (C. T.), 
Dwight L. Moody (Evangelist), 
Samuel P. Putnam (C. U.). "North 
Reading, Frank H. Foster (C. T.). 
Norton, William Dean (C. T.), L. 
W. Manning (C. U.), Riclfd Steven- 
son (M. E.). Norwood, J. *P. Bixby 
(Cong.), T. Brown (B.), I. H. 
Gilbert (B.), George Hill (Uv.). 
Oakham, Holt (B.). Cole- 
brook Springs, Alpha Morton (C. 
T.). Orange, G. W. B. Davis, 
A. F. Marsh (C. T.), C. L. Waite 

(Uv.). North Orange, Jewell 

(Uv.), John H. Gannon (C. T.). Or- 
leans, W. H. Hamlin (M. E.), Chas. 
E. Harwood (C. T.), Wm. C. Styles 
(Uv.). Oxford, O. W. Adams (M. 
E.), E. A. Emmons (C. T.), W. F. 
Lloyd (E.). No. Oxford, Oliver 

Ayer (B.). Palmer, Berry (B.), 

C. H. Eaton (Uv.), B. M. Fullerton 
(C. T.), C. F. Johnson (M. E.), Fran- 
cis J. Lynch (R. C.). Bondville, D. 
K. Merrill (M. E.). Thorndike, 
White (C. T.). Three Rivers, 



[VOL. I. 

Tracy (Union Evan.). Pea- 
body, C. V. Hanson (B.), John W. 
Hudson (Uv.), M. J. Masterson (R. 
C), Daniel Waitt (M. E.), E. W. 
Whitney ( Uv.). South Peabody, C. 
C. Carpenter (C. T.). Amherst, 
Pelham, John Jones (M. E.), G. E. 
Chapman (M. E.). Enfield, W. K. 
Vaill (C. T.). Pembroke, James H. 
Collins (C. U.). Bryantville, J. E. 
Corley (M. E.). Pepperell, Charles 
Babbidge (C. U.), George F. Swain 
(C. T.). East Pepperell, Alfred 
Noon (M. E.). Peru, Daniel J. Bliss 
(C. T.). Petersham, Solomon Bix- 
by (C. T.), T. P. Briggs (B.), Lyman 
Clark (C. U.). Phillipston, C. L. 
Cushman (C. T.). Pittslield, David 
W. Gates (M. E.), J. D. Haeger 
(German C. T.), Samuel Harrison 
(C. T.), Win, C. McGlathery (E,.), 
Joseph Quevillion (R. C), Edward 
H. Purcell (R. C), J. T. Sheehan 

(R, C), John Tatlock (C. T.). 

Walsh (R, C). Plainfield, Isaac 
Blanchard (S. A.), Solomon Clark 
(C. T.). Plymouth, I. Derrick (M. 
E.), F. N. Knapp (C. U.), Thomas 
A. Rice (C. T.), Albert H. Sweetser 
(Uv.), George A. Tewksbury (C. T.), 
James O. Thompson (M. E.), Rus- 
sell Tomlinson (Uv.). Plympton, 
Jeremiah Mace (B.), Philip Titcomb 
(C. T.). Prescott, Thomas B. Nor- 
ton (C. T.). Princeton, J. H. Emer- 
son (M. E.), George M. Howe (C.T.). 
Provincetown, G. II. Bates (M. E.), 
M. A. Carroll (M. E.), D. L. Libby 
(Uv.), J. Magnire (R. C). Qnincy, 
F. Friguglietti (R. C), Edward 
Norton (C. T.), George W. Whitney 
(Uv.), George B. Williams (B). 
West Quincv, Samuel Kelley (M. 
E.). Wollaston, C. II. Rowe, Mark 
Trafton (M. E.), Francis N. Zabris- 
kie (C. T.). Randolph, J. C. Foster 
(B.), John C. Labaree (C.T.), Thos. 
O'Brien (R. C). Raynkam, Francis 
Boynton (C. T.), Charles A. G. 
Thurston (C. T.), C. T. Tingley (B). 
Reading, George T. Dole (C. T.), J. 
K. Ewer (B.), J. L. Hannaford (M. 
E.), Peter McDonal (Pres.), L. J. 
White ((J. T.), Wm. H. Wilcox (C. 
T.). Rehobotli, S. V. B. Cross (M. 
E.), James L. Pierce (Ch.) ; C. Shep- 

herdson ((> Pr. B.). Revere, T. H. 
Goodwin (B.), Frederick Palmer (C. 
T.), L. K. Washburn (U). Rich- 
mond, F. W. Custis (C. U.). Roch- 
ester, Leonard (C. T.), Hiram 

Sweet (M. E.). Rockland, Hamil- 
ton S. Day, L. L. Fitts (B.), W, A. 
Westgate (C. T.). Rockport, Thos. 
Barry (R. C), William A. Braman 
(M. E.). C. C. Mclntyre (C. T.), N. 
Richardson (C. T.), Byron G. Rus- 
sell (Uv.). Pigeon Cove, E. H. Kel- 
logg (C. T.), R. C. Lansing (Uv.). 
Rowe, William M. Bicknell (Uv.), 
Jacob Davis (B.). Rowley, Patrick 
Galaher (B.), John Pike (C. T.). 
Royalston, E. V. Clark (B.), Wilbur 

Johnson (C. T.), Stone (C. T.). 

Salem, Charles Arey (E.), Edward 
S. Atwood (C. T.), Geo. Batchelor 
(Ind.), Samuel C. Beane (C. U.), 
Charles E. Barnes (S. A.), Edwin C. 
Bolles (Uv.), George L. Collyer (M. 
E.), Fred. A. DeBos (French Mis- 
sion), Hugh Elder (C. T.), James P. 
Franks (E.), Albinus F. Frost (New 
Jerusalem), John J. Gray (R. C), 
William Halley (R. C), F. Israel 
(C. U.), George B. Jewett (C. T.), 
William A. Keeae (B.), W. H. H. 
Marsh (B.), William H. Meredith 
(M. E.), George E. Merrill (B.), R. 
C. Mills (B.), S. S. Mooney, Hiram 

B. Putnam (Cong.), William Shin- 
nick (R. C), George Talbot, Jones 
Very (C. U.), E. B. Willson (C. U.). 
Salisbury, D. L. Crafts (Ch.), A. G. 
Morton (Ch.), N. S. Wright (C. T.). 
Amesbury, J. H. Hartman (B.), J. 
W. Walker (M. E.). East Salisbury, 
G. F. Haines (Ch.),N. P. Philbrook 
(M. E.). Sandisfield, C. B. McLean 
(C. T.), C. W. Piper (C. T.). Sand- 
wich, A. J. Brady (R. C), John 
Brady (R. C), Freeh Oxnard (C.T.), 
E. Tirrell (M. E.). West Sandwich, 

C. E. Walker (M. E.). Pocasset, 

Dow (M. E.), C. H. Hickok (B.). 

Saugus, Thomas W. Illman (Uv.), 
S. B. Kidder (C. T.). Cliftondale, 
A. O. Hamilton (M. E.). E. Sangus, 
P. M. Vinton (M. E.). Savoy, Geo. 
Fittz (C. B.), Rufus Srarks (S. A.). 
Scituate, Henry B. Hibben (M. E.). 
Scituate Centre, W. B. Green (C. T.). 
North Scituate, C. D. R. Meacham 




(B.). Hebronville, Seekonk, Albert 
Remington (M.). Watckemaket, 
R. I., Andrew M. Rhodes (Uv.). 
Sharon, E. C. Farwell (M. E.), Ly- 
man Partridge (B.), H. C. Weston 
(C. T.). Sheffield, Mason Noble, Jr. 
(C. T.). Shelburne Falls, Shelburne, 
Philip S. Evans (B.). Sherborn, 
E. DeNormandy (C. U.), Edmund 
Dowse (C. T.). Shirley, Asa Barnes 
(M.), J.W. Keyes (Uv.), David Shurt- 
leff (C. T.), C. H. Whitney (C. T.). 
Shirley Centre, Seth Chandler (C. 
U.). Shirley Village, E. Robbins 

(B.). Shrewsbury, Hubbard 

(M. E.). Shutesbury, Edward B. 
Bassett (C. T.), George Coleswortby 
(B.). Somerset, Gideon Cole (B.), 

E. M. Dunham (M. E.), J. C. Halli- 
day (Cong.), E. E. Nobert (R. C), 
Caleb A. Tillinghast (Ch.), G. W. 
Wright (M. E.). Somerville, Henry 
H. Barber (C. U.), John A. Cass (M. 
E.), George W. Durell (E.), C. T. 
McGrath (R. C), Charles M. Smith 
(B.), John Wall (R. C), A. E. Win- 
ship (C. TX East Somerville, W. 
S. Hubbell (C. T.), J. J. Miller (B.). 
North Somerville, D. McGregor (M. 
E.), W. H. Pierson (C. T.). West 
Somerville, A. Bryant (C. T.), J. R. 
Haskins (B.), E. S. Potter (C. T.). 
South Abington, L. B. Hatch (B.), 
Frank P. Tompkins (C. T.). South- 
ampton, Edson Clark (C. T.), A. K. 
Mills (M. E.). Southborough, J. I. 
T. Coolidge (E.), H. M. Holmes 

(C. T.). Fayville, Davy (B.). 

Southbridge, E. G. Brochu (R. C), 
Joseph Danielson (C. T.), J. M. 
Kremmen (R. C.j, John C. Smith 
(M. E.), B. V. Stevenson (Uv.), A. 
Upham (B.). Globe Village, G. A. 
Jackson (C. U.). South Hadley, J. 
R. Herrick (C. T.). South Hadley 
Falls, Erastus Burlingham (M. E.), 
George E. Fisher (C. T.), P. J. 
Harkins (R. C), Richard Knight 
(C. T.). South Scituate, W. H. 
Fish (C. U.), D. B. Ford (B.). 
Southwick, Frank Bowler (M. E.), 
H. G. Gay (B.). Si>encer, Daniel 
Atkins (M. E.), T. D. Beaven (R. C), 

F. A. Bisbie (Uv.), Julius Cosens (R. 
C), A. S. Walker (C. T.). Spring- 
field, C. W. Annable (B.), S. G. Buck- 

ingham (C. T.), Alexander Burgess 
(E.), William Cole (Un. M.), Luther 
H. Cone (C. T.), James II. Cook (M. 
E.), W. T. Eustis (C. T.), L. G. Gag- 
nier (R. C), Washington Gladden 
(C. T.), W. C. High (M. E.), Stephen 
Jepson (Swed.), A. D. Mayo (C. U.), 
J. J. McDermott (R. C), C. L. Mor- 
gan (C. T.), P. T. O'Reilley (R. C), 

A. K. Potter (B.), E. A. Read (C. T.), 
Benton Smith (Uv.), E. A. Smith 
(M. E.), Peter Smith (B.), J. H. 
Twombley (M. E.), S. F. Upham (M. 
E.). Indian Orchard, M. Landry 
(R. C), James F. Merriam (C. T.), 
T. D. P. Stone (C. T.). Sterling, 
Henry P. Cutting (C. U.), Loriug B. 
Marsh (C. T.), W. B. Perkins (C.T.). 
Stockbridge, E. W. Bullard (C. T.), 
Arthur Lawrence (E.), S. P. Parker 
(E.). Curtisville, A. Nash (C. T.). 
Stoneham, J. W. Batt (C. T.), E. B. 
Fairchild (C. U.), Arthur J. Hovey 
(B.), D. J. O'Farrell (R. C), C. 
W. Wilder (M. E.). Stoughton, 
John Herbert (C. T.), Thomas Nor- 
ris (R. C), A. W. Seavey (M. E.), 
H. B. Smith (Uv.). North Stough- 
ton, Colburn (M. E.). Stow, 

S. Dyer (M. E.). Rock Bottom, 

Bends (M. E.). Sturbridge, 

Clarence Fowler (C. it.), M. L. 
Richardson (Pres.). Fiskdale, J. 
H. Gannett (B.), D. E. Jennings 
(E.). Sudbury, R. M. Bemis (M. 
E.). South Sudbury, G. A. Oviatt 
(C. T.). Sunderland, William F. 
Arms (C. T.). Sutton, William A. 
Benedict (C. T.), Charles L. Thomp- 
son (B.). Swampscott, Chas. Bur- 
rows (B.), A. Dight (M. E.), S. E. 
Eastman (C. T.), Howard Murray 
(Ch.). Swanzey, J. W. Osborne 
(Ch.). North Swanzey, J. W. Hor- 
ton (B.). Taunton, R. P. Ambler 
(Uv.), Mortimer Blake (C. T.), Henry 
M. Dexter (Union Cong.), S. Hop- 
kins Emery (City Miss'ry), O. H. 
Fernald (M. E.), William Hines (R. 
C), Charles H. Learoyd (E.), Eras- 
tus Maltby (C. T.), E. McChesney 
(M. E.), Stephen M. Newman (C. T.), 
T. T. Richmond (C. T.), Edward J. 
Sheridan (R. C), H. J. Smyth (R. 
C), James A. Ward (R. C), James 

B. Washburn (M. E.), J. C. Wight- 



[VOL. I. 

man (B.), William T. Worth (M. E.), 
East Taunton, H. P. Leonard (C. 
T.). Whittenton, Sam'l Spear (E.). 
Templeton, C. M. Temple (C. T.). 
Baldwiuvillo, H. V. Dexter (B.). 
Otter River, Jos. Coyne (R. C). 
Tewksbury, Samuel F. French (C. 
T.), George T. Raymond (C. B.). 

Vineyard Haven, Tisbury, 

Leering (M. E.), George L. Lewis 
(B.), D. W. Stephens (C. U.). West 
Tisbury, W. H. Sturtevant (C. T.). 
Tolland, David Ogsden (Cong.). 
Topsfield, James H. Fitts (C. T.), 
S. L. Rodgers (M. E.). Towusend, 
J. W. Feun (M. E.), Albert F. New- 
ton (C. T.). West Town send, C. C. 
Clark (Uv.), W. R. Thompson (B.). 
Truro, Edward W. Noble (C. T.). 
North Truro, Isaac Sherman (M. E.). 
South Truro, V. W. Mattoon (M.E.). 
Tyngsborough, John W. Hale (C. 
TO, John S. Smith (C. IT.), A. H. 
Tebbets (C. T.). Tyringham, O. P. 
Crandel (M. E.), M. P. Favor (B.). 
Upton, Geo. S. Ball (C. XL), Frank 
J. Marsh (C. T.), J. N. Short (M. E.). 
Uxbridge. George Bremner (C. U.), 
John W. Collier (M. E.), George 
Johnson (C. T.), H. L. Robinson 
(R. CO- Wakefield, Chas. R. Bliss 
(C. TO, M. Flatley (R. C), E. A. 
Howard (M. E.), Quincy Whitney 
(Uv.). Wales, John Noon (M. E.). 
Walpole, Francis Gousse (R. C), 
F. P. Hamlett (C. XL), Calvin G. 
Hill (C. T.). South Walpole, R. II. 
Howard (M. E.). Waltham, F. B. 
Bland (B.), Timothy Brosnahan (R. 
CO, C. C. Colburn (M. E.), T. F. 
Fales (E.), E. C. Guild (C. U.), M. 
R. Leonard (Uv.), John J. Murphy 
(R. CO, E. E. Strong (C. T.), B. 
Worcester (Swed.). Ware, Charles 
Boucher (R. C), J. L. Marsh (C. U.), 
William Moran (R. C), A. E. P. 
Perkins (C. T.), J.Peterson (M. E.), 
W. G. Tuttle (C. T.). Wareham, 
E. J. Ayres, I. C. Thacher (C. T.). 
Warren, David Moryse (R. C), Fa- 
yette Nichols (M. E.). West War- 
ren, A. II. Somers (Cong.). War- 
wick, E. II. Watrous (B.), Thomas 
Weston (C. U.). Washington, W. 
W. Cox (M. E.). Watertuwn, G. S. 
Abbott (B.) ; Thomas W. Bishop (M. 

E.), Edward A. Capen (B.), M. M. 
Green (R. C), J. F. Lovering (U.), 
E. P. Wilson (C. T.). Wayland, T. 
A. Merrill (C. T.), John B. Wight 
(C. U.). Cochituate, Elias Hodge 
(M.). Webster, T. T. Filmer (B.), 
C. F. Grace (R. C), R. S. Howard 
(EO, A. Landry (R. C), J. H. Moore 
(Uv.), B. F. Parsons (C. TO, S. B. 
Sweetser (M. EO, James Quan (R. 
C), Harvey Wakefield (M. E.). 
Wellneet, E. G. Chaddock (C. T.). 
South Wellileet, A. P. Palmer (M. 
EO- W T endell, D. C. Easton (B.). 
Wenham, Samuel W. Clarke (C. T.), 
Abner D. Gorham (B.). Westbor- 
ough, PI. P. DeForest (C. TO, P. 
Egan (R. C), B. A. Greene (B.), 
Zachariah A. Mudge (M. E.)- W T est 
Boylston, Joseph W. Cross (C. T.), 
A. J. Derbuel (R. C), F. J. Fair- 
banks (G. T.), William Murdock (C. 
T.), Wm. W. Parker (C. T.). Oak- 
dale, L. E. Bosworth (M. E.), N. D. 
George (M. EO- West Bridge water, 
A. McCord (M. E.), David H. Mont- 
gomery (C. U.). Cochesett, H. H. 
Beaman (C. B.). West Brcokfield, 
Edwin Gould (Cong.). Westfield, 
W. II. Eaton (BO, S. L. Gracev (M. 
E.), Henry Honkins (C. TO, A. J. 
Titsworth (C. T.). Westford, B. 
Hodgmau (C. T.), L. Luce (C. T.), 
Sidney Moulton (C. U.), Winthrop 
Wheeler (C. T.). Graniteville, M. 
H. A. Evans. Westhampton, E. S. 
Palmer (C. T.). Westminster, C. 
E. Cooledge (Cong.), Joseph Barber 
(B.)- West Newbury, Chas. Dame 
(C. T.), Andrew J. Dunn (B.), Sen- 
eca M. Keeler (C. T.). Weston, 
Amos Harris (B.), Francis B. Ilorn- 
brooke (C. U.)\ A. Sanderson (M. E.). 
Westport, Gould Anthony (Ch.), F. 
L. Bristol (C. T.), M. Snow (M. E.), 
Gideon W. Tripp (Ch.). West 
Springfield, L. D. Calkins (C. T.), 
W. E. Knox (M. E.), Oscar B. Thom- 
as (BO- Mittineague, J. E. Hurl- 
hurt (C. T.) West Stockbridge, M. 
Carroll (R. C). West Stock biidge 
Centre, L. Pennell (C. T.). Wey- 
mouth, L. S. Crossley (Uv.), L. H. 
Frary (C. T.), John A. Jerome (M. 
E.), Hugh P. Smith (R. C), Wm. C. 
Wright (B.). East Weymouth, H. 




W. Eldridge (C. T.), Edwin D. Hall 
(M. E.). North Weymouth, E. P. 
Chapin (C. T.). South Weymouth, 
J. Baker (Uv.), H - p - Smith (R. C.), 
G. F. Stanton (C. T.). Whately, 
John W. Lane (C. T.). Wilbra- 
ham, Martin S. Howard (C. T.), 
R. S. Perrin (M. E.). South 
Wilhraham, J. Cooke (B.), J- A. 
Day (M. E.), C. R- Root (C. T.). 
Williamsburg, S. C. Kendall (C. 
T.), Henry Matthews (M. E.). Hay- 
denville, W. S. Hawkes (C. T.). 
Williamstown, P. A. Chadbourne 

(C. T.), Calvin Durfee (C. T.), 

Graham (M. E.), Edward H. Griffin, 
Mark Hopkins (C. T.), A. B. Jen- 
nings (E.), A. L. Perry (C. T.), L. 
Pratt (C. T.), A. C. Sewell (C. T.). 
Wilmington, Dan'l P. Noyes (Pres.). 
Winchendon, Davis Foster (C. T.), 
Isaac S. Hamblin (B.), D. C. Moran 
(P. C), Daniel Richards (M. E.), 
Charles H. Wheeler (C. U.). Win- 
chester, Horace F. Barnes (\B.), 

Cheney (M. E.), A. B. Dascomb (C. 
T.), Richard Metcalf (C. U.), C. O'- 
Conner (R. C). Windsor, George 
L. Edwards (C. T.). Winthrop, D. 
M. Crane (B.), John W. Dadmun 
(M. E.), John D. Pickles (M. E.). 
Woburn, William S. Barnes (C. U.), 

Gleason (R. C), C. H. Hanaford 

(M. E.), F. Keves (Evan.), Carl Ky- 
lander (S. A.), Daniel March (C. T.), 
E. Mills (B.), O. J. Pettigrew, John 
Qualey (R. C), Leander Thompson 
(C. T.), N. R. Wright (C. U.), J. F. 
Winkley (E.). North Woburn, C. 
Anderson (C. T.). Worcester, Geo. 
Allen, J. M. Atwater (Discip. of 
Christ), Chas. Bahan (R. C), Henry 
Blanchard (C. IL), P. J. Blenkinsop 
(R. C), J. Wesley Brown (M. E.), 
M. J. Byrne (R. C), George S. Chad- 
bourne (M. E.), Thomas Conaty (R. 
C), E. Cutler (C. T.), Edward I. 
Devitt (R. C), C. M. Foley (R. C), 
John E. Garity (R. C), Walter Gates 
(Swed.), Susan A. Gilford (Friends), 
George H. Gould (C. T.), Thomas 
Griffin (R. C), Lydia W. Haight 
(Friends), E. H. Hall (C. U.), Sulli- 
van L. Holman (B.), Wm. R. Hunt- 
ington (E.), A. B. Kendig (M. E.), 
C. M. Lamson (C. T.), Darius F. 

Lamson (B.), H. Loaguo (R. C), 
Benjamin D. Marshall (B.), James 
McCloskey (R. C), Joseph B. O'Ha- 
gan (R. C), D. H. O'Neil (R. C), 
William M. Parry (C. T.), William 
Pentecost (M. E.), Geo. W. Phillips, 
(0. T.), J. B. Primeau (Fr. R. C), 
Dennis Scannell (R. C), V. A. Si- 
monds (M. E.), Amos Skeele (E.), 
William T. Sleeper (C. T.), P. L. 
Stanford (M. E.), T. E. St. John 

(Uv.), Seth Sweetser (C. T.), 

Tougher (R. C), Louis B. Voorhees 
(C. T.), Robert Walsh (R. C), H. D. 
Weston (M. E.). Worfchington, H. 
M. Stone (Cong.). Wrentham, W. 
R.Tomkins (C.T.). Yarmouth, John 
W. Dodge (C. T.). Yarmouth Port, 
Charles A. Bradley (Uv.), W. H. 

May hew (Swed.), Roach (M. 

E.). South Yarmouth, Steele 


Abington, Keith & Simmons. 
Adams, N. H. Bixby, Henry J. Bliss, 
F. H. B. Munson, Franklin O. Sayles. 
North Adams, E. Henry Beer, F. 
Henry Buffum, Edward C. Kielev, 
Charles J. Parkhurst, A. G. & A. 
Potter, Preston &, Brown, David H. 
Raymond, Jas. T. Robinson, Jar vis 
Rockwell, Thayer Shepherd & Son. 
Amesbury, W. C. Binney, G. W. Cate. 
Amherst, W. A. Dickinson, John 
Jameson, Edward E. Webster. An- 
dover, George W. Foster, N. W. 
Hazen, George H. Poor. Arlington, 
Ira O. Carter, John H. Hardy. Ash- 
burnham, S. J. Bradlee. Ashland, 
George T. Higley. Athol, George 
W. Horr, F. F. Fay, Charles Field, 
George H. Graves, E. V. Wilson. 
Attleborough, George A. Adams, 
John Daggett. North Attleborough, 
Simeon Bowen, J. E. Pond, Jr. 
Ayer, James Gerrish, Samuel P. 
Lewis, John Spaulding, Warren 
Tilton, Wallace (Levi) & Atwood, 

F. A. Worcester. Barnstable, J. M. 
Day, H. P. Harriman, Smith K. 
Hopkins. Barre, Charles Brimble- 
com, J. Martin Gorham. Belmont, 
George W. Ware, Jr. Beverly, E. 

G. Adams, John R. Baker, Frederick 
W. Choate, Caleb W. Loring, Wm. 
Sohier. Blackstone, A. A. Putnam, 



[VOL. i. 

F. N. Thayer. Boxford, F. W. 
Gabraith. Braintree, Mark F. 
Duncklee. East Braintree, Edw'd 
Avery, H. A. Johnson, N. L. White. 
N. Braiutree, A. P. Loring. S. 
Braiatree, Asa French. Bridge- 
water, Henry A. Blake, Hosea 
Kingman. Brockton, H. L. Gibbs, 
E. L. Packard, Jonas R. Perkins, 
Stone (G. R.) & Pattee (J. B.), 
White & Sumner, W. W. & F. M. 
Wilkins. Brookfield, George S. 
Duell. Brookline, William Aspin- 
wall, Joseph B. Braman, Charles H. 
Drew, Geo. Griggs, Bradford King- 
man. Cambridge, Samuel Batchel- 
der, Jr., Sanford H. Dudley, John S. 
Flagg, B. W. Whitney. Cambridge- 
port, John Cahill, William F. Eng- 
ley, Hammond & Pope, H. C. Holt, 
J. G. Holt, W. L. Howard, L. W. 
Howes, E. H. Jose, William H. 
Martin, Henry H. Winslow. East 
Cambridge, Edward B. Malley, 
Lorenzo Marrett, Charles J. Mcln- 
tire, Morse & McKelleget, William 
A. Nason. North Cambridge, War- 
ren P. Dudley. Canton, Ellis Ames, 
H. F. Buswell, Charles Endicott, 
Thomas E. Grover, Samuel B. Noyes. 
Carlisle, Albion A. Adams. Chelsea, 
H. Bates, John F. Brennan, John E. 
Butler, Mellen Chamberlain, Tracy 
P. Cheever, C. H. Chellis, Fay & 
Lougee, B. J. Gerrish, Wm. H. Hart, 
Eben Hutchinson, D. F. Kimball, 
Geo. P. Montague, F. S. Nickersou. 
Cheshire, John C. Wolcott. Ches- 
ter, Daniel Granger. Chicopee, 
Jonathan Allen, Robinson (G. D.) 
& Hitchcock (L. E.), J. R. Vincent, 
Jr., Luther White. Chicopee Falls, 
C. J. Bellamy. Clinton, Daniel H. 
Bemis, J. W. Corcoran, John T. 
Dame, William B. Orcutt, Charles 

G. Stevens. Cohasset, Louis T. 
Cushing. Concord, G. M. Brooks 
(judge probate court), George Hey- 
wood, E. R. Hoar, Samuel Hoar, 
John S. Keyes, George A. King, 
Charles Thompson, C. H. Walcott. 
Dan vers, Edward L. Hill, J. W. 
Porter. Dedham, John D. Cobb, 
Waldo Coburn, Frederick D. Ely, 
Hill & Mackintosh, Winslow War- 
ren, Thomas L. Wakefield. Isling- 

ton, Alonzo B. Wentworth. East 
Bridge water, William H. Osborne. 
Easthampton. W. G. Bassett, Alburn 
J. Fargo. Easton, Albert A. Rotch. 
Edgartown, C. G. M. Dunham, Sam'l 
Kenniston, JosephT. Pease. Everett, 
Dudley P. Bailey, Jr., A. W. Buell. 
Fall River, Archer (J. J.) & Jackson 
(J. F.), Josiah C. Blaisdell, Henry 
K. Braley, Braley & Swift, John 
S. Brayton, John A. Coffey, John 
W. Cummings, Luther J. Drake, 
H. W. Dubuque, Nicholas Hathe- 
way, Hatheway & Cummings, An- 
drew J. Jennings, L. Lapham, Arba 
N. Lincoln, Benjamin K. Lovatt, 
James M. Morton, Jr., Thomas H. 
Niles, William H. Peirce, Milton 
Reed, M. G. B. Swift, Patrick H. 
Wallace, Eliab Williams, Isaac N. 
Wood, Jonathan M. Wood. Fitch- 
burg, Harrison Bailey, Charles F. 
Baker, George W. Cann, Charles B. 
Gates, S. L. Graves, H. C. Hartwell, 
Chas. S. Hayden, Stillman Haynes, 
E. P. Loring, James H. McMahon, 
David H. Merriam, Norcross & 
Hartwell, George E. Putnam, Edw'd 
B. Sawtell, Asa E. Strattou, George 
A. Torrey, Thornton K. Ware, Jas. 
M. Woodbury. Foxborough, J. E. 
Carpenter, Robert W. Carpenter. 
Framingham, C. S. Adams, C. C. • 
Esty, Robt. Gordon. South Fram- 
ingham, Walter Adams, Ira B. 
Forbes, Sidney A. Phillips. G. C. 
Travis. Franklin, George W. Wig- 
gin. Gardner, Thatcher B. Dunn, 

E. D. Howe. Georgetown, Jeremiah 
P. Jones. Gloucester, H. T. Cros- 
well, W. W. French, Henry C. Hub- 
bard, Clarence F. Mead, Benjamin 
H. Smith, Muuroe Stevens, Charles 
P. Thompson, H. N. Woods. Graf- 
ton, John Mcllvene. Great Bar- 
rington, Justin Dewey, Herbert C. 
Joyner, Billings Palmer. Green- 
field, David Aiken, John A. Aiken, 
George L. Barton, Almon Brainard, 
Chester C. Conant, Charles G. Del- 
ano, Austin DeWolf, Franklin G. 
Fessenden, James S. Grinnell, Sam'l 
O. Lamb, E.' E. Lyman, B. S. Parker, 

F. M. Thompson, Gorham D. Will- 
iams. Groton, S. P. Lewis. Grove- 
land, C. F. Payne. Hamilton, Dan'l 




E. Safford. W. Scituate, Hanover, 
J. F. Simmons, Perez Simmons. 
Hanson, Otis L. Bonney. Harwich, 
H. P. Harriman. Hatfield, Thad- 
deus Graves. Haverhill, Abbott & 
Pearl, William E. Blunt, Benjamin 

F. Brickett, Henry Carter, Edward 
C. Dubois, Edward B. George, Thos. 
H. Hoyt, Jenness & Bartlett, Jere. 
P. Jones, H. N. Merrill, C. F. Payne, 
William Taggart. Hingham, J. O. 
Burdett, John D. Long. Holliston, 
Herman Bragg, John H. Ladd. 
Holyoke, W. H. Brooks, Edward W. 
Chapin, PI. K. Hawes, T. B. O'Don- 
nell, W. B. C. Pearsons, H. L. Sher- 
man, Albert A. Tyler, Porter Under- 
wood. Hopkinton, Clement Meserve, 
L. H. Wakefield. Hudson, James T. 
Joslin, K. Henry Pedrick. Hunting- 
ton, Elisha Cole, Lyman T. Ring. 
Hyde Park, C. G. Chick, J. E. Cot- 
ter, A. T. Crossley, Edmund Davis, 
Willard F. Estey, Orin T. Gray, 
Henry B. Terry. Ipswich, George 
Haskell, Charles Kimball, Edward 
P. Kimball, Charles A. Sayward. 
Kingston, Joseph S. Beal. Law- 
rence, M. H. Ames, H. C. Bacon, 
Charles U. Bell, Elbridge T. Burley, 
Joseph Cleveland, Newton P. Frye, 
John S. Gile, W. Fisk Gile, Nathan 
W. Harmon, E. L. Hill, H. F. Hop- 
kins, M. S. Jenkins, William S. 
Knox, P. W. Lyall, Charles D. 
Moore, T. A. Parsons, W. J. Quinn, 
Aretas R. Sanborn, John C. San- 
born, D. & C. & C. G. Saunders, 
E. J. Sherman, Ivan Stevens, An- 
drew C. Stone, John P. Sweeney, 
John K. Tarbox, William L. 
Thompson, N. G. White, William 
H. P. Wright. Lee, John Branning, 
Thos. M. Judd, Norman W. Shores. 
Lenox, Thomas Post, William S. 
Tucker. Leominster, Chauncey W. 
Carter, Hamilton Mayo, Charles H. 
Merriam. Lexington, Asa Cottrell, 
J. Russell Reed, A. E. Scott. East 
Lexington, Maurice O'Connell. Lit- 
tleton, Shattuck Hartwell. Lowell, 
Julian Abbot, James C. Abbott, 
William H. Anderson, Frederick F. 
Ayer, F. T. Benner, William H. 
Bent, C. A. Blaisdell, C. R. Blais- 
dell, J. P. Campbell, Robert B. 

Caverly, C. H. Conant, Charles 
Cowley, J. Crowley, John Davis, 
John F. Frye, Frederic T. Green- 
halge, Charles S. Hadlev, Samuel P. 
Hadley, Martin L. Ham Met, J. F. 
Haskell, Howe (Chas. F.) & Law- 
ton (Geo. F.), Louis H. Kileski, J. C. 
Kimball, John A. Knowles, Jona- 
than Ladd, Alfred G. Lamson, Geo. 
F. Lawton, Charles S. Lilley, Mar- 
shall & Hamblett, John F. Mc- 
Evoy, John McGreavey, Owen Mc- 
Namara, Albert M. Moore, Henry S. 
Osgood, J. J. Pickman, Irving S. 
Porter, N. D. Pratt, John W. Reed, 
D. S. & G. F. Richardson, John S. 
Searle, Luther E. Shepard, George 
Stevens, Stevens & Conant, A. C. 
Varnum, Benjamin J. Williams, S. 
B. Wyman. Lynn, E. G. Adams, D. 
O. Alien, Frank P. Allen, Thos. W. 
Barrelle, E. A. Berdge, John W. 
Berry, James E. Breed, C. F. Cas- 
well, Henry F. Chase, N. D. A. 
Clarke, A. W. Edgerly, William C. 
Fabens, William H. Gove, Nathan 
M. Hawkes, R. E. Harmon, Hurl- 
burt & Lannan, William Howland, 
A. Jones, Ira B. Keith, Caleb Lam- 
son, James R. Newhall, Thomas B. 
Newball, Newhall & Harmon, W. 
H. Niles, Dean Peabody, E. K. Phil- 
lips, George L. Shorey, Eben F. P. 
Smith, Charles H. Stickney, Chas. 
A. Taber, S. M. W T heeler, Wheeler 
& Caswell, Frank G. Woodburv. 
Lynnfield, I. F. Clark, S. G. Nash. 
Lynn field Centre, G. T. Angell. 
Maiden, H. A. Folsom, W. A. May- 
nard, J. H. Millett, G. S. Scammon, 
William G. Sprague. Maplewood, 
Thomas Savage. Mansfield, E. M. 
Reed. Marblekead, Win. Fabens. 
Marlborough, Samuel N. Aldrich, 
Herman S. Fay, Gale & Macdonald, 
Edward F. Johnson. Maynard, A. 
Balcom, John Hillis, J. Reed. Med- 
field, James Hewins. Medford, D. 
A. Gleason, Thomas S. Harlow, 
Benjamin F. Hayes, B. E. Perry, 
Charles Russell. West Medway, 
Medway, C. H. Deans, L. P. Quim- 
by, Jr. Mendon, G. B. Williams. 
Merrimac, M. Perry Sargent. Me- 
thuen, Charles E. Hibbard, William 
M. Rogers. Middleborough, Everett 



[VOL. i. 

Robinson, Jolm C. Sullivan, F. M. 
Yaughan, William II. Wood. Mil- 
ford, Fales & Davis, Leander Hol- 
brook, T. G. Kent, George G. Par- 
ker, John S. Scammoll, G. B. Will- 
iams, J. II. Wood. Millbury, John 
Hopkins. Milton, Charles M. S. 
Churchill, Joseph M. Churchill, Ed- 
ward L. Pierce, Nathaniel F. Saf- 
ford, Nathaniel Morton Safford. 
Turner's Falls, Montague, George 
L. Barton. Nantucket, Allen Cof- 
fin. Natick, P. H. Cooney, Walter 
N. Mason, James McManus, George 
L. Sleeper, Charles Q. Tirrell, G. D. 
Tower. South Natick, T. E. Barry. 
New Bedford, Edwin L. Barney, 
Charles T. Bonney, A. Borden, Geo. 
H. Brown, A. Edwin Clarke, C. W. 
Clifford, W. H. Cobb, Albert B. 
Collins, W. W. Crapo, Francis B. 
Greene, Lemuel LeB. Holmes, Wm. 
H. Johnson, H. M. Knowlton, Adam 
Mackie, George Marston, Marston & 
Crapo, Frank A. Milliken, William 
C. Parker, Jr., Philip A. Pierce, 
Oliver Prescott, Isaiah C. Ray, 
Thomas M. Stetson, E. Sullavon, 
Francis W. Tappan, G. F. Tucker, 
H. N. West, Lemuel T. Willcox. 
Newburyport, William E. Currier, 
Jos. G. Gerrish, Thomas Huse, Jr., 
Harrison G. Johnson, C. Osgood 
Morse, Amos Noyes, Nathaniel 
Pierce, John N. Pike, Stone (E. F.) 
& Simpson (T. C), David L. Well- 
ington. Newton, Stephen H. Tyng. 
West Newton, P. & S. Thacher. 
Norfolk, Daniel J. Holbrook. North- 
ampton, Francis A. Beals, Bond 
Bros. & Bottum, H. H. Chilson, 
Delano & Hammond, Parsons & 
Woodman, William Slattery, T. G. 
Spaulding, William P. Strickland. 
Florence, Bond Bros. & Bottum. 
Northborough, Sam'l Clark. North 
Brookfield, L. Emerson Barnes. 
Oakham, John B. Fairbank. Orange, 
R. D. Chase. Orleans, John Doane, 
Jonathan Higgins. Oxford, H. J. 
Clark. Palmer, J. G. Allen, Charles 
L. Gardner, Stephen S. Taft. Pea- 
body, Sidney C. Bancroft, Charles 
E. Hoag, George Holman. Pitts- 
field, Samuel W. Bowerman, George 
P. Briggs, Henry L. Dawes, William 

T. Filley, Edward A. Gam well, Lo- 
renzo H. Gamwell, Pingree & 
Barker, William R. Plunkett, Frank 
W. Rockwell, Andrew J. Water- 
man, Marshall Wilcox, Edgar M. 
Wood. Plymouth, Daniel E. Damon, 
Charles G. Davis, Mason & Lord. 
Provincetown, John W. Davis, B. 
F. Hutchinson. Quincy, John Q. 
Adams, E. Granville Pratt, J. E. 
Tirrell. Atlantic, R. A. Dugan. Ran- 
dolph, John V. Beal, John F. Kilton, 
Jonathan Wales. Reading, Solon 
Bancroft, A. G. K. Hale, Chauncey 
P. Judd, Sidney P. Pratt, Carroll D. 
Wright. Rockland, Geo. W. Kelley. 
Rockport, Henri N. Woods. Row- 
ley, George B. Blodgett, A. A. Ab- 
bott. Salem, C. A. Benjamin, Hor- 
ace Brown, George F. Choate, Wm. 
Cogswell, W. F. M. Collins, Jerome 
H. Fiske, Andrew Fitz, Geo. Foster 
Flint, James A. Gillis, A. C. Goodell, 
Jr., William H. Gove, Edward L. 
Hill, Nathaniel J. Holden, George 
Holman, Thomas F. Hunt, A. L. 
Huntington, Horace Ingersoll, Ives 
(S. B., Jr.) & Lincoln (Sol., Jr.), 
Samuel A. Johnson, L. W. Kelley, 
Charles Kimball, D. B. Kimball, 
Edward P. Kimball, Solomon Lin- 
coln, Jr., George R. Lord, J. T. 
Mahoney, Henry P. Moulton, North- 
end (Wm. D.) & Benjamin (Chas. 
A.), J. B. F. Osgood, B. C. Perkins, 
John W. Porter, Porter & Gove, C. 
W. Richardson, David Roberts, 
Daniel E. Safford, Charles Sewall, 
E. J. Sherman, T. M. Stimson, Au- 
gustus Story, Tuckerman (L. S.), 
Huntington (A. L.), & Fitz (A.), 
William P. Upham, H. Wardwell, 
Joseph G. Waters, Wheatland & 
Flint. Sandwich, E. Stowell WMt- 
temore. Saugus Centre, Saugus, A. 
B. Davis, Jerome Davis, George W. 
Phillips. Scituate, Geo. Lunt. Shef- 
field, James Bradford. Shelburne 
Falls, Shelburne, Samuel T. Field, 
Henry M. Puffer, Henry Winn. 
Shirley Village, Shirley, Jas. Ger- 
rish. Somerville, Michael F. Far- 
rell, Wm. Hobson, Thomas F. Ma- 
guire, Francis Tufts, George B. Up- 
ham, Charles P. Weston. East 
Somerville, William F. Griffin, 





Charles G. Pope. South Abington, 
Millard E. Brown. Southbridge, A. 
J. Bartholomew, F. W. Bothara, J. 
M. Cochran. South Hadley Falls, 
South Hadley, E. Ogden Dwight. 
Spencer, A. W. Curtis. Springfield, 
E. P. Bartholomew, H. A. Barthol- 
omew, Charles J. Bellamy, Timothy 
M. Brown, Joseph W. Browne, 
Buckland & White, F. E. Carpen- 
ter, H. M. Coney, T. Morton Dewey, 
M. T. Foley, Greene & Bosworth, 
Hersey & Abbott, E. H. Lathrop, 
George Leonard, Leonard & Wells, 
A. H. G. Lewis, Maynard & Gillett, 
James E. Mclntire, Edward Morris, 
Morris & Copeland, Geo. L. Pease, 
John L. Rice, William B. Rogers, 
Joseph M. Ross, S. E. Seymour, C. 

A. Sherman, William S. Shurtleff, 
W. L. Smith, A. L. Soule, Stearns, 
Knowlton & Long, J. M. Stebbins, 
J. P. Wall, Thomas B. Warren, D. 
E. Webster. Stockbridge, Henry 
J.Dunham. Stoneham, B. F. Briggs, 
William B. Stevens. Stoughton, 
Oscar A. Marden. Stow, Edwin 
Whitney. Taunton, Arthur M. Al- 
ger, Edmund H. Bennett, Bennett 
& Fuller, James Brown, Edward J. 
Conaty, J. M. Cushman, James H. 
Dean, Wm. H. Fox, L. N. Francis, 
Henry J. Fuller, W. E. Fuller, John 
H. Galligan, Charles A. Reed, John 

E. Sanford, T. C. Sproat, Sylvanus 
M. Thomas, S. R. Townsend, L. E. 
White, H. & G. E. Williams. Bald- 
winville, Templeton, Stillman Ca- 
dy. Topsfield, C. H. Holmes, Ben- 
jamin Poole, Benjamin Poole, Jr. 
Townsend, F. A. Worcester. Ux- 
bridge, George W. Hobbs. Wake- 
field, Eaton & Hamilton, George H. 
Towle, Edward A. Upton. Walpole, 
George W. Bartlett, Isaac N. Lewis. 
Waltham, A. W. Berry, T. B. Eaton, 
Daniel French, E. A. Harrington, B. 

B. Johnson, T. F. Larkin, Charles 

F. Stone, F. M. Stone. Ware, 
Henry C. Davis, Franklin D. Rich- 
ards. Wareham, James G. Sproat. 
Warren, E. C. Sawyer. Watertown, 
Abial Abbott, I. V. Bemis, J. J. 
Sullivan, Jesse F. Wheeler. Way- 
land, R. T. Lombard. Webster, H. 
J. Clarke, John E. Day, Seymour A. 


Tingier, Cortland Wood. Wellfleet, 
H. P. Harriman. Westborough, G. 
& J. F. Biscoe, L. K. Travis. Oak- 
dale, West Boylston, H. F. Harris. 
West Bridge water, Austin Packard. 
West Brookfield, G. F. Bancroft. 
Westfield, William G. Bates, Henry 
W. Ely, Henrv Fuller, Gillett (E. BO 
& Stevens (H. B.), N. T. Leonard, 
H. B. Lewis, Whitney <& Dunbar. 
West Stockbridge, William C. 
Spaulding. Weymouth, Everett C. 
Bumpus, James Humphrey, Frank 
W. Lewis, Samuel W. Reed. East 
Weymouth, Charles Q. Tirrell. No. 
Weymouth, William W. Burke. 
Wilbraham, George Pease. Will- 
iamstown, Danforth, Keyes &, 
White, Joseph White. Wilming- 
ton, Chester W. Clark. Win- 
chendon, Lafayette W. Pierce, 
Frank B. Spalter, Giles H, Whit- 
ney. Winchester, A. B. Coffin, 
S. H. Folsom, Alfred Hall, A. K. P. 
Joy, George S. Littlefield, A. C. 
Vinton, J. T. Wilson. Winthrop, 
Edwin C. Gilman, Charles W. Hall. 
Woburn, C. D. Adams, B. E. Bond, 
P. L. Converse, Sherman Converse, 
John W. Johnson, J. G. Maguire, 
George W. Norris. Worcester, Jas. 
G. Arnold, Bacon, Hopkins & 
Bacon, George H. Ball, James H. 
Bancroft, F. E. Barker, F. J. Bar- 
nard, Wm. H. Briggs, A. G. Bullock, 
Silas A. Burgess, Henry Chapin, F. 
Linus Childs, A. P. Christy, Charles 
W. Clark, M. H. Cowden, Isaac 
Davis, John E. Day, Francis Dea>ne, 
F. B. Deane, Francis H. Dewey, 
Thomas H. Dodge, S.W.Dougherty, 
Frank A. Gaskill, Gile & Merrill, S. 
B. I. Goddard, James Green, W. B. 
Harding, William T. Harlow, Henrv 
F. Harris, D. W, Haskins, Hill ( J. 
Henry) & Hill, Francis Hilliard, 
George F. Hoar, Hopkins & Mann, 
W. S. B. Hopkins, James P. Kelley, 
D. Manning, Jr., J. F. Manning, 
Joseph Mason, William B. Maxwell, 
James J. McCafferty, McCaffcrty & 
Purcell, T. L. Nelson, Henry L. 
Parker, B. W. Potter, Francis 
Plunkett, H. C. Rice, Rice & Black- 
mer, Henry O. Smith, Staples & 
Goulding, Geo. Swan, Adin Thayer, 



[VOL. I, 

J. A. Titus, John L. Utley, Samuel 
Utley, George F. Verry, Horace B. 
Verry, Verry & Gaskill, John D. 
Washburn, John W. Wetherell, 
Williams & Thayer, George M. 
Woodward. Wrentkam, Charles J. 
Randall, Samuel Warner. 


Aldington and Bridgewater Branch 
Railroad. South Abington to 
Bridgewater. Branch of Old Col- 
ony Railroad. 

Amesbury Branch Railroad. From 
Newburyport to Amesbury. Branch 
of the Eastern. 

Ashbumham Railroad. South Ash- 
burnliam to Ashbumham. 3 miles. 
Proprietor, George C. Winchester. 

Attleborough Branch Railroad. At- 
tleborough to North Attleborough. 
Branch of Boston and Providence 

Attleborough and Taunton Branch 
Railroad. Taunton to Attleborough. 
Superintendent, A. E. Swasey, 

Boston j Barre and Gardner Rail- 
road. Incorporated 1847. Worces- 
ter to Winchendon. President, 
Hon. Ginery Twichell, Brookline. 
Clerk and Treasurer, William E. 
Starr, Worcester. Superintendent, 
H. M. Witter, Worcester. 

Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New 
Bedford Railroad. Incorporated 
1867. South Framingham to Fitch- 
burg ; South Framingham to Low- 
ell ; South Framingham to New 
Bedford. President,^ N. Thayer, Jr. 
Superintendent, S. A. Webber, 
Fitchburg. Treasurer, L. Grmnell. 
Agent, Hosea Hyde, Boston. 

Boston and Albany Railroad. Bos- 
ton to Albany. President, C. W. 
Chapin, Springfield. Treasurer, C. 
E. Stevens, Boston. Superintend- 
ent, C. O. Russell, Springfield. As- 
sistant Superintendents, Walter II. 
Barnes, Boston ; J. B. Chapin, Al- 
bany, N. Y. ; General Manager, Win. 
Bliss, Springfield. 

Boston, Lowell and Nashua Rail- 
road. Boston to Greenfield, Wilton, 
Nashua (N. II.), and Lowell (Mass.). 
Incorporated 1830. Manager, Ho- 

cum Hosford, Lowell. Superin- 
tendent, Wm. M. Parker. Treasurer 
and Cashier, C. E. A. Bartlett, Bos- 

Boston and Maine Railroad. Incor- 
porated 1833. Boston to Portland, 
Me. President, Nathaniel G.White, 
Boston. Superintendent, J. T. 
Furber, Boston. Treasurer, Amo3 
Blanchard, Boston. 

Boston and Providence Railroad. 
Incorporated 1831. Boston to Prov- 
idence, R. I. President, H. A. 
Whitney, Boston. Treasurer, Ben- 
jamin B. Torrey, Boston. Superin- 
tendent, A. A. Folsom, Boston. 

Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn 
Railroad. Boston to Lynn. Presi- 
dent, Edwin Walden. Treasurer, 
J. G. Webster. Superintendent, 
Edward H. Whorf. 

Boston, Winthroj) and Point Shirley 
Railroad. Boston to Winthrop. 
President, Samuel G. Irvin. Treas- 
urer, Frank H. Hill. 

Brooliine Branch Railroad. Bos- 
ton to Brookline. Branch of Boston 
and Albany Railroad. 

Cheshire Railroad, Incorporated 
1844. South Ashbumham, Mass., 
to Bellows Falls, Vt. President, E. 
Murdock, Winchendon, Mass. Treas- 
urer, F. W. Everett, Boston. Super- 
intendent, R. Stewart, Keene, N. 
H. Cashier, F. H. Kingsbury, 
Keene, N. H. 

Chicopee Falls Branch Railroad. 
Springfield to Chicopee Falls. 
Branch of Connecticut River Rail- 

Connecticut Central Railroad. 
Springfield. Incorporated 1872. 
Hartford to Springfield, and Hart- 
ford to Rockville. President and 
Treasurer, D. D. Warren, Spriug- 
field. Secretary, T. M. Maltbie, 
Hartford. Superintendent, D. D. 

Connecticut River Railroad. Incor- 
porated January, 1842. Springfield, 
Mass., to South Vernon, Vt., with 
branches to Chuxrpee Falls, and 
from Easthampton to Mt. Tom. 
President, Daniel L. Harris, Spring- 
field. Superintendent, J. Mulligan, 
Springfield. Treasurer, Seth Hunt, 





Danvers and JSfewburyport Railroad. 
Wakefield Junction to Newbury- 
port. Boston and Maine Branch. 

Dedliam Branch Railroad. Read- 
ville to Dedliam. Branch of Boston 
and Providence. 

East Boston Branch Railroad. 
From East Boston to Lynn. Branch 
of Eastern. 

Eastern Railroad. Boston to Port- 
land, Me. President, A. P. Rock- 
well. Treasurer, N, G. Chapin, 
Boston. General Manager, Charles 
F. Hatch, Boston. 

Essex Branch Railroad. "Wenham 
to Essex. Branch of Eastern. 

Fairhaven Branch Railroad. See 
Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and 
New Bedford Railroad. 

Fall River Railroad. Fall River 
to New Bedford. President, Harri- 
son Bliss, Worcester. Treasurer, E. 
D. Hewins, Fitchburg. Superin- 
tendent, J. A. Ackley, Fall River. 

Fall River, Warren and Providence 
Railroad. Fall River, Mass., to 
Warren, R. I. President, John H. 
Clifford. Agent, N. L. Barrus, Fall 
River, Mass. Treasurer, C. T. Child, 
Providence, R. I. Superintendent, 
Waterman Stone. 

Fitchburg Railroad. Incorporated 
1842. Boston to Fitchburg, with 
branches to Marlborough ; to Green- 
ville, N. H. ; and Boston to Wal- 
tham, Mass., via Watertown. Presi- 
dent, William B. Stearns, Boston. 
Superintendent, Charles L. Hey- 
wood, Boston. Treasurer, M. D. 
Benson, Boston. Also lessees of the 
Vermont and Massachusetts Rail- 

Fitchburg and Worcester Railroad. 
Worcester to Fitchburg. Branch 
of Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg. 

Framingham and Lowell Railroad. 
South Framingham to Lowell. 
Branch of Boston, Clinton and 

Gloucester Branch Railroad. From 
Beverly to Rockport. Branch of 

Grafton Centre Railroad. Grafton 
Centre to B. and A. Railroad, Graf- 

ton Depot. Incorporated 1873. 
President, Jonathan D. Wheeler. 
Superintendent, W. L. Faulkner. 

Granite Branch Railroad. Atlan- 
tic to West Quincy. Branch of Old 

Hanover Branch Railroad. Incor- 
porated April 6, 1846. North Abing- 
ton to Hanover. Branch of Old 

Holyoke Branch Railroad. West- 
field to Holyoke. Branch of New 
Haven and Northampton. 

HopMnton, Milford and Woonsocket 
Railroad. Incorporated 1870. Woon- 
socket to Ashland. Leased to 
Providence and Worcester Rail- 

Housatonic Railroad. Incorporated 
1837. Bridgeport, Conn., to Pitts- 
field, Mass., with branch from Van 
Deusenville, Mass., to State Line. 
President, W. H. Barnum. Assist- 
ant Superintendent, N. M. Brown. 

Lawrence Branch Railroad. Salem 
to Lawrence. Branch of Eastern. 

Lexington Branch Railroad. Som- 
erville Centre to Lexington. Branch 
of Boston and Lowell. 

Lowell and Lawrence Railroad. In- 
corporated 1848. Lowell to Law- 
rence. President, Wm. E. Living- 
ston. Operated by Boston and 
Lowell Railroad. Treasurer, F. H. 
Nourse, Boston. 

Manchester and Lawrence Railroad. 
Incorporated 1847. Manchester, N. 
H., to Lawrence, Mass. President, 
E. A. Straw, Manchester, N. H. 
Treasurer, George B. Chandler, 
Manchester, N. H. Cashier, J. Frank 
Webster, Concord, N. H. Assistant 
Superintendent, J. W. Hildreth, 
Concord, N. II. 

Mansfield and Framingham Rail- 
road. Mansfield to Framingham. 
Branch of Boston, Clinton, Fitch- 
burg and New Bedford Railroad. 

Marblehead Branch Railroad. Sa- 
lem to Marblehead. Branch of 

Marblehead and Swampscott Branch 
Railroad. Swampscott to Marble- 
head. Branch of Eastern. 

Marlborough and Hudson Branch 
Railroad. South Acton to Marl- 



[VOL. I, 

borough, Mass. Branch of Fitch- 

Medford Branch Railroad. Boston 
to Medford. Branch of Boston and 

Merrimac Branch Railroad. New- 
ton Junction to Merrimac. Branch 
of Boston and Maine. 

Middlehorough and Taunton Bail- 
road. Incorporated 1848. Taunton 
to Middleborough. President, A. 
O. Washburn, Jr., Providence, R. I. 
Superintendent, A. E. Swasey, 
Taunton, Mass. Treasurer and 
Clerk, E. Pickering, Boston. 

Middlesex Central Railroad. Lex- 
ington to Concord, Mass. Operated 
by Boston and Lowell. 

Milford Branch. South Framing- 
ham to Milford. Branch of Boston 
and Albany. 

Millbury Branch. Millbury Junc- 
tion to Millbury. Branch of Boston 
and Albany. 

MonadnocJc Railroad. Incorporated 
1868. Winchendou, Mass., to Peter- 
borough, N. H. President and Su- 
perintendent, Jonas Livingston, 
Peterborough, N. H. Clerk and 
Treasurer, W. G. Livingston, Peter- 
borough, N. H. Leased and opera- 
ted by the Boston, Barre and Gard- 
ner Railroad. 

Mount Tom and Easthampton Rail- 
road. From Mount Tom Station on 
Connecticut River Railroad to East- 
hampton. Leased and operated by 
Connecticut River Railroad. 

Nashua, Acton and Boston Rail- 
road. Incorporated 1871. From 
Nashua, N. H., to West Concord, 
Mass. President, Peter B. Brigham, 
Boston. Treasurer, F. D. Cook, 
Nashua, N. H. Superintendent, H. 
E. Chamberlin, Concord, N. H. 

Nashua and Lowell Railroad. In- 
corporated 1836. (See Boston, Low- 
ell and Nashua.) 

New Bedford Railroad. Branch of 
Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New 
Bedford Railroad. New Bedford to 

« New Haven and Northampton Rail- 
road. Incorporated 1846. New 
Haven, Conn., to Williamsburg, 
Mass., with branches from Farm- 

ington to New Hartford, and from 
Westfield to Holyoke, Mass. Presi- 
dent and Superintendent, Charles 
N. Yeamans, New Haven, Conn. 
Treasurer, Edward A. Ray. 

Neiv London Northern Railroad. 
Incorporated 1860. New Loudon, 
Conn., to Brattleboro', Vt. Presi- 
dent, Dr. Charles Osgood, Norwich, 
Conn. Superintendent and Treas- 
urer, G. W. Bentley. Cashier, L. S. 
Olmstead, New Loudon, Conn. 

Newton Lower Falls Brando Rail- 
road. Auburndale to Newton Lower 
Falls. Branch of Boston and Albany 

Neiv Toi% Neiv Haven and Hart- 
ford Railroad. Incorporated 1872. 
New York to Springfield, Mass. 
President, W. D. Bishop, New York. 
Superintendent, John T. Moody, 
New Haven. Treasurer, W. A. Bur- 
roughs, New York. Superintendent, 
E. M. Reed. 

Neiv York and Neiv England Rail- 
road. Boston to Willi mantic, Conn., 
and from East Thompson, Conn., to 
Southbridge, Mass., aud from Bos- 
ton to Woonsocket, R. I. This rail- 
road operated by trustees. Super- 
intendent Eastern Division, H. M. 
Britton, Boston. Cashier, G. W. 
Little, Boston. Superintendent 
Woonsocket Division, E. H. Tucker, 

North Brookfield Branch Railroad. 
Incorporated 1875. East Brookfield 
to North Brookfield. President, B. 
Nye. Treasurer, Charles Adams, 
Jr. Operated by Boston and Albany 

Norwich and Worcester Railroad. 
Incorporated 1832. Division of New 
York and New England Railroad. 
Allyns Point, Conn., to Worcester, 
Mass. President, A. F. Smith, Nor- 
wich, Conn. Treasurer, G. L. Per- 
kins, Norwich, Conn. Superintend- 
ent, P. St. M. Andrews, Norwich, 
Conn. Cashier, E. T. Clapp, Nor- 
wich, Conn. 

Old Colony Railroad. Incorporated 
1844. Boston to Newport, R. I., and 
Proviucetowu, Wood's Holl, and 
Plymouth, Mass. President, Onslow 
Stearns, Boston. Superintendent, 




J. E. Kendrick, Boston. Treasurer, 
J. M. Washburn, Boston. Cashier, 
H. G. -Nutter. 

Peterborough and Shirley Railroad. 
Ayer Junction, Mass,, to Greenville, 
N. H. Branch of Fitchhurg. 

Pittsfield and North Adams Bail- 
road. Pittsfield to North Adams. 
Branch of Boston and Albany. 

Providence and Worcester Railroad. 
Incorporated 1844. Providence, E. 
I., to Worcester, Mass. President, 
W. S. Slater, Providence. Superin- 
tendent, William D. Hilton, Provi- 
dence. Treasurer, John E. Balch, 

Salem and Lowell Railroad. In- 
corporated 1848. Tewksbury Junc- 
tion to Peabody, Mass. President, 
William E. Livingston. Treasurer, 
F. H. Nourse, Boston. Operated by 
the Boston and Lowell Eailroad. 

Saugus Branch Railroad. Boston 
to Lynn. Branch of Eastern Eail- 

Saxonville Branch Railroad. Na- 
tick to Saxonville. Branch of Bos- 
ton and Albany. 

Shawmut and Milton Branch Rail- 
road. Boston to Neponset and 
Mattapan. Branch of Old Colony 

South Reading Branch Railroad. 
Wakefield to Salem. Branch of 

South Shore and Duxbury and Co- 
hassct Branch Railroad. Incorpo- 
rated 1848. Braintree to Plymouth. 
Branch of Old Colony. 

Springfield, Aihol and North-East- 
ern Railroad. Incorporated 1869. 
Springfield to Athol, Mass. Presi- 
dent, Willis Phelps, Springfield. 
Treasurer, T. H. Goodspeed, Athol. 
Superintendent, John W. Phelps, 
Springfield. Cashier, L. W. Bart- 
lett, Springfield. 

Springfield and New London Rail- 
road. Incorporated 1875. Spring- 
field, Mass., to Saybrook, Conn. 
Leased to Connecticut Valley Eail- 
road Company. 

Stoneham Branch Railroad. East 
Woburn to Stoneham. Branch of 
Boston and Lowell. 

Stony Brook Branch Railroad. 

North Chelmsford to Ayer. Incor- 
porated 1845. President, George F. 
Eichardson, Lowell. Treasurer, 
Samuel W, Stickney, Lowell. Oper- 
ated by Nashua and Lowell. 

Stoughton Branch Railroad. Can- 
ton to Stoughton. Branch of Boston 
and Providence. 

Trot/ and Boston Railroad. Incor- 
porated 1843. Troy, N. Y., to North 
Adams, Mass. President, D. Thos. 
Vail, Troy, N. Y. Superintendent, 
Charles W, Moseley, Troy, N. Y. 
Treasurer, D. Eobinson, Troy, N. Y. 

Troy and Greenfield Railroad and 
Hoosac Tunnel. Opened 1875. Green- 
field to North Adams. Leased by 
Fitchburg Eailroad. 

Turner's Falls Branch Railroad. 
Greenfield to Turner's Falls. Branch 
of Vermont and Massachusetts. 

Vermont and Massachusetts Rail- 
road. Incorporated 1844. Fitch- 
burg to Greenfield. Leased by 
Fitchburg Eailroad. 

Ware River Railroad. Palmer to 
Winchendon, Mass. Branch of Bos- 
ton and Albany. 

Watertown Branch Railroad. Bos- 
ton to Waltham. Branch of Fitch- 

Woburn Branch Railroad. Win- 
chester to Woburn Centre. Branch 
of Boston and Lowell. 

Worcester and Nash urn Railroad. In- 
corporated 1845. Worcester, Mass., 
to Nashua, N. H. President, F. H. 
Kinnicutt, Worcester. Superin- 
tendent, C. S. Turner, Worcester. 
Treasurer, T. W. Hammond, Wor- 
cester. Assistant Treasurer, B. T. 
Hammond, Worcester. 

Worcester and Shrewsbury Railroad. 
Incorporated July 1, 1873. Wor- 
cester to Lake Quinsigamond. Pres- 
ident, E. B. Stoddard, Worcester. 
Superintendent, Eichard Barker, 
Worcester. Treasurer (acting), E. 
D. Stoddard, Worcester. 

Colleges, Schools, Etc. 
The State Normal Schools are 
provided for those who intend to 
teach in the common schools. 
There are at present five of these 
schools in Massachusetts. 



[VOL. I. 

State Normal School, Framingham. 
Established 1839. For females only. 
Ellen Hyde, Principal. Originally 
established at Lexington, July 3, 
1839. Transferred in May, 1844, to 
West Newton ; from thence, in 1853, 
to Framingham. 

State Normal School, Bridgewater. 
Established 1840. For both sexes. 
Albert G. Boy den, A. M., Principal. 
Male applicants for admission must 
be at least 17 years of age ; female 
apx>licants, 16. Tuition free. Board 
at cost. Two courses of study ; 
one of two years, another of four 

State Normal School, Westfield. 
Incorporated 1844, For both sexes. 
J. G. Scott, A. M., Principal. This 
school rirst went into operation at 
Barre, Sept. 4, 1839. In 1841 it was 
suspended, and in September, 1844, 
was recommenced at Westfield. 

State Normal School, Salem. For 
females only. Opened Sept. 13, 
1854. Daniel B. Hagar, Ph. D., 

State Normal School, Worcester. 
Established 1874. For both sexes. 
E. Harlow Russell, Principal. Re- 
becca Joues, Charles F. Adams, 
Florence Foster, Juliet Porter, 
Henry W. Brown, Plelen F. Marsh, 

Normal Art-School, 23 School 
Street, Boston. Established 1873. 
Walter Smith, Director. W. T. 
Meek, Curator. Tuition free to 
students residing in the State. 

Harvard University, Cambridge. 
Incorporated 1636. Chas. William 
Eliot, LL. D., President. Fellows, 
John A. Lowell, LL. D., George T. 
Bigelow, LL. D., Francis Parkman, 
A. M., Martin Brimmer, A. B., Jos. 
PI. Thayer, D. D., John Quincy 
Adams, A. B., Edward W. Hooper, 
LL. B., Treasurer. Overseers, the 
President and Treasurer of the 
University, ex officio, and thirty 
persons by election. Alexander 
McKenzie, A. M., Secretary. The 
College, Charles F. Dunbar, A. B., 
Dean. The Divinity School, Oliver 
Stearns, D. D., Dean. The Law 
School, Christopher 0. LangdelL 

LL. D., Dean. Lawrence Scientific 
School, Henry L. Eustis, A. M., 
Dean. The Medical School, Boston, 
Calvin Ellis, M. D., Dean. The 
Dental School, Bostou, Thomas H. 
Chandler, D. M. D., Dean. 

Boston University, Boston. Incor- 
porated 1869. W T illiam F. Warren, 
LL. D., President; David Patten, 
S. T. D., Registrar. Corporate Offi- 
cers, William Claflin, President; 
Jacob Sleeper, Vice-President; 
David Patten, Secretary; Richard 
W. Husted, Treasurer. School of 
Theology, 36 Bromfield Street, Jas. 
E. Latimer, S. T. D., Dean. School 
of Law, 36 Bromfield Street, Ed- 
mund H. Bennett, LL. D., Dean. 
School of Medicine, East Concord 
Street, I. Tisdale Talbot, M. D., 
Dean. School of Oratory, 1 Somer- 
set Street, Prof. Lewis B. Monroe, 
Dean. College of Liberal Arts, 20 
Beacon Street, John W. Lindsay, S. 
T. D., Dean. College of Music, 
Music Hall, Dr. Ebeu Tourj^e, Dean. 
School of all Sciences, 20 Beacon 
Street, John W. Lindsay, S. T. D., 
Acting Dean. 

Williams College, Williamstown. 
Incorporated 1793. Paul A. Chad- 
bourne, D. D., LL. D,, President ; 
Joseph White, LL. D., Treasurer 
and Secretary. Trustees, Rev. Paul 
A. Chadbourne, Rev. Mark Hop- 
kins, Henry Lyman Sabiu, Joseph 
White, Erastus Cornelius Benedict, 
William Hyde, Rev. Nahum Gale, 
James Denison Colt, Rev. Robert 
Russell Booth, William E. Dodge, 
Giles Bacon Kellogg, Rev. Samuel 
Iremeus Prime, Francis Henshaw 
Dewey, Rev. Ephraim Flint, Rev. 
Stephen H. Tyng, Jr., Jas. White, 
Arthur B. Graves. 

Amherst College, Amherst. Incor- 
porated 1825. Rev Julius H.Seelye, 

D. D., LL. D., President. Corpora- 
tion, Henry Edwards, Alexander 
H. Bullock," Henry Morris, Rev. Ed- 
ward S. Dwight, Alpheus Hardy, 
Nathan Allen, Edward B. Gillett, 
Rev. E. K. Alden, Rev. Richard S. 
Storrs, Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, 
Rev. Roswell D. Hitchcock, John 

E. Sanford, Rufus B. Kellogg, Rev. 




William S. Karr. Eev. Edward S. 
D wight, Secretary. William A. 
Dickinson, Treasurer. William L. 
Montague, Librarian. 

Tufts College, Medford. Incor- 
porated 1852. Eev. Elmer H. Capen, 
President. Trustees, Israel Wash- 
burn, Jr., President ; Chas. Robin- 
son, Jr., Vice-President; Newton 
Talbot, Secretary ; William H. Fin- 
ney, Treasurer; Rev. Elmer H. 
Capen, Rev. Alonzo A. Miner, Rich- 
ard Frothingham, James O. Curtis, 
Rev. Thomas B. Thayer, Nathaniel 
Adams, Rev. L. R. Page, Timothy 
T. Sawyer, Henry B. Metcalf, Nor- 
man C. Munson, Charles G. Pope, 
Zebulon L. White, Chas. S. Forbes, 
Charles H. Rogers, Rev. H. W. 
Rugg, H. M. Knowlton, Thomas H. 
Armstrong. Faculty, Elmer H. 
Capen, John P. Marshall, Jerome 
Schneider, Ileman A. Dearborn, 
Benjamin G. Brown, William R. 
Shipman, Amos E. Dolbear, Moses 
T. Brown, Charles E. Fay, Charles 
D. Bray, S. Minot Pitman, George 
L. Perry. 

Massachusetts Agricultural College, 
Amherst. William S. Clark, Ph. D., 
LL. D.. President. Trustees, Mar- 
shall P. Wilder, Charles G. Davis, 
Henry Colt, Phineas Stedman, Allen 
W. Dodge, George Marston, Henry 
L. Whiting, Henry F. Hills, Daniel 
Needham, William Knowlton, John 
Cummings. Trustees, ex officiis, His 
Excellency the Governor, the Sec- 
retary of the Board of Agriculture, 
and Secretary of the Board of Edu- 
cation ; George Montague, Treas- 
urer. Faculty, William S. Clark, 
Levi Sto.ckbridge, Henry H. Good- 
ell, Charles H. Goessmann, Henry 
W. Parker, William B. Graves, 
Lieut. C. A. L. Totten, A. S. Pack- 
ard, Jr., Charles P. Lyman, M. 
Fayette Dickinson, Jr., Samuel T. 
Maynard, George ^lontague. 

Smith College (for Women), North- 
ampton. Rev. L. Clark Seelye, D. 
D., President. Trustees, Rev. L. 
Clark Seelye, Rev. William S. Ty- 
ler, Rev. Julius H. Seelye, William 
B. Washburn, Rev. Edward A. Park, 
Joseph White, Birdseye G. North- 

rop, Edward B. Gillett, George W. 
Hubbard, Samuel T. Spaulding, 
Rev. Andrew P. Peabody, Rev. 
Phillips Brooks, A. Lyman Willis- 
ton, Rev. R. M. Woods. Faculty, 
Rev. L. Clark Seelye, Rev. H. M. 
Tyler, Elihu Root, Samuel A. Fisk, 
Rev. J. W. Churchill, J. W. Champ- 
ney, George W. Steele, William H. 
Clarke, Bessie T. Capen, S. Louise 
Coy, Maria Whitney, Lucy B. Hunt, 
Kate E. Prince. 

Bussey Institution, Jamaica Plain. 
Francis H. Storer, Dean. Thomas 
Motley, Daniel D. Slade, George L. 
Goodale, William G. Farlow, B. M. 
Watson, David S. Lewis, Instruct- 

Massachusetts Institute of Technol- 
ogy, Boston. Incorporated 1861. 
John D. Runkle, LL. D., President. 
Samuel Kneeland, Secretary. John 
Cummings, Treasurer. Faculty, 
John B. Henck, William R. Ware, 
William P. Atkinson, George A. Os- 
borne, John M. Ordway, James M. 
Crafts, Robt. H. Richards, T. Sterry 
Hunt, William R. Nichols, Charles 
R. Cross, Gaetano Lanza, Channing 
Whitaker, George H. Howison, 
Charles P. Otis, Charles H. Wing, 
Lieut. Henry W. Hubbell. 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, 
Boston. Samuel M. Colcord, Presi- 
dent. Daniel G. Wilkius, Record- 
ing Secretary. George F. H. Mar- 
koe, Corresponding Secretary. Ed- 
gar L. Patch, Treasurer. Charles I. 
Eaton, Auditor. Faculty, J. M. 
Merrick, William P. Bolles, George 
F. H. Markoe. 

Andover Theological Seminary, An- 
dover. Incorporated 1808. Rev. 
Austin Phelps, President. Rev. 
Edward A. Park, Rev. Austin 
Phelps, Rev. Egbert C. Smyth, Rev. 
J. H. Thayer, Rev. Charles M. Mead, 
Rev. J. Wesley Churchill, Profess- 
ors. Rev. Win. L. Ropes, Librarian. 

Episcopal Theological School, Mason 
Street, Cambridge. Edward S. 
Rand, A. M., President. Amos A. 
Lawrence, A. M., Treasurer. John 
P. Putnam, A. M., Secretary. Rev. 
John S. Stone, Emeritus Dean. Rev. 
George Z. Gray, Dean. 



[VOL. I. 

Newton Theological Institution, 
Newton Centre. Incorporated 1826. 
The Board of Trustees consists of 
forty-eight members. Gardner Col- 
by, President. George W. Bos- 
worth, Secretary. Thomas Nicker- 
son, Treasurer. Faculty, Rev. Alvah 
Hovey, D. D., President. Rev. He- 
man Lincoln, Rev. Oakman S. 
Stearns, Rev. Ezra P. Gould, Rev. 
S. L. Caldwell, Lebrun T. Conlee. 
John B. Houser, Librarian. 

Boston Dental College, 485 Tremont 
Street, Boston. Isaac J. Wetherbee, 
D. D. S., President. John B. Coo- 
lidge, Secretary. Robert L. Rob- 
bins, Treasurer. Isaac Ay ling, Aud- 
itor and Librarian. 

Boston College, 761 Harrison Ave- 
nue, Boston. Incorporated 1861. 
Rev. Robert Fulton, President. 

College of the Holy Cross, Worces- 
ter. Founded 1843. Rev. Joseph 

B. O'Hagan, President. Faculty, 
Charles P. Bahan, Peter J. Blenkin- 
sop, A. M. Marigliano, George I. 
Strong, Edward L Devitt, Hugh A. 
Loague, James B. Becker, Thomas 
W. Hayes, F. D. S. Fullerton, Fa- 
bian S. Noel, John A. Chester, T. A. 
O'Callagkau, F. A. Gauren. 

Worcester County Free Institute of 
Industrial Science, Worcester. In- 
corporated 1865. Board of Trustees, 
Stephen Salisbury, President. Rev. 
Edward H. Hall, Secretary. Philip 
L. Moen, Treasurer. Rev. Seth 
Sweetser, George F. Hoar, David 
Whitcomb, Rev. B. D. Marshall, 
Charles H. Morgan, Lucius J. 
Knowles. On the part of the Board 
of Education, Hon. William W. 
Rice. Ex officio, Mayor Charles B. 
Batt. Faculty, Charles O. Thomp- 
son, Principal. George I. Aldeu, 
George E. Gladwin, John E. Sin- 
clair, Alonzo S. Kimball, E.P.Smith, 
T. E. N. Eaton, Waldo Cutler, A. M. 
Cbapin, Thomas S. Hunt, Walter 
U. Barnes. Superintendent of Ma- 
chine Shop, Milton P. Higgins. 

Feabody Academy of Science, Salem. 
Incorporated 1868. Trustees, Wm. 

C. Endicott, G. Peabody Russell, 
Othniel C. March, Henry Wheat- 
land, Abner C. Goodell, Jr., James 

R. Nichols, S. Endicott Peabody, 
George Cogswell, John Robinson. 
W. C. Endicott, President. Henry 
Wheatland, Vice-President. A. C. 
Goodell, Jr., Secretary of the Trus- 
tees. John Robinson, Treasurer. 
A. S. Packard, Jr., Director of the 
Museum. A. S. Packard, Jr., J. S. 
Kingsley, Curators. Museum open 
to the public daily from 10 to 5. 

Essex Institute, Salem. Incorpo- 
rated 1848. Henry Wheatland, 
President. A. C. Goodell, Jr., Wm. 
Sutton, D. B. Hagar, F. W. Putnam, 
Vice-Presidents. George M. Whip- 
ple, Secretary. Henry M. Brooks, 
Treasurer. William P. Upkain, 

Boston Society of Natural History. 
Berkeley, corner Boylston Street. 
Thomas^ T. Bouve", President. Sam'l 
H. Scudder, John Cummings, Vice- 
Presidents. Alpheus Hyatt, Cus- 
todian. S. L. Abbot, M. D., Hon- 
orary Secretary. Edward Burgess, 
Secretary and Librarian. Charles 
W. Scudder, Librarian. 

lowell Institute, Rear 399 Wash- 
ington Street, Boston. John Amory 
Lowell, Trustee. Benjamin E. Cot- 
ting, Curator. John E. Pierce, 

Amherst. Mount Pleasant Insti- 
tute for Boys. Principal, H. C. 

Andover. Abbott Academy. Prin- 
cipal, Miss Philena McKeen. Phil- 
lips Academy. Com. 1778. Princi- 
pal, Cecil F. P. Bancroft. 

Ashby. Watatic Academy. 

Ashburnham. Gushing Academy. 
Inc. 1865. Principal, Edwin Pierce. 

Barre. Barre Academy. Princi- 
pal, A. Blanchard. 

Belmont. Orchard Hill Family 
Boarding School. Principal, D. 

Bernardston. Powers Institute. 
Inc. 1858. Principal, F. E. Stratton. 

Billerica. Howe School. Princi- 
pal, S. Tucker. 

Bolton. Houghton School. Inc. 
1849. Principal, F. F. Phillips. 

Boston. Normal Writing Insti- 
tute. Principal, H. C. Kendall. 

Bradford. Bradfprd Academy. 




Inc. 1804. Principal, Annie John- 

Braintree. Thayer Academy. Inc. 
1877. Principal, Professor J. B. 
Sewall, South Braintree. 

Brimfield. Hitchcock Free High 
School. Principal, E. W. Norwood. 

Cambridge. St. Mary's Parochial 
School. Principal, Rev. Thomas 
Scully. Cambridge Conservatory 
of Music. Director, G. Fisher, 

Conway. Conway High School. 
Principal, D. O. Clark. 

Beerjield. Deerneld Academy and 
High School. Inc. 1797. Priucipal, 
E. E. Downs. 

Dudley. Nichols Academy. Inc. 
1819. Principal, M. Coggan. 

Duxbury. Partridge Academy. 
Inc. 1829. Principal, Edwin B. 

Easthampton. Williston Seminary. 
Inc. 1841. Principal, James Morris 

Egremont. South Egremont Acad- 
emy. Principal, Mrs. Luella Smith, 
South Egremont. 

Everett. Young Ladies' Seminary. 
Principals, Mrs. Potter and Miss 

Fall Biver. Holmes International 
Commercial College. Org. Oct. 1, 
1857. Principal, F. A. Holmes. 

Falmouth. Lawrence Academy. 
Inc. 1833. Principal, Lucian Hunt, 
A. M. 

Franklin. Dean Academy. Inc. 
1865. Principal, Rev. J. P. Weston, 
D. D. 

Great Barrington. Sedgwick In- 
stitute (boys). Principal, James 

Greenfield. Prospect Hill School 
(young ladies). Principal, Sabra 

Groton. Lawrence Academy. 
Inc. 1793. Principal, E. S. Bail, 
A. M. 

Groveland. Merrimac Academy. 

Hanover. Hanover Academy. Inc. 
1828. Principal, John G. Knight. 

Hatfield. Smith Academy. Inc. 
1871. Principal, Wm. B. Harding. 

Hingliam. Derby Academy. Inc. 
1784. Principal, Nathan H. Dole. 


Hadley. Hopkins Academy. Prin- 
cipal, W. W. Mitchell. 

Lancaster. Lancaster Academy. 
Inc. 1847. Principal, W. A. Kil- 

Leicester. Leicester Academy. 
Inc. 1784. Principal, D. Newton 

Lowell. Lowell Commercial Col- 
lege. Inc. 1860. Principal, James 
M. McCoy. 

Lynn. English and Classical 
School. Principal, S. P. Boynton. 

Marion. Tabor Academy. Prin- 
cipal, C. P. Howland. 

Matiapoisett. Barstow School. 
Principal, Charles W. Benton, A. M. 

MiddleborougJi. Pierce Academy. 
Principal, George H. Coffin. Pratt 
Free School. Principal, T. W. Til- 
ton, North Middleborough, 

Monson. Monson Academy. Inc. 
1804. Principal, Rev. Charles Ham- 

Nantucket. Coffin School. Prin- 
cipal, E. B. Fox. 

Needham, Wellesley. Wellesley 
College. President, Miss Ada L. 

New Bedford. Friends' Academy. 
Principal, John Tetlow. 

Newbury. Dummer Academy. 
Principal, E. G. Parsons. 

Newburypori. Eagle-nest (boys). 
Principal, Dr. L. W. Hixon. Laurel 
Hill Family School for Girls. Prin- 
cipals, Misses Susie W. and A.nnie 
D. Moulton. 

New Marlborough. South Berk- 
shire Institute. Inc. 1856. Princi- 
pal, William H. Hubbard. 

New Salem. New Salem Academy. 
Inc. 1795. Principal, William H. 

Newton. Lasell Female Seminary. 
Inc. 1851. Principal, Charles C. 
Bragdon, Auburndale. West New- 
ton English and Classical School. 
Org. 1854. Principal, Nathaniel T. 

Northampton. Clarke Institute 
for Deaf-Mutes. Inc. 1867. Princi- 
pal, Miss Harriet B. Rogers. Clas- 
sical School for Girls. Inc. 1877. 
Principal, Miss Mary A. Burnham. 

Norton. Wheaton Female Semin- 



[VOL. I. 

ary. Principal, Miss Ellen M. Has- 

Pittsfield. Carter's Commercial 
College, Inc. 1861. Principal, E. 
F. Carter. Maplewood Institute 
for Young Ladies. Founded 1841. 
Principal, Rev. C. V. Spear. 

Quincy. Adams Academy. Found- 
ed 1822. Principal, Win. E. Dim- 

Shelburne Falls. Shelburne Falls 

Sherlom. Sawin Academy. Inc. 
1871. Principal, Edward A. H. 

Southborouqh. St. Mark's School. 
Inc. 1865. Head Master, J. I. T. 
Coolidge, D. D. 

South Hartley. Mount Holyoke 
Seminary. Inc. 1836. Principal, 
Miss Julia E. Ward. 

Southampton. Sheldon Academy. 

Springfield. Springfield Collegiate 
Institute. Principal, Eev. N. C. 

Stockbridge. Edwards Place Fam- 
ily School for Boys. Principal, 
Ferd. Hoffman. 

Taunton. Bristol Academy. Inc. 
1792. Principal, Josiah C. Bartlett. 
Taunton Commercial and Tele- 
graphic Institute. Principal, Frank 
C. Browne. 

Tisbury. Dukes County Academy, 
West Tisbury. Mitchell's Select 
School for Boys. Principal, M. G. 
Mitchell, West Tisbury. 

Waltham. New Church Theolog- 
ical School (Swedenborgian). Org. 
1867. President', Thos. Worcester. 

Westborough. Willow Park Sem- 
inary. Principal, N. P. Wood. 

West Bridgewater. Howard Sem- 
inary. Inc. 1868. 

Wilbrdham. Wesleyan Academy. 
Com. 1824. Principal, Nathaniel 

Willia7nstoum. Greylock Institute. 
Inc. 1842. Principal, Benjamin F. 
Mills, South Williamstown. 

Worcester. Highland Military 
Academy. Inc. 1856. Principal, C. 
B. Metealf. Howes Business Col- 
lege. Principal, G. W. Thompson. 
Oread Collegiate Institute for 
Young Ladies. Principal, Harris 

R. Greene. Worcester Academy. 
Ipc. 1834. Principal, Nathan Leav- 
enworth ; Secretary, George C. 


Boston Banks omitted. 

Abington. Abington National 
Bank. Organized 1850. Capital, 
$150,000. President, R. J. Lane. 
Cashier, J. N. Farrar. Discount, 

Adams, South. First National 
Bank of Adams. Organized June, 
1861. Capital, $150,000. President, 
Henry J. Bliss. Cashier, Harvey 
H. Wellington. Directors, H. J. 
Bliss, L. L. Brown, S. W. Bower- 
man, Daniel Jenks, L, J. Cole, Jas. 
Renfrew, Jr., H. H. Wellington, D. 
J. Dean. 

Adams, North. Adams National 
Bank. Incorporated 1832. Reor- 
ganized June 2, 1865. Capital, 
$500,000. President, Sanford Black- 
inton. Vice-President, S. W. Bray- 
ton. Cashier, E. S. Wilkinson. 
Discount, Thursdays. 

Amherst. First National Bank of 
Amherst. Organized April, 1864. 
Capital, $150,000. President, L. D. 
Hills. Cashier, R. J. D. Westcott. 
Discount, daily. 

Amesbury. Powow River Nation- 
al Bank of Salisbury. Organized 
1836. Nationalized 1865. Capital, 
$100,000. President, George F. Bag- 
ley. Cashier, Albert B. Brown. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Andovcr. Andover Nation al Bank. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $250,000. 
President, John L. Taylor. Cashier, 
Moses Foster. Discount, Tuesdays 
and Fridays. 

Ashburnham. First National Bank 
of Ashburnham. Organized June, 
1873. Capital, $50,000. President, 
George C. Winchester. Cashier, 
George W. Eddy. Discount, Mon- 

Athol. Athol National Bank. In- 
corporated March 6, 1874. ' Capital, 
$100,000. President, Thos. H. Good- 
speed. Cashier, Charles A. Chap- 
man. Discount, Mondays. 

Miller's River National Bank. 
Organized March, 18o5. Capital, 




$150,000. President, Alpheus Hard- 
ing. Cashier, A. L. Newman. Dis- 
count, daily. 

Attleborough. First National 
Bank. Incorporated March, 1875. 
Capital, $100,000. President, J. M. 
Bates. Cashier, H. M. Daggett. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Attleborough, North. Attleborough 
National Bank. Organized Jan. 1, 
1865. Capital, $100,000. President, 
Daniel Evans. Cashier, E. E. Price. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Barnstable. The First National 
Bank of Hyannis. Organized March, 
1865. Capital, $100,000. President, 
Sylvanus B. Phinney. Cashier, 
Joseph E. Hall. Discount, Mon- 

Barre. First National Bank of 
Barre. Organized June 23, 1863. 
Capital, $150,000. President, Hiram 
Wadsworth. Cashier, Edwin Woods. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Beverbj. Beverly National Bank. 
Organized March, 1865. Capital, 
$200,000. President, John Pickett. 
Cashier, Eobert G. Bennett. Dis- 
count, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Brockton. Home National Bank. 
Organized 1874. Capital, $200,000. 
President, E. P. Kingman. Cashier, 
Charles D. Fullerton. Discount, 

Cambridge. Charles Eiver Na- 
tional Bank of Cambridge. Organ- 
ized 1864. Capital, $100,000. Presi- 
dent, S. B. Eindge. Cashier, Eben 
Snow. Discount, daily. 

Cambridgeport. Cambridgeport 
National Bank. Organized 1865. 
Capital, $100,000. President, E. 
Douglass. Cashier, S. B. Snow. 
Discount, Mondays. 

National City Bank of Cambridge. 
Organized May, 1865. Capital, 
$100,000; surplus, $50,000. Presi- 
dent, George T. Gale. Cashier, H. 
B. Davis. Discount, daily. 

First National Bank of Cam- 
bridge. Organized May 14, 1864. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Benj, 
Tilton. Cashier, W. A. Bullard. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Cambridge, East. Lechmere Na- 
tional Bank. Eeorganized 1864. 

Capital, $150,000; surplus, $100,- 
000. President, Lewis Hall. Cash- 
ier, T. H. Hudson. Discount, Mon- 

Cambridge National Bank. Or- 
ganized June 1, 1864. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Daniel E. Sort- 
well. Cashier, J. C. Bullard. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays. 

Canton. Neponset National Bank 
of Canton. Organized Dec. 30, 
1885. Capital, $250,000. President, 
Charles H. French. Cashier, Fran- 
cis W. Deane. Discount, Mondays. 

Chelsea. First National Bank of 
Chelsea. Organized 1864. Capital, 
$300,000. President, Isaac Stebbins. 
Cashier, Wm. E. Pearmain. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Chicopee. First National Bank of 
Chicopee. Organized April 30, 1865. 
Capital, $150,000. President, Je- 
rome Wells. Cashier, F. B. Doten. 
Discount, daily. 

Clinton. First National Bank of 
Clinton. Organized April, 1864. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Chas. 
G. Stevens. Cashier, C. L. S. Ham- 
mond. Discount, Tuesdays. 

Concord. Concord National Bank 
of Concord. Organized 1833 as a 
State bank. Capital, $100,000. 
President, Geo. Heywood. Cashier, 
Henry J. Walcott. Discount, Mon- 

Conway. Conway National Bank. 
Organized 1854. Capital, $150,000. 
President, E. D. Hamilton. Cashier, 
E. L. Munn. Discount, daily. 

Danvers. First National Bank of 
Danvers. Organized October, 1864. 
Capital, $1 50,000. President, Daniel 
Eichards. Cashier, Wm. L. Weston. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Dcdham. Dedham National Bank. 
Incorporated Dec. 30, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $300,000. President, Ezra W. 
Taft. Cashier, L. H. Kingsbury. 
Discount, Saturdays. 

Easthampton. First National Bank 
of Easthampton. Organized May 
21,1861. Capital, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, H. G. Knight. Cashier, A. D. 
Sanders. -Discount, daily. 

Easton, North. First National 
Bank of Easton. Organized March 



[vol. l 

11, 1864. Capital, $300,000. Presi- 
dent, Fred. L. Ames. Cashier, Par- 
don A. Gifford. Discount, daily. 

Edgartown. Martha's Vineyard 
National Bank of Edgartown. Or- 
ganized Sept. 1, 1865. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Jos. T. Pease. 
Cashier, Cyrus H. Pease. Discount, 

Fairhaven. National Bank of Fair- 
haven. Organized 1864. Capital, 
$•240,000. President, George F. 
Tripp. Cashier, Reuben Nye. Dis- 
count, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Fall Elver. Fall River National 
Bank. Organized June 27, 1864. 
Capital, $400,000. President, G. H. 
Hathaway. Vice-President, R. B. 
Borden. Cashier, F. H. Gifford. 
Discount, Mondays. 

First National Bank. Organized 
Jan. 23, 1864. Capital, $400,000; 
assets, $400,000. President, John S. 
Bray ton. Cashier, H. A. Bray ton. 
Discount, daily. 

Massasoit National Bank. Or- 
ganized Dec. 8, 1864. Capital, $200,- 
000. President, Chas. P. Stickney. 
Cashier, Leander Borden. Dis- 
count, Wednesdays. 

Metacomet National Bank of Fall 
River. Organized 1865. Capital, 
$600,000. President, Jefferson Bor- 
den. Cashier, Azariah S. Tripp. 
Discount, Mondays and Thurs- 

National Union Bank of Fall 
River. Organized 1865. Capital 
$300,000. President, Cook Borden. 
Cashier, D. A. Chapin. Discount, 

Pocasset National Bank. Or- 
ganized May, 1854. Capital, $200,- 
000. President, Weaver Osborn. 
Cashier, E. E. Hathaway. Discount, 

Second National Bank of Fall 
River. Organized May 21, 1864. 
Capital, $150,000. President, S. An- 
gier Chace. Cashier, Charles J. 
Holmes. Discount, Thursdays. 

Falmouth. Falmouth National 
Bank. Organized June 22, 1865. 
Capital, $100,000. President, E. 
Gould. Cashier, George E. Clarke. 
Discount, Mondays. 

FitcJiburg. Fitchburg National 
Bank. Organized May 1, 1865. 
Capital, $250,000. President, Eben- 
ezer Torrey. Cashier, Charles J. 
Billings. Discount, Mondays. 

Rollstone National Bank. Re- 
organized 1865. Capital $250,000. 
President, Henry A. Willis. Cash- 
ier, John M. Graham. Discount, 

Safety Fund National Bank. In- 
corporated April 17, 1874. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Henry Allison. 
Cashier, F. F.Woodward. Discount, 

Wachusett National Bank. Or- 
ganized May 20, 1875. Capital, 
$250,000. President, Abraham W. 
Seaver. Cashier, Henry L. Jewett. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Framingham. Framingham Na- 
tional Bank. Organized Oct. 10, 
1864. Capital, $200,000. President, 
James W. Clark. Cashier, James 
J. Valentine. Discount, Mondays. 

Franklin. FranklinNational Bank. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $200,000. 
President, James P. Ray. Cashier, 
Moses Farnum. Discount, Wednes- 

Gardner. First National Bank of 
Gardner. Organized Feb. 25, 1885. 
Capital, $150,000. President, Chas. 
Hey wood. Cashier, John D. Ed- 
gell. Discount, Mondays. 

Georgetown. Georgetown National 
Bank. Organized 1875. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Henry P. Chap- 
lin. Cashier, George H. Carleton. 

Gloucester. Cape Ann National 
Bank of Gloucester. Organized 
1864. Capital, $150,000. President, 
Gorham P. Low. Cashier, Hiram 
Rich. Discount, Thursdays. 

City National Bank. Capital, 
$150,000. President, Addison Gil- 
bert. Cashier, William A. Pew. 

First National Bank of Glouces- 
ter. Organized Oct 28, 1864. Cap- 
ital, $200,000. President, Josiah O. 
Friend. Cashier, George R. Brad- 
ford. Discount, Wednesday after- 

Gloucester National Bank. Or- 
ganized June 1, 1865. Capital, 
$300,000. President, E, W. Mer- 




chant. Cashier, William Babson. 
Discount, Tuesdays. 

Grafton. First National Bank of 
Grafton. Organized October, 1863. 
Capital, $100,000. President, Geo. 
F. Slocomb. Cashier, A. A. Ballou. 
Discount, Mondays* 

Grafton National Bank. Or- 
ganized Feb. 18, 1865. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Jonathan D. 
Wheeler. Cashier, Henry F. Wing. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Great Harrington. National Ma- 
haiwe Bank. Organized June 30, 
1865. Capital, $200,000. President, 
J. L. Dodge. Cashier, F. N. Deland. 
Discount, Tuesdays. 

Greenfield. First National Bank 
of Greenfield. Organized Septem- 
ber, 1864. Capital, $300,000. Pres- 
ident, Wm. B. Washburn. Cashier, 
J. W. Stevens. Discount, daily. 

Packard National Bank. Incor- 
porated May 1, 1875. Capital, $100,- 
000. President, W. N. Packard. 
Cashier, Rufus A. Packard. Dis- 
count, daily. 

Franklin County National Bank. 
Organized 1849. Capital, $200,000. 
President, William Keith. Cashier, 
H. K. Simons. Discount, daily. 

Harwich. Cape Cod National Bank. 
Organized Jan. 12, 1865. Capital, 
$300,000. President, J. K. Baker. 
Cashier, Geo. H. Snow. Discount, 
Mondays. r 

Haverhill. Essex National Bank 
of Haverhill. Organized Jan. 1, 
1865. Capital, $100,000. President, 
John C. Tilton. Cashier, W. Cald- 
well. Discount, Mondays. 

First National Bank of Haver- 
hill. Organized July 11, 1864. Cap- 
ital, $300,000. President, Moses 
How. Cashier, E. G.Wood. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Haverhill National Bank. Or- 
ganized August, 1864. Capital, 
$200,000. President, John A. Apple- 
ton. Cashier, James E. Gale. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Merrimack National Bank. Or- 
ganized December, 1864. Capital, 
$240,000. President, E. J. M. Hale. 
Cashier, John L. Hobson. Discount, 

Hingham. Hingham National 
Bank. Organized May 6, 1865. 
Capital, $140,000. President, Jo- 
seph Jacobs, Jr. Cashier, J. S. 
Tileston. Discount, Mondays. 

Holliston. Holliston National 
Bank. Organized Jan. 23, 1865. 
Capital, $150,000. President, Alden 
Leland. Cashier, T. E. Andrews. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Holyoke. Hadley Falls National 
Bank. Organized July 1, 1885. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Chas. 
W. Ranlet. Cashier, H. P. Terry. 
Discount, daily. 

Holyoke National Bank. Organ- 
ized March, 1872. Capital, $200,- 
000. President, William Whiting. 
Cashier, W. C. Simonds. 

Hojpkinion. Hopkinton National 
Bank. Organized Dec. 14, 1864. 
Capital, $150,000. President, L. B. 
Mabury. Cashier, E. J. Jenks. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Lancaster. Lancaster National 
Bank. Organized Dec. 19, 1864. 
Capital, $100,000. President, Geo. 
W. Howe. Cashier, W. H. McNeil. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Lawrence. Lawrence National 
Bank. Organized February, 1872. 
Capital, $300,000. President, A. 
W. Stearns. Cashier, P. G. Pills- 
bury. Discount, Mondays. 

Bay State National Bank of Law- 
rence. Organized May 1, 1885. 
Capital, $375,000. President, Geo. 
L. Davis. Cashier, Samuel White. 
Discount, Mondays. 

National Pemberton Bank of 
Lawrence. Organized as a State 
bank ,1855. Capital, $150,000. Pres- 
ident, Levi Sprague. Cashier, J. 
M. Coburn. Discount, Wednes- 

Pacific National Bank of Law- 
rence. Organized January, 1877. 
Capital, $100,000. President, James 
H. Kidder. Cashier, William H. 
Jaquith. Discount, Wednesdays. 

Lee. Lee National Bank. Or- 
ganized May 1 , 1885. Capital, $210,- 
000. President, Harrison Garfield. 
Cashier, John L. Kilbon. Discount, 

Leicester. Leicester National 



[VOL. I. 

Bank. Organized March, 1865. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Che- 
ney Hatch. Cashier, D. E. Merriam. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Leominster. First National Bank 

of Leominster. Organized July 5, 

1864. Capital, $300,000. President, 

. Samuel Putnam. Cashier, A. L. 

Burditt. Discount, Mondays. 

Lowell. Appleton National Bank 
of Lowell. Organized 1865. Capi- 
tal, $300,000. President, John F. 
Kimball. Cashier, E. K. Perley. 
Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

First National Bank of Lowell. 
Organized February, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $250,000. President, Arthur P. 
Bonney. Cashier, George B. Allen. 
Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Merchants' National Bank. Or- 
ganized Sept. 1, 1864. Capital, 
$400,000. President, H. W. B.Wight- 
man. Cashier, Charles W. Eaton. 
Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Prescott National Bank. Organ- 
ized March, 1865. Capital, $300,- 
000. President, D. S. Richardson. 
Cashier, A. A. Coburn. Discount, 
Mondays and Thursdays. 

Railroad National Bank. Reor- 
ganized 1865. Capital $800,000. 
President, Jacob Rogers. Cashier, 
James S. Hovey. Discount, daily. 

Old Lowell National Bank. Or- 
ganized June 22, 1865. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Edward Tuck, 
Cashier, Charles M. Williams. Dis- 
count, Mondays and Thursdays. 

Wamesit National Bank of Lowell. 
Organized Feb. 3, 1865. Capital, 
$250,000. President, Charles Whit- 
ney. Cashier, G. Winfield Knowl- 
ton. Discount, Tuesdays and Fri- 

Lynn. Central National Bank of 
Lynn. Organized 1865. Capital, 
$200,000. President, P. A. Chase. 
Cashier, Warren M. Breed. Dis- 
count, Mondays and Thursdays. 

National City Bank of Lynn. Or- 
ganized 1865. Capital, $300,000. 
President, Amos P. Tapley. Cash- 
ier, Benj amin V. French. Discount, 

The First National Bank of Lynn. 
Organized Dec. 9, 1864. Capital, 

$500,000. President, John Wool- 
dredge. Cashier, Owen Dame. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Maiden. First National Bank of 
Maiden. Organized Jan. 12, 1865. 
Capital, $100,000. President, Elisha 
S. Converse. Cashier, Chas. Merrill. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Marblehead. Marblehead National 
Bank. Organized March 1, 1865. 
Capital, 102,000. President, Isaac 
C.Wyman. Cashier, Wm. Reynolds. 
Discount, Mondays and Thursdays. 

National Grand Bank of Marble- 
head. Organized Dec. 15, 1864. 
Capital, $120,000. President, Heury 
F. Pitman. Cashier, Joseph P. 
Turner. Discount, Mondays and 

Marlborough. First National Bank 
of Marlborough. Organized Sept. 
26, 1863. Capital, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, William Gibbon. Cashier, 
Edmund. C. Whitney. Discount, 

Merrimac. First National Bank 
of Merrimac. Organized Feb. 4, 
1864. Capital, $200,000. President, 
William H. Haskell. Cashier, D. J. 
Poore, Jr. Discount, Mondays. 

Methuen. National Bank of Me- 
thuen.. Organized July, 1865. Capi- 
tal, $100,000. President, James Wal- 
ton. Cashier, Jacob Emerson. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Milford. Home NatiJhal Bank. 
Organized May, 1875. Capital, $130,- 
000. President, Samuel Walker. 
Cashier, N. B. Johnson. Discount, 

Milford National Bank. Organ- 
ized March, 1865. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Aaron C. Mayhew* Cash- 
ier, A. Wheeler. Discount, Mon- 

MilTbury. Millbury National Bank. 
Organized Nov. 16,' 1864. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Hosea Crane. 
Cashier, Amos Armsby. Discount, 

Monson, Monson National Bank. 
Organized Aug. 11, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $150,000. President, Cyrus W. 
Holmes. Cashier, E. F. Morris. 
Discount, daily. 

Montague, Crocker National Bank. 




Organized Oct. 1, 1872. Capital, 
$300,000. President, R. N. Oakman. 
Cashier, D. P. Abercrombie. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Nantucket. Pacific National Bank 
of Nantucket. Organized Jan. 13, 
1865. Capital, $200,000. President, 
Frederick C. Sanford. Cashier, 
Joseph Mitchell. Discount, Tues- 
days and Fridays. 

NaticJc. Natick National Bank. 
Organized Nov. 2, 1872. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Leonard Winch. 
Cashier, Geo. S. Trowbridge. Dis- 
count, Thursdays. 

New Bedford. Citizens' National 
Bank of New Bedford. Organized 
May 1, 1875. Capital, $500,000. 
President, J. A. Beauvais. Cashier, 
T. B. Fuller. Discount, Mondays 
and Thursdays. 

First National Bank of New Bed- 
ford. Organized Feb. 18, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $1,000,000. President, Joseph 
Grinnell. Cashier, W. P. Winsor. 
Discount, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Merchants' National Bank. Or- 
ganized Jan. 25, 1865. Capital, $1,- 
000,000. President, J. Bourne. Cash- 
ier, P. C. Howland. Discount, Tues- 
days and Fridays. 

National Bank of Commerce of 
New Bedford. Organized Dec. 19, 
1864. Capital, $1,000,000. Presi- 
dent, Thomas S. Hathaway. Cash- 
ier, J. H/Tallman. Discount, Mon- 
days and Thursdays. 

Mechanics' National Bank of New 
Bedford. Organized December, 1864. 
Capital, $800,000. President, Wm. 
W. Crapo. Cashier, E. W. Hervey. 
Discount, Wednesdays and Satur- 

Neivhuryport. First National Bank. 
Organized Feb. 22, 1864,. Capital, 
$300,000. President, Chas. H. Coffin. 
Cashier, T. P. Stickney. Discount, 

Mechanics' National Bank of New- 
buryport. Incorporated 1812. Re- 
organized Nov. 25, 1864. Capital, 
$250,000. President, Edw'd S. Mose- 
ley. Cashier, Frank O. Woods. 
Discount, daily. 

Merchants' National Bank of New- 
buryport. Organized April, 1865. 

Capital, $120,000. President, Na- 
thaniel Hills. Cashier, A. W. Green- 
leaf. Discount, daily. 

Ocean National Bank of Newbury- 
port. Organized April, 1865. Capi- 
tal, $150,000. President, Chas. Lunt. 
Cashier, Philip H. Lunt. Discount, 

Newton. Newton National Bank. 
Organized December, 1884. Capital 
paid, $200,000. President, Joseph 
N. Bacon. Cashier, B. F. Bacon. 
Discount, Thursdays. 

Northampton. First Nation al Bank. 
Organized April 11, 1864. Capital, 
$500,000. President, Wm. B. Hale. 
Cashier, Henry Roberts. Discount, 

Northampton National Bank. Or- 
ganized May, 1865. Capital, $400,- 
000. President, Oscar Edwards. 
Cashier, John Whittlesey. 

Hampshire County National Bank. 
Organized May 21, 1864. Capital, 
$250,000. President, Luther Bod- 
man. Cashier, Lewis Warner. Dis- 
count, daily. 

Northborough. Northborough Na- 
tional Bank. Organized 1855. Capi- 
tal, $100,000. President, Wilder 
Bush. Cashier, O. H. Lawrence. 
Discount, Monday, Wednesday, Fri- 
day, and Saturday. 

Northville. Whitinsville Na- 
tional Bank. Organized January, 
1865. Capital, $100,000. President, 
Paul Whitin. Cashier, H. A. Good- 
ell. Discount, Mondays. 

Orange. Orange National Bank. 
Organized April, 1875. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Damon E. Che- 
ney. Cashier, James H. Waite. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Oxford. Oxford National Bank. 
Organized Jan. 28, 1865. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Sam'l C. Paine. 
Cashier, .. C. A. Angell. Discount, 

Palmer. Palmer National Bank. 
Organized November, 1875. Capi- 
tal, $75,000. President, M. W. 
French. Cashier, W. A. Lincoln. 
Discount, daily. 

Peabody. South Danvers Nation- 
al Bank. Incorporated a State 
bank in 1825 ; organized a Nation- 



[VOL. I. 

al, March, 1865. Capital, $150,000. 
President, Edw'd W. Jacobs. Cash- 
ier, G. A. Osborne. Discount, Tues- 

Warren National Bank. Organ- 
ized Dec. 8, 1864. Capital, $250,000. 
President, Lewis Allen. Cashier, 
Frank C. Merrill. Discount, Mon- 

Pittsfield. Agricultural National 
Bank of Pittsfield. Organized May 
1, 1865. Capital, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, Ensign H. Kellogg. Vice- 
President, I. N. Dunham. Cashier, 
John R. Warriner. Discount, Tues- 

Pittsfield National Bank of Pitts- 
field. Organized June 10, 1885. 
Capital, $500,000. President, Julius 
Rockwell. Cashier, Edw'd S. Fran- 
cis. Discount, Tuesdays. 

Plymouth. The Old Colony Na- 
tional Bank. Organized Feb. 27, 
1885. Capital, $250,000; surplus, 
$100,000. President, Geo. G. Dyer. 
Cashier, W. S. Morissey. Discount, 

Plymouth National Bank. Or- 
ganized 1845. Capital, $200,000. 
President, William T. Davis. Cash- 
ier, I. N. Stoddard. Discount, Fri- 

Provincetown. First National Bank 
of Provincetown. Organized Feb- 
ruary, 1865. Capital, $200,000. Pres- 
ident, Stephen Cook. Cashier, Mo- 
ses N. Giffbrd. Discount, Mon- 

Quincy. National Granite Bank 
of Quincy. Organized 1885. Cap- 
ital, $150,000. President, Charles 
Marsh. Cashier, R. F. Claflin. Dis- 
count, Thursdays. 

National Mount Wollaston Bank. 
Organized Sept. 13, 1864. Capital, 
$150,000. President, Joseph W. Rob- 
ertson. Cashier, Horace B. Spear. 
Discount, Tuesdays. 

Bandolph. Randolph National 
Bank. Organized November, 1884. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Royal 
W. Turner. Cashier, Charles G. 
Hathaway. Discount, Mondays, 

Poclcport. Rockport National 
Bank. Organized 1865. Capital, 
$150,000. President, Charles Tarr. 

Cashier, H. H. Paul. Discount, 

Salem. Asiatic National Bank. 
Organized 1864. Capital, $315,000. 
President, L. B. Harrington. Cash- 
ier, William H. Foster. Discount, 

Mercantile National Bank of Sa- 
lem. Organized Jan. 9, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $200,000. President, Aaron 
Perkins. Cashier, Joseph H. Phip- 
pen. Discount, Tuesdays and Fri- 

National Exchange Bank of Sa- 
lem. Organized Feb. 4, 1865. Cap- 
ital, $200,000; surplus, $50,000. 
President, John Webster. Cashier, 
Joseph H. Webb. Discount, Mon- 
days and Thursdays. 

Naumkeag National Bank of Sa- 
lem. Organized December, 1864. 
Capital, $500,000 ; surplus, $250,000. 
President, William B. Parker. Cash- 
ier, Joseph H. Towne. Discount, 

Salem National Bank. Organized 
Dec. 30, 1884. Capital, $300,000. 
President, Augustus Story. Cash- 
ier, George D. Phippen. Discount, 
Mondays and Thursdays. 

First National Bank of Salem. 
Organized June, 1864. Capital, 
$300,000. President, William Sut- 
ton. Cashier, Edward H. Payson. 
Discount, daily. 

Merchants' National Bank. Or- 
ganized Jan. 19, 1885. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Benjamin H. 
Silsbee. Cashier, Nathaniel B. Per- 
kins. Discount, Wednesdays and 

Shelburne Falls. Shelburne Falls 
National Bank. Organized Aug. 
24, 1865. Capital, $200,000. Presi- 
dent, Jarvis B. Bardwell. Cashier, 
O. R. Maynard. 

Southbridgc. Southbridge Nation- 
al Bank. Organized April 1, 1865. 
Capital, $150,000. President, Jacob 
Edwards. Cashier, Francis L. Cha- 
pin. Discount, Mondays. 

Spencer. Spencer National Bank. 
Organized May, 1875. Capital, 
$150,000. President, Erastus Jones. 
Cashier, W. L. Demond. Discount, 




Springfield. Cbicopee National 
Bank. Organized 1865. Capital, 
$400,000. President, Henry Fuller, 
Jr. Cashier, Thomas Warner, Jr. 
Discount, daily. 

John Hancock National Bank. 
Organized 1865. Capital, $150,000. 
President, R. S. Moore. Cashier, 
Edmund D. Chapin. Discount, 

Pynchon National Bank. Organ- 
ized April, 1864. Capital, $200,000. 
President, H. N. Case. Cashier, 
Charles Marsh. Discount, daily. 

Agawam National Bank of Spring- 
field. Organized April, 1868. Cap- 
ital, $500,000. President, H. S. Hyde. 
Cashier, Frederick S. Bailey. Dis- 
count, daily. 

Chapin Banking and Trust Com- 
pany of Springfield. Organized 
July, 1, 1872. Capital, $500,000. 
President, Chester W. Chapin. 
Vice-President, W. K. Baker. Sec- 
retary and Cashier, James D. Saf- 
ford. Discount, daily. 

First National Bank. Organized 
April 4, 1863. Capital, $400,000. 
President, James Kirkham. Cash- 
ier, D. A. Folsom. Discount, daily. 

Second National Bank. Organ- 
ized 1864. Capital, $300,000; sur- 
plus, $230,000. President, Henry 
Alexander, Jr. Cashier, Lewis War- 
riner. » Discount, daily. 

Third National Bank. Organized 
Feb. 20, 1864. Capital, $500,000. 
President, J. C. Parsons. Cashier, 
Fred'k H. Harris. Assistant Cash- 
ier, Frederick Harris. Discount, 

Stockbridge. Housatonic National 
Bank. Organized July 1, 1865. 
Capital, $200,000. President, Dan'l 
R. Williams. Cashier, Dan'l A. Kim- 
ball. Discount, daily. 

Taunton. Bristol County Nation- 
al Bank. Organized Jan. 30, 1865. 
Capital, $500,000. President, Theo- 
dore Dean. Cashier, A. C. Place. 
Discount, daily. 

Machinists' National Bank of 
Taunton. Organized March 4, 1865. 
Capital, $200,000. President, C. R. 
Vickery. Cashier, E. King. Dis- 
count, Thursdays. 


Taunton National Bank. Organ- 
ized 1865. Capital, $600,000. Pres- 
ident, C. J. H. Basset. Cashier, 
Geo. W. Andros. Discount, daily. 

Townsend. Townsend National 
Bank. Organized 1864. Capital, 
$100,000. President, Walter Fes- 
senden. Cashier, Edward Ordway. 
Discount, daily. 

Uxbridge. Blackstone National 
Bank. Organized March 28, 1825. 
Capital, $100,000. President, Moses 
Taffc. Cashier, C. S. Weston. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Wakefield. National Bank of 
South Reading. Organized July 
17, 1865. Capital, $100,000. Presi- 
dent, Lucius Beebe. Cashier, Thos. 
Winship. Discount, Tuesdays. 

Waltham. Waltham National 
Bank. Organized 1864. Capital, 
$150,000. President, F. M. Stone. 
Cashier, J. S. Williams. Discount, 

Ware. Ware National Bank. Or- 
ganized December, 1864. Capital, 
$400,000. President, William Hyde. 
Cashier, William S. Hyde. Dis- 
count, daily. 

Wareham. National Bank of 
Wareham. Organized June 30, 
1865. Capital, $100,000. President, 
Gerard C. Tobey. Cashier, T. R. 
Miles. Discount, Mondays. 

Watertown. Union Market Na- 
tional Bank. Organized 1873. Capi- 
tal, $200,000. President, George N. 
March. Cashier, John K. Stickney. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Webster. First National Bank. 
Organized Dec. 15, 1875. Capital, 
$100,000. President, C. C. Corbin. 
Cashier, E. L. Spalding. Discount, 

Westborough. First National Bank 
of Westborough. Organized May, 
1864. Capital, $150,000. President, 
John A. Fayerweather. Cashier, 
George O. Brigham. Discount, 

Wesifield. First National Bank 
of Westfield. Organized 1864. Capi- 
tal, $250,000; surplus, $113,500. 
President, George L. Laflin. Cash- 
ier, H. Hooker. Discount, daily. 

Hampden National Bank of 



[VOL. I. 

Westfield. Organized July 5, 1865. 
Capital, $150,000. President, Ed- 
ward B. Gillett. Cashier, Royal 
Weller. Discount, daily. 

Westminster. Westminster Na- 
tional Bank. Organized May 26, 
1875. Capital, $100,000. President, 
D. C. Miles. Cashier, Wm. Mayo. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Weymouth, South. First National 
Bank of South Weymouth. Or- 
ganized November, 1864. Capital, 
$150,000. President, John S. Fogg. 
Cashier, Benjamin F. White. Dis- 
count, Saturdays. 

Weymouth. Union National Bank 
of Weymouth. Organized Sept. 6, 
1864. Capital, $400,000. President, 
Albert Humphrey. Cashier, John 
J. Loud. Discount, Wednesdays. 

Winchendon. The First National 
Bank of Winchendon. Organized 
1864. Capital, $200,000. President, 
John H. Fairbank. Cashier, Chas. 
L. Beals. Discount, Mondays. 

Woburn. First National Bank of 
Woburn. Organized April 1, 1865. 
Capital, $300,000. President, E. D. 
Hayden. Cashier, J. R. Green. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Worcester. Central National Bank. 
Organized May 18, 1864. Capital, 
$300,000. President, John C. Ma- 
son. Cashier, Henry A. Marsh. 
Discount, Mondays. 

Citizens' National Bank of Wor- 
cester. Organized Feb. 1, 1865. 
Capital, $150,000. President, F. H. 
Kinnicutt. Cashier, L. W. Ham- 
mond. Discount, Mondays. 

City National Bank of Worces- 
ter. Organized July, 1864. Capi- 
tal, $400,000. President, George W. 

Richardson. Cashier, Nathaniel 
Paine. Discount, Mondays. 

Mechanics' National Bank of 
Worcester. Organized June 1, 1865. 
Capital, $350,000. President, Har- 
rison Bliss. Cashier, G. E. Merrill. 
Discount, Tuesdays. 

First National Bank of Worces- 
ter. Organized September, 1863. 
Capital, $300,000. President, Ed- 
ward A. Goodnow. Cashier, Arthur 
M. Stone. Discount, Mondays. 

Quinsigamond National Bank of 
Worcester. Organized May 1, 1865. 
Capital, $250,000. President, Isaac 
Davis. Cashier, A. A. Howe. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Security National Bank. Organ- 
ized June 7, 1875. Capital, $100.- 
000. President, William H. Morse. 
Cashier, A. H. Waite. Discount, 

Worcester National Bank. Or- 
ganized May 9, 1864. Capital, 
$500,000. President, Stephen Salis- 
bury. Vice-President, Wm. Cross. 
Casbier, James P. Hamilton. Dis- 
count, Tuesdays. 

Worcester Safe Deposit and Trust 
Co. Incorporated 1868. Capital, 
$200,000. President, Geo. M. Rice. 
Secretary and Treasurer, Edward 
F. Bisco. Discount, Mondays. 

Wreniliam. National Bank of 
Wrentham. Organized 1864. Capi- 
tal, $105,000. President, Otis Carey. 
Cashier, Francis N. Plimpton. Dis- 
count, Mondays. 

Yarmouth Port. First National 
Bank of Yarmouth. Organized 
November, 1864. Capital, $525,000. 
President, David K. Akin. Cashier, 
Wm. P. Davis. Discount, Mondays. 


State Officers. 
Executive Department. 
His Excellency Charles C. Van 
Zandt, Newport, Governor. 

His Honor Albert C. Howard, 
Providence, Lieutenant-Governor. 

Joshua M. Addeman, Providence, 
Secretary of State. 

Willard Sayles, Providence, 

Samuel Clark, Providence, Gen- 
eral Treasurer. 

The election occurred on the 3d 
of April, just before this work was 
put to press, hence we can give only 
the elective officers. 




Members op the General As- 

[Democrats in Italics ; new members desig- 
nated by a *.] 


Providence, John P. Tobey.* 

North Providence, William H. 

Smithfield, Jabez W. Mowry. 

Cumberland, Dexter Clark. 

Scituate, Charles H. Fisher. 

Cranston, Joseph W. Sweet* 

Burrillville, Horace A. Kimball. 

Foster, James M. Wright. 

East Providence, Miles B. Lawson. 

Glocester, Peleg W. Hawkins* 

Pawtucket, Pardon E. Tillinghast. 

Johnston, Rodney F. Dyer. 

Woonsocket, Charles Nourse. 

Lincoln, Alfred H. Littlefield.* 

North Smithfield, Smith Thayer. 

Newport, Thomas Mumford Sea- 

Tiverton, John F. Chase. 

Little Compton, Jediah Shaw. 

Portsmouth, Edward T. Deblois.* 

Middleton, Robert S. Chase. 

Jamestown, Thomas Carr Watson. 

New Shoreham, Bay S. Littlefield. 

South Kingston, Daniel Sher- 

North Kingston, John H. Spink. 

Westerly, Samuel H. Cross. 

Hopkinton, Elisha P. Clark.* 

Richmond, . 

Charlestown, Stanton S. Greene.* 

Exeter, George W. Remington. 

Warwick, Franklin Treat* 

Coventry, Ashael Matteson. 

East Greenwich, Thomas G.Allen* 

West Greenwich, John A. Brown. 

Bristol, Augustus O. Bourn. 

Warren, Charles Handy. 

Barrington, Harrison H. Richard- 


Providence, Stillman White,* 
Abraham Payne,* Henry J. Spooner, 
Charles Edward Paine, James E. 
Chace,* Charles Sidney Smith, An- 
drew Winsor,* Nicholas A. Fenner, 
Andrew Comstock, Walter R. Sti- 
ness,* George H. Burnham.* No 
choice for eleventh representative 
from Providence. Another trial to 
be had April 17, 1878. 

North Providence, James C. Col- 

Smithfield, Simon S. Steere.* 

Cumberland, Joseph A. Whipple, 
Joseph E. Tingley.* 

Scituate, Albert Johnson. 

Cranston, Henry Whitman, John 

Burrillville, Edwin L. Tucker, Smith 

Foster, Cyrus F. Cooke. 

East Providence, AlvordO. Miles. 

Glocester, Fenner B. White* 

Pawtucket, Claudius B. Farns- 
worth, James Davis, Charles C. 
Burnham, Edwin Jenckes, Charles 
E. Chickering, Daniel A. Clark. 

Johnston, Herbert B. Wood, Daniel 
O. Angell. 

Woonsocket, Amos Sherman, Hor- 
ace A. Jenckes,* Thomas B. Staples,* 
John A. C. Wightman.* 

Lincoln, William Newell, Rensa- 
lear L. Mowry, John P. Gregory,* 
Henry A. Stearns.* 

North Smithfield, Charles A. 

Newport, William P. Sheffield, 
Henry H. Fay, William Gilpin, 
Augustus P. Sherman, Clark H. 

Tiverton, Andrew H. Manchester. 

Little Compton, Albert T. Sea- 

Portsmouth, Stephen A. Watson.* 

Middletown, Nathaniel Peckham. 

Jamestown, Isaac B. Briggs. 

New Shoreham, Barzilla B. Mit- 
chell, Jr. 

South Kingston, Elisha C; Clarke* 

North Kingston, . 

Westerly, James M. Pendleton,* 
Thomas H. Peabody.* 

Hopkinton, George B. Carpenter.* 

Richmond, George Carmichael, Jr. 

Charlestown, Billings D. Macom- 

Exeter, William B. Tillinghast.* 

Warwick, Benj. Buffum,* Caleb 
Westcott, Thomas McGuire, Jr. * Dan 
O. King.* 

Coventry, Dexter B. Potter, Henry 
S. Vaughn. 

East Greenwich, Joseph W. Cong- 

West Greenwich, John Rathbone. 



[VOL. I. 

Bristol, Samuel P. Colt, William 
H. Spoouer. 

Warren, George Lewis Cooke. 
Barrington, John C. Burrington.* 

Judicial and County Officers. 
Supreme Court. 

Chief Justice. Thomas Durfee, of 

Associate Justices. Walter S. Bur- 
ges, of Providence ; Elisha R. Pot- 
ter, of South Kingston; Charles 
Matteson, of Providence ; John H. 
Stiness, of Providence. 

Attorney-General. Willard Sayles, 
of Providence. 

Assistant Attorney-General. Ed- 
mund S. Hopkins, of Providence. 

Reporter. Arnold Green, of Prov- 

Masters in Chancery. Francis B. 
Peckham, Jr., William Gilpin, and 
Thomas W. Wood, all of Newport ; 
William Binney, Thos. C. Greene, 
Samuel W. Peckham, and Rollin 
Matbewson, all of Providence ; 
George M. Carpenter, Jr., of East 
Greenwich; Alfred B. Chadsey, of 
North Kingston ; George H. Olney, 
of Hopkinton, and John G. Clarke, 
of South Kingston. 

Clerks. For Newport County : 
Thomas W. Wood, of Newport. 

For Providence County : Charles 
Blake, of Providence. Assistant 
Clerk, Herbert Almy, of Provi- 

For Washington County: John 
G. Clarke, of South Kingston. 
(P. O. address, West Kingston, R. 

For Bristol County: Charles A. 
Waldron, of Bristol. 

For Kent County : Thos. M. Hol- 
den, of Warwick. (P. O. address, 
River Point, R. I.) 

Sheriffs. For Newport County : 
George Manchester, of Portsmouth. 
Deputy, William D. Lake, of New- 

For Providence County : Christo- 
pher Holder), of Providence. Depu- 
ties, Lyman Upham, J. Aborn Gard- 
iner, Albert C. Johnson, and Milton 
H. Shattuck, all of Providence ; 
Ansel Carpenter, Stephen G. Bene- 

dict, and Ralph Jolley, all of Paw- 
tucket ; Osmond C. Goodell, of East 
Providence; Frederick N. Goff, of 
Central Falls ; Henry C. Pollard, of 
Lonsdale; Horace M. Pierce, and 
George W. Smith, of Woonsocket ; 
Oliver A. Inman, of Harrisville; 
George A. Atwood, of No. Scituate ; 
William S. Kent, of Olney ville ; 
John A. Staples, of Chepachet. 

For Wasbington County : Henry 
Whipple, of Westerly. Deputies, 
Cbarles H. Chapman, of Westerly ; 
Edward Tucker, of Kingston. 

For Bristol County: Lewis T. 
Fisher, of Barrington Centre. Depu- 
ties, Lyman B. Bos worth, of Bris- 
tol; Henry B. Macomber, of War- 

For Kent County : Thos. J. Tilley, 
of East Greenwich. Deputies, Cbas. 
N. Martin, of Natick ; Lowell Pit- 
cher, of East Greenwich; Charles 
E. Potter, of Washington. 

Terms of the Supreme Court. At 
Newport, for Newport County, on 
the third Monday in March and on 
the third Monday in September. 

At Providence, for Providence 
County, on the fourth Monday in 
March and first Monday in Octo- 

At East Greenwich, for Kent 
County, on the second Monday in 
March and the fourth Monday in 

At South Kingston, for Wash- 
ington County, on the third Mon- 
day in February and third Monday 
in August. 

At Bristol, for Bristol County, on 
the first Monday in March and 
second Monday in September. 

Courts of Common Pleas. 

Judges. Walter S. Burges and 
John H. Stiness. 

Clerks. For Newport County: 
Thomas W. Wood, of Newport. 

For Providence County: George 
E. Webster, of Providence. Assist- 
ant Clerk, Franklin P. Owen, of 

For Washington County : Charles 
H. Aldricb, of South Kingston. 
(P. O. address, Kingston, R. I.). 




For Bristol County : Charles A. 
Waldron, of Bristol. 

For Kent County : Thos. M. Hol- 
den, of Warwick. (P. O. address, 
River Point, R. I.). 

Terms of the Court of Common 
Pleas. At Newport, for Newport 
County, on the third Mondays in 
May and November. 

At Providence, for Providence 
County, on the first Mondays in 
March, June, September, and De- 

At East Greenwich, for Kent 
County, on the second Mondays in 
April and October. 

At South Kingston, for Wash- 
ington County, on the second Mon- 
day in May and first Monday in 

At Bristol, for Bristol County, on 
the first Monday in May and last 
Monday in October. 

Courts of Probate of the Sev- 
eral Towns 

In towns, unless otherwise stated, 
the Town Council is the Court of 

Judges. Darius Baker, Newport ; 
Amasa S. Westcott, Providence ; 
William W. Blodgett, Pawtucket ; 
Nathan Cole, East Providence ; J. 
M. Wheeler, Cranston Print Works. 

Justice Courts. 

Officers elected by the General 
Assembly. Terms expire May, 1879. 

Newport. James G. Topham, Trial 
Justice. Henry N. Ward, Clerk. 

Providence. J ames W. Blackwood, 
Trial Justice. ErvinT. Case, Clerk. 

Woonsocket. George A. Wilbur, 
Trial Justice. William H. Jenckes, 

Pawtucket. Isaac Shove, Trial 
Justice. William H. Clapp, Clerk. 

Trial Justices of the Justice 

Elected by the Town Councils. 

Barrington, Mark H. Wood, Bar- 
rington Centre ; Bristol, George H. 
Reynolds, Bristol; Burrillville, Sam'l 
W. Millard, Burrillville; Charles- 
town, Oliver D. Clarke, Charles- 

town ; Coventry, Resolved Harvey, 
Anthony; Cranston, William Hill, 
Cranston Print Works ; Cumber- 
land, Horace A. Follett, Valley 
Falls ; East Greenwich, Joseph W. 
Congdon, East Greenwich; East 
Providence, George N. Bliss, Provi- 
dence ; Foster, George S. Tilling- 
hast, Foster Centre; Glocester, 
Charles W. Farnum, Chepachet ; 
Hopkinton, Nathan L. Richmond, 
Wyoming; Jamestown, John E. 
Watson, Jamestown ; Johnston, 
George A. Bates, Manton ; Lincoln, 
George F. Crowningshield, Central 
Falls ; North Kingston, Thomas 
S. Wightman, Wickford ; N. Prov- 
idence, John Angell, Centredale; 
North Smithfield, Ansel Holman, 
Slatersville ; Portsmouth, Asa B. 
Anthony, Portsmouth ; Scituate, 
John C. Colvin, Hope ; Smithfield, 
Michael Maloney, Georgiaville ; S. 
Kingston, John L. Brown, Narra- 
gansett Ferry ; Tiverton, Joshua T. 
Durfee, Fall River, Mass. ; Warren, 
George L. Cooke, Jr., Warren ; War- 
wick, William V. Slocum, Phenix ; 
Westerly, Thos. Vincent, Westerly. 

Assistant Trial Justices. 
Johnston, William A. Phillips, 
Olneyville ; Lincoln, Frederick N. 
Goff, Central Falls; Pawtucket, 
William H. Clapp, Pawtucket ; 
Smithfield, Emor H. Mowry, Still- 
water ; Warren, Benjamin H. Bos- 
worth, Jr., Warren. 

Town and City Officers. 

Burrillville. Alvah Mowry, Clerk; 
Horace A. Kimball, Treasurer; 
Daniel Mathewson, Overseer of 
Poor ; Adin L. Steere, Sergeant. 

Bristol. Peter Gladding, Clerk; 
John B. Taylor, Treasurer; Isaac 
Liscomb, George A. Pike, Charles 
H. Spooner, Overseers of Poor; 
James Hoard, Jr., Chief of Po- 

Barrington. Mark H. Wood, 
Clerk ; Ebenezer Tiffany, Treasurer 
and Overseer of Poor; George R. 
Kinnicutt, Town Sergeant. 

Charlestown. Chas. Cross, Clerk ; 
George H. Ward, Treasurer ; H. G. 



[VOL. I. 

Kenyon, Overseer of Poor; Joseph 
C. Church, Sergeant. 

Cumberland. Horace A. Follett, 
Clerk; George Cook, Treasurer; 
Ellis L. Blake, Overseer of Poor ; 
Horace C. Lawton, Chief of Police. 

Cranston. Jonathan M. Wheeler, 
Clerk ; Amasa Sprague, Treasurer ; 
William Hill, Overseer of Poor; 
John Kenyon, Sergeant. 

Coventry. Stephen W. Griffin, 
Clerk ; Edward B. Williams, Treas- 
urer; William Andrews, Overseer 
of Poor ; Israel Andrews, Sergeant. 

Exeter. N. B. Lewis, Clerk ; C. S. 
Green, Treasurer; S. B. Weeden, 
Overseer of Poor; C. T. Phillips, 

East Providence. Charles E. Scott, 
Clerk ; Christopher Dexter, Treas- 
urer; O. C. Goodell, Overseer of 
Poor and Sergeant ; Alonzo Healy, 
Chief of Police. 

East Greenwich. Pardon Hopkins, 
Clerk ; John T. Lewis, Treasurer ; 
John Tillinghast, Overseer of Poor ; 
Searles Capewell, Sergeant. 

Foster. Geo. W. Phillips, Clerk ; 
M. P. Arnold, Treasurer; Gardner 
Howard, Overseer of Poor; Alvin 
H. Shippee, Sergeant. 

Glocester. Charles W. Farnum, 
Clerk ; E. D. Brown, Treasurer ; 
Richard Barnes, Overseer of Poor ; 
Orin W. Harris, Sergeant. 

Uopkinton. E. R. Allen, Clerk ; 
J. S. Champlin, Treasurer and Over- 
seer of Poor; J. C. Langworthy, 

Johnston. B. S. Wood, Clerk; 
Ezra Gifford, Treasurer ; B. Mathew- 
son, Overseer of Poor; Brad. W. 
Bennett, Chief of Police. 

Jamestown. John E. Watson, 
Clerk; Elijah Anthony, Treasurer ; 
Isaac B. Briggs, Overseer of Poor 
and Sergeant. 

Lincoln. W. H. Gooding, Clerk; 
Thomas Moiss, Treasurer; Henry 
Gooding, Overseer of Poor; F. N. 
Goif, Sergeant. 

Little Compton. Isaac B. Cowen, 
Clerk ; George II. Brownell, Treas- 
urer; George F. S. White, Overseer 
of Poor ; Oliver P. Pcckham, Ser- 

Middletown. Albert L. Chase, 
Clerk; Charles H. Ward, Treas- 
urer ; Noel Coggeshall, Overseer of 
Poor; Gardner T. Slocum, Ser- 

North Kingston. J. B. Pierce, 
Clerk; C. H. Church, Treasurer; 
Samuel A. Spink, Overseer of Poor ; 
Daniel Smith, Sergeant. 

North Providence. George Eddy, 
Clerk; William H. Angell, Treas- 
urer; H. F. Brown, Overseer of 
Poor ; James V. Corey, Sergeant. 

North Smithf